Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro

Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro Monday 13th April at 10am Special Notices for Purchasers Buyers Premium Certain lots are catalogued as (A.F....
Author: Denis Terry
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Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro Monday 13th April at 10am

Special Notices for Purchasers

Buyers Premium

Certain lots are catalogued as (A.F.), damaged, restored, etc., however

A buyer’s premium of 15 plus VAT will be added to the hammer price of each

the absence of any such notice does not imply that the piece is free


from defects, nor does it indicate that other defects are not also present.

Payment and Clearance

Mention is not made of breakage, cracks, chips or any damage which can

Payment can be made during or immediately after the sale by the following

be noted by careful inspection, therefore, intending purchasers MUST,


in all cases, be responsible for determining the condition of lots themselves.

Cash (up to a maximum of £12,000 including VAT in accordance with Money

Special attention is drawn to the Conditions of Sale

Laundering Regulations 2007).

printed at the back of this catalogue.

Debit Cards


Credit Cards (not American Express) Please note there will be a surcharge of

Presale estimates are intended only as a guide for intending purchasers,

2.5% plus VAT for the use of these cards. We will not release goods for a period

are given in good faith and subject to revision.

of 72 hours unless the cardholder attends the saleroom in person and presents the

Condition Reports Clarke & Simpson are happy to give a Condition Report on the physical condition of goods, this will be provided on behalf of the seller on the understanding that Clarke & Simpson are not entering into a contract with you in respect of the Condition Report and accordingly does not assume responsibility to you in respect of it. All lots are available for your own inspection or for inspection by an expert instructed by you, therefore These Condition reports are for guidance only and all lots are sold “as found” (see our standard Terms and Conditions of Sale).

Commission Bids The auctioneers will be pleased to execute bids for those unable to attend the sale. Lots will be purchased at the lowest bid the room bidding or any reserves will allow. In the event of identical bids, the earliest bid received will take precedence. There must always be a maximum limit indicated. Buy or unlimited bids will not be accepted. Commission bids placed by telephone are accepted at the client’s risk. We urge our clients to place suchcommission bids before the start of the sale. All such commissions are left entirely at the buyer’s risk.

Telephone Bids

cards used for the transaction with proof of ID. Bank Transfer - Account Name: Clarke and Simpson Auctions Limited Account Number: Account No: 33222276 Sort Code: 20-98-07 We do not accept cheques unless by prior arrangement. We do not offer a packaging and shipping service. All requests are sent to our specialist handlers at: “ Delivery Service” who can be contacted directly via [email protected] There are no exceptions to this.

Attribution of Pictures and Drawings Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of any statement as to authorship, attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition of any lot whether or not such statement forms part of the description of any such lot. Whether any such statement is made orally or in the catalogue it is an expression of opinion and not to be taken as being or implying any warranties or representations of facts by the auctioneers. Each buyer by making a bid for a lot acknowledges that he has satisfied himself fully as to the attribution and condition of the lot. a) The forename(s) (or full stops where not known) and surname of an artist indicates in our opinion a work by the artist. b) The initials of the forename(s) and the surname of the artist indicates in our

Requests for telephone bidding must be registered with the auctioneer

opinion a work of the period of the artist which may be wholly or in part his

before the start of the sale. Whilst every effort will be made to execute


telephone bidding, the auctioneers cannot be held responsible for any

c) The surname of the artist indicates in our opinion a work of the school or by

default or neglect in connection with this service. All such arrangements

one of the followers of the artist or in his style and of uncertain date.

therefore are made entirely at the prospective buyer’s risk.

d) Signed, Dated, Inscribed indicates in our opinion work signed/dated/inscribed


by the artist.

All prospective buyers must register their name and address at our auction

e) Bears signature indicates in our opinion that this is not the signature of the

office and collect a numbered bidding card before the sale commences.


If you are a successful purchaser please ensure that your number can be

f ) Attributed to may be used to denote a traditional attribution based on style.

seen by the auctioneer and that it is your number that is called out at the

g) Manner of indicates in our opinion a work executed in the artist/craftsman’s

fall of the hammer. Should there be any doubts as to the price or buyer,

style but of a later date.

please draw the auctioneer’s attention to it before the next lot is offered.

h) After indicates in our opinion a copy (of any date) of work of an artist or

Value Added Tax


The symbol * after any lot number indicates that Value Added Tax is

The addition of a question mark after any of the cataloguing terms above

payable by the buyer on the “hammer price”.

indicates an element of doubt.

Auctioneers Margin Scheme The Auctioneers Margin Scheme allows auctioneers to sell items without VAT on the hammer price. Under the margin scheme an amount equivalent to VAT at the current rate is added to the buyer’s premium. This amount cannot be refunded. The VAT element will not be shown separately on the buyer’s invoice.

2 Art Deco

Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro Monday 13th April 2015 at 10am Viewing: Friday 10th April 2pm - 7pm Saturday 11th April 9am - 12noon Morning of Sale from 8.30am

Enquiries: James Shand, Auctioneer & Valuer Geoffrey Barfoot, Auction Room Manager & Valuer

Buyers Premium: 15% plus VAT Please see

Campsea Ashe Nr Woodbridge Suffolk IP13 0PS Tel: 01728 746323 Fax: 01728 748173 Email: [email protected]

Lot 4

Lot 11

Lot 22



A cigarette dispenser, mounted with model of

A glass shop display head, 30cm. £20 - 30

the Empire State building, raised on marble base,


22cm. £20 - 30

A three piece coffee set, of conical form.


£20 - 30

An Art Deco style model of an ocean liner,


33cm. £10 - 20

An Art Deco table lamp, decorated with stylised


female figure and flowers, 23cm in extremes.

A chrome and red Bakelite three branch can-

£20 - 30

delabra, 8cm high. £10 - 20



A Promende Pottery of Brighton vase, in the

After Ferdinand Preiss, cold painted Spelter

form of an Art Deco female profile, with all over

figure of a dancing female, raised on marble base,

white glaze, 27cm. £20 - 30

37cm. £80 - 120



An illuminated metal "Exit" sign, 27cm x

A brass reception bell, 13cm. £10 - 20

29.5cm. £40 - 60



A Vintage black dial telephone. £10 - 20

An Art Deco style bronzed figure of a dancing


female, raised on marble base, 46cm high in

An Art Deco ceiling light fitting, of oval form,

extremes. £70 - 100

30cm. £10 - 20



A white and red "Exit" sign, by Ready Made

An Art Deco chrome ice bucket, with swing

Sign Company, New York, 25.5cm x 35.5cm.

handle, 20cm high. £20 - 30

£10 - 20



An Art Deco Sparklets soda syphon and stand,

An Art Deco walnut cased two hole mantel

30cm. £15 - 20

clock, of circular form, 29cm. £10 - 20



A pair of Art Deco style perspex and metal

A metal and glass table lamp, in the form of

candlesticks, 38cm. £10 - 20

Empire State Building, (for restoration), 37cm.


£20 - 30

A pair of Art Deco book-ends, mounted with


chromed squirrels on marble bases, 11cm.

A 1950's/60's microphone, on adjustable base,

£30 - 40

38cm to 57cm. £50 - 70



An Art Deco pewter spot hammered teapot, of

An original Jumbo dial thermometer, by The

angular form, marked to base "English hand

Ohio Thermometer Company, U.S.A., 30cm dia.

hammered pewter, Sheffield", 14cm. £10 - 20

£20 - 30



A cocktail shaker, in the form of a snowman,

A reproduction "Martini", advertising sign,

26cm. £10 - 20

44.5cm x 29cm. £10 - 20



A cocktail shaker, with integral menu, 25cm.

A reproduction "Twilight Lounge", advertising

£10 - 20

sign, 31.5cm z 40.5cm. £10 - 20



A chrome and phenolic adjustable shop display

An Art Deco golden oak two door cupboard,

stand, 44cm. £50 - 60

27cm high x 35.5cm wide x 15cm deep. £20 - 30

16 A "Tannoy" hand microphone, 22cm. £20 - 30 Lot 25 4 Art Deco



A figural table lamp, mounted with black

Glynn Thomas, pencil signed limited edition

painted model of Diana the Huntress, with

print, "The Deben" no. 27/200, 15cm x 43cm.

circular frosted glass shade, raised on stepped

£20 - 40

base, 27cm in extremes. £50 - 70



A "Player's Please", advertising mirror,

A French Spelter model of bird above waves,

26cm x 18cm. £10 - 20

raised on mixed marble base, (part missing),


50cm high in extremes. £10 - 20

A framed "Bovril" advertising print,


41cm x 28cm. £10 - 20

A Mercedes advertising wall mirror,


30cm x 19.5cm. £10 - 20

A reproduction travel poster print, for


Felixstowe, 44.5cm x 60cm. £40 - 60

An Art Deco aquarium table lamp,


26cm high. £20 - 30

Hung Fann, ink on rice paper, study of dragon


and clouds, 51cm x 102cm. £100 - 150

A pair of Art Deco style red and white painted


wall shelves. £5 - 10

Hung Fann, ink on rice paper, study of spaniels,


68cm x 135cm. £100 - 150

An Arts & Craft oak and brass mounted wall


mirror, with stylised floral and leaf decoration,

Kerstie Cohen, pencil signed limited edition

38cm x 69cm. £35 - 55

print, mountainous landscape, no.58/875,


62cm x 80cm. £100 - 150

Anna Longridge, pencil signed limited edition


print, "The Jungle story", 15/75, 31cm x 25cm.

Hung Fann, ink on rice paper, study of horses,

£20 - 40

67cm x 133cm. £100 - 150



A reproduction Motor Racing advertising,

A nest of three G plan occasional tables.

"Gardone", 60cm x 44.5cm. £40 - 60

£20 - 30



An Art Deco enamel advertising sign, for a

A nest of three G plan style occasional tables.

"Coach Booking Office", 68.5cm x 43cm.

£20 - 40

£50 - 70



A modern white painted glass top stool,

A "Woodbine Cigarettes" circular advertising

40cm high. £20 - 30

sign, 44cm dia. £20 - 30



Hung Fann, ink on rice paper, study of boat and

Glynn Thomas, pencil signed limited edition

river scene, 67cm x 135cm. £200 - 300

print, "Mistley" 48/75, 27cm x 43cm. £20 - 30



Hung Fann, ink on rice paper, study of Tiger

Glynn Thomas, pencil signed limited edition

cubs, 65cm x 131cm. £100 - 150

print, "Harwich" 154/175, 27.5cm x 41cm.


£20 - 40

Hung Fann, ink on rice paper, study of Tiger


cubs, 65cm x 130cm. £100 - 150

Glynn Thomas, pencil signed limited edition


print, "Lavenham", 115/150, 31cm x 21cm.

A green and gold two tier folding cake stand,

£20 - 30

75cm. £20 - 30

Lot 31

Lot 33

Lot 42

Lot 45

Lot 57 5 Art Deco

Lot 64 detail

Lot 65

Lot 67

Lot 78



A metamorphic library chair, 89cm high.

A Dartington glass cordial set. £20 - 40

£40 - 60



A large Tiffany style glass goblet, with overlay

A bird's eye maple veneered side table, with

crackle glass decoration, 40cm. £30 - 45

inset plate glass top, fitted single drawer,


47cm x 48cm x 66.5cm high. £50 - 60

A Trentham Art ware vase, with incised


decoration of flowers and leaves, 23cm; and

A pair of side tables, the red metal top

similar wall plate, 31cm dia. £20 - 40

supported by black ash effect base, 35cm high.


£10 - 30

A pair of Art Deco figures of nude females,


holding their arms aloft, raised on circular marble

An Arts & Crafts oak folding chair,

bases, 28.5cm. £20 - 30

76cm high. £60 - 80



A.E. Gray & Co., hand painted silver lustre

An Arts & Crafts copper jardiniere on stand,

floral decorated coffee set, comprising coffee

decorated with stylised flowers, 102cm high.

pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, six coffee cans and

£60 - 90

saucers. £40 - 60

64 


Steve Whitehead, oil on canvas, world

A large Studio pottery vase, with copper lustre

panorama, signed and dated verso 1999, with

and red glaze, stamped initial to base "R.W.",

gallery label, 51cm x 152.5cm. £1000 - 2000

37.5cm. £20 - 40



Hugh Webster, oil on canvas, "You must Hug

Michael Casson, pottery storage jar and cover

Scyllas rock, and with all speed", signed to the

with incised decoration, impressed mark to base,

reverse, dated 1997, with original purchase

24cm. £20 - 30

receipt, 91.5cm x 122cm. £200 - 400



Richard Parrington, novelty teapot in the form

A circular frameless bevelled edge wall mirror,

of Half Moon Public House, designed by Hazel

60cm. £20 - 30

Boyles, 22cm. £10 - 20



An Art Deco mixed marble mantel clock,

A novelty teapot, in the form of a seated gorilla

having lozenge dial, L. Baron, Bordeaux,

with allover brown glaze, 17cm. £10 - 20

mounted with spelter figure of female, 26cm high


in extremes. £75 - 100

John Smith, stoneware dish, with original label


to base, 30cm dia. £20 - 40

A 1970's "Coca Cola" advertising wall clock,


in the form of an American diner, 33cm x 53cm.

Glyn Hugo, stoneware bowl decorated with

£10 - 20

brown and pale blue glaze, signed to base rim,


24.5cm dia. £20 - 30

A coloured glass table centre piece, of curved


form, 43cm. £10 - 20

An earthenware flan dish, decorated with white


glaze and blue brush stroke design, monogram to

A Gouda pottery candlestick, 21cm. £10 - 20

base, 27cm dia. £10 - 20



An Art Deco cream Bakelite desk lamp, 28cm.

John Smith, large stoneware charger with

£10 - 20

slipware decoration, 39cm dia. £20 - 30

72 An Art Deco Pifco infra red heat lamp, sold as Lot 79 6 Art Deco

a collector's item, 41cm. £20 - 30



John Leach, stoneware charger, decorated with

A & J Young, pottery jug decorated with wheat,

brown and black glazes, marked to base

stamped to base, 16cm; a large blue glazed

"Muchelney" initialled JL, within inverted shield,

baluster jug, stamped and initialled to base,

29cm dia. £30 - 40

possibly SB, 27cm; and a Tessa Buckley pottery


jar and cover, stamped initial to base TB, with

Walter Keeler, salt glazed stoneware dish, with

original label, 17cm in extremes, (3). £20 - 30

four looped handles, stained with cobalt blue,


26cm dia. £20 - 30

Richard Batterham, large stoneware vase


decorated with brown and black glazes with

Jenny Welch, white porcelain pedestal bowl,

incised decoration around the shoulder and a

impressed mark to base, 22cm dia. £20 - 30

raised band, unmarked, 39cm. £100 - 200



A deep stoneware bowl, of tapering form,

Jonathan Keep, large white glazed bowl

decorated with bands of white and blue running

decorated with bands of blue and yellow with

glaze, 24cm dia. £10 - 20

stylised leaves, initialled J.K. to the base, 33cm


dia. £40 - 60

Jenny Welch, Raku stoneware plate, decorated


with black and turquoise band on white crackle

David Leach, Lowerdown pottery stoneware

glaze ground, impressed mark to base, 30.5cm

vase, with Tenmoku glaze, 47cm, AF.

dia. £20 - 30

£60 - 80



A large Studio pottery bowl, the interior

Ray Gardiner, bowl with brown glaze, interior

decorated with hand painted flowers, impressed

decorated with 5 incised emblems, impressed

letter "G" to base, 42.5cm dia. £30 - 40

mark to base, 18cm dia.; another Ray Gardiner


bowl with similar decoration and having greeny

Robin Welch, large stoneware pot on narrow

grey glaze, unmarked, 21cm dia.; and a another

base, decorated with perforations around the rim,

smaller example, unmarked, 14cm dia., (3).

stamped to base "Robin Welch", 35cm. £40 - 60

£20 - 40



Bernard Moore, vase with rouge flambé glaze,

Honor Hussey, red earthenware bowl, interior

and golden highlights, 24cm. £30 - 40

decorated with cobalt blue and gilt rim, flanked


by handles, in the form of fish, 23cm dia.

A set of six champagne flutes, cut glass with

£20 - 30

solid silver base, London 1975, 20cm each.


£100 - 150

Paddy Dean, earthenware bowl with brown and


blue glaze, 21cm dia. £10 - 20

Geoffrey Fuller, earthenware bowl and cover,


with allover applied decoration, the lid

A shallow cream coloured bowl, interior

surmounted with a bird, 37cm in extremes.

decorated with bands of brown and cobalt blue,

£40 - 60

marked to base "M", 21cm dia. £10 - 20


105 

Jonathan Keep, white earthenware jug decorated

Christopher Aggs, oil on board, four quinces,

with dark green bands, small red circles and

initialled CA bottom right corner, gallery label

upright blue lines, the neck decorated with mauve

verso, 19cm x 24.5cm. £60 - 80

and blue feather design, initialled JK to base,

106 

18.5cm; and two Jonathan Keep cups and saucers

Crin Gale, oil on board, Delft ware with rose

£20 - 30

hips, signed bottom left corner, 15cm x 20cm. £100 - 200

7 Art Deco

Lot 82

Lot 85

Lot 98

Lot 100

Lot 109

Lot 110

Lot 116

Lot 119

Lot 120

8 Art Deco

107 

120 

Crin Gale, oil on board, Delft ware with

Crin Gale, oil on board, Delft ware with lemons,

strawberries, signed and dated bottom right

signed bottom left corner, 29.5cm x 35cm.

corner 94, 21cm x 21cm. £100 - 200

£200 - 300

108 

121 

Crin Gale, oil on board, Delft ware with

Crin Gale, oil on board, cherries and grapes on

cherries, signed and dated bottom right corner,

pewter, signed bottom right corner, dated 94,

94, 21cm x 21cm. £100 - 200

31cm x 36cm. £200 - 300

109 


Christopher Aggs, "Park Ponds Afternoon", oil

A surrealist coloured print, 31.5cm x 45cm.

on canvas, initialled CA bottom left corner, label

£10 - 20

verso, dated 1993, 34cm x 44cm. £100 - 200

123 

110 

Alfred Birdsey, watercolour, coastal view of

Christopher Aggs, oil on board, peppers in a

village with figures, signed bottom right corner

basket, initialled CA bottom right corner, label

Birdsey, 46cm x 58.5cm. £60 - 80

verso, dated 1994, 28.5cm x 36cm. £100 - 200

124 

111 

Peter Coate, watercolour and ink study of a

Michael Crowe, oil on board, seascape study,

village church, signed and dated 72,

signed with inscription verso, 12cm x 17cm.

44cm x 61cm. £180 - 220

£20 - 40


112 

A green dial telephone. £20 - 30

Michael Crowe, oil on board, signed with in-


scription verso, 12cm x 17cm. £20 - 40

A red dial telephone. £20 - 30

113 


Possibly Michael Crowe, oil on board, river

A simulated rosewood four tier etagere, 75cm

scene, unsigned, 19cm x 29cm. £40 - 60

high x 70cm wide x 35cm deep. £55 - 85

114 


Anna Redwood, oil on board, cherries, signed

Maryanne Nicholls, wrought iron and fibreglass

bottom right corner, gallery label verso, 14cm x

garden urn, 230cm. £200 - 300

19cm. £100 - 200


115 

A light oak bedroom chest, fitted five drawers,

Charles Rake, oil on board, "It's a lovely day",

110cm high x 76cm wide x 45.5cm deep.

signed bottom left corner, exhibition label verso,

£40 - 60

16cm x 15cm. £40 - 60


116 

Two plaster figures, depicting young children

L. Fragg, oil on board, study of sail boats, signed

with musical instruments, 39cm x 43cm.

and dated 04 bottom left corner, 17cm x 23cm.

£10 - 20

£40 - 60


117 

A clear glass table lamp base, of twisted form,

Pipa Darbyshire, oil on board, three cups on a

31cm. £20 - 30

table, initialled PD bottom right corner, label


verso, dated 1999, 12cm x 11cm. £20 - 30

Herbert B. Johnson, watercolour, "Hartley

118 

Wintney, in Snow", 1965, gallery labels verso,

Christopher Aggs, oil on board landscape study,

24cm x 35cm. £40 - 60

signed verso, 19cm x 23cm. £40 - 60

133 

119 

Alan McPherson, oil on board, "Cooker", signed

Christopher Aggs, oil on board, quinces on a

bottom right corner, 35.5cm x 25.5cm.

plate, signed bottom right corner with label verso,

£200 - 300

29cm x 22cm. £100 - 200

134 


Eileen Bell, oil on canvas, "Cat on the sill",

Patricia Price, oil on canvas mounted to a board,

initialled and dated 2000 bottom right corner,

"Three Coxes", signed and dated bottom right

59.5cm x 49cm. £800 - 1200

corner 95, 18cm x 21cm. £20 - 30



A retro sideboard, fitted three drawers flanked

Patricia Price, oil on canvas, still life study of a

by cupboard doors, 152cm wide x 77cm high x

squash, 25cm x 30cm. £20 - 40

40cm deep. £20 - 40



Patricia Price, oil on board in two sections,

A black dial telephone. £25 - 40

"Shelf with Cacti" signed and dated 95 bottom


right corner, 25.5cm x 61cm. £20 - 40

An Art Deco blue glass graduated candelabra,


raised on stepped base, 29cm in extremes and a

Patricia Price, oil on board, in four sections,

blue glass biscuit barrel and cover, 22cm.

entitled "Shelves", signed and dated bottom right

£20 - 30

corner, 95, label verso, 41cm x 51cm. £40 - 60



An Art Deco style chrome four piece coffee

Oil on board, still life study of bread and wine,

set, comprising coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream jug

indistinctly signed bottom right corner, 29cm x

and tray. £20 - 30

35cm. £40 - 60



A tall smoky glass vase; a Mdina glass jardiniere,

Unsigned oil on board, abstract study, 24cm x

signed to base; a small glass vase with spiral

28.5cm. £10 - 20

decoration; a blue bubble glass ashtray; a clear


glass ashtray of octagonal form; a clear and

Style of John Piper, a black and white print

amethyst glass vase; a heavy glass bowl of free

depicting a village church, 36cm x 40cm.

form; a moulded glass dish and a clear glass vase

£10 - 20

of circular form, (9). £20 - 40


140 

Ken Minns, oil study "The Potting Shed", signed

Diana Marsden, oil on board, "Breakwater,

bottom left corner, dated 2000, 21.5cm x 30cm.

Minsmere", initialled DM bottom right corner,

£20 - 30

65cm x 70cm. £80 - 120


141 

Ken Minns, oil study of possibly the river Deben,

Diana Marsden, oil on board, "Sea Moods II",

17cm x 22cm. £20 - 30

initialled DM bottom left corner, 64.5cm x 70cm.


£80 - 120

Ken Minns, oil study of Ipswich street scene,

142 

signed bottom right corner, dated 05,

Hugh Webster, oil on board, "Sea wall, River

19cm x 27.5cm. £20 - 30

Deben", unsigned, label verso, 19cm x 38.5cm.


£40 - 60

Robin Wames, pastel and watercolour study

143 

entitled "Still Life, Pears", initialled RW, dated

Hugh Webster, oil on board, "Boat Slab Blue",

91 bottom right corner, 20cm x 27cm. £20 - 30

initialled HW bottom right corner, label verso


with original sale receipt, 19cm x 38cm.

Penny Healey, pencil and oil pastel entitled

£40 - 60

"Trees at St. Clements", 24cm x 32cm. £20 - 40

144 


Hugh Webster, oil on board, "Spoon Drift",

A Beautility sideboard, fitted four drawers

unsigned, label verso, 38cm x 31cm. £40 - 60

flanked by cupboard doors, 87cm high x 183 wide

Lot 133

Lot 140

Lot 141

Lot 143

x 47.5cm deep. £40 - 60

Lot 144 9 Art Deco

Lot 164

Lot 165



A pair of mixed marble table lamps, of

A cranberry tinted bubble glass vase, 22.5cm.

rectangular form, raised on circular stepped base,

£30 - 40

34cm in extremes. £30 - 40



A G plan chest, fitted six drawers, 103cm high x

A green Uranium glass dressing table set,

56cm wide x 45cm deep. £120 - 180

comprising tray, candlesticks, ring tree, tidy jars


etc., (8). £30 - 40

An Art Deco style uplighter, with glass shade,


145cm; and a dial telephone. £25 - 40

A Studio pottery bottle vase, with Tenmoku


glaze, impressed mark to base, possibly Arthur

A Tiffany style table lamp, with mottled green

Grogan, 23cm. £20 - 40

glass shade, 48cm high in extremes. £40 - 60



A Studio pottery vase, of globular form, with

Niall Hennessy, pencil signed limited edition

Tenmoku glaze, impressed mark to base, possibly

print, "Gainsborough Garden", 16/20, 30cm x

Arthur Grogan, 24cm. £60 - 80

43cm. £20 - 40



Niall Hennessy, pencil signed limited edition

Niall Hennessy, pencil signed limited edition

print, "Field near Higham, Suffolk", no. 1/5,

print, "Summer in the Garden", 10/12, 43cm x

37.5cm x 48cm. £20 - 40

30cm. £20 - 40



Untitled mixed media abstract study, 62cm x

Andrew Price, pencil signed limited edition

47cm. £20 - 40

print, "Under the Genoa", 67/90, with info verso,

164 

27cm x 25cm. £20 - 40

Paul Dmoch, watercolour, "a view from


Academia bridge", signed and dated bottom left

Andrew Price, pencil signed limited edition

corner, 1998, 54cm x 36cm. £100 - 200

print, "A Shading vine", 39/125, with info verso,

165 

37cm x 25cm. £20 - 40

Paul Dmoch, watercolour, "Santa Croce,


Venice", signed and dated bottom right corner,

An early 20th Century mahogany escritoire,

1998, 55cm x 37.5cm. £100 - 200

with fret carved gallery above drop front,

166 

enclosing fitted interior, fitted single drawer

Andras Kaldor, watercolour, "La fenice Stage

above tambour shutter below with label R. Jones

Doors, Venice", signed and dated bottom right

& Sons Upholsterers, House Furnisher, Dublin,

corner, 96, 33cm x 35cm. £100 - 200

121cm high x 70cm wide x 29.5cm deep.


£100 - 150

A Nathan sideboard, fitted three drawers


flanked by cupboard doors, 78cm high x 213cm

A uranium type glass decanter and stopper;

wide x 44cm deep. £40 - 60

and set of six glasses. £30 - 40



A pair of stone table lamps, with a lion mask

A 1960's light oak dressing chest, fitted two

decoration, 50cm. £100 - 200

drawers flanked by cupboards, 114cm wide x


76cm high. £30 - 45

An Art glass vase, with applied decoration,


converted to table lamp, drill hole to base, AF,

A Midwinter Style Craft fashion shape sugar

22cm. £5 - 10

bowl, cream jug and sauce boat; and four Alfred


Meakin soup bowls and saucers. £10 - 20

A Susie Cooper Crown Works Burslem tea for Lot 174

10 Art Deco

two set. £10 - 20

183 


Andras Kaldor, watercolour, study of a tree in

Seven Art Deco style coloured prints, depicting

vast landscape, signed and dated bottom right

females including one after Tamara De Lenpicka.

corner, 88, 71cm x 55cm. £100 - 200

£10 - 20



A black and white photographic print,

An Ercol room divider, with two fitted shelves

"Hever Castle, Kent", signed and dated JWB

above two adjustable shelves and cupboard below,

1986 to the mount, 59cm x 45cm. £30 - 40

190cm high x 85cm wide x 41cm deep.


£100 - 200

A black and white photographic print,


"Paris by Kanova", initialled JWB and dated 1987

A 1920's/30's Heal & Sons, of London, oak

to the mount, 40cm x 29cm. £20 - 30

bed-ends, with original label, 92cm wide.


£65 - 100

A black and white photographic print,


"Reclining woman", initialled JWB, dated 1988

Vernon Evett, watercolour study of moored

to the mount, 40cm x 26cm. £20 - 30

boats on a river, signed and dated 1984 bottom


left corner, 29cm x 50cm. £30 - 40

A black and white photographic print, signed


to the mount "For Richard 11th July 98 Many

Ken Minns, oil study of female in country garden

Happy Returns and Love from Jane and Joe",

setting, signed and dated 07 bottom right corner,

40cm x 29cm. £20 - 40

46cm x 36cm. £20 - 40



A collection of Susie Cooper "Glen Mist"

Ken Minns, oil entitled "Spring Garden", signed

pattern teaware, comprising cake plate, sugar

and dated 07 bottom right corner, 61cm x 49cm.

bowl, cream jug, six side plates, six cups and six

£20 - 40

saucers. £40 - 60



A Henry Dean red Art glass vase, 32cm; a

A Nathan teak hi fi unit, fitted drop front

Beswick lustre vase, 18cm; and an Elizabeth

record cupboard beside single drawer and open

Radford floral decorated vase, 20cm, (3).

shelves, 67cm high x 121cm wide x 48cm deep.

£20 - 30

£20 - 30



An Art Deco style figurine, 31cm; and a carved

A Nathan teak bureau, the drop front enclosing

soapstone figure group modelled as three stylised

fitted interior above three drawers, 112cm high x

figures. £10 - 20

91cm wide x 41cm deep. £20 - 40



A 1920's wooden biscuit barrel, with swing

A Woburn pottery vase, with flared rim and

handle and stylised floral decoration, 13cm.

decorated with running glaze, impressed mark to

£10 - 20

base, 38cm. £10 - 20



An Italian Art glass dish, of free form, with

A Michael Tovey Studio pottery bread bin and

colours of red, blue and amber and applied white

cover, impressed marks to base, 29cm in ex-

spiral decoration, 47cm in extremes. £40 - 60

tremes. £40 - 60



An Art Deco chromed desk lamp, raised on

A blue glass serving dish, 34cm x 10cm.

wooden base with glass shade, 24cm. £10 - 15

£5 - 10


Lot 183

Lot 192

Lot 197

A graduated set of three oval copper trays, marked to base 31.5cm to 51cm. £40 - 60

11 Art Deco

Lot 203

Lot 225

Lot 226

Lot 227

Lot 228

Lot 230

12 Art Deco



An Art Deco wooden table lamp, in the form of

A modern metal framed circular table, and set

a sail boat, 40cm in extremes. £10 - 15

of four matching chairs, 90cm dia. £40 - 60



A pair of Cotswold style book ends. £20 - 30

A nest of three Habitat occasional tables.


£20 - 30

A Past Times figure, model as a male throwing


a discus, 35.5cm in extremes. £5 - 10

A modern metal framed stool, with wooden


seat, 46cm high. £10 - 20

A G plan two piece wall unit, fitted adjustable


shelves and cupboard below, 199cm high x 153cm

An Art Deco frameless bevelled edge wall

wide. £40 - 60

mirror, 41cm x 70cm in extremes. £20 - 30


225 

A G plan two piece wall unit, fitted adjustable

Pat Maclaurin, oil on canvas, "Meze in Winter",

shelves and cupboards with drawers below, 199cm

signed bottom left corner, 84.5cm x 44.5cm,

high x 153cm wide. £30 - 40

gallery label verso. £250 - 375


226 

An Art Deco walnut standard lamp table,

Hugo Grenville, oil on board entitled, "The

148cm. £30 - 40

Salute, March Evening", 27.5cm x 37cm, signed


bottom right corner with exhibition label verso

A Horstman counter balance floor lamp,

£800 - 1000

186cm fully adjusted. £30 - 45

227 


Hugo Grenville, oil on board, "Waveney Valley",

Stafano Cevoli adjustable floor lamp, 175cm

37cm x 28cm, initialled HG, dated 02 bottom left

fully adjusted. £100 - 150

corner. £800 - 1000


228 

A chrome adjustable floor reading lamp,

Kate Slaven, oil on board, "Rum and Eigg from

156cm high. £30 - 40

Portruick", 44cm x 55cm, signed bottom left


corner. £250 - 375

A modern standard lamp, decorated with prism


drops, total height 160cm. £10 - 20

Valerie Thornton, pencil signed limited edition


etching entitled "Living in Peace, St. Benoit

Hugh Skyrme, black metal uplighter, 193cm.

sur loire", 43/45 dated 89, 55cm x 38cm.

£40 - 60

£80 - 120



A 1930's chrome standard lamp, raised on

Valerie Thornton, pencil signed limited edition

stepped wooden base with blue shade, total height

etching, "Nedging", 39/75 and dated 81, 40cm x

117cm. £40 - 60

60cm. £100 - 150



A chrome tubular coffee table, with smoked

Valerie Thornton, charcoal and pastel study

glass top, 79cm x 52cm x 36cm high. £10 - 20

entitled "Idea for etching, St. Benoit sur loire"


£100 - 150

A grey metal tubular three tier coffee table,


with circular smoked glass top and adjustable

Valerie Thornton, pencil signed artist's proof

under-tiers, 57cm dia. x 40cm high. £20 - 30

entitled, "Living in harmony, St. Hilaire,


Poitiers", dated 89, 35cm x 43cm, (unglazed)

An Ikea kidney shaped table, 150cm. £20 - 30

£50 - 80



A teak extending dining table, with centre leaf,

A Loetz style glass vase, unsigned, 10cm.

145cm x 91cm x 74cm high. £10 - 20

£50 - 75



An Art Deco green glass fruit bowl, 22.5cm

A Rindskopf iridescent glass vase, unsigned,

dia.; a teal glass fruit bowl, 21.5cm dia. and a

16.5cm. £75 - 100

heavy Art glass dish, 16.5cm dia., (3). £20 - 30



A Pallme Konig/Kralik iridescent threaded

A Homeleigh ware Mayfair pattern dessert set,

glass vase, unsigned, 12.5cm. £75 - 100

comprising serving bowl and six smaller bowls.


£10 - 20

A Beswick ware vase, decorated with scene of


rabbits amongst trees and orange crescent moon,

An Imperial blue and white Art Deco design

marked to base Made in England 191, 23cm.

meat plate, and serving dish. £10 - 20

£40 - 60



A collection of Burslem Coronet ware, Art

A Beswick ware vase, decorated with scene of

Deco design dinnerware, comprising two tureens,

rabbits amongst trees with orange crescent moon,

(one AF), five large plates, five smaller plates, two

stamped to base Made in England 358, 18.5cm.

side plates, three graduated meat plates and sauce

£30 - 40

boat. £20 - 30



An Asprey glass and silver plate mounted

An Art Deco walnut dining table, 78cm x

cocktail pourer, 21cm; with associated cotton

153cm. £40 - 60

twist glass stirer, 20cm. £80 - 120



An Art Deco Verrazuk part tea service,

A lustre vase, decorated with bands of red, blue

comprising teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, 11 cups

and purple, and gilt heightened flowers on a

and saucers. £20 - 40

cream ground, 22cm. £20 - 40



Two onyx table lamps, 37cm. £10 - 20

A Doulton Lambeth Jug, with applied


decoration, various impressed marks to base,

Adriano Martelo, pottery dinnerware,

(restored), 17.5cm. £10 - 20

comprising large plate with incised and hand


painted decoration of a figure, 35cm dia., another

A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug, to

plate similarly decorated with a bird, 34.5cm dia.,

commemorative Queen Victoria 1837-1897,

two smaller examples, 27cm dia., six further

19cm high. £40 - 60

smaller examples, 21cm dia., and a set of four


pottery plates with incised and hand painted

A Doulton Lambeth jug, with mask decoration

decoration of fish, (unmarked), 22cm dia. £40 -

to the spout and stylised floral decoration, marked


to base Doulton Lambeth 1876, initialled EA,


27cm, (with chips to the rim). £80 - 120

A Loetz iridescent glass posy vase, unsigned,


8cm. £50 - 75

Kosta Boda by Anna Ehmer, blue and white


vase with original box, 33cm. £60 - 80

Charles Schneider, Art Deco bulbous vase with


acid etched decoration, signed to base

Willaim Shakespeare, "Random Classic" glass

"Schneider", 21.5cm. £300 - 500

vase, 18.5cm. £40 - 60



A Pallme Konig iridescent threaded vase,

A Westclox circular wall clock, 33cm dia.

unsigned, 21.5cm. £100 - 150

£20 - 30

Lot 243

Lot 244

Lot 247

Lot 248 13 Art Deco

Lot 262

Lot 267

Lot 271



Scheurich Keramik, West German pottery vase,

An Art glass vase, clear cased with colours of

41.5cm; and three other German pottery vases

red, blue and green, indistinctly signed to base,

£20 - 40

12.5cm. £40 - 60



A Grange of London sideboard, fitted three

A Bronzart stylised figure, "The Nude", 30cm

drawers flanked by cupboards, 145cm wide x

high in extremes, with original box. £20 - 30

76cm high x 46cm deep. £20 - 40



A glass flask, in the form of a stylised fish, 76cm.

A brass Arts & Crafts candlestick, 28.5cm.

£20 - 30

£40 - 60



An Art Nouveau mirror, with shaped bevelled

A tall Art Glass vase, signed to base "Katrina

plate, contained in cast metal frame with stylised

Beattie 1997", 34cm. £20 - 40

floral decoration and female figure head, 41cm.


£30 - 40

Legras, early 20th Century vase, having enamel


floral decoration and pinched rim, signed,

An Arts & Crafts brass mirror and brush set,

32.5cm. £150 - 200

with bevelled plate surrounded by embossed brass


frame and attached brushes, 54cm x 35cm.

A Loetz type iridescent glass vase, with applied

£40 - 60

green decoration, 16cm dia. x 12cm high.


£30 - 40

A clear glass baluster vase, on wrought iron


stand, 68cm. £20 - 40

A Rindskopf iridescent double gourd vase,


with pinched rim, unsigned, 34.5cm. £100 - 150

A three legged stool, the circular top carved with


stylised flowerhead design, 25cm dia. x 36cm

A Venetian tall glass vase, flanked by angular

high. £20 - 30

handles and dolphin base, 32cm in extremes.


£150 - 225

A pair of ornate fire dogs, with stylised floral


decoration, 52cm. £40 - 60

A 19th Century Venetian rinser bowl, with


trailing lion head mask decoration, (cracked),

An etched glass decanter and stopper, 30cm

10cm high. £10 - 15

and a pair of blue glass vases with silver lustre


overlaid decoration of fish, 19cm. £20 - 40

An American Art Nouveau style iridescent tall


organic form vase, 29cm. £70 - 105

An African carved wooden stylised figure,


37cm; and another carved wooden figure, 30cm.

A St. Ives pottery table lamp base, impressed

£10 - 20

mark to base, 22.5cm high. £10 - 20



A pair of clear glass candlesticks, 25cm.

Two Mdina glass sculptures, each signed to

£5 - 10

base, 20cm and 34cm. £20 - 40



A set of four amber and green glass tankards,

Christopher Dresser, a Linthorpe guord shaped

with applied decoration, 14cm. £20 - 40

vase, marks obscured by glaze, 18.5cm. £80 - 120



A set of four green glass tankards, with applied

A Whitefriars style tangerine glass hobnail

decoration, 14cm. £20 - 40

vase, 26.5cm. £40 - 60

285 A marquetry panel, depicting village church, 38cm x 30cm. £5 - 10

14 Art Deco



An Art Deco mosaic tile panel, depicting

Three polychome coloured glass fish, 36cm,

dancers in limed oak frame, 47cm x 54cm.

30cm and 33cm. £30 - 40

£80 - 120



An Art Deco walnut coffee table, with circular

A poster print, Queen Mary Tour, Long Beach,

quarter veneered top above under-tier, 60cm dia.

California, 90cm x 60cm. £75 - 100

x 47cm high. £60 - 80



An Art Deco style vase, with allover cream

A Studio pottery type fruit bowl, the interior

glaze, 22cm. £20 - 30

decorated with white crackle glaze on deep red


ground, 34.5cm dia. £10 - 20

A Clarice Cliff "Celtic Harvest" jug, AF,


28cm. £10 - 20

An Arts & Crafts brass coal bucket and cover,


raised on iron supports, impressed mark to base,

A set of three model horses heads, with silver

45cm high in extremes. £40 - 60

lustre glaze, 28cm. £20 - 40



A black and gilt print, depicting Greek figure,

A pair of twin branch wall lights and shades.

unframed, 42cm x 31.5cm. £5 - 10

£10 - 20



Oliver Cooper, wrought iron and stainless steel

A Watcombe terracotta tray, 37.5cm dia.; a

sculpture, "Agapanthus", 66cm dia. on stand,

similar water flask with stand and cover, 29cm; a

approx. 263cm high. £100 - 200

similar ewer and attributed to Christopher


Dresser; a ewer decorated with running glaze,

A pair of Studio pottery oil lamps, with clear

19cm. £80 - 120

glass chimneys and opaque glass shades, 45cm in


extremes. £40 - 60

A green glass decanter, and set of six matching


tumblers. £10 - 20

A Denby pottery table lamp, with floral


decorated shade, 20cm. £10 - 20

A pottery jug, with allover green glaze in the


form of a female carrying a jug, indistinctly signed

Three silver lustre and black glazed ornaments.

to base, 34cm. £20 - 40

£20 - 30



An iridescent glass vase, decorated with fish,

A set of four modern pottery elephants, of

AF, 23cm. £5 - 10

stylised design with black and silver lustre glaze,


42cm. £20 - 40

A pair of Minton blue and white tiles, 20.5cm


x 20.5cm; and six early 20th Century green and

A framed advertising poster print, "Les Gets",

white floral decorated tiles, 15cm x 15cm each.

100cm x 61cm. £80 - 120

£20 - 30



A modern gilt framed and bevelled edge wall

Six graduated model owls, with black and silver

mirror, 117cm x 87cm. £60 - 80

lustre glaze, 13cm to 24cm. £30 - 40



Michael Warren, unframed oil on canvas,

A Bernard Rooke pottery table lamp base,

"Battersea Bridge", initialled MW, 56cm x 46cm

stamped Rooke, 19cm. £10 - 20

£100 - 150



A set of four elephants, of stylised design with

A 1970's Coca Cola advertising wall clock,

black and silver lustre glaze, 30cm. £20 - 40

45cm x 30cm. £20 - 30

Lot 294

Lot 303

Lot 305

Lot 313 15 Art Deco

Lot 319

Lot 321

Lot 335

Lot 337

16 Art Deco



A Vintage Rappa car trunk, with hinged lid and

Two 1920's Berlin sheet music covers, framed

drop-down front, 100cm wide x 47cm x 58.5cm

and glazed, 30cm x 23cm. £45 - 70

deep. £40 - 60



A 1930's doll's tea set, in original box. £20 - 30

A chrome and smoked glass two tier serving


trolley, 63cm high. £60 - 80

An Art Deco oak and walnut counter top

316 

cigarette dispenser, 29cm high. £20 - 40

Michael Coulter, watercolour entitled "Finches


and Walkers", initialled bottom right corner,

An amber mirrored glass chest, fitted two

dated 04, 34cm x 44cm. £200 - 300

drawers, 12cm high. £20 - 40

317 


Michael Coulter, watercolour entitled "Orford

A WMF comport, with cut glass liner, 27cm dia.

Castle", initialled bottom right corner, 32cm x

x 23cm high. £40 - 60

45cm. £200 - 300


318 

A Whitefriars style bubble glass vase, decorated

Mary Warsop, acrylic study entitled "Iken",

with bands of green, 20cm. £30 - 40

signed bottom right corner, 37cm x 27cm.


£150 - 200

A Victorian oil lamp, raised on ornate cast iron

319 

base with cranberry and pink tinted opaque glass

Christopher Johnson, gouache on paper entitled

font and etched glass shade, total height 60cm.

"Late Autumn, Jerena, Gova", 39cm x 59cm.

£60 - 90

£100 - 150


320 

Brett Marshall, Art glass vase, clear cased with

Christopher Johnson, acrylic study entitled

colours of amethyst to green, signed to base,

"Winter Trees", 36cm x 46cm. £100 - 150

29cm. £100 - 150

321 


Colin Moss, pastel and watercolour study

Max Butcher, hand made pottery sculpture of

entitled "Still Life", signed bottom left corner in

stylised female, impressed mark to base, 55cm.

pencil, signed bottom right corner in pastel, label

£150 - 225

verso, Still Life Colin Moss 1954, 50cm x 36cm.


£150 - 200

A "Ravi" plaster display bust, of nude female,

322 

61cm with wooden stand, 53cm. £60 - 80

Michael Chase, watercolour, "The Enchanted


Tree", signed bottom right corner, 25cm x 34cm;

Five glass paper-weights; Caithness Golden

and another Michael Chase, painting on paper in

Jubilee Moon crystal; Caithness Star Stones;

mixed media, entitled "Dancing Figure", 30cm x

Caithness Moon Drop; Mdina glass and Isle of

23cm, (2). £200 - 300

Wight glass. £30 - 40

323 


Michael Carlo, watercolour entitled "Bend in the

Four Art Deco marine ivory model penguins,

Stream", signed bottom right corner and dated

the largest with top hat and cane raised on Bake-

02, 19cm x 26cm. £100 - 150

lite base, 15cm in extremes. £100 - 150

324 


Barry Houghton, mixed media study entitled

An Art Deco silver hip flask, Birmingham 1932,

"October Sea", 19cm x 29cm. £150 - 200

8cm. £40 - 60



A Batik study, of a female portrait, 30cm x

Archibald Knox for Liberty, silver belt buckle,

33cm. £10 - 20

Birmingham 1903, 9.5cm. £300 - 450



A Heron glass paper-weight, in the form of

Tim Andrews, Studio pottery charger, 31cm dia.

swan; Alum Bay glass paper-weight in the form

£20 - 30

of a teapot; another in the form of a tortoise; a


Wedgwood glass paper-weight in the form of an

Ardnacross, Isle of Mull, pottery bowl, 24cm

apple; five various other paper-weights, (9).

dia. £10 - 20

£30 - 40



A Crown Ducal Charlotte Rhead plate,

Christopher Dresser, Principals of Decorative

decorated with flowers on pale yellow ground,

Design, Third edition, (re-spinded). £70 - 105

AF, 30cm dia. £10 - 20



Four carved wooden models of dogs; and

A Staatlich crackle glazed model of a stylised

another of a cat, ranging from 12cm to 5cm high

cat, 14cm high in extremes. £20 - 30

£10 - 20



Two Winstanley pottery cats, with glass eyes,

Eleven glass paper-weights, in the form of

19cm and 17cm. £20 - 40

mushrooms, sizes from 6cm to 11cm. £40 - 60



A Shelley Cloisello ware baluster vase, 13cm;

A Rosenthal wall plate, with blue and white

and another Shelley similar pattern vase, 13cm

decoration of female, designed by Bjorn

£20 - 30

Wiinblad, 32cm dia. £20 - 40



A Carlton ware Guinness advertising mustard

A Smith's mantel clock, the dial decorated with

pot, cover and spoon, 7cm. £20 - 30

scene of a country garden, 12.5cm high. £10 - 20



A wall plaque, in the form of a terrier, marked

A Winstanley pottery model of a cat, with glass

verso 201 England, 19cm in extremes

eyes, signed to base, 20cm. £20 - 30

£10 - 20



A Metzlerg Ortloff porcelain bust of a young

A Ruskin lustre ginger jar and cover, marked to

child holding an apple, 17cm. £20 - 40

base Ruskin, England 1923, 14cm; and a smaller


Ruskin pottery lustre ginger jar and cover, marked

A Swarovski glass Birthday cake on stand;

to base Ruskin pottery 1910, 9cm. £30 - 45

14 various glass paper-weights. £30 - 40



A Whitefriars Kingfisher blue glass mallet

A Stuart Apps brown leather lizard skin effect

vase, from the textured range designed by

handbag. £20 - 40

Geoffrey Baxter, 17.5cm. £20 - 40



A Webb Corbett lead crystal paper-weight,

A Troika wheel vase, with incised circular and

7cm dia., in fitted box; a Dartington crystal glass

square decoration, 11.5cm, signed to base Troika

paper-weight to commemorate the Diamond

initial EW. £40 - 60

Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 10cm


dia., in fitted box; a Murano glass vase, 15.5cm

A Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin, in the form of

and five various Caithness style vases, (8)

a lantern, 23.5cm high. £30 - 45

£20 - 30



A pottery model of a walrus, with blue and

Four boxes of Pagwood cutlery, comprising six

green glaze, marked to base 1506, 15cm, AF.

forks, six knives and 12 spoons. £10 - 20

£10 - 20

Lot 339

Lot 355

Lot 362

Lot 363

17 Art Deco

Lot 367

Lot 368

Lot 371

Lot 387

Lot 388



An Art Deco style silver plated three piece

Two porcelain plaques, each decorated with

cruet set. £10 - 20

female figures, 20cm. £10 - 20



An Art Nouveau pewter spot hammered jug,

An Art Deco photo frame, with mirrored glass

of slight tapering form with band of stylised floral

surround, 24cm x 18cm. £5 - 10

decoration and having cane covered handle,


marked to base, KSIA for Keswick school of

Ngoni Mrewa, malachite carving, stylised bust,

Industrial Arts, 19cm. £20 - 40

18cm. £20 - 40



A WMF comport, the silver plated stand

A Studio pottery vase, with white over brown

supporting white and cranberry tinted satin glass

glaze, indistinct impressed mark to base, 15cm;

bowl with frilled edge, 23cm dia. x 17cm high

and a Mo pottery bowl and cover, 11cm

£60 - 80

£20 - 30



Anton Hiller, bronze study of a lamb, signed

A Chelsea pottery dish, decorated with

Hiller with foundry mark no.194, raised on

flowerhead on blue ground, 22.5cm dia.

marble base, 16cm high in extremes. £100 - 200

£20 - 30



A pair of bronzed models of recumbent lions,

A Craftsman Pewter teapot, sugar bowl and

22cm long. £30 - 40

cream jug. £10 - 20



A white resin model of a recumbent lion, 21cm

A glass ornament, in the form of an apple, 19cm

long. £10 - 20

in extremes. £10 - 20



A cast metal bronzed model of a lion, 18cm

A Doulton Lambeth Dewars whisky candle

high. £30 - 40

stand, in the form of a thistle, 11cm. £20 - 30



Archibald Knox, Tudric pewter dish, bordered

An Art Nouveau yellow metal brooch,

with stylised floral decoration, marked to base

decorated with female portrait, 2.5cm; an Art

Tudric 0313, 18cm dia. £20 - 30

Nouveau book-mark, decorated with female


portrait, 11.5cm; and a tie pin, 6.5cm. £50 - 75

A Crown Devon leaf shaped grape dish and


stand, with floral decoration, 21cm dia.

An Art Nouveau pendant, in the form of a

£20 - 30

female profile with attached oval mirror, 6cm.


£80 - 120

A Mappin & Webb brown lizard skin


handbag, with original box. £40 - 60

A Sterling silver and enamel brooch, in the


form of a butterfly, marked verso "Sterling silver

A Wade porcelain vase, decorated with giraffes,

J.A. & S No.2577". £80 - 120

10.5cm high. £10 - 20



An Art Nouveau brooch, decorated with a

A pottery jug, decorated with running glaze,

female profile within flower petals, 6.5cm x 6.5cm

marked to base BLE; and a S. Hancock & Sons

in extremes. £80 - 120

hand painted bowl, decorated with fruit, 16cm


dia. £10 - 20

An Art Deco Spelter group, depicting female


feeding a faun, raised on mixed marble base,

Two pottery plates, with slipware decoration of

80cm wide; and a pair of vases with gilt stylised

fish, indistinctly signed, 21cm dia. £10 - 20

floral decoration, raised on mixed marble bases, 23cm high. £100 - 150

18 Art Deco



A Lorna Bailey Circus pattern coffee pot,

A Clarice Cliff "Celtic Harvest" preserve pot

15cm in extremes. £20 - 30

and cover, 11cm. £20 - 30



A Lorna Bailey House and Path pattern vase,

A Clarice Cliff "Celtic Harvest" rose bowl,

21.5cm. £20 - 30

AF, 11cm high. £5 - 10



A Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery jug, with relief

A John O'Groats pottery bowl, with all over

decoration of fruit and leaves on pink ground,

decoration of cats on white ground, 30cm dia.;

marked to base Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery

and a stylised model of a cow, AF, 17cm

Co., England, no. 41A, 19cm. £20 - 40

£30 - 40



A Carter Stabler & Adams Poole pottery vase,

Ursula Mommens, Studio pottery dish with

typically decorated with colourful flowers on

hand painted stylised leaf decoration, 25.5cm dia.;

cream ground, impressed mark to base, no. 203,

a Studio pottery blue and white bowl, the exterior

20cm. £30 - 40

decorated with fish, indistinct impressed mark to


base, 22cm dia.; and another Studio pottery bowl,

A Clarice Cliff "My Garden" pattern vase,

19cm dia. £40 - 60

marked to base Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery


Co., England, no 989, 19.5cm. £100 - 150

A Studio pottery bottle vase, with white glaze,


indistinct impressed mark to base, 21cm; another

An Art Nouveau pewter plate, decorated with

pottery vase with mottled blue glaze, indistinctly

female profile and floral surround, AF, marked

signed to base, 18cm; and a Studio pottery jar and

verso 231, 31cm dia. £10 - 20

cover, initialled to base SC, 10cm, (3). £30 - 40



A Danish pottery slipware decorated charger,

John Leach, Muchelney pottery stoneware jar,

32cm dia., marked to base Denmark and

flanked by small ring handles, impressed mark to

indistinctly signed. £20 - 40

base, 14cm. £40 - 60



An Orrefors glass bowl, signed to base, 11cm;

A Carlton ware model of a sheep, dressed as a

and another Orrefors glass bowl, signed to base,

brigadier, designed by Malcolm Gooding 1984,

13cm dia. £20 - 30

10cm; a Carlton ware walking egg cup, 6cm; and


a Carlton ware walking Father Christmas cup,

A baluster vase, decorated with blue, green and

12.5cm, (3). £20 - 30

brown glaze, 18cm. £10 - 20



Glyn Hugo, pottery bowl with blue glazed

A Boer War ribbon "Lady Smith seige

interior, 15cm dia.; and an Studio pottery bowl

November 2nd 1899 - February 25th 1900,

with white glazed interior and blue rim,

Kings Royal Rifles"; and a Dresden plate

impressed mark to base, 15cm dia. £20 - 40

commemorating Royal Saxon First Field


Regiment, 25.5cm dia. £20 - 30

A German Veb Kunftptorzellan vase, 14cm.


£30 - 45

A blue Art glass vase, of triangular form; a red


Art glass dish of oval form; and a circular clear

Glyn Hugo, pottery box and cover, the lid

glass dish, (3). £10 - 20

decorated with a bird's head, initialled to base,


10cm. £10 - 20

A Clarice Cliff "Celtic Harvest" cake stand,


22cm dia. x 12cm high £20 - 30

Jenny Welch, porcelain vase with mottled blue and grey glaze, 19cm. £20 - 30

19 Art Deco

Lot 390

Lot 391

Lot 394

Lot 408

Lot 415

Lot 417

Lot 421

Lot 422

20 Art Deco



William Ault, yellow and green glazed jardiniere

Simon Leach, small stoneware bowl with white

in the form of scallop shells, impressed mark to

crackle glaze, impressed mark to base, 11.5cm dia.

base, 11cm. £10 - 20

£10 - 20



Glyn Hugo, pottery shallow bowl on pedestal,

A white glazed tankard, decorated with bands of

decorated with concentric gilt rings, 16cm.

black, stamped to base CMS, 11cm; a turquoise

£10 - 20

glazed pottery vase, initialled to base SP, 9cm; a


Jonathan Horne, stoneware tavern mug, potted by

Derrick Ems, porcelain bowl with blue celadon

Svend Bayer, stamped to base, 10cm; an unusual

glaze and incised stylised floral decoration to the

Studio pottery jug, initialed SB, 9cm; a

interior, stamped to base, 15cm dia. £10 - 20

Whalstandwell pottery chamber stick, 11.5cm in


extremes; a blue and white pottery model cat,

Jonathan Keep, a vase in the form of a penguin,

indistinctly signed to base, 12cm; a miniature

initialled to base J.K. 95, 16cm. £10 - 20

pottery vase with stylised decoration of trees,


indistinctly marked to base, 7cm; and a Bath

John Smith, experimental marbled stoneware

pottery leaf shaped dish, 11.5cm, (8). £20 - 30

pot, 8.5cm, with original label to base. £10 - 20



A novelty moneybox, entitled "Shake

A Mdina glass paperweight, signed to base,

Yer money", 20.5cm. £5 - 10

7cm. £5 - 10



A pair of amber and green glass models, in the

A Rooke pottery vase, decorated with green,

form of fish, 13cm in extremes. £10 - 20

black and red glaze, unmarked, 14.5cm. £10 - 20



An Art Deco green glass jar and cover, with

A Moorcroft pottery coffee can and saucer,

female decoration, 20cm; a clear glass dressing

decorated with tube lined grapes and vine leaves,

table jar and cover, lid decorated with two

the interior with deep blue glaze, marked to base,

figureheads, 5cm; an Art Deco style clear and

"W. Moorcroft, potter to H.M. the Queen" made

black glass scent bottle, 8.5cm; and a Caithness

in England, 6.5cm. £30 - 40

glass ring stand, 9cm (with original box).


£20 - 40

Jonathan Keep, stoneware vase, decorated with


dark brown lines, initialled to base, J.K. 95, 15cm

A Clarice Cliff Newport pottery Ophelia

£10 - 20

pattern bowl, 19.5cm dia.; a Watcombe Torquay


pottery sugar bowl, 9cm, (restored); a

A Wetheriggs pottery vase, decorated with blue

C.H. Brannam twin handled tub with blue glaze,

and white jolt slipware decoration, stamped to

signed to base, 10.5cm dia.; a Carter Stabler

base, 13cm. £10 - 20

Adams vase, typically decorated with colourful


flowers on cream ground, 7cm; and a Poole

A Royal Lancastrian vase, with turquoise glaze,

pottery cream jug, typically decorated, 7cm, (5).

impressed mark to base, Pilkington monogram

£20 - 30

"1X England", 11cm. £30 - 40



A small salt glazed stoneware jug, with incised

Peter O'Malley, stoneware bowl of octagonal

decoration of two cats, impressed to base

form with white slip glazed interior and pink and

Men Nossie, 13cm; Richard Parrington,

dark blue glaze to the exterior, monogram stamp

earthenware mug with allover black glaze

to base, 10cm dia. £10 - 20

splashed in white, mauve and blue, the handle in the form of a seated cat, 10cm. £20 - 30



Jenny Gilbert, a pottery dish of square form,

Three Czechoslovakian bentwood elbow

interior decorated with a fish, signed to base J.

chairs, 77cm high. £30 - 40

Gilbert, with original label, 22cm dia. £20 - 40



A wooden coffee table, with oval plate glass top,

A set of six Palissy plates, each decorated with a

114cm x 42cm x 41cm high. £20 - 40

female figure, Selena, Jayne, Constance,


Annabell, Penelope and Sarah, 23cm dia. Each.

A gilt metal circular coffee table, with associ-

£25 - 40

ated green marbled top, 76cm dia. £40 - 60



A graduated set of three Beswick wall plaques,

A collection of James Kent Old Foley chintz

in the form of flying pheasants, the largest 31cm

pattern teaware, (9). £20 - 40

in extremes. £80 - 120



A G plan style circular coffee table, with plate

Ernst Gomme, a pair of oak and black leather

glass top and three nesting tables, 81cm dia.

armchairs, 86cm high. £100 - 150

£20 - 40



Selfridges of London, a tailor's dummy, on ad-

After Charles and Ray Eames for Herman

justable tripod base, 162cm. £80 - 120

Miller, aluminium office chair with black uphol-


stery, raised on swivel base terminating in castors,

A pair of Selfridges of London 8x30 binocu-

90cm. £30 - 40

lars, with leather case. £20 - 30



A pair of USSR Rigonda sound reproducing

An Art Deco oak swivel desk chair, 82cm high.

units, 79cm x 39cm. £40 - 60

£100 - 150



A brown leather upholstered corner settee, and

A Beautility extending dining table, with extra

matching foot stool. £100 - 150

leaf, 117cm x 188cm extended x 74cm high.


£40 - 60

A Beautility coffee table, 136cm x 49cm x 40cm


high. £10 - 20

A collection of Clarice Cliff Newport pottery


"Odilon" pattern dinnerware. £50 - 75

A white plastic tub chair, raised on wooden and


metal work base, 81cm. £20 - 40

A collection of Art Deco and later jugs, vases


and teaware. £20 - 30

A Barcelona black leather buttoned down


upholstered living chair, raised on metal

A collection of Art Deco and later table glass-

X-frame support, 75cm; and matching foot stool.

ware; Carnival glass vases; blue glass dressing

£100 - 200

table items etc. £30 - 45



A Barcelona black leather buttoned down

A marble type dining table, with octagonal top,

upholstered living chair, raised on metal

raised on hollow octagonal column, 130cm dia.

X-frame support, 75cm; and matching foot stool.

£40 - 60

£100 - 200



A collection of Susie Cooper "Nasturtium"

A Didier Avignon large glass coffee table, of

dinner and tea ware. £100 - 150

rectangular form, 220cm x 95cm. £100 - 200

Lot 435

Lot 437

Lot 456

459 A pair of bronzed cast metal models of recumbent lions, 64cm long. £100 - 200

21 Art Deco

Lot 459

Lot 461

Lot 468

Lot 470

22 Art Deco



An Art Deco style shop display, of a female

A shop display, in the form of a giant hand, AF,

bust, 52cm. £30 - 40

77cm. £5 - 10



An Art Deco style shop display female torso,

A Benny Linden Danish teak extending dining

84cm. £40 - 60

table, 106cm x 214cm extended and a set of six


matching chairs with slatted backs, raised on

Oil on canvas, male portrait, indistinctly signed

tapering supports and having oatmeal upholstered

bottom left corner, unframed, 51cm x 41cm.

seats, 94cm high. £100 - 150

£20 - 30



A collection of Susie Cooper Beechwood

A marble type coffee table, raised on square

dinnerware, comprising tureen and cover, two

hollow base, 80cm square. £20 - 40

soup bowls, sauce jug, two graduated meat plates,


three large plates, six dinner plates, four smaller

A marble type coffee table, raised on square

plates and a Susie Cooper sugar bowl. £25 - 40

hollow base, 80cm square. £20 - 30



A Paragon Anemone pattern part tea service,

A WMF bowl, 19cm dia.; a WMF coaster; an

comprising cake plate, five side plates, six cups,

oval tray; a stainless steel serving dish and a wine

six saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl. £30 - 40

taster. £10 - 20



A Keswick spot hammered oval tray, 54.5cm,

Man Ray lithograph, untitled, unframed, 18cm

marked Keswick, Firth Staybrite W212 260/1;

x 22cm. £10 - 20

two smaller examples, 46cm, marked Keswick


Firth Staybrite lid 586 259 and J377 259; and two

A marble type coffee table, raised on square

WMF chromargan oval trays, 56cm, (5).

hollow base, 100cm square. £20 - 40

£40 - 60



A Folder, mostly early 20th Century architectural

A Studio pottery plate, with stripped black and

drawings by E.C. Marriott. £50 - 75

white glaze, indistinctly signed to base, 27cm dia.;


a Studio pottery plate, undecorated, stamped

A Boconcept black suede corner sofa.

initial to base HP, 27cm dia.; three other Studio

£100 - 200

pottery bowls, unmarked; a slipware decorated


bowl, 20cm dia.; another pottery bowl flanked by

A modern chrome and red leather swivel office

loop handles, 15cm dia., (7). £20 - 40

chair, 95cm. £30 - 45



A coffee table, inset with Poole pottery tiles,

A light Ercol drop leaf table, 112cm x 125cm

79cm x 49cm. £20 - 30

and a set of four stick back cross-over chairs,


78cm high. £100 - 200

An ebonised three tier cake stand, inset with


three Bjorn Wiinblad style black and white tiles.

An Art Deco style cream crackle glazed effect

£20 - 30

group of two deer, 22cm. £10 - 20



A beechwood cane seated stool, raised on

An Art Deco style crackle glazed model of a

outswept supports united by stretchers, 66cm

horse, 22cm. £10 - 20

high in extremes. £60 - 90



A lustre model of a Polar Bear, 16cm in

A light Ercol drop leaf table, 126cm x 113cm;

extremes. £20 - 30

and a set of six stick back chairs, 96cm high. £100 - 200



A Wedgwood Susie Cooper design Glen Mist

Casprini Tiffany designed by Marchello

pattern tea set, comprising cake stand, six tea

Ziliani, set of four red stacking chairs, 82cm and

cups, six saucers, six side plates, cream jug, sugar

a circular red painted wooden tray with fret

bowl etc. £40 - 60

carved decoration, 50cm dia. £100 - 200



A pair of light Ercol stick back elbow chairs,

A pair of Art Nouveau mahogany inlaid elbow

103cm high. £80 - 120

chairs, 101cm high. £100 - 200



A pair of early 20th Century mahogany

Style of Shapland & Petter, Barnstable, six oak

Bergere armchairs, 90cm high. £100 - 200

rush seated chairs with slat backs, 101cm high.


£300 - 450

A John Lewis sofa bed, 180cm wide. £50 - 75



A set of six light oak Arts & Crafts dining

A walnut quarter veneered circular occasional

chairs, four standard, two carvers, the back

table, raised on baluster column, 80cm dia.

supports with heart and swirl design above slat

£60 - 80

back, raised on front square tapering supports,


standard 102cm high, carvers 108cm high.

A walnut quarter veneered circular occasional

£250 - 375

table, raised on baluster column, 80cm dia.


£60 - 80

Two BOAC silk scarves. £20 - 40



A cream glazed table lamp and shade,

A nest of three G plan occasional tables.

35cm, AF. £5 - 10

£20 - 30



A brass effect adjustable desk lamp, 45cm.

A bamboo and lacquered two tier occasional

£10 - 20

table, 49cm x 49cm x 66cm high. £20 - 30



A nest of three G plan occasional tables, the

Seven various lacquered trays. £20 - 30

largest having tiled top. £20 - 40



A Valerie Shelton floral decorated vase,

A G plan style circular coffee table, with

22.5cm. £30 - 40

smoked plate glass top and three nesting tables,


82cm dia. £55 - 85

A Michael Parks surrealist print,


59cm x 74cm. £30 - 45

Stephen Glover, infa red and radiant health


lamp, converted to table lamp, 49.5cm fully ad-

A red and gold Art glass dish, in the form of a

justed. £20 - 30

flowerhead, 48cm dia. Extremes. £50 - 75


Lot 487

Lot 500

Lot 501

A teak two tier tea trolley, 64cm high. £20 - 30 497 A 1920's oak shoe shop stool. £10 - 20 498 A G plan style tiled top coffee table, 44cm x 126cm x 41cm high. £20 - 30 499 An Axminster Norsk wool rug, approx. 8ft x 10ft 6ins. £40 - 60 Lot 503

23 Art Deco

Lot 64 (page 6)

Next Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro Auction to be held Monday 22nd June 2015 Closing dates for entries 22nd May 2015

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the auctioneer at his absolute discretion shall determine which bid to pre-


fer. Subject to the foregoing where two or more bids are at the same level

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are simultaneously received by the auctioneer, the bid submitted in the

6.7 6.8

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auctioneer. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw, consolidate or auctioneer has the right at his absolute discretion to refuse admission to

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becoming due to the defaulting buyer towards the settlement of the

internet will only be deemed to have been made if received by the divide any lot or lots or submit them in any order that they desire. The

than two

auctions or to impose conditions before any such bids are accepted;

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attending in respect of both themselves and to their goods and vehicles.

25 Art Deco

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the auction after which they shall be responsible for any removal, storage and insurance charges.



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that arises out of or in connection with the agreement or its subject matter

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26 Art Deco