ATA CHECKLISTS TOPICS LISTING Topics are shown according to three general topics‒NATURE (p.1), CULTURE (p.4), TECHNOLOGY (p.9)‒then subdivided within the topic. Please refer to this list when listing topics you collect for publishing in the 20152017 ATA Membership Directory. Thank you!

NATURE ANIMALS-LAND Animals (misc/other) Endangered Species) Wildlife Conservation World Wildlife Fund Zoos / Zoology

Amphibians/Reptiles Reptiles (misc/other) Frogs / Toads Crocodiles / Alligators Dinosaurs / Fossils Lizards / Geckos Snakes Turtles / Tortoises

Domesticated Animals Cats, Domestic Cattle - Oxen - Bovine - Cows Dogs Donkeys Goats Horses Pigs - Hogs - Boars Rabbits / Hares Sheep -incl. Shepherds-

Mammals Mammals (misc/other) Anteaters - Pangolins - Sloths Antelopes Badgers Bats Bearcats - Civets - Genets Bears Beavers Bison / Buffalo Camels / Dromedaries Cats, Wild Deer / Related Dogs, Wild Elephants Foxes Giraffes Hedgehogs Hippopotamuses Hyenas Jaguars (animal) Kangaroos / Wallabies Koalas

Leopards / Ocelots Lions Lynxes Marsupials Mice - Rats - Rodents Pandas Porcupines Primates Raccoons Rhinoceros Squirrels Tamarins Tapirs Tigers Tigers, Sabre Tooth Weasel Family (Mustelidae) Wolves Zebras

ANIMALS-AIR Birds Birds (misc/other) Albatrosses Anhingsa / Darters Avosets / Stilts Bananaquits Barbets / Toucans / Woodpeckers Bee/eaters Birds of Paradise Bishops / Widowbirds Blackbirds / Ravens Boobies / Gannets Buntings Bustards / Korhaans Canaries Capercaille / Grouse / Ptarmigan Cardinals / Grosbeaks / Tanagers Chats / Nightingales Chickadees / Titmice / Tits Cormorants / Shags Cranes Crossbill / Finches / Weavers Cuckoos / Roadrunners / Turacos Curlews / Whimbrels Dollarbirds / Rollers Doves 1

Ducks / Geese Fantails / Wagtails Flamingos Flycatchers / Kingbirds / Wheatears Francolins Frigatebirds Gallinules / Swamphens / Moorhens / Rails Grebes Guinea Fowl Gulls / Kittiwakes Herons / Egrets / Bitterns Hoopoes Hornbills Hummingbirds Ibis / Spoonbills Jacanas Jays / Magpies / Crows Kingfishers / Kookaburras / Motmots Larks Loons Martins / Swallows Mockingbirds / Thrashers Mynas / Starlings Meadowlarks / Orioles / Blackbirds Oystercatchers Parrots / Cockatoos / Lories Partridges / Quail / Pheasant / Tragopans Peacocks Pelicans Petrels / Shearwaters Pigeons Pipers Plovers / Dotterels / Killdeers / Lapwings Puffins Quetzals / Trogons Redstarts / Warblers Robins Roosters / Chickens Shrikes Skua / Jaegers Snipes Sparrows

Storks Sunbirds Swans Swifts Terns / Noddies Thrushes Tropicbirds Turkeys Waxwings White/Eyes Whydahs Wrens Birds of Prey Birds of Prey (misc/other) Condors Eagles Falcons / Kestrels Hawks Ospreys Owls Secretary Birds Vultures Flightless Birds Ostriches / Emus Penguins

Insects/Butterflies Insects (misc/other) Ants / Termites Bees / Beekeeping Beetles Butterflies / Moths Cockroaches Crickets Dragonflies Flies Grasshoppers - Cicada - Locusts Katydids Ladybugs Mites / Ticks Mosquitoes Praying Mantis Scorpions / Centipedes Spiders / Arachnids Wasps / Hornets

Lobsters Manatees - Dugongs - Sea Cows Marine Gastropods / Nudibranchs Narwhals Octopus / Squid Sea Horses Sea Shells Sea Stars Sea Turtles Green Sea Turtles Hawksbill Sea Turtles Leatherback Sea Turtles Loggerhead Sea Turtles Ridley Sea Turtles Seals - Walrus - Sea Lions Sharks Shrimp / Prawns Snails / Mollusks Sponges (Marine) Sting Rays / Manta Rays Whales

MINERALS/EARTH Beaches / Coastlines Bodies of Water Conservation / Ecology Diamonds Earthquakes Gems Glaciers / Icebergs Grand Canyon (USA) Hurricanes - Cyclones Tornadoes Minerals Mountains Mount Everest (Nepal) Mount Fuji (Japan) Pearls Rainbows Snow / Snowmen Volcanoes Waterfalls / Cascades Niagara Falls (USA / Canada) Victoria Falls (Zambia)

ANIMALS-WATER Marine Life (misc/other) Corals Crabs Dolphins / Porpoises Fish / Fishing

PLANTS Agriculture / Horticulture Botanical Gardens

Flowers Flowers (misc/other) 2

Anemones Anthurium Asters Begonias Bellflowers Birds-of Paradise Black-eyed Susans Bougainvillea Buttercups / Clematis Camelias Carnations/Pinks/Jonquils Columbines Cornflowers Crocus Chrysanthemums Cyclamens Dahlias Daisies Dandelions Edelweiss Forget-me-nots Frangipani Freesias Fuchsia Gardenias Gentians Geraniums Gladiola Heliconias Hibiscus Honeysuckles Hyacinths Hydrangeas Impatiens Iris Jasmine Lantanas Lilacs Lilies Lotus Magnolias Marigolds Morning Glories Narcissus, Daffodils, Amaryllis Oleanders Orchids Pansies Pasqueflowers Passion Flowers Peacock Flowers Pea Plants Peonies

Periwinkles Plumbagos Poincianas Poinsettias Poppies Primroses Protea/Sugarbushes Rhododendron/Azaleas Roses Snowdrops Sunflowers Thistles Trumpet Plants Tulips Violets Zinnias

Other Plants/Fungi Bamboo Bonsai Cactus / Succulents Caper Bushes Carnivorous Plants / Fungi Clover Cotton Ferns Ginger Grasses Holly Mushrooms / Fungi Weeds

Trees Trees / Forestry Flamboyant Tree Palm Trees Rubber Trees / Industry


CULTURE ART Art (misc/other)

Artists Artists (misc/other) Audubon, John James Bellini, Giovanni Botticelli, Sandro Brueghel Family Caravaggio Cezanne, Paul Chagall, Marc Correggio, Antonio da Cranach Family da Goya, Francisco Da Vinci, Leonardo Dali, Salvador David, Jacques-Louis Degas, Edgar Delacroix, Eugene Dürer, Albrecht El Greco Fra. Angelico Fra. Filippo Lippi Gauguin, Paul Ghirlandaio, Domenico Giorgione [da Castelfranco] Giotto [di Bondone] Hiroshige, Utagawa Hokusai, Katsushika Hundertwasser, Friedensreich Klimt, Gustav Manet, Edouard Matisse, Henri Memling, Hans Michelangelo [Buonarotti] Miro, Joan Monet, Claude Murillo, Bartolome Picasso, Pablo Raphael Rembrandt Remington, Frederic Renoir, Pierre Auguste Rockwell, Norman Rubens, Peter Paul Tiepolo Family (Artists) Tintoretto, Jacopo Titian Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri

van der Weyden, Rogier Van Dyck, Anthony Van Eyck, Jan Van Gogh, Vincent Velazquez, Diego Vermeer, Jan

Decorative Arts Antiques Bas-Relief Art Candles Ceramics / Pottery Classic Grecian Pottery Clay Cylinders of Cyrus the Great Clocks / Timepieces Fans Furniture Glass Handicrafts (misc/other) Hats / Helmets / Headdresses Hummel Figurines Jewelry Keys Lanterns Masks / Face Painting Mosaics / Tiles Sculpture / Statues Tattoos / Body Art Umbrellas Woodcarvings

Performing Arts Dance (misc/other) Ballet Folk Dance Social / Modern Dance Theater / Playwrights

Textiles/Crafts Basketry / Fiber Art Clothing / Fashion Costumes (misc/other) Costumes, Folk Embroidery / Stitchery / Sewing Spinning Wheels Tapestries Bayeux Tapestry Textiles / Lace Uniforms (not Military) Weaving

Visual Arts Cameras / Photography Children's Drawings Chinese Painters / Art Comics / Cartoons 4

Graphic Art Illusions / Optical Illusions Japanese Artists Landscapes / Seascapes Mona Lisa Monuments / Memorials Murals / Frescos Nudes Petroglyphs / Wall Paintings Posters Silhouettes (Black)

ENTERTAINMENT Amusement Actors / Actresses (misc/other)

Chaplin, Charles Monroe, Marilyn Balloons, Toy Cards / Gambling / Lottery Carnivals / Festivals Chess Circus Clowns Dolls Fireworks Hairstyles Kites, Toy Love Magic - Magicians Ventriloquism Marbles Movie Industry Disney, Walt and Characters Walt Disney and Characters (Americana only)

Puppets Teddy Bears Toys, Games / Puzzles

Food Food / Beverage (misc/other) Bananas Beer Candy / Sweets Chocolate - Cocoa - Cacao Coconuts Coffee Coffee / Tea Services Cooking Fruits, Berries / Nuts Gingerbread

Grains / Rice, Corn, Wheat, Other Ice Cream Pineapples / Bromeliads Spices / Herbs Sugar / Sugar Industry Tea Vegetables Wine / Grapes World Food Day

Philately/Mail Philately (misc/other) African Postal Union Arab Postal Union Hill, Sir Rowland Holograms Intl. Year of Letter Writing Joint Issues Joint Issues with United States Letters / Postal / Post Offices Mailboxes Magnifying Glasses Philatelic Exhibitions / Expositions Scented Stamps Shaped Stamps (other) Round Stamps Triangular Stamps Stamp Day / Stamp Week Stampic Twins Stamps on Stamps Universal Postal Union Stephan, Heinrich von (UPU)

GEOGRAPHY Arizona Coats of Arms / Heraldry Europa Flags Flags and Sports UN/NATO Flags Hawaii Languages / Esperanto Maps Globes National Emblems National Parks / Theme Parks Nubian Monument / Egyptology Tennessee Tourism World Fairs / Expositions World Heritage Sites


LITERATURE General Literature Books / Literature (misc/other) Alphabets Autographs Children's Literature Detectives Fairy Tales / Fables / Nursery Rhymes Folklore Journalism / Newspapers Libraries / Archives Magazines Medieval Manuscripts Moby Dick Mystery, Fiction Pinocchio Science Fiction Winnie the Pooh

Authors/Poets Authors (misc/other) Alighieri, Dante Andersen, Hans Christian Carroll, Lewis Cervantes, Miguel de / Don Quixote Dickens, Charles Doyle, Arthur Conan / Sherlock Holmes Dumas, Alexandré Frank, Anne Grimm Brothers Hugo, Victor Kipling, Rudyard Marti, Jose Perrault, Charles Pushkin, Aleksandr Saint-Exupery, Antoine de Shakespeare, William Shaw, George Bernard Stevenson, Robert Louis Twain, Mark (Samuel Clemens) Verne, Jules Voltaire von Goethe, Johann von Humboldt, Alexander Poets / Poems (misc/other) Byron, Lord Von Schiller, Friedrich 5

Mythology (misc/other) Apollo Athena / Minerva Ceres / Demeter Cupid / Eros Dracula / Vampires Dragons Hercules / Heracles Mercury / Hermes Mermaids Monsters Pegasus / Winged Horses Phoenix Unicorns Venus / Aphrodite

MUSIC Composers Composers (misc/other) Bach, Johann Sebastian Beethoven, Ludwig van Chopin, Frederic Handel, George Liszt, Franz Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Verdi, Giuseppe Wagner, Richard

Genres/Musicians Musicians / Songs (misc/other) Singers / Entertainers (misc/other)

Armstrong, Louis Presley, Elvis Jazz / Jazz Musicians Opera Rock and Roll

Instruments Instruments (misc/other) Bagpipes Banjo Type Bells Brass Instruments Clarinets Drums Flute / Panpipes Guitars / Mandolins / Zithers Harp Type Organs / Pipe Organs Pianos / Keyboards

Post Horns Lutes Lyre Percussion Strings Violin Family Woodwinds Xylophones

Reformation Saints (other) Saint George and the Dragon Saint Joan of Arc Saint John XXIII Saint Joseph Saint Peter's Basilica (Rome) Seventh Day Adventists

Eastern Religions

RELIGION General Religion Religion (misc/other) Angels Monasteries / Temples Philosophy / Philosophers Religious Art (excl. Christmas/Easter) Icons Stained Glass Religious Housing (not churches) Religious Documents / Texts / Bible (misc/other) Religious Symbols (Cross, Ankh, etc.)

Christianity Biblical Subjects Christmas / Religious Art Adoration Flight into Egypt Holy Family Nativity Virgin and Child Churches / Cathedrals Clergy / Religious People Crusaders Easter / Easter Art Good Samaritan (Biblical) Jesuits / Franciscans Jesus of Nazareth Luther, Martin Madonnas / Virgin Mary Methodists Moses Mother Teresa of Calcutta Noah and the Ark Pilgrims Popes (other) Pope Benedict XVI Pope John Paul II Pope Paul VI Pope Pius XII

Angkhor Wat, Cambodia Buddhism / Buddha Islam / The Q'uran Mecca / Pilgrimages (Saudi Arabia) Mosques / Minarets Pagodas


Human Rights Civil Rights Freedom from Hunger Gandhi, Mahatma (India) Holocaust King Jr, Dr Martin Luther (USA) Law / Lawyers / Courts Peace Prisoners / Prisoners of War (POW) Police / Interpol / Law Enforcement Social Security

Governance-Leaders Dictators Hitler, Adolf (Dictator) Politics / Politicians (misc/other)

Jerusalem Judaica Synagogues

SOCIETY Governance Americana (misc/other) Bicentennial Entertainment Events Flags/American People (not Presidents) Presidents/First Ladies/VP Sites/American (misc/other) Liberty Bell (USA) Mount Rushmore (USA) Statue of Liberty (USA) United We Stand (9/11/2001) Space/Americana Sports/Americana Transportation, Land/Americana Transportation, Air and Sea/Americana Banking Census / Population Coins / Currency / Banknotes Education / Educators / Intl. Education Year Elections / Voting Democratic Political Party (USA) Republican Political Party (USA) Fire / Firefighting Lifesaving 6

Presidents - United States (other) Eisenhower, Dwight D. Jackson, Andrew Jefferson, Thomas Kennedy, John F. Lincoln, Abraham Reagan, Ronald Roosevelt, Eleanor (US First Lady) Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Truman, Harry S Washington, George Presidents - Worldwide (other) Ataturk, Mustafa Kemal (Turkey) Bolivar, Simon (Colombia) de Gaulle, Charles (France) Lenin, Nikolai [Vladimir] (Russia) Peron, Eva (Argentina) San Martin, Jose de (Argentina) Sun Yat-Sen (China) Statesmen / Diplomats (misc/other)

Churchill, Sir Winston (Great Britain) Franklin, Benjamin (USA) Hamilton, Alexander (USA) Hammarskjold, Dag (Sweden/UN)

Holidays Holidays (misc/other) Christmas / Santa Claus and related Christmas Carols / Caroling

Christmas / Secular (cookies, tree, etc)

Greetings Halloween Lunar New Year New Years Thanksgiving

Nobel Prizes Nobel, Alfred (Inventor) Nobel Prize - Chemistry Nobel Prize - Economics Nobel Prize - Literature Nobel Prize - Medicine Nobel Prize - Peace Nobel Prize - Physics

Organizations European Union Intl. Labor Organization Intl. Telecommunication Union Intl. Year of Cooperation Jaycees Kiwanis Club Lions Club Intl. Masons / Masonic Government Medals / Awards NATO Red Cross / Red Crescent Dunant, Jean-Henri - Red Cross Rotary Intl. Salvation Army Scouts - Baden-Powell Family Boy Scouts / Jamborees Girl Scouts / Girl Guides United Nations UNESCO UNICEF World Health Organization World Meteorological Organization

People African Americans American Indians Beauty Queens Children Children in Art Infants Intl. Children's Day/Week Intl. Year of the Child Children's Sports and Activities Hispanic People / Events (USA) Knights Martyrs

Murder Spies Women Keller, Helen (Educator)

Royalty Royalty - Female (other) Princess Anne (Brit.) Princess Diana (Brit.) Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother, Brit.) Queen Elizabeth II (Brit.) Queen Isabella I (Span.) Queen Victoria (Brit.) Royalty - Male (other) Dukes and Lords Emperors Kings (other) Belgian Kings British Kings (other) King Edward VII King George V King George VI King Tutankhamen (Egyptian) French Kings Italian Kings Moroccan Kings Romanian Kings Spanish Kings Thai Kings Princes (other) Prince Andrew Prince Charles Prince Philip Prince William Coronations Jewelry, Royal Roman Emperors / Empresses Royal Visits (296) Royal Weddings / Anniversaries

SPORTS Individual Sports (misc/other) Archery / Crossbows Badminton Ballooning, Hot Air Biathlon Bicycles / Cycling Billiards / Pool Boating Related Sports Bobsleds / Toboggan / Luge Bowling (All Types) Boxing 7

Ali, Muhammad (Cassius Clay) Bullfighting Canoes / Kayaks Decathlon Discus Diving Dog Sledding Equestrian Extreme Sports (other) Fencing Golf Woods, Tiger (golfer) Gymnastics (other) Acrobatic / Trampoline Rhythmic Gymnastics Hammer Throw Handball Heptathlon Hiking Horse Racing Hunting Hurdles Javelin Jumping Martial Arts (misc/other) Judo / Karate Tae Kwon Do Mountain Climbing Parachutes / Skydiving Pentathlon Pole Vault River Rafting Rodeos Running (misc/other) Running, Marathon Running, Relay Race Scuba Diving / Snorkeling Shooting Events Shotput Skating - Ice Skating - Roller Skiing - Snow (misc/other) Alpine (misc/other) Alpine - Downhill / Combined Alpine - Slalom / Giant Slalom Freestyle / Aerials / Moguls Nordic Cross-Country / Combined Ski Jumping Skiing - Water Surfing Swimming - (misc/other)

Table Tennis / Ping Pong Tennis Track / Field Triathlon Walking Races Weightlifting Windsurfing Wrestling

Olympics Olympics (misc/other) de Coubertin, Baron Pierre Intl. Olympic Committees Olympic Mascots Olympics - Summer - 1896-1996 Olympics - Summer - 2000 and beyond Olympics - Winter Torch Bearers / Torches

Team Sport Mascots (excl. Olympics) Baseball Basketball Beach Volleyball / Beach Recreation Cricket (Game) Curling Disabled Sports Football (American) Hockey, Field Hockey, Ice Polo (Land) Polo (Water) Rowing / Sculling Rugby Sailboat Racing / America's Cup Sepak Takraw Soccer / World Cup Soccer Goalkeepers Swimming - Synchronized Volleyball


TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTURE Architecture / Architects (misc/other)

World Landmarks (misc/other)

Buildings Architecture (misc/other) Castles / Palaces Cities Venice, Italy Forts / Fortresses Hotels / Inns Lighthouses Museums / Natural History Museums Sydney Opera House, Australia Taj Mahal, India Universities / Colleges (1994) Windmills / Watermills

Structures Big Ben, London Bridges Golden Gate Bridge, USA Dams / Hydroelectric Eiffel Tower, France Fountains Great Wall of China Machu Picchu, Peru Pyramids / Sphinx, Egypt Tunnels

EXPLORATION Explorers / Exploration (misc/other)

Cabot, John Cartier, Jacques Columbus, Christopher Cook, Captain James (add’l info from Study Unit,

da Gama, Vasco Discovery of America Drake, Sir Francis Henry the Navigator Lewis and Clark Expedition Pocahontas Polar Regions / Arctic / Antarctic Raleigh, Sir Walter Vikings

INDUSTRY Blacksmiths Cement Factories Farm Equipment / Farming Fertilizer Plants Iron Industry Mining / Miners Mining, Coal Oil / Gas Industry Refineries / Chemical Plants Salt Mining / Desalination Steel Industry Surveying Welders

MEDICINE Medical (misc/other) Ambulances Breast Feeding Caduceus Death Skeletons / Skulls Dentistry Disabilities / Intl. Year of Disabled Diseases (misc/other) AIDS / HIV Alcohol / Anti-Alcohol / Temperance Cancer Diabetes Leprosy Malaria / Anti-Malaria Polio / Anti-Polio Smallpox Tuberculosis Yellow Fever Doctors / Physicians / Researchers (misc/other) Avicenna (Greek physician) Curie, Marie and Pierre Fleming, Sir Alexander Koch, Dr Robert Pasteur, Louis Rizal, Dr José Roentgen, Wilhelm Schweitzer, Dr Albert Drug Abuse / Anti-Drug Elderly / Geriatrics Health / Fitness 9

Hospital Ships Hospitals Human Body Blood DNA / RNA Ears / Deafness Eyes Blindness / Ophthalmology Braille, Louis / Braille Alphabet Fingerprints / Footprints Hands Hearts / Cardiology Organ Donation / Transplants Medicinal Plants Mental Health / Psychology / Psychiatry Nursing / Nurses (misc/other) Nightingale, Florence Pharmacy / Medications Radiology / X-Rays Rehabilitation Smoking / Anti-Smoking / Tobacco Veterinary Medicine

MILITARY Military (misc/other) Air Force Army - Infantry - Militia - Soldiers Bonaparte, Napoléon Military Bomber Planes Military Cargo Planes Military Fighter Planes Military Surveillance Planes Military Tanks Military Uniforms Navy - Coast Guard - Marines Naval Battles Navy Admirals Refugees / World Refugee Year Swastikas Warriors Warships / Related War / Revolutions (misc/other) American Revolutionary War American Civil War October Revolution (Russia) World War I World War II (misc/other)

World War II - Battle of the Bulge World War II - Pearl Harbor World War II - Transp. - Air, Land, Water

Weapons Weapons (misc/other) Bows / Arrows (excl. Archery) Cannon / Artillery Firearms / Handguns / Pistols / Rifles Harpoons / Lances / Spears Swords / Knives

SCIENCE Scientists / Sciences (misc/other)

Applied Abacus Communications Computers Electricity / Energy Electronic Devices Engineering Information Society / Internet Inventors / Inventions (misc/other)

Bell, Alexander Graham Edison, Thomas Alva Mathematics / Mathematicians Newton, Sir Isaac Metric System Numbers / Numerals Phonographs / Record Players Printing / Printing Presses Radio Robots / Robotics Scales / Measuring / Weights Scientific Glassware Telegraphs Telephones / Cell Phones Television Typewriters

Atmospheric/Earth Balloons, Weather Caves / Speleology Climate Change Geology / Geologists Intl. Geophysical Year Intl. Year of the Quiet Sun Meteorology / Meteorologists

Weather Instruments Weather Vanes

Natural Anthropology / Early Man Archaeology / Underwater Archaeology Aztecs / Meso-American Archaeology Atomic Energy / Atomics Biologists Chemistry / Chemists Phosphates Darwin, Charles Microbiology Microscopes Nuclear Power Physics / Physicists Einstein, Albert Quantum Mechanics

SPACE Astronomy Astronomy / Astronomers (other) (1956) Brahe, Tycho Copernicus, Nicolaus Galilei, Galileo Kepler, Johannes Comets Constellations, Stars Lunar / Planetary Mars (planet) Observatories Solar System Sun/Moon Telescopes Zodiac

Space Technology Space (misc/other) Astronauts / Cosmonauts (other) Aldrin, Jr., Edwin "Buzz" Armstrong, Neil Glenn, John (88) Space - Foreign Cosmonauts ( Gagarin, Yuri Tereshkova, Valentina Foreign Manned Space Flights Ground Space Facilities Rockets / Missiles Satellites 10

Space People (not Astro/Cosmonauts, etc.) Space Shuttles Space Stations (Skylab, ISS, etc.) US Manned Space Flights Apollo 11 Gemini Flights

TRANSPORTATION Transportation (misc/other) Coaches / Carriages Motorcycles Stagecoaches Traffic Safety

Automotive Automotive (misc/other) Alfa Romeos Audis Auto Racing Cadillacs Chevrolets (excl. Corvette) Corvettes Ferraris / Enzo Ferrari Fiats Fords / Henry Ford Jaguars (car) Mercedes / Benz / MercedesBenz Peugeots Porsches Renaults / Louis Renault Rolls Royce Trucks / Buses Volkswagens

Aviation Airplanes (misc/other) Aviation / Aviators Airlines Airports Airships / Zeppelins Autogiros Bi-Planes / Tri-Planes Commercial Planes Concorde Airplane Gliders / Hang Gliders Helicopters Hot Air Balloons - Montgolfier Bros. Lindbergh, Charles - Spirit of St. Louis Private Planes

Seaplanes Trainer Aircraft Wright Brothers / Wright Flyer X-Planes / Experimental

Railroads Trains (misc/other) Locomotives Steam Engines Street Cars Subways Trams / Trolleys

Watercraft (add’l info from Study Unit, Ships / Watercraft (misc/other)

Bligh, William - HMS Bounty Cable Ships Cruise / Liner Ships Titanic Dhows Ferry Boats Freighters / Cargo Ships Galleons Maritime Disasters Navigational Tools/Compass Rose Nuclear Ice Breakers Pirates Research Ships Row Boats / Galleys Speed or Rescue Boats


Steamships Submarines Submarines, Research Tanker Ships Towboats / Tug Boats / Barges Sailing Vessels (misc/other) Brigantines Caravels / Carrack Ships Frigates Schooners Sloops Whaleboats