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ARTIFEX . . . . . . . SRL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Major Romanian Garment Manufacturer

ARTIFEX SRL VAT no RO18096610 J39/890/2005 Focsani B.Dul Bucuresti 12 Zip code 620133 Vrancea Dep. ROMANIA Phone :0337 401 241 /Fax :0337 401 241 260 E- mail :[email protected]

Envisioning a company “where fashion meets technology,” Sorste Group decided after more than 11 years of experience in garment industrial manufacturing to create Artifex SRL which is now continually looking for innovative ways to increase quality, productivity and efficiency. Established in 1994 as a stock firm with Romanian - Swedish capital, Sorste considerably evolved along the years and owns today several firms, and among them , Artifex SRL wich is a joint venture company ( AKRIS SWITZERLAND + SORSTE). Artifex SRL is set out into two factoryfactory sites both at approximately 180Km from Bucharest and only two hours from the international airport.

12 Bucuresti Bd. Focsani Vrancea Dep. Phone :0337 401 241/Fax :0337 401 241 260 Web : E- mail : [email protected]

Machinery and Technology

In addition to the high skilled employees, technology has now become our competence.

 See some pictures...

 Spreading machine

 Automatic cutting Using performing modular softwares like Cad Cam, Lectra,Assyst

 Manual cutting for delicate fabrics

 29 Lines of Sewing Performing sewing machines: machines Brother, Durkopp, Juki, Pfaff, Beissler with 3, 4, 5 threads

 Pressing machines

 Special pressing & finishing lines

 Packaging & Labelling Area The technical endowment of the equipment, the seriousness and professionalism of our employees grows the renown of our manufacture. We also provide the packaging, labelling and transport of the merchandise and in that spirit the company is striving to establish a ‘’just-in-time ‘’just delivery’’.

For a company that manufactures between 60 000 and 70 000 garments per month, the supply chain process becomes quite detailed and complex. Artifex operates for renowned clients all over Europe and when planning to produce a particular run of clothing, we need to make sure the requisite number of fabrics, threads, snaps and buttons and other accessories are available. The fabrics may come from Italy, the threads from Germany, the buttons from England …and they may all need to arrive on the same date. Artifex has made itself a major competitive force in its industry by leveraging its supplying network so to achieve high quality We try to offer to our clients’ the best quality mills and accessories. Production relies on sophisticated patterns and fabrics, either furnished by the clients or manufactured by us. The garments are produced in the range of sizes as required by the client. Our clients also indicate colors, fabrics and details or accessories to be used in the garments that we develop through partnerships with best fabric producers. Customised Customised fabric constructions  Washing and pigment dyeing processes  Linings, embroideries, beading, trimming, personalised details Production comes after approval of samples Quality garments means not only professionals and technology but also high quality fabrics and trims.

 See some examples of collaboration with renowned suppliers Lining



Devetex (GE) 1995 Cervotessile (IT) 1998 TMR (IT) 1998

Kufner (GE) 1993 Freudenberg (GE) 1993

Essetex (IT) SWG Groupo Uniesse (IT) 2004 Helsa (GE) 1995 FMG (IT) 2007

Threads & Accessories Guttermann (GE) Aman 1995 Coats 1995 YKK (GE) 1995 Mabotex 1995 Paxar 1995 Mainetti 1995

Our policy Do not privilegiate any exclusivity contract, remain open to new contracts, desire to innovate and adapt to the clients’ constant changing requirements.

Partnerships Our company challenges most of its Romanian competitors offering best quality / price ratio - 0.15euros per minute , 75% efficiency – due to MTM2 minute standard system and 5weeks lead time. 90% of our production is for the export market and we can already count among our clients the greatest names in international fashion . * H&M * AKRIS •BROOKS BROTHERS •* ALEXANDER * COS * D&G •Tiger of Sweden * Valentino

* CROMBIE *OSCAR JACOBSON * Massimo Dutti •Copen Group •* Uomo Piu * Benetton

We favour a close relationship with our clients for whom we have assigned specialists in charge of each of them. They are trained and speak several foreign languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German...

Products Currently, our production range covers the list of MEN AND LADY garments quoted downwards.  around 8 lines for MEN  around 15 lines for WOMEN

MENSWEAR Coats Overcoats Blazers Sport Jackets Suits Suits Jackets Trousers

WOMENWEAR Coats Overcoats Suits Sport Jackets Cardigans Trenches Two Pieces Dresses Skirts Trousers