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APE Ainvest Private Equity

Company Profile

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Our mission and our Competitive Advantage

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Our Core Activities

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Investment Team and Track Record

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Our Background

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WHO WE ARE AINVEST PRIVATE EQUITY – APE – is an independent company where management share in the ownership. The company was founded in 2001 by a group of managers with a proven track-record in the private equity sector, in turnaround, and in strategic consultancy. Over the last few years, the Team has focused itself particularly on private equity ventures.

OUR MISSION AND OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE APE is a key partners of the companies in a growth phases or in turnaround situations leveraging its broad expertise, and availing itself of a wide network of contacts in private equity and corporate finance operations.

APE’s philosophy is based on:  understanding thoroughly business and financial concerns;  being able to apply the most efficient financial instruments;  looking for innovative solutions, tailoring them to each individual business; and  being independent from other financial institutions.

OUR ACTIVITIES APE’s core business activities development are mainly:




PRIVATE EQUITY APE supports companies with high growth potential and a strong management team in raising risk capital, by making direct investments. TURNAROUNDS AND REFINANCING OPERATIONS APE guides companies in turnaround situations, devising and implementing restructuring plans. APE further attends as advisor in debt consolidation operations vis-à-vis banks, and in obtaining medium to long-term financing.

SUPPORTON IPOs APE supports companies throughout the process of Initial Public Offerings, by clearly defining and closely monitoring the process.


MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS APE supports majority shareholders and companies in acquisitions or disposal, and in share placements.

OUR INVESTMENT TEAM APE’s management team has gained competencies in corporate finance, risk capital investing, and in public offering operations. GIUSEPPE D’ANGELO Giuseppe is the vision behind APE. For over ten years, he developed Sofipa’s (Società Finanziaria di Partecipazioni) business of acquisitions and managing of direct investments. He was then engaged in the relaunch of Banca Mediosim. He built and led its Corporate Finance division for five years, acting as Global Coordinator on IPOs on Italian Stock Exchange and EASDAQ (next NASDAQ EUROPE) for a number of companies. He sits on the Board of various companies, and spent two terms as Board Member of AIAF (the Italian Financial Analysts’ Association), and of EASDAQ, the electronic European market for high growth, high tech companies. Giuseppe founded APE in February 2001.

MARCO CORRIDORI Following his degree in Electronic Engineering, Marco worked at Olivetti as an electronic component designer. Following his Masters in Business Management from Bocconi University, he spent eight years at Sofipa (Società Finanziaria di Partecipazioni), dealing in acquiring, managing and divesting of participations in industrial and services companies. He then headed the Primary Markets division at Banca Mediosim for four years, coordinating public offerings on the Italian and International stock exchanges. He left Banca Mediosim to start APE in 2001.

STEFANO BIANCHI Stefano is Investment Manager at APE since July 2011. Prior to joining APE, Stefano worked in the small and medium Italian industrial companies. During his activities Stefano gained exposure as a general manager, of a companies specialised in transformation of thermoplastic material, for a turnaround phases implementing a restructuring plans. Following this experience Stefano was a member of the board of a company focused in the childhood market, working closely to the companies shareholders implementing a successful strategic and development plan. Stefano worked as CEO of a company that manufacture and trade products for HO.RE.CA market. Prior to general management activities Stefano has gained a consolidated experience in


corporate finance division of Banca Mediosim and then as CRM (customer relationship manager) of MC Gestioni SGR. Stefano is graduated in economics studies at London Guildhall University in London (UK).

OUR TRACK RECORD APE’s management team has demonstrated its broad expertise in a number of projects:  Risk capital operations We’ve undertaken 18 operations, with an average Internal Rate of Return of about 23%. These include:    

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Capital expansions Management buy-outs Capital replacements Start-up

Corporate Finance Activity

 Business and shareholding restructuring (six projects)  Bank debt restructuring (four projects)  Global Coordinator on three IPOs on the Italian market, and one on EASDAQ  Feasibility studies for potential investments and acquisitions (7 projects)  Business acquisitions (3 projects )  Business valuations (3 projects )  Organising pool financing (12 projects)  Securitisation (1 project)

OUR HISTORY Though APE’s brand is relatively new, the management team has a combined experience of over thirty years in private equity and corporate finance activities. In 2001, having helped to successfully relaunch Banca Mediosim, and following its new shareholder, Banca di Roma’s, decision to transform it into an online bank, Giuseppe decided this was the ideal opportunity to set up a new venture, to fully capitalise on his broad experience in the sector, and to effectively combine strategic consulting and capital financing advice.

OUR CLIENTS SNAI is one of the most successful story. The company, listed on the Italian stock exchange, have been supported by APE in becoming one of the leaders in the betting and games sector. APE initially developed SNAI’s restructuring plan and oversaw its implementation with the company’s management. APE was advisor for SNAI’s entire EU60m debt consolidation, as well as


supporting the Eu310m financing and Eu250m capital raising. And finally advised SNAI’s shareholder in selling the company in 2011. Amongst APE’s investments, are David and TGS (composite materials sector), Eukrasia (environmental technologies), Hydro Air Research Italia (membrane separation systems), and UnoMaglia (clothing for luxury fashion brands).


APE Ainvest Private Equity Via Giosuè Carducci, 2 20123 Milano Tel. +39 02.89053127 - Fax +39 02.45496184 [email protected] C.F. e P.IVA 05521660968