ANTIQUE SALE To include 20th CENTURY DESIGN THURSDAY 5th JANUARY 2017 10.00am The Octagon Salerooms, East Reach, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3HL Tel: 01...
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10.00am The Octagon Salerooms, East Reach, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3HL Tel: 01823 332525 Email: [email protected]

THURSDAY 5th JANUARY 2017 AT 10.00 AM ON VIEW: SATURDAY 31st DECEMBER 9.00am – 12.30pm TUESDAY 3rd JANUARY 9.00am – 5.00pm WEDNESDAY 4th JANUARY 9.00am – 5.00pm & MORNING OF SALE FROM 8.30am

























JEWELLERY & WATCHES 1 A 9 CARAT GOLD CURB LINK WATCH CHAIN converted to a two row bracelet; with a propeller charm, stamped '18'; and a 9 carat gold signet ring; 28g gross £200-250 2 A 9 CARAT GOLD SIGNET RING vacant oval head, finger size N, 6.4g gross £50-60 3 A LATE VICTORIAN 9 CARAT GOLD COMPASS WATCH FOB with a lion surmount, with a T bar and short section of chain attached; with a modern swivelling triple seal, 15g gross £60-70 4 A GARNET SET SHELL CAMEO RING and a shell cameo ring, stamped '9ct', 3.4g gross £30-40 5 A JADE BROOCH the foliate carved circle approximately 2.6cm diameter £40-50 6 A 9 CARAT GOLD CASED MULTIFUNCTIONAL PENKNIFE with two blades and a scissor, 5.8cm long; with a plastic covered penknife £40-50

Lot 7 7 A THREE STONE DIAMOND RING stamped ;18ct', the old mine cut stone of approximately 1.25 carats, flanked by old brilliant cuts totalling approximately 0.2 carats, finger size O, 3.5g gross £2000-2500 8 A LIMOGES ENAMEL AND DIAMOND RING the navette image of a girl with a book, enclosed by thirty six small old cut stones totalling approximately 0.70 carats, finger size L, 6.3g gross, cased £500-700

Lot 8 9 A 1967 SOVEREIGN in a 9 carat ring mount, finger size W, 12.3g gross £180-220 10 A 1991 ONE TENTH ANGEL COIN in a 9 carat gold ring mount, finger size W, 5.4g gross, with a silver ingot pendant on a chain, 24g gross £60-80 11 A 9 CARAT GOLD BLUE TOPAZ AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING the oval cut stone enclosed by twenty single cut diamonds, finger size O1/2, 3.1g £40-60 12 A SINGLE STONE DIAMOND PLATINUM RING the Princess cut of 0.4cts stated, finger size L, 3.1g gross, with an E.G.L. Certificate No. AD110073, dated January 18, 2012, giving the stone clarity grade of P1 and colour K; with a platinum wedding ring, finger size L, 2.9g gross; both cased £200-250 13 A COLLECTION OF ASSORTED GENTLEMAN'S AND LADY'S WRIST WATCHES also a silver open faced pocket watch; and a fob watch on a gilt metal long chain £40-50 14 A COLLECTION OF SILVER AND SILVER COLOURED JEWELLERY with a fob watch £50-70 15 A BRASS FIGURAL DESK SEAL the standing male figure with an inscribed bloodstone seal base, 8.5cm high £30-40

16 A UNIFORM ROW OF CULTURED PEARLS the seventy five pearls of approximately 6mm diameter, to a marcasite clasp, 63cm long, with simulated pearls; a small collection of costume jewels; and two ladies wrist watches £30-40 17 A 9 CARAT PENDANT on a chain, cased £150-200




18 A NINE STONE DIAMOND 9 CARAT WHITE GOLD HALF HOOP RING the single cuts totalling approximately 0.13 carats, finger size N; another 9 carat white gold ring set with five small brilliant cut diamonds, finger size N, 4g gross £70-90 19 AN ALBERTINE WATCH CHAIN converted to a bracelet with a padlock clasp, 13g gross; with a bracelet with charms attached; a silver half engraved hinged bangle; and a silver bracelet £100-150

23 A 15 CARAT GOLD WATCH CHAIN of uniform solid curb links, with a swivel and bolt ring, 52.5cm long, 21g gross £280-320 24 A 9 CARAT GOLD BRACELET WATCH CHAIN of graduated solid curb links, with a T bar and two swivels, 41.5cm long, 39g gross £320-360 25 A SILVER HINGED BANGLE with a collection of costume jewellery including beads; simulated pearls; a gentleman's Cyma wristwatch; two ladies watches; cufflinks; and dress studs £70-90 26 A 9 CARAT GOLD CULTURED PEARL AND SYNTHETIC RUBY ABSTRACT BROOCH 7.4g gross; and a bar brooch £60-80 27 – 29 NO LOTS 30 AN 18 CARAT GOLD FOB WATCH with a keyless wound movement, 3.3cm diameter, 31g inclusive of movement £120-160 31 AN 18 CARAT GOLD DIAMOND AND RUBY RING the central diamond enclosed by four square cut rubies and diamonds at the compass points, with a trio of rubies to each shoulder, finger size O, 4.4g gross £70-90

SILVER & SILVER PLATE Lot 20 20 ARCHIBALD KNOX designed for Liberty & Co, a Murrle Bennett & Co Art Nouveau silver abalone shell set pendant, stamped 'silver' and MB Co monogram, 4.6cm long by 2.8cm wide, on a later chain £400-600 21 A 9 CARAT GOLD MALACHITE SET RING finger size N1/2, 11g gross £80-90 22 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND BOMBE RING stamped '750', the fifteen randomly set oval cut sapphires with five brilliant cut diamonds totalling approximately 0.12 carats, finger size M 1/2, 7g gross £100-150

Lot 32 32 A LATE VICTORIAN SILVER MOUNTED CUT GLASS TOILET BOTTLE London 190, the clear hob nail cut cylindrical body with hinged embossed cover, with stopper, 11.5cm high £40-60

33 A LATE VICTORIAN SILVER MOUNTED GLASS TOILET BOTTLE by Jo Gloster & Son, Birmingham 1893, with stopper; a late Victorian silver embossed pin box, by Gibson and Langman, London 1896, 10cm long; an Edwardian glass in box with pull off cover; a silver backed brush; and a metal box £70-90

39 A PAIR OF SILVER NAPKIN RINGS a single silver napkin ring; and a cased set of six silver bean end coffee spoons; 78g (2.5 troy ozs) gross £30-40

SILVER & SILVER PLATE 40 A GOOD ELECTROPLATED TRAY of oval outline, with flared rim, cut out handles and pierced decoration at points, 51.5cm long £40-50 41 A CONTINENTAL PLAQUE embossed with a tavern scene, stamped '90' and 'zipla', 18cm by 10cm; with five assorted spoons; a bracelet; and a dragonfly pendant on a chain £60-80

Lot 34 34 A LATE VICTORIAN SILVER HAND MIRROR by William Comyns, London 1890, the shaped mirror enclosed by a cast border of cherubs and a winged mask, 28.5cm long £60-90 35 A SILVER PEDESTAL FRUIT BOWL by Deakin & Francis, Birmingam 1930, the panelled bowl with pierced rim, 14cm high, 19.4cm diameter, 299g (9.6 troy ozs) gross £120-160 36 A SILVER CREAM JUG AND SUGAR BASIN by S Blanckensee & Sons Ltd, Birmingham 1927, of O round, cut rim form, on three supports, 163g (5.2 troy ozs) gross £40-60 37 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CRUET SET ON STAND by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co Ltd, London 1904, the salt, pepper and mustard decorated with wrythen gadrooning, on a trefoil shaped wire framed stand, with unassociated mustard spoon, no liners, 223g (7.1 troy ozs) gross £70-90 38 AN ELECTROPLATED HELMET SHAPED CREAM JUG a tea pot; a small engraved tray; and assorted flatware, some boxed £40-50

Lot 42 42 A VICTORIAN SILVER SALT by Francis Powell, London 1852, of cauldron form, embossed with roses and C scrolls, on three supports, remnants of gilding to the interior, 8cm diameter, 94g (3 troy ozs) gross £40-50 43 A VICTORIAN ELECTROPLATED STANDISH unmarked, the rectangular shaped stand on claw and ball supports with pen rests to either side and fantastical birds to either end, with taper stick to the centre, lacking snuffer, and a glass well wither side, 22.5cm long £60-80 44 AN ELECTROPLATED PUNCH BOWL wine coaster; pair of pepperettes; a letter P wine label; a soup ladle; and two small rectangular dishes £30-40 45 A LATE VICTORIAN SILVER CHATELAINE PIN CUSHION by George Unite, Birmingham 1899, of oval outline, pierced and embossed with flora, 5.2cm long, excluding suspension fitting, by 4.1cm wide £50-70

52 A SILVER NAPKIN RING with three others; 114g (3.6 troy ozs) gross £30-40

Lot 45 46 A SILVER BOX by J.B. Carrington, London 1901, all over hammered finish to the cylindrical body, crimped borders, pull off cover, 7.7cm high; with a silver butter knife; 135g (4.35 troys ozs) gross £40-50 47 A COLLECTION OF FINE SILVER 18TH/19TH CENTURY OLD ENGLISH PATTERN TABLESPOONS makers mark 'H.G.' only, possibly provincial, 183g (5.9 troy ozs) gross £40-50 48 A SILVER BON BON DISH by H. Matthews, Birmingham 1925, of circular form, shaped moulded rim, pierced decoration, on three supports, 10cm diameter, with a collection of five antique silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, and a single teaspoon, 157g (5 troy ozs) gross £50-60 49 A SILVER AND IRON SHOE LIFT/BUTTON HOOK by Samuel Jacob, London 1913, overall 27cm long £40-50 50 A SILVER THREE PIECE CRUET SET by Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1920, with glass liners and a mustard spoon; a cased silver spoon and napkin ring set; a pair of loaded silver desk candlesticks; and four small silver trophy cups, inscribed, with plinths £60-80

53 A NOVELTY ADVERTISING SILVER PROPELLING PENCIL maker V&J, Birmingham 195_, in the form of a nail, inscribed 'No-Nail', 11cm long; with a silver propelling tooth pick; and a small silver propelling pencil £40-60 54 A MATCHED SET OF THREE SILVER CRESTED SHAPED WINE LABELS maker H. Unite, Birmingham 1970-71, for Whisky and two for Sherry, 5.2cm across; 37g gross £30-40 55 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER BONBON DISHES maker H.A., Sheffield 1904, of navette shape, with pierced decoration, 11.5cm long; with a late Victorian shell butter dish, Birmingham 1901, 12.5cm long; 122g (3.9 troy ozs) gross £50-70 56 AN EASTERN METALWARE CARD CASE a pair of Eastern metalware menu holders; and a set of six Eastern metalware leaf bowl spoons £50-70 57 A CASED SET OF SIX SILVER BEAN END COFFEE SPOONS a pair of Victorian silver pickle forks by George Unite, with ivory handles; a set of twelve silver teaspoons, with Tudor rose finials, inscribed; 192g (6.1 troy ozs) gross weighable £40-60 58 A CASED SET OF FOUR GLASS SILVER MOUNTED BUTTER DISHES with butter forks, by S. Ireland Ltd, Chester 1915, the circular dishes with fob handles, on ball feet, 151g (4.8 troy ozs) gross £60-80

51 A SILVER MUG maker J.M., Birmingham 1960, of baluster shape with S scroll handle, inscribed, 10cm high; with another similar silver mug, also inscribed; 36.4g (11.7 troy ozs) gross £80-90 Lot 59

59 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER TEAPOT maker J.A., London 1903, of globular form with cut cape rim and on four supports, 355g (11.4 troy ozs) gross £80-100

65 A SILVER OVAL BON-BON DISH by Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1970, of oval shaped outline, with Georgian style engraved border, 16cm long, 139g (4.4 troy ozs) gross £40-60

60 A SILVER PEPPER MILL by Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1969, of churn shape, 10cm high £30-40

66 A LATE VICTORIAN ELECTROPLATED STANDISH to the centre is a spread winged eagle on a rocky outcrop, flanked by glass wells, pen rest to the rear, winged grotesque mask bracket supports, 28cm long £30-40

61 A NOVELTY EDWARDIAN SILVER TOAST RACK in the form of a gondola, makers mark indistinct, Birmingham 1908, four divisions with a ring handle above, on ball supports, 14cm long, 50g (1.6 troy ozs) gross £40-50 62 A COLLECTION OF SILVER comprising: a cigarette box; two loaded desk candlesticks; a pepper; a loaded bud vase; a pair of loaded bud vases; an acorn shaped rattle from a teether; a toast rack; two silver backed hair brushes; and a hand mirror £60-80

67 A SILVER HELMET SHAPED CREAM JUG Chester 1907; with a pair of oval silver salts, with blue glass liners; and a pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs, possibly William & Peter Bateman; 190g (6.1 troy ozs) gross; offered with a plated entree dish £70-90 68 A SILVER VESTA CASE a silver St John's ambulance medal; a silver enamelled medal; and a collection of costume jewellery cuff links £40-50

CERAMICS & GLASS 72 THREE BORDER FINE ARTS LIMITED EDITION FLOWER FAIRIES: 'Lavender Flower Fairy' with certificate, 'Candytuft Flower Fairy' with certificate, and one further; together with Royal Doulton HN2429 'Elyse' and a Coalport pastille burner £40-60

Lot 63 63 AN ART NOUVEAU PHOTOGRAPH FRAME by W. Neale, Birmingham 1901, 23.5cm high, image area 14cm by 9.5cm; with a smaller silver photograph frame £40-60 64 A GLASS PRESERVE POT with silver pull off cover, by Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1915, of almost cubic shape £40-50

Lot 73 73 SEVEN MATCHING SUSIE COFFEE CANS and eight saucers, in 'Talisman' pattern £30-40


74 A CASED MINTON LIMITED EDITION COMMEMORATIVE BEAKER celebrating the 1937 Coronation of Edward VIII, numbered 611/2000, 10.5cm high £30-50 75 A CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN TABLE LAMP with polychrome enamelled floral and gilt decoration, 28.5cm high including metal stand but excluding electrical light fitting £30-50 76 MIXED GLASSWARE to include a pair of cut glass decanters and stoppers and two others, a pedestal vase, jug etc. (9) £30-50 77 A CLARICE CLIFF PART DINNER SERVICE with green and gilt banded decoration on a cream ground, Regd No. 840076 (21 pieces) £30-40 78 A SET OF EIGHT WINE GLASSES with green glass bowls and a clear glass vase of flared outline £30-50 79 SUITES OF CUT TABLE GLASS comprising five sets of six pedestal glasses of varous sizes and a set of six heavy cut glass tumblers (36) £30-50 80 A SLIPWARE CIRCULAR DISH with bird and tree stylised decoration, the rim with star and bow design, 22cm diameter £30-50 81 A GLUG GLUG DECANTER of large proportions, 33cm high £40-60

82 A BORDER FINE ARTS GROUP 'Hay Turning' JH110, from the James Herriot Collection by S.M. Ayres, limited edition no.1252/1750, on shaped wooden plinth, length 44cm, with box £80-120 83 AN ART NOUVEAU CIRCULAR GREEN GLASS INKWELL with metal stylized waterlily decoration and with brass lid, 8cm high, 8.5cm diameter £30-50 84 A SET OF EIGHT COPELAND SPODE HAND-PAINTED DINNER PLATES with pale green and gilt decoration, each centred with famous building and all titled on the reverse, 'Melrose Abbey'; 'Wilton Castle'; 'Saffron Walden Church'; 'Chepstow Castle'; 'Arundel Castle'; 'Kilchurn Castle'; 'Muckross Abbey'; and 'Rochester', diameter 26.5cm £50-80 85 A PEDESTAL WINE GLASS the opaque air twist stem with a knop, 15.5cm high £40-60 86 ASSORTED GLASSWARE to include a ruby flash vase with a vine decoration, a green glass Roemer applied with prunts, a tall pedestal glass with air twist stem etc. £40-60 87 A SQUARE BLUE GLASS SCENT BOTTLE with gilt openwork decoration, the lid painted with a classical scene, the base raised on four ball supports, 12cm high £30-50 88 A PAIR OF MODERN CERAMIC TABLE LAMPS 30cm high excluding electrical fittings £30-50 89 A LARGE CARTER STABLER ADAMS POOLE POTTERY VASE shape number 337, decorated in the YO pattern, impressed mark for 1925-1934 to base and decorator's mark for Anne Hatchard, 24.5cm high £50-80

Lot 82

ORIENTAL CERAMICS & WORKS OF ART 93 A CHINESE VASE OF SPHERICAL FORM underglaze blue painted decoration of eight immoratals, drilled for use as a table lamp, 25.5cm high excluding light fitting £30-50

101 FRANCOIS VIVARES (AFTER CLAUD LORRAIN) 'Jupiter and Europa - L'Enlevement d'Europe', engraving, published by Vivares, 1771, 51cm x 63.5cm. £30-40

94 A CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER VASE with blue enamel interior and base, relief carved with panels of floral sprays, 17cm high. £30-40 LOT 95


Lot 102 102 CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (EARLY-MID 20TH CENTURY) Tree Groups, a trio, hand-coloured etchings, indistinctly signed lower right, each 25.5cm x 19.5cm, uniformly framed, (3). £30-40

Lot 96 96 A CHINESE BRASS CENSER of rectangular form, with twin mask drop ring handles, lacking cover, faint seal mark to base, 18cm wide 12.5cm deep 15cm high £40-60


Lot 100 100 AFTER JOHN HEAVISIDE CLARK (BRITISH, C.1771-1836) 'The Capture of Bonaparte's Carriage, Papers & Treasure... at the close of the Battle of Waterloo, June 18th 1815', coloured print, published by Edward Orme, London, 1816, 28cm x 37.5cm. £30-40

103 DAME ELIZABETH VIOLET BLACKADDER (BRITISH, B.1931) Abstract Still Life, lithograph, limited edition 53/75, signed lower right, 31cm x 47cm. This lot may be subject to Droit de Suite (Artists Resale Right). £150-200 104 SIR ROBIN PHILIPSON (BRITISH, 19161992) Roses, lithograph, signed lower right, 66cm x 47cm. This lot may be subject to Droit de Suite (Artists Resale Right). £80-100 105 CLAUDE HAMILTON ROWBOTHAM (BRITISH, 1864-1949) 'The Homestead - Nr the Lizard'; 'A Sussex Homestead - Nr Bignor'; and 'Crummock Water', aquatints, each signed in pencil lower right, various sizes the largest 16.5cm x 22cm, (3). £30-40

Lot 108 Lot 106 106 GRAHAM SUTHERLAND (BRITISH, 19031980) 'Metamorphosis: Egg, Larvae, Pupae', aquatint etching, 1977, limited edition 49/66, signed lower right, 43.5cm x 33.5cm. Provenance: Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham (label verso). This lot may be subject to Droit de Suite (Artists Resale Right). £300-400

108 GRAHAM SUTHERLAND (BRITISH, 19031980) 'Insect', lithograph, 1963, limited edition 18/65, signed lower right, 63.5cm x 48.5cm. Provenance: Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham (label verso). This lot may be subject to Droit de Suite (Artists Resale Right). £350-450 109 REZA SAMIMI (PERSIAN, 1919-1991) 'Reverie', colour print, limited edition of 250, signed lower left, 62cm x 48cm. Provenance: The Whitgift Galleries, Croydon. £30-40


Lot 107 107 GRAHAM SUTHERLAND (BRITISH, 19031980) '18 Sheet of Studies', lithograph, 1971, limited edition 40/200, signed lower right, 53.5cm x 74.5cm. Provenance: Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham (label verso). This lot may be subject to Droit de Suite (Artists Resale Right). £150-200

110 SHELAGH PATE (BRITISH, LATER 20TH CENTURY) 'The Waterfall, Gordale Scar', watercolour and pencil, signed and dated '[19]72' lower right, 47cm x 36cm. £30-40

114 INDIAN SCHOOL (LATE 19TH / EARLY 20TH CENTURY) Processional Scenes, a group of six, gouache, 11.5cm x 17cm, uniformly framed. £60-80 115 ALDO M. GALEA (MALTESE, B.1953) Mdina, watercolour, signed and dated 'Oct. [19]85' lower right, 17cm x 24.5cm. £30-40 Lot 111 111 THOMAS SEWELL ROBINS (BRITISH, 1810-1880) Fishing Boats Returning in a Gale, watercolour, signed and dated '1855' lower right, 34cm x 48.5cm. £200-250

Lot 112 112 CHARLES JAMES ADAMS (BRITISH, 1859-1951) Gorse Bushes Beside a Moorland Path, watercolour, signed lower left, 27cm x 37.5cm. £80-100

116 H.J. WEBB (BRITISH, EARLY-MID 20TH CENTURY) Beach with Coastal Rocks, possibly Devon, gouache, signed lower right, 19.5cm x 39cm. £30-40 117 JON MILLER (BRITISH, 20TH CENTURY) A series of original book illustrations for 'The Real Ghostbusters: Ghosts-R-Us', pen and ink, unsigned, each overall approximately 40cm x 30cm, unframed, (25); together with a published copy of the paperback book. £80-100 118 JON MILLER (BRITISH, 20TH CENTURY) A series of original book illustrations for 'The Real Ghostbusters: Slimer Come Home', pen and ink, unsigned, each overall approximately 40cm x 30cm, unframed, (25); together with a published copy of the paperback book. £80-100

OILS 119 ERIC HAYSOM CRADDY (BRITISH, 19132007) 'Still', Bristol Savages evening sketch, oil on board, signed lower right, dated 1977 verso, 24.5cm x 34.5cm. £40-60 120 CONTINENTAL SCHOOL CENTURY) Still life of fruit on a table, oil on canvas, unsigned, 53.5cm x 59.5cm. £30-40

Lot 113 113 CHARLES JAMES ADAMS (BRITISH, 1859-1951) Moorland Valley Landscape, watercolour, signed lower left, 27cm x 37.5cm. £80-100


Lot 121 121 BRITISH SCHOOL (MID 19TH CENTURY) Portrait of a Lady, oil on canvas, unsigned, 71cm x 62cm. £200-300 122 ARTHUR FENSHAW (BRITISH LATE 19TH / EARLY 20TH CENTURY) Carting through a Snowy Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 35cm x 60cm. £70-90

Lot 125 126 BRITISH SCHOOL (20TH CENTURY) A Lakeland Landscape, oil on board, unsigned, marked 'Harry Young 73' verso, 31.5cm x 39cm. £30-50

123 HAROLD BOWYER (BRITISH, 20TH CENTURY) Fishing Boats in Brixham Harbour, oil on board, signed lower right, 29cm x 44.5cm. £40-60 124 JOHN FISHER (BRITISH, B.1938) 'Workboats at Rest: the Vegetable Market from the Rialto', oil on paper, signed and dated '[19]90' lower right, 34cm x 20.5cm. Provenance: Francis Kyle Gallery (label verso). £40-60 125 JOHN FISHER (BRITISH, B.1938) 'Approaching the Amber Fort, Elephants Returning from their Trade', oil on paper, signed and dated '[19]89' lower right, 37.5cm x 24.5cm. Provenance: Francis Kyle Gallery (label verso). £50-70

Lot 126 127 IRENE WELBURN (BRITISH, EXH. 193640) A Victorian Villa with Garden, oil on board, marked verso 'Ravenscliffe 1981, Manor Hill, Sutton Coldfield', signed lower left, 42cm x 67.5cm. £80-100 128 IRENE WELBURN (BRITISH, EXH. 193640) Still Life of Flowers, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 56.5cm x 74.5cm. £60-80

Lot 129 129 BRITISH SCHOOL (MID-LATER CENTURY) Harbour with Boats, oil on board, unsigned, 42.5cm x 121cm. £40-60


137 [RELIGION & THEOLOGY] Young, Edward. The Complaint: or, Night-Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality, new edition, for Millar and Dodsley, London, 1755, half calf, engraved frontispiece, octavo (upper hinge weak); together with James, John Angell. The Anxious Inquirer after Salvation Directed and Encouraged, sixth edition, Religious Tract Society, London, 1835, mauve cloth, duodecimo, (2). £30-35

130 VINCENT PHILIP YGLESIAS (BRITISH, 1845-1911) Watermill 'At Brambletye Sussex', oil on board, signed lower left, titled to old label verso (possibly artist's), 24.5cm x 17.5cm. £50-70 131 BRITISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Portrait miniature of a young lady, oil on milk glass, unsigned, 11.5cm x 8cm (oval), mounted but unframed, (glass broken). £30-40

BOOKS 135 [CLASSIC LITERATURE] Twain, Mark. Roughing It and The Innocents at Home, first combined British edition, Routledge, London, 1882, pictorial crimson cloth gilt, illustrations by F.A. Fraser, octavo; together with Twain, Mark. The American Claimant, first British edition, Chatto & Windus, London, 1892, pictorial crimson cloth, illustrations by Dan Beard and Hal Hurst, octavo; and another work by the same, (3). £30-35 136 [MISCELLANEOUS] Lofting, Hugh. Doctor Dolittle's Post Office, first edition, Cape, London, 1924, grey cloth, colour frontispiece, text illustrations, octavo; Blunden, Edmund. Shells by a Stream, first edition, Macmillan, London, 1944, green cloth, dustjacket, octavo; Shute, Nevil. The Rainbow and the Rose, first edition, Heinemann, London, 1958, boards, dustjacket, octavo; and a further thirteen assorted works, (16). £30-35

Lot 138 138 [CLASSIC LITERATURE] Meynell, Wilfrid. Verses and Re-Verses, privately printed (at The Arden Press) for his family & friends, 1910, grey boards, top edges gilt, small octavo; Meynell, Alice. The Shepherdess & Other Verses, Burns & Oates, London, no date, paper covers, INSCRIBED & SIGNED TO DOROTHY RAWCLIFFE, with a manuscript poem and letter to the same in original postal envelope taped to inside front cover, octavo; another copy of the same, unsigned; Meynell, Violet. Verses, first edition, Secker, London, 1919, blue-grey boards, octavo; Rawcliffe, Dorothy. The Child's Visit to Fairyland, no date [1911], fawn cloth, map frontispiece, INSCRIBED & SIGNED BY AUTHOR to her mother, with a poem, on front free endpaper, octavo; Rawcliffe, Dorothy. Rafferty-Tafferty Primblekins and Other Follies for the Diversion of All Children, Old and Young, Platt, Wigan, 1927, stiff paper cover with onlaid title label, SIGNED BY AUTHOR, octavo; and two further duplicated works by Rawcliffe, (8). £30-40 139 [RELIGION & THEOLOGY] Hervey, James. Meditations and Contemplations, by Fisher, Liverpool, no date [circa 1815], full marbled calf (rebacked, with new endpapers), engraved portrait frontispiece and half title, octavo; together with Hervey, James. Meditations and Contemplations, for Kelly, London, 1822, half calf

(upper joint split at head and spine strip with related tear), engraved frontispiece, octavo; Hervey, James. Meditations and Contemplations, Albion Press edition, for Cundee et al., London, no date, full marbled calf (joints cracked), engraved portrait frontispiece and half title, octavo; and Hervey, James. Meditations and Contemplations, Mackenzie, Glasgow, 1827, half calf, engraved portrait half title (lacking frontispiece and all pages before), octavo, (4). Provenance: The family of James Hervey, by direct descent. £30-40 140 [TOPOGRAPHY]. LONDON Wakefield, Priscilla. Perambulations in London, and its Environs, second edition, for Darton, Harvey & Darton, London, 1814, full calf, engraved frontispiece, four engraved plate illustrations (each with two images), octavo. £30-40 141 [MODERN FIRSTS] Christie, Agatha. They Do It with Mirrors, The Crime Club / Collins, London, 1952, bright red cloth, dustjacket, octavo; with Evil Under the Sun, The Crime Club / Collins, 1941, orange cloth; The Labours of Hercules, The Crime Club / Collins, 1947, orange cloth; Taken at the Flood, The Crime Club / Collins, 1948, orange cloth; and Mrs McGinty's Dead, The Crime Club / Collins, 1952, orange cloth (all with varying degrees of damp marking); also Fleming, Joan. Miss Bones, The Crime Club / Collins, 1959, crimson boards, dustjacket, octavo (W.H. Smith Library label to front pastedown); Strange, John Stephen. Night of Reckoning, The Crime Club / Collins, 1959, crimson boards, dustjacket, octavo (W.H. Smith Library label to front pastedown); and Marsh, Ngaio. Off with his Head, The Crime Club / Collins, 1957, red boards, octavo, (9). £30-35 142 [MISCELLANEOUS] Cox, Edwin Marion, translator & editor. The Poems of Sappho, limited edition 213/426, SIGNED BY EDITOR, Williams & Norgate, London, 1924, quarter vellum, small quarto; with Bain, F.W., translator. A Digit of the Moon, limited edition 120/500, Riccardi Press / Medici Society, London, 1913, full vellum, top edges gilt, octavo (covers soiled); and a further three titles by the same from his Indian Stories series, all full vellum, variable condition, (5). £30-40

Lot 143 143 [MISCELLANEOUS]. ILLUSTRATED Alighieri, Dante. The New Life, translated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, full reversed calf, top edges gilt, colour and line drawn illustrations by Evelyn Paul, quarto (covers damp marked); Bedier, Joseph. The Romance of Tristram and Iseult, translated by Florence Simmonds, Heinemann, London, 1910, decorative blue cloth, frontispiece and a further nineteen paper-protected tipped-in colour plate illustrations by Maurice Lalau (as called for), quarto (covers damp marked); Dulac, Edmund, illustrator, and Shakespeare, William. The Tempest, Hodder & Stoughton, London, no date, decorative green cloth gilt, frontispiece and a further thirty-nine paperprotected tipped-in colour plate illustrations, quarto (spine slightly faded and nicked); and Parry, Judge. Don Quixote of the Mancha, Blackie, London, no date, pictorial cloth, pictorial title, frontispiece and a further ten colour plate illustrations by Walter Crane (as called for), small quarto (lower cover damp marked), (4). £30-40 144 [ART]. WOOD ENGRAVING Empson, Patience, editor. The Wood Engravings of Robert Gibbings, first edition, Dent, London, 1959, black cloth, illustrations throughout, quarto; Lawrence, D.H. The Man who Died, Heinemann, London, 1935, quarter cloth, illustrations by John Farleigh, quarto; and two other works, (4). £30-40 145 [ART] Schilling, Jurgen. Max Pechstein, Kreis Unna, 1989, boards, dustjacket, German text, illustrations throughout, quarto; Spies, Werner, introduction. Max Ernst Prints and Books (The Lufthansa Collection), Lufthansa Cultural Affairs, 1991, pictorial limp covers, English text, illustrations throughout, quarto; Rawski, Evelyn & Rawson, Jessica, editors. China:

The Three Emperors 1662-1795, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2006, pictorial limp covers, illustrations throughout, quarto; and a further nineteen assorted works, (22). £35-45 146 [NATURAL HISTORY] Thompson, Harry V., & Worden, Alastair N. The Rabbit, first edition, Collins, London, 1956, green buckram, dustjacket, plate illustrations, octavo; Stamp, Dudley, & Hoskins, W.G. The Common Lands of England & Wales, first edition, Collins, London, 1963, green buckram, dustjacket, plate illustrations, octavo; together with a further six New Naturalist titles; and a further fourteen assorted works, (22). £30-40 147 [MISCELLANEOUS] Seaver, George. Edward Wilson of the Antarctic, Naturalist and Friend, first edition, Murray, London, 1933, blue cloth, plate illustrations, octavo; Mosso, Angelo. Life of Man on the High Alps, Fisher Unwin, London, 1898, decorative blue cloth, illustrations, quarto; Scott, Sir Walter. The Lady of the Lake, Black, Edinburgh, 1853, pictorial bevelled green cloth gilt, all edges gilt, vignette illustrations, octavo; and seventeen assorted other works, (20). £30-35 148 [MISCELLANEOUS] Warner, Sir George, intro. Queen Mary's Psalter, British Museum, London, 1912, half leather, top edges gilt, illustrations, large quarto; Stanley, Arthur P. Historical Memorials of Canterbury, second edition, Murray, London, 1855, full calf by Zaehnsdorf, plate illustrations, octavo; and assorted other works, 17th century and later, most leather bound, (total 19 works or part works in 21 volumes). £30-40 149 [CLASSIC LITERATURE]. J.R.R. TOLKIEN Tolkien, J.R.R. The Silmarillion, first edition, George Allen & Unwin, London, 1977, navy cloth, dustjacket, octavo; Tolkien, J.R.R. Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth, reprint, George Allen & Unwin, London, 1980, maroon cloth, dustjacket, octavo; Carpenter, Humphrey, editor. Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, first edition, George Allen & Unwin, London, 1981, boards, dustjacket, octavo; together with assorted other works by or on the same; and two calendars, (12). £30-40

Lot 150 150 [NATURAL HISTORY]. NEW NATURALIST Butler, Colin. The World of the Honeybee, reprint, Collins, London, 1971, green buckram, dustjacket, illustrations, octavo; Edlin, H.L. Trees, Woods & Man, reprint, Collins, London, 1978, green buckram, dustjacket, illustrations, octavo; Condry, W.M. The Snowdonia National Park, second edition, Collins, London, 1967, green buckram, dustjacket, illustrations, octavo; and a further ten titles from the series, (13). £40-50 151 [NATURAL HISTORY] Ross-Craig, Stella. Drawings of British Plants, eight volumes, Bell, London, 1948-73, blue cloth, illustrations throughout, octavo; Messenger, Guy. Flora of Rutland, Leicester Museums, 1971, boards, dustjacket, plate illustrations, quarto; and assorted other works, (total 29 volumes). £30-40 152 [HISTORY]. SOMERSET Davis, John. A Concise History of the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, in Wells, by Brodie, Dowding & Luxford, Salisbury, circa 1814, later half leather, with inter-leaved manuscript notes bound in, octavo; Parker, John Henry. The Architectural Antiquities of the City of Wells, Parker & Co., Oxford & London, 1866, original cloth, plate illustrations, octavo; together with twenty-eight Somerset Record Society publications; and two other works of related interest, (32). £30-40 153 [MISCELLANEOUS] Yeats, W.B. The Collected Poems, Macmillan, London, 1933, mauve cloth, portrait frontispiece, octavo; Hoskins, W.G. Rutland: A Shell Guide, London, 1963, cloth, dustjacket, illustrations, square octavo; and twenty-eight other assorted works, (total 33 volumes). £30-40

154 [MISCELLANEOUS] The New Oxford History of Music, Volumes I-X, Oxford University Press, London, 1957-75, cloth, illustrations, quarto (six volumes with dustjackets); Churchill, Winston. The Second World War, Volumes I-VI, Cassell, London, 1948-54, first editions, cloth, dustjackets, octavo; and assorted other works, (total 31 volumes). £30-40 155 [MISCELLANEOUS] Liedtke, Walter. Vermeer and the Delft School, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2001, pictorial soft covers, illustrations throughout, quarto; Wilson, David, intro. The Bayeux Tapestry, Thames & Hudson, London, 1985, grey cloth, illustrations, quarto, in slipcase; and assorted other works, (12). £30-35 156 [SPORTING] Bowers, G. Notes from a Hunting Box (not) in the Shires, Bradbury, Agnew & Co., London, 1873, cloth-backed pictorial boards, illustrations, oblong quarto; Stewart, F.A. Hunting Countries, Collins, London, 1935, scarlet cloth, twelve colour plate and further black and vignette illustrations, oblong quarto; together with two other works; and an album of photographs showing farm property in Devon and Somerset, (5). £30-40

158 [ANTIQUES & WINE] Hackenbroch, Yvonne. English and other Needlework, Tapestries and Textiles in the Irwin Untermyer Collection, first edition, Thames & Hudson, London, 1960, quarter blue buckram, plate illustrations, quarto; Penning-Rowsell, Edmund. The Wines of Bordeaux, first edition, International Wine and Food Society, London, 1969, boards, dustjacket, octavo; and assorted other works, including auction catalogues, (31 volumes, box). £30-35 159 [ANTIQUES] Stevenson, John & Guy, John. Vietnamese Ceramics: A Separate Tadition, first edition, Art Media Resources, Chicago, 1997, cloth, dustjacket, illustrations, large quarto; Beurdeley, Michel & Cecile. Chinese Ceramics, first British edition, Thames & Hudson, London, 1974, cloth, dustjacket, illustrations, large quarto; and assorted other works, (13 volumes). £30-35

Lot 160

Lot 157 157 [ANTIQUES] Chippendale, Thomas. The Gentleman and CabinetMaker's Director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture, facsimile reprint of third edition, for the author, London, 1762, half cloth, plate illustrations, folio. £30-35

160 [MISCELLANEOUS] An illuminated address to Rev. William Romaine Hervey, Canon of Wakefield, Rural Dean of Silkstone and Rector of Barnsley, and to Mrs Hervey, on their leaving the Rectory, Barnsley, 1919, by Edwin Haigh, full leather gilt. £30-40 161 [TOPOGRAPHY]. TAUNTON (SOMERSET) Auction Particulars of a Most Important & Valuable Property known as "Castle Green Estate"... situate in the centre of the flourishing Town and Borough of Taunton, which will be offered for sale, on Tuesday, the 23rd day of July, 1861, at Clarke's Hotel, Taunton, printed by Dyer of Taunton, folding paper, 37.5cm x 25cm, complete with accompanying map, 34.5cm x 43cm, inclusive of margins. £30-35

Lot 161

Lot 168

162 [MAPS] Fifty-five 1:50,000 scale folding Ordnance Survey maps, (box). £30-35

169 A PAIR OF BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICIAN'S CONSULTING ROOM DISPLAY PLAQUES one of 'The Human Eye' and the other of the 'Eye Muscles', each moulded in composition in bas relief, each 35cm x 25cm. £30-40

163 [MAPS]. ASSORTED comprising Richard Blome, 'A Mapp of the County of Somerset', 20cm x 24cm; Thomas Kitchin (17181784), 'A New Map of the North Riding of Yorkshire', 21cm x 26cm; and three others. £30-40


Lot 167 167 AN AVELING & PORTER BRASS PRANCING HORSE EMBLEM as fitted to steam roller headstocks, 24cm high. Note: Believed to have been removed in the 1960s. £30-40 168 A CHROMED CAR MASCOT IN THE FORM OF AN ALSATIAN DOG standing on all fours, unmarked, 13.5cm long. £30-40

170 A PAIR OF BINOCULARS the barrel ends engraved 'S.1 29232' and 'Graticules. 1.5 Mins: Apart.', in a leather case, the lid interior marked 'AFSA Paris'. £30-35 171 POSTCARDS - TOPOGRAPHICAL Approximately fifty-one cards, including views of Station Road, Taunton; Fore Street, Taunton; The Cornhill, Bridgwater; Fore Street from Cornhill, Bridgwater; Mercery Lane, Canterbury; and The Quay, Wexford, (loose). £30-35 172 A RUDGE LADY'S BICYCLE circa 1950s-60s, maroon, with Sturmey Archer 4speed gears, rod brakes, lights (not tested), pump, chain guard and saddle bag. £30-40 173 A RALEIGH ONE-WHEEL WHEELBARROW in original brown paper wrapping (ex shop stock). Provenance: Frank Beech Toys, Holywell, North Wales. £30-35 174 A 'CHIPPERFIELD'S COLLECTION' GLAZED DISPLAY CABINET limited edition, containing three glass shelves, overall 71cm x 61.5cm. £30-40

175 A FOUR-DRAW TELESCOPE by W. Watson & Sons Ltd of London, serial no. 4532, with a leather covered barrel and matching lens caps, 83cm long (extended). £30-40 176 ASSORTED TOYS & GAMES comprising a British tinplate and plastic 'A.A.' Jeep; five Fuzzy-Felt sets, including Winnie the Pooh; and other items. £30-35

180 POSTCARDS - THEATRE, MUSIC & LITERATURE Approximately 165 cards, including real photographic portraits of Rudolph Valentino, (2); Florence Smithson; Gladys Cooper (numerous); and the Dagenham Girl Pipers (six different); also a printed portrait of the St. Hilda Colliery Band; together with a quantity of modern portrait cards, photographs and clipped portraits, some signed. £30-40

Lot 177 177 AN AFRICAN TRIBAL AXE with a hardwood club head terminal and shaft of rich auburn patina, 47cm long. £40-50 Lot 181 181 A VICTORIAN STYLE CHILD'S HORSE VELOCIPEDE of 20th century manufacture, the carved wood horse painted light grey, and the cast metal frame and metal wheels painted mid grey, overall 79cm long. £50-70 Lot 178 178 A TRIBAL HARDWOOD THROWING OR FIGHTING CLUB the bulbous head with a flat face, 52cm long. £30-40 179 POSTCARDS - TOPOGRAPHICAL Approximately 432 cards, including real photographic views of the Art Gallery, Preston; Frenchay, Bristol; the Parish Church & Square, Holmfirth; Car Park & New Post Office, Holmfirth; The Church, Stanmore; The Prison, Princetown; Market Place, Richmond; Lake & Cliffs, Cheddar; Market Square and Memorial, Preston; Horsley from Bath Road; and Wallington Town Hall; with views of The Round House, Alton; Thurlestone Village; Main Street, Keswick; Technical Institute, East Ham; and Murrow Manor House, (album). £80-100

Lot 182

182 [O GAUGE]. A HACHETTE HORNBY COLLECTION comprising an 0-4-0 tender locomotive, 2528, lined red livery, with a clockwork motor, boxed; S.N.C.F. 0-4-0 pantograph locomotive, BB-8051, green livery, with a clockwork motor, boxed; Etat 0-4-0 tank locomotive, lined black livery, with a clockwork motor, boxed; nine assorted coaches, eight of them boxed; and nine assorted wagons, seven of them boxed. £80-100 183 [OO GAUGE]. A HORNBY NO.R1115, 'THE MIDLAND FLYER' TRAIN SET comprising a M.R. 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive, 895, maroon livery; four-wheel coach, lined maroon livery; three wagons; track and accessories, boxed as one. £30-40 184 A BOLEX PAILLARD B8SL CINE CAMERA with Yvar 1:1,9 f=13mm and Cassar 1:3.5/36 lenses, complete with instruction manual, boxed; together with a leather travel case; and a Mycro sub-miniature camera, with an Una 1:4.5 f=20mm lens, with a leather travel case, (2). £40-60

186 POSTCARDS - ASSORTED Approximately 105 cards, mainly artist-drawn and woven silk Spanish regional costume, (album and loose). £30-35 187 SIX GERMAN THIRD REICH TIN CHOCOLATE MOULDS each of square, stepped form and with an embossed swastika to the top, 4.5cm x 4.5cm. £30-50 188 COINS - GREAT BRITAIN comprising a George III crown, 1819 (LIX); George III crown, 1820 (LX); and George IV crown, 1821 (secundo), (3). £30-40 189 COINS - GREAT BRITAIN comprising Victoria crowns, 1887 & 1891; Victoria double-florins, 1887, 1889 & 1890; Victoria halfcrowns, 1889 & 1897; Victoria shillings, 1887 & 1897; and Edward VII florins, 1905 & 1906, (11), (total approximately 186g). £40-50

Lot 190

Lot 185 185 A CAST BRASS NAMED SHIP'S BELL, 'ROWAN TREE' complete with clapper, 34.5cm high (inclusive of mounting gear).Note: This is believed to have come from a vessel of 919 tons listed in Lloyd's Register of Shipping as having been built in 1857. It was registered to W. Haynes with the home port of Liverpool. £150-200

190 COINS - GREAT BRITAIN comprising Victoria crowns, 1887 & 1889; Victoria double-florins, 1887, 1889 & 1890; Victoria halfcrowns, 1897 & 1900; Victoria shillings, 1885 & 1887; Edward VII crown, 1902; and Edward VII florin, 1906, (11), (total approximately 202g). £40-50 191 COINS - GREAT BRITAIN assorted pre-1920 silver coinage, (approximately 335g); together with a small quantity of 1920-46 silver coinage (approximately 40g). £50-60 192 A LEATHER GILET with a khaki wool lining. Provenance: Worn by a member of the Home Guard in Kent during the Second World War. £30-35

193 A DEBTOY PAINTED WOOD FORT together with approximately fifty plastic toy soldiers, including knights in armour. £30-35 194 APPROXIMATELY EIGHTY-FIVE PLASTIC TOY SOLDIERS by Lone Star, Crescent, and others. £30-35 195 APPROXIMATELY 200 PLASTIC SOLDIERS by Lone Star, Crescent, Britains and others. £30-40


196 TWENTY-TWO PLASTIC TOY FIGURES by Britains and Herald, including Hawaiian dancers, Spanish dancers, and 'Swoppet' cowboys. £40-50 197 TWENTY-THREE LEAD FARM ANIMALS by Pixyland Kew and others, mainly poultry, variable condition. £30-40 198 ASSORTED LEAD TOY FIGURES & ACCESSORIES including a Britains road sign and a Barrett vacuum cleaner, variable condition, generally good or better, (11). £30-40

201 ASSORTED LEAD FARM ANIMALS & ACCESSORIES together with a quantity of Britains garden series scenic accessories, variable condition. £35-40 202 ASSORTED WOOD & HARDBOARD TOY FARM BUILDINGS & ACCESSORIES together with a small quantity of hedgerow sections. £30-35 203 TWO ELF WOODEN ROWS OF 'WILD WEST' STREET BUILDINGS together with a North American style fort. £30-35 204 TWO TRI-ANG TOY FORTS together with two O gauge Goods Depot buildings; and a quantity of other items. £30-35 205 APPROXIMATELY FORTY-FOUR TINPLATE, PLASTIC & OTHER MODEL POST BOXES including money boxes, (two shelves). £30-40 206 APPROXIMATELY FORTY-SEVEN CERAMIC, CAST BRASS & OTHER MODEL POST BOXES (two shelves). £30-35 207 TWENTY-SIX CAST METAL, CERAMIC & OTHER MODEL POST BOXES (one shelf). £30-35

Lot 199 199 ASSORTED LEAD TOY FIGURES, ANIMALS & ACCESSORIES including two Britains racehorses; a large Britains newt; a large Britains frog; and three gnomes, variable condition, (14). £30-40 200 APPROXIMATELY 140 PLASTIC TOY SOLDIERS together with a small quantity of scenic accessories. £30-35

Lot 208 208 FIVE POTTERY MODEL POST BOXES including one by Masons, the largest 22.5cm high. £30-35 209 APPROXIMATELY FIFTY-TWO POST BOX NOVELTIES & ORNAMENTS including salt and pepper sets and miniature clocks, (one shelf). £30-35

210 FOURTEEN MAINLY TINPLATE MODEL POST BOXES including Postman Pat and Harrods examples, (one shelf). £30-35

217 THIRTY CRESTED CHINA MODEL POST BOXES mainly unmarked or 'British Manufacture', the largest 8.5cm high. £30-40


Lot 218 218 TWENTY-SEVEN PIECES OF CRESTED CHINA by Goss and others, including eighteen with a 'Wellington College' crest. £30-35 Lot 212 212 TEN TINPLATE MODEL POST BOXES by Chad Valley, Combex and others. £30-40 213 ASSORTED POST OFFICE COLLECTABLES most of post box interest, including key-rings, candles, letter openers, pens, pencils, badges, clocks, and Christmas ornaments, (total approximately 177 items). £30-40 214 ASSORTED POST OFFICE COLLECTABLES most of post box interest, including badges, thimbles, mugs, and fridge magnets; together with a wall-mountable stamp dispenser and an enamel 'Other Correspondence' post box sign, (total approximately 210 items). £30-40

Lot 219 219 POSTCARDS - WELLINGTON COLLEGE, CROWTHORNE (BERKSHIRE) & OTHER Approximately forty cards, including views of Wellington College Station; Station Road, Wellington College; Duke's Ride, Crowthorne; High Street Crowthorne (two different); and Queen's Hotel, Farnborough; together with a small quantity of modern cards, (loose). £30-35

215 TWENTY-NINE CAST METAL MINIATURE MODEL POST BOXES together with another in tinplate; and seven larger cast metal model post boxes, the largest 10cm high, (total 37). £30-40 216 APPROXIMATELY SEVENTY CAST METAL, RESIN & OTHER MODEL POST BOXES the largest 12.5cm high. £30-35

Lot 220

220 POSTCARDS - CORNWALL, DEVON, SOMERSET & DORSET Approximately 154 cards, including real photographic views of Cadgwith; Blue Anchor; Cheddar Caves (two different); Trinity Square, Axminster; The Beach, Sidmouth; Chagford Bridge; and The Church, East Stour (by Phillips of East Stour); with views of East Reach, Taunton; a General View of Kenton (by Chapman of Dawlish); Mullion Cove; Clifton College, Bristol; Green Beach, Clevedon; Rough Sea, Clevedon; Minehead Quay; Old Almshouses, Minehead; Montacute House (two different); Shire Hall, Taunton; the Entrance to the Harbour, Paignton; People's Park, Tiverton; Chapel Hill, Torquay; Imperial Hotel, Torquay; Upwey Wishing Well, Weymouth (three different); and Anstey's Cove, Torquay, (loose). £30-40 221 POSTCARDS - CORNWALL, DEVON, SOMERSET & DORSET Approximately 157 cards, including real photographic views of a horse-drawn signt-seeing carriage, Weymouth; The Beach looking East, Exmouth; Lake & Cliffs, Cheddar; Brean Down; The Winter Gardens, Weston-super-Mare; the Entrance to Tunnel Baths, Ilfracombe; General View, Maidencombe; Ladies Bathing Beach, Bude (two pin holes); The Chine Lake, Boscombe; Buckfast Abbey Church; and Abbey Park Gardens, Torquay; with views of Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth (published by Hitch of Weymouth); Ogwell Mill, Newton Abbot; Stone Bridge, Fernworthy; Brixham Trawlers; Okehampton Castle; Cockington Court, Torquay; Morte Point, Morthoe; The Cottage, Nine Springs, Yeovil; The Old House, Wincanton (by Waning of Wincanton); Prince Consort Gardens, Westonsuper-Mare; Water Chute, Weston-super-Mare; Rough Seas at Burnham-on-Sea; Tolcarne Beach, Newquay; and Marazion Harbour and St. Michael's Mount, (loose). £30-40 222 POSTCARDS - TOPOGRAPHICAL Approximately 181 cards, including real photographic views of Marine Lake, Southport; Old England Hotel, Bowness Bay; Brecon Beacons from Cantref; Peasholme Lake, Scarborough; Wilton Bridge, Ross-on-Wye; and The Church, Freeland; with views of The Square, Menai Bridge; Golden Sands Holiday Camp, Rhyl; Victoria Hall, Halifax; Promenade, Grange-over-Sands; Knaresborough from High Bridge; Lorton Church, near

Cockermouth; The Terrace, Richmond, Yorks (by Spencer of Richmond); Technical School, Liverpool; Lord Street, Southport; Netley Hospital, Southampton; The Bargate, Southampton; The Royal Pier, Southampton; and the Dockyard and Harbour, Portsmouth, (loose). £30-40 223 POSTCARDS - ASSORTED Approximately 140 cards, including glamour (8), theatrical (7), and artist-drawn flowers (55), many by Wildt & Kray and Stewart & Woolf; with real photographic views of the Oberer Gletscher, Grindelwald; Hotel Pension Kirchbuhl, Grindelwald; and Lion-sur-Mer; and views of Beauvais (three different) and Meissen (three different), (loose). £30-40 224 A TASCO LUMINOVA TELESCOPE and tripod. £30-40 225 ASSORTED COLLECTABLES comprising a Lipton's British Empire Exhibition 1924 brass tea caddy; a box of Pex seamfree nylons; two reproduction printed metal railway signs; coins; a set of promotional Aitken's Falkirk Beer dominoes; and other items. £30-40 226 ASSORTED RAILWAYANA comprising approximately 250 tickets; a G.W.R. Acme Thunderer whistle; three G.W.R. brass buttons; badges; cloth patches; and a G.W.R. M.A.S. 1865-1995 tie. £30-35

Lot 227

227 [OO GAUGE]. THREE UN-MADE / PARTBUILT LOCOMOTIVE KITS comprising a K's Kits G.W.R. Dean Goods 0-6-0 tender locomotive, boxed; Wills Finecast G.W.R. Star Class 4-6-0 tender locomotive, boxed; and Roxey Mouldings G.W.R. (ex M.S.W.J.R.) 4-4-4 tank locomotive, boxed. £30-40

Guinness lapel badge; an Air Training Corps lapel badge; Great Britain silver coins, pre-1920 (approximately 60g) and 1920-46 (approximately 32g); and other items. £30-40

228 [OO GAUGE]. A MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION comprising a Lima No.204803, ARC Class 59 co-co diesel locomotive 'Village of Mells', 59103, green and grey livery, boxed; with two Hornby G.W.R. coaches and a Lima ARC wagon, each boxed; also an HO gauge Rivarossi Sliding Wall Wagon 'Taunton Cider', boxed, (5). £30-35

Lot 234

229 [OO GAUGE]. A MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION comprising steam and diesel locomotives and locomotive parts; rolling stock, including unmade kits; lineside accessories; constructed Superquick card buildings; spares and tools, (five boxes). £50-60

235 [TREEN]. A CARVED WOODEN SPOON with an interlaced shaft and a knotwork terminal, 37cm long. £30-40

234 A CONWAY STEWART 28 LEVER-FILL FOUNTAIN PEN black with a silver veined 'cracked ice' finish and a 14ct gold nib, unboxed. £30-40

230 ASSORTED RAILWAY COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS comprising service diesel and preserved steam locomotives, believed to be privately taken and unpublished, (albums, packets and in a tin). £30-40 231 A BRITISH RAILWAYS BLACK WOOL HALF-LENGTH OVERCOAT by J. Compton Sons & Webb Ltd. £30-35 232 A BRITISH RAILWAYS BLACK WOOL THREE-QUARTER-LENGTH OVERCOAT by Manclark & Son Ltd; together with various other railway issue clothing, including a high visibility waistcoat (total 8 items). £30-35 233 ASSORTED COLLECTABLES comprising a Royal Sussex Regiment sweetheart pin badge; an enamel Home Guard lapel badge; an enamel British Legion lapel badge; an enamel Friends of St. George's Descendant of a Knight of the Garter pin badge; a promotional miniature dummy packet of twenty Wills Wild Woodbine cigarettes; a promotional miniature dummy packet of ten Wills Wild Woodbine cigarettes; an enamel

Lot 236 236 ASSORTED DIECAST MODELS by Corgi, Matchbox and others, most mint or near mint, all but four boxed, (23). £30-40 237 ASSORTED COLLECTABLES comprising two pieces of plate armour, probably 19th century, including a rondel; a copper medallion, the obverse with the legend 'Sigismundus Pandulfus de Malatestis Arimini Fani', 9cm diameter; and three other items, (6). £30-40

238 ASSORTED COLLECTABLES comprising a Roman pottery oil lamp; and various part-cut and polished mineral samples and other items, (9). £30-35 239 SIX GERMAN AWARDS & BADGES including an Iron Cross, 1939 pattern; and a West Wall medal, (6). £30-40 240 A MITCHELL & CO. OF BELFAST OLD IRISH WHISKY WATER JUG in the form of a ruddy-faced character, 15cm high, (cracked). £30-35 241 ASSORTED FILM POSTERS comprising 'Sea Wife', starring Joan Collins and Richard Burton; 'All Night Long', starring Patrick McGoohan; 'Payroll'; 'Sail a Crooked Ship'; 'Battle of the Sexes'; 'The Love-Ins'; and five others, various sizes, some sectional, (10). £40-50 242 ASSORTED FILM POSTERS comprising 'The Outsider', starring Tony Curtis; 'Where the Wind Blows', starring Gina Lollobrigida; 'The Stripper'; and twelve others, various sizes, (15). £40-50 243 ASSORTED DIECAST MODELS circa 1950s and later, by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and others, variable condition, generally playworn, (two boxes). £30-40 244 ASSORTED DIECAST MODELS most circa 1970s, by Corgi, Matchbox and others, including a Matchbox 1-75 series No.42, Tyre Fryer 'Jaffa Mobile', and James Bond, Buck Rogers, Superman and other film and television related models, variable condition, many good, (box). £30-40 245 ASSORTED DIECAST MODELS circa 1950s-60s, by Dinky and Corgi, variable condition, generally playworn or repainted, (14). £30-40 246 ASSORTED DIECAST MODELS circa 1960s-70s, by Matchbox, Corgi and others, variable condition, many good, (19). £30-40

Lot 247 247 RECORDS - ASSORTED comprising fifteen long-playing records, by David Bowie (3), Elvis (5), The Beatles (1), Queen (1), and others; together with six 12 inch singles / albums by Jane's Addiction, (21). £30-35 248 RECORDS - ASSORTED comprising approximately 100 single records by Elvis Presley (10), Billy Fury (7), The Beatles (3), and others. £30-35 249 STAR WARS ASSORTED COLLECTABLES comprising a Millennium Falcon, playworn, unboxed; prequel period action figures, some carded; two board games; Tazos; and other items. £30-35 250 [OO GAUGE]. A MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION comprising five assorted locomotives, including a pair of B.R. Inter-City 125 power cars (one dummy); four coaches; twelve wagons; and lineside accessories, some boxed. £30-40 251 SIX G.P.O. RING-DIAL TELEPHONES comprising three cream, one red and two two-tone grey. £30-40 252 SEVEN G.P.O. RING-DIAL TELEPHONES all cream. £30-40

253 FIVE G.P.O. RING-DIAL TELEPHONES comprising three cream, one green and one black. £30-40 254 FIVE CHARLIE BEARS COLLECTOR'S TEDDY BEARS various sizes, the largest 43cm high. £50-60

259 A TRADE BOX OF TWELVE JAPANESE PRINTED TINPLATE & PLASTIC MODEL AIRCRAFT with friction-drive motors and rotating propellers, each aircraft 15.5cm long. £30-40

Lot 260

Lot 255 255 THREE COLLECTOR'S TEDDY BEARS comprising an Isabelle Collection 'Jet', limited edition 84/150, 35cm high; Isabelle Collection 'Gizmo', limited edition 115/250, 33cm high; and Countryside Bears 'Judy', limited edition 81/500, 35cm high. £40-50 256 SEVEN COLLECTOR'S TEDDY BEARS all very limited editions, including five 'Crafty Bears' by Shirley Latimer, various sizes, the largest 27cm high. £60-80 257 AN H.M.V. MODEL 130 TABLE TOP GRAMOPHONE with a No.5A reproducer and an oak case. £40-60

260 A BRITISH TINPLATE TOY PIG with a clockwork mechanism, 11cm long (lacking one ear). £30-35 261 SIX CLOCKWORK TOY ANIMALS comprising a bear, three donkeys and two mice. £30-35 262 FOUR FANS including three with hand-painted bid and flower decoration, probably Chinese, the largest with guards 32cm long. £30-40 263 THREE VINTAGE HAND-BAGS including a Maxim clear perspex example with applied faux mother of pearl decoration. £30-40 264 AN H.M.V. PORTABLE GRAMOPHONE with an Exhibition reproducer, in a black rexinecovered case. £30-40


Lot 258 258 A MARKS & SPENCER ('ST. MICHAEL') CORGI WINGS FLYING SCHOOL silver, generally excellent condition, boxed, the box good. £30-40

268 A COUNTRY LONG CASE CLOCK the arched painted enamel dial, with seconds dial and date aperture, the canopy with broken swan neck pediment and contained in an oak case, 221cm high, 46cm wide and 23cm deep £80-120 269 AN OAK CASED STICK BAROMOTER / THERMOMETER by the 'Army & Navy Co-operative Society London', 99cm high £200-300

279 A PAIR OF WROUGHT IRON ANDIRONS with basket finials, and a large pricket candlestick 75cm high £30-50

SPORTING 283 TWO FISHING REELS comprising a Milbro brass reel; and a J.J.S. Walker Bampton & Co Alnwick 3 1/4 inch reel, with brass foot, pierced casing and bakelite handle, (2) £30-40 284 AFTER SUSAN CRAWFORD 'We Three Kings' Head studies of Arkle, Red Rum & Desert Orchid, colour print, 35cm x 63cm £30-40

Lot 269 270 AN ANEROID BAROMETER by Reynolds & Brandon Ltd, Leeds, overall 22cm diameter. £30-35

HEAT, LIGHT & METALWARE 274 A WMF JUGENDSTIL PLATED DISH relief decorated with a man and woman poised to kiss, 27.5cm wide, impressed 'WMF EP as' to reverse £30-50 275 A LARGE EDWARDIAN BRASS OIL LAMP the cranberry glass shade with moulded honeycomb decoration, 52cm high overall £40-60 276 A BRASS HANGING CENTRE LIGHT FITTING with twelve scrolling candle light branches arranged in two tiers. 60cm high, 65cms wide £40-60 277 A BRASS HALL FOUR-LIGHT FITTING of lantern design, 62cms high, 32cms diameter £30-40 278 A PAIR OF BOOKENDS in the form of bronze reclining bears on black flecked marble supports, 17cm high 17cm long £50-80

285 ROWLAND WARD, A BRASS MOUNTED DEER SLOT CANDLESTICK with scroll supports, signed 'Rowland Ward & Co Limited, 166 Piccadilly, S.W.' 19cm high, and two other similar mounted deer slots, one with lidded ashtray, the other with a vesta holder and matchstrike (3) £30-40 286 A LEATHER BRASS STUD LEADING REIN four assorted leather straps with brasses; miniature brass horn; antler lamp base; fox brush and a small French brass benzoline lamp £30-40 287 AFTER DAVID KOSTER a fox in undergrowth, a limited edition colour print no. 18/18, signed and dated 1965, and another similar of an owl, no. 6/20, signed, 77.5 x 55.5cm and 80.5 x 56cm £30-40

FURNITURE 291 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN PAINTED BALLOON BACK CHAIRS with re-upholstered serpentine front seats on turned supports £30-50 292 A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY TEA CADDY with boxwood stringing, two fitted compartments to interior and associated glass mixing bowl, 31cm wide 16cm deep 19cm high £60-80

293 A CONTINENTAL WALNUT SOFA TABLE on shaped supports, 115cm wide, 62cm deep, 77cm high £100-150 294 A DUTCH WALNUT VENEERED CABINET ON STAND the glazed upper section with shaped top and fitted with two shelves, the base of bombe form fitted with three drawers, 99cm wide, 48cm deep, 93cm high £100-150 295 A CONTINENTAL GILT WOOD OCCASIONAL TABLE with marble inset, the oval top 61cm x 46cm, 76cm high £40-60 296 A VICTORIAN PINE CUPBOARD the upper portion with pair of panelled doors enclosing two shelves, cupboard under and raised on bracket feet. 200cms high, 137cms wide and 55cms deep £100-150 297 A MAHOGANY SERPENTINE FRONTED COMMODE raised on four squared tapering supports. 82cms high, 56cms wide, 52cms deep £40-60 298 A GEORGIAN MAHOGANY BOW FRONT CHEST the two short and three long graduated drawers with brass loop handles, flanked by twin pilasters and raised on four turned supports. 109cms high, 122cms wide and 60cms deep £100-150

Lot 301 301 A KNOLL THREE SEATER SETTEE upholstered in green and gold with arched backrest and fitted with loose cushions. 180cms wide, 88cms deep and 100cms high £100-150 302 A WINDSOR SINGLE CHAIR the openwork splat back and dished elm seat, the cabriole frontal supports joined by crinoline stretcher, 90cms high £30-50 303 A MARQUETRY DECORATED DOUBLE BEDSTEAD the arched headboard with urn finial and with side rails, headboard height 146cm, width 142cm £150-200 304 A WALNUT DISPLAY CABINET the central glazed section with three adjustable shelves, flanked by a pair of cupboards, each also with three adjustable shelves and raised on dwarf cabriole supports, 138cm wide 31cm deep 120cm high £40-60

299 A LARGE SOFA by 'The Sofa Works', upholstered in pale yellow with loose cushions, the three frontal supports raised on brass castors. 80cm high, 98cms wide, 212cms deep £60-80 300 LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY RECTANGULAR COFFER the front panel with carved decoration, the lid with strap hinges and the interior fitted with candlebox. The vendors inform us it was brought back from Egypt after the first world war. 133cms wide, 51cms deep and 49cms high £80-120

Lot 305

305 AN OAK ARTS & CRAFTS HOOP BACK CHAIR with drop in rush seat, height 73cm £100-150 306 A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY RECTANGULAR CHEST OF DRAWERS comprising two short and three long graduated drawers with turned handles and on a plinth base, height 121cm, width 120cm, depth 53cm £100-150 307 A 1930'S OAK BUREAU with fall front and drawer below, the twin pedestals in the form of adjustable open bookshelves, 106cm high, 90cm wide, 47cm deep £50-80

Lot 308 308 AN OAK RECTANGULAR TWIN PEDESTAL DESK with green inset leather top, the central drawer flanked by eight side drawers and on a plinth base, height 71cm, width 120cm, depth 59cm £80-120

309 PAIR OF VICTORIAN MAHOGANY HALL CHAIRS the arched openwork backrests centered with a stylised tulip, height 88cm. £50-80 310 A VICTORIAN WALNUT FRAMED NURSING CHAIR with serpentine front seat, the turned front seat raised on china casters, 93cm high £40-60 311 A VICTORIAN WALNUT SIDE CABINET with a pair of glazed doors on a plinth base, height 112cm, width 102cm, depth 38cm £40-60

Lot 312 312 AN EDWARDIAN RE-UPHOLSTERED TWO SEATER SALON SOFA on carved cabriole supports, 150cm wide £50-80 313 A PAIR OF MAHOGANY TWO TIER OCCASIONAL TABLES with brass three quarter galleries, fitted with drawer to each tier, on brass casters, 54cm wide 47cm deep 67cm high £30-50 314 AN EDWARDIAN DROP-END CHESTERFIELD SOFA on square tapering supports, 165cm wide 85cm deep 72cm high £80-120

Lot 309

315 THREE 19TH CENTURY ROSEWOOD BOXES the largest with mother of pearl inlaid decoration, 31cm wide 23cm deep 13cm high £30-50

316 A LARGE OAK AND PINE BOOKCASE fitted with five shelves, 199cm high 133cm wide 37cm deep £50-80


325 A POOLE POTTERY SPEAR SHAPED DISH shape 82, decorated in the BN pattern, 43cm long; together with a Poole pottery Aegean ashtray, 19cm diameter (2) £30-40 326 A SUSIE COOPER VASE of ovoid form, with sgraffito decoration on cream ground, 22.5cm high, incised signature and marks to base £50-80

Lot 319 319 GEOFFREY BAXTER FOR WHITEFRIARS: a totem vase, shape number 9671, in pewter colourway, 26.5cm high £40-60

Lot 327 327 KEITH MURRAY FOR WEDGWOOD: a black basaltware coffee pot, impressed marks and printed signature mark to base, 19cm high £80-120

320 WOLF BAUER FOR ROSENTHAL: a Studio Line vase of oval cylindrical form, with coloured floral decoration outlined in gilt, 28cm high £30-50 321 VICKE LINDSTRAND FOR KOSTA BODA: a glass pear shaped scent bottle and stopper, etched marks to base, 7.5cm high £30-50 322 A FRENCH ART GLASS VASE, of baluster form with flared rim, etched 'La Rochere' to base, 33cm high £30-50 323 AN ITALIAN ART GLASS VASE 45cm wide £30-40 324 AN ITALIAN PATINATED COPPER COPPER CHARGER with embossed and pierced decoration, 66.5cm diameter £30-40

Lot 328 328 A PAIR OF VINTAGE WICKER CHAIRS with bamboo frames on metal supports, 66cm wide 66cm deep 72cm high £50-80 329 A G-PLAN CHEST OF SEVEN DRAWERS gold stamped label to top drawer, 61cm wide 41cm deep 129cm high £40-60

333 A LARGE GREEN CASED GLASS DECANTER AND STOPPER with opaque air twist decoration to base, 40.5cm high £30-50 334 A RED GLASS VASE OF CYLINDRICAL FORM WITH FLARED RIM 21.5cm high, ground pontil mark to base £30-50

Lot 330

335 A G-PLAN TEAK CABINET 82cm wide 46cm deep 98cm high, together with another similar 76cm wide 46cm deep 99cm high (2) £30-50

330 RONALD STENNET WILSON FOR WEDGWOOD: a matched pair of 'Sherringham' glass candlesticks with five disc stems, 20.5cm and 21cm high £30-50 331 EILEEN HEMSOLL: A STUDIO POTTERY CHEESE DISH AND COVER decorated with a continuous band of cows, the handle modelled as a cow's head, 18.5cm diameter 13cm high, incised signature and paper label to base £30-50 332 A PAIR OF OAK STANDARD LAMPS AND MATCHING SHADES on tripod supports, 178cm high overall £80-120

Lot 336 336 FRANK THROWER FOR DARTINGTON: a large Greek Key vase in ruby glass, pattern FT58, 23cm high £40-60 337 A G-PLAN TEAK CABINET AND MATCHING FOUR DRAWER CHEST the cabinet 76cm wide 46cm deep 99cm high labelled to inside top cupboard, the chest of drawers 76cm wide 46cm deep 72cm high (2) £40-60

Lot 338

Lot 333



339 A TWO-TIER PLYWOOD SHELF UNIT formed from four interlocking sections, 100cm wide 70cm high 34cm deep £30-50

Lot 346 346 ROBERT WELCH FOR OLD HALL: a four piece stainless steel tea set comprising tea pot, water jug, sugar bowl and milk jug £40-60 Lot 340 340 JACQUES BLIN (1920-1995): a charger with sgraffito decoration of four stylised semi-clad female figures, incised signature to reverse, 34cm diameter £200-300

347 SIX ITEMS OF GLASSWARE including a Lars Hellsten Skruf glass owl 6cm high, Whitefriars green glass vase 15.5cm high, controlled bubble paperweight etc. £30-50

341 A LARGE GLASS LEMONADE SET comprising jug and set of six glasses, the jug with ground pontil, 37cm high £30-50 342 A MIXED COLLECTION OF STUDIO POTTERY including rectangular dish with slipware decoration 26.5cm x 15cm, Chelsea Pottery dish with incised floral decoration, Muchelney Pottery single handled bowl etc. £30-50 343 A CIRCULAR CONVEX MIRROR in wooden frame 37cm diameter, together with another circular mirror in painted frame (2) £30-50 344 A GORDON RUSSELL THREE DRAWER CHEST label to reverse 'GORDON RUSSELL LIMITED BROADWAY WORCESTER', 99cm wide 46cm deep 71cm high £50-80 345 A DANISH TEAK TWO TIER TROLLEY fitted with drawer, 55cm wide 35cm deep 58cm high, stamped to underside; together with another two-tier trolley 69cm wide 44cm deep 60cm high £40-60

Lot 348 348 A SIX SETTING CANTEEN OF DENBY 'TOUCHSTONE' CUTLERY the ceramic handles decorated in 'Garnet Arabesque' pattern, comprising dinner knives, dessert knives and side knives; dinner forks and dessert forks; soup spoons, dessert spoons and teaspoons (six of each), and a pair of serving spoons, housed in a three drawer teak chest £100-150 349 A LIGHT OAK GLASTONBURY CHAIR of typical design with stencilled decoration to the back, 58cm wide 52cm deep 86cm high £30-50 350 A PAIR OF LIGHT ERCOL WINDSOR ARMCHAIRS 70cm wide 78cm deep 90cm high £30-50


Lot 350 351 A CARVED HARDWOOD FIGURE OF A STYLISED BULL a carved stone figure of a frog, a white metal mounted circular hardwood pin dish and a treen trinket box (4) £50-80

357 GORDON RUSSELL: A LARGE EXTENDING TABLE WITH ADDITIONAL LEAF suitable for boardroom or a dining table, no. X7120, the shaped mahogany top with rosewood edge, on twin supports with outswept legs, 106cm deep 231cm long with additional leaf (the leaf 53.5cm wide) 75cm high, labelled to base with model number, cabinet maker, month and date of manufacture (Nov 1961) £150-200 358 GORDON RUSSELL: A SET OF SIX CHAIRS INCLUDING PAIR OF ARMCHAIRS all with three vertical rails to back and overstuffed seats on square tapering supports £150-200

Lot 352 352 A G-PLAN 'BRANDON' RANGE SIDEBOARD fitted with cupboard to left hand side, and central cupboard above drawer, 123cm wide 46cm deep 85cm high £40-60 353 A G-PLAN 'BRANDON' RANGE THREE PIECE BEDROOM SUITE comprising double wardrobe 122cm wide 54cm deep 176cm high, dressing table 107cm wide 46cm deep 141cm high, chest of drawers 77cm wide 46cm deep 85cm high £60-80 354 A COLLECTION OF HORNSEA 'TAPESTRY' PATTERN DINNERWARE £30-50

Lot 359 359 A LARGE GREEN GLASS SCULPTURE OF A STYLISED ELEPHANT his trunk stretched upwards, unsigned polished base, 53.5cm high £40-60

360 A LARGE SILVER MOUNTED DECANTER AND STOPPER of tapering square spiralled form with green glass trailed decoration, hallmarked Birmingham 1903, 44cm high £50-80

369 A ROSEWOOD AND TEAK SIDEBOARD fitted with three drawers and sliding doors, 183cm long 46cm deep 82cm high £40-60

361 AN EXTENDING DINING TABLE the flip top with flush fitting brass hinges, on circular slightly tapering supports, 104cm deep 97cm long (193cm open) 74/72cm high £40-60 362 A DECORATIVE WALL MIRROR in painted grid design frame, 78cm x 94cm £30-50 363 A TEAK FRAMED ELBOW CHAIR with shaped armrests, blue vinyl covered upholstered back and seat and four tapering supports with X-framed stretcher and pivoting Bakelite feet marked 'Armstrong Cork Limited London', together with another chair with matching base (presumably re-upholstered) £40-60 364 A SET OF FOUR TEAK DINING CHAIRS by Meredew Furniture, with upholstered seats on square tapering supports £30-50 365 AN OVAL TEAK AND GLASS COFFEE TABLE the design heavily influenced by the G-plan 'Astro' table, labelled 'STATEROOM by Stonehill', 131cm long 60cm deep 41cm high £30-50 366 A NEST OF FOUR TEAK TABLES the largest 51cm deep 75cm long 41cm high £30-50 367 THREE BAYS OF LADDERAX SHELVING including drop-down bureau, three drawer chest and nine various shelves, together with three further uprights £150-250

Lot 370 370 A LARGE POOLE POTTERY VASE shape 85, abstract design on a yellow ground with decorators mark for Cynthia Bennett, 40cm high £30-50 371 A G-PLAN STYLE TEAK SIDEBOARD fitted with pair of doors flanked by three drawers and drop-down cupboard, 183cm wide 44cm deep 73cm high £50-80 372 A G-PLAN LOW TEAK SIDEBOARD with two pairs of cupboards 162cm long 45cm deep 54cm high £30-50 373 TWO LEAK HI-FI ITEMS: a 2000 Tuner Amplifier and a 2001 Transcription Unit (record player), with instruction manuals £30-50

368 FOUR BAYS OF LADDERAX FURNITURE including three three-drawer chests, four cabinets with drop-down doors, a sliding door cabinet and four shelves £200-300

Lot 374

374 ERIK HOGLUND FOR KOSTA BODA: a glass figure of a stylised lion, 26cm long £30-50 375 A CIRCULAR FORMICA TOP COFFEE TABLE on metal support with four prong base, 106cm diameter £30-50 376 A SUITE OF BEAVER & TAPLEY 'MURAL' WALL FURNITURE comprising six shelves with brass supports, pair of cabinets with sliding doors together with pair of wooden rails £60-80 377 AN UPHOLSTERED THREE PIECE SUITE with outscrolled arms, the three seater sofa of concave shape, 210cm wide 94cm deep 81cm high£80-120 378 A ROSEWOOD EFFECT METAMORHPIC TWO-TIER BUFFET/TABLE with spring metal mechanism, 160cm long 38cm deep 74cm high £40-60

381 A LARGE BLACK LEATHER SOFA of low and deep shape, three cushions to the back, the seat with a replaced leather panel, with cylinder shaped arm supports, 225cm wide 105cm deep 65cm high £100-150 382 A TWO SEATER RECEPTION SOFA/TABLE with pair of orange vinyl chairs flanking teak table, the chairs labelled 'EVEREST your well made chair', 114cm wide 77cm deep 73cm high £50-80 383 HANS OLSEN FOR FREM ROJLE: a 1960s Danish extending teak dining table and matching set of six chairs, the circular table extending with integral leaves, 105cm diameter (156cm long when extended), the chairs with black vinyl triangular seats, forming a nest under the table, stamped 'FREM ROJLE MADE IN DENMARK', applied 'Danish Furnituremakers Control' labels £400-600 384 A TEAK TILE TOP COFFEE TABLE the top inset with ten tiles, on square tapering supports, 54cm x 116cm, 41cm high £30-50

Lot 379 379 A JAEGER LE COULTRE 'ATMOS' CLOCK caliber 526-5, in lacquered brass five glass case, with white Arabic and baton numeral chapter, serial number 344760, 18cm wide 22.5cm high 13.5cm deep £300-500 380 A LARGE BLACK LEATHER SOFA of low and deep shape, three cushions to the back, the seat upholstered in a single piece of leather, with cylinder shaped arm supports, 225cm wide 105cm deep 65cm high £100-150

Lot 385 385 A PARKER KNOLL WING BACK ARMCHAIR upholstered in black vinyl, with shaped arms on teak supports, the frame stamped 'PARKER KNOLL REGISTERED TRADE MARK MODEL NO. PK 1010/1/2', 86cm wide 88cm deep 102cm high £50-80

390 AN ART GLASS VASE with elongated neck and flared rim, in two-tone colour, 37cm high £30-50 391 A GROUP OF SEVEN NORTH AFRICAN POTTERY CHARGERS decorated with stylised figures and animals, the largest 32cm diameter £30-50 392 A 1960S SWEDISH SMOKED GLASS PUNCH SET comprising lidded bowl, ladle and six glasses, the bowl 25.5cm high £30-50

Lot 386 386 A HERBERT TERRY ANGLEPOISE LAMP with stepped square base, mottled cream colour, stamped 'MADE BY HERBERT TERRY & SONS LD. REDDITCH ENG' £30-50 387 AN ANGLEPOISE TYPE ADJUSTABLE DESK LAMP in yellow, by Maxam Denmark £30-50

393 MILOSLAV KLINGER FOR ZELEZNY BROD GLASSWORKS: a Czechoslovkian glass vase of ovoid form, 18.5cm high £30-50 394 PER OLOF STROM FOR ALSTERFORS: an orange cased glass vase 24cm high, together with a red cased glass vase 11.5cm high (2) £30-50 395 A GROUP OF SEVEN COLOURED GLASS VASES the largest green glass vase 30cm high (7) £30-50 396 BORSKE SKLO: TWO CZECH GLASS VASES from the Optic range, the larger amber example 35.5cm high, the smaller pewter example 17.5cm high (2) £30-50

Lot 388


388 TWO POOLE POTTERY 'LIVING GLAZE' CHARGERS one decorated in the 'Peacock' design, the other in 'Galaxy', both 40cm diameter £50-80

398 THREE CARLO MORETTI 'SATINATO' MURANO GLASS VASES the tallest orange glass example 34.5cm high £30-50

389 TWO POOLE POTTERY 'LIVING GLAZE' CHARGERS one decorated in the 'Peacock' design, the other with spots on a blue ground, both 40cm diameter £50-80


399 TWO CZECH CASED ART GLASS VASES designed by Josef Hospodka for Chribska Glassworks, the taller piece 25cm high (2) £30-50 400 JOHN-ORWAR LAKE FOR EKENAS GLASBRUK: a Swedish art glass bowl 15.5cm diameter, etched to base, together with another red glass vase of cylindrical form (2) £30-50

Lot 401 401 GUNNAR ANDER FOR ELME GLASBRUK: two red glass vases of melon form both 25cm high, together with an orange glass vase 26cm high and two blue glass vases 15cm and 28cm high (5) £40-60 402 A LARGE ITALIAN EMPOLI ALROSE GLASS DECANTER BOTTLE with red and white spiralled stripes, together with a cased green glass ewer, both 41cm high; and a large blue glass vase, 30cm high (3) £50-80 403 SAARA HOPEA FOR NUUTAJARVI NOTSJO: a glass vase of tapering cylindrical form 24cm high, together with another Finnish Art glass vase 25cm high and an Iittala 'Festivo' Candlestick by Timo Sarapaneva 8.5cm high (3) £30-50

Lot 405 405 BENGT ORUP FOR JOHANSFORS GLASBRUK: a glass vase from the 'Tona' range 30cm high, together with another smaller vase 17cm high, etched marks to base (2) £40-60 406 SIXTEN WENNERSTRAND FOR JOHANSFORS GLASBRUK: a glass vase 27.5cm high and another smaller similar, 11cm high (2) £30-50 407 FRANTISEK VIZNER FOR LIBOCHOVICE GLASSWORKS: a glass optic vase 17cm wide 13cm high; and another smaller amber glass vase designed by Rudolf Schrotter for Rosice Glassworks, 15cm high (2) £30-50

Lot 404 404 OTTO BRAUER FOR HOLMEGAARD: a blue glass Gulvase 30cm high, and another 25cm high (2) £40-60

Lot 408

408 CHRISTER SJOGREN FOR LINDSHAMMER: a glass slab vase with textured decoration, 16.5cm high; and an amber and clear glass bottle vase 21cm high (2) £30-50

Lot 413 414 TWO RIIHIMAKI AUBERGINE GLASS VASES each 19cm high, one etched with shape number 1436, together with another red glass vase (3) £30-50

Lot 409 409 LINDSHAMMER, SWEDEN: A GREEN CASED GLASS VASE 28cm high, retaining original paper label £30-50 410 BO BORGSTROM FOR ASEDA GLASBRUK: a red glass 'Bamboo' vase 19cm high, together with two 'Randi' bowls by Lennart Andersson for Gullaskruf, and a Sea Glasbruk lilac glass vase of tapering cylindrical form 25cm high (4) £30-50 411 A MURANO FACETTED GLASS VASE in amber and aubergine, 20.5cm high; together with a similar glass bowl in blue and yellow, 14.5cm diameter (2) £40-50 412


413 OWE ELVEN FOR ORREFORS: a group of 'Eternell' candleholders, comprising a graduated set of three in burnt red colourway 15.5cm 12cm and 8cm high, retaining original paper labels, together with a graduated pair in white and an olive green example (6) £30-50

Lot 415 415 TAMARA ALADIN FOR RIIHIMAKI: a red hooped vase, 28cm high £30-50 416 TAMARA ALADIN FOR RIIHIMAKI: a red vase 25cm high, together with two further vases in turquoise and amber, 25cm and 18cm high (3) £40-60 417 TWO RIIHIMAKI GLASS VASES both shape 1462, 18cm high, one in olive green the other turquoise (2) £30-50

422 LARS HELLSTEN FOR SKRUF: a glass model of a stylised lion 19.5cm wide, with original label £30-50 423 LARS HELLSTEN GLASBRUK: a glass vase 21cm high £30-50



Lot 418 418 SIX RIIHIMAKI SHAPE 1480 VASES IN DIFFERENT COLOURWAYS: aubergine, blue, blue-grey, olive green, red and turquoise (6) £50-80

Lot 424

Lot 419 419 TAMARA ALADIN FOR RIIHIMAKI: a shape 1513 vase, together with an olive green shape 1483 vase and two shape 1580 vases in olive green and amber (4) £40-60 420 NANNY STILL FOR RIIHIMAKI: an orange glass 'Stelleria' vase, 18cm high £50-80

424 LARS HELLSTEN FOR SKRUF GLASBRUK: a large clear glass vase with relief moulded decoration, 28.5cm high £30-50 425 JOSEF SCHOTT SMALANDSHYTTAN: a blue glass vase, 19cm high £30-50

426 JOSEF SCHOTT FOR SMALANDSHYTTAN: two clear glass vases each of square section relief decorated with discs, 18.5cm and 13cm high (2) £30-50

Lot 421 421 GOTE AUGUSTSSON FOR RUDA GLASBRUK: a slab vase, square vase and bottle vase, all in blue glass with matching textured decoration, the tallest vase 22cm high (3) £40-60


Lot 427

427 JOSEF SCHOTT FOR SMALANDSHYTTAN: four cased glass vases, 25cm 17.5cm and 15cm high (4) £30-50 428 GUNNAR NYLUND FOR STROMBERGSHYTTAN: a small cased glass vase of square section, etched 'Stromberg H92' to base, 7cm high £30-50 429 A LARGE FRENCH ART GLASS BOWL by Vannes le Chatel, 30cm diameter 29cm high £40-60

434 FIVE WHITEFRIARS RUBY RED GLASS ITEMS comprising a pair of bowls, large square glass vase/bowl 19cm wide 12cm high and two further vases (5) £30-50 435 A WHITEFRIARS KINGFISHER BLUE VASE shape 9729 14.5cm high, and another vase shape 9553 in pewter, 11cm high (2) £30-50

430 RONALD STENNETT-WILSON FOR WEDGWOOD: a pair of glass 'Brancaster' candleholders, 13.5cm high £30-50 431 RUNE STRAND FOR STROMBERGSHYTTAN: a glass vase with decorated with three cut discs, 16cm high, engraved 'Strombergshyttan B1120' to base, and another blue tinted glass vase engraved with a deer, 14.5cm high (2) £30-50 432 THREE WHITEFRIARS GLASS ITEMS: an amber bowl shape 9116, vase shape 9094 and one other vase, the tallest blue glass vase 25cm high (3) £30-50

Lot 436 436 JOHN KALL FOR ELME GLASBRUK: a glass suncatcher decorated with a stylised figure, 36cm high 13cm wide £30-50 437 PER LUTKEN FOR HOLMEGAARD: a glass 'Hellas' vase 11cm high, etched to base £30-50 438 AN ORVIETO ITALIAN ART POTTERY PLATE decorated with a face in the maner of Picasso, 21cm diameter, inscribed 'Orvieto' to reverse, the footrim with holes for wall hanging £30-50

Lot 433 433 TWO WHITEFRIARS VASES shape 9570, in blue and red colourways, both 23cm high £30-50

439 BERTONCELLO: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASE shape 796, with two vertical triangular section 'chimneys' 24cm high, and another trianglar vase 17.5cm high £30-50

445 BITOSSI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY CANDLESTICK in the 'Tirassegno' range 17.5cm high, together with another taller vase of waisted cylindrical form 30cm high and another baluster shaped example 21cm high (3) £40-60



446 TWO BITOSSI ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES the larger decorated with three bands of silver and gold coloured circles on a textured ground, 21.5cm high, the second vase 18.5cm high (2) £30-50

Lot 447

Lot 441 441 BITOSSI POTTERY: A LARGE CERAMIC DECANTER AND STOPPER in orange glaze and matt black, 33cm high; and another yellow and black vase 17.5cm high £30-50

447 A LARGE BITOSSI ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASE of cylindrical form, 'blu' glazed and decorated with flowers £30-50

442 BITOSSI POTTERY: FOUR ITALIAN ART POTTERY ITEMS with 'Rimini Blu' decoration, the largest a slab vase 18cm high (4) £30-50 443 BITOSSI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY FIGURE modelled as a stylised female, 18.5cm high £30-50 444 THREE BITOSSI ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES the largest with deep incised decoration, 20cm high (3) £40-60

Lot 448

448 BITOSSI: TWO ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES each two tone with incised vertical decoration, one green and yellow 22cm high, the other orange and brown 20.5cm high, together with another Bitossi vase with incised decoration of stylised peacock feathers, 17cm high (3) £40-60 449 BITOSSI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASE 30.5cm high £30-50 450 BITOSSI: A GRADUATGED SET OF THREE STORAGE JARS with wooden lids, the tallest 16.5cm high, and another similar (4) £30-50

Lot 456 457 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASE with incised decoration depicting a continuous band of stylised male and female characters, 20cm high £30-50

451 THREE BITOSSI ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES in the 'Sahara' range, the tallest cylindrical vase 26cm high (3) £30-50 452 TWO BITOSSI ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES one of slab design decorated with bands of orange on a dark brown ground, 20.5cm high, the other decorated in brown and cream, 20.5cm high £30-50 453 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: TWO ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES the larger vase 29cm high (2) £30-50

Lot 457 458 A GROUP OF FIVE ITALICA ARS POTTERY ITEMS: three vases with blue/green glazes, the largest 20cm high, a blue shallow dish 22.5cm diameter and a red charger 29cm diameter (5) £40-60

454 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: TWO ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES decorated with matching designs, the larger of waisted cylindrical form 17cm high £30-50 455 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASE 20cm high, and a jug 12cm high, each decorated in matching designs (2) £30-50 456 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: THREE ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES all decorated in matching patterns, the largest 15cm high £30-50

Lot 458 459 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASE of cylindrical form, 34cm high, together with a jug 20cm high, and a vase 15.5cm high (3) £40-60

465 A LARGE WEST GERMAN LAMP BASE by Walter Gerhards KG Keramik, 65cm high £30-50 466 FIVE WEST GERMAN VASES BY BAY KERAMIK the largest piece a jug with band of 'Fat Lava' glaze 31cm high, retaining original paper label (5) £30-50 Lot 460 460 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: TWO ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES each similarly decorated with stylised horses, the larger blue example 15cm high, the red vase 14cm high, together with a another vase by the same manufacturer, also decorated with stylised horses 21cm high (3) £40-60 461 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: THREE ITALIAN ART POTTERY ITEMS an ashtray 17cm diameter a vase 15.5cm high and another vase 14.5cm high (3) £30-50 Lot 467 467 FIVE PIECES OF WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY the largest piece a pitcher by Gerz Keramik 22.5cm high (5) £30-50 468 WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY: A Schlossberg 'Kuba' vase 21cm high, and an eliptical bowl decorated in the same pattern (2) £30-50 Lot 462 462 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY JUG 18cm high and a vase 15.5cm high £30-50 463 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: FIVE ITALIAN ART POTTERY VASES/JUGS the tallest 19.5cm high £40-60 464 FRATELLI FANCIULLACCI: AN ITALIAN ART POTTERY ASHTRAY 16.5cm square, together with a cylindrical vase 25.5cm high £30-50

Lot 469 469 FOUR SCHEURICH WEST GERMAN VASES all decorated in the 'Jura' or 'Snails' pattern, the largest three 27cm high £30-50

470 A SCHEURICH WEST GERMAN FLOOR VASE decorated in the 'Amsterdam' or 'Onions' pattern, 55cm high £30-50 471 RUSCHA, WEST GERMANY: two matching small jugs, in mottled brown and blue glazes, each 11cm high £30-50

Lot 476 477 FOUR WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES by VEB Haldensleben, the tallest brown/cream glazed vase of cylindrical form with a band of ridges 18cm high (4) £30-50 478 SIX VEB HALDENSLEBEN WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES including two matching red/blue examples of square section 21.5cm and 16.5cm high (6) £30-50

Lot 472 472 A GROUP OF FIVE WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES the tallest piece a mottled cream and brown vase by Silberdistel Keramik 28cm high (5) £30-50 473 THREE WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES by Steuhler, 15cm high £30-50

479 A GROUP OF FIVE WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES including a vase decorated in brown 'Fat Lava' glazes 21cm high retaining original ‘Carstens’ label £30-50 480 SEVEN WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES BY DUMLER & BREIDEN, the largest 34.5cm high, with sgraffito decoration on a chocolate ground (7) £30-50 481 FOUR GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES the tallest example 30cm high (4) £30-50

474 A GROUP OF SEVEN WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES BY STREHLA the largest piece a blue glazed jug with raised decoration in a chequer design 21cm high (7) £30-50 475 A WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASE AND TWO JUGS by Uebelacker Keramik, the tallest blue glazed jug 19.5cm high £30-50 476 FOUR WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY ITEMS BY VEB HALDENSLEBEN: comprising a square dish 22cm x 22cm and vase 13cm high decorated with a grid of dots, and a blue glazed jug and a vase with similar decoration (4) £30-50

Lot 482 482 BO BORGSTROM: SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY BOWLS the largest 19cm diameter £40-60


483 LAHOLM KERAMIK: a terracotta owl wall plaque with blue glazed detail incised 'LAHOLM' to reverse, 27cm high; and a charger with enamelled decoration of a stylised tree, impressed marks and painted monogram to reverse, 27cm diameter (2) £30-50 484 NORRMANS MOTALA: a wall plaque relief decorated with four birds on branches 14cm wide 26cm high, a square bowl with deep red glaze 17cm wide and a vase 19cm high, all pieces impressed 'Norrmans Motala' (3) £30-50 485 RORSTRAND, SWEDEN: a pair of 'Sparaxis' pottery bowls, 16.5cm diameter £30-50

Lot 486 486 GUNNAR NYLUND FOR RORSTRAND: a ‘Zenit’ charger 34cm diameter £30-50

488 A GROUP OF SEVEN GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES the largest 30cm high (7) £30-50


489 A GROUP OF SEVEN GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES the largest 41cm high £40-60


490 UPSALA EKEBY, SWEDEN: a vase decorated with hatched and circular designs on a cream gound 17.5cm high, impressed and printed mark to base pattern 1102M, and another with a band of motifs on a brown ground, 19cm high, impressed mark 2030 (2) £30-50 491 THREE SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY VASES: the tallest vase by Bromma Keramik, 16.5cm high retaining original label; together with a golbular Hoganas pottery vase by Andersson & Johansson 10cm high and another vase printed 'Johgus Bornholm' and impressed '258' to base 9cm high (3) £30-50 492 A SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY LAMP BASE by Bruno Karlsson inscribed to base 'Ego Stengods Atelje' with monogram, 21cm high, a Luhr Keramik vase by Nils Ossler, 17.5cm high and an Irma Yourstone Keramik wall plaque modelled as a stylised fish, initialled to reverse, 22cm high (3) £30-50 493 FIVE ITEMS OF SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY including a vase with sgraffito decoration 12.5cm high and a dish 14.5cm long both by Elle Keramik, Drobak; Jani Keramik oval bowl 18.5cm long by Jane Wahlstedt, signed to base; Stavangerflint vase 11.5cm high by Inger Waage and a Graveren Norsk bowl(5) £30-50

Lot 487 487 A GROUP OF FIVE WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES by Jasba, the largest 25cm high, with original label £30-50

494 SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY: a Jie Gantofta figural bird bowl designed by Anita Nyland 33cm long, a wall plaque relief decorated with a stylised tree and another Jie Gantofta vase 18cm high (3) £30-50

499 FIVE PIECES OF ART GLASS including a Whitefriars glass bowl 21cm diameter, a Mdina glass bowl and an Italian glass bowl with millefiore and aventurine decoration £30-50 500 A GROUP OF SIX GERMAN POTTERY VASES including Scheurich, two with painted floral decoration, the largest 41cm high (6) £30-50

Lot 494 495 LOVEMOSE KERAMIK, DENMARK: a vase 13m high, and a similar bowl 13.5cm diameter, both with impressed marks to base £30-50 496 SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY: a vase decorated with alternating bands of lack and yellow glaze on a terracotta body by Kloster Keramik 18cm high; blue Nimo Siljansnas vase 16cm high, and a Steninge Lergods 10cm high (3) £30-50

501 A GROUP OF SEVEN WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES in orange glazes, the largest a Scheurich 285 'Amsterdam' or 'Onions' pattern vase 4cm high £40-60 502 A GROUP OF SEVEN WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY ITEMS the largest a large Scheurich Keramik jardiniere, numbered 706-46 (7) £30-50

497 FOUR SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY VASES by Gabriel, the tallest 11.5cm high, retaining original paper label (4) £30-50 498 SCANDINAVIAN ART POTTERY: a tall vase of tapering form by Aimo Nietosvuori for Lertuppen Vasteras Keramik 28cm high, together with another 25cm high, impressed 'Star Dust S202' to base (2) £30-50

Lot 503 503 AIMO OKKOLIN FOR RIIHIMAKI: a blue glass vase 18cm high, together with two further blue/grey vases each 25cm high (3) £40-60 504 A COLLECTION OF IITTALA GLASS including a plate 25cm diameter, set of eight shot glasses etc, together with seven Whitefriars glass sundae dishes £30-50 505 A GROUP OF FIVE WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES four decorated with matching patterns, the largest two 21cm high, together with another cylindrical vase 18cm high (5) £30-50

Lot 499

Lot 506 506 AN ART DECO CHROME AND STEEL TABLE LAMP in the form of a sailing ship, 35cm high 44cm long £40-60 507 A G-PLAN COFFEE TABLE with smoked glass and tile inset top 121cm long 49cm deep 44cm high, together with a matching nest of three G-Plan coffee tables, the largest 50cm square 51cm high £40-60

Lot 511 512 A LARGE TEAK OFFICE DESK fitted with two drawers 173cm long 82cm deep 73cm high £30-50 513 TWO SQUARE TOP COFFEE TABLES, the larger black table 76cm square 35.5cm high, the smaller blue table 55cm square 45cm high (2) £30-50

508 A LIGHT ERCOL FRAMED STOOL with removable cushion 66cm wide 53cm deep 40cm high £30-50 509 A G-PLAN STYLE TEAK DRESSER fitted with drop-down cupboard and shelves above three drawers and cupboards, 150cm wide 43cm deep 125cm high £30-50 510 A G-PLAN 'MOST COMFORTABLE STOOL' with removable cushion, model 6251R; together with an ebonised stool with dished seat on stretcher base £30-50 511 A TEAK AND SPUN RESIN 'ROCKET' LAMP 113cm high £30-50

Lot 514 514 ROBERT WELCH FOR OLD HALL: a stainless steel four piece teaset and matching tray, together with a teak and stainless steel four dish hors d'oeurves set etc. £30-50 515 AN ERCOL REFECTORY DINING TABLE the shaped rectangular top 80cm x 185cm £30-50 516 A G-PLAN 'HOUSEMASTER' FRAMED SWIVEL ARMCHAIR, with removable cushions £150-250


517 A SET OF SIX TUBULAR STEEL FRAMED CHAIRS wiht upholstered seats and backs £40-60 518 A SMALL PAIR OF IRIDESCENT GLASS VASES of baluster form, 11cm high £30-50 519 A STUDIO GLASS BOWL BY KARLIN RUSHBROOKE etched signature and dated 6/82 to pedestal base, 17cm diameter 13.5cm high £30-50

Lot 523 523 A LARGE POOLE 'POCKET' VASE decorated with stylised sycamore leaves, 26cm high £30-50

Lot 520 520 A TROIKA POTTERY MARMALADE VASE marked to base 'Troika Cornwall England LT' (Linda Taylor), 9cm high £30-50

Lot 524

Lot 521 521 A LARGE ART GLASS BOWL with swirled brown and ochre coloured decoration, indistinct etched signature to pedestal base, 27cm diameter 22cm high £30-50 522 A STUDIO POTTERY VASE decorated with running hare, stars etc., 24.5cm high £30-50

524 AN ART NOUVEAU STYLE OAK ARMCHAIR with marquetry inlaid floral decoration and pierced splat back, the back leg stamped GV over S within a circle, 67cm wide across arms, 53cm deep 119cm high £200-300 525 A CARTER STABLER ADAMS POOLE POTTERY VASE decorated in the WL pattern, impressed marks and artists monogram for Lily Pedley to base, 9.5cm high; together with a Poole 'Magnolia White' vase 11.5cm high (2) £50-80 526 A 'BLOWZONE' ART GLASS VASE decorated with a stylised face, 11.5cm high £50-80

527 A CONTEMPORARY GLASS COFFEE TABLE 62cm deep 120cm long 40cm high £40-60 528 A GROUP OF WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY ITEMS including a two matching lampshades with bands of red and orange on a mottled brown/cream ground, 20cm diameter 17cm high £40-60 529 A GROUP OF NINE WEST GERMAN ART POTTERY VASES the largest a Bay Keramik red ground vase decorated with bands of 'Fat Lava' glaze, numbered 630-25 (9) £40-60 530 YAN BRYCHTA (20TH CENTURY): 'Figure' 1974, an acylic composition, signed lower right, titled and dated verso, 47cm x 47cm £30-50 531 CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (LATER 20TH CENTURY) Reclining Nude in a Domestic Interior, colour print on hand-made paper, limited edition 2/10, indistinctly signed and dated '1971' lower right, 85cm x 67.5cm. £30-50 532 A G-PLAN 'BRANDON' TWO DRAWER CHEST 77cm wide 47cm deep 72cm high and a matching bedside cabinet 36cm wide 40cm deep 62cm high (2) £50-80

533 A PAIR OF G-PLAN 'BRANDON' COFFEE TABLES each fitted with double-ended drawer and glass top with magazine shelf below, on splayed tapering rectangular supports, 89cm wide 41cm deep 41cm high £100-150 534 A G-PLAN CORNER SECRETAIRE 99cm wide 68cm deep 85cm high £50-80 535 A PAIR OF LIGHT OAK BOOKCASES each with two adjustable shelves and pair of sliding glass doors, 85cm wide 33cm deep 85cm high £60-80 536 A G-PLAN TWO TIER COFFEE TABLE on casters, with glass inset top, 102cm long 53cm deep 46cm high £40-60 537 A SET OF FOUR MATCHING OPAQUE GLASS LIGHTSHADES of conical shape, 23cm diameter £30-50 538 A CHINESE HARDWOOD OPEN SHELF UNIT with drawer and cupboard to base, 91cm wide 36cm deep 83cm high £50-80 539 A CHINESE HARDWOOD CABINET with glazed drop-down compartment above two drawers, 76cm wide 48cm deep 63cm high £40-60 540 A CHINESE HARDWOOD CABINET fitted with single drawer over cupboard, 51cm square 55cm high £30-50 541 A REPRODUCTION HARDWOOD DEMILUNE TABLE with frieze drawer, 60cm wide 30cm deep 82cm high £30-50

Lot 533

542 A PHILIPS POLYGLOBE ILLUMINATED GLOBE 30cm diameter, the metal base with 'Made in Denmark' label, (electrical flex cut off) £30-50

Lot 542 543 A 1930S INDUSTRIAL TANSAD TYPE CHAIR with metal frame and panel seat and pivoting backrest, 86cm high £40-60 544 GREEN VINYL SWIVEL ARMCHAIR on four prong metal base, 75cm wide 91cm deep 94cm high £30-50 545 A G-PLAN 'BRANDON' RANGE DRESSING TABLE with shaped back and integral pair of lights, 74cm wide 48cm deep 123cm high £50-80

Lot 548 548 A BREXTON FITTED PICNIC SET and two teak and ceramic cheese dishes £30-50 549 A MEAKIN 'AZTEC' PATTERN COFFEE SET including ten cups and saucers, together with a 'Cadiz' pattern coffee set £30-50

546 TWO FORMICA TOP KITCHEN TABLES one draw-leaf, the yellow top 75cm x 90.5cm (unextended), labelled underneath for 'Guildform of Guildford', the second smaller red drop-leaf table fitted with drawer, 60cm x 48cm (2) £30-50 547 A FORMICA TOP KITCHEN TABLE fitted with a drawer, and a pair of chairs £30-50

Lot 550 550 JESSIE TAIT FOR MIDWINTER: a 'Queensberry' pattern coffee set, together with a 'Maori' pattern coffee set in original cardboard box £30-50 551 A LARGE BRONZE EFFECT SCULPTURAL TABLE LAMP BASE in the manner of Henry Moore, 71cm high £60-80

555 A G-PLAN 'FRESCO' TEAK DRESSING TABLE STOOL the circular upholstered seat 50cm diameter, 46cm high £30-50 556 A LARGE GREEN GLASS CARBOY 51cm high £30-50 557 A PAIR OF BLACK VINYL UPHOLSTERED ARMCHAIRS with red fabric seats and backs, on tapering supports with metal caps, 74cm wide 84cm deep 74cm high £40-60

Lot 552 552 A LARGE STUDIO POTTERY VASE of cylindrical form with shaped neck, cream and matt black glazed, 46cm high; together with another similar, decorated with two bands of circles, 23cm high (2) £30-50

558 AN OFFICE SWIVEL AND RECLINING CHAIR with teak armrests and back, on chrome five prong base, 63cm wide 63cm deep 83cm high £30-50 559 FOUR DANISH VASES the tallest vase 14cm high £30-50



560 GIANCARLO PIRETTI FOR CASTELLI: A pair of DSC 106 stacking chairs, stamped to aluminium frame and labelled to underside of seat £60-80

Lot 553 553 ARNE HOVMAND-OLSEN FOR MOGENS KOLD: a teak framed dining chair with papercord seat £40-60 554 AN AVALON CHEST OF SIX DRAWERS paper label to interior of top drawer, 62cm wide 46cm deep 97cm high £40-60

Lot 561 561 MARGARET LOVELL (BRITISH, B.1939) 'Juliet Head', bronze, limited edition 7/9, set to a slate base, overall 43.5cm high; complete with original certificate of authenticity, dated 2nd April 1969, signed by the artist; and a quantity of other ephemera.

Provenance: Marjorie Parr Gallery, London. This lot may be subject to Droit de Suite (Artists Resale Right). £400-600

565 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in cream, taupe, greys and orange, oil on board, signed with initials lower right, 91.5cm x 76.5cm, unframed. £30-40

Lot 562 562 PETER THURSBY (BRITISH, 1930-2011) 'Winged Form', bronze, 1964, set to a concrete base, 53cm high (excluding base; base cracked). Note: Pictured in Light, Vivienne, & Olding, Simon. Peter Thursby, first edition, Canterton Books, Uplyme, 2006, p.60, fig.41. A copy of this book, and a small quantity of other ephemera accompanies the lot. This lot may be subject to Droit de Suite (Artists Resale Right). £300-400 563 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in cream, ochre, blue and purple, oil on board, signed with initials lower right, 76.5cm x 91.5cm, unframed. £30-40 564 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in cream, ochre, reds and greys, oil on board, signed with initials lower right, 91.5cm x 76cm, unframed. £30-40

Lot 566 566 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in cream, greys and greens, oil on board, signed lower right, 101.5cm x 80cm, framed. £40-60 567 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in cream, greens and purples, oil on board, signed with initials lower right, 122.5cm x 96.5cm, unframed. £30-40 568 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in pale greys, pale blues and orange, oil on board, signed with initials lower right, 122cm x 96cm, framed. £40-60 569 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in fawn, greens and reds, oil on board, signed lower right, 122cm x 97.5cm, framed. £40-60

574 FOUR PORTUGESE COCKERELS the largest 24cm high £30-50


575 A FOUR PIECE PICQUOT WARE TEASET together with matching tray £30-50

Lot 570 570 MARJORY MUGGLETON (BRITISH, B.1922) Abstract in blues, greens, pinks and reds, oil on board, signed lower right, 60cm x 75cm, the reverse with a still life of flowers and fruit, framed. £30-40

Lot 576 576 OLIVER MOREL, COTSWOLDS SCHOOL: a hardwood cabinet of panelled construction, housing a Hi-Fi unit, inset metal plaque 'Oliver Morel 1971' £300-400

Lot 571 571 SIGURD RESELL FOR VATNE MOBLE: a pair of 'Falcon' chairs and matching footstool, with red leather upholstery supported on bentwood frames, labelled to base £700-900 572 A PAIR OF HEAVY ART GLASS SCULPTURES of a sea lion and walrus, the glass with slight purple tint, 45cm and 33cm long £40-60 573 A LARGE HOLMEGAARD GLASS BOWL with undulating rim 41cm wide, etched 'Holmegaard 15781' to base, together with two red glass bowls (3) £30-50

Lot 577

577 HUGH BIRKETT, COTSWOLDS SCHOOL: A HARDWOOD RECORD CABINET the hinged lid opening to cedar lined interior fitted with four compartments, initialled and dated '19 HB 71', 72.5cm wide 39.5cm deep 53.5cm high £100-150 578 COTSWOLDS SCHOOL: A HARDWOOD SIDEBOARD the central section fitted with an arrangement of eight drawers, flanked to each side by cupboards, 143.5cm wide 53cm deep 103.5cm high £100-150

Lot 581 582 COTSWOLDS SCHOOL: A HARDWOOD OCCASIONAL TABLE the rectangular top with moulded edge, the square section supports united by stretchers, 70cm wide 42cm deep 50cm high £60-80

Lot 579 579 COTSWOLDS SCHOOL: A THREE DRAWER FILING CABINET in fitted hardwood cabinet, 57cm wide 69.5cm deep 119.5cm high £80-120 580 COTSWOLDS SCHOOL: A HARDWOOD CABINET with pair of doors opening to shelved interior on metal casters, inscribed to base '1992', 63cm wide 41cm deep 53cm high, together with an oak wall hanging cabinet fitted with two locks, 54cm wide 12cm deep 76cm high (2) £50-80 581 HUGH BIRKETT, COTSWOLDS SCHOOL: A HARDWOOD HANGING CORNER CABINET the bow front door fitted with fifteen glazed panels, two shaped shelves to interior, initialled and dated '19 HB 72', 63cm wide 70cm high £200-300

Lot 582 583 COTSWOLD SCHOOL: A HANGING WALL SHELF 70cm wide 45cm high, set of wall mounted pigeonhole shelves 55cm wide 24cm deep 37cm high, a corner shelf unit 54cm deep and a wooden bracket (4) £100-150 584 COTSWOLD SCHOOL: A SET OF CORNER SHELVES one side 49cm wide, the other 31cm wide, 13cm deep 80cm high £40-60

585 COTSWOLD SCHOOL: A SMALL DOUBLE-ENDED CABINET fitted with hinged door to each end, 58cm wide 38cm deep 52cm high £50-80

Lot 589 589 A 1970S WHITE FIBREGLASS CIRCULAR DINING TABLE on chrome four prong base, 75cm high overall, together with a matching pair of swivel dining chairs £40-60 590 A CHINESE HARDWOOD SIDEBOARD fitted with four drawers over cupboard 152cm wide 48cm deep 87cm high £40-60

Lot 586 586 A LARGE BANK OF TWENTY DRAWERS 94cm wide 47cm deep 159cm high £80-120

591 A NEST OF THREE G-PLAN TEAK COFFEE TABLES the largest inset with four tiles to the top, 50cm square 51cm high £30-50 592 A G-PLAN TEAK 'ASTRO' COFFEE TABLE with glass inset top, 123cm long 66cm wide 42cm high £50-80 593 TWO MATCHING 'FINLANDIA RYA 2' WOOL RUGS one with brown and cream design, the other green and cream, each with label to underside, 90cm x 150cm £40-60

Lot 587 587 FIVE ASSORTED ITEMS OF STUDIO POTTERY the largest piece a stoneware vase with saltglazed rim and interior 33cm high £30-50 588 A COLLECTION OF GLASSWARE including a Holmegaard gulvase type vase, etched 'Holmegaard 1959' to base, 27.5cm high; a Hadeland oval bowl 19cm wide, a small facetted glass paperweight, a glass Champagne bucket etc. £30-50

594 A RORSTRAND PART COFFEE SET and five plates, together with a collection of assorted Arabia plates, including five Apple design plates by Gunvor Olin Gronquist £40-60 595 A COLLECTION OF HOLMEGAARD GLASSWARE £30-50 596



597 A G-PLAN 'BRANDON' BEDSIDE CABINET gold printed mark to drawer, 37cm wide 33cm deep 53cm high; together with a Formica top table with adjustable top, 61cm square 31cm high £30-50

598 A PAIR OF PRINTED COTTON LINED CURTAINS with brown and biege abstract shapes on a white ground, each 105cm wide 150cm drop, probably Heals; together with a pair of lined purple curtains 150cm wide 150cm drop £30-50 599 A PATINATED METAL VASE INVERTED BALUSTER FORM probably Japanese Meiji bronze, 21.5cm high £40-60


600 A GLAZED BOOKCASE CABINET 92cm wide 27cm deep 112cm high, nest of three tables, standard lamp and a magazine rack (4) £30-50 601 AN ERCOL WINDSOR ARMCHAIR with Prince of Wales feather splat back, 74cm wide 93cm high £40-60 602 A GROUP OF NINE GERMAN ART POTTERY ITEMS including two Dümler and Breiden items in matching patterns numbered 150-20 and 715-16, and a Carstens square planter numbered 7186-15 £30-50

Lot 605 605 ERKKITAPIO SIIROINEN FOR RIIHIMAKI: a sea green glass vase 20.5cm high, shape 1379 etched to base £30-50 606 A WHITEFRIARS 'KNOBBLY' GLASS VASE by Harry Dyer and William Wilson,shape 9611, in ruby red glass 25.5cm high £30-50

Lot 607

Lot 603 603 ARTHUR PERCY FOR GULLASKRUF: two Swedish glass bottle vases, the larger blue example 50cm high, the green vase 40cm high £30-50 604 OLLE ALBERIUS FOR RORSTRAND: an art pottery vase 12cm high, etched marks to base £30-50

607 ULLA WINBLAD FOR ALINGSAS KERAMIK: four art pottery vases, all similarly relief decorated on a dark chocolate ground, the tallest vase 28.5cm high, impressed and incised marks and signature to base (4) £50-80 608 ULLA WINBLAD FOR ALINGLAS KERAMIK: four Art pottery vases, with relief and enamelled decoration, the tallest vase 18cm high, impressed and incised marks and signature to base (4) £40-60

613 A NEST OF THREE DANISH TEAK OCCASIONAL TABLES the largest 55cm wide 45cm deep 46cm high, labelled 'MADE IN DENMARK MOBELINTARSIO' with Danish Furnituremakers Control mark £60-80

Lot 608 609 ULLA WINBLAD FOR ALINGLAS KERAMIK: four Art pottery bowls, impressed/incised marks and signature to reverse, the largest 27cm diameter (4) £30-50 Lot 614 614 AN ERIC CLEMENTS FOUR STAINLESS STEEL TEA SET by Bramah, the hot water jug 17cm high £30-50

Lot 609 610 A BAY KERAMIK VASE with brightly coloured orange 'Fat Lava' glaze numbered 66-20, and a Scheurich pottery vase numbered 269-22 (2) £30-50


615 A SET OF FOUR TEAK FRAMED DINING CHAIRS with upholstered seats and backs covered in red fabric, with Fire Regulation compliant labels £40-60

Lot 610 611 A LARGE SCHEURICH GERMAN ART POTTERY FLOOR VASE with bands of of 'Fat Lava' glaze on a mottled red and orange body, numbered 553-52 £30-50 612 A SET OF SIX TEAK FRAMED DINING CHAIRS with fabric covered seats and backs including a pair of carvers, unlabelled, the carvers 59cm wide 43cm deep 75cm high £80-100

Lot 616 616 A SWEDISH BROWN LEATHER UPHOLSTERED SWIVEL ARM CHAIR in the manner of Bruno Mathsson, with bentwood armrests and five prong teak effect base £80-100 617 A BLACK VINYL ARMCHAIR on chrome four prong base £50-80


618 BEATRICE MURRAY (CONTEMPORARY): a carved wooden sculpture of abstract form on square marble base, 43cm high overall £40-60

621 AFTER JOAN MIRO Abstract form, bronze, marked 'Miro 2 1999', set to a wooden base, overall 49.5cm high. £40-60

Lot 619 619 BEATRICE MURRAY (CONTEMPORARY): a carved wooden sculpture of abstract form on ebonised wooden base, 78cm high overall £40-60 620 A PAIR OF TEAK FRAMED DINING CHAIRS with black vinyl upholstered seats and shaped teak backrests £30-50

Lot 622 622 ADAMI VALERIO (ITALIAN B.1935) a colour poster for 1972 Munich Olympic Games, 101cm x 64cm £30-50 623 CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (LATER 20TH CENTURY) Abstract, colour print, indistinctly signed and dated '[19]79' lower right, 69cm x 88cm. £30-40 624 A 'TULIP' STOOL AFTER EERO SAARINEN with cast metal base, the upholstered circular seat 45cm diameter £30-50

Lot 621

Lot 625 625 A RIIHIMAKI GLASS VASE SHAPE 1477 in turquoise, 20cm high £30-50 626 A G-PLAN STYLE CABINET FITTED WITH DRAWER 55cm wide 38cm deep 55cm high, a wire framed wicker magazine rack and a small side table (3) £40-60

Lot 630 630 A PAIR OF TAN VINYL UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS on tubular chrome steel supports £30-50 631 A POOLE POTTERY BOWL shape 685, decorated in the AP pattern, artists mark for Rene Hayes, 20.5cm diameter; a tall pedestal vase decorated in the LE pattern, artists monogram for Sylvia Penny, 21cm high; and a plate decorated in the LE pattern, 25.5cm diameter (3) £60-80 632 IRENE WELBURN (BRITISH, EXH. 193640) Portrait of a Seated Man, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 71cm x 86.5cm, unframed. £30-50

Lot 627 627 A BRONZE SCULPTURE MODELLED AS A STYLISED FACE supported by a hand, on marble base, 30cm wide 34cm high overall £100-150 628 A TEAK SIDEBOARD with two pairs of doors opening to an array of shelves and drawers, 193cm long 46cm deep 71cm high £50-80 629 A SUITE OF THREE TEAK TABLES on square tapering supports, the largest table 83cm long 38cm deep 44cm high £30-50

Lot 633 633 IRENE WELBURN (BRITISH, EXH. 193640) Designer Chairs, oil on board, signed lower right, 59cm x 120cm. £80-120

636 A FOUR LIGHT STANDARD LAMP with four brass square section arms issuing from a circular base, probably French, 160cm high £80-120 637 AN ARKANA CIRCULAR TULIP OCCASIONAL TABLE the cast iron base with 'ARKANA' in relief script, 60cm diameter, together with another circular Formica top occasional table 61cm diameter (2) £40-60 638 A POOLE POTTERY 'POCKET' VASE with brown lustre glaze, 26cm high £30-50 639 A LARGE STUDIO GLASS VASE probably Italian, 45cm high £30-50 Lot 634 634 BRITISH SCHOOL (LATER CENTURY) Bottle Glass, colour print, unsigned, 47cm x 28cm. £30-40


Lot 640 640 A LARGE STEULER WEST GERMAN FLOOR VASE with original label, numbered 4301/6 to base, 50cm high £30-50 641 A TALL ROSEWOOD CABINET OF OVAL PILLAR FORM the interior fitted with three adjustable shelves, 60cm wide 41cm deep 130cm high £80-120

Lot 635 635 MICHAEL HALE (BRITISH, B.1934) 'Interval 2'; and 'Canon 4', screenprints, each titled lower left and signed and dated '[19]79' lower right, approximately 73cm x 54cm and 69cm x 59cm respectively, unframed (peripheral tears). £30-40

642 AN EXTENDING DINING TABLE 91cm wide 200cm long fully extended, together with a matching set of six slat back chairs £50-80








Lots purchased online with will attract an additional charge for this service in the sum of 3% of the hammer price plus VAT at the rate imposed Description of lots in the catalogue, although believed to be correct, are for identification and guidance purposes only. In no way is there any warranty given or implied as to the accuracy or content of any description or condition of items. All lots are sold subject to all faults and imperfections, if any, and purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the description or authenticity of any lot or lots. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser at the Hammer Price. In the event of any dispute arising the Auctioneer shall, at his discretion, reoffer the lot or lots. In any event his decision shall be final and binding. Every purchaser shall be deemed to act as principal unless there is written acknowledgement with the Auctioneers that the purchaser acts as an agent for a named and accepted principal. The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any bid from any person and to refuse admission to the premises at their discretion of any person. All lots are deemed to become the purchaser’s responsibility in full at the fall of the hammer when a Contract of Sale is made and the purchaser assumes the safe custody of the lot or lots. The Auctioneer acts as agents between the vendor and purchaser and is not responsible for any default by either the vendor or the purchaser.



REMOVAL OF GOODS FROM SALEROOM 1. The purchaser shall at his own expense remove



3. 4.

the lot or lots purchased no later than two working days after the day of the Auction. Failure to comply with this condition will incur removal, storage and insurance charges. No lot may be removed before payment.

COMMISSION BIDS 1. The Auctioneers will be pleased to exercise commission bids on behalf of the purchasers, providing they are submitted in writing; in such a manner so as to purchase on behalf of the client by exceeding the highest Saleroom floor bid or next highest book bid or vendor’s reserve by one bid only.

NEW BUYER REGISTRATION 1. All New Buyers wishing to register at this

PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS unknown 1. Intending purchasers

to the Auctioneers are kindly requested to make arrangements with the Auctioneers prior to the Sale regarding payment. If such arrangements are not made purchases will not be released until payment is received and in the case of cheques until they have been cleared. Credit card payments: Purchasers intending to pay by credit card should make arrangements prior to the sale to ensure that the card is one accepted by the Auctioneer’s bankers. All charges made by the respective card company should be borne by the purchaser in addition to the Auctioneer’s charges. All lots must be paid for in full on the day of the Sale and before removal from the Saleroom. Buyer’s premium of 19.5% + VAT of the Hammer Price is payable by the purchasers of

all lots The Accounts Office adjoining the Saleroom will be open throughout the Auction for convenience of purchasers. If the auctioneer is in any doubt of the authenticity of the source of payment by the purchaser the auctioneer will ask for payment to be made by a different method which will usually be a bank transfer directly into the Auction Room bank account. Goods will be held until the payment is made in full. Under no circumstances will goods be dispatched before payment has been made


3. 4.

Saleroom must first produce two forms of paper ID ideally showing a concurring current address ie Driver’s Licence and a Utility Bill or Bank/Credit Card correspondence and those registering by telephone, if successful, will also be required to make the first payment to the saleroom either by Bank Transfer/Cash, or Cheque (which will have to clear before collection). New Buyer’s wishing to pay by Card will have to pay for their items in person. Telephone Bids will only be accepted providing the Auctioneers have received two forms of paper ID ideally showing a concurring current address ie Driver’s Licence and a Utility Bill or Bank/Credit Card correspondence. Telephone Bids MUST BE booked by 5.30 pm on the day BEFORE the sale. No NEW registrations or bids will be taken once the Sale has commenced.

CALENDAR OF GENERAL SALES 2017 Sedgemoor Auction Centre, North Petherton, TA6 6DF

Thursday 19th January Thursday 16th February Thursday 16th March Thursday 20th April Thursday 18th May Thursday 15th June Thursday 20th July Thursday 17th August Thursday 21st September Thursday 19th October Thursday 16th November Thursday 14th December

Viewing from 9.00am on the morning of sale. Sales commence at 10.30am Entries will be taken on the day prior to sale from 9.00am – 4.00pm For further details please telephone 01823 332525

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