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The Center for Arts in Natick Annual Report 2012 Our MissiOn We believe the arts are essential to a complete human experience and to the creation o...
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The Center for Arts in Natick

Annual Report 2012

Our MissiOn We believe the arts are essential to a complete human experience and to the creation of a vibrant, healthy community. TCAN serves the Metrowest region by increasing opportunities to experience, participate in, and learn about the arts. To this end, TCAN strives to present arts programs of the highest standard that are available to everyone. TCAN dedicates its resources to providing community access to diverse arts programs, reducing barriers to attendance, and building appreciation through arts education.


TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

AnnuAl repOrt 2012 The Center for Arts in Natick is flourishing. The designation of Natick Center as a Cultural District by the Massachusetts Cultural Council in 2012 recognizes the measurable impact of Natick’s arts organizations on our community. We were pleased to end our 15th year in strong financial shape. A surge in TCAN membership lifted our ranks to over 1,600 contributing members from across the region and beyond. We were fortunate to receive generous support from current and new leadership Circle members. A growing list of corporate sponsors and generous grants from Nellie Mae Foundation and Foundation for MetroWest provided important underwriting support to maintain the high standard of our programming. The 2012 fiscal year included a wide variety of arts programs that set new records for attendance. We enjoyed memorable popular music performances by Ben Taylor, Joan osborne, english Beat, Susannah Hoffs, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals and Southside Johnny. Artists as varied as George Winston, Buckwheat Zydeco and the acclaimed Swingle Singers made appearances on the TCAN stage. We introduced the TCAN Young Masters Series featuring the next generation of classical musicians. And a strong season by the TCAN players ended on a musical note with a classic production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Company.” We are grateful to TCAN’s board, donors, and corporate sponsors for enabling us to provide affordable access to the arts. Without their support, we would not be able to provide the valuable programs that enhance Natick’s culture. Thank you to our members, patrons and sponsors, and to our dedicated staff and volunteers. I deeply appreciate your support and hard work that allows our organization to thrive. We are proud to be a part of the Natick community.

tABle OF COntents Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 TCAN players . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Firehouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Access . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Sponsors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Financials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 patrons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Volunteers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Staff & Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

David lavalley executive Director TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


features AcApellA North Shore Acapella Spookapella IX Swingle Singers

Blues Dan Hicks and The Hot licks Duke Robillard James Montgomery Blues Band Johnny A Ronnie earl Ruthie Foster Band Sonny landreth

clAssicAl Amphion String Quartet Hye-Jin Kim Min-Hee Koo and Boaz Sharon Robert Belinic Young Masters of Brandeis Young Masters of Walnut Hill

comedy An evening With Groucho Boston Comics Chicago City limits Comedy Night w/Tony V Jimmy Tingle: American Dream

crossover California/Montreal Guitar Trio Deborah Henson-Conant Turtle Island Quartet

Folk Aztec Two Step Dala David Wilcox w/Vicki Genfan ellis paul Fitzsimmons, Black & Miraglia Jeff Foucault & Kris Delmhorst Jonathan edwards Nerissa & Katryna Nields patty larkin peter Mulvey Red Horse Ruth Moody Band Seth Glier & liz longley Steve Forbert Susan Werner Trio Tom Rush


TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

presenting exCellenCe In our 15th year, compelling and entertaining artists illuminated the TCAN stage. The varied and high quality performances culminated in an unforgettable benefit performance from ReNT stars Adam pascal and Anthony Rapp. From the soothing harmonies of acapella to the soulful sounds of rock, programming appealed to a wide range of patrons and communities.The classical series grew in strength with the introduction of the Young Masters Series, including violinist Hye-Jin Kim. Jimmy Tingle and other notable comedians brought down the house with irreverent and no-holds-barred routines. From nationally recognized artists to local rising stars, the honest and energetic nature of every musician was showcased at TCAN.

features JAzz Buckwheat Zydeco George Winston Grace Kelly

operA Amelia Goes to the Ball little Women

pop Joan osborne Joe Robinson Ben Taylor

rock Atlanta Rhythm Section Beatlejuice California Transit Authority enter the Haggis Fair, Yates & Betschart Felix Cavaliere Glen & Grant lee phillips Howie Day Jesse Colin Young John Waite lez Zeppelin Marshall Crenshaw paula Cole Sarah Borges Band Southside Johnny Susanna Hoffs The english Beat The Glimmer Twins

roots Rodney Crowell Shelby lynne

“Thank you for another beautiful night – not every town has a beautiful place like this.” –Dar Williams

“Great sound, great lights, great venue.”

“We would play here seven days a week if you’d have us!” –Pesky J Nixon

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


tcan players

tAking the stAge TCAN’s resident community theater troupe produces award-winning dramas, comedies, and musicals with a wide range of themes. Since their first production in 2001, the group has performed three shows each year to wide acclaim. The TCAN players’ production of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure garnered a number of eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theatres (eMACT) nominations in 2012: • • • • •

Best Play Best Supporting Actor, Play - Stephen Turner Best Set Design, Play - Tom Powers Best Costumes, Play - Donna Roessler Best Stage Management, Play - Harry Manuel

stop kiss March 2-11, 2012 An unexpected romance between two young women is shattered when an assault leaves one in a coma. The other is left to piece together the story of their friendship, and find out what her happiness is worth to her. This story of charmingly unfocused Callie and her friendship with Sara, a schoolteacher from St. louis, is a gentle, affectionate work, with a blithe sense of comedy. Directed by Margaret umbsen.

sherlock holmes: the FinAl Adventure June 1-10, 2012 Could the ultimately logical, thoroughly dispassionate Holmes who has survived poison, pistols and other precarious perils actually be laid low by his love for a woman? The villainous professor Moriarty thinks so. And despite the best efforts of Holmes and his loyal sidekick Dr. Watson, Moriarty may just be right. This decorated play offered suspense, mystery, drama and a healthy dose of humor to enthusiastic crowds each night. Directed by Matt Cederholm.

compAny November 9-18, 2012 Set in upper Manhattan, Company is a funny, sophisticated exploration of love and commitment as seen through the eyes of a charming perpetual bachelor questioning his single state and his enthusiastically married, slightly envious friends. With a wise and witty Stephen Sondheim score including “Another Hundred people,” “Side by Side by Side,” “The ladies Who lunch” and “Being Alive,” Company offers musical comedy at its finest. Directed by Erin Huelskamp.

*TCAN Players sponsored by MutualOne Bank


TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

community FAmily proGrAms Bari Koral Family Rock Band Beethoven’s Wig Ben Rudnick & Friends Bill Harley & Keith Munslow Bonaparte Butterworth Marionettes Detectives, Dancing & Melodies Gerwick puppets: Midwinter Magic Joanie leeds Mister G pushcart players: Happily ever After Tanglewood Marionettes The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley The Dirty Sock Funtime Band Vanessa Trien & the Jumping Monkeys

visuAl Arts

CeleBrAting lOCAl Culture Affordable community-driven programs shine the spotlight on rising stars who may not otherwise have had the chance to take the stage. Rock off Main Street provides a professional environment for teen bands to experience live sets and learn what goes into developing a show. Folk open Mic is a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere for local musicians to share their music in a supportive setting. Downtown Natick’s family-friendly cultural movement is enhanced by TCAN’s children’s performers and visual arts gallery. Natick and the surrounding communities are enriched by the culture delivered by TCAN’s programs.

photos by peter Bates photos by elyssa Conley paintings and prints by Gloria Ross photographs by the Boston Camera Club paintings by Andrew Fish and David palmquist Calligraphy and paintings by Mike Mei Quilts by Andi lindsey Natick open Studios paintings by elisa Hamilton photographs by Chuck Beisch Multimedia by Catherine evans

rock oFF mAin street Monthly rock series features the region’s freshest teen bands. Sponsored by Berklee College of Music Summer programs

Folk open mic Inspiring performances from up-and-coming folk artists within a supportive environment

“Rock Off Main was extremely important in becoming the musician I am today. Not only does it give young

musicians a fun and safe place to play, but it helps develop of what it takes to put together a show. Rock Off Main is where I developed these skills and I don’t think I would’ve attended Berklee without it.”

– Dan Bernfeld, Idiocity Killed the Cat, Rock Off Main Street

“At Twenty-Eight” by Elisa Hamilton

the confidence to play in a live setting and the knowledge

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


education pocket Full oF tAles pFoT celebrated 12 years directing children ages 4-14 nearly 50 weeks of the year in afterschool, school vacation, and summer musical theatre and advanced acting workshops.

sound & spirit A newly formed choral ensemble with a uniquely intergenerational mission, Sound & Spirit gave children, teens, and adults the opportunity to rehearse and publicly perform together.

WAlnut hill school For the Arts Among several program collaborations with TCAN, Walnut Hill School for the Arts presented “Teen Musical Theater Workshop,” a process-based workshop for teens with a focus on text and music analysis.

the television Workshop In its fifth year at TCAN, “Intro to TV & Modeling” was taught by industry professionals and designed for ages 7-16 who wanted to build confidence and presentation skills.

rockWorks This experimental rock band workshop – developed by Music Go Round – debuted in summer 2012. Teens explored the technical and creative process of making music in a band format.


TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

DevelOping CreAtivity Through affordable and accessible education programs, TCAN has helped foster community expression and provided a place for people of all ages to cultivate their artistic talents. In 2012, TCAN expanded its vocal and instrumental instruction through the intergenerational Sound & Spirit choral ensemble and RockWorks, an experimental rock band workshop for teens. With successful long term partnerships with the Television Workshop, pocket Full of Tales (now in its 12th year at TCAN), Walnut Hill School, and other public schools, TCAN has nurtured the creativity and confidence in students who took the stage. This encouragement helped students explore expression of the self at its deepest core, while enabling students who might not otherwise interact to cross demographic boundaries, including age, race, geography, income, gender, and ability.


preserving histOry When TCAN purchased and restored Natick’s Central Fire House in 2001, it also accepted the charge to care for this historic building. In 2012, TCAN invested in a Capital Systems Replacement plan to identify repairs and improvements that will be required during our next 20 years in this facility, and budget for them accordingly. To improve the energy efficiency of the Firehouse, a comprehensive energy audit was conducted that lead to the replacement of some stage lighting with modern LED fixtures. A complete replacement of the incandescent house lights and dimming system is now underway. looking to the future, TCAN’s Board of Directors approved the goals for an updated Strategic plan that included moving forward with a capital campaign to fund the renovation of the building’s second floor. TCAN completed a programming strategy, a detailed business plan and preliminary drawings of the new performance space. TCAN will also invest in upgrades to its main audio system with support from a grant provided by Foundation for Metrowest.

culturAl district on August 22, the Massachusetts Cultural Council recognized Natick Center as one of 13 designated cultural districts. The late 19th-century neo-gothic architecture and “quintessentially New england” town common distinguished Natick from other Massachusetts towns. Called “majestic” and “visually impressive” by the MCC, the district is a culmination of over a decade of historic preservation and public and private investment in the town center’s streetscape and façade improvements, and cultural facilities. Recognized as the “premier performing arts center in MetroWest,” TCAN serves as the anchor for this hub of cultural activity that draws an increasing number of tourists and patrons from surrounding communities. In 2012, TCAN drew over 21,000 attendees to Natick Center, while other events like Natick open Studios, the Art Walk, and historic walking tours created a cohesive schedule of cultural activities.

“TCAN has provided a much-needed additional performance and event venue for

our public schools, local nonprofit organizations, town functions, and community gatherings. We are very appreciative of this resource in our town.” – Martha White, Town Administrator

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


access A smile in every seAt The arts play a crucial role in the health and well-being of all members of our community, and TCAN strives to offer access to the arts for everyone. Through partnerships with the Natick Service Council and the South Middlesex opportunity Council of Framingham (SMoC), the TCAN Smile in every Seat program distributes free tickets and tuition vouchers to families and other members of our community facing economic hardship. In the first year of the program, NSC and SMOC clients enjoyed more than 20 TCAN events, including family shows and community theater as well as national touring acts. TCAN is grateful to these corporations and foundations who generously supported this program: Berklee College of Music Bose Corporation Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Mutualone Charitable Foundation Rotary Club of Natick Tilly & Salvy’s Bacon Street Farm

community support TCAN helps local nonprofit organizations achieve their missions by donating tickets for their fundraising activities. In 2012, hundreds of tickets were contributed to dozens of nonprofit organizations throughout Metrowest.

schools And educAtion Ashland education Foundation, Inc. Bates elementary School, Wellesley Framingham Centre Nursery School Hemenway elementary, Framingham Holliston pTSA Johnson elementary School, Natick Joseph e. Fiske School, Wellesley Marian High School, Framingham Natick High School

community And civic Boy Scout Troop 23 Boys & Girls Clubs of Metrowest Danforth Museum of Art Family promise Metrowest Natick Community organic Farm Natick little league pMC Kids Ride Sudbury Council on Aging


TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

expAnDing BOunDAries As the arts community in Natick has grown, TCAN has developed significant partnerships with many local organizations. The Walnut Hill School for the Arts, an international leader in arts education, has evolved as one of TCAN’s key strategic partners. For a number of years, the two organizations have collaborated to deliver quality theater education and programming to the families of MetroWest. And in October, TCAN held its Annual Benefit in the Walnut Hill facilities, offering a master class by the artists for Walnut Hill students. The principals at both organizations have begun planning for an expanded partnership, sharing resources and developing new programming in film, dance, theater, and arts education.

“By offering free access to high quality music, theatre, and arts programs, TCAN significantly enhances the quality of life of our clients and the entire community.”

– Greg Tutuny, Natick Service Council


COMMunity pArtnerships Many community organizations depend on TCAN to provide a professional performing arts venue for programming and fundraising events that support their missions. TCAN hosted 31 such events in 2012. recitAls And perFormAnces Camp Woodtrail Kevin Fortunato, percussion teacher Morse Institute library Natick High School, Music Department Natick parks and Recreation Department St. paul’s episcopal Church Tim Roper, piano teacher Tobin School Walnut Hill School for the Arts Wildflower Camp Foundation

FundrAisers Allegro School of Music Bacon Free library Five Crows Gallery and Handcrafted Gifts Friends of Natick High Football Natick High School, Speech Team Wild lens Inc

community events Massachusetts Cultural Council MetroWest Chamber of Commerce Natick Center Associates Natick education Foundation

“Walnut Hill is proud to collaborate with a growing number of like-minded organizations in the region,

as well as nationally and worldwide. Our partnership with

TCAN is one of our most valued of those collaborations.” – Antonio Viva, Head of School, Walnut Hill School for the Arts

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


members the Center for Arts in natick is grateful to its members for their generous support. Annual membership contributions provide critical funding that supports ongoing operations at the firehouse.

Jenny Adams Kathy leBaron and paul Adams Janet Albrecht Michael and Mary Barbara Alexander Kathryn and Robert Alich Shirley Hui and Robert M. Allen Nancy and peter Anas liz Angell larry Asaro edward and Marcy Bailey-Adams Nina Barresi Denise and Michael Barry ernest and Christine Bell peter e. Tetrault and Bonnie Benhayon David and Mary-Regina Bennett Karen Benoit Deidre Bergeron and Randy Divinkski Carole Ann Berkowitz Helen Berman linda and Mark Bernfeld Neil and Sandra Bernstein Susan Biagini Robert Bird Steven Birnbaum and Cyndi Jones Barbara Bisson Norman Bitsoli Damon and Cynthia Blank John Bohner elaine Bortman Sharon and Steven Botwinik Stacey and Mark Brandon Dr. David C. Brown Amy and Michael Bruns Sheila Buckley and John Harris Thomas J. Buckley, III Steve Bullock Cynthia Grady and Scott Bump linda Burgoon peter and Janice Burke Sharon Burke John Memishian and elaine Burns Anthony Bussard Judith Sawdon and Chris Caldwell Mary Campbell Stephanie and Rick Campbell Robert Canning Wanda Cantlin eileen Weber and Bob Caplin Susan Carney Christy Carriker Gregory Caruso Maureen Cary


Judith Chait Robert Killian and Sarah Chambers David Chapman Arthur Chaves Cheryl and Kenneth Chernack Judith Chyten Scott and pat Clark Dirk Coburn and Jeanine Kelly Coburn Steven Cohen Rob Coleman Michael and Barbara Collins Jim Connolly Mary Beth and Jim Connolly Beth Cook Russell Coon elliot Coren John and pam Cornell Judy and Anthony Cosimini Kevin and Michelle Coughlin emilee Crowell James Crowley paul Curtis Randy and liza Curtis Charles Cushman Kathryn D’Addesio Karen and paul Dale David Davenport and Susan Dodd Renee Decker laura Senier and Ken Delpapa Debra DeMeis Charlene DiCalogero Warren Dillman Sheila and Dennis DiSalvo Tom Dixon Nancy Dlott Reva Dolobowsky Nancy and Timothy Donahue Brian and Corinne Donovan Richard Stephen and Kathleen Donovan David and Barbara Dorant Michael Driscoll Ann Drouilhet Glen DuBois Jo Dudek Barbara ebert Victoria eddy Bob edwards William and Mavis efthim Steven eisenman Tina elias-Todd Fran elovitz Jean ensor

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

Barbara and leonard epstein Chris and Kellianne erath Bruce and Terri evans Richard and Allison evans Janet and Mark Fagan Rita Fahy Artie and Tricia Fair Myke Farricker Drs. Henry and Kate Faulkner Nora Field Anne Fitzgerald Kim and Chip Fontaine linda Forman Charlene and Frank Foss Ira Foss Barbara Fossey elizabeth Smith and Jonathan Freedman Frenkel/Dick Family Bethann Friedman Jay Frolick Mary ellen and Stephen Fulton James Furdon William Garner John Garrison John Gaziano Marijane Geary Rosalind Gendreau Russ and JoAnn Gerber Tara Mowery and Dave Getchonis Sue Gibbons Michael Gilbert Joe Giroux David and pam Glass John and Margaret Goetz Robert Gold erika Goldberg Harvey Goldfine Ken Goldman Jennifer Goldson Charlene Gottlieb Anne and Michael Gottlieb James and paula Gould linda and Alan Grady Sonya Granahan Randy and Martin Gredinger Mary Gregory Diane packer and paul Greismer Stacey Grillo Ann Groccia Steven and Stenie Gullans George and Helen Hailer Ray Hale Serena and Brent Hall Rud and Judie Ham

Helen and Ray Hamel peter Handlin Frank and Melissa Hanenberger James Hanrahan Janeen and Steve Hansen Faye and Robert Harrington Henry Haugland and linda Wollschlager John and Georgette Heerwagen Hewitt Heiserman Joy Heising Kalman Heller Barry Herman Ruth Hertz Robin and Neil Heyden Chris and peg Hildreth lora and Jim Hillis lawrence and Yvette Hochberg laura Hodson Baim Cherie Hoffman James and elizabeth Holman Joyce Horrigan Christine Hubbard Mary and ed Hudson Roberta Humez Susan and Tom Hunt Marianne B. Hunter Joseph and Sandra Hurwitz Scott Hutchinson Cathi Ianno Victor and Cecile Ianno Joe and Janet Idzal Steve Ivas lisa Jacobs Marc Jacobs Brenda Jarrell Tom and Marie Jeffrey Frank and Beth Jenkins George and Margaret Johnson Judy and Charles Johnson Mike Johnson Bobby Jones Rebecca Jones-Bloom lena and paul Joseph Norman Kadehjian Candace Kasser Christine Schell and Marco Kaltofen Bruce and Jayne Kaufman pamela Kaufmann Jo C. Kail and Steven Kaye Joseph and Barbara Keefe Tim Keefe Cris and Mari Kenudson Beverly Rich and Martin Kessel Ronald Kessler Richard and Rebecca Killigrew Christine King Deanna Kinney Adam Klein Kate and Robert Klepper linda Knack

members William Kobertz Christine Konys Steven Kornstein Steven Kramer David and Carol Krentzman Gary Kreppel Ray and Annie Krome Gerald Kubik Karen and phillips Kuhl Davd Kuppenheimer Susan lancoon Cynthia lange Kathleen and Bert lannon Donna laRoche Teresa and Robert laurence A. James and Jay Ann lavoie phillip lawrence Cindy and Seth lawry Kate and Steve leavey Charlotte lebowitz Diane leClair Bernadette lehmann Alissa and Gerry leonard elizabeth Carroll and Ralph letner Daniel and Marjorie levin Karl Schlemmer and leslie levine Diana levinson Joe and Sharon libbin eric and Rebecca lightcap Stephen and Kathy lillis Constance Galanis and Stephen linde Kurt linde peter loewinthan Alan louie Tina Forbes and T. lovering Margaret lowe Carol lucibella Nicholas S. Mabardy Susan Mahan Michael and Kristen Maichen Valerie Marden David Margil and Jodi Freedman Missy Margolis Jackie Martin Ted Martin William Mason and Cecilia Mikalac David Massey phil and Marsha Massey Ron and Christine Mastrangelo Christine and Andy Matz Jeanie May Matthew Mayerchak Alison McCann John and Sally McCoubrey paula passi and Matthew McCue Carlene and David McGorty paul and lucy McKinley David Mclarnon Regina McNally pete Meagher

Richard Merson Melissa Messier Robert Metafora e. Brad Meyer leslie Miller lynne and Richard Montross Barbara Moore Timothy and Deb Moore Doris Bickley and George Morfogen Jodi Morrocco Betsy G. Moyer Mary erickson and Richard Mullane Henry Mulloy David Murphy Jennifer and Brian Murphy Betty Murray Jeffrey and Carol Mushnick Jordana Napurano Roberta and James Newcomb Doug Newton A. Richard and Deanna Norton Rita Nystrom Christopher o’Connell Jim and Judi o’Connor Richard Marsh and Judith odenheimer Jeff and Hilary olsen Sara oseasohn Jeanne Williamson ostroff and Josh ostroff Shirley and David parish erin parker lisa perry Ruth levine and John perten Barbara Wolfinger and Stuart peskoe elizabeth peterson Tim phillips Karen and Matt pierce May and Daniel pierce David pizzi Mike pojman peter potthoff Thomas and Nancy powers phyllis prout Robert and Katherine provost Kenneth Quat Carole and David Rabe Bob Radin Jeffrey and Janice Rahn Walter Raudonis loreen Ray Virgina Redpath Jessica and David Reed Howard and Deborah Reef Suzanne Reitz Walter and Judy Rich paul Richardson Andrew Meyer and Betsy Rigby Joseph and Terri Riley Robert Rivet pamela Roberts

phil Roberts and Gail Weston-Roberts Randy Robinson David and Sara Rolley Joan Roman Todd and Cherise Root Ronald Rosen Joel and Bonnie Rosenthal Don Ross Tom and ellen Ross Amy Rossi Alice Rotfort Bill and Kathy Rousseau peggy Broekel and Matthew Rovner Stephen Rupprecht paul and ellen Russell Maureen and Fred Ryan Judith Salerno Marvin Sandler Carol Sarshik John Sasonoff ed Sato Bernard Saulnier Janet Blackman and phillip Sawyer Jonathan Saxton Suzanne Sayle David and Amy Schelleng Robert and Diane Schiller Steve Rosenberg and Sybil Schlesinger ellen Schmidt Carl and Susan Schnapp Dr Mark and linda Schocken Cathy Scholz Amy Schur-Robinow patricia and James Scurlock edward Seddon Rosemary Driscoll and Bill Seymour eric Shade Karen Shaer Harold Shapero and esther Geller John Sheehan John and Syphachanh Sherry Debbie and ed Shooshanian Marsha Showstead Amy and Matt Siegel Doina Simovici leslie and Michael Singer erik Sirri Nancy and Chet Smith Sandra Smith Rachael Solem Marc Soloway Michael Sosik Carolyn Spangler Teresa Spillane Mark St. Hilaire and Kristen Arnold David and laura Steele elliot Steger Bob Stegmaier Justin Steinman Mary Sterling

Rachel Stewart Jennifer and Richard Stoner and Family Janet Strimaitis Mitchell Strominger J. Timothy and Maryann Sullivan Bob and Judy Swanson Hope Swift Nancy and paul Tanguay Joan Taves Judith Thomson Jeffrey Thumm lynne Tirrell Bobby Toabe Debbie and Bruce Tofias peter Townsend Richard and Rosa Traiger Mark Trone Kathy Tuffs Alison and Greg Tutuny Rebecca Valentine Bradley J Van Dussen priscilla Velardo Bruce and Connie Ventura Joe Victor and Julie Alexander leslie Vienneau Robert and Janis Violante Jay Virshbo Antonio Viva Tom and Katie Von Der lieth Marilyn Wales Jeanne Walker David S. Walton and family Daniel and patty Walton pam Kading Webb and Mike Webb Steven Weber Amy Weiner Jane and Mark Weiner David Jennett and Shari Weingarten Amy Wells Roland and Kirsten West Barbara Wetherington Arthur and lorraine White Bob and Karen White James White Martha White Charles Whittaker Ken Wilcox Carolyn Williams Norman Wirtz Suzanne and Rick Wynn Debbi and Mike Young Marillyn A. Zacharis *Includes Members and Donors contributing $100-$999 in 2012

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


donors Valerie and Hale Andrews Anonymous (3) erica and Jay Ball The Brack Family Fund of the Foundation for Metrowest Mary lou Howard and Thomas Buckley


Gene and Gay Crowley ed and Karen Daly David and lynn Falwell Steven and Renee Finn George Fiske Joyce and ed Fredkin Bruce Weisberg and Serge Genesse Steve levinsky and Denise Girardin phil and Marcia Giudice Tom and elizabeth Halchuk Mary and ed Hudson Rick and Nancy Jennett Kaplan Family Charitable Fund Walter Kolosky The Roy l. Komack Memorial Fund Karen and Reginald leese Tim and elizabeth lepain Robby and Jeff levy John and paula Moran Craig Ross and Denise Nelken Nicholas and Martha perakis Bob Vierling and Jan phlegar M.V. and J. Ravindra Glenn Shambroom and Nina Righter David lavalley and Sherry Sandoval larry and Debby Streeter ed Strickland Kristine and John Van Amsterdam William and Nancy Whitney elizabeth Hendler and Ted Wynne Aileen, Matthew, peter and Daniel Zogby *Includes Donors contributing $1,000 or more in 2012


TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

MAking A DiFFerenCe TCAN’s leadership Circle donors provide the vital support that allows TCAN to serve the cultural needs of the community.These generous individuals understand the power of the arts to transform lives and believe strongly in TCAN’s mission to offer access to the arts for everyone. Their contributions support not only day-to-day operations through membership and fundraising events, but also programs that expand TCAN’s offerings, such as the Young Masters Series for classical music and the multi-generational choral ensemble, Sound & Spirit.


sustAining the Arts TCAN’s corporate and foundation partners understand the role of the arts in creating a vibrant community, providing positive social experiences and attracting visitors from neighboring cities and towns. education and performance opportunities for children and teens are supported by Berklee College of Music (Rock off Main Street) and Nellie Mae education Foundation (education programs). local actors and theater professionals present outstanding community theater thanks to generous support from Mutualone Bank. Grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (Systems Replacement program), Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation (capacity building for development), and the Foundation for MetroWest (technology upgrade to sound system) help strengthen and sustain our organization and its programs. TCAN is deeply appreciative of the generous support received from more than 50 corporations, foundations, and government agencies in 2012.

Founders Society Dinner - April 1, 2012: Middlesex Savings Bank – Bruce Weisberg, Senior VP and Real Property Manager; David Falwell, Executive VP and Chief Lending Officer. TCAN: Steve Levinsky, Chair of the Board of Directors; Jay and Ricky Ball; David Lavalley, Executive Director

All Things Audio Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. Angel’s painting, Inc. Berklee College of Music Bernardi Auto Group BlackRock Matching Gift program Bose Corporation Boston organ & piano Inc. Captain Marden’s Seafoods Century 21 Commonwealth Constant Contact D. Michael Collins Architects Direct Tire & Auto Service Distinctive Hospitality Group Fair & Yeager Insurance Agency, Inc. Five Crows Foundation for Metrowest Gourmet Decisions, Inc.

listen up! lola’s Groceria and Deli Macy’s Foundation MetroWest Subaru Middlesex Savings Bank Middlesex Savings Bank Foundation Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Moran Financial Services Morse Tavern Mutualone Bank Mutualone Charitable Foundation Natick Cultural Council Natick education Foundation Nellie Mae education Foundation New england Household Moving & Storage New England Waterproofing palettes paul Flaherty plumbing & Heating

Roche Bros. Rotary Club of Natick, Inc. RpJ Associates Sereda DanceWorks Summit Montessori School The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations The Cat’s Hospital The Tobin School Tilly & Salvy’s Bacon Street Farm uGl Services Verizon Foundation Villari’s Martial Arts Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation Wellesley Chiropractic Office Whitney place at Natick Zaftigs Delicatessen

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012



stAteMent OF ACtivities 2012



Arts programming

OperAting revenues




education programming




Auxiliary Services




other Income
















tOtAl OperAting expenses




OperAting DeFiCit BeFOre COntriButiOns








other Contributions

tOtAl OperAting revenues OperAting expenses program Services Management and General Fundraising

COntriButiOns, grAnts AnD Other $160,766



Corporate Contributions




Special events







tOtAl COntriButiOns Change in net assets before nonoperating activity










Cash and Cash equivalents















undconditional promise to Give




tOtAl Current Assets




property and equipment - Net




tOtAl Assets




Total Accounts payable




Total other Current liabilities







Total long Term liabilities




tOtAl liABilities










tOtAl net Assets




tOtAl liABilities AnD net Assets





BAlAnCe sheet Assets Current Assets

prepaid expenses

liABilities AnD eQuity liABilities

Total Current liabilities

net Assets unrestricted - Available for General Activities Restricted

Audited financial results provided by S.J. Dennen, CPA, P.C. 16

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


BuilDing An AuDienCe

event AttendAnce 2004 – 2012

Ticket sales and membership provide strong evidence of TCAN’s impact on Natick and the surrounding communities. The Town of Natick represents 18% of the 24,000 households now attending events at TCAN, while other cities and towns of MetroWest comprise 27%. The remainder – a nearly astounding 55% – travel to TCAN from greater Boston, Worcester, surrounding communities in Massachusetts and other New england states. Support from donors, members, and volunteers is what makes TCAN’s arts and education programs possible. Nearly one-third of patrons attending events at TCAN each year provide additional support through participation in our growing membership program. tcAn memBership 2004 – 2012 3,108 likes 348 followers 244,899 views

our expAndinG Audience 4,000+ households 500+ households 150+ households 50+ households 15+ households 10+ households

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


volunteers Jenny Adams Mateus Almeida Brenda Alpert Vincent Amrhein liz Angell Manuel Andrade Jr. linda Arkow Yvonne Ashworth Kathleen Augustini Ned Bailey-Adams Judy Ball Jay and Ricki Ball Jenny Bautista Sam Baler Gerry Beaney David Bennett linda Bernfeld Sarah Binette Bob Bird philip Bird Chris Blanchette Robert Borkow Cheryl Borrelli Rosalfonso Bortoni Marilyn Bregnoli Helane Broad Chris Brown Darlene Brown Maureen Bumiller Scott Bump linda Burgoon Nora Calabi Shawn Carey Thayne Cameron Joyce Carmen Joe Cenedella Ruth Chad paul Chleapas Stephanie Choi Judith Christianson Barbara Chinetti Regina Collins elaine Cook Jeanne Cosmos Tony Costa Caroline Crosby Torie Davids Michael DeMarco Mary Drake peter Dudziak Catherine edgar Nancy Tinnel emrick Bruce and Terri evans Jim Fabiano Varda Farber Judith Farrer


Shelley Feldman George Fiske Kim Foemmel Andrea Foertsch Staci Foley linda Forman Jay Frankudakis Ruth and Mark Friedman Stephen Garbacz paul Gerst Cindy Getchell Sue Gibbons Grace Goodearl Susan Gordon Mary Anne Gowen Cynthia Grady Gail Greenberg Jill Halloran Dorothy Halsey pat Hancock Robert Hartley Cecelia Harris Deborah Harrison Margaret Harty Joe Henderson Stephanie Henderson William Highland Chris and peg Hildreth Boyd Hill Robin Houde Kristen Howell David Hubbell Roberta Humez Chris Idzal Jennifer Isaacson lisa Jacobs Donna Jancsy Steve Jelfs David Jennett Judy Johnson Donna Jones Tracy Jones Marcy Kammer pamela Kaufmann Toni Kelly Donna Kenslea Robert Kluter Douglas Kohn Walter Kolosky lauren Komack Margaret Kornack Alex Koure Carol and David Krentzman

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012

patricia laBella Reginald leese Abigail leonard Tracy leu Joan levinsohn Diana levinson Amy lieberman Dee liepkalns peter loges Steve Machnik Janet Macy Donna and Kevin Mahoney Genevieve Marder Scott Martin Kate and Jim emerson Mason paula and Matthew McCue Heather McDonald paul and lucy McKinley Jim Mello Amy Meterparel Susan Miao Bruce Miccile Danielle Mitchell Jon Mitchell Jake Moody George Morfogen Diane Murphy Sridhar Narayanan lucille Nava

laVern olmstead Robert ostrow DJ parsons Doreen pendergast Johanna perlmutter Vickie pouliot Rebecca prizio Connor Quigley Rick Raetz lucille Riddle Marjorie Roberson pamela Roberts Rich Rosenberry Alese and Gordon Ruggaber Maureen Ryan ed Salamoff Cyndi Samuels luis Santos Jeffrey Saret Jay Savell Deb Sayre Angela Schatz Steve Scher Donna Schold patty Schlossberg Carla Schwartz Jeremy Swartz lucy Servidio John J. Shaw Stan Shields

eric Siegel erica Sigal Vivienne Simon Diane Sinanian Jake Solomon April Steele Harlee Strauss Maureen Sullivan Charlotte Swartz Jeanette Szretter eric Tarlin Tony Tempesta Charlotte Temple Anne Wasserman Robert Watkins Ken Webster Sam White William Whitney Barry Wieder Carolyn Wirth Julie Wiseman Carol Woolfe Maryann Wyner Diane Young lori Zuroff Igor Zlokarnik eric Zlokarnik

Annual Report Photography by Scott Bump and Bob Stegmaier

staff & board

on January 2, 2013, TCAN lost a dear friend and committed supporter, larry Streeter. larry was an executive in the e-Commerce and banking industries, working for Big Commerce, Fidelity Investments, Capital one, and Constant Contact over his career. larry served on TCAN’s Board of Directors from 2010 to 2013, working closely with TCAN staff on marketing and development programs. larry will be sorely missed by his friends at TCAN.

stAFF David F. lavalley Executive Director Marsha Showstead Associate Director Cathi Fournier Ianno Development Manager Christine Schell Program Director, Family & Education Jordana Napurano Marketing/Development Specialist David Massey Operations Manager Doreen pendergast Patron Services Specialist Cheryl ebeling Bookkeeper

prOgrAM leADers BOArD OF Faye Harrington DireCtOrs TCAN Players Mark Stepakoff Folk Open Mic Diane Young Rock Off Main Street lauren Komack Classical/Young Masters Series Debby Marion A cappella Program Director Tim lepain Corporate Sponsorship Team Ricky Ball Development Committee George Fiske Foundations Committee Joe Idzal Audio Engineer

Steven levinsky, Chair Timothy lepain, Treasurer erica Ball elaine Bortman Michael Collins elena Creef ed Daly Arthur Fair III Frank Hanenberger Rick Jennett Robby Morse levy larry Streeter Rick Wynn Ted Wynne

TCAN ANNuAl RepoRT 2012


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