Apprenticeships at Siemens

Apprenticeships at Siemens A world of opportunities for school leavers Siemens Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Camberley Surrey GU16 8QD Tel: +44 (...
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Apprenticeships at Siemens A world of opportunities for school leavers Siemens Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Camberley Surrey GU16 8QD Tel: +44 (0)1276 696000






Advanced Apprenticeships


Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships


Higher Apprenticeships


European Engineering Apprenticeship



Your future starts here Your guide to apprenticeships at Siemens

What does an apprenticeship involve? An advanced apprenticeship at Siemens takes between three and four years to complete. Our apprenticeship programmes will provide you with the opportunity to continue your academic studies at a local college and your first year will be spent studying full-time, before joining us for ‘hands-on’ training. You will gain an NVQ Level 3 in an engineering discipline, plus a technical engineering qualification and will then enter a full-time position within Siemens. 04

What are the entry requirements? A higher apprenticeship at Siemens takes between two and four years to complete and offers a combination of academic and ‘hands-on’ training to gain Level 4 qualifications – an NVQ and a relevant HNC. By completing your apprenticeship you will also be able to apply for professional registration to Eng. Tech. level with the relevant professional body.

For an advanced apprenticeship you should have, or be expecting a minimum of four GCSEs or equivalent at grade C or above including: • Maths  • English  • Science

Why Siemens? By joining Siemens you will become part of one of the world’s largest and most successful engineering companies – one that is passionate about innovation and has a diverse range of rewarding apprenticeship opportunities available to you.

Other relevant higher level qualifications such as A levels, NVQs and Diplomas are required for a higher apprenticeship.


Advanced Apprenticeships

“My apprenticeship allows me to gain knowledge and qualifications with a worldrenowned company and I love the fact that I am working with life-saving equipment every day. I want to progress as high up the ladder as possible and I know that Siemens will support me every step of the way.”

Craft and Technician – Mechanical Engineering

Craft and Technician – Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Healthcare – Servicing Medical Equipment

Rolling Stock – Engineering Maintenance

Our apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering will enable you to gain skills and knowledge that can be applied to research, design, development, manufacturing and testing of tools and machines. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines; it covers areas such as manufacturing, installation, maintenance, testing, inspection and computer aided design (CAD).

Our apprenticeship in Electrical and Electronic Engineering will enable you to gain skills and knowledge that can be applied to test and modify developmental or operational electrical machinery and control equipment. This covers a wide range of activities, such as the installation of electrical/ electronic equipment, designing electronic circuits, plus motor/ generator manufacturing and testing.

Our apprenticeship in Servicing Medical Equipment will enable you to gain skills and knowledge that can be applied to the installation, repair and servicing of Siemens’ medical imaging, cardiovascular and laboratory equipment. You will also provide vital technical service support to our customers working very closely with the factory technical escalation staff, sales and applications support teams, as well as our Customer Care Centre.

Our apprenticeship in Engineering Maintenance will enable you to gain skills and knowledge that can be applied to the maintenance of rolling stock. Learners will have the opportunity to rotate around the various depots to enhance their skills and competencies in this field.



Advanced Apprenticeships

Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships

“I was attracted by the different opportunities that a Siemens apprenticeship can give you. When I finish my apprenticeship I’d like to be a Field Service Technician, which means I could service turbines at locations around the world.”

Wind Turbine – Electrical Power Engineering Our apprenticeship in Electrical Power Engineering will enable you to gain skills and knowledge that can be applied to the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Siemens’ wind turbines. Training will include bespoke health & safety training to ensure safety in the workplace. Placements can be onshore and/or offshore to give experience of the different sizes and types of turbines.


“My recommendation for someone aspiring to join Siemens is ‘don’t hesitate’! My work colleagues are great, the training is continuous and I have done lots of in-house training, as well as my BTEC college course, plus there is always room for career development and progression.”

Railway Signalling Design Our advanced and higher apprenticeships in Railway Signalling Design will enable you to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to become an Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) licensed designer. The apprenticeship will ensure we have future Signalling Design Engineers who can maintain technical standards in all aspects of signalling design work and

will be in direct support of the delivery of a number of Siemens Rail Automation Train Control projects. This will include activities associated with train-borne and track-side equipment, signalling control and interlocking/line-side signalling. You will also be involved in project planning activities and the resolution of design issues and validation activities.


Higher Apprenticeships

IT Our higher apprenticeship in IT will enable you to gain skills, knowledge and experience to develop as an IT professional. You will develop a broad understanding of IT by undertaking challenging placements and working in/with different teams. You will cover areas such as security of IT systems, data modelling, systems operation, planning

and managing IT projects, and work with various ICT hardware and equipment. You will gain an HNC in Computing and System Development, as well as demonstrating your competence through a Level 4 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals.

Project Management Our higher apprenticeship in Project Management will enable you to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake project management roles within our various Siemens businesses. Project development and delivery, from planning to completion, are key to our success. Training will include defining project scope and timescales, budget management, managing resources, quality assurance, risk management, engaging stakeholders,

project communication, managing project change and analysis of results. You will gain a combined knowledge and competency based Level 4 Diploma in Project Management, which will also allow you to progress onto higher level qualifications in Project Management. You will also gain associate membership of professional bodies, including the Association for Project Management (APM).

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Technical Sales Our higher apprenticeship in Technical Sales will enable you to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to develop a career in a Sales, Bid Management, Project Management, or an Engineering function within our various sectors. In conjunction with BPP Professional Education – a national training provider – you will follow an integrated consulting pathway gaining a Level 4 10

Diploma in Management Consulting Practice and a Certificate in Management Consulting. Your programme will cover areas such as tracking and managing key clients, supporting client account teams, preparing sales materials and carrying out communications activities.

Our higher apprenticeship in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering will enable you to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to develop as a high grade mechanical or electrical technician and engineer. You will gain an HNC in the appropriate discipline, and also develop your practical skills through a Level 4 NVQ

Extended Diploma in Engineering Leadership. These qualifications will allow you to work in areas such as design, manufacture, and technical support. This programme will also facilitate progression to Level 5/6 qualifications and enable you to work towards Incorporated Engineer status.


Higher Apprenticeships

Finance & Commercial Academy If you’ve finished your A Levels and are looking for an opportunity to start a career in finance, have a look at our Finance & Commercial Academy Higher Apprenticeship. We’re looking for students who work well in a team, are customer orientated, motivated and driven to develop a career in finance. Our three-year rotational programme will mirror that of someone going to university. The main difference being that you can work towards a professional qualification whilst earning money,


gaining valuable experience and laying solid foundations for a permanent finance or commercial role in the future. The main locations for the Siemens Finance & Commercial Academy are: • Frimley (head office) • Manchester • Lincoln • Poole • Newcastle

However, it is a rotational programme and you will be expected to attend placements at different sites throughout the three years. You will spend time in our core business areas of accounting and financial controlling, procurement and logistics. Siemens is a Premier Partner with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

During the first two years, Academy students will achieve the CIMA Higher Apprenticeship in Management Accounting – the first ever degree-level apprenticeship in Management Accounting – before continuing their CIMA Professional Qualification to become a Chartered Management Accountant within an estimated four to five year time frame.

Our Finance and Commercial Academy incorporates the CIMA qualification as our preferred route of study.


European Engineering Apprenticeship

If you are 18 or over, you could undertake an apprenticeship in either Mechatronics or Electrical/Electronic Engineering on our European Apprenticeship Scheme. This exciting three and a half year programme combines travel with study and work overseas. You will be based in Berlin for three years, with one placement in your home country. Don’t worry we will help you with integrating into life in another country, assisting with accommodation, bank accounts, German lessons,


even providing one to two flights home during your apprenticeship! Over the course of the apprenticeship you will receive academic training in our Siemens Professional Education college, as well as hands-on experience in our training centre in Berlin and in our plants. As your skills, knowledge and expertise grow, you will be given more responsibility and accountability, laying the foundations for a permanent engineering role in the future.

As a European apprentice you will also be assigned a mentor to provide you with continual support. They will aid your development by increasing your exposure within the business, supporting your personal development and providing constructive feedback on a quarterly basis. There are two core European apprenticeship options available to you:

Mechatronics You will operate in a broad field that varies from installation of assembly lines, to repairs of production machines, to programming of control systems.

You will work on the installation and maintenance of complex machines, facilities and systems in the construction and machine assembly industry.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering You will explore the fields of electrical power supply, communication and information technology, and lighting technology. You will work on the installation and maintenance of complex production lines, plus the manufacturing of control gears and electrical power supplies.