Are You Ready for Test Day? Console 8. Version

Are You Ready for Test Day? Console 8 Version 12.2014 Suggestions for Student Accounts • Students must register at to take an exa...
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Are You Ready for Test Day? Console 8 Version 12.2014

Suggestions for Student Accounts •

Students must register at to take an exam • Consistency is key when creating usernames and passwords • Usernames cannot be changed • Teachers – keep a log of all usernames and passwords •

Suggestion: First initial, last name, month and day of birth (ltroy0728) or their student ID number Suggestion: Use the same password for all students (school name)

During the registration, the “employee or student ID #” field is not shown as mandatory, but this field is required by the State Department of Education. Please make sure your students fill in this field correctly. If they forget, they can add their student ID # later by logging in to Certiport and clicking on “My Profile.”

Prior to Exam Day and Exam Day Prior to Test Day: • Have students log in to to confirm their username and password. If forgotten, please contact customer service to retrieve. • Check for Admin Rights, Updates on Console 8, and Run a Configuration Exam. • Review Exam Tips and Tutorials.

Test Day: • “Thaw” or turn off any “deep freeze” software. • Check that Windows Installer is set on manual. • Close all programs. • Hide the task bar. • If the computer freezes, a common issue is an update request popped up behind the test. • • •

Turn off the computer and reboot. Have the student log back in. Before they begin, a window will pop-up asking why they are restarting the exam. Our server will remember where the student left off and the time. They will have 7 days to complete the exam. If they restart, they have to be at the same computer.

If there are other issues or continued errors, please contact our customer service at 1-888-9999830 #9.

Check for Admin Rights Prior to Exam Day: •

Check the system for rights, unless your IT has given you a special log in to the computers (versus student log in) to take the exam.

Click on the Console 8 icon and log in with your username and password.

Click on the cog wheel (lower left).

Click on “Admin Credentials” to make sure your IT added the rights.

If you have not been provided with a special log in that has full admin rights to the computers and the IT did not complete this section, please request that IT provides this update (They do not need domain, only a username and password that will allow full admin rights during the exam).

Check for Updates Checking for Updates

1. 2. 3. 4.

Click on the icon Log in Click on “Updates” Check the appropriate boxes: System Updates and Program Updates for Microsoft Office Specialist 5. Click on the arrow

Tip: If you are not administering IC3 exams, you may want to uncheck the IC3 Program updates Tip: If it is not a mandatory update, the tile is greyed out to take a test and you are not required to perform this update.





Diagnostics If all computers are identical in technical requirements, you only need to run the diagnostics on one computer and only one application. 1. Click on the Diagnostics tile. 2. Click the arrow. 3. You will have a series of green boxes, that you will be clicking through: Certify, then Microsoft Office Specialist, then the MOS version of software (should only have one green box) then choose an application (Word) then click the arrow. 4. If you have any red “X’s” in the green box, please contact our tech support at 1-888-999-9830 extension 9.

Helpful Testing Tips - 2013 • Become familiar with the new exam format before testing •

Review the exam tutorial found on your state site or under Tech Support and Quick Reference Guides QRG: MOS 2013 Exam Tutorials

• Refer to the references window prior to beginning the completion of the tasks •

Seeing the finished project may help you understand what the instruction is saying

• Read the instructions carefully and only do what the instructions ask you to do

Helpful Testing Tips - 2013 • Save your work often •

If your computer crashes, the exam can only be restarted from the most recent save point

• Use the “Reset” button with caution •

The “Reset” button will reset the entire exam, forcing you to start from scratch (we have added a pop up if “reset” has been clicked) Use the “Undo” feature in the application to reverse mistakes

Helpful Testing Tips -2010 • Complete each instruction using the simplest method you know • •

Don’t waste time overthinking it You are scored on the finished product, not the method of completion (unless specifically stated)

• If you get stuck on a question, click skip. That question will come back later on in the exam.

Console 8 •

Students will click on this icon:

Students will log in with their username and password that they previously created

Console 8 • •

• •

Students will verify their information and agree to the NDA agreement by clicking on the icons to the right of the options (The goal is to have all check marks on the left hand side) Teacher/proctor will enter proctor information Exam will begin with instructions

Students will click on “Study Practice Certify” Continue to click through using the green boxes: • Certify • Microsoft Office Specialist • Office 2010 (if that is the software you are testing on) • PowerPoint (if that is the application you are testing on)

Microsoft Exam Registration If registration was not completed, students will be prompted to register to take the exam.

Click on the grey box at the top, “Use my Certiport profile data” to auto-fill the form fields, then click “Submit.”


After verifying all sections, click the pencil for “Proctor Authorization.” Type your username and password and check the box. Click the arrow and go! Good luck!

Technical Support: [email protected] 888.999.9830 x9