Anthony Ferrante, Moderator Director, Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service Federal Aviation Administration

Anthony Ferrante, Moderator Director, Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service Federal Aviation Administration Different operating environments Differen...
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Anthony Ferrante, Moderator Director, Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service Federal Aviation Administration

Different operating environments Different business models

Flight Information Services Sequencing of VFR aircraft operations Separation of IFR/VFR aircraft operations

ATCOs providing ATS to multiple aerodromes from a single remote tower center 1 ATCO = 1 aerodrome, OR 1 ATCO = multiple aerodromes

Marieke van Hijum Executive Director’s Office Section Manager European Aviation Safety Agency

Ralph James Director of Safety Regulation Irish Aviation Authority

Remote Tower – Multiple Mode Operation (SESAR Trial & Beyond) The Remote Tower (RTC) Centre located at Dublin Air Traffic Services Unit will provide an aerodrome control service (air control and ground movements control) for Cork airport (123 nm from RTC) and Shannon airport (105 nm from RTC). The remote control operation comprises visual reproduction of the “Out the Window” tower view (OTW) from cameras deployed at the candidate airports, combined with aural reproduction of the airport sound. EASA considers that the panoramic OTW view in the RTC does not constitute a Surveillance System

Regulatory Expectation ; No impact on level of safety No impact on existing service provision

Shannon Airport H24 International Serving Domestic, European, US Major Atlantic Diversion Point SAR Base 3 Large Maintenance Facilities 3,199M, ILS both ends 20,000 Commercial Mvts 4,500 Non-commercial Class ‘C’ Control Zones

Radar Supported ATS

Cork Airport H24 International Domestic, European Off-shore heli ops Large pilot training base 2,194M, ILS both ends Shorter crossing runway 21,000 Commercial Mvts 20,000 Non-commercial ATM Equipped

No Surface Mvt Radar

•ICAO –Annex 1 / Annex 11 / PANS ATM Doc 4444 •Relevant EU Legislation –Common Requirements [EU 1035/2011*] –Safety Oversight [EU 1034/2011] –Interoperability Regulation [EC 552/2004*] + associated IRs –Software Safety Assurance [EC 482/2008*] –ATCO Licensing Regulations [EU 805/2011] & [EU 2015/340] –Single European Rules of the Air [EU 923/2014] •EASA AMC/GM Annex to ED Decision 2015/014/R -European Aviation Safety Agency “Guidance Material on the implementation of the remote tower concept for single mode of operation” Issue 1. •National Legislation –Air Traffic Service Systems Order [SI 855/2004] –ATC Standards Order [SI 856/2004]

Change subject to Formal Regulatory Review Change preceded by Safety Assessment This is a trial – evidential build up Op use/limits clearly identified in procedures Appropriate Licencing

Regulatory Compliance Safety Assessment ATS & Technical Procedures Data Provision Arrangements System Failures/Contingency arrangements Security Interoperability Documentation Licensing & Training Human Factors/HMI

Trial = progress based on evidential catalogue Safety case for human factors only available at end of trial Human resource capability/limit Human Factors Ability to change location and adjust Adaption to 360 = 290 Lose of normal cues/familiarity

Need clear vision of why we need/want Remote Towers

Andras Kovacs Manager, Surveillance Branch FAA, NextGen Technology Development & Prototyping

Enabling Capabilities Present an Electronic Display of the Information Provided by the Tower Cab Out-The-Window View Object Tracking and Alerting Image Enhancement Increased Visibility in Low Visibility Conditions

Mitigation for Existing Line-of-Sight Issues Controller Working Positions could be Located off Airport Property to Centralize Multi Airport Operations

Leesburg, VA

Camera Nest

Provide guidance on policies, processes and procedures, data collection, analysis and safety case generation to VSATS/Saab for a potential operational approval of Saab’s remote tower capability at Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO).

ATC Console

Stakeholders: •

Virginia Small Aircraft Transportation System (VSATS) Laboratory, Inc.

Saab Sensis Corporation


Bargaining Units (i.e. NATCA, PASS)

Funding: •

Project is sponsored by VSATS/Saab

Currently no FAA funding allocated

FAA Commitment:

Target Sequence of Events: • • • • • •

Passive Data Collections completed: Aug-Nov 2015 & Feb-Mar 2016 Initial Safety Risk Assessment – planned Aug 2016 Phase 1 Passive Tests – planned Fall 2016; SRM Panel Feb/Mar 2017 Phase 2 Active Tests – planned Spring 2017; SRM Panel Aug/Sep 2017 Phase 3 IOC – planned Oct/Nov 2017 Followed by Decision to Proceed to Full Implementation at Leesburg

Key Artifacts: • Saab‘s JYO Concept of Operations (in development) • Saab’s JYO Evaluation Plan (in development)

Fort Collins, CO FAA Commitment Conceptual ATC Console

Remote Airport

Stakeholders: •

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

Vendor TBD


Bargaining Units (NATCA, PASS)

Funding: •

Project is sponsored by CDOT

Currently no FAA funding allocated

FAA working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to provide guidance and to assess a vendor’s remote tower system with the goal of obtaining operational approval of a remote tower service at Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport (FNL).

Activities to Date: • Draft Concept of Operations • Selected FNL as evaluation site • Evaluated potential vendor systems

Planned Activities: • • • • •

Vendor selection Remote tower system installation Test planning / Test Script Development & Execution Safety Risk Management (SRM) Evaluation Other Approval Activities (e.g., CTO Cert., System Type Cert)

Non-Federal Certification Strategy instead of Traditional FAA Acquisition Processes FOCUS: 1) Establish Remote Tower Service (RTS) Levels Applicable to Small (Non-Towered) Airports

2) Develop a Qualified Vendor Approval Process

Advisory Circular / Standards / RFI System Development Approval (SDA) Process System & Operational Evaluation Permanent CTOs Type Certification

FAA Processes & Procedures

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