Annual Report FY 2011

Annual Report FY 2011 Our Leadership Mike Nibbi Seana O’Shaughnessy President, Board of Directors Executive Director Is our Annual Report neces...
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Annual Report FY 2011

Our Leadership

Mike Nibbi

Seana O’Shaughnessy

President, Board of Directors

Executive Director

Is our Annual Report necessary? Is it an effective communication tool? Does anyone actually read it? These are the questions we ask ourselves every year. And each time we conclude that, yes, it is an important document. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished with your support, and we want to share those successes with you. We also want you to know about changes, challenges, and our vision for the future. We want you to understand how vital you are—as donors, volunteers, in-kind supporters, advocates, referral partners, clients—to our ongoing work in the community. We want to connect with you. Call us, email us, become a Facebook friend, sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter, follow us on Twitter—tell us what you are thinking, ask questions, and provide suggestions. Still, in spite of all this technology, the Annual Report remains our primary tool for thanking our supporters and communicating with our constituents. As you read on in the Annual Report, you will see that National Rebuilding Day remains our signature program. Our sponsors, captains, volunteers, homeowners, and community facility partners make it an event like no other. If you have never personally participated in National Rebuilding Day, we’d love to have you join us in April. Our financial position remains stable, thanks to the success of Dreams Happen (our bi-ennial playhouse auction and fundraiser). Our AmeriCorps members have helped increase the quality and consistency of our work. We’ve launched an exciting partnership with Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, which potentially will serve as a model for the entire nation (more on that next year as we wrap up the pilot phase). This year truly has been transformative for Rebuilding Together Peninsula. Three years into the economic meltdown and constrained budgets, we decided to launch a new program. Safe at Home is a year-round minor home repair program. Piloted in 2010 in partnership with Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Safe at Home is the logical extension of our work in the community. We are able to serve more people, complete important repairs before they become extensive and expensive renovations, and provide year-round volunteer opportunities. In a single year we’ll have gone from completing 20 Safe at Home projects to 100. It has been extremely exciting for the Board and Staff to see the need and to know that we can do something about it. We hope this Annual Report speaks to you about the important work we are doing, the lives that are changed (volunteer and client), and lets you know how essential you are to our continued impact on the Peninsula.

Safe At Home “We appreciate everything you guys do. They’ve gone above and beyond on everything. I’ve really connected with a lot of the kids. They listen to my stories –what I’ve done here—what I’ve done there.” - P A T T I To see a video of the work in progress, scan the QR on the right.

Truck driving brought countless opportunities for homeowners Patti and Wes to haul landscaping materials to their cabin tucked in the Redwood City hills. The couple constantly worked on improving their property, taking any chance they could get to play with their tractor and move rocks in the yard. But when Wes had a stroke ten years ago, the home renovations came to a halt. Patti became his fulltime caregiver and coach: “A lot of stuff got put on the side-burner. We focused on his rehabilitation.” By the time the couple applied to Rebuilding Together Peninsula, Patti was hopping from board to board on her deck every night to reach the laundry room and Wes hadn’t been able to access his beloved yard in years. Through the Safe at Home Minor Home Repair program, a skilled volunteer team from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church worked with Patti and Wes to replace the decking outside the laundry room. High school volunteers created a wheelchair-accessible pathway throughout the backyard. Patti and Wes had built a home together, but needed help making it safe and accessible. Safe at Home provides homeowners year-round with those necessary but minor repairs.

“I love [our home]. We both love it. This is heaven.” - W E S


Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

Mission Rebuilding Together Peninsula builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for low-income homeowners and neighbors — seniors, people with disabilities, or families — so they can live independently in warmth and safety.

National Rebuilding Day National Rebuilding Day always occurs the last Saturday of April. It is the culmination of a year’s worth of planning that brings together 3000 volunteers to rebuild and restore the homes of low-income homeowners and nonprofit community facilities. Our partners include corporations, service leagues, community agencies, foundations, volunteer groups, hospital districts, municipalities, and individual donors. From landscaping to complete renovations, NRD revitalizes communities and helps individuals live independently in warmth and safety.

Team Build Team Builds offer community-minded corporations and service organizations opportunities for volunteer participation that are scheduled to meet the needs of the sponsoring group. Team Build days are at least six hours long and take place June through October. The projects are similar in scope to those undertaken on National Rebuilding Day. Each project fosters goodwill and cooperation while also providing much-needed repairs for low-income homeowners and nonprofit community facilities.

Safe at Home The Safe at Home Minor Home Repair program addresses the minor repair needs of homeowners before the needs become serious deferred maintenance issues. Homeowners who cannot afford even small home repairs receive help with minor plumbing and electrical work, debris removal, home accessibility, fire safety measures, window, door, and gate repair, and more. To be responsive to the health and safety needs of our community, staff members and small teams of skilled volunteers complete these minor repairs on a year-round basis.


Vision A safe and healthy home for every person.

Raise The Roof RTP is the only local agency that provides free roof repair and replacement services for low-income homeowners and nonprofit community facilities. Securing an adequate roof is critical to ongoing home and building maintenance. Since 1994, RTP has repaired or replaced 392 roofs. Our roof replacements average $7,500 per roof. However, because of the support we receive from generous donors and roofers who contribute time and materials, we are able to do this work on average for half the actual cost.

Energy Efficiency Program “Energy Teams” implement energy efficiency measures on selected RTP homes and community facilities. The teams wrap water heaters; install weather stripping and programmable thermostats; provide compact fluorescent light bulbs; wrap pipes and install Energy Star appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washers and dryers. Homeowners are also provided with important information on energy programs like Energy Star rebates and discounted PG&E services.

Youth Assisting Seniors (YAS) YAS is a designed to help low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners maintain the exterior of their homes through partnerships with local youth service organizations. The YAS program creates healthier, safer homes for seniors who are aging in place. The program reduces the chance of falls while also increasing accessibility for homeowners, healthcare professionals and emergency services personnel. Equally important, it encourages positive intergenerational experiences and fosters compassion. 5

National Rebuilding Day “We wish that we had words to thank you that would touch your hearts as you have touched ours, but hopefully you already know what a difference you have made and you will be proud of your efforts all of your lives. Thanks to you all, we are much more comfortable in our home, dreams that we thought were impossible came true and we will always remember your generous spirits.” - 2011 R E C I P I E N T When we first met National Rebuilding Day recipients Emily and John, they faced mounting medical expenses, dwindling finances and extensive repair needs. Both had lost their jobs mid-way through a kitchen remodel several years earlier, and when Emily lost her leg to infection, she could no longer access their second story. After a year living in and out of hospitals, Emily and John applied for repair help, but they felt grateful to simply be at home. The Pacifica firefighters, with funding from Lowes and the leadership of longtime construction captain Eddy Horodenski, replaced their drafty windows, installed countertops and a dishwasher to their unfinished kitchen, replaced the entryway flooring and installed grab bars and lever knobs throughout. Volunteers made the home that Emily and John had already filled with hope and gratitude safer, warmer and more accessible.This is just one of the incredible National Rebuilding Day stories.


2010-2011 Finances

Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Operating Revenue and Expenses* Income Sponsorships

$ 562,665


Dreams Happen (net income**)





$ 406,637


Cities & County
















Interest and Dividends


Net realized/unrealized gains (losses)


5,194 (27,073)

0% -1%

$ 1,945,354



$ 1,457,752


Administration and Development




$ 1,708,849



* 2010-2011 Audited Financials. ** Dreams Happen is a bi-enniel fundraiser. Income from the event is used for two years.


Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

Volunteer Captains Volunteer Captains work closely with Construction Captains to recruit and organize the volunteer labor needed for their sites. Without their help in managing over 3000 volunteers annually, we would not be able to complete the number of projects we do. Volunteer Captains are critical to the work we do and we thank each and every one for their dedicated efforts and enthusiasm!

****20+ years volunteer ***15-19 years volunteer **10-14 years volunteer *5-9 years volunteer Name: Donna Badgett Jose Barajas Angelica Beas Kathleen Behrendt Troy Bienemann Robert Bradshaw Michael Brown Alex Cabezon* Kelly Cabezon* Ralph Castro Erik Chen Mike Ching Debbie Chu* Morvarid Ciccolella Lauren Cohen Lorrilynn Conley Toby Cordone Melanie Cresta Marty Deggeller Dawn Marie DeShon Rita Duncan** Judith Eby* John Eilers* Alyssa Filter Don Fleming Justine Franklin** Robert Franklin** Ryan Frederick Tyler French John Gammon Robert Gebhardt* Stacy Gebhardt* Matthew Gloss Pia Goco-Smith Ben Goodall Nick Gracia Ginny Grant Patty Hall George Hartzell III Aubrey Hash


Ken Hayes Michael Henderson Larry Hu Holly Hugdahl* Scott Hylton Ara Jabagchourian Sandra Jamme Denise Jennings Clayton Jolley Jackie Kaefer Sharon Keating-Beauregard Rochelle Kirchner Bob Kraiss John Lamb* Olga Li Eva Lima Jeanette Loretz Virginia MacSuibhne Jenny Marshall Bill Martin Josh Martin** Suzanne Mau Gail McFall Jim McFall

Debbie Mitchell Tim Molak*** Stephen Moore Sara Mordecai* Karen Mudurian* Donna Murphey* John Nelson, Esq.** Wendy Newcomer* Robert Nibbi*** Taira Nunez Cagle Kimberli Osborn Jay Perrine Kathie Pieri Maxine Quintanar Ronan Reclusado Nicholas Sanchez Amy Saunders** Jared Schwartz Loretta Seto Chris Shay* Matt Sorgenfrei* Anne Soza Christine Stabile* Jack Stephens

John Stephens Sonia Stergion Shannon Stienstra Edna Stoehr Bill Tecson* Michael Tenta Robert Torbensen Van Tran Gabriela Velasco Paul Vian Ryan Wells Linda White Julie Wynn** Carlos Xavier* Rabiah Zahra Alejandra Zamudio Esther Zepeda Maria Zepeda Janis Zinn

Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

Construction Captains Construction Captains are the glue that holds a project together. They oversee one rebuilding project from start to finish. Our deepest thanks and gratitude go out to everyone listed below.

****20+ years volunteer ***15-19 years volunteer **10-14 years volunteer *5-9 years volunteer Name: Bob Arrington Jay Ayers* Jim Benson* Jim Bigelow* Tom Boeddiker*** Chris Brennand Jason Brenner Victor Campos Dan Carter Robert Carter Jay Chesavage*** Mark Cianci Glenn Clifton** Richard Crevelt** Brian Dahlquist* Joey dal Porto George Diggs** Robert Dragony Charlie Drechsler* Donna Dunwoody*** Ron Edwards** Todd Elkins Damon Ellis Keith Fackrell Don Fleming* Richard Fletcher* Eugene George Edward Greilich* Gerry Hamilton Austin Harkin Richard Harmison** Guy Harper Denny Holland* Pete Hooper** Eddy Horodenski Desiree Johnson* Randy Kaefer** John Kiefer Jim Kirkman Greg KleinSmid*


Jon Lapachet Tony Law* Spence Leslie* Tom Lighthouse* Rian MacSuibhne Kevin Marks Russell Mattos Richard McCarthy Tim McGuire** Jeff McKay Maurice Murphey* Michael Nibbi** Jay Perrine Bill Plant Bill Provence Apolosi Qata* Frank Ramsay Edward Raymond Uriel Razon Ken Rhoads* Julie Risenhoover Jim Rochotte* Kelly Rohlfs Bob Rosenberg*

Ray Rosenthal* Daniel Rozakis Craig Ruess* Thompson Sako*** Johnny Sanchez Carlos Santamaria Eric Schillig* Chi-hwa Shao Brad Smith Richard Smith Michael Spencer** Barry Stergion Douglas Studebaker

Sean Supple Bill Tarangioli** Brad Thaute Kevin Trapani* Christopher Tsang Francisco Urquieto Don Van Creveld Lance Very Christian Wahl* Curt Weil* Richard Winslow*** Vern Wittman Peter Yribar*

0\GHFLVLRQWRYROXQWHHUZDVXQGHUVFRUHGWKHÀUVWPRPHQW,PHW the homeowner we worked with. She was the reason we were there and we wanted to say to this lady, “You’re important. You deserve this transformation that we’re doing to your home, and you’re really doing us a service for letting us come together as a team.... $QGÀQDOO\XQOLNHDORWRI RWKHUYROXQWHHUSURMHFWVRUFRQWULEXWing money, we are really getting to know a recipient and getting to know about her life.” - D O U G

Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

Dreams Happen

One cannot exaggerate how important the Dreams Happen Playhouse Auction and Gala has been to Rebuilding Together Peninsula. Because of Dreams Happen we have been able to replace roofs and furnaces for our clients, purchase a “home of our own,” and weather the recent economic downturn without cutting services to the community. There are many people and groups who make Dreams Happen a reality. Our host, Stanford Shopping Center, is absolutely fabulous. Their graciousness and generosity make the event such a joy. Not only does Stanford Shopping Center host the event, their merchants stock the Dream Box Raffle and provide our guests with a tasty dinner. Every other year, talented architects, designers, and builders share their creativity and expertise to build ingenious, one-of-a-kind playhouses that delight children and adults alike. 2011 was no different.* In addition to the incredible generosity of our builders and architects, is the dedicated committee that plans and organizes the gala itself. This year, our outstanding chairs Michele Kirsch, Lisa Pedersen, Gary Ahern, and John McNellis, created another spectacular event. And of course, without the generous support of our underwriters such as David Wollenberg and playhouse purchasers, we simply would not have raised 20% of our budget for two fiscal years. We cannot thank often or loudly enough everyone who makes Dreams Happen a reality. You truly do make dreams come true for our low-income neighbors. *For pictures of the event and names of the builders and architects of our 2011 playhouses visit our website:


Brendan and Lynn Cullen have generously purchased a playhouse village over the last five years. For all of the pictures from the Cullen photoshoot, please visit our Facebook page:

Wollenberg Award The Wollenberg Award is presented annually to those who provided extraordinary resources and leadership to RTP. The 2010-2011 award is proudly presented to Dean Birinyi and Luke Stone.

Dean Birinyi

Luke Stone Every year thousands

About two years ago, RTP

of people volunteer on

realized it needed a sys-

National Rebuilding Day to

tem to inventory the many

paint, build fences, land-

tools and equipment lining

scape and so much more.

its warehouse walls and

But unlike most volunteers

shelves. A discussion about

that get to experience

our needs with a board

NRD through a paintbrush

member prompted him to

and hammer, Dean Birinyi gets to experience the day

introduce the idea to his friend and Google engineer,

through his camera lens. For the past five years, Dean

Luke Stone. After several discussions with program staff

has volunteered his 25 years of photography experi-

and being introduced to the huge Velcro project board

ence to RTP and has helped us tell our story through

used to select NRD sites, Luke said it all “clicked” and

his amazing photos. “Rebuilding Together Peninsula

knew in which direction he needed to go. That path led

has the kind of mission I can get behind… that’s why

him to create the RTP Online Order Management System

I have stuck with the [organization] as long as I

(ROOMS), an online ordering and budget management

have,” Dean shared.

system. This online system allows RTP staff and site captains to submit orders for supplies and track their

Dean was first introduced to RTP through a client


who designed a playhouse for the Dreams Happen biennial fundraiser. As an architectural and interior

Even though Luke has dedicated 200-plus hours to

design photographer, it was only natural that Dean

creating ROOMS, he is always more than willing to

be interested in photographing the one-of-a-kind

accommodate staff’s needs and adjust ROOMS as needed.

playhouses and event. Dean was so impressed by

But Luke’s generosity does not end there, last year he

RTP’s mission he decided he wanted to contribute

participated in his first NRD. “I got to see all the moving

and offered to photograph various sites the following

parts at work. It was really rewarding working with other

NRD, and has been participating ever since.

people,” Luke said. “The camaraderie was fantastic.”

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and

ROOMS has made a huge difference in the way RTP

thanks to the many moments Dean has captured, it

manages projects. Luke’s contribution to us is truly

has allowed RTP to speak millions.

unique and very much appreciated. There will always be “room” for Luke in our RTP family.


Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

Donor Listings Each and every one of you can be proud that your investment DOES make a difference! The following individuals, companies and foundations have invested in RTP from October 1, 2010, to September 30, 2011. We apologize if we have made an error in spelling or omitting your name. Please call us 650.366.6597, ext 225 so that we can correct any mistakes and thank you in person!

Please pay special attention to our shining stars. ***Founding sponsor **10+ years sponsor *5-9 years sponsor (M) Matched donations

Community Builders: $25,000 or More Anonymous (3) Child Care Coordinating Council* Brendan and Lynn Cullen Carson and Helmy Eltoukhy Gilead Sciences John and Michele McNellis Sobrato Family Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation** The Wollenberg Foundation*** Woodlawn Foundation*

City Builders: $10,000 or More Anonymous (1) Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Cooley LLP** Danford Foundation Dignity Health ECC* Electronic Arts** Equinix* Genentech* IFMA, Silicon Valley Chapter* Regina Lewis LinkedIn Linda Mikula Murray & Murray* Oracle USA, Inc.** Matt and Tina Orban PG&E Corporation Foundation** Pillsbury Winthrop LLP Rambus, Inc.** Sears Holding Company (pass-through grant from Rebuilding Together) Silicon Valley Community Foundation Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Stanford Shopping Center Stanford University, LBRE** Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. The Oshman Family Foundation VMware, Inc. W.L. Butler Construction, Inc.*** Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation** David A. Wollenberg*** Yahoo! Employee Foundation**


Neighborhood Builders: $5,000 or More Bohannon Foundation*** Bumble Los Altos, LLC Burlingame Bodies, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry** California Credit Union League, El Camino Chapter* Commercial Casework Inc.** COTCHETT, PITRE & McCARTHY, LLP* DLA Piper LLP (US)*** DPR Construction** John Dwyer Mrs. Priscilla Endicott Equity Office Management, LLC Nick and Gail Farwell Flextronics* Sean Gnekow Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco Hayes Group Architects, Inc. IKEA* Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto** Mrs. Marvin Luxenberg McNellis Partners* Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Mrs. Albert Moorman Nibbi Brothers General Contractors** OpenTV** Orrick** Roche Molecular Diagnostics** San Mateo Credit Union Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., Business Unit Ultrasound*** Stanford Hospital & Clinics Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation Tyco Thermal Controls*** UBS Financial Services, Inc. Union Bank WSJ Properties***

Home Builders: $1,000 or More Rahela Abbas and Peter Moore Gary and Connie Ahern Eric and Angie Andrews Arguello Catering BKF Engineers** Borel Private Bank & Trust Company Chesler Construction, Inc. Christ Episcopal Church of Los Altos* Alfred and Sharene Chuang Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos* Bud and Rebecca Colligan Sue Crawford and Craig Dauchy Jean and Duncan Davidson DSEA Wong Foundation Donna Dunwoody and Doug Bagnani Eucalyptus Associates, Inc. Craig and Sally Falkenhagen

First National Bank of Northern California First Republic Bank Lance Freeman Karen and Jim Gernand Google Matching Gifts Program Will and Calla Griffith John and Carol Hamilton Joe and Patti Hansen Meg Whitman and Griff Harsh Brian and Mary Heffernan Heritage Bank of Commerce Brian and Jill Hetherington Pete and Suzanne Hooper Zachary and Elizabeth Hulsey Intuit Foundation* Jensen Corporation John and Marcia Goldman Foundation Michael and Kari Kirk Kiwanis Club of Menlo Park*** Kiwanis Club of South San Francisco Koret Foundation David and Laura Krane Carl Landers Teofila Lowry Robert and Connie Lurie Carol MacCorkle Madsen Family Foundation Kevin and Leslie Marks Menlo Park Firefighters Association Mills-Peninsula Health Services Rick Nelson Michael and Laura Nibbi North Star Academy Parent Club Dennis and Gloria O’Brien Robert and Jackie O’Donnell Frank and Ximena Pavlik Lisa Pedersen and Jorgen Smidt Peninsula Building Materials Co. Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club James and Sonya Peters Roxy and Michelle Rapp Redwood City Industrial Saltworks, LLC Regis Homes of Northern California Francisco Remedios Jake and Robin Reynolds Carl and Sarah Rosendahl Rotary Club of Woodside/Portola Valley Gerald and Mary Russell San Mateo County Association Realtors Foundation San Mateo High School Leadership Class Sand Hill Foundation*** Brad and Joyce Smith Stanford School of Medicine, Dean’s Office Greg and Lisa Stanger Luke and Kassie Stone (M) Summa Peto Foundation Geoff and Colleen Tate The Altos Foundation The Christensen Family Foundation The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Kortschak Family Foundation The Sheraton & Westin Palo Alto The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Timothy Thrush Tory Burch Dennis and Shannon Wong Woodside Priory School***

Builders: $500 or More Sumit Agarwal Rick Alber and Maureen McVerry Duff and Gina Baldwin Jim Bigelow John Canepa Courtney and Michael Charney Pamela and Jay Chesavage Clifford School Ms. Lola Coleman Goheen Kevin and Lisa Cullinane Daly City Gateway Lions Club James and Diane Donovan Irwin and Concepcion Federman Foster City Lions Club Bill and Susie Frimel Loretta and Stephan Gallegos (M) Nancy and Richard Goldcamp Google, Inc. Umang and Ruth Gupta Ken and Kathy Hayes Tom and Claire Heffernan Stephen and Lorraine Heitel John and Andrea Hennessy Hitachi America, Ltd. Hitachi Foundation Iron Construction Fred Clay and Nita Judd Alice Kaufman Richard and Kathryn Kimball Fred and Gail Kittler Bradford and Lauren Gray Koenig Del and Susan Krause William and Donna Krepick Mrs. Joan Lane Lawrence and Bren Leisure Duncan and Shirley Matteson Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. Anthony and Linda Meier Roger and Mimi Menard Guy and Anne Miller (M) Moroso Construction, Inc. Robert and Meg Nibbi Hank and Kathryn Nourse Optimist Club of Redwood City Franklin and Susan Orr Bill and Ruthie Palmer Peninsula Land & Capital, LLC Lynn Pierce Craig and Tracey Prim Jim and Janet Rochotte Roy Cloud PTA Gordon Russell Winston She

Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

S. Jonathan Tang and Cathy Yu The Bodri Foundation Ken and Suzi Tinsley Unidos y Adelante Curt and Margaret Weil Roy and Carol Whitfield Catherine Wilson Greg and Nancy Wilson Mrs. Nancy Wilson William and Patricia Wilson Cheryl Worstell

Contractors: $100 or More Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign Steve and Maryan Ackley Adamo & Associates Adobe Systems Inc. Matching Gift Program William Alfano Guillermo Alvarez Jr. Jila Amerian Dominique and Chantilly Apollon Peter and Anne Astiz Kevin and Gail Athanacio James and Melissa Badger Jason Baker and Mairead O’Keefe Robert and Lisa Balliet Arthur and Ruth A. Barker Barry Real Estate Laura Berezin Patricia Bernard and Cherrill Landwehr Ray and Penny Bertrand Bruce Berwald Arjun and Anita Bhagat Olle and Monika Bjorkman Rob and Sarah Blatner Michael and Katie Boennighausen Kim Boyanowski and Mitchell Weisman David Boyd Marty and Diane Brandt Steve and Mary Jo Brimhall Charles and Phyllis Brock John and Stefanie Bruggeman Grady and Amy Burnett James and Katherine Burtt William and Barbara Busse Joel and Amberlee Butler CA, Inc. Matching Gifts Program Bruce Cabral and Kim Harney Kathleen Caffall and Cynthia Morris California Pizza Kitchen Marc Campbell Scott and Susan Carey Carlsen Subaru John and Nancy Cassidy George and Michelle Caughey George and Jane Caughman Naomi Chavez Peters Erik Chen and Cari Pang Chen (M) Diane Cheslar Frank Chiang and Sally Kim Gavin and Tricia Christensen Jamie Chung and Curtis Smith James Church Wade and Alexia Stjerne Clements (M) Glenn and Evelyn Clifton Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Colflesh Kate Comfort Harr Catherine Connolly Lynne Craig Moira Cullen Cupertino Electric


Custom Drywall Inc. Joanna Dagum Daly City Host Lions Mark Davis Susanna Davis Dexter Dawes Des-Liam Enterprises, Inc. Steve and Diana Dohrmann Brian and Ashley Donbkowski Arthur and Sherri Douville Debbie Dundon Patricia Eastburn Ross and Gloria Edwards Kathleen Eichler Bruno and Judi Ender Harvey Eneman and Lisa Sisterhenm Dan English Grant Erickson Margaret Esplana Denis and Cheryl Fama George and Alis Fern Roger Fields Michael and Stephanie Finander Frank and Jeanne Fischer William and Cynthia Floyd Michael Forrest Dan Francesconi and Lisa Bettendorf Mrs. Nancy Francis Franklin Templeton Investments Matching Program Robert and Justine Franklin Martine Freiberger Jim and Kristin Fulton William and Carolyn Galliani Robert Gamble and Carol Abrams Gamble Rocky and Michelle Garff (M) Mary Gebhardt Genentech Employee Giving Program Keith and Denise Gillen Gregory Giska Marc Goldburg and Elizabeth Noerdlinger Paul Goldstein and Diane Guinta Paul Gordon and Patricia Kernighan James Grace Cam and Judith Greig John and Gillian Growdon Anthony Gschwend and Janine O’Flaherty Robert and Anne Gunderson Bill and Cristina Harris Terry and Dotty Hayes Dana and Lisa Hendrickson Gina Henson Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church Susan Houston HSAC Fudraisers Lawrence Hu Marie Hunter Andy Huntington and Melissa Schoen Soo-In Hwang and Caroline Edwards Sharon Inman J.C. Wayne Painting Bill Jeffers and Katrina Ryan Junior League of Palo Alto • Mid Peninsula Mark Justman Kaiser Permanente Community Giving Campaign Caryn Kali Howard and Barbara Kalt Eric and Michelle Karver Ginny Kavanaugh and Joe Kavanaugh Margaret Kawamoto

Michael Kay John Kelly Tom and Katy Kelly Peter and Lynn Johnson Kidder Peter and Anne Koletzke Ryan Kosakura and Cheryl Nobusada Linda Kuhli and Glenn Waychunas Ladera Men’s Tennis and Domino Fund Law Offices of Gerald R. McKay Ms. Suzanne Legallet Ms. Annette Leong Spence and Sue Leslie Douglas and Virginia Levick Ogden and Rose Lilly George and Ann C. Limbach LTI Associates Greg and Anjanette Lundell Stephen and Robin Mac Donald Neil and Alisa MacAvoy Machiah Foundation Donald and Judy MacMillan Virginia and Rian MacSuibhne Chuck and Gayle Martin Alice Martineau and Olivia Bartlett Jim and Susan Masetti Andrew and Margaret Mattos Dennis and Lori McBride Mr. Joseph McCarthy Pat and Nancy McGaraghan Ms. Corey McMills Kevin and Kim Menninger Alan and Kathleen Metheny Robert and Cindy Miller J. Kelly Monaghan and Marilyn Voelke Charles Morgan Maurice and Donna Murphey (M) Ronald and Anne Murphy Bryan Neider Nels and Doreen Nelsen Lori Nichols (M) Mike and Janis Nielsen Wally Niemasik and Julie Kaufman Northwall Builders, Inc. T.F. and I.E. O’Donnell Seana O’Shaughnessy and Alex Karolyi John and Christy Occhipinti Marianne Palefsky Mark and Mary Anne Payne Henk Pechler (M) Susan Peyton Mark and Laura Pitchford Hank and Lisa Plain Plumbers, Steamfitters & Refrigeration Fitters UA Local Union 393 Renee Polk David and Julia Popowitz Joshua and Kristen Portner Steve and Dawn Portner Inez Powell Russell and Helen Pyne Tracy Rampton James Reese Stefan and Marci Reichelstein Lucy Reid-Krensky John Rivlin and Susan Eschweiler Vanessa Roach Brenda Robinson Jeff and Janna Rodgers Edward and Luanne Rotticci David and Karen Rutkowski Jan Sager and Robert Luxenberg Denis and Kristine Salmon Robert Sans Jim and Maureen Sansbury

Steve and Jan Sawochka Harvey and Andrea Schloss Mike and Tracy Schonenberg Mrs. Martin Seaney James and Ruth Shannon Noam Shendar and Rachel Leiterman Charles Simmons (M) Anna Slavitt Jeff and Anne Spedding Ann Spencer John and C. Augusta Stewart Paul and Jane Taylor Fatafehi Teu Tim Thronson Andrew and Sarah Tochterman Michael Topper and Kimberly Freitas Don and Sharon Traeger United Way of Silicon Valley United Way of the Bay Area John and Marie Violet Richard Wallace Ted and Jane Wassam Alison Weisner Wells Fargo Patricia Wilkinson John and Alice Wilson Jan Woolsey and Lora Perkins Steve and Katherine Wurzburg Christopher Wuthmann and Allison Rock Bill and Lois Wynn Bertrand and Jessica Yansouni Yen Chuang Foundation Sophia Yen Jane Yi (M) Frank and Lisa York Leslie and Marilyn Zatz Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel, Mason & Gette Joanne Zhang Caroline Zlotnick

Friends: up to $100 Robert and Lyndesay Adams John Ahern Allstate Giving Campaign Raz and Revital Alon Jim and Theresa Anderson Richard and Darcy Anderson Nancy Arbuckle Alison Ball (M) Scott and Deb Barnum Charles and Frances Baumann Bayshore ChildCare Services Glen and Nathalie Berwick William and Shirley Biggerstaff Andrew Billings (M) Joe Boerio and Rosario Arevalo Karen Brems Susan Brissenden-Smith John and Gale Bunnell John Calandra Rudy Carrasquilla James and Nancy Connors Daniel and Laurie Cudworth III Joydip and Muge Das Melissa Davidson Adam Dawes Ashley Day Margaret DeStaebler Julie Eades Eli and Charmaine Eliason Cesar and Gloria Esplana Gussie Fair

Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

Donor Listings continued... Mary Ferris Esther Fessenden John and Carrie Follett Ed Forman and Jan Swanberg Michael and Miwa Frank Lilly Freeman Eugene French Peter Galatin and Ravid Haselkorn-Galatin Bill and Rosemarie Garlock Donald Geyton and Charmian Wittry-Geyton Ali Ghanbari Dan Gilbert Rudy and Diane Gnekow Kelly Gould Bugos Valerie Grasso Julie Hall Jean Harman Peter Hartzell and Elizabeth Harrison Jeff and Heidi Hastings Steve and Jeanne Hawthorne Pete Heller Peter and Alison Hill Matt Hogan Karyl Hoke Colleen Holzbach Steven and Diane Howard Marc Igler and Jennifer Cray Towru and Nancy Ikeda Joan Ira T. Hardy Jackson Mrs. Janice Jedkins Dimas Jimenez Andrea Julian Fred Kelley Denise and Mr.Pat Kelly Christopher King Rochelle Kirchner and William Kirchner Dana Kitaura and Susan Krueger-Kitaura Mrs. James Klint Thomas and Patricia Krpan Norman and Nina Kulgein Brian and Jennifer Kupferman Michael Labunsky and Sofia Shafir

Richard and Cathy Lampman Jim and Susan Lange Kathy Lucas Wallace and Joan Mac Donald Cheryl Marelich Maria’s Culinary Specialties, Inc. Shelly Masur Phillip Mathewson Jim and Gail McFall Kenneth and Paula Meier Joseph and Carolyn Melena George and Luisa Miller Kathleen Miner Richard and Jeanne Morris Bruce and Trish Moxon Bill Nack and Rayna Lehman Dennis Neary Jennifer Nelson Danny Ogburn William and Beverly Oldfield, Jr. Don and Liz Olson Andrew Ong Rick and Lilian Paguio Teresita Palacios Jim and Leslie Peck Lisa Pinner Dennis and Mary Powell Kent Prim Bill and Mary Ann Provence Judith Puccini Glenn and Nancy M. Rankin Angela Robbiano Harold and Missy Robinson Tony and Rhiannon Rodoni Jo Ann Rogers

Dobbie Roisen John and Kitti Salera Laura Schifferli Hermann and Sue Schmid Brian and Emily Sena Merwin and Jill Shanmugasundaram Michael and Marilyn Shea Thomas and Mary Simanek Ann Sims (M) Heidi Sjolund Randall Smedley Tonee Smith Alex and Laura Sperry Patrick and Anne Marie Starr Kenneth and Kathleen Stasun Gary and Marlena Steinbach Jim and Cindy Summers Christopher Sundermier Emily Thomann George and Mieke Tonn Lisa Torres and Laurence Wuerstle Daniel Triest and Maria Shao Gregory Triguba Kristin Tuchman United Way California Capital Region Jon and Wendy Van Bronkhorst Vigeo LLC Jules Walker and Nanci Cook-Walker Charles Wallau David and Bettina Whaley David and Debra Wilson Peter Wong Don Woods and Sheryl Knowles (M) Suzanne Yip Michael and Joanne Zongus

City and County Funders City of Brisbane City of Daly City – Economic and Community Development City of Menlo Park – Community Development City of Redwood City – Economic and Community Development City of San Mateo – Neighborhood Improvement and Housing City of South San Francisco – Housing and Community Development County of San Mateo, Department of Housing

In Memory of: Mary McNellis

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Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

In-Kind Donor Listings In-kind donors are crucial to the work of Rebuilding Together Peninsula. These donors complete essential repairs and donate materials to get the work done. Donations range from coffee and snacks for volunteers to a new roof or electrical service upgrade. These donations, small and large, enable us to make significant improvements on a shoestring budget. We apologize if we have made an error in spelling or omitting your name. Please call us 650.366.6597, ext 225 so that we can correct any mistakes and thank you in person! Community Builders: $25,000 or More Behrens-Curry Home Nibbi Brothers General Contractors Stanford Shopping Center W.L. Butler Construction, Inc.

City Builders: $10,000 or More Barbara Butler Artist Builder Benchmark Builders Bruce Bauer Lumber & Supply Carpet, Linoleum and Soft Tile Local Union 12 Chesler Construction, Inc. Commercial Casework Inc. Decker Electric Company, Inc. DRI Commercial John Goodenough Hooper Construction & Remodeling I.B.E.W. (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Local 617 Union Kelly Fine Homes Kelly Moore Paint SM San Mateo Lawson Roofing Company, Inc. Mediterraneo Design & Build Pacific Peninsula People Places Construction PlaceMakers, Inc. R.J. Dailey Construction Rudolph and Sletten, Inc. Rustworks Sustana Homes Thor Construction Westco Iron Works Neighborhood Builders: $5,000 or More AEDIS Architecture & Planning Ana Williamson Architect AIA Andrew B. & M.H. Martin Trust Arcanum Architecture Buzz Bryan Architects & Associates Cody Brock, Inc. Cupertino Electric Davis Studio Architecture + Design Dean J. Birinyi Photography DFS Flooring Doyle’s Work Company E. Perez & Co., Inc. Evans Brothers Inc. Carl Ferraro Focal Point Design Hayes Group Architects, Inc. HKS Hill Glazier Studio John Onken Architects Carolyn Kopp Lyngso Garden Materials Masland Contract John and Deborah O’Brien Pacific Peninsula Architecture Palo Alto Hardware -- PAH Preston-Borg Inc. R&R Raingutters, Inc. Recology Peninsula Services Roche Molecular Diagnostics SDG Architects Seiler LLP Square Three Design Studios, LLP Winges Architects, Inc.


Home Builders: $1,000 or More AAA Rentals Accron Designs Alexander Company Alliance Drywall Interiors, Inc. Allied Waste Services Alpine Construction Arborwell, Inc. Argonaut Windows & Door, Inc. Artistic Millworks B Street and Vine Brady Air Conditioning Broadway Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Cabrera Painting, Inc. Calhoun’s Cuttin’ & Carvin’ Campus Oaks/YNGnekow Family Winery Central Concrete Supply Co. Chrisum Electric Ms. Andrea Collin CornerStone Home Design DAVCO Waterproofing Services Inc. Davey Tree Expert Co. Day Worker Center of Mountain View Dolan Concrete John and Ellen Drew Edwards Luggage Ferma Corporation Floors to Go Gachina Landscape Management Greenhills Painting Harbor Ready-Mix Jacobs Construction Jepsen Electric Karin Payson Architecture Loewen, Heartwood Window & Door Mega Western Sales Menlo Park Host Lions Milliken Carpet Minton Door Company Neiman Marcus Peter and Sharon Nieh Northern California Floor Covering Joint Apprenticeship & Training Local 12, Dist. Council 16 P.S.I. Concrete Palo Alto Awning, Inc. Pascal Marechal Painting Pine Cone Lumber Co., Inc. Photographs by Nicole Pro Staff Painting Project Ninety Quality Tile & Marble Recology of the Coast William Reynolds Roto-Rooter Saber Roofing, Inc. Schaub’s Meat Fish & Poultry Sherwin-Williams Skyline Heating & Sheet Metal Sousa’s Garage Doors Stafford Custom Development StageHands Local Union Sticks - N - Stones Studio Cake Design Sunbelt Rentals Tercero Painting Testarossa Vineyards The DuBois Group, LLC The Tile & Grout King, Inc. Tory Burch Turner Fine Gardens Wall 2 Wall Painting

Builders: $500 or More A & A Plumbing Felicia Aron John and Rebecca Bara Bayside Building Materials, Inc. Belmont Plywood & Door BioCardia BW Construction C&O Painting Carrera Millwork, Inc. Ms. Vivian Choi Clausen Electric Division 1 All Service Gallery Tile & Stone Design Girvin Peters Landscape Gordon Biersch Brewing Company Guy Plumbing Heavenly Greens ILORI Rohit Kumar Joanne Lewis William Lewkowitz and Silvia Rocha Saldana Martin Screen Shop McDonald’s Jacqueline Miranda Peninsula Sanitary Service Piazza-Pebbles Floor & Window Coverings Mukesh Rathor Recology San Bruno Marc and Mary Ann Saunders Spazio Super Rooter & Plumbing Service T & H Building Supply Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland Rod and Merrie VanSyoc Western Roofing System Wilkes Bashford Ms. Ruth Woodruff Contractors: $100 or More Aquaristi Plastering, Inc. Babbo’s Bistro Jim Bigelow Brian Fogerty Lighting Design Brooks Brothers California Pizza Kitchen Mae Chan Cheeky Monkey Qinghua Chen Chipotle Glenn and Evelyn Clifton Courtney Glass Craftsman Glass Crate & Barrel Mark and Leslie Dennis Di Napoli Pizzeria & Ristorante Eileen Fisher Erik’s Deli Cafe Francis Flagg Tyler and Mary French Frette General Hardware & Building Supply, Inc. Gleim The Jeweler Graniterock Hilary Grant-Valdez Haagen Dazs Mr. Lawrence Hu J. Crew Tom Keefer Key Market

La Baguette LaBelle Day Spa Lacoste Lee’s Sandwiches Jeanette Loretz Los Altos Hardware Jeannine Madere Max’s Opera Cafe McGuire & Hester Foundation Menlo Supply Mountain Mike’s Pizza Mr. Roofing Stephen Nalatsheim and Katie Jami New Earth Nursery Nike Running Store P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Palo Alto Creamery Fountain & Grill Peninsulators, Inc. Peterson Architects Pinkberry Redwood Garden & Building Material San Francisco’s Best Iron Works San Mateo Lumber Company Shelton Roofing Co., Inc. Sigona’s Market Lori Sorenson Matt Sorgenfrei and Evangeline Uribe South San Francisco Scavengers St. Peter’s Catholic Church Christine Stabile and Nick Stabile Starbucks Coffee Summer Winds Nursery Lisa Teufel Brad Thaute and Rosanna Gold Tiffany & Co. Tommy Bahama Tory Burch Tyco Thermal Controls Van Arsdale-Harris VINCE West Coast Fabrication Co., Inc. Western States Glass Corp. Woodcraft

Friends: up to $100 Brighton Collectibles Costco Mountain View Hobee’s California Restaurant Anna Kang L’Occitane Stephanie Lim Little Caesar’s Lucy Activewear Nationwide Painting & Waterproofing Co. Nothing Bundt Cake Palace Cafe & Catering Peet’s Coffee & Tea Safeway–Sequoia Station Ms. Carol Spence Carr Sprinkles Cupcakes Superior Services Contractors Trader Joe’s - San Carlos Jeanne Vargas Greg and Robin Villavicencio Ying Wang Steven Young

Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Annual Report 2011

2011 Awards

P.O. Box 4031 | Menlo Park | CA 94062-4031 Phone: (650) 366-6597 | Fax: (650) 366-9053 [email protected]

Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce —Golden Acorn Award— Outstanding Community Service Organization The San Mateo County Central Labor Council Outstanding Efforts on Behalf of Working People Kainos Home And Training Center Extraordinary Efforts on Behalf of Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Seana O’Shaughnessy Executive Director

2010-2011 Board of Directors Mike Nibbi President

Randi Knight Development Director

Virginia MacSuibhne President Elect

Cari Pang Chen Program Director

G. Nicholas Farwell Treasurer

Adam Widmer Construction Project Coordinator

Bill Palmer Secretary

Annel Aguayo Administrative Manager

Lily Abt Outreach Coordinator

Lauren Hauber Green Initiatives Coordinator

Rahela Abbas Gary J. Ahern, AIA Joel Butler Calla Griffith Joe Hansen Ken Hayes, AIA Brian Hetherington

Pete Hooper Spence Leslie (2011-12) Kevin Marks John McNellis Pam Nicholas (2011-12) Bob O’Donnell Joshua Portner S. Jonathan Tang Rachel Rosati Warner (2011-12) Emeritus Bill Butler Roger Menard David A. Wollenberg

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