Appendices. Sample Recruitment & Selection Policy. Sample Person Specification Form. Appendix 7: Sample Interview Scoring Sheets x3

Appendices. Appendix 1: Sample Recruitment & Selection Policy Appendix 2: Sample Job Descriptions. Appendix 3: Sample Person Specification Form ...
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Appendices. Appendix 1:

Sample Recruitment & Selection Policy

Appendix 2:

Sample Job Descriptions.

Appendix 3:

Sample Person Specification Form

Appendix 4:

Sample Application Form.

Appendix 5:

Sample Advert

Appendix 6:

Sample Short listing Forms

Appendix 7:

Sample Interview Scoring Sheets x3.

Appendix 8:

Sample Letter of Offer/Letter of Decline.

Appendix 9:

Reference Request Forms.

Appendix 10:

Recruitment Checklist.

Appendix 11:

Sample Staff Induction Checklist.

Appendix 12:

Sample Contract of Employment.

Appendix 13:

Staffing and Management Checklist.

Appendix 14:

Sample Student Pre-Placement Questionnaire.

Appendix 15:

National Qualifications Authority of Ireland – National Qualifications Framework. Cross Border Qualifications Comparison.

Appendix 1: Sample Recruitment and Selection Policy. The childcare service is committed to ensuring that the procedures and practices used in recruitment and selection are fair, consistent and effective. The childcare service is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection policy and procedures of the childcare service comply with equal opportunity legislation and policy. Recruitment of staff will be selected from the widest possible field. Therefore positions will be advertised internally and externally, including local and national newspapers. Internal recruitment will only apply when the pool of candidates is sufficient for fair selection. Applications of present staff will be treated on an equal basis with external applications. Individuals will be selected on the basis of merit. Candidates for the positions will not be treated less favourably on the grounds of gender, marital status, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, or put at a disadvantage by unjustifiable conditions or requirements. Advertisements and information sent to candidates about posts should state clearly that the childcare service is an equal opportunities employer. Job sharing will be considered. A person specification will be drawn up for each post to be filled, describing the experience skills, and other attributes required to carry out the job. A job description will be drawn up for each post outlining the duties, tasks and responsibilities for the job.

Every effort will be made in representing both sexes on interview panel. Interview panels will be given guidelines on good interview practice and on the prevention of discrimination. For each vacancy advertised a file will be kept for twelve months from the date of appointment which contains the following: Candidates’ Application, Person Specification, Job Description, Job Advertisement, Record of Candidates’ Assessment, and Correspondence with Candidates. Any candidate who feels that they have been discriminated against has a right of complaint, which can be made in writing to the management of the childcare service. Source: Clarke,J. (1996)The Staff Recruitment Process Dublin: Combat Poverty Agency.

Appendix 2. Sample Job Description No.1 Playgroup Assistant Name of Employer: Address of Employer: Job Title:

Playgroup assistant

Job Purpose: of the playgroup.

To assist in the day-to-day running

Accountable to: management.

The senior play leader and the

Key Areas of work:  To assist the leader in providing a pre-school service to xxx children.  To implement the curriculum of the pre-school alongside the leader.  Assist the leader in planning the daily/weekly routines and activities.  To provide a safe environment where children can access play opportunities.  To play an active role in the day to day running of the playgroup and become involved in programme planning.  To assist the play leader in encouraging parental involvement, networking and help in all record keeping on a daily and weekly basis.  To set up and assist in clearing away and deciding upon play activities for the day and becoming part responsible for the care and maintenance of all equipment ensuring it meets Health and Safety Standards.  To provide opportunities for the children that will aid a child’s physical, emotional, linguistic and intellectual development.  Observe children and record observations.

 To undertake in any training as considered necessary by the management.  To attend and participate in team meetings every two weeks.  Participate in relevant training as requested by leader and/or management and also from your own initiative.  Participate in quality improvement initiatives such as Siolta National Quality Framework alongside the leader and other staff.  Familiarise yourself with and follow the policies and procedures and written records of the service.  Familiarise yourself with the Pre-School Inspection Guidelines 2006.  Be aware of the Behaviour Management Policy of the service and follow this.  Participate in support and supervision with leader/management every two months.  Respect the principle of confidentiality at all times regarding the children, their families and other staff.  Familiarise yourself with and follow the procedures outlined in the Children First Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children 1999 in relation to child protection concerns.  Report any child protection concerns to leader/designated child protection officer.  Identify and bring to the attention of the leader any health and safety concerns you have.  Any other duties that may be assigned by the management.

Terms and conditions: Hours and days of work: Permanent/Temporary/ Full-time /part-time: Annual leave: Probation Period: Salary/Salary scale: Any other particulars: (Name of service)…is an equal opportunities employer and acts within the scope of the Employment Equality Act 1998 and the Equal Status Act 2000.

Sample Job Description No. 2 Playgroup Leader.

Name and Address of Employer: Job title:

Playgroup Leader.

Location of work:


Reports to:


Overall Purpose of Job: The playgroup leader will be responsible for the efficient running of the playgroup on a day to day basis. He/She will provide a safe, stimulating and child centred environment to ensure that all children’s developmental needs are being met. The leader will be part of a team and your working relationships will be with two playgroup assistants. Partnership with parents is expected. The leader will be accountable to the management. Key areas of work: Playgroup leader is responsible for: Welfare & Development of the Child.  The leader is responsible for the overall safety and welfare of the children.  Work directly with children accessing the service.  Ensure that the Children First Guidelines are being followed in relation to child protection concerns.  Understand the role and function of the child protection Designated Officer.  The leader in conjunction with staff should formulate a daily routine for the children which offer a wide variety of play activities. This will allow for the creative, physical, imaginative, social, sensory, emotional, intellectual and linguistic development of the child.

 The leader should ensure that the room(s) is set up before each session and tidied up at the end in accordance with daily routine plans and activities.  Ensure a file is kept on each child including details such as contact details for parents/guardians, medical issues, allergies, dietary requirements and any other relevant information. A separate file should be kept on child observations regarding child’s development, behaviour and progress.  Ensure that regular observations are carried out on each child and that appropriate notes are kept.  Ensure that the appropriate curriculum is being implemented e.g. Montessori, High Scope etc.  Ensure that infringements outlined in the Pre-School Inspection report are followed up and rectified (liaise with management).  Ensure that the principle of confidentiality is fully observed by all staff members in relation to any personal details regarding the children.  Participate in Siolta National Quality Framework to continuously aim to improve the quality of the service. This will be done with other staff members with support from the management. Financial/Administrative:  The selection and ordering of suitable and appropriate materials/equipment within assigned budget.  Collection of weekly fees from parents.  Keeping of receipts book.  Administration of petty cash budget.

Health & Safety:  Ensure that the service is operating to the standard and above of the Pre-School Regulations 2006.  Ensure that the first aid box is always stocked up.  Ensuring that fire drills are organised on a monthly basis.

 Be aware of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2005 and its contents.  Ensure that the environment is safe and free from hazardous conditions for both the children and other staff members.  Record any incidents/accidents that happen in the setting.  Ensure that management is informed of possible health and safety concerns for them to rectify.  Know who the Safety officer is.  Ensure that the services safety statement is on display at all times. Communication:  Ensure parents are updated regarding child’s progress.  Involve parents as much as possible in activities/outings/events within playschool  Ensure parents are fully informed of services policies and any developments.  Hold staff meetings every two weeks  The leader should meet with either full management or staff liaison officer from the management committee once a month, or with the manager in a private service.  The leader should understand that the manager/committee is his/her employer and that they can dictate basic policies, rules, fees etc.  The leader should be aware of and understand the relationship between the management; he/she should know who is responsible for what.  The leader will work as part of a team.  The leader will refer to/liaise with the local County Childcare Committee for additional support and to access training for him/her and staff members.

Leadership & Management:  Ensure that all staff members follow all policies and procedures.  Supervision of volunteers and students on placement.  Review, update and further develop policies and procedures in conjunction with management and staff annually and more often if required.  Conduct support and supervision for staff. (This may not be the case for all services as the management may be doing it).  Organise staff rota.  Operate an annual leave and training request system for staff. Training & Personal Development:  Renew/update first aid and child protection training when certificate has expired.  The leader must demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development –attending training, events, seminars etc at the request of management and also by your own initiative. This training may take place out of hours and an allowance may be available from the management depending on available funding. You may at times however have to fund training yourself.

Other duties: Any other duties that may be assigned by management.

The following records should be kept:              

Daily record of attendance. Emergency contact details for each child. Accident/incident book. Waiting list. Fire drills. Daily/Weekly plan of activities. Petty cash book. Receipts book. Notes of child development and observations. Fees. Staff rota. Insurance details. Minutes from staff meetings. Minutes and notes from support & supervision sessions.

Playgroup leader is responsible to inform/report to the management about:  Any complaints received from parents regarding staff members or service.  Any concerns regarding safety of premises or equipment etc.  Difficulties/conflicts between staff that have been unresolved.  Repairs/replacements of equipment.  Submit a monthly report to management.  Submit report for the AGM.  Liaise with staff liaison officer once monthly.  Participate in support and supervision with manager or member of management committee every two months.

Terms and Conditions. Days/Hours of work: Salary/Salary Scale: Temporary/permanent/full time/part time/job share: Funded by: Annual leave: Probation Period: Any other particulars: (Name of service)…is an equal opportunities employer and acts within the scope of the Employment Equality Act 1998 and the Equal Status Act 2000.

Appendix 3. Sample Person Specification Form. Sample Person specification for Childcare manager Childcare Manager Essential Desirable Education and Qualifications FETAC level 5 in childcare or  equivalent  FETAC Level 6 Supervision in Childcare  Diploma in Nursery management or similar First aid (either paediatric or occupational) Children first-Child protection training Manual handling Relevant experience One year experience in a similar role Knowledge of Pre-school regulations 1996 Knowledge of child protection issues Experience in the recruitment process Experience working with outside agencies such as the pre-school inspection team, NCNA,IPPA etc. Experience of working in partnership with parents Experience in relevant record keeping Knowledge of pre-school curricula supporting children’s development and their implementation. Experience of a quality programme

  

    

  

Skills/Abilities  Excellent communication skills  Record keeping knowledge Ability to review policies and procedures IT skills Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team Personal Qualities Pleasant approachable manner Confident and clearly spoken Calm welcoming nature Capable of identifying personal weaknesses

   

  

Appendix 4

Sample Application Form.

Job Application form Position:

Childcare Leader.

Closing date for receipt of applications:


Return to:

Surname: Address:

Telephone Number:

Mobile Telephone Number:

Email address:

First name:

General Education.(Primary and Secondary) School Attended





Relevant Education/Third Level ed./Accredited Training. Name of course.

Name of college or institution (parttime/fulltime/correspondence or other)


Duration of course.

Result and Accrediting body (e.g. FETAC, HETAC etc.)

Employment history (starting with most recent) (Please attach additional page if required) Dates. Name and Job title Duties and From to address of Responsibilities employer

Reason for leaving or wanting to leave

Training Give details of any specialised training received or courses attended Name Year Duration of Accredited by? course

What do you consider the most important aspects of being a childcare leader? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ How do you feel about directing other staff members and also taking direction from a management? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Please describe what you know about the Pre-School Regulations 2006. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Please indicate how you meet the essential and desirable criteria as set out in the person specification form and outline your interests, skills and abilities that are relevant to the post.


Please give the names addresses, and phone numbers of two persons who are in a position to comment on your professional work ability (references will not be taken without clarification/confirmation with you in the first place) Name:




Telephone Number:

Telephone Number:



If the above is the name of your present employer, do we have your permission to contact them? Yes  No  Do you have full clean driving license?



Do you have the use of a car?



Are you aware that if you are successful full Garda clearance is required? Yes  No  If you are successful at the next stage when would you be available to start?


I hereby declare that, that the information given in this form is true and correct and give my permission for enquiries to be made to establish such matters as age qualifications, experience and character and for the release by other people or organizations of such information as may be necessary for that purpose. This may include enquiries from past/present employers and the submission of the application is taken as consent to this. Signature:




Appendix 5

Sample Adverts.

…ltd is a community based crèche providing a quality childcare service for children aged between 6 months and 12 years. ………………Ltd invites applications for the following position.

Full time Childcare Leader. Hours of work: Location: Salary:      

Mon-Fri-8am -6pm. Railway St, Belturbet, Co. Cavan. €xx per hour. The leader will be responsible for: Managing the toddler room (2-3 yr olds) which caters for 12 children. Lead two other staff members. Responsible for day to day running of toddler room. Engage with and communicate with parents. Devise daily routines and plan activities in consultation with the children. Report to centre manager and management committee.

Person specification: Essential Criteria:  Minimum childcare qualification-FETAC level 5 in Childcare.  Minimum two years experience working with children in similar setting. Desirable Criteria:  Current First Aid certificate.  Knowledge of Children First National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children.  In-depth knowledge of Pre-School Regulations 2006. Please contact ….on 049….or email ……to request an application form, person specification and job description. Closing date for receipt of applications: dd/mm/yyyy. ….ltd is an equal opportunities employer.

Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013

Appendix 6

Sample Shortlisting Forms.

Job Title: ___________________

Name of Applicant SC 1 SC 2 SC 3 SC 4 SC 5

Interview Yes or No


Short list of essential Criteria for role of _________________: SC 1: FETAC Level 5 Childcare course or equivalent SC 2: Experience _________________ SC 3: SC 4: SC 5:

Signed:____________________ ____________________ ____________________


Job Title: Childcare manager Name of Applicant

SC 1




Short list essential criteria for role of childcare manager. No 1 –FETAC Level 5 Childcare course or equivalent No 2-One year experience in similar role No 3-Knowledge of pre-school regulation 1996 No 4-Experiene of working with outside agencies No 5-Knowledge in record keeping


Interview Yes or No


Job Title: Childcare Manager

Name of Applicant SC 1 SC 2 SC 3 SC 4 SC 5

Interview Yes or No


Short list Essential Criteria for role of Childcare Manager: SC 1: FETAC Level 5 Childcare course or equivalent SC 2: One year experience in similar role SC 3: Knowledge of Child Care (Pre-school Services) Regulations 2006 SC 4: Experience of working with outside agencies SC 5: Knowledge in record keeping

Signed: ______________________ ______________________ __________________


Appendix 7

Sample Interview Scoring Sheet.No. 1

Name of Service. ________________________ Name of applicant:_______________________ Qs

Essential 5


Education/Qualifications Childcare FETAC L5. First Aid. Child Protection.


Experience. Full day care(min 1 year) Management Exp. Other Personal Qualities Initiative Motivation Knowledge Pre-School Regs 2006 Children First Guidelines Child Development Skills Communication with management. Teamwork Relationship with parents

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Date of Interview.______________________


Desirable 3





not met 1



Directing staff IT/admin Total Score

Grand Total: ____________


Interview Board Members Sign:

______________________________ _______________________________

______________________________Recommendation:____________________________________________________________ Use the ‘notes’ column to record key words from candidates answers. Please use additional pages if necessary.

Sample No 2. Interview Score Sheet. Name of Service and Position: Name of Candidate: Date: Areas

Interview Board.

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Maximum Marks Available 40

Total Marks Awarded

Qualifications/Education/Training  Essential requirement=20 POINTS  Additional points awarded. Diploma/FETAC 6= 5 POINTS Ordinary Degree=10 Honours Degree=15 First Aid=1 Child Protection =1 Manual Handling=1 FETAC Modules=1 each Other e.g High Scope=1 20 Experience  Essential Requirement:=10 points  Each additional years experience should account for 1 extra point.  Management Experience=5 points 20 Skills/Abilities Record keeping=5 IT/Admin=5 Communication = 5 Initiative=5 20 Knowledge. Pre-School Regs=5 Child Protection=5 Child Development=5 Childcare Sector=5 20 Personal Qualities Motivation=5 Commitment=5 Presentation=5 Suitability=5 120 Grand Total Below is a rating scale designed as a guideline only to reflect the candidates performance n the interview. 1-59 60-80 81-100 101-120 Very Good: Satisfactory: Less than satisfactory: Unsatisfactory: The person showed a high level of Person met the requirements and showed Person met essential requirements Person did not meet all of the essential understanding and has highly a good understanding of the role. The however the person has a lack of requirements. developed skills and abilities. This person also has the relevant skills and experience, skills and abilities that are person has exceeded the basic experience to carry out the role to a relevant to carrying out the roles of the requirements of the position. satisfactory standard. position. Please note that in all of the above categories a candidate must score the essential requirement points in order to be considered for the position. Recommendation:_______________________________________________________________________________________

Sample No 3. Interview Scoring Sheet. Name of Service:_____________

Candidate name:______________ Essential Criteria Points Awarded.

Date of Interview____________


Essential Criteria

Desirable Criteria


Education/Qualifications/ Training


Diploma, BA, FETAC L6.First Aid, Child Protection.



Min 2 years

Additional years exp, Management Exp, Admin Exp.


Skills Abilities

Creative, IT skills, dev policies and procedures




Personal Qualities

Initiativeability to work on own. record keeping. Child development and behaviour. interest, motivation,

Children First Guidelines, PreSchool Regs, quality programmes commitment to training and person development. Total=

Total= Grand Total =

Recommendation: Interview Board Members Signature: ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

Desirable Criteria Points Awarded.

Appendix 8 Following the Interview Sample Letter of Decline.

Candidate Name Address

Facility Name Address Contact Number


Dear ______ Thank you for attending our interviews on the (interview date). Unfortunately I regret to inform you, that you have been unsuccessful for the position as _________________.

Should you wish to receive feedback in relation to your interview, please contact (name) at (contact Number).

We wish you every success with you career in the future

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards

________________ Manager/ Member

Sample Letter of Offer.

Candidate Name Address Date _______

Facility Name Address Contact Number

Dear _______ I am delighted to inform you that you have been successful in your application for the position as childcare Leader/Assistant/ Manager subject to Garda check and employee reference checks.

We will be in contact in the near future to arrange your start date and with any other further administration.

Looking forward to working with you.

Kind Regards

__________________ Manager/ member

Appendix 9.

Sample Reference Forms.

Employee/Student/Volunteers Self Declaration Form Confidential DECLARATION FROM ALL EMPLOYEES/STUDENTS/VOLUNTEERS WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Surname: Forename: Previous Surname:____________________


Current Address:_______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Previous Address:_______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth:

Place of Birth



Any other name previously known as Are you a : Student 


 Potential Employee 

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence or been the subject of a Caution or of a Bound Over Order? Yes


If yes, please state below the nature and date(s) of the offence(s):

Nature of offence

Date of Offence

____ _________________ _____________________________________________________ ____________ _____________________________________________________ ____________ Employee/Student/ Volunteer Signature _______________ Witness signature _______________

Print Name




Print Name __________________

Date _______________

Reference request form S\ reference form Confidential _____________ has expressed an interest in becoming an employee of _____________ and has given your name as a referee. Name of organization offering referee._______________________________________ Name of referee: ______________________________________________________ Position of referee: ______________________________________________________ Please confirm the length of time the candidate worked for your organization. From:________________


Position held:____________________ This post involves substantial access to children and as a childcare organisation committed to the welfare and protection of children, we are anxious to know if you have any reason at all to be concerned about this applicant being in contact with children or young people?

Please indicate yes or no. Yes


If you have answered yes, we will contact you in confidence. If you are happy to complete this reference, all information contained on the form will remain confidential, and will only be shared with the applicant’s immediate supervisor, should they be offered a childcare position. We would appreciate you being extremely candid in your evaluation of this person.

In what capacity and how long have you known this person? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ What attributes does this person have which you would consider makes them suitable to work with children? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

How would you describe their personality; include a description of the person’s strengths and weaknesses. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Is the candidate considered to be reliable, punctual and honest? Have they respected the principle of confidentiality? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Please comment on candidates ability to work on own initiative and within a team. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Please rate this person on the following (please tick) Poor





Responsibility Maturity Motivation Energy Trustworthiness Reliability Would you re-employ this person? Yes  No  ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Any other comments? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ____

Signed: _______________

Date: ________________

Thank you for your taking the time to fill out this form.

Appendix 10.

Recruitment Checklist.



Have you a recruitment policy (to satisfy requirements under Pre-School Regulations 2006)   Have you drawn up a job description?

Have you drawn up a person specification?

Have you a list of the essential and desirable criteria? 

Have you decided what the method of application is? C.V OR Application Form? 

Have you included all relevant logs on advertisement? 

Have you included closing date on advertisement? (usually allowing 3 /4 weeks for whole process)

Have you a recruitment panel set up?

Do you have an application pack ready?  (incl. job desc., person spec, app form and info on service)

Have you written a letter of invitation for interview? 

Have you a scoring/grading system ready for interviews? 

Has the panel agreed on interview questions?

Have you written to successful applicant offering position?  

Have you written to unsuccessful applicant offering opportunity for feedback? 

Have you kept all notes from interviews?

Have you checked two references for potential employee? 

Have you applied for Garda vetting for potential employee?   Have you drawn up a contract of employment including the employee’s job description and terms and conditions?   Has the contract been checked by a solicitor?

Has contract been signed by employee and management? 

Have you kept appropriate records of person you recruited?   Application form/C.V + cover letter. Copy of signed contract Copy of references and/or reference request forms. Copy of Garda vetting Copy of qualifications and certificates. Have you begun process of induction?

Appendix 11

Staff Induction Checklist

Name of Service.____________________ Name of Employee_____________ Position__________ Date:____________ Please sign of as and when you feel confident that you understand each area/topic



General Induction to the Nursery Do you know your way around the building and surrounding area inc Toilets, Utility, Sleep room, Cupboards, Kitchen, Office, All Rooms, Outdoor areas, Garden, Staff room, Offices YES/NO and Stores, where you can park? Have you got a locker where you can keep your belongings? Have you been introduced to other staff members?


Have you been allocated a member of staff to shadow?


Have you been introduced to children and their parents?


Have you seen the Rota? Do you know where to find it? Do you understand it?


Have you been given the dates of the next 4 staff team meetings?


Policies and Procedures Do you know where to find the policy and procedure file?


Initials Signature

Have you read through and signed the policies and procedures with the supervisor/manager?


Record Keeping YES/NO Have you been showed how to complete each record within the nursery inc time sheets, sleep monitoring, observation records, Daily records (for full list please see masters file) Do you know where to file each form? YES/NO Personnel information Have you completed your SMART objectives? Have you completed a new starters form?


Good Practice Are you clear on the guidelines for good practice at work?


Structure of Service Do you understand the staff structure within the crèche/pre-school/after school and the YES/NO immediate links outside? Are you fully aware of what services we provide and our standards?


Health and Safety Are you aware of the standards of personal and child hygiene routines? Have you been advised of what immunisations you should have? Are you confident in signposting parents of unvaccinated children to the HSE?


Do you know where to find the first aid supplies? Do you know who your first first aid YES/NO contact is?

Do you know how to evacuate the premises in the event of an emergency? Where to take the children? Would you know how to raise the alarm?


YES/NO Do you know the security procedures surrounding the attendance of children at the nursery? Are you aware of the daily cleaning and safety checks to be carried out and forms to be YES/NO signed? Do you know how to complete a risk assessment form? And what to do with it? Do you know where to find the domestic checklists? Are you familiar with all tasks on these YES/NO lists? Materials & Equipment

YES/NO Do you know where to find the instructions for the use of equipment? Have you been shown where to store equipment out of sight when it is not in use?


Do you know how to ensure safe storage of cleaning products Do you know how to ensure supplies are relinquished Working with Colleagues and Parents Are you clear on the guidelines on working with Colleagues, professionals and Parents? What to do in the event of difficulties with another member of staff?


Working with Children Have you received guidelines on working with Children? Have you received guidelines on report writing updating children’s files.


Child Protection Have you been introduced to the internal child protection officer? And been provided with YES/NO the guidelines for dealing with child protection issues? Designated officer, writing reports etc

Appendix 12:

Sample Contract of Employment

XXX Childcare Service

Sample Contract of Employment

or Terms and Employment



(name of childcare service)-------

------------------------------------and (name of employee)----------------


Name of Employer: _______________ Address of Employer: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Job Title: ______________________________________________

1. Duration of Contract

This is a contract between the ____________ and ______________. The appointment is for a period from ________ to _______. This is a fixed term contract and therefore the provisions of the Unfair Dismissals Act, 1977 to 1993 will not apply to the termination of this contract where such termination is by reason only of the expiry of the fixed term.

2. Probation You will be on probation for the first …… months of this contract. The probation period may be extended at the discretion of __________. ___________ reserves the right to terminate your employment either during or at the end of this probation period.

3. Salary/Wages

The salary for the position is ________per annum. Salary is paid on a ……… basis on the ___________ of the month/week etc. It will be paid by _______(direct debit etc).

4. Duties

You will be required to perform any duties which may be assigned to you from time to time as appropriate to your position and to undertake all legitimate requests of the manager/management and its designated officers. The position will be whole time and you may not engage in private practice or be connected with any outside business, which might interfere with the performance of official duties.

5. Hours of Work The hours will be ____ hours per week, exclusive of lunch breaks. Flexibility will be required from time to time, which may require you to work weekends or evenings.

Normal working hours The normal working hours are ____am to ___pm, or so agreed by Management according to the requirements of the work.

Time off In Lieu TOIL is granted for all hours worked in excess of the normal working week, e.g. evening meetings, and this should be approved in advance by the management or its designated officers. To claim TOIL staff must inform management________of working TOIL and take accumulated time off within ____ month. Where at all possible, prior approval should be sought in advance of extra hours worked.

6. Location You will be based in: _______________________________________. 7. Annual Leave Your annual leave will be ____ working days. Annual leave will be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997. Annual leave is exclusive of the usual public holidays. Annual Leave must be approved in advance by the Management . Annual leave must be taken _________(for example: at Christmas, Easter,

Summer holidays when service is closed.) .

There are nine/ten public holidays per year. Payment of annual leave will be covered by the provisions of Part III of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1977. Public holidays shall be given in accordance with the Organisation of Working Time Act 1977. When a termination of this contract occurs and the paid holidays already exceed the paid holiday entitlement on the date of termination, __________________ shall deduct the excess holiday pay from any termination pay.

8. Sick Leave In the event of absence due to illness you must contact the designated person one hour before the shift starts on the first day of illness to explain the absence. A certificate from a qualified medical practitioner must be furnished to the management on the third day of illness and on a weekly basis thereafter. _____________ reserves the right to have you examined by their own medical practitioner. Sick leave entitlement of full pay (less appropriate deductions in respect of social welfare benefits) may be allowed during sick absences up to the following limit in any period of twelve months service:- ________ Provided that a medical certificate covers each period of 3 days and the appropriate claim for sickness benefit is submitted to the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs and uncertified leave does not exceed 7 days in total per annum. 9. Confidentiality You will agree not to disclose to third parties confidential information either during or subsequent to the period of employment. 10. Grievance Procedures If you have any grievance, which you consider to be genuine in respect of any aspect of your employment, you have the right to a hearing by your immediate superiors or other management as circumstances warrant. If you are unhappy with the outcome of the hearing you may appeal to more senior management. You may be accompanied, should you so wish, either by a fellow employee or a representative of your choice at the appeal hearing.

11. Termination Provisions Notwithstanding the fact that this is a fixed term contract, _______________ reserves the right to terminate your employment prior to the expiry of the completion of the fixed term. Termination in such situations can be for any of the following reasons; Incompetence or poor work performance Misconduct (serious or persistent) Incapacity Failure to carry out reasonable instructions Redundancy Circumstances which cannot be foreseen at the outset e.g. lack of funding or insufficient funding, Government decisions, strikes in the workplace externally affecting __________________ or if for any reason the work of the project cannot be completed or is no longer required.  Other substantial reasons occur.      

Except in circumstances justifying immediate termination of your employment with __________________ you will be entitled to receive the appropriate period of notice set down in the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act 1973 as amended by the Unfair Dismissals Act 2001. 12. Dismissal Procedures The following procedure will be followed before a decision to dismiss you from ___________________ is taken;  A full investigation will be carried out by the manager/chairperson (or it’s designated officer/s), during which time you may be suspended with or without pay, pending the outcome of this process.  You will be informed of the reasons for the proposed dismissal and you will have the right to state your case. You may be accompanied, either by

a fellow employee or a representative of your choice.  You may appeal to the manager/Chairperson, (or designated officer/s) if a decision is taken to dismiss you at the conclusion of the full investigation.  If you wish to challenge the dismissal then, in accordance with the normal procedures, the matter shall be referred to a Rights Commissioner, the Labour Court, the Labour Relations Commissioner, or the Employment Appeals Tribunal as appropriate.  Certain serious breaches of ___________________ rules, customs of practice may result in your being dismissed without notice or pay in lieu of notice. 13. Voluntary Notice Should you wish to resign voluntary, you will be expected to provide _______notice in writing. This may be waived by agreement with the management. 14. Safety Statement __________________ has prepared a Safety Statement in accordance with the Health & Safety At work Act 2005. You are required to familiarise yourself with the safety procedures for your employment. 15. Variation The parties to this contract reserve the right to vary the terms herein by agreement in writing. Any such variations will henceforth form part of this contract. Employee Signature: _______________________ Date: __________ Employers Signature: _______________________ Date:___________

Appendix 13

Sample Staffing & Management Checklist.

Staffing and Management Checklist. Staff No.

Staff Name


Date of Employment

2 Refs provided. (please tick)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Refs verified & Record of Verification Provided & Signed. (please tick)

Garda Vetting. In process or achieved. (please state)

Copy of qualification s on file.

Over 18

(Please tick)

(please tick)

Appendix 14

Sample Pre-Placement questionnaire

Students name: ___________________ Address:______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Telephone number


Do you have any specific needs we need to be aware of to enable you to get the most out of this placement? _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________ Course Details _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Have you completed any other Childcare related courses? _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Course Tutors Name ______________________________ Address _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________ Contact telephone number ________________________ Copy of Insurance Provided – Prior to commencement of placement, the college must provide a copy of the students Garda Vetting. Yes  No  Give details of any previous childcare experience you have had with children

_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ What would you like to achieve from this placement, For example: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Is there a particular age group you wish to gain experience with _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Will you need to carry out child observations? _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________ Experience of planning and evaluating play opportunities _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ What length of time will you spend with us on placement? (If specific days of the week please specify days and times) _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________