Application Pack: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Application Pack: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) JULY 2016 1 21/06/2016 6 July, 2016 Dear Candidate, Thank you for your interest in Consortium fo...
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Application Pack: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) JULY 2016



6 July, 2016

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in Consortium for Street Children (CSC) and in the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role. Founded in 1993, the Consortium is a global network with a small, London-based Executive Team. CSC’s network members are civil society organisations (CSOs) and experienced researchers who, directly or through partnerships, enable street-connected children to gain access to their rights, Our vision is of a world where all children in street situations enjoy all their rights. We have an ambitious five-year (2015-2019) strategy to drive toward this vision by deploying advocacy, research, communications and network development. A key objective is to support the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child with establishing the best possible General Comment on Children in Street Situations, expected in early 2017, and to promote its implementation and accountability. CSC also organises an International Day for Street Children on the 12th of April every year; is the Secretariat for the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Street Children; and runs the Building with Bamboo project, designed to promote resilience in street-connected children who are exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Our current Chief Executive is relocating to Asia with her family at the end of 2016 and we are therefore seeking a new CEO to join us in the coming months. This is a very exciting time for CSC. We have an ambitious 5 year strategy, created through a consultative process with our network members. In the last year, we have strengthened the staff team and the board of trustees and secured significant new funding partnerships. Above all, the United Nations General Comment brings significant and unprecedented opportunities: a strong platform for raising the profile of street-connected children and the drive and focus for building alliances and attracting resources to the sector. Our next CEO who will bring the experience, skills and approach needed to make the most of these opportunities. He or she will be highly strategic, as well as hands-on with a ‘can do’ approach. Our new CEO will be enthusiastic about leading a small, capable team, working with a global network on this complex issue, representing the sector, and listening carefully to the evidence. We are looking for someone who is an energetic, credible and persuasive advocate, combining strong strategic thinking and operational skills. He or she will have a background in human rights, child rights, work with street-connected children, and/or social justice. Experience in international advocacy and in fundraising will be important, too.



We would be delighted to hear from you if this is something you are personally interested in or if you wish to recommend suitable candidates. This application pack includes: 1. CEO Job Description and Person Specification 2. Terms and Conditions 3. Our Organisational Structure 4. Our 5 year Strategic Plan (2015-2019) 5. Briefing: UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations 6. Details on how to apply We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your time.

Best wishes, Surinder (Max) Mongia and Julia H. Cook Co-Chairs

Consortium for Street Children Email: [email protected]



SECTION 1: CEO Job Description and Person Specification PURPOSE OF THE ROLE: Reporting to the Chair of Trustees, the CEO provides leadership and direction for the Consortium for Street Children (CSC), working with the Executive staff, Board of Trustees and a constantly developing CSC network to implement CSC’s multi-year Strategy.

KEY AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: A. Leading and Managing  Lead and direct CSC, working together with the Board of Trustees, Executive Team and network, to deliver its core activities of advocacy, research, communications, network development and sustainability.  Work with the board, team and network to continue to evolve and implement CSC’s 5-year strategy (20152019), reviewing and reporting on progress against the plan, recommending adjustments to the plan in response to new opportunities or threats, and further developing the strategy in the long-term.  Create a network council and lead the council’s engagement  Lead fundraising initiatives to achieve CSC’s ambitious strategic aims.  Lead and manage a small, dedicated team. This will involve developing and empowering the Executive Team and providing advice, direction and support, as well as building team work.  Oversee the financial and operational management and provide direction and support to the Finance and Operations Manager and the Finance and Risk sub-committee in day-to-day running of CSC.  Define and oversee development of resources, policies and processes for CSC to operate effectively.

B. Representing, Promoting and Advocating  Shape thinking and debate for the sector with the aim of raising the international profile and voices of children in street situations, promoting their rights and improving their lives.  Be the principal ambassador and spokesperson for the organisation, promoting CSC persuasively and professionally, and building effective alliances across sectors. Also, encourage and support the promotional activities of staff, the Board of Trustees, patrons and supporters.  Foster strong relationships with key stakeholders and with the network to support recruitment and engagement of members.  Provide leadership to the Advocacy Manager and the network to ensure rights-based processes and effective delivery of CSC’s international advocacy goals.  Provide leadership to the Network Development, Research and Communications Managers to maximize engagement and synergy between network members and researchers, through forming and convening appropriate forums and developing relationships with prospective members.

C. Fundraising and Sustainability  Provide leadership to the Fundraising Manager, the Fundraising sub-committee and the Board of Trustees with a view to reaching the significant fundraising targets set to achieve CSC’s strategic ambitions.  Nurture and develop relationships with the range of existing and prospective CSC funders (eg, corporate funders, individual donors and independent and institutional grant-makers), keeping them informed about our work and achievements and providing the thought leadership needed to inspire ongoing support.  Support the Board to work on development of a Sustainability strategy for 2020 and beyond.



D. Governance  Encourage and support the Board of Trustees in their stewardship of CSC, including in providing strategic and financial leadership.  Lead on presenting and reporting to the Board, including on the above matters, and attend Board and subcommittee meetings. Notwithstanding your specific job title you may be required by CSC to perform additional or other functions considered necessary to meet its needs from time to time.

PERSON SPECIFICATION The right candidate will have the following:

A. Experience and Knowledge  A proven track record of success at a senior level in a small, complex CSO or charity, or may have led a complex team in a larger CSO or charity;  A background in human rights, child rights, work with street-connected children, and/or social justice;  A strong background of working effectively within a networked organisation or international network;  Proven experience of leading advocacy initiatives and building the evidence base;  Demonstrable experience of leading development, delivery and review of strategies;  Strong experience of leading, developing and managing people and building teamwork;  Significant experience of building strong partnerships and collaborative relationships across sectors with a range of senior stakeholders, including senior policy-makers and funders;  Sound financial management and budgeting and an ability to identify and manage risks;  A background in spearheading fundraising initiatives and an understanding of how CSC might successfully ‘pitch’ its work to a range of potential funders;  Experience as a public speaker and media spokesperson;  A commitment to CSC’s values to be: challenging, progressive, collaborative and accountable.

B. Skills and Abilities:  Strategic thinking and an ability to see the big picture and manage the detail, and skills to create practical actions and set clear priorities;  A warm, empowering and consultative leadership style, and enthusiasm for working with a small team;  Ability to represent CSC as an inspiring, credible and persuasive ambassador and spokesperson;  Intellectual curiosity and creative problem solving skills.

A. Education and Qualifications  Relevant masters / post-graduate degree or equivalent experience.

B. Desirable    

Experience as CEO of a Civil Society Organisation or other non-profitmaking body; An international perspective and experience of working in different cultures and languages; Board experience; Masters degree or doctorate in social sciences or related field.



SECTION 2: Terms and Conditions Contract Permanent. This is a part-time role (between 3 and 4 days a week). We are open to discussing other options including: flexible working, making this a full time role or a job share.

Salary £50,000-£60,000 depending on experience (pro rata)

Location CSC’s London office is currently: Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, London EC2A 4LT

Probation period 6 months

Notice period 3 months

Travel and overtime From time to time there will be a requirement to work after hours for fundraising events, speaking engagements and board meetings. The job also requires travelling for project and advocacy initiatives.

Benefits    

25 days of annual leave per year pro rata Employer contributions to pension fund of 5% of gross salary Cycle to work scheme Overseas travel



SECTION 3: Our Organisational Structure Please find below our current structure. Most of the positions are part time. Our aim is to establish some full time/job share positions in 2017. You will find more information on the Exec Team, Support Forums and the Board on CSC’s website.

Board of Trustees

Chief Executive Officer

Advocacy Manager

Advocacy Intern

Finance & Operations Manager

Fundraising Manager

Research Manager

Communications Manager

Research Intern

Network Development and Resilience Manager

Digital Officer



SECTION 4: Our 5 Year Strategic Plan (2015 – 2019) THE STRATEGIC PLAN A. Executive Summary Our vision is of a world where all children in street situations enjoy all their rights. Our 2015-2019 Strategic Plan sets out an ambitious agenda built on the foundations and achievements of the previous 2012-2014 Strategy, to drive towards this vision. Our new Strategy positions CSC to help deliver the best possible UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations and then to press for its implementation in all States party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. For the first time, governments will have clear guidance on how to help street-connected children fulfil their rights, and CSC members will have an authoritative instrument to press for compliance in the countries where they work. CSC will also work to improve the research and good practice evidence base available to policy-makers responsible for implementing the General Comment. CSC members’ collective expertise, experiences and evidence will be at the heart of this unique enterprise. We will use Advocacy, Research, Communications and Network Development in powerful combination to raise the profile of children in street situations so that more public attention and more funding are drawn to supporting street-connected children. The need is clear: ‘Street children’ lost the political traction they commanded in the 1980s and 1990s, their voices were drowned out and their complex needs neglected; but children never left the streets and in some regions their numbers have increased. The anticipated 2015 launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals promises a more inclusive international development agenda, one better suited to implementing a UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations and to listening to the voices of street-connected children. This Strategic Plan sets out four mutually reinforcing ambitious aims and five strategic areas that complement each other to achieve them. Our four aims are: to give policy makers adequate guidance, equip street children’s champions with useful evidence, amplify street-connected children’s voices and create opportunities for CSC members to develop best practice. Our five strategic areas to achieve these aims are: Advocacy, Research, Communications, Network Development and Sustainability. Each of the 5 strategic areas has 3 main objectives. This Plan sets out a growth strategy from 2017, focusing in the first two years on developing a fundraising and capability base that is intended to allow CSC to tackle ambitious challenges set for the second half of this strategic cycle. CSC intends to leverage network efforts to achieve a large impact with a small Executive team by investing in critical capability, putting in place recommendations from a 2014 Governance Review, and focusing on a small number of high value, high profile targets. Chief among these is the UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations (global legal and policy framework). In support are a State of the World’s Street Children series (for accountability) and the International Day for Street Children (for campaigning) where CSC can best exploit its collective voice for maximum effect for all its members and the children they serve. Delivery will depend on CSC success in growing its internal capability and raising the necessary finance. This Strategy also depends on membership engagement – through expert forums, creation of a Network Council and an upgraded Global Resource Centre as instruments to help strengthen this.



Successes to date by the CSC Executive and the Board’s Fundraising Committee in attracting diverse funding sources gives us confidence to invest in developing partnerships with the corporate sector, statutory bodies and foundations (based on earlier CSC experiences), to be able to build a sustainable funding base to support the CSC network’s ability to exploit collective opportunities in this 5 year period and beyond.

B. Our Vision CSC’s vision is of a world where all children in street situations enjoy all their rights

C. Our Values 1. Challenging We will actively challenge common misconceptions of street-connected children. Where change is necessary, we will challenge the status quo to ensure policies and practices recognise them. We will challenge our network and each other to strive for the realisation of street-connected children’s rights.

2. Progressive With our network, we will work hard to identify innovative solutions that address challenges faced by street-connected children. Through leveraging and building on our knowledge we will progress and improve ways of achieving the realisation of street-connected children’s rights.

3. Collaborative We seek to bring people and organisations together to create a louder collective voice for children in street situations. By working collaboratively, building on strengths and sharing expertise, we will have more impact. It is vital that street-connected children are able to have their say in order to influence change.

4. Accountable We are a trusted partner for our network and are accountable for delivering our strategy. We are accountable to street-connected children and promise to shine a light on the issues that affect them. We believe others should be held accountable for their actions towards children.

D. Our Aims 1.

Ensure policy makers around the world have access to guidance that enables them to develop effective policies, in partnership with all sectors of society, which support children in street situations to realise their rights and reduce the need for children to move into street situations


Equip street children’s champions - from advocates and journalists, to researchers, businesses, practitioners and activists - with consistent, credible and timely evidence that enables them to hold governments to account, and to better protect and promote the rights of street-connected children


Raise street-connected children’s voices and ensure they are visible and represented as a specific group in debates that concern them, working to mobilise public support and to increase resources available to realise the rights of children in street situations


Create opportunities for CSC network members to develop good practice, participate in CSC governance and collaborate on joint projects, to better fulfil street-connected children’s rights



E. Our Objectives Advocacy: 1. 2. 3.

International guidance for States is available on how to protect, promote and realise the rights of street children Child rights’ policy forums, international agencies and CSC membership are briefed and support delivery and implementation of the international guidance for States International guidance for States has been introduced into national plans of at least 2 countries, in partnership with civil society and other stakeholders

Research: 1. 2. 3.

A credible and consistent evidence base about street-connected children is developed Development and use of quality research are promoted by the CSC network The body of evidence on street-connected children is accessible and available for use by advocates, journalists, researchers, businesses, practitioners and activists to feed into policy, public engagement and practice

Communications: 1.

2. 3.

CSC has used all its available communications channels in an integrated manner to raise public and membership understanding of and support for street-connected children, using information generated by CSC members, together with CSC’s research and advocacy Workstreams CSC has raised the voices and profile of street-connected children so that they are seen and heard in the public debates that concern them CSC has improved the resourcing environment to encourage investment in street children

Network Development: 1. 2. 3.

CSC is an engaged network of member organisations, with a clear collective mandate and well defined communication and decision-making pathways CSC provides a valued one-stop-shop within its digital Global Resource Centre for its members for research and resources for use with street-connected children CSC has an upgraded user-friendly platform within the Global Resource Centre that streams events, showcases expertise, and supports members in shared learning and collaborative projects.

Sustainability: 1.

2. 3.

CSC’s funding strategy has delivered on growth and diversified income generation, creating a sustainable combination of financial sources beyond the current strategy, including an institutional financial reserve. Grants will comprise at least 30% of CSC income from 2016 and events will raise at least 30% of CSC income from 2019 CSC’s institutional development is strengthened, through a sound policy framework, robust institutional memory and appropriate investment strategy Succession planning is in place for Board and CEO Executive levels, embedding a system of healthy regeneration to match strategic needs beyond 2019



SECTION 5: Briefing on the UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations As Coordinator of the Advisory Group to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Working Group on its forthcoming General Comment on Children in Street Situations, CSC is recognised as the key CSO partner in the UN Committee’s development of this ground-breaking piece of international guidance for streetconnected children. CSC successfully advocated for the General Comment to be developed and, since the process started in 2014, has played a pivotal role in the drafting and process, including facilitating consultations with more than 1,000 street-connected children and youth in early 2016. Using the children’s inputs, as well as inputs from a wide range of practitioners, academics and other experts, the UN Committee is now consolidating the content of the General Comment. Looking ahead, past the estimated completion date of Feb/March 2017, CSC will support implementation of the General Comment in two “pioneer” countries, working in partnership with governments, NGOs and others to develop indicators for implementation and provide a trail-blazing example of respect for street-connected children’s rights for other countries to follow. This will be supported by a global mapping project and State of the World’s Street Children series to foster accountability. You can find more information on this work on CSC’s website.



SECTION 6: Details on How to Apply To apply, please submit your CV, together with a brief covering letter outlining why you are interested in the role and what you will bring to: [email protected] by midnight on Sunday 4 September. In your covering letter, please reference the person specification outlined in the job description and keep it to 2 A4 sides (maximum). We welcome requests for informal, confidential conversations about the role. Interested candidates are invited to write to the above email address and we will arrange a phone call.

Timetable Shortlisting: w/c 5 September Telephone interview: w/c 12 September Panel interview: w/c 26 September