Annual Report 2013 -14 2012 Estd. ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 1 “A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.” - Mahatma Gandhi ...
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Annual Report 2013 -14

2012 Estd.

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 1

“A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.” - Mahatma Gandhi

“Take Risks In Your Life If You Win, You can Lead! If You Loose, You can Guide!” - Swami Vivekanand

“Complain is the work of cowards! Braves took over the task of preparing the way!” - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

“A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.” - B. R. Ambedkar

“Dream, Dream, Dream Dreams transform into thoughts And thoughts result in action.” - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 2










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GROWTH CHARACTERS (PART- 1) University Examinaions Course & Passing percentage Award for the First Rank of the University Internal Examinaions Admissions

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THE CALCULUS ACHEIVEMENTS (PART -2) Moot Court Society Juvenile Jusice Board Paricipaion of Symposium Educaional Visit Industrial Visit Legal Aid Center Internship Human Right Cell Sports Cultural/ Movie Club Study Tour Seminar/ Guest Lectures Next Generaion Ideas/ Ppt- Video Academic Review Meeings with Parents Child Development Library CLAT/ LSAT India Examinaion NCC/ NSS Camp Annual Magazine/ Publicaions Court Visit Teachers Day & Naional fesivals Legal Research Aciviies Faculies training/ paricipaion Other aciviies

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VISION AS A GREAT UNIFIER (PART - 3) Vision/ Proposal Thanks We and Media

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Photos & College Building (Proposed) Sources of Inspiraion & Local Map

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ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 3

CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE Charotar Ratna Dr. C. L. Patel Education is a continuous process of transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization. I am absolutely certain that the study of Social Sciences will add to the human capital of the country.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes... The measure of a man is what he does with power.” - Pluto Vidyanagar as an experiment for educaion was succeeded from dream to reality through the Charutar Vidya Mandal, one of the largest and premier educaion trusts in India. As a tribute to Sardar Patel, the Charutar Vidya Mandal has taken the bold iniiaive to start a new Law School at Vallabh Vidyanagar with well qualiied faculty members. Our guiding principle is constant change, moivaion and up-gradaion,

creaing state-of- the- art infrastructure of our students. The syllabus is formulated in such a way that students passing out from R. N. Patel Ipcowala School of Law and Jusice will be in a posiion to pracice Law not only with Judiciary but also with other organs such as Law irms within and outside the country. I welcome all those students who want to become outstanding Lawyers, Jurists and academicians. The 5 years integrated Law Course with Honours on Choice Based Credit System will be intellectually simulaing and highly rewarding. I want to assure all the students that this Law School will be of internaional repute. I welcome you.

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 4

Message from the Hon. Secretary Principal S. M. Patel “The Law of Mirrors” states that one can only see what’s in them, regardless if it is what is actually present in reality or not...

“It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps jusice alive.” -Earl Warren

All India report (AIR) staring from 1950-2012 and Supreme Court cases (SCC) are processed for the beneits of the students. I welcome all students to the CVM family.

Charutar Vidya Mandal has iniiated a historic and momentous step to start R.N.Patel Ipcowala School of Law and Jusice.

At RNPILS there is a ine blend of theory and pracice. There are ample of opportuniies provided to the students to test the applicability of the theoreical knowledge they have acquired. We aim at internaional standards while maintaining our deep rooted values and culture of Indian society and its glorious tradiions.

Looking to the need of industry, legal system and social requirement, there is a mismatch between demand for legal experts and supply of legal experts. Charutar Vidya Mandal wants to step in and provide highly talented and educated legal professionals. The syllabus is framed keeping in mind the changing environmental and legal factors. In R.N.Patel Ipcowala School of Law and Jusice, the students will ind dedicated and highly qualiied team of faculty. The library is enriched with books and journals that will help the students to acquire addiional knowledge. An exhausive volume of

I would like to welcome all the students who would like to experience qualitaive change in their lives when they graduate from RNPILS. I am sure that your learning and experiencing at RNPILS will train you and equip you to face the world with courage and conidence.

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 5


“Take Risks In Your Life” If You Win, You Can Lead! If You Lose, You Can Guide! - Vivekananda “Mahatma Gandhiji once said, “Prayer is the Mother of morning …”. Ater the melodious voice of the prayer in the morning, today, I take this opportunity to present the Annual Report for the year 2013-14 by accouning ourselves. Before presening the Annual Report, I take this opportunity to extend my warm welcome to all. Before proceeding to the annual report of the current year, it is our duty to invite the great personaliies by namely, Charotar Ratna Dr. C.L. Patel sir, President of the today’s funcion & Chairman of CVM; Hon’ble Jusice Dr. K. J. Thaker, Chief Guest of the today’s funcion;

disinguished members of the Charutar Vidya Mandal namely Prin. S.M. Patel, Prin. J.D. Patel, Er. V.M. Patel, Shri. B.P. Patel, Dr. S.G. Patel, Shri. M.J. Patel, Shri R.C. Desai; invited guests and dignitaries and in paricular the Directors, Principals, Faculty members from various insituion; Special Guest of Honour Mrs. Nandini Thaker madam, Parents, media persons and students. It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all to the today funcion. `Annual Report’ for the year 2013-14 is presented before you in three Parts. Part-I deals with University examinaion, Course and Passing percentage, internal examinaions, admissions, etc. Part-II discusses achievements of the students in curricular& extra-curricular aciviies during the academic year 2013-14. Part -III is vision documents.

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 6

2. PART ONE (GROWTH CHARACTERS) “Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcendent”. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

2.1. University Examinaion: Educaion sows the seeds of knowledge in the learning mind, which develops awareness. As part of this process, we achieved 92.8 % of aggregate results for the academic year 2012-13 (BA LL.B -91.67%, BCom LL.B -100%, BBA LL.B-86.67%). And for the 2013-14 the aggregate result for the Ist Semester is 95.28 % (BA LL.B -85.71%, BCom LL.B -100%, BBA LL.B-100% and for the IIIrd Semester is 100% (BA-100%, BCom-100%, BBA-100%).

2.2. Course & Passing percentage:

Presently, the College is conducing 5-year integrated LL.B (Hons) Degree course with total 63 students (1st year 34 students & in 2nd year 29 students). In sum, the passing percentage of the college in University Exam stood at 92.8 % for 2012-13. And 95.28% (Ist Semester) and 100% (IIIrd Semester) for 2013-14 ill Dec Exam.

2.3. Award for 1st Rank: Mr. Marfaiya Kardam Kamleshbhai was awarded cash prize of Rs. 56500/- for securing the highest marks with disincion in University examinaion during 2012-13.

Batch 2012-17

2.4. Internal Examinaion:

Batch 2013-18

Periodical review examinaions were conducted during the year to achieve the desired result of University. For instance, Mid Semester Examinaion for the 1st & 3rd Semesters (6-8th August, 2013); Term End Examinaion for 1st & 3rd Semesters (30th Sept-7th October, 2013), and Mid Semester End Examinaion for 2nd & 4th Semesters(17-20th Feb, 2014) were conducted. And the Second Term End examinaion for the 2nd & 4th Semesters will be held from 15-26th April, 2014.

2.5. Admissions: The admissions to 1st year B.A, LL.B (Hons)/ B.B.A, LL.B (Hons)/ B.Com, LL.B (Hons) courses were commenced from 1st June, 2013 during the academic year 2013-14. Admission Commitee was consituted for compleing the admission process. This year total 7 students were enrolled for B.A, LL.B (Hons), 16 students for B.B.A, LL.B (Hons) and 6 students for B.Com, LL.B (Hons). So in all 29 students were admited in the irst year law Course. ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 7

3. PART TWO (ACHIEVEMENTS) It is rightly observed that “Life means growth, growth means exposer, exposer means youth, youth means compeiion”. Therefore, the youths (prospecive lawyers) have to be exposed and sensiized to all these issues in order to ensure that they serve the profession with commitment, integrity and excellence.To achieve this commitment among the students, they are exposed in the following areas.


NALSAR or University Law College Bangalore Symbiosis Law School Pune R L Law College Belgaun Karnataka GNLU Gandhi Nagar NLU Jodhpur Oxford Moot Court Compeiion ......

III. Internaional Moot Court Compeiion:

3.1. Moot Court Society:

The students took part in ‘K.K Luthra Internaional Moot Court Compeiion’ at New Delhi on 17-19th January, 2014. Apart from knowledge, skill in argument is essenial for lawyers to handle various complex and sensiive cases. Law students can acquire these skills only through constant pracice in Moot Court. This pracice gains experience and deinitely helps to impress the Judges by analyzing the facts of the case in the light of law. Lawyers cannot impress the Court only by ciing precedents but they require analyical skill and the knowledge of procedural impact. By keeping the above in mind, this College took acive part to train the students to take paricipaion in: I. Inter-Collegiate Moot Court Compeiions: It was held on 31/7/13 & 3/8/13; II. Naional Moot Court Compeiion: The College took paricipaion in the following Naional Moot Court Compeiions I. Amity Law College New Delhi

3.2. Visit to Juvenile Jusice Board: 1st & 2nd year students were visited the Juvenile Jusice Board from 23-8-13 to 1110-13 by rotaion in order to understand the legal perspecive of Juvenile Jusice Board. The Chairman of the Board taught in-depth knowledge about the Child welfare & ofences related to them and the role of Juvenile Jusice Board.

3.3. Paricipaion of Symposium: Students paricipated Symposium at Nirma University (Literary and Drama Club) by “Conluence” on 12th Oct. 2013. Chief Guest of the event was Shri Soli Sorabjee former Solicitor General of India.

3.4. Educaional visit: As part of the academic acivity, many educaional visits were organized such as:

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 8

i. Sardar Patel University: One day study visit was arranged to the Sardar Patel University & Students interacted with authoriies in order to know the working setup of the University. ii. Food and Drugs Laboratory at Vadodara: One day visit to Food and Drugs Laboratory at Vadodara was organized on 28th Jan, 2014. Students were accompanied by teaching and non-teaching staf in order to understand drugs safety concerns, handling chemicals & drugs materials besides sensiive classiied secret documents related to food, drugs & chemicals. Shri. Durkesh Varia & Shri. Mayur Patel, Inspector of the Food and Drugs Laboratory guided the students.

acquainted with labour laws and other industrial norms, which are form the part of academic curriculum for the law students. iii. Shah Paperplast Industries Ltd. at Nadiad: The students visited the industries such as SHAH PA P E R P L A S T INDUSTRIES LIMITED at Nadiad on 24th Aug 2013. This industry is producing simple issue paper products, all type of disposable paper materials for domesic and export due to its high quality. The students got the insight of import and export policy.

3.6. Legal Aid Center:

3.5. Industrial visit:

Many industrial visit was organized as part of academic acivity such as: i. Visit to IPCOWALA PARIVAR at Nadiad:

Students and staf visited the IPCOWALA PARIVAR for their blessings at Nadiad. It is worth to note that Hon’ble Shri. Devangbhai and his family members highly interacted with students and faculies, and also ofered gits to all the paricipants. ii. Parle Factory: As part of academic aciviies, an industrial visit was arranged at Parle Factory, located at Nadiad on 24th Aug 2013. From this visit, the students well

“The legal profession is not only about knowledge of the law and oratory skills but also about ethics, jusice and humanity. Insituions are not market places, and educaion is not acommodity traded on demand and supply. Insituions are knowledge spaces & educaion is a value initself to disinguish between fair and unfair, just & unjust. It has to inculcate values like sacriice, sensiivity to suferings, courage to ight for jusice and fairness, to stand up for the dispossessed and marginalized and the determinaion to stand against the odds for the sake of jusice.” Therefore the legal aid aciviies at Rampura village, Anand Dt. was conducted on 28-7-13.

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 9

3.7. Internship: (i). 2 weeks Semester End Internship Programme was atended by all students like insituions such as Human Rights Commission, Judiciary … from 9- 20th January, 2014 & (ii). 4 weeks Summer vacaion Programme begins from 12.5.2014 to 14.6.2014

in paricular all most all the events in the Inter Collegiate Youth Fesival 2013-14 of the CVM Fest 2013 as UDAAN 2013 (21-24th Dec, 2013). The students took part in the compeiion such as Music, Theatre, Fine Arts, Dance, etc.

3.11. Study tour:

3.8. Human Right Cell:

In the long history of man’s endeavor to grasp the fundamental truth of being the nature hold an honour place and this nature gives human rights as inseparable right within the human being. Thus the Human Rights Cell.

3.9. Sports:

The College took part in almost all sports events viz. Inter Collegiate event, CVM Fest 2013, University event, and marked the foot print every where, wherever the sports events were there. The CVM has conducted Sports Day under the banner of Progressive Educaion Society on 21st & 22nd January, 2014 at Shastri Maidan. The `Sports Day: 2013-14’ was celebrated on 21st January, 2014 under the banner of Sports Fesival 2013-14, which was organized by Group of Progressive Colleges managed by CVM, CES, SRKSM, SPEC … The Chief Guest of the funcion was Shri. Rajesh R. Patel, the Syndicate Member of the Sardar Patel University. Many dignitaries from CVM and others were paricipated the events.

3.10. Cultural/ Movie Club:

Under this banner, the Law School paricipated in various events in and outside the College and

Students and staf took part in the Study Tour on 28.1.2014 to `Vadodara Laxmi Palace’ to understand the importance of archeological Laws in India and its Global perspecive. It is worth to note that the students had shown keen interest to know the importance of Protected Archeological laws. One of the most important structures constructed very close to the Royal Enclosure is its secular view by duplicaing in the Palace Structure with the model of Church, Mosque, Temple and Gurudwara. It is a unique feature of the Palace is that it is a secular Palace. It is a protected monument by `Ancient Monument & Archaeological Sites & Remains Act, 24 of 1958’. The guide of the palace explained the genius of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad- the Visionary, a man who came, saw & conquered not only a province, but also the hearts of its inhabitants for generaion to come.

3.12. Seminar/ Guest Lectures: This College conducted 5 Guest Lectures during the academic year viz. a) Hon. Shri. Anshul Kaushik, Civil Judge, Anand District Court conducted a Guest lecture on the topic of “How the Civil Courts funcion in IndiaPracice and Procedure” on 27th July, 2013 b) Prof. (Dr.) J H Khan, Head of Dept. of English, Sardar Patel University delivered a lecture

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 10

3.14. Academic Review Meeing:

on the topic of `Communicaion Skill’ on 21.09.2013. c) Commander Aga conducted Guest Lecture on the topic of `Defence as Career’ on 1.9.2013 d) Mrs. Salvalkar, Senior Execuive Manager, Mumbai conducted the E-library workshop about Lexis-Nexis sotware & its uility to the Research work on 21.9.2013.. e) Shri. Chintansinh Jadeja, Senior Sales Execuive of Manupatra Informaion Soluion Pvt Ltd had conducted a workshop on the topic of `Manupatre-Power Your Legal Research’on link with Wikipedia & Judgment like Google through Power point presentaion on 19.8.2013. f) The Anupam Mission conducted a Guest Lecture on 08.03.2014 about the concept of the Computer and the Legal Thought.

Two Academic Review meeings were carried out with parents, faculty, students and guests such as (1). Mid Semester-I Academic Review Meeing for Semester I & III for irst team was organized on 1.9.2013. In the same strength the `Year End Academic Review Meeing’ for Semester- II & IV was organized on 08.3.2014.

3.15. Child Development:

Country development depend on the development of the child and thus Hon. Prin. Dr. Parmar is requested to guide us to do the effective work on the subject as service to the society. The students and staff visited the Rampura village and Juvenile Justice Board to study in depth about the Child Development.

3.16. Library:

3.13. Next Generaion Idea Club: Two Power point presentaion and 2 Videos of creaive works were displayed about the College & dignitaries of naional importance during the 1st term Parents Meeing(1.9.2013) & the Year end- Parents Meeing(8.3.2013). It was done under the leadership of the Librarian of the College.

The unique feature of the library (Area: 18.370*9.300 Sq. meter) is that it provides

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 11

with e-library (Lexis-Nexis). It provides services such as Membership, Circulaion, Reference Services, Book Bank and User awareness etc. The library is adequately equipped with law reports and journals, periodicals, text books, reference books and magazines to meet the requirements of the paricular course of instrucion taught in the College. The College presently has 589 Reference Books (Rs. 2,21,148); Study Material for the students of the irst Semester (216 books for Rs. 76,475); Study Material for students of the second , third, and fourth Semesters (290 books for Rs. 1,18,700); 202 Journal for Rs. 4,27,662; E-Library for Rs. 1,12,360 per year; 6-News Papers and 7 Computers with Internet faciliies. The library is provided with adequate reading room with modern faciliies.

3.17. CLAT/ LSAT India Examinaion: The College applied for joining with the CLATexaminaion for the year 2014-15. However, the College enrolled with LSAT- India, an internaional agency for educaional service and admission.

publicaions like aricle, poems … is being published shortly (22.3.14).

3.20. Court Visit:

For 2nd year students, the Court Visit is an examinaion paper as `Pracical Training’ and thus it was carried out. For others, the court visit was organized to the District Court, Anand on 25.9.2013. The Principal District Judge Shri. S. N. Vakil addressed the students on 25.9.2013 at 2 pm in the Conference Hall of the Court.

3.18. NCC/ NSS Camp:

3.21. Teachers Day & Naional fesivals:

The students and the faculty paricipated in the NCC camp, which was organized on 18 to 19th Oct, 2013.

Students and staf took part in the Teachers day, Independence day and such other naional fesivals. The students had shown their creaive talent and naional spirit by organizing various events.

3.19. Annual Magazine/Publicaions: The second Annual Magazine of the College along with Legal Research works & other

3.22. Legal Research aciviies: The students were selected to take part in the Mock Parliament (4th Indian Students

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 12

Parliament) from 10-12th January, 2014 at MAEER’s MIT Pune & carried out extensive research work about `Democracy’by considering the nobleness of this cause & efeciveness of the discourse about the social & poliical system of India. Besides, students published aricles in many well reputed publicaions. For instance, Mr. Karik II BA, LL.B had published aricles in the Internaional Conference and also in the process of publicaion of a book.

3.23. Faculies training/ workshop: The College encouraged the faculies & students took paricipaion in seminar, training programme, workshop, etc. at University, State & Naional level. For instance, the Principal took part: i. Naional Workshop on Teacher Training and Research at Patna from 2.12.2013 to

Vice Chancellor’s Training Programmme : Madhav Menon Address

of rural India’. iii. Naional Seminar of `GUJARATHI DIASPORA DAY’, which was organized by the Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujarathi Foundaion …. Under the banner of Sardar Patel Educaion Trust on 14th Feb, 2014. The Chief Guest of the Seminar was the Secretary, Department of Tourism, Government of Gujarat. iv. RTI -Workshop, which was organized by the IQAC, Sardar Patel University on 7th September, 2013. The workshop highlighted the importance of RTI Act, 2005 and its relevant to the day to day work in the University. v. Resource Person of the UGC Academic Staf College, Sardar Patel University for the 22nd & 23rd Orientaion Programme. vi. Bar Council of India’s Golden Jubilee Celebraion The chief guest of the funcion was the Hon’ble Chief MInister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi. And many Supreme Court / High Court Judges were atended the funcion. The Principal along with students and faculty paricipated in the event on 1-2 March, 2014.

3.24. Other aciviies:

5.12.2013. It was organized by the Naional Law School at Banglore and the Menon Insitute of Legal Advocacy. The paricipants of the event were Vice Chancellors, Deans and Principal. The training program was designed to develop new system of legal educaion as an alternaive LL.B, which will beit the Tribal Society, Rural Area, etc.

There are many aciviies held in the College such as Revision lectures, Publicaion of aricles/ poems, Debaing/ Elocuion, Court visit, visit to the historical places at Banglore, Pune, Nagpur, … and other places by a group of students, Cultural iesta of fun, etc. Dignitaries from Anoopam Mission

ii. 2nd Annual Dr. Varghese Memorial Lecture Series on December 13, 2013 at IRMA. It was addressed by member of the economic advisory commitee to the Prime Minister Dr V S Vyas on ‘Changing contours ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 13

VISION AS A GREAT UNIFIER “Ask the experienced person, How to start the work... But Ask the successful person, How to inish...” Part three will be on our vision as a great uniier and performance enhance in every ield. Here, I would like to menion that the insituion would like to run three new courses, which are unique and some of them are irst in India. “We must become the change, we want

Vision/ Proposal: Vision is the path of progress. We believe, “Educaion is a journey of transformaion...

to see in the world. Each one of us who is a part of this institution should be remembered for promotion of the social justice, which will be our contribution to the society”.

Educaion is a beter safeguard to liberty than a standing army.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

To achieve this progress, our Law School has taken the following area as there Vision for the forthcoming years.


Legal Research Centre:


Integrated LL.M., Ph.D. (Four & Half Years)


Integrated LL.B LL.M (Four years ater graduaion)


One year LL.M (Specialized subjects) as per new UGC norms


To introduce Diploma and Ceriicate Courses


To conduct Naional & Internaional programmes: All India Professional Development Training Programme : ‘Consumer and the Law: Jusice to Common Man’ Date: 17-21st January, 2015 Organized: IBA-CLE Chair (Naional Law University, Bangalore) & MILAT Hosing: RNPI School of Law & Jusice (sponsored by FORD Foundaion)


“Sardar Patel Internaional Moot Court Compeiion” is proposed on 29th Sept - 3rd Oct 2014 and 2nd October being celebrated as a pilgrimage to Gandhi Ashram at Ahmedabad through sponsors.

Over the years, there has been remarkable increase in the research aciviies in the ield of law. However, it is felt that the signiicance of such researches is yet to reach and being appreciated by the people at large. In the light of this realizaion, this Law school established a legal research center. This would maintain relaionship with Colleges, Universiies, Insituion of Law in India and abroad. The vision of the Research Centre would help the Law student to develop a research oriented mindset right from the beginning of their career and thus many students published aricles in Naional and Internaional Journals.

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 14

THANKS For the 2nd year, the RNPI School of Law and Jusice has put in such perfect work in the form of Academic /Non-Academic aciviies to achieve the path of excellence. It is an acknowledgement of the perfect harmony with which the team works. It also demonstrates how the central research agenda of the insitute is carried out in a successful manner in the year 2013-14. I take this opportunity to place on record my sincere and profound thanks to you all for giving me valuable guidance and helping me in carrying out my duies while running the Law School. Sir, I shall be looking forward for your guidance in future. ‘So litle done, so much to do’ Dr. K. Arunachalam Principal R. N. PATEL IPCOWALA SCHOOL OF LAW & JUSTICE

Ipcowala Parivaar @ RNPISLJ


• • • • • •

• Rameshbhai Nagardas Patel is his full name. (Father of Devangbhai Rameshbhai Patel at Nadiad) • Advocate of Gujarat High Court (Ahmedabad) • Well known Advocate at Gujarat • Developed interest in Community development Community Services Faith in Meta Physical events and believe in Meta Physics Wrote book on life after Death Known to every saint, particularly Santram Temple & its associates Paradigm shift from Professional temperament to entrepreneurship Established 18 Institutions for deprived class along with IPCOWALA family’s entrepreneurship Faith in Ayurveda medicine


*Informaion: Research Work of Dr. K. Arunachalam

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 15


Parents’ Meet


ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 16

Moot Court

Guest Lecture

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 17


Aciviies @ RNPILS

Bar Council of India Golden Jubilee Celebrations Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 19 Hon’ble Justice Radhakrishnan, Judge, Supreme Court

BCI Ofice bearers 2014-15 (middle- Sr. Adv. Hemant Patel)

Source Of Inspiration

There is something unique in this soil, which despite many obstacles...has always remained the abode of great souls. LOCATION MAP

We cannot please everyone. But try to do so. The diicult we do almost immediately, The impossible takes a litle longer.

R. N. PATEL IPCOWALA SCHOOL OF LAW AND JUSTICE 4th Floor, SICART Building, Opp. N. V. Patel College of Pure and Applieds Sciences, Mota Bazar, Vallabh Vidyanagar - 388 120, Dist. Anand, Gujarat, India Estd.


Phone: +91 2692 230503 • Mob : 098696 24555

ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 | 20

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Students Report…… Annual Day 2013-14 Respected Chairman Charutar Ratna Dr. C L Patel Sir and our esteemed chief guest Honorable Justice Dr. KJ Thakar sir & Nandani Madam, Principal S M Patel Sir, as well as all the luminaries of Charutar Vidya Mandal, Principals, Judges, teaching and non teaching staff, parents and never the less my dear students. As we all agree that collage means student and their activities, it is impossible to imagine a collage without students and their activities. In RNPIL&J we are having total 63 students Both in I & II Year in our 3 branches BALLB, B Com LLB, BBA LLB. The college means full of activities. Broadly speaking these activities can be divided into two categories academic and non-academic activities. It is the basic requirement for the good advocate to have good knowledge of law along with worldly knowledge. Hence we RNPI school of law and justice give equal importance on academic and non academic activities at the same time. Based on my above statement I have divided my report in three limbs. First being academic results and the Second being academic activities and third being non academic activities. Coming to the first part our students have secured dynamic results in University examinations. Over all result of our students are BA LLB 95.28 %, B Com LLB 100 %, BBA LLB 100% Now going in detail year wise In Ist Year Ist Sem our students have secured 85.7% in BA LLB 100%, in B Com & 100% BABLLB. In II year IIIrd Sem our students have secured 100 % in BA LLB 100%, in B Com LLB 100%, in BALLB 100%. Out of which more than 50 % of our students have passed with distinction. More than 35% with 1st Class. It is worth to mention that 80 % students have scored 10/10 grade points in one or more subjects. Coming to the second Part To begin with academic activities other than studies the very first thing that strikes my mind is about moot court activities. In the present era of legal education moot court plays a very important role in developing the future legal fraternity towards their ultimate goal where in the students are put to the test of analyzing thefacts under a given situation and to interpret the same with other laws and it gives the challenges similar to the advocates as and when the live case comes before them. Under my guidance collage has conducted 2 intra moot courts competitions, 9 national and international level moot competitions at various parts of India such as New Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharasthra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Out of which 3 International level moot court competitions and 5 national level competitions. The details about the same are ………. 1. Symbiosis law collage on IPR. (Maharasthra) 2. NALSAR National Law University Hydrabad, Andhra Pradesh 3. University Law College Bangalore. Karnataka 4. Raja Lokhandi law collage Belgaum Karnataka 5. Jodh pur National Law School Jodhpur Rajasthan 6. Oxford University Moot Court Competition New delhi 7. KK Luthra International moot competition held at (New Delhi) 8. Amity International moot competition held at (New Delhi) 9. Gujart National Law School Gandhinagar Gujarat

It is worth to mention here that the said KK Luthra International Moot competition was open to entire world. And various teams from USA, UK, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka and others participated in it, further only top 60 teams from entire world were selected for the competition and we were one among them occupying 35th position despite of being the students of 1st & II year. Under my guidance Our IInd students have visited to Anand district court as a part of Practicals, weekly once whole day to have the first hand information about the court activity. Ist Year students have visited the Anand District court to know the working of District court for one day. Our students have visited the Juvenile board to know the proceedings therein. Our students have participated in Legal Aid Camp at Rampur Village and discussed about the problems of the villagers. Our students were encouraged to visit various legal organization as Internship to equip themselves with the procedural aspect at the end of Even semester for 15 days and 1 month after Odd semester. To name a few are Gujarat State Human Right Commission, State Municipal Commission, Amba Township Pvt Ltd and leading advocates. Under the guidance of Prof Rupa Pathakji and Prof Janet George. Under my guidance our students Participated at mock parliament at Pune and Ahmadabad. Wherein, the students have carried extensive research work about the democracy. One of our student Bhoomika Desai was selected as Student Leader and shared the dias with the dignitaries at Pune. Our students stood in II & III position at Nirma University. We at RNPI School of law and justice have conducted guest lectures in this academic year this are1. Functioning of civil courts in India--------------------------- By Anshul Kaushik. Judge Anand District. 2. Lectures on Communication Skill-----------------------------By Prof AK Khan. 3. Defence as Carrier-----------------------------------------------By Comander AK Agha 4. Access to Lexis Nexis Software-------------------------------By Mrs Salwalkar Now coming to Non-academic activities we have not left any stone unturned in this field too. Our students have visited Industrial Tour at Parle Manufacturing Unit and Shah Paperplast industries ltd at Nadiad and Educational tour to Food & Drugs Department Baroda. We organized sturdy visit to Sardar Patel University to understand activities of university. Our students have participated in NSS camp at Tarnol (Anand District). RNPISLJ Sports day was celebrated at Shastri Maidan wherein various activities were conducted under the guidance Prof Dipal R Patel, our students have participated in Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Vallyball, Tabel-Tennis, Handball, Lawn Tennis, Kho-Kho, Chess, Shooting, Kabbadi, badminton, and Atheletics. Our students have take part in Sports meet organized by Group of Progressive Colleges and Youth festival. Finally, I would like to conclude this report with - “What we have done till date is little & I assure the Augustan gathering here that we will do a lot more than this in the forthcoming year……….. Thank you one and all Prepared by Dr Shailesh N Hadli. Assistant Professor R N PI School of Law & Justice VV Nagar Anand

Teaching and Non-teaching Report Staff Achievement I Ms. Rupa Pathakji, Asst.Professor of Law warmly welcome on behalf of R.N.Patel Ipcowala School of Law and Justice Hon’ble Justice K.J.Thakar Gujarat High Court, Dr.C.L. Patel, Chairman Charotar Vidya Mandal, Secretary Shri S. M. Patel Charotar Vidya Mandal, other principals of different institutes, invitees, parents, faculties and students. Principal (Dr. K. Arunachalam) took part in : ·

National Workshop on Curriculum for Post Graduate Legal Education, Teacher Training and Research at Patna


2nd Annual Dr. Varghese Memorial Lecture Series on December 13, 2013 at IRMA.


National seminar of `GURAJATHI DIASPORA DAY’, which was organized by the Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujarathi Foundation …. Under the banner of Sardar Patel Education Trust on 14th Feb, 2014.


RTI -Workshop, which was organized by the IQAC, Sardar Patel University on 7th September, 2013.


Resource person of UGC sponsored Academic Staff College, Sardar Patel University, V.V. Nagar for the 22nd & 23rd Orientation Programme.


Attended Bar Council of India’s Golden Jubilee Celeberation by Principal, Faculty and students on 1st and 2nd March, 2014

Dr. Shailesh Hadli 3 papers published out of which 2 on the website and 1 in the Journal Sir’ s Contribution to the College · · · · ·

Prepared the students for the National & International Moot Court Competitions. Participated in the Mock Parliament at Pune 10th Jan to 12th Jan. Took Students to Court Visit at Anand (I&III Sem). Invited by ILSASS for Guest Lecture on Labour Laws for P G Department (MHRM) march/April 2013. Deputed by Mandal to teach and also prepared the syllabus of PG Department (MHRD) at CVM Institute of HRD.

Ms. Rupa Pathakji, Asst.Professor of Law. · ·

1 Publication in Journal 1 Presentation in the National Seminar

Her major contribution during this academic year are as follows: · · · · ·

Legal Aid- Rampura Village Guest Lecture- Mr. Anshul Kaushik Hon'ble Judge of the Anand Court Incharge of Internship Juvenile Board Study tour at Baroda Food and Drugs Laboratory

Mr. Dipal Patel Faculty of Management · · · ·

3 Paper Presented in National Level Seminar 1 Participation in international symposium participation in national level seminars 1 participation in workshops Sir is also pursuing Ph.D and has enrolled himself the during this year 2013-14. Sir’s Major contribution Invited by BJVM for Guest Lecture on Management. Incharge of sports, admission and NSS Camp.

Ms. Janet George Faculty of Accountancy · ·

1 Publication 2 Presentation in the National Seminar

Ma’ams contribution to the College · · ·

She is the in-charge of Internship & Placement cell Coordinator for Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and the Nodal Officer of this Institute. She is also the in charge of the 2nd Annual Day function. Incharge of arranging visit to Juvenile Justice Board

Mr. Vijay Makwana Faculty of English ·

Mr. Vijay Makwana holds Master Degree with Gold Medal in ELT.


He has presented papers in the area of Educational Technology at International and National level Conferences and Seminars.


Mr. Makwana is pursuing his research degree from H.M Patel Institute of English Training and Research, Vallabh Vidhyanagar.


Mr. Makwana rendered his service as a Chief Guest and Chairperson in a Students Conference held at Waymade on “Higher Education in India 2025: Vision and Action”. Sir is the Incharge of Legacy Magazine.

Mrs. Pallavi Sharma Faculty of Economics ·

Ma’am has joined the Institution on 17th Feb, 2014.She is B.Ed and Economics.


Ma’am is the Incharge of the Counseling of students and N.T. Narcotic Cell.

Dr. Mrutanjay Swain ( Visiting faculty in Business Statistics) Research Officer/Assistant Professor (Economics) Agro-Economic Research Centre (Sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India) Sardar Patel University Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, INDIA · 3 Research Projects · 2 Books · 1 Research paper in Journal · 5 Research papers presented Mr. Sahil Shrivastav Visiting Faculty of Political Science (MA M Phil pursuing) · · ·

Participation in 2 Seminar Presented 1 paper Guest lecturers 2 We also express our deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Sunny Thomas Principal of ILSAAS and Dr. N. R. Parmar Principal of MHRD and Senior faculty of our Institute. Dr. Parmar is faculty of Psychology and Sociology subjects in our Institute and we are thankful to them for their kind support and co-operation.