Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro

Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro Monday 13th June at 9.30am Special Notices for Purchasers Buyers’ Premium Certain lots are catalogued as (A....
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Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro Monday 13th June at 9.30am

Special Notices for Purchasers

Buyers’ Premium

Certain lots are catalogued as (A.F.), damaged, restored, etc., however

A buyer’s premium of 15 plus VAT will be added to the hammer price of each

the absence of any such notice does not imply that the piece is free


from defects, nor does it indicate that other defects are not also present.

Payment and Clearance

Mention is not made of breakage, cracks, chips or any damage which can

Payment can be made during or immediately after the sale by the following

be noted by careful inspection, therefore, intending purchasers MUST,


in all cases, be responsible for determining the condition of lots themselves.

Cash (up to a maximum of £12,000 including VAT in accordance with Money

Special attention is drawn to the Conditions of Sale

Laundering Regulations 2007).

printed at the back of this catalogue.

Debit Cards


Credit Cards (not American Express) Please note there will be a surcharge of

Presale estimates are intended only as a guide for intending purchasers,

2.5% plus VAT for the use of these cards. We will not release goods for a period

are given in good faith and subject to revision.

of 72 hours unless the cardholder attends the saleroom in person and presents the

Condition Reports Clarke and Simpson are unable to guarantee that requests for condition reports/ images received after the close of the viewing on the day prior to auction, will be responded to. Clarke and Simpson are happy to give a Condition Report on the physical condition of goods, this will be provided on behalf of the seller on the understanding

cards used for the transaction with proof of ID. Bank Transfer - Account Name: Clarke and Simpson Auctions Limited Account Number: Account No: 33222276 Sort Code: 20-98-07 We do not accept cheques unless by prior arrangement.

Attribution of Pictures and Drawings

that Clarke and Simpson are not entering into a contract with you in respect of

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of any statement as to authorship,

the Condition Report and accordingly does not assume responsibility to you in

attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition of any lot whether or not

respect of it. All lots are available for your own inspection or for inspection by an

such statement forms part of the description of any such lot. Whether any such

expert instructed by you, therefore these Condition reports are for guidance only

statement is made orally or in the catalogue it is an expression of opinion and not

and all lots are sold "as found".

to be taken as being or implying any warranties or representations of facts by the

Commission Bids The auctioneers will be pleased to execute bids for those unable to attend the sale. Lots will be purchased at the lowest bid the room bidding or any reserves will allow. In the event of identical bids, the earliest bid received will take precedence. There must always be a maximum limit indicated. Buy or unlimited bids will not be accepted. Commission bids placed by telephone are accepted at the client’s risk. We urge our clients to place suchcommission bids before the start of the sale. All such commissions are left entirely at the buyer’s risk.

Telephone Bids

auctioneers. Each buyer by making a bid for a lot acknowledges that he has satisfied himself fully as to the attribution and condition of the lot. a) The forename(s) (or full stops where not known) and surname of an artist indicates in our opinion a work by the artist. b) The initials of the forename(s) and the surname of the artist indicates in our opinion a work of the period of the artist which may be wholly or in part his work. c) The surname of the artist indicates in our opinion a work of the school or by one of the followers of the artist or in his style and of uncertain date. d) Signed, Dated, Inscribed indicates in our opinion work signed/dated/inscribed by the artist.

Please refer to conditions printed at the back of this catalogue.

e) Bears signature indicates in our opinion that this is not the signature of the



All prospective buyers must register their name and address at our auction

f ) Attributed to may be used to denote a traditional attribution based on style.

office and collect a numbered bidding card before the sale commences.

g) Manner of indicates in our opinion a work executed in the artist/craftsman’s

If you are a successful purchaser please ensure that your number can be

style but of a later date.

seen by the auctioneer and that it is your number that is called out at the

h) After indicates in our opinion a copy (of any date) of work of an artist or

fall of the hammer. Should there be any doubts as to the price or buyer,


please draw the auctioneer’s attention to it before the next lot is offered.

The addition of a question mark after any of the cataloguing terms above

Value Added Tax

indicates an element of doubt.

The symbol * after any lot number indicates that Value Added Tax is payable by the buyer on the “hammer price”.

Auctioneers’ Margin Scheme The Auctioneers Margin Scheme allows auctioneers to sell items without VAT on the hammer price. Under the margin scheme an amount equivalent to VAT at the current rate is added to the buyer’s premium. This amount cannot be refunded. The VAT element will not be shown separately on the buyer’s invoice.

2 Art Deco

Art Deco, 20th Century Design & Retro Monday 13th June 2016 at 9.30am Viewing: Saturday 11th June 9am - 12noon Morning of Sale from 8.30am

Enquiries: James Shand, Auctioneer & Valuer Geoffrey Barfoot, Auction Room Manager & Valuer

Buyers’ Premium: 15% plus VAT

Please see for further images

Campsea Ashe Nr Wickham Market Suffolk IP13 0PS Tel: 01728 746323 Fax: 01728 748173 Email: [email protected]

Lot 1

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Lot 6

Lot 16

4 Art Deco

1 Attributed to Lorenzl, gilded bronze figure of a scarf dancer, bears signature to the socle raised on onyx plinth, 21cm high. £350 - £450. See illustration. 2 Attributed to Max Le Verrier, bronze study of a girl holding a beach ball on circular onyx base, 27cm high overall. £150 - £250 3 After Lorenzl cold painted spelter figure, of a dancing girl on oval tiered onyx base, 24cm high £100 - £150. See illustration. 4 An art Deco figural clock, depicting green painted kneeling naked girl in front of a circular mirrored timepiece raised on a walnut shaped plinth, 29cm high, 28cm wide overall £100 - £150 5 Max Le Verrier signed bronze table lamp, in the form of a seated monkey warming its hands on a brazier on black marble plinth, 15cm long, 14.5cm high; together with a certificate of authenticity, signed by a family member £300 - £500. See illustration. 6 Max Le Verrier signed bronze table lamp in the form of a crouching squirrel, eating nuts with Lalique style moulded glass shade, 20cm long, 15cm high with certificate £300 £500. See illustration. 7 A chromed brass model of an aeroplane, 39cm wide overall, 33cm long £20 - 30 8 A chrome / brass Art Deco electrical alarm clock, 18cm £10 - 20 9 An Airguide barometer, with enamelled surround depicting various flags £10 - £20 10 A small circular Bakelite speaker, 10cm high £10 - £20 11 An illuminated metal ''Exit'' sign, 33cm wide £30 - £40 12 A set of three gilded wall mounting graduated flying geese groups £10 - £20 13 An Art Deco chromed door handle, with enamelled ''Pull'' to the plate, 38cm long £10 - £20 14 An Art Deco walnut veneered weather station, by Lufft of Germany £20 - £30

15 An Art Deco lamp, in the form of a semi naked girl holding a fan, and reclining on a cushion, the marble base signed ''Balleste'', with green and gilt globe shade, 43cm long £100 - £150 16 Attributed to Lorenzl, Art Deco figural lamp in the form of a semi-naked girl holding globe shade aloft, raised on a stepped marble plinth, 50cm high £150 - £250. See illustration. 17 A vintage Bakelite phone, with extension ear piece £20 - £30 18 An Art Deco brass cased mantel time piece, 24cm high, 22cm wide £40 - £60 19 A pair of 1920's electroplated match box holders / ash trays, from an Ocean Liner salon £10 - £20 20 An Art Deco tinted glass clock, by Smiths 20cm high £30 - £40 21 An Art Deco faux walnut barometer / thermometer, 34cm £10 - £20 22 An Arts & Crafts seaweed carved oak mirror, 50cm x 45cm in extremes £30 - £45 23 Robert Sadler, ''White Flower'' acrylic on board signed and dated 1986, image 41cm x 30cm £30 - £50 24 Early 20th Century school, study of chickens in a field, unsigned watercolour mounted as an oval, 26cm in extremes £20 - £40 25 Chandos Hoskyns Abrahal, ''Fishers Beach'', signed and dated pastel 1966, Robert Sielle labels verso, 50cm x 62cm £30 - £50 26 Peter Burman, study of fishermen, signed watercolour, 25cm x 20cm £40 - £60 27 Peter Burman, study of Aldeburgh Beach, signed oil on board, 29cm x 38cm £20 - £120 28 Peter Burman, study of a cottage on a riverbank with figures on a bridge, signed watercolour, 31cm x 27cm £40 - £60 29 Peter Burman, study of a shadowy woodland, signed watercolour dated 1963, 26cm x 36cm £40 - £60

30 Peter Burman, ''The Hard at Pin Mill'' signed watercolour, 25cm x 32cm £40 - £60. See illustration. 31 W F Burton, study of Beachy Head, signed oil on board dated 1966, 61cm x 92cm £40 - £60. See illustration. 32 W F Burton, study of a river scene with moored boats and buildings in the fore ground, signed and dated oil on board 1969, 51cm x 76.5cm £40 - £60. See illustration. 33 Dr A Wood-Smith, Art Deco signed photograph ''Cherries'' exhibited Irish Salon of Photography, Dublin 1935, image 22cm x 28cm £30 - £50 34 Madeleine E Anderson RSA, Thames scene with the Royal Greenwich Observatory initialled oil on canvas, 20cm x 35cm, labels verso £30 - £50 35 Herr Detel, ''Schloss Buckeburg'' oil on board info verso, 41cm x 49cm £20 - £40 36 Annabel Pope, mono print ''The Expedition'' signed and dated '99 bottom right hand corner, 24cm x 32cm, exhibition label verso £20 - £40 37 R Leiman, two pastel studies depicting woodland scenes, signed ,lower left corner 21cm x 27cm each £30 - £50 38 Barrie Houghton, mixed media study entitled ''October Sea'', 19cm x 29cm £30 - £50 39 Marc Chagall (Russian / French) 1887 1985, lithograph ''Rachel Hides Her Fathers Household Goods'' from the Bible series, 33.5cm x 25cm £150 - £225 40 Bernard Bowerman, gouache study entitled ''Industry'' signed top right corner, 16cm x 23.5cm £60 - £80. See illustration. 41 Sophie Gilbart Denham, ''The Riders'' signed oil on board dated '03 bottom right, exhibition label verso, 21cm x 27cm £80 - £120 42 John Burrows, ''The Garden Seat'', signed watercolour, 21cm x 30cm £20 - £40 43 Manner of Earl Gomez, ''Spanish Dancer'', oil on board 20cm x 15cm £20 £40. See illustration.

5 Art Deco

44 A mid-20th Century felt picture, depicting flowers in an old kettle, 60cm x 41cm £10 - £20 45 Susie Cooper, Crown Works Burslem two graduated meat plates with tube decoration to the borders and six matching dinner plates £20 - £40 46 R M Chapman, signed Laburnum sculpture; together with a treen holly bowl and burr wood vase also signed and dated NB. R W Chapman exhibits at Thompson's Gallery, Aldeburgh (3) £50 - £80 47 A heavy glass vase, having moulded decoration of dolphins; and a fluted glass table lamp base with chrome fitments (2) £10 - £20 48 A Bernard Rooke wall pocket; a pair of Art Deco design Sultan baluster vases; and a glazed pottery Studio vase, indistinctly signed £20 - £40 49 An Art Deco design leather covered jewellery box £10 - £20 50 An Art Deco design enamel decorated cased travelling toilet set £20 - £50 51 A blue and white Studio pottery vase, with stylised decoration of birds, indistinct seal mark to base, 15cm high (lid missing); and a black and white moon shaped vase 19cm £20 - £40 52 A large Studio pottery bowl, having interior slipware decoration, 32cm dia. £20 - £40 53 A blue flash cut glass liqueur decanter; a Dartington crystal blue tube decorated oval vase; a cut glass boat shaped fruit bowl; and an Art Glass posy bowl (4) £60 - £80 54 A ''Doulton's Manganous carbon filter'', 45cm high; a glazed pottery baluster plinth 45cm high; a Doulton & Co. Lambeth improved bread pan; a Doulton's ''Improved foot warmer''; and a Bourne Denby flask £20 - £40 55 A Royal Doulton toilet jug and basin, decorated in the Art Nouveau manner, number to base D3728AF £10 - £20 56 A wooden sledge £10 - £20 57 A wooden sledge £10 - £20

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Lot 63

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Lot 81

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Lot 88

6 Art Deco

58 A pair of early 20th Century wooden ski's; and a pair of bamboo ski poles £40 - £60 59 An Art Deco chromed brass shop display stand, extending to 7ft £30 - £40 60 A 1970's plastic and metal mannequin on stand £20 - £30 61 A 1970's plastic and metal mannequin on stand £20 - £30 62 A modern design brass metal and marble hall table, 101cm wide £40 - £60 63 An Arts & Crafts copper hanging porch light £100 - £150. See illustration. 64 A Bernard Rooke leaf, snail and insect decorated vase, 19cm high £15 - £20 65 After Picasso, pair of watercolour studies, 26cm x 19cm in reeded limed oak frames £20 - £40 66 A reproduction poster, ''The Navy Thanks You'', 76cm x 51cm £20 - £40 67 A reproduction poster, for ''The Merchant Navy'', 76cm x 51cm £20 - £30 68 A reproduction poster, ''Keep Mum'', 76cm x 50cm £20 - £30 69 After Massaguer, coloured print depicting Diana The Huntress £20 - £30 70 A travel poster style print for San Sebastian, Spain £20 - £30 71 A 1930's metal bound trunk, the interior fitted with removable tray, and bearing luggage label for Queen Mary, Cunard line, and others, 91cm wide £40 - £60 72 An old wooden and metal sledge £10 - £20 73 A smaller example £10 - £20 74 A pair of ball shaped pendant ceiling lights, with prism decoration £100 - £150 75 A continental metalware five branch chandelier, of cone shape £20 - £30 76  R Debieve, ''Le Botaniste'' brightly coloured painting on fabric, signed bottom left hand corner, 107cm x 164cm £100 £200. See back cover illustration.

77 W F Burton, study of Woodbridge Tide Mill at sunset, signed oil on board dated 1969, 50cm x 60cm £40 - £60. See illustration. 78 W F Burton, ''Start of a Barge Race, at Pin Mill'', signed oil on board, dated 1965, 50cm x 75cm £40 - £60 79 W F Burton, Suffolk rural study of farmland and buildings running down to a river, signed oil on board dated 1969, 50cm x 75cm £40 - £60 80 W F Burton, study of a sunlit woodland glade, signed oil on board dated 1966, 60cm x 75cm £30 - £50 81 W F Burton, Sunset West Mersea Essex, signed oil on board dated 1966, 50cm x 75cm £40 - £60. See illustration. 82 Jessy Darbyshire, still life study oil on board signed, 50cm x 60cm £40 - £60 83 An Arts & Crafts oak stool, with solid shaped ends united by a stretcher, 61cm wide £40 - £60 84 A wrought metal candle stand, 96cm high £20 - £30 85 A large decorative gilt wall mirror, the segment panels profusely decorated leaves, 104cm x 156cm in extremes £100 - £200 86 An Arts & Crafts carved oak hall bench, with squirrel and leaf decoration raised on square section supports, 151cm wide £300 - £450 87 A vintage cabin trunk, stamped Aux Etats Unis, 229 Rue St Hondre, Paris, fitted folding compartments attached Cunard luggage labels, 80cm £200 - £300. See illustration. 88 A vintage Louis Vuitton cabin trunk, opening to reveal two folding compartments and hanging space, the lock plate numbered 5362, 91cm £1000 - £2000. See illustration. 89 A vintage Japanese Mashiko Studio pottery casserole dish, circa. 1950's 20cm dia. £10 - £20 90 An Art Deco green Marble desk stand, 26cm £10 - £20

91 A giant copper and brass chamber stick, complete with matchbox holder, 21cm high £100 - £150 92 Two Japanese Studio pottery vessels; and four Japanese Mashiko pottery bowls, signed Yunomi (6) £20 - £30 93 An Art Deco amethyst bubbled vase, possibly by Steven & Williams; a Clutha type vase; and three other vintage glass items (5) £10 - £20 94 An English pewter tankard; an early WMF style kettle; an Art Nouveau milk jug; and sugar bowl; and a Lambidis plated and gilded bowl (5) £10 - £20 95 A large glass pedestal fruit bowl; a moulded glass pink tinted vase on black glass stand; and a coloured glass liqueur set £10 - £20 96 A Victorian Martin Hall & Co silver plated tea set; an Elkington teapot; Christopher Dresser style copper jug; and a brass candle stand, various marks (6) £20 - £30 97 A large vintage African tribal carving, of a young woman, 65cm high; another stylised carving on wooden plinth; and a carved gourd vase, probably 1950's (3) £50 - £80 98 Six Art Deco style long stemmed wine glasses, four hock glasses, six posy vases etc. (18) £10 - £20 99 A metal and glass Arab and Tent lamp £50 - £75 100 A pair of marble and gilt bronze stands, 19cm high £20 - £30 101 A Wedgwood basalt and bone china coffee set £10 - £20 102 A collection of various cigarette cards, some in albums and some loose; a film star photograph book etc. £60 - £100 103 A reproduction poster, of ''Britons Wants You'' depicting General Kitchener; and a French war recruitment poster (2) £20 - £40 104 Two Hautrec style posters; and another similar, (all printed in the Netherlands) (3) £40 - £60. See illustration.

105 After Picasso, watercolour study of white figure on a green background, bears signature, unframed; a black and white print of two nude figures; and two Victorian portrait prints (all unframed) £20 - £40. See illustration. 106 Carlo, ''La Bonne Aventure'' study of a semi-naked girl playing cards, signed watercolour dated 1917, 36cm x 27cm £20 - £40 107 A Japanese Satsuma style part teaset, glazed earthenware teapot; a Canton style teapot; and two green glazed posy pots (10) £10 - £20 108 A collection of Maling ware, to include dressing table items and fruit bowls in the ''Rosalind'', ''Peony Rose'' and ''Rosine'' patterns (10) £60 - £100 109 A black pottery model of a Scottie dog AF; and an Art Deco brass figure of a grinning cat (2) £10 - £20 110 An amethyst glass and silvered overlaid liqueur set, comprising decanter and six glasses £20 - £30 111 A Watcombe terracotta pottery ewer; a gourd shaped vase; a Watcombe pottery milk jug attributed to Dr Christopher Dresser AF; and a Watcombe pottery wall plaque in the Wedgwood style (4) £20 - £40 112 A collection of various Studio pottery, to include Robin Welsh and other examples etc. (a lot) £5 - £10 113 After Fix-Masseau poster, Venice Simplon Orient-Express, 99cm x 63cm £20 - £30. See illustration. 114 After Fix-Masseau poster, Venice Simplon Orient-Express, 99cm x 63cm £20 - £30. See illustration. 115 A G-plan extending dining table, and a set of six chairs £100 - £200 116 A 1950's / 60's designer elbow chair, raised on shaped front supports upholstered in brown cord £10 - £20 117 An Art Nouveau oak and green tile back wall mounting coat rack, 95cm wide £30 - £50

Lot 104

Lot 105

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Lot 114 7 Art Deco

Lot 118

Lot 119

Lot 132

Lot 145

Lot 147

Lot 149 8 Art Deco

118 A Goldscheider figure, depicting Rebecca at the Well, 94cm high (various damage) £60 - £100. See illustration. 119 A circular Art Deco walnut display cabinet, 134cm wide overall, 127cm high £200 - £300. See illustration. 120 Four ship style adjustable spot lights £20 - £30 121 Anthony Egan, 1920 - 2003, a 1960's abstract oil on board, signed verso, 61.5cm x 71.5cm £40 - £60 122 Anthony Egan 1920 - 2003, a 1960's abstract oil on board, signed with initials verso, 61cm x 73.5cm £40 - £60 123 K.A. 20th Century brightly coloured gouache study, depicting deer and exotic birds, initialled, 23cm x 26cm; and a similar study depicting a dancing tribesman with headdress and spear, indistinctly signed in pencil, 32cm x 24cm (2) £20 - £40 124 A painting on Bauhenia Leaves, depicting a girl from the hill tribes of Thailand indistinctly signed, 24.5cm x 20cm £10 - £20 125 D Y Cameron 1865 - 1945, mountainous landscape study, oil on board, 14cm x 20.5cm, pencil inscription verso £10 - £20. 126 An arts & Crafts style brass embossed wall mirror and brush set £20 - £30 127 A 1960's brass mounted retro convex wall mirror £10 - £20 128 A blue Art Glass vase, of bulbous flower shape; and an aquamarine coloured glass posy vase with floral decoration (2) £10 - £20 129 A large Bernard Rooke pottery lamp, decorated owls amongst foliage, 48cm high £20 - £30 130 A Polish glass vase, having flared neck raised on circular spread foot, 36.5cm high £10 - £20 131 A large signed vintage Murano glass aquarium charger, 45cm dia. £50 - £80 132 A pair of early 20th Century continental pottery twin handled baluster vases, having stylised floral decoration, bases impressed G & S 4279, 32cm £10 - £20. See illustration.

133 A Winstanley pottery model of a seated cat; and another similar of a recumbent cat £20 - £30 134 An early 20th Century bronze bust of a young woman, on marble base, 29cm high £200 - £300. 135 An Art Deco style bronze figure of a dancer, her arms held aloft on black marble plinth, 47cm high £80 - £120 136 An Art Deco style bronze figure of a dancing girl, raised on a square socle and black marble base, 42cm £100 - £150 137 A pair of plated cocktail shakers, in the form of penguins, 23.5cm high £25 - £40 138 An Art Deco style lamp, in the form of a dancing girl holding a ball aloft, 58cm high £35 - £55 139 A pair of cocktail shakers, with glass bodies and plated mounts, 27cm high £80 - £120 140 An Art Deco style figural table lamp, in the form of girl wearing a cape £45 - £70 141 An Art Deco style figural table lamp, in the form of a dancing girl holding a ball aloft on a cobra entwined plinth, 62cm high £35 - £55 142 A pair of Doulton Art Nouveau, tapering vases having raised garland decoration on a mottled blue and brown ground, 19cm high £20 - £40 143 A plated cocktail shaker, in the form of a lighthouse, 37cm high £75 - £115 144 An Art Deco style plated claret jug, 24cm high £60 - £90 145 An Austin sculpture, ''Feline Mystique'', 50cm high £80 - £120. See illustration. 146 An Art Deco style glass and plated baluster claret jug, 29cm high £60 - £90 147 An Austin sculpture, entitled ''Elegant Entrance'', 49cm high £60 - £90. See illustration. 148 A chrome desk lamp £45 - £70 149 A Liberty style leather foot stool, in the form of a pig bearing label ''Made In England'', 64cm long (one ear and eye missing) £60 - £100. See illustration.

150 A chrome desk lamp £45 - £70 151 A brown glazed Studio pottery baluster jug; a jardinière; and three other items of Studio pottery (5) £20 - £40 152 A Reubens ware Pomegranate pattern fruit bowl, 27cm dia.£10 - £20 153 A Spanish gilt metal and moulded glass ceiling light £10 - £20 154 An Art Deco green glass butterfly decorated part dressing table set; and a blue glass powder bowl and cover (6)£10 - £20 155 A Smiths Sectric sunburst wall clock £10 - £20 156 A large Studio pottery bowl, decorated with blue glaze, 28cm dia.; a Studio pottery vase with mottled blue glazed, stamped to the base ''EC'', 16.5cm; a blue glazed bottle vase having flared rim, 26cm; a Studio pottery jar and cover; a Studio pottery vase, partially glazed and having black line decoration (restored); and a Studio pottery vase of slightly ribbed form stamped to base ''W'', 16cm high (6) £10 - £20. See illustration. 157 A heavy ruby glass baluster flower vase, 21cm high; and a ruby and mauve tinted boat shaped fruit bowl, 44cm long £10 - £20. See illustration. 158 Two Doulton Lambeth Silicon jardinières; with raised pale blue and cream decoration on a buff ground, 18cm high £20 - £40 159 A Murano glass centrepiece, inscribed to the base 17.4.83, 36cm long £10 - £20 160 An Art Deco style bronze and glass table lamp, in the form of a seated nude girl holding a dove, with frosted glass back plate, 35cm high £35 - £55 161 A Winstanley pottery model of a seated cat, 21cm high £10 - £20. See illustration. 162 A Royal Doulton character jug, ''Gone Away'' D6531 £15 - £20 163 A Bernard Rooke pottery vase, depicting owls sat in a tree, 27cm high; and another Bernard Rooke pottery vase of squat form depicting frogs amongst foliage, 17.5cm high (2) £20 - £40 164 A three piece Piquot ware teaset £15 - £20 9 Art Deco

165 A Poole pottery sugar shaker; a milk jug; and various Poole pottery posy vases (7) £20 - £40 166 A Poole pottery biscuit barrel with wicker handle; a Poole pottery preserve jar; two butter dishes; and a posy basket (5) £20 - £40 167 Four piece of various ruby glassware £10 - £20 168 An Art Deco design butter dish; a blue banded trio; a pair of Art Deco shoe trees; a wall pocket in the form of a summer hat; and a figural powder bowl and cover (8) £10 - £20 169 A Venetian design mirrored jewellery casket, 38cm long £30 - £45 170 A tall glass vase of ribbed design, 27.5cm high; a smaller designer glass vase, 20cm high; and a Bouffioulx French pottery vase with raised floral decorated panels, 27cm high AF (3) £10 - £20. See illustration. 171 A Clarice Cliff tureen, (lid missing); a Clarice Cliffe orange banded plate; a sauce ladle; a Clarice Cliffe Newport pottery preserve jar and cover; a Clarice Cliffe tureen (lid Missing) and matching plate; a Clarice Cliffe fruit bowl with raised floral decoration; and another (8) £30 - £50 172 A Swedish glass model of a swan; a blue tinted ribbed glass vase, possibly Orrefors; and three cased Caithness glass paperweights decorated with nativity scenes (5) £20 - £40 173 An Italian white glazed pottery fruit ornament, 40cm high £10 - £20 174 An Art Deco oak bureau, the central fall opening to reveal fitted interior above two drawers, fitted chrome handles, and flanked by open fronted end bookshelves, 96cm wide £20 - £40 175 A light oak G-plan chest, of four graduated drawers, 76cm wide £30 - £50 176 An Art Deco design walnut tall chest, fitted five drawers raised on bowed under tier and platform plinth, 60cm wide x 126cm high £175 - £265 177 An Art Deco design chest, of eight drawers having fan shaped motifs, raised on a shaped platform plinth, 120cm wide £300 - £450

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Lot 170

Lot 179

Lot 189

Lot 193

Lot 194

Lot 197

10 Art Deco

178 A G-plan style mahogany chest, of four long graduated drawers, 76cm wide £20 - £40 179 An Art Deco design walnut tall chest, of narrow proportions fitted five drawers, 40cm wide x 138cm high £150 - £225. See illustration. 180 A medium Ercol sideboard, fitted three central drawers flanked by cupboards, 155cm wide £100 - £200. 181 An Art Deco style blonde maple open eight section bookcase, 180cm high x 90cm wide x 30cm deep £100 - £150 182 A teak G-plan style long sideboard, fitted three drawers flanked by cupboards raised on tapering supports, 183cm £40 - £60 183 An Art Deco design open eight section bookcase, 90cm wide x 174cm high x 30cm deep £150 - £225 184 A teak G-plan style long sideboard, fitted five central drawers, flanked by deep cupboards raised on rounded tapering supports, 168cm long £40 - £60 185 An Art Deco design tall chest, fitted five drawers raised on bowed supports and shaped platform plinth, 60cm wide x 125cm high £175 - £265 186 An Ercol three tier galleried tea trolley, with drop flaps raised on rounded columns and castors, 69cm wide £40 - £60 187 A Danish teak tallboy chest, fitted seven long drawers raised on rounded supports bearing label Søborg Møbler, 100cm wide x 146cm high £20 - £40 188 A 1929 Bath Cabinet Makers 'Gay Layde' burr walnut boxwood strung and ivory mounted triple wardrobe, 168cm wide £100 - £200 189 A pair of shaped walnut chests, fitted five drawers raised on outswept supports 45.5cm wide x 132cm high £300 - £450. See illustration. 190 A 1950's oak single pedestal writing desk, fitted two black painted drawers raised on square tapering supports, 114cm wide £40 - £60 191 A pair of mirrored segment table lamps, complete with white shades £60 - £90

192  Pat Maclaurin, ''Meze In Winter'', signed oil on canvas, 35cm x 45cm £100 - £200 193  James Longueville, ''Light On The Burren'', oil on board signed bottom right hand corner, 49cm x 70cm £300 - £400. See illustration. 194 Nigel Bruce, study of a harvest scene with cottage and countryside in the far ground, signed oil on board dated 1988, 24cm x 30cm £20 - £40. See illustration. 195 Gerald Scarf, limited edition print, ''Ghost Of Christmas Past'' 475/1000 £20 - £40 196 Mary Stella Edwards, study of Cornish coastal scene with figures and fishing boats, signed oil on board, 39cm x 49cm £50 - £80 197  David Mynett, ''The Old Farmhouse'', signed oil on canvas, 26cm x 34cm £400 - £600. See illustration. 198 Anthony Day, Fenland landscape, watercolour 32cm x 48cm £30 - £50 199 A French advertising mirror £10 - £20 200 20th Century school abstract study, unsigned oil on canvas 77cm x 51cm £20 - £40 201 Landon, an artists proof, signed and dated 1967 of Traquair Peebles, Scotland £20 - £40 202 A circa. 1970's pen and crayon drawing, depicting circus performers, 29cm x 40cm £30 - £50 203 Roy Perry, study of Woodbridge Tide Mill, signed gouache 25cm x 38cm £50 - £75 204 R L Kimmerling, ''Tree Line III'', pencil signed etching, 38.5cm x 44.5cm £20 - £40 205 R L Kimmerling, limited edition etching, ''Sceptre'', pencil signed to mount, 1/50 £20 - £40 206 R L Kimmerling, pencil signed limited edition etching ''Helmet'' 3/50 £20 - £40 207 R L Kimmerling, pencil signed limited edition etching ''At Board'' 5/50 £20 - £40 208 A Go Feet Records collage £20 - £30

209  Berkeley Sutcliffe, (British 20th Century), a set of six stage costume designs from ''The Queen of Hearts'' with detailed pencil inscriptions, signed watercolour and body colour, 40cm x 23cm approx. £100 - £200. See illustration. 210 An Art Nouveau style plaque, depicting a semi naked maiden, 42.5cm x 22cm in extremes £10 - £20 211 An Art Deco frameless bevel edged wall mirror, of lozenge shape decorated with swallows £30 - £50 212 T A Craven, Coles Hill Bridle Path, coloured print 1992, 45cm x 32cm. See illustration. £40 - £60. See illustration. 213 Fergus Noon, three framed photographs depicting London scenes £10 - £20 214 A JOB advertising mirror £10 - £20 215 Elisabeth Gemmell, ''The Snails On The Blackthorn'' limited edition print 19/20 £10 - £20 216 Linday Ross, abstract; J Study II, watercolour 40cm x 30cm £20 - £30 217 An Art Nouveau stained glass window, panel measuring 40cm x 44cm £25 - £40 218 John Ashby, ''River One'', initialled watercolour, 16cm x 27cm, in deep Hessian backed glazed frame £20 - £40 219 R Hartley, ''Shell Boy'' oil on canvas, signed and dated 1975, 60cm x 50cm £20 - £30 220 Coloured abstract print; oil on board of a Mediterranean street scene indistinctly signed; and Rachel Combe, mixed media portrait study of a young girl (3) £10 - £20 221 Alice Pearson, mixed media study, ''Landscape with Memory Images'', 38cm x 54.5cm £20 - £30 222 Gabi Bing,''Skipping'', oil on panel; Mary Cardell Oliver, oil on canvas, marshland scene; K M, ''An Evening From The Dyke Overy Staithe'', signed oil on board dated 1976 (3) £10 - £20

223 Tasiedu Awua (Ghana), ''The Potter'', signed oil on canvas, dated 1972; U Watt, oil on board, abstract portrait study; an indistinctly signed charcoal portrait of a young African boy; and Marigold Taylor, ''Rites of Spring'' ink on paper, 1967, label verso (4) £40 - £60. See illustrations. 224 Derek Brown, two limited edition flower prints, pencil signed to margin with backstamp 480/500 and 153/500 £20 - £30 225 Michael Bedard, 1980's coloured duck prints entitled ''Sitting Duck'' and ''Getting Away From It All'' £10 - £20 226 A nautical photograph, indistinctly pencil signed and entitled ''Ship Ahoy''; and another photograph depicting an unusual configuration of trees in rural landscape (2) £10 - £20 227 Anthony Egan 1920 - 2003, oil on board from ''The Sun'' series No.359, signed with information verso, 53cm x 65cm £40 - £60 228 Anthony Egan 1920 - 2003, oil on board entitled ''From The Sun Series'' No.52, signed with information verso, 48cm x 59cm £40 - £60 229 Oswald Tschirtner, pencil signed limited edition print, 22/30, see label verso £10 £20 230 Jim Fitzpatrick, decorated mirror ''Macha Nemeo'' 54cm x 42cm £10 - £20 231 Veronica Charlesworth, limited edition lithograph ''City Night Time'', information verso, 50cm x 40cm £10 - £20 232 After Topolski, mixed media study depicting figures in a continental street market, indistinctly signed and dated 1960, 39cm x 53cm £30 - £45 233 An Art Nouveau inlaid mahogany wardrobe, by Shapland & Petter of break front form, platform cornice above shelved end sections, central compartment enclosed by an arched beveled mirror panelled door, flanked by hanging compartment, four drawers and cupboard richly inlaid with satinwood and abalone shell, scrolling floral motifs fitted with silvered angular handles, 180cm wide £600 - £800

Lot 209

Lot 209

Lot 212

Lot 223

Lot 223 11 Art Deco

Lot 240

Lot 242

Lot 250

Lot 255

12 Art Deco

234 A teak G-plan style writing desk, the upper section enclosed by a pair of tambour shutter doors, pull out writing surface below with four long drawers raised on rounded tapering supports, 77cm wide £20 - £40 235 A large antique Chinese wooden red painted and gilded censor or wine cooler, having foliate decoration raised on dragon feet, 85cm wide overall £100 - £200 236 An Art Deco design walnut dressing table, of curved form having triple beveled mirror back above six drawers raised on square section supports, 122cm wide £40 - £60 237 A walnut Art Deco drinks bar, of curved form, the fold over top opening to reveal an illuminated interior with doors at the front, 158cm wide overall £45 - £70 238 A chrome and leather mounted standard lamp, complete with white shade,165cm high £40 - £60 239 An Arts & Crafts style oak and inlaid bureau bookcase, the upper section enclosed by a pair of coloured leaded light doors above a fall front, and open shelves below, 80cm wide x 184cm high £40 - £60 240 Pierre Dutreleau 1938, pencil signed limited edition print ''Grande Barque'' 336/350, 51cm x 71cm, gallery label verso; another pencil signed limited edition print depicting racing yachts 61/350, 51cm x 71cm; and another depicting a canal scene, 83/350, 67cm x 50cm (3) £60 - £100. See illustration. 241 An early 20th Century Art pottery jardinière, having floral decoration heightened in gilt on a black ground; and a Handley Art Deco biscuit barrel with plated mounts (2) £10 - £20 242 A Royal Doulton parrot decorated wall plate; and a Hancock & Son fruit decorated bowl (2) £10 - £20. See illustration. 243 An Art Deco shop shoe display rack, 62cm long £30 - £40 244 Three Bernard Rooke pottery table lamps £40 - £60 245 A large Carnaby table lamp £40 - £60

246 Royal Doulton character jug, ''The Sleuth''; another ''Rip Van Winkle''; another ''The Gardener''; ''Sairey Gamp''; and three miniature Doulton character jugs (7) £30 - £60 247 A large Asprey's glass and plate mounted lemonade jug, with ice cooler £40 - £60 248 A large green 1970's dimpled glass vase; an amber glass cornucopia flower holder; a pair of Venetian style blue glass posy vases with piped decoration; and another (5) £20 - £40 249 A pair of Limoges bird and floral decorated wall plates; and a Johnson Bros. Game Birds series platter ''Woodcock'' (3) £10 - £20 250 A Doulton Slater's patent baluster ale jug, in leather effect, mounted with a silver rim, inscribed ''Here's To My Honest Friend, Wishing These Hard Times To Mend'', 24cm high £40 - £60. See illustration. 251 A Doulton Lambeth Jack jug, ''The Landlords Caution'' having silver rim, 20cm high £40 - £60 252 Three various continental pottery baluster milk jugs; an Austrian Gmundner porcelain bowl and cover; and a continental porcelain hot milk jug with metal lid (5) £10 - £20 253 An Austrian Art Nouveau period cut glass claret jug, with electroplated mounts, the lid with a masked spout, 27cm high £40 - £60 254 A pair of Royal Doulton silicon candlesticks, having raised foliate decoration, 16.5cm high; and a pair of Doulton Lambeth silicon ware baluster ewers, 18.5cm high £30 - £60 255 A Murano style coloured glass model of a cockerel, 33cm high £10 - £20. See illustration. 256 A Bretby style blue glazed tapering vase; a Falconware pottery wall pocket with fruit decoration; and a Beswick palm decorated jug AF (3) £20 - £30 257 A Yvon Roy pottery jug, with black and blue stylised decorated panels; and a continental pottery figure of a donkey (2) £10 - £20

258 Five Royal Doulton rose decorated tea plates £10 - £20 259 Two electroplated Christopher Dresser design toast racks £40 - £60 260 A two bottle plated wine cooler £60 - £80 261 A pair of early 20th Century oak framed mirrors, with butterfly and floral decoration £20 - £40 262 A Beswick Beatrix Potter model, ''The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe''; another ''Timmy Willy From Johnny Town Mouse'', ''Tailor of Gloucester'', and ''Hunca Munca'' (4) - all BP2 £50 - £80 263 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ''Samuel Whiskers''; another ''Anna Maria''; and ''Lady Mouse, From The Tailor Of Gloucester'' (3) - all BP2 £40 - £60 264 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ''Mrs Tiggy Winkle''; another ''Tommy Brock''; and ''Mr Jeremy Fisher'' (3) - all BP2 £40 - £60 265 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ''Old Mr Brown''; another ''Pickles''; and ''Foxy Whiskered Gentlemen'' (3) - all BP2 £40 - £60 266 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ''Jemima Puddleduck''; ''Pigling Bland'' and ''Little Pig Robinson'' (3) - all BP2 £40 - £60. See illustration. 267 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ''Topsy, Mopsy and Cottontail''; another ''Mrs Rabbit''; another ''Mr Benjamin Bunny''; and another ''Benjamin Bunny'' (4) - all BP2 £50 - £80. See illustration. 268 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ''Ribby''; another ''Tom Kitten''; and ''Miss Moppet'' (3) - all BP2 £40 - 60 269 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ''Amiable Guinea Pig''; another ''Timmy Tip Toes''; and ''Squirrel Nutkin'' (3) - all BP2 £40 - £60 270 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, ' ' D u c h e s s ' ' , BP2 £400 - £600. See illustration. 271 A plated cruet, in the form of a vintage car £60 - £80

13 Art Deco

272 An Art Nouveau design silver easel photograph frame £40 - £60 273 A Royal Doulton figure of a horse, 20cm long x 15.5cm high £20 - £30 274 A Beswick figure of a seated Dachshund, 10cm long x 8cm high; and another similar 10cm long x 6cm high (2) £20 - £30 275 A Beswick model of a horse, 26cm long x 20cm high £20 - £40 276 A Beswick figure of a stallion, on wooden plinth, 25cm long x 22cm high £20 - £40 277 A Clarice Cliff, ''House and Bridge'' pattern fruit bowl, 28cm dia. £200 - £400. See illustration. 278 A set of four hand made and hand painted liqueur glasses, having amethyst and lustre coloured bowls on clear glass stems £20 - £30 279 A pair of glass and electroplate mounted cocktail shakers, 26cm high £40 - £60 280 A plated teapot, in the style of Christopher Dresser £45 - £70 281 A plated teapot, in the style of Christopher Dresser £45 - £70 282 A Dax porcelain figure of Harlequin, with green cape and shoes, 35cm high £40 - £60. See illustration. 283 A Dax porcelain figure of Columbine, 33cm high £40 - £60 284 An Art Deco style bronze figure of a seated girl, on onyx base, 21cm high x 22cm long £70 - £105 285 An Art Deco style bronze figure, ''Spring Awakening'', 27cm high £85 - £130 286 A Maling ware Azalea pattern biscuit barrel, with wicker handle; and a Maling ware bowl (2) £20 - £40 287 A Monks In The Cellar style jug, after Noke apparently unmarked to base, 21.5cm high - restored £30 - £50. 288 A Crown Devon model of a dog, 17.5cm high; a Sylvac style rabbit ornament 15cm high; a similar model of a dog, 9.5cm high; various other ceramics; hardstone elephants etc. £20 - £30

Lot 266

Lot 267

Lot 270

Lot 277

Lot 282

Lot 290

Lot 294

Lot 297

Lot 312

Lot 316 14 Art Deco

289 A pair of ornately carved hardwood jardinières, with pierced decoration of foliage and elephants, 36cm high x 40cm dia. £20 - £40 290 A faux antler horn and cast ion based stick stand, 82cm high £60 - £80. See illustration. 291 An Art Nouveau style coloured glass wall mirror, having floral decoration £40 - £60 292 A Tiffany design Wisteria pattern table lamp £60 - £100 293 A Studio pottery baluster jug; a similar design casserole; and a Studio pottery preserve pot having stylised decoration on a brown glaze ground (3) £5 - £10 294 A Doulton ''Monks In The Cellar'' series jardinière, 21.5cm x 18cm high £30 - £60. See illustration. 295 An Art Deco design table lamp, with Tiffany style shade £60 - £100 296 An Art Deco design silvered table lamp, of pixie and floral design with frosted glass shade, 65cm high overall £60 - £100 297 A modern design sculpture of an Ibex head, 76cm high £60 - £100. See illustration. 298 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware sarum kettle, 26.5cm high; a pair of Doulton Lambeth baluster ewers, 21cm high; and a pair of similar (6) £30 - £60 299 Six Doulton Lambeth graduated Harvestware jugs, and a Doulton stoneware jug with pewter lid (7) £20 - £40 300 A Whitefriars style amber and green tinted vase, 17cm; a large amber glass vase, 24cm and similar shallow dish; and two other pieces of coloured glassware (5) £10 - £20 301 A set of six Webb crystal glass goblets, finely etched with Heraldic shields including ''The Griffin of Edward III, The Lion of England, The Red Dragon of Wales, The Black Bull of Clarence etc. £100 - £150 302 A set of six Waterford glass brandy balloons £60 - £80 303 A Wilkinson pottery spring flower decorated sandwich set; and a Maling ware floral decorated plate (8) £10 - £20

304 A Ceramano Ambra pottery jug, with ribbed decoration, 18cm high; and a matching vase 19cm high (2) £20 - £40 305 A Vallauris brightly coloured side pouring casserole dish £10 - £20 306 A 1960's green Studio pottery vase, mark to base, 18.5cm high £10 - £20 307 A 20th Century oriental Blossom decorated pottery comport, 26.5cm dia. £10 - £20 308 A 1930's mottled glass beaker vase, raised on scrolled feet, 7cm high £10 - £20 309 A pair of bronzed profile plaques, depicting Christ and Mary set on oak £20 - £30 bases, 17cm 310 A Rosenthal heavy glass bowl, 16cm £10 - £20 311 A pair of Bernard Rooke pottery wall lights, of circular form with butterfly decoration £20 - £40 312 A large and unusual Royal Doulton pedestal punch bowl, decorated with continuous river scene, 41.5cm dia. x 23cm high £30 - £60. See illustration. 313 A Branham of Barnstaple glazed pottery model of a seated cat, 36cm high £25 - £40 314 A Bernard Rooke table lamp and shade, with butterfly decoration; a Bernard Rooke model of an elephant; and a Bernard Rooke flower head decorated vase (3) - some AF £30 - £40 315 A carved wooden smokers companion stand, decorated with snake; an inlaid wooden box; three graduated carved hardwood jardinières; and an ethnic walking stick (6) £30 - £50 316 A large Barnard Rooke pottery vase of ovoid form, decorated butterflies and lily pads, 28cm high £40 - £60. See illustration. 317 A marble Wolfgang Altmann sculpture, ''Reaching For The Sky'', 63cm high £60 - £80 318 A pair of Art Deco style cocktail glasses, stamped to the base Arc France £5 - £10

319 A Scheurich fat lava baluster vase, 38cm high; and a similar jug 21cm high (2) £20 - £30. See illustration. 320 An Art Deco style cottage biscuit barrel, with wicker swing handle; and a Wade Heath similar (2) £20 - £30 321 A bronze Tazza, in the form of a crouching Blackamoor figure holding aloft a shell, 25cm high £40 - £60. 322 An unusual leather covered model of a horse, 33cm high £10 - £20 323 An American baseball glove; a smaller similar; and two baseballs (4) £20 - £30 324 A brass Trench Art Model of an aeroplane, inscribed 70 MEI.1940 5.MEI 1945, 14cm high; and a brass Trench Art vase having foliate decoration, 28.5cm high (2) £15 - £25 325 A leather crocodile skin effect waste paper bin, 34cm high £20 - £40 326 A brass Arts & Crafts style cigar box, 25cm long £10 - £20. See illustration. 327 A continental polished steel, 20th Century circular tray; and four candlesticks having designer label £20 - £30 328 A green Whitefriars style glass bottle, 23cm high £10 - £20 329 A walnut Art Deco tea tray £20 - £30 330 A collection of carved wooden Kvosh's, of varying sizes; and other wooden items (10) £60 - £80 331 A large Art Deco glass vase, of waisted ribbed form, 70cm high £20 - £30 332 A 1980's stylised white glazed figure, of a young girl with a cloak, stamped verso Ros '88, 25cm high £20 - £30 333 A 20th Century papier maché figure, of a seated monkey £20 - £30 334 A chrome and glass five tier display stand, 86cm wide x 180cm high £60 - £100

335 A late 19th Century Aesthetic period walnut side cabinet, the raised back section fitted open shelves and central cupboard opening to reveal an arrangement of pigeon holes, the wedge shaped base fitted central cupboards enclosing an arrangement of eight graduated drawers flanked by open end shelves and under tier, pierced brass hinges, 127cm wide x 183cm high £300 - £500 336 An Art Deco frameless bevel edged wall Lot 319 mirror, with foliate etched decoration, 56cm wide x 32cm high £10 - £20 337 An Art Deco oak cased chiming grandmother clock, 171cm high £100 - £150 338 An Art Nouveau mahogany Liberty style overmantel mirror, having copper heart shaped bosses, and carved floral decoration, 118cm wide x 81cm high £50 - £75 Lot 326 339 A 20th Century mahogany octagonal low occasional table; and an Ercol style triform coffee table (2) £10 - £20 340 An Arkana coffee table £30 - £50 341 A circular Art Deco frameless bevel edged wall mirror £10 - £20 Lot 345 342 A Mackintosh screen print, 99cm x 30cm £30 - £45 343 A.S., a mixed medium study, depicting figures in stripped clothes on a beach, 71cm x 92cm, contained in a wide fabric covered mount and pine frame £20 - £30 344 A Murano style glass fish ornament; a Caithness blue glass baluster vase; a large Art Glass ribbed vase of ovoid form, inscribed Loco Glass 2010; an amber glass fruit bowl; a scent bottle with white metal rim etc. (6) Lot 346 £20 - £30 345 A Myott & Sons Art Deco jardinière, 20cm high x 24.5cm dia. £30 - £45. See illustration. 346 An iridescent glass baluster vase, 23cm high; and a green crackle glass vase, 26cm high (2) £10 - £20. See illustration. 347 A Staffordshire Chelsea Works Burlsem Moorland patterned vase, hand painted by D Sherwin 24/2/98, 25cm high £30 - £50. See illustration. Lot 347

15 Art Deco

Lot 354

Lot 355

Lot 356

Lot 365

Lot 367

16 Art Deco

348 A pair of pendant opaque glass ceiling lights, with plated mounts suspended on chains £40 - £60 349 An Arts & Crafts copper mounted wall mirror, heart and floral embossed decoration, 64.5cm x 54cm overall £80 - £120 350 Martin Blake, pencil signed limited edition abstract print 2/7 £20 - £40 351 Landen, pencil signed coloured print of Dublin dated 1978 £20 - £40 352 G. Haenisch, German 20th Century, oil on board, portrait study, ''Gisela Schmitz'', with info verso, 44cm x 33cm £20 - £40 353 G. Haenicsh, German 20th Century, oil on board entitled ''Schloss Buckeburg'', signed bottom right corner with info verso, 41cm x 39cm, contained in ornate gilt frame £20 - £40 354 G. Haenisch, German 20th Century, oil on board, a road lined with silver birches, signed bottom right corner, 41cm x 28cm, contained in ornate gilt frame with info verso £20 - £40. See illustration. 355 Lynsey Adams, study of woodland signed oil on canvas, dated 1998, 60cm x 46cm £20 - £40. See illustration. 356 A mid-20th Century Suffolk school, study of a harbour scene unsigned watercolour, 27cm x 36cm £30 - £50. See illustration. 357 An Alfons Mucha gallery poster, 84cm x 59cm £40 - £60 358 A teak framed hall mirror, 46cm x 140cm £10 - £20 359 A chrome plated valet stand, 148cm £85 - £130 360 An Israelian Art Glass charger, bearing label for Otto, 32cm dia. £10 - £20 361 A bronze figure group, depicting a seated naked man and woman on wooden plinth, 28cm high x 24cm long overall £40 - £60 362 A modern glass and chrome oblong section table lamp, complete with shade £30 - £50 363 A cloud glass baluster vase, 26cm high £20 - £40

364 A 1930's plaster classical figure table lamp £30 - £45 365 An Arts & Crafts oak and copper stationery rack, having stylised floral pierced decoration, 31cm wide £60 - £90. See illustration. 366 A yew wood and ebony inlaid hour glass, 24cm high £60 - £90 367 A late 19th early 20th Century brass and bronze twin branch wall light, of large proportions decorated classical maiden and cherubs, the frosted glass shades AF £100 - £150. See illustration. 368 Three late 19th early 20th Century brass gas powered wall lights, later converted to electricity having foliate scroll and leaf decoration with ruby glass shades AF £100 - £150 369 A Langham glass figure, of a leaping fish, 36cm high; another similar 27cm long; and a small Lalique style dish, 9cm (3) £60 - £100 370 A silver and blue enamel Art Deco style five piece dressing table set; and a silver and pink enamel brush similar (7) £40 - £60 371 A silver oval dish by Garrard & Co.,London 1958, 14.5cm long £40 - £60 372 A set of four George V silver dishes, by Asprey having shaped borders, 9.5cm overall, Birmingham1935 £80 - £120 373 A 1930's Arts & Crafts silver pickle fork, by Henry George Murphy, the terminal in the form of a seated bird, the fork end in the form of a birds claw, stamped with Murphy's traditional Falcon Mark, date letter indistinct, 22cm long £60 - £80 374 A George V silver Arts & Crafts conserve spoon, having pear shaped bowl, pierced foliate terminal inset with an oval coral, by Henry George Murphy, London 1931, with Falcon mark, 15cm long £80 - £120 375 A George V silver tea spoon, having Rat terminal, by Henry George Murphy, London 1932, 11.5cm long £40 - £60 376 A set of four George V Arts & Crafts silver sorbet spoons, by Henry George Murphy, London 1932, foliate and fruit decorated terminals, with Falcon mark £80 - £120

377 Three George V silver Arts & Crafts teaspoons, having stylised decoration to the stems, London 1931; a George VI silver teaspoon, the terminal decorated with a rabbit; and another the terminal decorated with a lizard (5)£40 - £60 378 A pair of George V silver Arts & Crafts wine tasting cups, by Henry George Murphy, having spot hammered finish with ivory handles, London 1932, Falcon mark, 15cm £600 - £800. See illustration. 379 A George V silver Arts & Crafts cruet, by Henry George Murphy, comprising pair of twin handled salts, and a pedestal mustard with gilded interiors (one liner missing); and a pair of torpedo shaped pepperettes having stylised and beaded border decoration, London 1932, Falcon mark £300 - £500 380 A George V Arts & Crafts silver pedestal sugar bowl, by Henry George Murphy with spot hammered finish and foliate motif's, beaded border raised on a spread foot, London 1932, Falcon mark, 9cm dia., 8cm high £150 - £250 381 A George V Arts & crafts silver tea strainer, by Henry George Murphy having Odeonesque handles, London 1934, Falcon mark £100 - £200. See illustration. 382 A George V silver Arts & Crafts caddy spoon, by Henry George Murphy, tree of life design handle, London 1932, Falcon mark £200 - £400. See illustration. 383 A white metal circular box and cover, central enamel boss within foliate scrolls, 5.5cm dia. £30 - £50 384 A continental white metal circular sweet meat dish, with pierced foliate decoration and shaped border, stamped 800; and a plated sweet meat stand with foliate cast border and pierced decoration, (2) £20 - £40 385 A George Jensen sterling spoon, having pear shaped bowl, foliate decorated stem and terminal, stamped to the reverse ''Sterling Denmark, George Jensen and Wendelas''; and a smaller matching spoon (2) £100 - £150 386 A pair of Danish plated grape scissors, with vine decoration £20 - £40

17 Art Deco

387 A Scandinavian white metal trumpet shaped small spill vase, decorated motif and inscribed ''Peking 2 and 2 Den Praemievnder klasse Christiania 1917'' stamped DJT830S to the base, 8cm high; and a small continental silver posy vase, initialled SS HK, 6.5cm high £40 - £60 388 A Swedish silver fork and spoon, having spot hammered decoration; an English silver handled carving knife, pie slice, pair of servers and a steak knife £60 - £80 389 8 Caithness and other coloured glass paper -weights £40 - £60 390 A length of finely painted mid 20th Century material £10 - £20 391 A collection of various coloured glass beads etc. £10 - £20 392 A chrome perfume bottle and an atomiser, (2) £30 - £45 393 A Vintage alarm clock, and a Russian anodised cigarette box £10 - £20 394 A 9 carat gold cigarette case, inscribed ''Meta'' £350 - £450 395 A leather and 9 carat gold mounted cigar case, by Asprey, London, initialled EPT £80 - £120. See illustration. 396 An unusual pendant, made up of mixed stones £20 - £40 397 A costume brooch, and ear-rings £10 - £20 398 A white metal scrolled pendant, comprising enamel panels and various semi-precious stones £25 - £40 399 A string of graduated amber coloured beads, and a set of red coloured similar £20 - £30 400 A Beaverbrooks 1950's style gold, diamond and ruby pendant, and ear-rings, in original boxes £50 - £100 401 A 20th Century pewter tankard, the handle in the form of a naked woman and a plated trophy depicting a dancing couple, (2) £10 - £20 402 A collection of Caithness and other coloured glass paper-weights, some with original boxes and certificates £60 - £80

Lot 378

Lot 378 (Detail)

Lot 381

Lot 382

Lot 395

Lot 418

Lot 419

Lot 420

Lot 423

Lot 424 18 Art Deco

403 An Art Deco iridescent glass vase, 13cm high £30 - £45 404 An Art Nouveau white metal and leather card case, inscribed ''Buenos aires 1903''; and an Art Deco green leather and mother of pearl clutch bag, (2) £20 - £30 405 An Art Deco burr walnut cigarette case; a similar card case; and a polished metal box and cover inset semi precious stones £10 £20 406 An Austro Hungarian seccessionist finely carved wooden frame, circa 1910; and an antique Black Forest bear with glass eyes, AF, (2) £30 - £50 407 A plated cruet in the form of a ship; and a pair of salt and pepper pots in the form of miniature milk churns £60 - £80 408 A Falco automatic table lighter, in cream Bakelite case £10 - £20 409 Six Lattachino style side dishes, with frilled borders and ruby stripe decoration £20 - £30 410 A graduated set of porcelain wall mounted flying ducks £40 - £60 411 A set of three graduated Beswick flying partridges £60 - £100 412 A set of three Beswick graduated flying pheasants £60 - £100 413 A set of five Beswick graduated flying ducks £80 - £150 414 Six Langham and other coloured glass paper-weights £30 - £60 415 A small collection of Cunard ephemera, relating to the Aquitania and the Sylvania including menus and programmes £20 - £40 416 A Sabino glass fish ornament, stamped to the base ''Sabino, France'', 5cm high £40 - £60 417 A small Sabino glass scent bottle, decorated semi naked women with pineapple shaped stopper, 9.5cm high, stamped ''Sabino, Paris'' to the base £100 - £150.

418 A Sabino glass cologne bottle, decorated semi naked women with swirling scarves, paper label ''Sabino, Made in France'' and inscribed to base ''Sabino, Paris'', 15.5cm £100 - £150. See illustration. 419 A Sabino glass scent bottle, decorated semi naked women with pineapple shaped stopper, inscribed to the base, ''Sabino, Paris'', 15.5'' £100 - £200. See illustration. 420 A Sabino glass perfume bottle, having flowerhead and leaf decoration to the ovoid body, triform stopper, inscribed ''Sabino, Paris'' to the base, 19cm high £80 - £120. See illustration. 421 A Verlys opalescent glass soap dish, surmounted by a duck figure, 15cm £60 - £80 422 A Verlys opalescent glass model of a fish, on oval base, 15cm long x 15cm high £60 £80 423 A Sabino glass figure, of a semi naked woman draped in a cloak, 17.5cm high, stamped ''Sabino, Paris'' £200 - £300. See illustration. 424 A Sabino glass figure, of a naked woman with long tresses of hair, 18cm high £200 - £300. See illustration. 425 An Orrefors glass bowl, of castellated form, 14.5cm dia. x 9.5cm high £30 - £50 426 A Whitefriars knobbly glass vase, 13cm high; and a small amethyst glass bowl, (2) £40 - £60 427 A Glasfabrik of Karlsbad, amethyst glass oval bowl; four matching posy vases and a Venetian amethyst glass candlestick with yellow applied borders (6) £40 - £60 428 A rare Christopher Dresser/James Couper Clutha glass vase, 21.5cm high, (some rim damage). N.B. See Harry Lyons New Century catalogue 1999 edition for a similar example £30 - £50 429 A W R Mid Winter Ltd., of Burslem porcelain wall applique of a faun's head, and a seated model of a faun, (2) £15 - £20 430 An Art Glass dish, with multi coloured bubble decoration, 21.5cm dia. £15 - £20

431 A Whitefriars mobile phone vase, design by Geoffrey Baxter, 17cm high £40 - £60. See illustration. 432 A foliate etched glass vase, indistinctly signed to base, 14cm high £10 - £20 433 An iridescent glass vase, in the Loetz style, 15.5cm high £20 - £40. See illustration. 434 A Mdina yellow and brown mottled glass vase, of cylindrical form, 20cm high £20 - £30 435 A Caithness ''May dance'' paper-weight, various other examples in the form of a green frog, birds and fruit, (8) £30 - £50 436 A Tony The Tiger Kellogg's moneybox; and a large Italian brightly coloured decorated platter, (2) £10 - £20 437 An early Studio pottery slip decorated earthenware tankard, dated 38, indistinct stamp marks, possibly Cardew; and a Chipping Campden Cotteswold Arts & Crafts oblong dish, (2) £10 - £20 438 A green pottery pipe rest, in the form of a Vintage car; and a pair of similar in the form of deep seated armchairs £10 - £20 439 A Carlton ware vase, having raised floral decoration to the shoulder on pale green ground, 20cm high £20 - £30 440 A Poole pottery orange ground oval vase, with green and black stylised decoration, 20cm high £40 - £60 441 A Moorcroft Florian ware bowl, of large proportions, signed to the base, W. Moorcroft 1918, 24cm dia. x 13cm high £150 - £250. See illustration. 442 A Clarice Cliff biscuit barrel, having raised foliate decoration and fruit finial on a pale green ground with wicker handle, 18cm £40 - £60 443 A Royal Doulton floral decorated jug and shallow bowl, and a Doulton stoneware Art Nouveau decorated fruit bowl £20 - £30 444 A Vintage ethnographic Philippines articulated carved horn fertility figure £30 - £50 445 A green pottery wine ewer; and a signed gold splash censer on stand £50 - £80

446 A high fired vase, (probably Chinese); and two Studio pottery celadon bowls having floral decoration, indistinct marks, (3) £30 - £50 447 A pair of Doulton posy vases, having pinched necks, raised foliate decoration flanked by scrolled handles, 10cm high; a pair of similar Doulton Lambeth baluster posy vases, 9.5cm high; a pair of squat Doulton posy vases having raised foliate decoration on Lot 431 a pale green ground; and a Doulton Lambeth miniature jardiniere with scallop border and raised thistle decoration, 10cm dia. x 6cm high, (7) £20 - £40 448 A 1970's Iden pottery Dennis Townsend figure and vase; and a 1970's ''Love Birds'' pattern wall plaque, (3) £15 - £25 449 A collection of various Beswick and other porcelain birds, (14) £30 - £50 450 Lot 433 A Walt Disney Products Snow White and the seven dwarfs group £50 - £75 451 Two Beswick porcelain butterfly ornaments; large tortoiseshell 1491; and purple hair streak 1494 (2) £20 - £30. See illustration. 452 A Wemyss biscuit jar, decorated with the Lot 441 ''Cabbage Rose'' pattern, 12.5cm dia. x 11cm high £80 - £120. See illustration. 453 Eric Ravilious for Wedgwood 1953 Coronation mug, numbered LLG483, 10cm high £200 - £300 454 A continental pottery tankard, the lid with fruit and floral finial, rustic wood effect handle with ringed decoration to the body, Lot 451 12.5cm high £20 - £40. See illustration. 455 A Wedgwood glass paper-weight, in the form of a snail; another in the form of an owl; a mushroom, various bird ornaments etc., (8) £30 - £60 456 A Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure, ''John Joiner''; another ''old Mr Bouncer''; Lot 452 ''Baby Titty Bumble'' and ''Benjamin wakes up'' (4) £30 - £50 457 Eight various Beswick Beatrix Potter figures £80 - £120 458 An obelisk shaped glass paper-weight; two Millefiori paper-weights and two others £40 - £60 Lot 454

19 Art Deco

Lot 469

Lot 470

Lot 475

Lot 476

Lot 483

20 Art Deco

459 Eight various Beswick Beatrix Potter figures £80 - £120 460 A Johann Wanzenried thoune signed cup and saucer; together with teapot and milk jug (3) £10 - £20 461 A Beswick figure of a kingfisher, (AF); and a Beswick goat figure (2) £20 - £30 462 A 20th Century glazed earthenware onion shaped vase, sang de boeuf and celadon running glazes; a small brown glazed leaf decorated vase of pinched form; and a shell pattern teapot with wicker swing handle (3) £20 - £40 463 A Studio pottery baluster vase, with blue, green and brown running glazes, 20cm high; a Studio pottery cauldron shaped vase with castellated border, 15cm dia. x 11cm high; a Dorothy Mitson ceramics pottery vase; and a 1940's Studio pottery oblong pin dish, (4) £20 - £40 464 A Samsonite leather holdall £20 - £30 465 A collection of various Vintage handbags, hats etc. £20 - £40 466 A 1960's Vintage suede lined patent leather Mclaren of Norwich handbag £20 - £30 467 A Vintage 1960's Russell and Bromley blue patent suede lined handbag; and another black patent handbag (2) £20 - £30 468 A 1960's Vintage English Lady Nappa leather handbag and original box £20 - £30 469 A Vintage three tone leather handbag, label for Weymouth America £20 - £30. See illustration. 470  Allen W Seaby 1867 - 1953, ''Robin At Nest'', signed gouache, 17cm x 22cm £300 - £500. See illustration. 471 Peter Hayman, study of a cock pheasant watercolour, 19.5cm x 25cm, see label verso £60 - £80 472 Donald Watson, ink study of ''Field Fares'', 24.5cm x 29cm, see label verso £80 - £120 473 Allen W Seaby 1867 - 1953, pastel studies of foxes, 15.5cm x 21cm £80 - £120

474 Allen W Seaby 1867 - 1953, pastel study of foxes, 15.5cm x 20.5 £80 - £120 475 Allen W Seaby 1867 - 1953, pencil signed woodcut depicting Dartmoor ponies, 21.5cm x 32.5 £80 - £120. See illustration. 476 Talbot Kelly, study of a herring gull initialled watercolour, 19.5cm x 28.5 £80 - £120. See illustration. 477 George Soper, pencil signed etching entitled ''Feeding The Horses'', 25cm x 32cm £80 - £120 478 George Soper, pencil signed etching ''Horses Pulling Logs'', 15cm x 27.5cm £80 - £120 479 Peter Partington, study of swans, pencil signed watercolour, 8cm x 16cm; and another study of ducks (2) £80 - £120 480 Peter Partington, a Norfolk study of boat and figure on a river, signed watercolour, 8.5cm x 16.5cm £40 - £60 481 Peter Partington, study of birds in the snow, pencil signed watercolour, 20cm x 13.5cm £40 - £60 482 Reg Snook, large abstract study ''Lanzarote'', oil signed and dated 1986, 101cm x 91cm £50 - £75 483 A pair of Art Deco design blond maple tub chairs, of ribbed design £400 - £600. See illustration. 484 A large plated floor standing 6 branch candelabra, 200cm £100 - £150 485 A circular plate glass and chrome breakfast table, 100cm dia. £20 - £40 486 A pair of Tiffany design blue dragonfly table lamps £95 - £145 487 A pair of Tiffany design pink dragonfly table lamps £130 - £195 488 A teak pedestal desk, 151cm wide £20 - £40 489 An Art Deco frameless bevelled edge wall mirror £10 - £20 490 A 1970's G-plan style teak and tile top coffee table, with magazine rack under-tier, 58cm wide £10 - £20

491 A Danish teak extending dining table, with two extra leaves, 203cm long £50 - £75 492 A 1970's G-plan style tile top coffee table, 71cm wide £40 - £60 493 A G-plan occasional table, raised on bowed supports, 43cm wide £20 - £40 494 A 1970's teak office desk, fitted five drawers to the pedestals, 152cm wide £40 -£60 495 Olaff Goff, a Norwegian cast steel ''Brutalist'' design candle holder, 8cm high £20 - £30. See illustration. 496 An ornately carved hardwood Indonesian panel, 36cm x 24cm £20 - £40 497 Three ethnic wooden daggers, and a large carved wooden spoon and fork £20 - £30 498 An ethnic carved wooden head, 30cm £10 - £20 499 An Art Deco style wooden figure of a sheep, 24cm long £10 - £20 500 An electro plated candelabra, by Wellner; and another similar (2) £20 - £40 501 A WMF ''Bauhaus'' design twin holder candlestick £30 - £50. See illustration. 502 A WMF ''Bauhaus'' three holder candlestick £20 - £40. See illustration. 503 A WMF plated serving dish; and a WMF plated fruit basket (2) £20 - £30 504 Two steel Scandinavian design candle holders; and a plated WMF taper stick (3) £15 - £20 505 A Wellner spot hammered bowl, of lobed form, 18cm dia. £20 - £40 506 Two brass religious plaques, depicting Christ and Mary £10 - £20 507 A bronze crucifix, on oak cross, 57cm £20 - £40 508 A 1960's bronze crucifix, 41cm £20 - £40 509 A bronze and gilded brass crucifix, initialled CO to the reverse, 33cm £20 - £40

21 Art Deco

510 A carved wooden figure of the Madonna, on a shield shaped stand, 37cm overall £20 - £30 511 A continental tile inset crucifix; and a large similar, 33cm (2) £20 - £30 512 A German carved wooden crucifx, 31cm £20 - £30. See illustration. 513 A 1970's glass football trophy, on frosted base, 19cm high £10 - £20 514 Lot 495 A stone model of a bird on plinth, 87cm high overall £20 - £30 515 A pair of Art Deco stoneware book ends £20 - £30 516 A bronze figure of an athlete on marble plinth, 28cm high £20 - £40 517 A bronze stylised figure of a guitar player, Lot 501 23cm high £20 - £30 518 A bronze stylised figure of a naked woman, 28cm high £20 - £30 519 A bronzed stylised figure of an ethnic man, on square plinth, 29cm high £20 - £30 520 A stylised bronze figure group, of five men shaking hands; a small stylised bronze and Lot 502 brass sculpture and a stylised emblem £20 - £30. See illustration. 521 An Art Deco biscuit tin, with floral decoration £10 - £20 522 An Eastern carved hardwood mask; a painted wooden mask; and an ethnic stylised hardwood fertility symbol, (3) £20 - £40 523 An unusual Art Deco design copper and brass lamp, with spot hammered decoration £20 - £30 524 Lot 512 Two Art Nouveau decorated steel fire implements £10 - £20 525 A 1960's stylised bronze plaque, depicting a deer; and a white metal mounted onyx plaque depicting mother and child, (2) £10 - £20 526 A terracotta signed torso model, 24cm high £20 - £30 527 An Ultra wooden cased 3 wave band valve radio, with Bakelite and glass mounted dial, (also Bakelite knobs), 50cm wide x 34cm high Lot 520 £40 - £60

Lot 528

Lot 537

Lot 538

Lot 539

Lot 539

Lot 541

22 Art Deco

528 A Philips Bakelite cased 3 wave band valve radio, type 462A/15, 41cm wide x 27cm high £40 - £60. See illustration. 529 A Bush Bakelite cased valve radio, type DAC90A, 30cm wide x 23cm high £40 - £60 530 A Marconi Art Deco wooden cased 2 wave band valve radio, with tuning indicator, model 298, 46cm wide x 41cm high £40 - £60 531 A pair of black and clear glass tub decorated scent bottles £40 - £60 532 An Art Deco design bedside table of curved form, fitted single drawer and open shelves, 50cm wide overall £50 - £75 533 A large cream plaster circular wall mirror, 100cm dia. £40 - £60 534 A wicker tete-a-tete seat, 130cm long £100 - £200 535 A Danish two tier tea trolley, bearing label for BRDR. Furbo, 69cm £30 - £50 536 An Art Deco walnut draw leaf dining table, and a set of four matching chairs £60 - £80 537 A large and decorative plaster bull's head, 82cm wide overall £100 - £200. See illustration. 538 A full size metal abstract shop mannequin, 180cm high £50 - £75. See illustration. 539 A full size metal abstract shop mannequin, 180cm high £50 - £75. See illustration. 540 A large modern corner lounge suite, upholstered in brown suede with reclining mechanism £200 - £400 541 An unusual chrome cased clock, in the form of an airplane, approx. 186cm wide £160 - £240. See illustration. 542 Stan Cooper, three limited edition lino prints, ''Kirton Brook 1'', ''Kirton Brook 2'', and ''Kirton Brook 3'', numbered 19/30, 12/30, 18/30, 37cm x 48cm, mounted but unframed (3) £165 - £250

543 Stan Cooper, acrylic study, continental scene depicting a figure seated under a tree, initialled SC, 37cm x 29cm, mounted but unframed; another French street scene, initialled SC, 29cm x 40cm; a further study of a continental village scene, initialled SC, 33cm x 29cm; and another of a continental town scene with clock tower, initialled SC, 26cm x 30cm, all mounted but unframed (4) £140 - £210 544 Stan Cooper, limited edition lino print 7/28 ''Rocking horse'', 30cm x 20cm, pencil signed; and another ''Wall shutter'' 17/25, pencil signed, 30cm x 20cm, mounted but unframed, (2) £45 - £70 545 Stan Cooper, three studies entitled ''People at work'', each numbered and signed 82, 15cm x 30, mounted but unframed £55 - £85 546 An Ercol slat back two seater settee, with floral upholstered loose cushions £40 - £60 547 An Ercol slat back two seater settee, with floral upholstered loose cushions £40 - £60 548 A 1960's design swivel tub chair, in green leather upholstery on aluminium base £20 - £40. 549 A 1930's loom stool, lift-up seat and compartment £10 - £20 550 A large G-plan design teak circular dining table, with folding concentric extension leaves, raised on rounded tapering supports, 175cm dia. £100 - £200 551 A large modern leather and velour upholstered corner lounge settee £200 - £400 552 A large Nathan teak sideboard, fitted three long drawers with cupboards below, on square chamfered supports united by stretchers, 182cm wide £40 - £60 553 A long G-plan style teak sideboard, fitted four central drawers flanked by double cupboards and raised on rounded tapering supports united by stretchers, 213cm wide £60 - £100 554 A long teak G-plan style sideboard, enclosed by two pairs of doors and fitted three angled drawers, raised on square section supports, 112cm £40 - £60

555 A pair of mirrored glass table lamps, complete with white and black trim shades £30 - £60 556 A collection of Wedgwood ''World of Clarice Cliff'' limited edition collector's plates £60 - £100. See illustration. 557 A Royal Doulton ''Night watchman'' series jug, D3190, 37.5cm high £60 - £80. See illustration. 558 A Royal Doulton coaching series jug; an ''Old Jarvey'' D3118, 38'' high £60 - £80 559 An Art Deco design chrome and leather mounted table lamp, complete with black and white stripe shade £40 - £60 560 A gilded table lamp, with foliate decoration raised on claw and ball supports, with a pink Tiffany style shade £60 - £80 561 A pair of Doulton Lambeth silicone baluster vases, having raised foliate decoration, 20cm high; a smaller single similar, 16cm high; and a pair of beaker shaped vases, 15.5cm high, (5) £20 - £40 562  An Art Deco cold painted bronze figure of a lady, reclining with a dog, raised on a marble plinth, signed ''Dommisse'', 67cm long £200 - £300. See illustration. 563 A bronzed Tiffany design table lamp, having blue, turquoise and cream leaded shade, 63cm high overall £40 - £60 564 An unusual Hukin & Heath late 19th/ early 20th Century plated and glass tureen, stamp marks to frame, AF, 30cm dia. £10 - £20 565 A large silvered scallop shaped dish, 58cm £20 - £40 566 An Art Deco design three piece plated tea set £100 - £150 567 A brass and japanned adjustable desk lamp, 44cm high £60 - £100 568 A bronzed study of a cock pheasant, 80cm long £60 - £80 569 A 1960's Formica and tubular metal low coffee table, the top with amber and black stylised decoration, 98cm £10 - £20. See illustration.

23 Art Deco

570 A nest of three teak G-plan style coffee tables £20 - £40 571 A wooden slatted child's chair £10 - £20 572 A pair of mid 20th Century wicker tub shaped children's chairs £20 - £30 573 Three 1960/70's children's chairs £15 - £25 574 A retro white plastic lamp stand, 91cm high £10 - £20 575 A Studio pottery plaque, decorated trees, signed to the reverse ''PN Leevers 19th July 82''', 41cm dia. £15 - £20. See illustration. 576 A retro black plastic and chrome circular high occasional table, (adjustable), 59cm £10 - £20 577 Two Art Deco design circular faux mahogany occasional tables, raised on bowed supports, 90cm dia. £100 - £150 578 A set of three circular leather graduated boxes £90 - £135 579 A retro melamine and chrome kitchen trolley, fitted drawers, shelves and drop flap compartment, 93cm £40 - £60 580 An Art Deco chrome mounted part dressing table set, with marquisette decoration and a chrome plated table epergne (2) £10 - £20 581 A Morco plywood magazine rack, 41cm £35 - £55 582 A modern design mirrored cantilever coffee table, 58cm wide £40 - £60 583 An Ercol stick back armchair, having floral brocade upholstery £30 - £45 584 An Ercol stick back armchair, having floral brocade upholstery £30 - £45 585 A long Danish design teak sideboard, 199cm long £85 - £130 586 A mirrored glass tray, 46cm wide £25 - £40 587 A Susie Cooper bone china coffee set, comprising coffee pot, hot milk jug, cream jug, covered sucrier and six coffee cans and saucers, all decorated with a fruit pattern £40 - £60

Lot 556

Lot 557

Lot 562

Lot 569

Lot 575

Lot 596

Lot 597

Lot 599

Lot 600

Lot 602 24 Art Deco

588 Six Wedgwood Susie Cooper design coffee cans and saucers, and six Susie Cooper coffee cans and seven saucers £20 - £40 589 A Royal Doulton Art Nouveau teaset, comprising cake plates, side plates, cups and saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl £40 - £60 590 A 1930's Fieldings Crown Devon 'Glenwood' pattern, 52 piece dinner/tea service £100 - £150 591 A large modern light oak refectory type dining table, the thick top raised on block end supports, 101cm x 260cm £200 - £400 592 A matching set of twelve rail back dining chairs, having upholstered stuff over seats raised on square tapering supports, united by stretchers £200 - £400 593 A matching light oak sideboard, enclosed by three panel doors, 160cm wide £100 £150 594 A Tiffany style green and blue dragon decorated table lamp, 37cm high £25 - £40 595 A large late Victorian walnut dwarf breakfront bookcase, surmounted by a turned gallery above drawers and adjustable shelves enclosed by six glazed panel doors on turned squat supports 320cm long, 130cm high £200 - £400 596 An early 20th Century German oak cased mantel clock with chiming movement, 33cm high £80 - £120. See illustration. 597 A Spelter Art Nouveau bust entitled 'Flore', after Causse, 33cm high £60 - £80. See illustration. 598 An Art Deco style bronze figure of a skating girl on marble plinth, 37.5cm high £85 - £130 599 An Art Deco cold painted figure of a dancing girl, signed to the marble plinth Van de Voorde, 26cm long, 38cm high £80 - £120. See illustration. 600 An Art Nouveau gilt metal four glass mantel clock, the circular painted enamel dial inscribed Benetfink and Co. London supporting an eight day movement, striking on a gong with a mercury adjust pendulum, 39cm high £100 - £200. See illustration.

601  An Art Deco cold painted figure of a dancing girl holding a ball, raised on a green onyx plinth, 41cm high, signed P Laurel with stamped foundry mark below Marcel Guillemard 20 £100 - £150. See front illustration. 602 An Art Deco glazed plaster figure of a young girl holding fruit, 47cm high £40 - £60. See illustration. 603 An Art Deco style bronze figure of a semi naked girl draped in a cloak with her arms outstretched, 33cm high £75 - £115 604 An Art Deco walnut cased and chrome mounted mantel clock, having chiming movement, 24cm high, 24cm wide £40 - £60 605 An Ercol stick back armchair with floral brocade upholstery £30 - £45 606 An Ercol stick back armchair with floral brocade upholstery £30 - £45 607 A pair of oak G-plan low bedside cabinets fitted single drawers and cupboards, with angular handles, 36.5cm wide £30 - £60 608 A plated four bottle wine cooler £40 - £60 609 A leather and chrome mounted table lamp with white shade, a smaller similar, a chrome square column table lamp and a crystal glass table lamp £80 - £120 610 A G-plan chest fitted three drawers, 81cm wide £40 - £60 611 A chrome and plastic revolving high stool, and another £20 - £40 612 A 1953 Coronation stool £60 - £80 613 An Art Deco design demi-lune hall table £100 - £150 614 A copper and brass tray designed by Serrurier-Bovy, 57cm £100 - £150 615 A 1930's oak reclining three piece suite, brown Rexine upholstery and Draylon squab cushions, raised on bun feet, terminating in castors £60 - £90 616 A pair of Austrian bentwood tub shaped chairs £40 - £60

617 A pair of oak Art Nouveau elbow chairs, having upholstered dropped in seats, raised on ring turned tapering supports £40 - £60 618 An Art Deco armchair, having integral magazine racks to the side £20 - £40 619 A set of six G-plan design teak dining chairs, raised on rounded front supports £100 - £150 620 A pair of David Gundry Delano armchairs, with red and gold upholstery, raised on square tapering supports, terminating in brass castors, complete with scatter cushions £400 - £600 621 A David Gundry Delano stool, having red and gold upholstery, raised on square tapering supports, brass caps and castors, 107cm long £100 - £200

622 A David Gundry Delano large sofa, upholstered red and gold floral medallions and raised on square tapering supports, terminating in brass caps and castors, complete with scatter cushions, 240cm long £500 - £600 623 An Art Deco style bronze finish uplighter, with corinthian column and cream Tiffany style shade £40 - £60 624 An Art Deco style bronzed finish uplighter, corinthian column, pierced base and claw feet, with Tiffany style dragonfly shade £40 - £60 625 Wrought iron Art Nouveau style adjustable oil lamp stand, later converted to electricity, 140cm £30 - £45

Lot 620

Lot 621

Lot 622

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rights it may have, be entitled to exercise all or any of the following rights and

regarding current legal requirements (e.g. Health & Safety at Work Act)


and it is expressly brought to the bidders attention that equipment in the


sale may not necessarily comply with such regulations. Any purchaser

breach of contract;

shall satisfy himself as to any statutory requirement for the use of any item


to rescind the sale of that lot or lots sold by Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd. to a defaulting buyer;

and no liability shall rest with the vendors nor the Auctioneers. 6.3 4.

to proceed against the buyer for any action of debt or damages for

to resell the lot (by auction or private treaty) in which case the defaulting buyer shall be responsible for any resulting deficiency in the


All auctions are conducted at the absolute discretion of the auctioneer.

total amount due (after crediting any part payment and adding any

The auctioneer shall conduct the auction with reasonable skill and care.

resale costs), any possible surplus so arising shall belong to the vendor;

The vendor reserves the right to sell subject to reserve price in respect of all lots. What constitutes a bid shall be at the absolute discretion of the auc-


to remove, store and insure the lot at the expense of the defaulting

tioneer, acting with appropriate skill and care. The auctioneer shall have

buyer and, in the case of storage, the location of such storage shall

the right to refuse any bid in all cases but most notably when such a bid

be at Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd. discretion;

does not exceed the previous bid by at least 10% or such a proportion as


the auctioneer shall in his absolute discretion direct. Where two or more

working days after the sale;

bids at the same level are simultaneously received by the auctioneer, the auctioneer at his absolute discretion shall determine which bid to prefer.


will only be deemed to have been made if received by the auctioneer.

to reject or ignore bids from the defaulting buyer at future auctions


to apply any proceeds of sale for any other lots due or in the future

or to impose conditions before any such bids are accepted; becoming due to the defaulting buyer towards the settlement of the total remaining due.

26 Art Deco

amount due;


shall take preference over a bid submitted by telephone or internet at the same level. Any bid made or attempted by telephone or over the internet

to retain that or any lot sold to the defaulting buyer until the buyer pays the total

Subject to the foregoing where two or more bids are at the same level are simultaneously received by the auctioneer, the bid submitted in the room

to charge interest at a rate not exceeding 2% per month of the total amount due to the extent that it remains unpaid for more than two







Payment by cheque will only be acceptable subject to prior arrangement. No lot will be


removed from the sale until any cheque has cleared unless a suitable bank reference

Purchasers shall pay for any damage done by themselves or their agents during the

addressed to the auctioneer is supplied. Payment is due on the day of the sale. Cash in

removal of their lots. Attendance at the sale shall be at the risk of those attending

excess of £12,000 (including V.A.T.) will not be accepted from any one person, this is

in respect of both themselves and to their goods and vehicles.

not allowed due to Money Laundering Regulations 2007. All money received will be

Any indemnity under these conditions will extend to all actions, costs, expenses,

held in Clarke & Simpson Auctions Ltd. Clients Account at Barclays Bank plc,

claims and demand whatsoever suffered or incurred by the person entitled to the

Framlingham, Suffolk. Account Number 33222276. Sort Code 20 98 07. Clarke and

benefit of it and Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd. declare themselves to be a

Simpson Auctions Ltd. have no responsibility for any lot between the close of bidding

trustee of the benefit of such indemnity so far as it is expressed to be the benefit of

and payment being made and subsequent collection. Please note all policy regarding

its employees and agents.

payment will be enforced and suitable arrangements must be made.

Whilst Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd. endeavour to ensure that the


information on their websites is correct, they do not warranty the accuracy and

The ownership of any lot purchased shall not pass to the relevant buyer until they have

completeness of the material on their website. Also Clarke and Simpson Auctions

made payment in full to Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd. of the total amount due.

Ltd. can make changes to the material on their website, or alter the products and

The buyer shall at their own risk and expense take away any lot that they have

prices described on it, at any time without notice. The material on the website may

purchased and paid for not later than two working days following the day of the auction

be out of date, Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd. make no commitment to update

after which they shall be responsible for any removal, storage and insurance charges.

such material.

Any lots not collected within three months of the date of sale will be resold by the

All material on the websites is provided “as is” without any


conditions, warranties or other terms at any time. Accordingly to the maximum

auctioneer and all proceeds will be retained by the auctioneer to cover storage costs.

extent permitted by law, the website is provided to all parties on the basis that


Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd. exclude all representations, warranties,

This will be used for speed and efficiency as in all our sales. All prospective purchasers

conditions and other terms which, but for this legal notice, might have effect in

must complete a registration form and register in the office on the viewday or morning

relation to the website.

of sale to receive a number for bidding. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT PHOTO ID





All electrical lots are subject to electrical safety regulations and fall within “the low


voltage electrical equipment (safety) regulations 1989” – all items have been pat


tested for safety but are not guaranteed in working order.

We offer a telephone bidding service where possible but this service can never be guar-


anteed. No applications for telephone bids will be accepted after the end of the viewing



Any notice to any buyer, vendor, bidder or viewer may be given by first class mail or

prior to sale day for any sale. All potential telephone bidders must provide a valid

email in which case it shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee forty

landline number and email address for us to send terms and conditions prior to phone

eight hours after posting or sending. All notices to Clarke and Simpson Auctions

bidding. No phone bids will be accepted for any lot with a lower guide figure of less

Ltd. must be sent in writing and email is not acceptable. Any indulgence extended

than £100.

to any person by Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd., notwithstanding the strict

All those who wish to bid by telephone will be expected to deposit the minimum guide

terms of these conditions or the terms of consignment, shall affect the position at

for all lots that they wish to bid upon into the Clients Account for Clarke and Simpson

the relevant time only and the respect of that particular concession only; in all other

Auctions Ltd before the sale starts. In the event of default, this sum shall be retained as

respects these conditionsshall be construed as having full force and effect. These

part payment or any part may be retained to recover losses under clause 6 of these

conditions and any disputes or claims arising out or in connection with them or

Terms and Conditions. We will expect payment of the balance owing by BACS on the

their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are

following day, any payment not met within five working days will result in the forfeiture

governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England. The parties

of the deposit paid.

irrevocably agree that the courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any


dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with the agreement or its subject

Clarke & Simpson Auctions Ltd., on occasions, offer an online bidding service via the-

matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims). for bidders who cannot attend the sale. In completing the bidder


registration on and providing your credit card details and,



Any catalogue and buyer and seller guides are provided for information only and do

unless alternative arrangements are agreed with Clarke & Simpson Auctions Ltd.:

not form part of these conditions. The catalogue and the buyer and seller guides


authorise Clarke & Simpson Auctions Ltd., if they so wish, to charge the

may contain additional terms and conditions. Clarke and Simpson Auctions Ltd.

credit card given in part or full payment, including all fees, for items

reserve the right to use any photographs, background information and research for

successfully purchased in the auction via, and

publicity purposes both before and after the sale. 11.


confirm that you are authorised to provide these credit card details to Clarke


& Simpson Auctions Ltd. through and agree


that Clarke & Simpson Auctions Ltd. are entitled to ship the goods to the

There is a buyer’s premium 15% plus VAT payable in respect of the sale. Any

card holder name and card holder address provided in fulfilment of the sale.

purchases made via “” shall be subject to an administration charge Administration charge of 3% plus VAT on the price. Preferred payment is

Please note that any lots purchased via auction service will be subject

cash, bankers draft or personal debit card. Such cards may only be used on a chip

to an additional 3% charge + VAT at the rate imposed on the hammer price

and pin basis with the owner present. No payment will be accepted by telephone. There will be an administration charge of 2.5% plus VAT for the use of credit cards or international debit cards. 27 Art Deco

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