ArchitecturaL Series Aluminium Windows & Doors

Horizontal clean lines of Architectural Series feature throughout.

Engineered for Long Term Performance The Architectural Series from

The Architectural Series offers clean visual aesthetics

Aluminium Systems, is a very

combined with a robust performance; with a larger than

high performing aluminium

normal glazing capability to allow for modern design requirements and varying glass types.

window and door range that has been designed for all applications; from high end residential homes right up to high rise commercial.

The trend for large opening spaces in residential design stretches the capabilities of standard residential joinery but is not a problem for the Architectural Series. While the glazing platform is 40mm, the bi-fold and hinged doors are 55mm in thickness to allow for greater sizes at higher wind loads. The Architectural Suite is therefore ideal for both larger or unique residential projects and high rise construction; with its extra strength designed to cope with both impressive openings and provide the ability to withstand New Zealand’s extreme weather conditions. The Architectural Series has a sister suite in appearance, The Evolution Suite. They can be effectively blended in the same project; enabling the performance features of the Architectural Suite for large openings with the cost effectiveness of the Evolution Suite for smaller windows and doors. A full range of windows and doors from awning and casement windows, bi-fold and hinged doors, to stacking sliders is available. In addition, strip glazing for long run windows and low profile or recessed tracks is available for both commercial and residential projects. With a wide range of colours and finishes, the Architectural Series is at home in a normal house as it is in a high rise apartment block, hotel, commercial building or school but will turn your project from the ordinary to the extraordinary.





Features & benefits The Architectural Series suite features a modern, clean apparearance


Product Range

• Structurally strong and robust with a chunky square

• Fixed, awning and casement windows

cut profile for a modern clean look. In larger homes

Available in panels up to 3 metres high

or commercial work where everything is bigger, the

combined with outstanding

bulkier look of this system suits the overall appearance.

engineering performance.

• Choice of bevelled or square glazing beads for modern

• Standard and heavy duty bi-fold windows 14 gauge stainless steel concealed fixings • Sliding windows

appearance options.

120mm concealed or liner fixed frames

• The use of bi-fold doors provides an uncluttered opening. • Flush external finish that can mix and match with the

• Standard and heavy duty hinged doors Awning window

Standard Hinged Door

Evolution Suite for a more cost effective solution.

• Standard bi-fold doors

• Choice of either using timber reveals or a no liner

Bottom rolling panels up to 75kg

concealed fix system that offers a very modern look.

• Heavy duty bi-fold doors

• From a commercial perspective the Architectural Suite is a versatile suite, keeping a similar look throughout

Bottom rolling panels up to 100kg

the project.

• Sliding doors Up to 300kg

• We have the largest standard range of powdercoat,

• Stacking sliding doors

Eurocoat, Eurowood and anodised colours and finishes in the market providing an almost limitless choice.



55mm panels both open-in or open-out

Low profile recessed sill option Stacking Sliding Door

Heavy Duty Hinged Door



“The intention was to reinterpret the New Zealand building tradition, the crafting of timber and the expression of structure, cladding, lining and joinery in a raw and unique way.” Novak & Middleton Architects

Glazing Options


26mm double glazing IGU capacity can be carried

• Weather Facing (min/max) – 19mm and 35mm.

across the suite into all products. Strength The sliding doors have very strong panels to cope with large heights and widths and use either standard or heavy duty rollers that can manage panels weighing

• The Architectural Series has been tested to both conventional design parameters: NZS4211 and AS2047 and to specific design criteria where

the integrity of opening panels. The corner frames of all doors utilise shearblock jointing technology for maximum strength and therefore have no visible external fixings creating a cleaner look. Hardware Multipoint locking is available for awning windows for improved air leakage performance and quadruple locking strength for added security.

project requirements have demanded higher levels of performance in some cases simulating wind speeds in excess of 300km/h to test ultimate structural strength. • Tested in an international accredited laboratory, using an independent testing engineer and complies with international accreditation NZS/ISO/IEC 17025:1999. • Italian designed high performance EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber seals for maximum performance at junction where air and water leakage can occur. Tested for water

Technical Information

penetration at wind speeds of approximately

• The glazing platform is 40mm deep providing

110km/h, triple the performance of normal seals.

a glazing capability of 4mm – 26mm (min/max). • Provides the ability to add sashes without expensive sub frames. • Standard / heavy duty mullion options that can span up to 3m high. • Condensation drainage channel with anti blowback valve for high water egress performance.

Timber Liner Fixing

improved long term performance.

open entries.

take extra height and width without compromising

Concealed Fixing

• Bifolds utilise a stainless steel track cap for

up to 300kg, so the slider can create some impressive

Awning and casement windows are also designed to


• Consistency of frame widths from 120mm – 173mm.

• Two year workmanship / manufacturing warranty. • Ten year powder coating or Eurocote warranty on colour integrity and film integrity for use in residential, commercial, high-rise and marine environments. • Sliders feature anodised tracks for long term performance.

• Range of frame types for different installation options;

Technical Advice

~ Concealed fixing frames.

For specification details go to

~ Liner frames.

for downloadable Revit, DXF, DWG or PDF files.

~ Chair frames for commercial use with

Aluminium Systems new Architectural Series offers an

seismic channels.

extensive range of design and performance options. To ensure your project is specified to the highest

Future-Proof Building Future-Proof Building means designing a better home to live in now, that’s worth more in the future. When specifying Architectural Series aluminium windows and doors in your residential and commercial concepts, you can be confident of product performance and quality with manufacturing standards endorsed by FPB. The Architectural Series provides a number of key benefits that fit into the Future-Proof Building principles: • Reducing energy costs through the use of double glazing. • Provide sound control and better security using high performance glass. • Protect your family’s health and create a more comfortable home. • Select sustainable and recyclable products. • Selection of quality materials, products and finishes. • Investment in the future value of your home.

possible standard and meets both building code and project performance criteria; please contact our Specification team by emailing [email protected].





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This brochure is indicative of the Architectural Series range of windows and doors that have been manufactured and installed into buildings throughout New Zealand. This brochure is a general guide only and should not be treated as a substitute for detailed technical advice in relation to individual circumstances. Aluminium Systems Ltd disclaims any liability for any loss or damage suffered from the use of such data. Please also check with your Fairview Windows & Doors or Elite Windows & Doors manufacturer as necessary. The Architectural Series is an Aluminium Systems product. This brochure is printed using vegetable-based, mineral-oil-free inks.

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