Amogene Belcher Book Collection

Amogene Belcher Book Collection Books 10,000 Years of History Buried Under a Lake GB 975.5 695 E 100 Greatest All Time Country Hits GB 784.8 O 100 Ye...
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Amogene Belcher Book Collection

Books 10,000 Years of History Buried Under a Lake GB 975.5 695 E 100 Greatest All Time Country Hits GB 784.8 O 100 Years of Progress GB 975.5 666 O 101 Hymn Stories GB 783.9 O 1215: The Year of the Magna Carta GB 942.03 D 1776 by David McCullough GB 973.3 M * 24th Virginia Cavalry Regiment

GB 973.7 H *

50 Norman Rockwell Favorites GB 759.13 R 50 Years on the Roundabout: What’s Cookin’ at DuPont GB 641.5 M * AA Illustrated Guide to Country Towns and Villages of Britain GB 914.1 A ACC Basketball GB 796.32 M A Being So Gentle GB 973.5 B A Book of Favorite Recipes compiled by Grace Episcopal Churchwomen GB 641.5 G A Book of Favorite Recipes of Ashe County Extension Homemakers GB 641.5 A A Book of Ireland GB 820.8 O A Book of Scotland GB 914.1 M A Centenary Remembrance: FDR GB 973.917 A * A Century of American Sculpture: Treasures from Brookgreen Gardens GB 730 R A Charge to Keep: My Journey to the White House GB 923.2 B A Dark History: Celts GB 940.04 D A Dark History: Vikings GB 948.02 D

A Day of Thanksgiving GB 286 G A Day in the Life of the Amish GB 289.7 O A Farewell to the King GB 796.7 V A General History of the Robberies & Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates GB 910.45 J A Goodly Heritage GB 917.57 L A Greater Love: Prince Charles’s Twenty-Year Affair with Camilla Parker Bowles GB 941.085 W A Guide to Biltmore Estate GB 975.6 88 B A Guide to Chinqua-Penn Plantation GB 975.6 63 C (3 copies) A Guide to Historic Sites in Camden, South Carolina GB 975.7 61 G A Guide to the Crooked Road GB 781.62 W * A History of Artillery GB 973 H A History of Averett College GB 378.755 H * A History of Henry County, Virginia GB 975.5 692 H * A History of Presidential Elections from George Washington to Jimmy Carter GB 329 R A House Divided GB 973.7 H (2 copies) A Life of Harry S. Truman: Man of the People GB 973.918 H A Man of Destiny: Winston S. Churchill GB 563 C A New Spirit, A New Commitment, A New America: The Inauguration of President Jimmy Carter GB 973.926 I A North Carolina Christmas GB 394.2 K A People and Their Quilts GB 746.97 I A Perfect Union GB 973.5 A A Pictorial Booklet on Early Jamestown Commodities and Industries GB 975.5 425 H A Pictorial Guide to Biltmore GB 975.6 C A Picture Book of Niagara Falls GB 917.13 B A Short History of Charleston GB 975.7 791 R

A Sourcebook for Baptist Heritage GB 286 M A South Carolina Album, 1936-1948 GB 975.7 S A Special Valor: The U.S. Marines & The Pacific War GB 973.917 W A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy GB 975.3 W A Traveller’s Guide to Norman Britain GB 914.1 R A Treasury of Carolina Tales GB 975.6 G A Treasury of Early American Homes GB 749 P A Treasury of Irish Folklore GB 398.2 C A Wildwood Tale: A Drama of the Open GB 818.5 R A Window on Williamsburg GB 975.5 425 L * A Year in the Life of the Royal Family GB 941.08 H Abraham Lincoln: In His Own Words GB 973.3 H Abraham Lincoln: Self-Made in American GB 921 H Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years GB 973.7 S * (2 copies) Abraham Lincoln Grows Up GB 973.7 S Abstracts of Henry County, Virginia Deed Books I and II GB 929.3755 692 A * Abstracts of Wills, Inventories and Accounts Patrick County, Virginia 1791-1823 GB 929.3755 695 A Adomnan of Iona: Life of St. Columba GB 270.2092 C Album of American History: Colonial Period GB 973 A * Alexander Hamilton: A Life GB 973.4 R Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth GB 973.91 C Alistair Cooke’s America GB 973 C * All Ireland: A Catalog of Everything Irish GB 941.5 M All London: 210 Colour Photographs GB 942.1085 R All Saints’ Church, Waccamaw 1739- 1968 GB 283.757 B

All the Queen’s Men: Elizabeth I and Her Courtiers GB 942.055 W Al l the Queen’s Men: The World of Elizabeth I GB 942.05 B Alma’s Amish Kitchen GB 641.5 A America in Vietnam GB 973.923 G America the Beautiful: Alabama GB 976.1 D America the Beautiful: Connecticut GB 974.6 M America the Beautiful: Delaware GB 975.1 B America the Beautiful: Georgia GB 975.8 M America the Beautiful: In the Words of John F. Kennedy GB 973 C America the Beautiful: Kentucky GB 976.9 S America the Beautiful: Louisiana GB 976.3 H America the Beautiful: Maine GB 974.1 K America the Beautiful: Maryland GB 975.2 B America the Beautiful: Mississippi GB 976.2 G America the Beautiful: New Hampshire GB 974.2 S America the Beautiful: North Carolina GB 975.6 H America the Beautiful: South Carolina GB 975.7 S America the Beautiful: Tennessee GB 976.8 K America the Beautiful: Vermont GB 974.3 H America the Beautiful: Virginia GB 975.5 B America the Beautiful: West Virginia GB 975.4 F American Battlefields GB 973 C American Characters GB 920.073 L American Dream Horses GB 636.1 A American Folklore and Legend GB 398.2 P

American Heritage: Three Centuries of American Antiques GB 745.1 D American Originals: Selections from Reynolda House, Museum of American Art GB 759.13 A American Presidents and the Presidency GB 353.03 C American Revolution Bicentennial GB 973.3 A American Shelter GB 728.3 W America’s First Army GB 973.2 D America’s First Families GB 973 A America’s First Ladies GB 973 C America’s First Legislature GB 975.502 R America’s Great Document – The Constitution GB 342.73 C America’s Williamsburg GB 975.5 425 A Amish Women: Lives and Stories GB 305.48 S An African Republic: Black & White Virginians in the Making of Liberia GB 966.62 T An American Plague GB 614.5 M An Hour Before Daylight

GB 973.926 C

An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurrences in the Old North State GB 133.1 R An Illustrated History of the Irish People GB 941.5 N An Old-Fashioned Christmas GB 394.26 L Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash GB 782.4 C Andrew Jackson by Robert V. Remini (Volumes 1-3) GB 973.5 R * Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times GB 973.5 B Antiques at Colonial Williamsburg GB 745.1 A Any Idiot Can Cook with Simple Southern Recipes GB 641.5 P Appalachian Life Along the Blue Ridge Parkway GB 975 W Appalachian State University: The First Hundred Years GB 378.756 M

Appalachian Trail by Michael Warren and Sandra Kocher GB 917.4 W Appalachian White Oak Basketmaking GB 746.41 L * Appomattox Court House GB 973.7 U * Ararat, Virginia GB 975.5 695 P ** Arlington National Cemetery GB 718.8 G Armstrong: House of Gilnockie Mangerston GB 929.2 ARMS A Around the Bend GB 975.5 F * As He Saw It GB 973.921 R Aunt Bee’s Mayberry Cookbook GB 641.5 B Barbara Bush: A Memoir GB 973.928 B Baskets and Basket Makers in Southern Appalachia GB 746.41 I * Beach to Bluegrass GB 917.5504 T * Bede: Ecclesiastical History of the English People GB 274.202 W Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson GB 973.3 I Benjamin Franklin: An Illustrated History of His Life and Times GB 973 L Bill and Hillary: The Marriage GB 973.929 A Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador GB 269 B Biltmore: An American Masterpiece GB 975.6 88 B Biltmore Estate: House, Gardens, Winery GB 975.6 88 B Biltmore Estate: The 2001 Destination Guide to America’s Largest Home GB 975.6 88 B Bits of Mountain Speech GB 427.9756 F Bitter Blood GB 364.1 B * Bitter Blood GB 364.1 B * Blackbeard the Pirate: A Reappraisal of His Life and Times GB 923.41 L Blackbeard’s Last Fight: Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 1718 GB 923.41 K

Blue Ridge Chronicles GB 975.5 7 B * Blue Ridge Country (1988-2015) (28 volumes) GB 975 B Blue Ridge Farm Museum Calendar 1981 GB 975.5 68 B Blue Ridge Folklife Festival (1977-1980) GB 975.5 68 B * (5 issues) 2 copies of 1977 Blue Ridge Mountain Recipes GB 641.5 B Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina GB 781.62 F Blue Ridge Parkway Directory & Travel Planner: Celebrating 75 Years GB 217 B Blue Ridge Parkway: Simply Beautiful GB 917.55 B Blue Ridge Parkway: The First 50 Years GB 975.5 J Blue Ridge Parkway: The Story Behind the Scenery GB 975.5 R Bluefield in Vintage Postcards GB 975.4 74 A Bluegrass Fiddle GB 787.1 L Bold Dragoon GB 973.7 T * Bones: Honk Your Horn if you love basketball GB 796.32 M Boone: A Biography GB 976.9 M Bouldin Memorial Presbyterian W.O.C. GB 641.5 B * Bramwell: A Town of Millionaires GB 975.4 74 S Britain GB 942 O British Kings & Queens GB 941 F Broad Street Christian Church 1880 – 1980 GB 286.675 M * Brookgreen Gardens GB 975.7 02 S Brookgreen Waccamaw in the Carolina Low Country GB 929.2 ALST A Brother Sheffey GB 922.795 B Buck Owens Souvenir Song Album GB 784.8 O Building the Blue Ridge Parkway GB 975.5 H *

Businessman in Statehouse GB 353.975 H Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park GB 976.8 885 S Call Me Hillbilly GB 929.2 TREN R Campaign Series: Hastings 1066, The Fall of Saxon England GB 942.02 G Can’t You Hear Me Callin’: The Life of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass GB 927.84 S Carolina Folk: The Cradle of a Southern Tradition (McKissick Museum, USC) GB 745.5 T Carriage House Recipes GB 641.5 C * Carry me back to Old Virginia GB 917.55 V Castles by Charles W. C. Oman GB 942 O Castles and Abbeys of Wales GB 914.29 K Castles and Fortresses GB 728.8 O Cavalier Commonwealth GB 975 H * Cavaliers! A Pictorial History of UVA Basketball GB 796.32363 C Celebrate! Our Favorite Recipes GB 641.5 W * Celebrity Chefs of Country Music & Motorsports GB 641.5 C Celtic Britain GB 942.01 T Celtic Mythology GB 299.16 G Celtic Ornament: Art of the Scribe GB 745.442 D Celtic Warriors GB 936.4 O Ceramics in America 2006 GB 738 H Cestyll Tywysogion Gwynedd Castles of the Princes of Gwynedd GB 942.9 H Charity League Recipes 1931 (second edition 1963) GB 641.5 C * Charity League Recipes: And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon GB 641.5 C * Charleston Receipts GB 641.5 C Charleston Receipts Repeats GB 641.5 C

Charleston South Carolina and the Lowcountry GB 917.5791 C Charleston: Alone Among the Cities GB 975.71 H Charleston’s Sons of Liberty: A Study of the Artisans 1763-1789 GB 975.791 W * Charlestown’s Forgotten Tea Party GB 973.311 S Chatterbook: Favorite Recipes of WMVA Listeners GB 641.5 C Chrismons GB 745.5 S Chrismons: Advanced Series GB 745.5 S Chrismons: Basic Series GB 745.5 S Chrismons: For Your Tree GB 745.5 H Chrismons: Christian Year Series GB 745.5 S Christ Church Martinsville GB 286 C Christmas Ideals

GB 394.2 C

Christmas in Colonial and Early America GB 394.2 C * Christmas in Germany

GB 394.2 C

Christmas in Williamsburg GB 745.5 Christmas in Williamsburg GB 745.5 Y Churchill: A Photographic Portrait GB 941.084 G Churchill: Portrait of Greatness GB 941 M Churchill: Speaker of the Century GB 941.082 H Churchill’s History of the English-Speaking Peoples GB 942 C Civil War: America Becomes One Nation GB 973.7 R Civil War Battlefield Parks of Virginia GB 973.7 C Civil War Handbook GB 973.7 P * Civil War Parks GB 973.7 D Civil War Prisons GB 973.7 H

Civil War Times Illustrated, Vol. VI, 1967-1968 GB 973.7 F Civil War Walking Tour of Savannah GB 973.7 D Coal & People GB 802 C Coast: A Photographic Tour of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland GB 914.1 C Colonial America GB 973.2 R Colonial Virginia by David Gibbon GB 975.5 G Colonial Holiday Treats GB 641.5 C Colonial Kitchen Herbs GB 641.5 S Colonial Virginians at Play GB 790.09755 C * Colonial Williamsburg 2015 Calendar GB 975.5 42 C Colonial Williamsburg Official Guidebook & Map GB 975.5 425 C (2 copies) Colourful Britain GB 914.2 C Construction of American Furniture Treasures GB 684.1 M Cookette No. Two GB 641.5 C Cookette No. Four GB 641.5 C Cookin’ in a Coal Camp GB 641.5 P Cooking Favorites of Martinsville GB 641.5 M Country & Western Hymnal GB 783.9 B Country Cookbook GB 641.5 C Cracking Walnuts & Other Goodies GB 811.08 C * ** Crisis in the Pulpit GB 251 H * Crossroads to the Constitution GB 974.8 11 S Crusade in Europe by Dwight D. Eisenhower GB 973.917 E * Culloden GB 814.5 S Dale: My Personal Picture Album by Dale Evans Rogers GB 921 R

Daniel Boone Backwoodsman GB 976.9 N Daniel Boone: His Own Story GB 976.9 H Danville, Virginia (Postcard History Series) GB 975.5 666 F * Dark History of the Kings & Queens of England GB 941 L Deadly Kin GB 364.1 N Decision Points GB 921 B Decisive Battles of World War II GB 973.917 Y Diana: The People’s Princess GB 923.142 O Diana’s Boys GB 941.085 A Dining with the Washingtons GB 641.5973 M Discover London GB 914.21 B Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business GB 782.42 P Domesday: A Search for the Roots of England GB 333.3 W * Domesday Souvenir Guide GB 929.342 H Domestic Life in Virginia in the Seventeenth Century GB 975.5 J Dorothea Lange’s Ireland GB 941.5 M Douglas MacArthur: The Far Eastern General GB 973.917 S DuPont: Behind the Nylon Curtain GB 338.7 Z DuPont: The Autobiography of an American Enterprise GB 338.7 D * DuPont: One Hundred and Forty Years GB 338.8 D * Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan GB 921 M Dwight D. Eisenhower: A Gauge of Greatness GB 973.921 M Dwight D. Eisenhower: Man of Many Hats GB 973.921 D Dye Plants and Dyeing GB 667.2 B Early American Fireplaces GB 697.1 L

Ed and Lizzie: The Mabrys and Their Mill GB 975.5 695 R Edward & Sophie: A Royal Wedding GB 941.085 P Eighteenth Century Landmarks of Pittsylvania County, Virginia GB 975.5 665 H * Eisenhower: A Centennial Life GB 973.921 B Eleanor: The Years Alone

GB 973.917 L

Eleanor and Franklin: The Story of Their Relationship GB 973.917 L Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery GB 973.917 F Elizabeth & Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens GB 942.05 D Elizabeth the Great GB 921 J * Elvis at Graceland GB 784.5 E Enchantment of the World: Germany GB 943 H Encyclopedia of the Horse GB 636.1 E England: A Short History GB 942 S English Cathedrals GB 726.609 M English Life in the Eighteenth Century GB 941.07 H Entry Record Book, 1737-1770, Land Entries…. GB 929.3755 6 C * Ethan Allen: His Life and Times GB 973.3 R Everything We Had: An Oral History of the Vietnam War… GB 973.923 S Eyewitness Books Viking GB 948 M Falwell: An Autobiography GB 286.13 F Famous Cities of the World: London GB 914.21 M Famous Presidential Scandals GB 973.0992 L Fathers of America’s Freedom GB 973.3 C Favorite Jokes of Mountain Folks in Booger Hollow GB 808.8 R Favorite Recipes of the Virginias GB 641.5 F

FDR’s Last Year: April 1944-April 1945 GB 973.917 B Feeding the Flock GB 641.5 F * Fergie: Confidential – The Real Story GB 941.085 H Feud: Hatfields, McCoys, and Social Change in Appalachia, 1860-1900 GB 975.4 W Fieldale, Virginia GB 975.5 692 F * Fifty Years of Good Taste 1937-1987 GB 641.5 F * Firemen & Friends Recipes GB 641.5 R Firemen Favorites GB 641.5 R First Baptist Church GB 286.1755 C * First Baptist Church, Martinsville, VA 1884-1984 GB 286.1755 C * First Blood: The Story of Fort Sumter GB 973.7 S * First Fathers: The Men Who Inspired Our Presidents GB 973 G First Ladies by Susan Swain and C-SPAN GB 973 S Five Sisters: The Langhornes of Virginia GB 929.2 LANG F * Floyd County, Virginia Heritage GB 975.5 712 F * Floyd Elementary School (Yearbook 1985-1986) GB 975.5 712 F Folk Medicine Fact and Fiction GB 615.8 K * Folk Song in South Carolina GB 784.4 J Folklore of the Blue Ridge Foothills GB 398.3 F * Foresight, Founders, and Fortitude GB 975.5 69 C * Forever a Soldier GB 973 W Forgiven: The Rise and Fall of Jim Bakker and the PTL Ministry GB 269 S Formation of North Carolina Counties 1663-1943 GB 929.1 C * Fort Sumter-Fort Moultrie GB 973 F Four Days: The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy GB 973.922 F (2 copies)

Foxfire 2

GB 975.8 F * (2 copies)

Foxfire 3 GB 975.8 F * Francis Asbury: God’s Circuit Rider GB 287.632 L Frank Lloyd Wright by Caroline Knight GB 720.9 K Franklin County Virginia: A History GB 975.5 68 W * Franklin: The Stillborn State GB 976.8 F From Dust to Glory GB 796.72 F * From Siam to Surry GB 929.2 BUNK M Full Throttle GB 796.72 E * Fuller Memorial Baptist Church GB 286 F * Gateway: Dr. Thomas Walker and the Opening of Kentucky GB 976.9 B General Douglas MacArthur by Gene Schoor GB 973.917 S Geographica GB 912 G George the Third GB 942.07 A George Washington’s Mount Vernon GB 973.4 G Georgetown and the Waccamaw Neck in Vintage Postcards GB 975.7 89 M Georgetown and Winyah Bay GB 975.7 01 B Georgetown Houses of the Federal Period 1780-1830 GB 975.3 D Get to the Heart, My Story by Barbara Mandrell GB 782.42 M Ghost Tales for Retelling GB 133.3 B Ghosts of the Carolinas GB 133.3 R Glendalough GB 725.94 G Go In and Out the Window GB 784 F God Had a Plan for The Easter Brothers GB 929.2 EAST G Good Morning GB 791.45 K

Goody’s Body Pain 500 Martinsville Speedway GB 796.72 M Governor Alexander Martin GB 975.6 R Governor Morehead’s Blandwood GB 929.2 MORE E Governors of Virginia 1776-1974 GB 975.5 L * Grace Upon Grace GB 285 S * Grand Ole Opry: WSM Picture – History Book GB 784.5 G (2 copies) Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (1972 – 1977) GB 917.56 G (6 issues) Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (1982 - 1983) GB 917.56 G (2 issues) Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (1999) GB 917.56 G Grandfather Tales GB 398.2 C * Grannies’ Remedies GB 615.882 T Gray Ghost: The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby GB 973.7 M Grayson County: A History in Words and Pictures GB 975.5 717 G * Grazing Along the Crooked Road GB 641.5 S * Great Ages of Man: Age of Faith GB 914.031 F (2 copies) Great Ages of Man: Renaissance GB 940.21 H Great and Noble Jar: Traditional Stoneware of South Carolina GB 738.3 B Great Georgian Houses of America, Vol. I GB 728.8 G Volume 1 Great Georgian Houses of America, Vol. 2 GB 728.8 G Volume 2 Great Harry GB 942.05 E Great Smokies by C. Bedford Pierce GB 976.8 P Grief’s Slow Wisdom GB 248.86 F Hail to the Chief! The Inauguration Days of Our Presidents GB 353.03 K Half-Mile of Thunder GB 796.72 A * Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History GB 394.2 B

Hamilton’s Republic GB 973.4 L Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands GB 745.09 E Hank Williams: Country Music’s Tragic King GB 784 C Hard Driving: The Wendell Scott Story GB 796.72 D Harry S. Truman GB 973.918 T (2 copies) Haunted Richmond GB 975.5 451 K Haunted West Virginia GB 975.4 W He Gave His Life: A Newspaper’s Account of the Assassination of the President…. GB 973.922 N Henrietta Maria: The Intrepid Queen GB 941.06 M Henry V by Christopher Allmand GB 942.04 A Henry VIII and His Court GB 942 W Henry County, Virginia Heritage Book GB 975.5 692 H * Henry County: A Proud Look Back GB 975.5 692 H * (2 copies) Henry Woodward: Forgotten Man of American History GB 092 W Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth: The Queen Mother GB 941.08 S Herb Cookery GB 641.5 C Heritage Recipes GB 641.5 C * Hillbilly Cookin’ Mountaineer Style GB 641.5 T (2 copies) Hill’s Leaksville, Spray, Draper City Directory 1959 GB 975.6 63 H His Excellency: George Washington GB 973.4 E * Historic Charleston GB 728.8 A * Historic Garden Week in Virginia 1977 GB 712.6 H Historic Houses of Britain GB 728.8 G Historic Houses of the South GB 728.8 H Historic Minutes: WFMY-TV 2 GB 973 G

Historic Springs of the Virginias GB 975.5 C * Historic Virginia Inns: A Cook’s Tour GB 641.5 M Historical Atlas of the Crusades GB 911.4 K History of a Dream Deferred: William Byrd’s Land of Eden GB 975.6 63 R History of Patrick and Henry Counties, Virginia GB 975.5 69 P * History of Patrick county, Virginia GB 975.5 695 H * History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia GB 975.5 665 C * History of Southwest Virginia GB 975.5 725 S * History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia GB 975.5 763 P * History of the Goths GB 940.1 W History of the Highland Games GB 796.1 G History of Woman’s Missionary Union and Churches GB 286 H * Home Cookin’: Ararat Ruritan Cookbook GB 641.5 A Homestead

GB 975.5 692 H WINT.’76 *

Homestead GB 975.5 692 H SPR.’76 * (2 copies) Homesteaders Handbook GB 630 I Horsepasture’s Choice Collection GB 641.5 H * Horsepasture’s Choice Collection Second Helping GB 641.5 H Houses of Old Richmond GB 728 S * How the Queen Reigns GB 923.142 L Huckleberry Finn GB 813 T Humor of a Country Lawyer GB 328.73 E Hunting the Witches GB 133.4 H Hurricane Hugo and the Grand Strand GB 975.7 87 S I Bought Me a Dog GB 398.2 R *

If You Like Us, Talk About Us GB 792 M Ike: An American Hero GB 921 K Images of America: A Panorama of History in Photographs GB 973 I * Images of America: Bath County GB 975.5 87 O Images of America: Floyd County GB 975.5 712 F Images of America: Franklin County GB 975.5 68 N Images of America: Natural Bridge GB 965.5 852 K Images of America: Patrick County GB 975.5 695 P * Images of America: Reynolda 1906 – 1924 GB 975.6 67 M Images of America: Smith Mountain Dam and Lake GB 975.5 68 N Images of Greatness: An Intimate Look at the Presidency of Ronald Reagan GB 973.927 S Images of Martinsville, Virginia GB 975.5 692 P * ** Images of the Civil War GB 973.7 K In Honored Glory: Arlington National Cemetery the Final Post GB 975.5 295 B In Lincoln’s Hand: His Original Manuscripts GB 973.7092 L In Our Own Words GB 815 T In Pursuit of Reason: The Life of Thomas Jefferson GB 973.4 C * In the Arena: A Memoir of Victory, Defeat and Renewal by Richard Nixon GB 973.924 N In the Footsteps of Robert Bruce GB 941.102 Y In the Hands of Providence GB 973.7 T Inside the White House GB 975.3 C Invitation to a Royal Wedding GB 942.085 S Ireland (LIFE World Library) GB 941.5 M Ireland: A History GB 941.7 B Ireland and Her People GB 941.5 S

Ireland’s Saint GB 270.2092 B Irish Fairy and Folk Tales GB 398.21 Y It Happened in Martinsville GB 287.6755 W * It’s Just Dirt: The Historic Art Potteries of North Carolina’s Seagrove Region GB 738.09756 C Jack Tales and Mountain Yarns GB 398.2 E Jackie GB 973.922 S Jackie Ethel Joan: Women of Camelot GB 973.9 T Jacqueline by Ron Galella GB 973.922 G Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis GB 973.922 B Jacqueline Kennedy: A Woman for the World GB 973.922 H Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy (book & 8 cds) GB 973.922 K James I GB 941.06 S James Herriot’s Yorkshire GB 914.2 H James K. Polk by John Seigenthaler GB 973.6 S James Madison by Garry Wills GB 973.51 W * James Madison by Richard Brookhiser GB 973.5 B James Monroe by Gary Hart GB 973.5 H Jamestown to Yorktown GB 975.5 42 J Jamestown: Capital of an Empire GB 975.5 425 R Jarrett House Potpourri GB 641.5 C Jeb Stuart: The Last Cavalier GB 973.7 D * Jefferson and His Time: The Sage of Monticello GB 973.46 M * Jefferson and the Ordeal of Liberty GB 973.46 M * Jefferson and the Rights of Man GB 973.46 M * Jefferson the President: First Term 1801-1805 GB 973.46 M *

Jefferson the President: Second Term 1805-1809 GB 973.46 M * Jefferson’s Monticello GB 975.5 482 A Jefferson’s Poplar Forest GB 975.5 675 H Jennie: The Life of Lady Randolph Churchill Volume Two GB 941 M JFK: Reckless Youth GB 973.922 H Jimmy Carter

GB 973.926 B

John Adams GB 973.4 M * (2 copies) John Quincy Adams GB 973.5 R John Quincy Adams GB 921 H Johnny Cash: Man in Black GB 782.4 C Joseph Martin and the Southern Frontier

GB 973.38 M *

Journal of the Genealogical Society of Rockingham & Stokes Counties, NC, Issue #77 GB 975.6 63 J * Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society (Winter 1970) GB 975.5 583 J Jubal: The Life and Times of General Jubal A. Early, CSA GB 973.7 O * Jubilee: A Celebration of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee GB 941.08 R Just Jackie: Her Private Years GB 973.9 K Katherine and R.J. Reynolds: Partners of Fortune in the Making of the New South GB 338.7 G Kegley’s Virginia Frontier GB 975.5 K * Killing Kennedy GB 973.9 O King Coal GB 338.2 C * King George V GB 941.083 R Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain GB 941 D Knights of the Crusades GB 940.1 W LBJ: The Way He Was, A Personal Memoir of the Man and His Presidency GB 973.923 C Lady Bird GB 973.923 R

Landmark Receipts GB 641.5 L * (2 copies) Landmarks of Greater Richmond GB 975.5 451 L Landmarks of the Roanoke and New River Valleys GB 975.5 792 L Laura: America’s First Lady, First Mother GB 973.931 F Leeds Castle GB 914.2819 L Legacy from the Past: A Portfolio of Eighty-eight Original Williamsburg Buildings GB 917.55 C * Leslie’s Photographic Review of the Great War GB 973.91 L * Let Us Thank Him for These Foods GB 641.5 S * Let’s Travel in England GB 914.2 G Levi Coffin, Quaker: Breaking the Bonds of Slavery in Ohio and Indiana GB 973.7 Y Lexington, Virginia and the Civil War GB 973.7 W Libby Prison Breakout GB 973.7 W Liberty and Freedom: North Carolina’s Tour of the Bill of Rights GB 342.73 S Life in the Castle in Medieval England GB 942 B Life in the English Country House GB 301.44 G Light-Horse Harry Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution GB 973.3 R * Lincoln by David Herbert Donald GB 973.3 D * (2 copies) Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power GB 921 C Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography GB 973.7 K * Lincoln: His Words and His World GB 973.7 P Lincoln Heritage Trail Cook Book GB 641.5 F Lion in the White House GB 973.91 D Lives and Letters of the Great Tudor Dynasties: Rivals in Power GB 942.05 S Lives of the Kings and Queens of France GB 944 C Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton GB 921 C

Living with Antiques GB 745.1 W Lone Star Rising GB 973.923 D Lord Burghley and Queen Elizabeth GB 942.05 R Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner’s Daughter GB 782.42 L Lost Civilizations: Vikings, Raiders from the North GB 940.1 L Ma’s Cookin’ GB 641.5 M Magic & Mischief: Tales from Cornwall GB 398.2 C Majesty: Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor GB 941 L Man of Constant Sorrow: My Life and Times GB 781.64 S Manna from Heaven GB 641.5 F Mansions of the Virginia Gentry GB 728.8 W * Marathon: The Pursuit of the Presidency 1972-1976 GB 329 W Mark Twain: A Life GB 818 P Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography GB 818 W Marriages of Patrick County, Virginia 1791-1850 GB 929.3755 695 A * Martha: The Life of Martha Mitchell GB 301.41 M Martin’s Hundred by Ivor Noel Hume GB 975.5 425 N * Martinsville & Henry County Historic Views GB 975.5 692 M * Martinsville Bulletin: A Pictorial History, Sunday, October 27, 1991

GB 975.5 692 M *

Martinsville Bulletin: Bicentennial Edition, Sunday, July 4, 1976 GB 975.5 692 M * Martinsville City Directory 1956 GB 929.3755 692 M Martinsville City Directory 1965 GB 929.3755 692 M * Mary, Queen of Scots GB 923.141 F (1 paperback, 1 hardback) Mary Todd Lincoln by Jean H. Baker GB 973.7 B Massanutten: Settled by the Pennsylvania Pilgrim 1726 GB 975.5 94 M **

McDowell County GB 975.4 49 A McDowell County in West Virginia and American History GB 975.4 49 B * Medieval Warlords GB 909.07 N Mel Bay’s Bluegrass Fiddler GB 780.263 I Mel Bay’s Mandolin Chords GB 787.6 B Memoirs of J. Sidna Allen GB 929.2 ALLE A * ** Menu & Recipe Sampler GB 641.5 W Mercer County GB 975.4 74 A Middleton Place: Where History was Made and Beauty Endures GB 975.7 915 N Mining Jewels from God’s Back Pasture GB 252.06 H * Minnie Pearl Cooks GB 641.5 P Minstrel of the Appalachians: The Story of Bascom Lamar Lunsford GB 784.4924 J Minutes: Blue Ridge Baptist Association of Virginia, 99th Annual Session, 1957 GB 286 B Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention GB 342.73 B * Misty of Chincoteague GB 813 H (2 copies) Monticello: The Official Guide to Thomas Jefferson’s World GB 975.5 M Moonshine – Blue Ridge Style GB 364.13 M Moravians in Europe and America GB 284.6756 D More Images of the Past: A Photographic Review of Winchester & Frederick Co. VA GB 975.5 992 W More Memories by Ralph Emery GB 781.642 E More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Tennessee Women GB 920.72 S More Traditional Ballads of Virginia GB 784.4 D Mother R: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Untold Story GB 973.917 R Mount Vernon Family GB 929.2 CUST T Mountain Adventure: Exploring the Appalachian Trail GB 917.4 F

Mountain Bred GB 917.56 P Mountain Cooking by John Parris GB 641.59 P Mountain Getaways in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee GB 917.504 H Mountain Memories I GB 975.4 D (2 copies) Mountain Memories III GB 975.4 D Mountain People, Mountain Crafts GB 745.5 H Mountaineers to Main Streets GB 975.5 J * Mountbatten GB 941.082 M * Mr. Davis’s Richmond GB 975.5 451 K * Mr. Jefferson’s Upland Virginia GB 975.5 L * Mrs. Ike: Memories and Reflections on the Life of Mamie Eisenhower GB 973.921 E Mules & Memories: A Photo Documentary of the Tobacco Farmer GB 633.71 B Murder in the Courthouse: Reconstruction & Redemption in the NC Piedmont GB 975.6 575 W Muscle Car Chronicle GB 796.72 M Music City’s Homes of the Stars GB 781.6 M Music Makers of the Blue Ridge Plateau GB 781.642 M * Musings of a Hermit GB 818.54 W My Black Mammy GB 975.6 63 P * My Life: Bill Clinton GB 921 C My Mountains, My People GB 917.56 P My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan GB 973.927 R Myrtle Beach and Conway in Vintage Postcards GB 975.7 87 M Myrtle Beach Cookin’ GB 641.5 M Mysteries and Legends Virginia GB 975.5 H Nancy: The Life of Lady Astor GB 941.082 S *

Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography GB 973.927 K NASCAR Chronicle GB 796.72 F NASCAR for Dummies GB 796.7 M NASCAR Legends GB 796.72 H NASCAR Racers: Today’s Top Drivers 2006 Edition GB 796.7 W Nascar’s Best: Stock Car Racing’s Top Drivers, Past & Present GB 796.72 B Nathanael Greene: A Biography of the American Revolution GB 973.3 C Never Forget: An Oral History of September 11, 2001 GB 974.7 F New Garden Friends Meeting GB 289.6 H Nixon: The Education of a Politician 1913-1962 GB 973.924 A (2 copies) Nixon: The Triumph of a Politician 1962-1972 GB 973.924 A No Heir to Take its Place GB 641.6 L Norman Rockwell’s Patriotic Times GB 759.13 M North Carolina: Portrait of the Land and Its People GB 975.6 R North Carolina Churches: Portraits of Grace GB 277.56 B North Carolina Legends GB 398 W North Carolina Lighthouses GB 387.155 S North Carolina Transportation Museum GB 380.09 W North Carolina’s State Historic Sites GB 975.6 M Off the Beaten Path Virginia GB 917.55 C Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman GB 973.918 F Official Guide to Colonial Williamsburg GB 917.55 O * (2 copies) Old Jube GB 973.7 B * Old New Orleans GB 728.8 M * Old Salem and Salem College GB 975.6 67 R

Old Salem in Pictures GB 975.6 67 G * Old Shakertown and the Shakers GB 289 H * Old Timey Recipes GB 641.5 C (2 copies) Old Virginia Houses: Along the James GB 975.5 F * Old Virginia Houses: The Mobjack Bay Country GB 975.5 F * Oliver Family Recipes GB 641.5 H On Lincoln’s Mind: Leading the Nation to the Gettysburg Address GB 973.7 M On the Beach: The Magazine of South Carolina’s Grand Strand 1993-1994 GB 975.3757 87 O Ordnance Survey Leisure Guide: Cotswolds GB 914.2 O Ordnance Survey Leisure Guide: Lake District GB 914.2 O Ordnance Survey Leisure Guide: Scottish Highlands GB 914.11 O Ordnance Survey Leisure Guide: Yorkshire Dales GB 914.2 O Our Eleanor: A Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s Remarkable Life GB 973.917 F Our Favorite Recipes: Rich Acres Garden Club No. 1 GB 641.5 R Our Favorite Recipes: Rich Acres Garden Club 1977 No. 2 GB 641.5 R Our Favorite Recipes: Woman’s Auxiliary First Baptist Church Martinsville, Virginia 1939 GB 641.5 O Our House: The Birthplace of Pearl S. Buck GB 975.4 E Our Proud Heritage: A Pictorial History of Martinsville and Henry County, Virginia GB 975.5 692 C * Our Proud Heritage: Rockingham County, North Carolina GB 975.6 63 B * Out of the Past: Amish Tradition and Faith GB 289.7 M Overland to California in 1859: A Guide for Wagon Train Travelers GB 970.02 B Pat Nixon: The Untold Story GB 973.921 E Patrick County – Then & Now G 975.5 695 P * ** Patrick County Yesterday GB 975.5 695 P * Patrick County, Virginia Heritage Book Vol. 1 GB 929.3755 695 P *

Patrick County, Virginia Heritage Book Vol. 2 GB 929.3755 695 P * Patrick County, Virginia World War II Pictorial Book GB 973.917 P * Patrick Henry: Practical Revolutionary GB 973 M * Patrick Henry: The Henry County Years GB 973.3 B * Pattern in the Material: Folk Culture of the Eastern United States GB 398.09 G Patsy Cline: Crazy for Loving You GB 782.421 B Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking GB 641.5 P Penshurst Place GB 914.22 D Personal Recipes of Centenary Methodist Church Women’s Society Christian Service GB 641.5 C Philadelphia Illustrated GB 917.481 P Pictorial History of Cape Kennedy 1950-1965 GB 358.417 S Pictorial History of McDowell County GB 975.4 49 B Picture History Book Grand Ole Opry GB 781.6 S Pioneer Beauty Secrets GB 610.024 S * Pioneer Comforts and Kitchen Remedies GB 610.024 S * (2 copies) Pioneer Proverbs GB 398.9 T * (2 copies) Pioneer Superstitions GB 398.37 S Pirates, Planters & Patriots GB 975.7 87 G Pittsylvania County, Virginia: A Brief History GB 975.5 665 A Pittsylvania: Homes and People of the Past GB 975.5 665 F * Plantation Homes of the James River GB 975.5 R * Plantations of the Old South GB 728.8 W * Pleasant Hill and Its Shakers GB 289.9 C Pleasures from the Good Earth GB 641.5 S * Poems by “Bradley” GB 811 W

Portrait of Floyd, Virginia GB 975.5 712 M Postcards from Rockingham County, North Carolina GB 975.6 63 P * Potluck from Pawley’s GB 641.5 P Prehistoric Avebury GB 936.2 B Presidential Elections since 1789 GB 324.973 G Presidential Passions GB 973.0992 S Presidents: Every Question Answered GB 923.173 S Presidents and Famous Americans GB 973 A Primitive Architecture GB 975.5 68 F * Prince Charles GB 941.085 L Prince Philip: An Informal Biography GB 941.085 B Princess GB 941.085 L Princess Diana: Lady of Fashion GB 941.085 S Princess Margaret by Nigel Dempster GB 941.085 D Proud Heritage of Black Educators GB 975.5 692 P * Queen Elizabeth: The Queen Mother by Patrick Montague-Smith GB 941.084 M Queen of Scots GB 923.141 M Queen Victoria: From her birth to the death of the Prince Consort GB 941.081 W Raised on Songs and Stories: A Memoir of Place in the Blue Ridge GB 975.5 712 S Rambling Blues: The Life & Songs of Charlie Poole GB 787.7 R * Reagan: The Man, The President GB 973.927 S Reba: My Story GB 782.4216 M Rebecca Boone Cook Book GB 641.5 R Recipes from Bev’s Blueberry Patch Vol. 1 GB 641.5 B Recipes from Old Virginia GB 641.5 R

Recipes from the Mountains GB 641.5 R Regiments of the Scottish Division

GB 355.31 R

Reign by Reign GB 942 U Remembering Old Mayberry GB 975.5 695 Y * Reminiscences by Douglas MacArthur GB 973.917 M Reminiscences of Levi Coffin GB 973.7 C Reporting the Revolutionary War GB 973.3 A Rice and Rice Planting in the South Carolina Low Country GB 917.57 D Rice Plantations GB 975.7 89 L Richard Petty GB 796.72 S Richmond: A River City Reborn GB 975.5 451 S RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon GB 973.924 N Roaming the Mountains with John Parris GB 917.56 P Robert Bain’s Clans & Tartans of Scotland GB 929.2 AAAA B * Robert Burns by Ian Grimble GB 821.6 G Robert Burns: The Scottish Bard GB 821.6 D Robert E. Lee by David McDowell GB 973.7 M Robert Kennedy and His Times, Volume I GB 973.9 S Robert Kennedy: His Life GB 921 K Robert the Bruce: King of Scots GB 941.02 S Rockingham County: A Brief History GB 975.6 63 B * Rockingham County Home Demonstration Cook Book GB 641.5 R Ronald Reagan: An American Hero GB 973.927 W Ronald Reagan: Triumph of Imagination GB 973.9 R Royal Arts of Africa GB 709.67 B

Royal Charles: Charles II and the Restoration GB 941.06 F Royal Children

GB 929.72 K

Royal Houses in Colour GB 728.82 B Royal Scotland GB 941.1 M Rugged Hills, Gentle Folk: My Friends & Neighbors in the Big Pine Valley GB 975.6 875 W * Rural Virginia GB 975.5 W * Sarge Reynolds in the Time of His Life GB 921 M Saxons, Vikings, and Celts GB 599.93 S * Scenic Virginia GB 917.55 F Scholastic Book of Outstanding Americans GB 920 K Scotland by Colin Baxter GB 914.11 B Scotland’s Castles and Great Houses GB 728.81 M Scottish Folk-tales and Legends GB 823 W Scottish Myths & Legends GB 398.2094 S Sea Islands of the South GB 917.5 G Selected Shorter Writings of Mark Twain GB 818.4 C Shadows in Silver: Virginia 1850-1900 – A Pictorial Record GB 975.5 K Shakespeare and His Theatre GB 822.3 B Shakespeare in His Time GB 822.3 B Shakespeare’s England GB 822.3 H Shenandoah Seasons GB 641.5 S Sharing Our Best GB 641.5 S * Short Sermons by MD Hart & Family History of Patterson & Celia E. Graham GB 929.2 GRAH H (2 copies) Short Sermons by M.D. Hart: History and Pastoral Ministry 38 Years GB 252.06 H Singing Games and Playparty Games GB 796.13 C

Skaill House Orkney GB 941 I Smoky Mountain Folks and Their Lore GB 917.68 H “Sold American” – The First Fifty Years GB 338.47679 S Some Interesting Colonial Churches in North Carolina by J.K. Rouse GB 975.6 R Some of Our Recipes: Sanville Extension Homemakers Club GB 641.5 S * Songs of Deliverance GB 811.54 H * Songs of the Pioneers GB 784.4 B South Carolina Gardens GB 975.3757 G Southern Antiques & Folk Art GB 745 M (2 copies) Southern Appalachian Mountain Cookbook GB 641.5 S * (2 copies) Southern Appalachian Mountain Cookin’ GB 641.5 D Southern Interiors of Charleston, South Carolina GB 747.88 C Southern Talk: A Disappearing Language GB 427.975 C Southerners: Portrait of a People GB 975 K Spray Garden Club Recipes GB 641.5 S St. Paul’s Cathedral Official Guide Book GB 926.6 S Stained Glass GB 748.519 L Stair-Step-Town GB 976.7 P Starling Avenue Baptist Church GB 286.1755 S * State Historical Markers of Virginia GB 975.5 V Statue of Liberty by Oscar Handlin GB 974.7 H * Stitching Stars: The Story Quilts of Harriet Powers GB 746.9 L Stoneman’s Last Raid

GB 973.7 V *

Stonewall Jackson & the American Civil War GB 973.7 H Strange Battles of the Civil War GB 973.7 G *

Strange Tales of Floyd County, VA GB 975.5 712 W Strings of Life: Conversations with Old-Time Musicians from Virginia and North Carolina GB 781.62 D Stuart’s Birthplace: The History of the Laurel Hill Farm GB 975.5 695 P * Stutterin’ Boy: The Autobiography of Mel Tillis GB 784.5 T Sugar n’ Spice & Everything Nice GB 641.5 S * Swamp Fox: The Life and Campaigns of General Francis Marion GB 973.3 B T. R.: The Last Romantic GB 973.91 B Tales Along the King’s Highway of South Carolina GB 975.7 87 F Tales and Traditions of Scottish Castles GB 941.1 T Tammy Wynette

GB 782.4 M

Tech Triumph GB 378.755785 T Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Book of Favorite Hymns GB 782.27 F Tenting Tonight the soldiers life GB 973.7 R * Thank You Lord for Your Blessings GB 641.5 W That Man: An Insider’s Portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt GB 973.917 J That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor GB 941.084 S That’s Why They Call It….. GB 917.56 F The Adventures of Tom Sawyer GB 813 T The Akan Diaspora in the Americas GB 305.8 K The American Heritage Guide to Antiques GB 745.1 D The American Heritage History of Colonial Antiques GB 749.2 D The American Heritage History of Notable American Houses GB 728 D * The American Heritage History of the American People GB 301.3 W The American Heritage History of the American Revolution GB 973.3 A The American Heritage History of the Bill of Rights GB 342.73 A

The American Heritage History of the Great West GB 978 L * The American Heritage History of the Thirteen Colonies GB 973.3 W The American Heritage History of World War I GB 973.91 M The American Heritage Pictorial History of the Presidents of the United States, V. 1 GB 920 A The American Heritage Pictorial History of the Presidents of the United States, V. 2 The American Reader: Words that Moved a Nation GB 081 R The Amish Folk in Words and Pictures GB 289.7 T The Ancient Celts GB 936.4 C The Andy Griffith Story GB 927.9145 C The Appalachian Photographs of Earl Palmer GB 975 S The Appalachian Trail GB 917.4 A The Architecture of Britain GB 941 Y The Art of Heraldry: Origins, Symbols and Designs GB 929.6 G The Art of Irish Cooking GB 641.5 S The Atlantic Crossing: The Seafarers GB 387.5 M The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles GB 784.4 N The Basket Book GB 746.412 S The Battle of Hastings GB 942.02 G The Bayeux Tapestry GB 746.3 D The Best of Mayberry GB 641.5 L The Best of Taste GB 641.5 B * The Bicentennial Almanac GB 973 L The Big Book of American Irish Culture GB 973 C The Biography of Cain Lackey GB 286.5092 N * The Black Man in Art GB 704.94 C

GB 920 A (2 copies)

The Blender (13 volumes) GB 975.5 692 B The Blue Ridge by William A. Bake GB 975.5 B The Blue Ridge Parkway (by Jolley) GB 975.5 J * The Blue Ridge Parkway (postcards) GB 975.5 H The Book of Great American Documents GB 973 W * The Book of Kells GB 745.67 M The Book of the Medieval Knight GB 940.1 T The Book of the States GB 353.9 W * The Breaking of a President 1974 GB 364.132 M The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court GB 347.73 W The Bristol Sessions GB 781.642 W The Burden and the Glory GB 353.03 N * The Bush Legacy GB 973.9 C The Cabinetmaker in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg GB 749.2 W The Capitol: A Pictorial History of the Capitol and of the Congress GB 917.3 C The Carroll County Courthouse Tragedy GB 975.5 714 H The Celtic Caterer, Book III, Traditional and Ancient Recipes of Wales and Manx GB 641.5 M The Celts GB 909 N The Celts: Life, Myth, and Art GB 909.04916 W * The Celts of the West GB 936 K The Chronicles of the Celts GB 299.16 E The Civil War Album GB 973.7 R The Civil War at Charleston GB 973.7 W The Civil War by Robert Paul Jordan GB 973.7 J The Civil War Cookbook GB 973.7 D

The Civil War Master Index an illustrated guide GB 973.7 M * The Clan Mackenzie GB 929.2 MACK D The Clans of the Scottish Highlands GB 391.1 M The Classic American Quilt Collection: Amish GB 746.46 B The Columbia Companion to British History GB 941 G The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman and the Destruction of Hitler’s Germany GB 973.917 B The Cooking of the British Isles GB 641.5 F The Country Life Book of the Royal Silver Jubilee GB 941.08 M (2 copies) The Country Life Picture Book of Royal London GB 914.21 W The Courthouse Tragedy Hillsville, VA GB 975.5 714 G * The Courthouse Tragedy Hillsville, VA GB 975.5 714 G * ** The Courthouse Tragedy Hillsville, VA GB 975.5 714 G * ** The Crown Jewels GB 739.27 M The Crusades GB 909.7 B The Customs and Ceremonies of Britain GB 394.2 K The Death of a President: November 1963 GB 973.922 M * The District of Columbia: The Seat of Government GB 975.3 W The Doctor to the Dead GB 398.2 B The Domesday Book: England’s Heritage, Then and Now GB 929.342 H The Domestic Life of Thomas Jefferson GB 973.4 R * (2 copies) The Early Trails of the Baptists: A History of the Strawberry Baptist Association GB 286 C * (2 copies) The Echo – Hardin Reynolds Memorial School 1949 GB 975.5 695 E The Eighteenth-century Houses of Williamsburg GB 728.3 W * The Eisenhowers: Gettysburg’s First Family GB 929.2 EISE C The Element Encyclopedia of the Celts GB 936.401 C

The Enchanted World: Legends of Valor GB 398.2 L The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (5 volumes) GB 821.008 C (Volumes 1 – 5) The English Village GB 307.72 M The Essential Franklin Delano Roosevelt GB 973.917 H The Essential Theodore Roosevelt GB 320.973 H The Executive Mansion: Virginia GB 975.5 451 E * The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty GB 929.2 BUSH K The Fayerdale Tragedy GB 975.5 695 H * The Fighting McCooks: America’s Famous Fighting Family GB 973.7 W The Fighting Men of the Civil War GB 973.7 KING SZ D * The Final Days GB 973.924 W The First Elizabeth GB 942.05 E The First Ladies GB 973 K The First Ladies Hall GB 391 K The First Seventeen Years: Virginia 1607 – 1624 GB 975.5 H * The First Voyage and Settlement at Charles Town 1670-1680 GB 975.72 W The Food and Cooking of Scotland GB 641.5 W The Founders: Winston-Salem in History GB 975.6 67 W The Founding Fathers: The Men Behind the Nation GB 973.3 B The Foxfire Book

GB 975.8 F * (2 copies)

The Framing of the Federal Constitution GB 342.73 M The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg GB 712 B The Gentle People: A Portrait of the Amish GB 289.7 W The Gentlemen of Virginia GB 975.5 W * The Ghosts of Charleston GB 133.1 B

The Gilded Leaf GB 331.7 R * The Glories of Winchester Cathedral GB 726.6 B The Glorious Scoundrel: A Biography of Captain John Smith GB 973.21 G The Golden Age of Piracy GB 910.4 R The Grand Ole Opry: History of Country Music GB 781.642 K The Great Crusade: A New Complete History of the Second World War GB 973.917 W The Great Enterprise: The History of the Spanish Armada GB 942.055 U The Great Little Madison

GB 973.5 F

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Golden Anniversary Commemorative Book GB 917.68 G The Greatest Generation GB 973.917 B * The Greenbrier Heritage GB 975.4 89 O The Hands GB 975.5 692 B * The Hatfields and the McCoys (2 books) GB 975.4 J * The Henry County Military Gallery GB 973 H * The Heritage of the German Pioneers in Franklin County, Virginia GB 975.5 68 H * The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World GB 911.364 B The History of Castles: Fortifications Around the World GB 940.1 G The History of Pirates GB 910.4 K The History of the Greenbrier GB 975.4 88 C The Homestead and Warm Springs Valley, Virginia GB 975.5 87 C The Horizon Book of Great Cathedrals GB 726.6 H * The Horizon Book of the Middle Ages GB 914.03 B The Horizon History of the British Empire GB 941.08 S * The Iron Lady GB 941.085 Y The Island Race GB 942 C

The Jack Tales GB 398 C The Jeb (Stuart High School Yearbook) (1951, 1954, 1956-58, 1960-62, 1965-66) GB 975.5 692 J The Journal of Rockingham County History and Genealogy, Dec. 2000 GB 975.6 63 J The Journal of Rockingham County History and Genealogy, June 2004 GB 975.6 63 J The Junior Samples Joke Book GB 817 P The Kennedy White House GB 973.922 A The Kennedys GB 973.9 K The King’s Peace GB 941.06 W The King’s War GB 942.062 W The Kings & Queens of England & Scotland by Plantagenet Somerset Fry GB 941 F The Last Capital

GB 975.5 666 B

The Lees of Virginia GB 929.2 LEES N * The Legal Limit by Martin Clark GB 813 C The Life and Times of Charles I GB 942 W The Life and Times of Edward I GB 942 C The Life and Times of Edward IV GB 942 F The Life and Times of Elizabeth GB 942.055 L The Life and Times of James II GB 942 E The Life and Times of Richard II GB 942 S The Life and Times of Washington GB 973.4 O The Life and Times of William IV GB 942 S The Life and Words of John F. Kennedy GB 973.922 W The Life and Times of Louis XIV GB 944.033 P The Life of Langston Hughes: I Dream a World (Vol. II) GB 818 R The Life of Andrew Jackson GB 973.5 R

The Literature of England GB 820 A The Living Past of America GB 728 V The Living White House GB 975.3 A (2 copies) The Mabinogion GB 891.663 M The Majesty of the Law by Sandra Day O’Connor GB 347.73 O The Making of the President 1968 GB 973.922 W The Man Who Moved a Mountain GB 285 D * (4 copies) The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living GB 813 C The Many Faces of George Washington GB 973.4 M The Marble GB 398.2 T * The McKameys: Not Afraid to be Real GB 929.2 McKa P The Memoirs of Chief Justice Earl Warren GB 347.73 W The Monument Builders GB 913.36 W The National Trust Guide to England, Wales and Northern Ireland GB 914 F The New Enchantment of America: North Carolina GB 975.6 C The Norman Kings GB 942.01 C The Norsemen GB 293.13 G The Northern World: The History and Heritage of Northern Europe GB 948 N The Northmen GB 948 F The Official Guidebook and Map of Colonial Williamsburg GB 975.5 425 C * The Official Myrtle Beach Area Visitors Guide 2008 GB 975.3757 87 O The Old German Baptist Brethren GB 975.5 68 T * The Old West GB 978.02 O (25) The Old West: Master Index GB 978.02 O The Overmountain Men GB 976.803 A *

The Oxford Guide to World War II GB 973.917 D * The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland GB 941.5 F * The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades GB 909.7 R The Parade Cook Book GB 641.5 P The Pilgrim Story by William Franklin Atwood GB 974.4 A The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina GB 975.6 R The Postcard History Series: Around Lexington Virginia GB 975.5 852 W The Preacher and the Presidents GB 269 G The Presidential Quiz Book GB 973.0992 W The President’s Wife: Mary Todd Lincoln GB 920.7 R * The Presidents GB 973 F The Presidents (Funk and Wagnalls Special Edition) GB 973 P The Prince George-Hopewell Story GB 975.5 585 L The Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth II GB 941.085 P The Queen Mother GB 941.084 L The Queen Mother and Her Family GB 921 H * The Queen’s Silver Jubilee GB 941.08 H The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company GB 338.7 T * The Renaissance: Maker of Modern Man GB 940.21 N The Return of the Gray Man GB 133.1 B The Revolutionary War: America’s Fight for Freedom by Bart McDowell GB 973.3 M * The Robert E. Lee Reader GB 973.7 H The Rockefellers at Williamsburg GB 975.5 425 G The Roosevelts: An American Saga GB 929.7 C The Routledge Historical Atlas of Presidential Elections GB 328.973 M

The Royal Family Album GB 941.085 D The Royal House of Windsor GB 942.08 L The Royal Victorians: King Edward VII, His Family and Friends GB 941 H The Royal Year 1988 GB 779.9 G The Royal Year 1989 GB 779.9 G The Royals GB 929.2 WIND K * The Saga of a City: Lynchburg, VA GB 975.5 671 S The Saxon Kings

GB 920 H

The Saint of the Wilderness GB 813.54 C * The Scottish Garden GB 712.69411 B The Second Oldest Profession: An Informal History of Moonshining in America GB 975.5 C * The South: A Collection from Harper’s Magazine GB 975 S The Spartanian 1967 GB 975.5 692 S The Siege of Petersburg GB 973.7 T The South: A Treasury of Art and Literature GB 810 H The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting GB 746.46 I The Stonemans GB 781.642 T The Story of Civilization: The Age of Faith GB 940.1 D The Story of English GB 427 M The Story of Jefferson National Forest GB 975.5 U The Story of the Royal Family GB 941.08 C The Story of Winston Churchill GB 941 M The Supreme Court: How It Was, How It Is by William H. Rehnquist GB 347.73 R The Supreme Court of the United States: Its Beginnings & Its Justices 1790-1991 GB 347.73 R The Swamp Fox: Francis Marion’s Campaign in the Carolinas 1780 GB 973.3 H

The Times of My Life: Betty Ford GB 973.925 F (2 copies) The Torch is Passed GB 973.922 A * The Tower of London by Kenneth J. Mears GB 942.1 M The Traditional Potters of Seagrove, North Carolina GB 738.1 L The Triumph & Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson GB 973.923 C The Tudors: England’s Golden Age GB 942.04 R The Two GB 616.043 W * The Unforgettable Winston Churchill: Giant of the Century GB 921 J The Vantage Point: Perspectives of the Presidency 1963-1969 GB 973.923 J The Velvet Glove GB 973.5 G The Victors: Eisenhower and His Boys: The Men of World War II GB 973.917 A * The View from the 86th Floor: The Empire State Building and New York City GB 917.4 T The Viking Ship Finds GB 948.02 H The Viking World GB 948 G The Vikings GB 948.02 G The Vikings in England GB 942 V The Virginia Germans GB 975.5 9 W * The Virginia One-Day Trip Book GB 917.5504 S The Virginia Way GB 917.55 F * The Votes that Counted GB 324.973 G The Warren Report GB 842.9 W The Warrior (Woolwine High School yearbook 1964) GB 975.5 695 W The Water Brought Us: The Story of the Gullah-Speaking People GB 975.8 B The Water-Powered Mills of Floyd County, Virginia GB 975.5 712 W The Way it Was in Henry County and Martinsville, Virginia GB 975.5 692 W * **

The White House: An Historic Guide GB 975.3 W (2 copies) The Wild Shores: America’s Beginnings GB 973.1 S The Williamsburg Collection of Antique Furnishings GB 975.5 425 C * The Windsor Story GB 941 B The Winter Solstice GB 394.261 M The Wisdom of Trees GB 582.16 G The Women Jefferson Loved GB 973.4 S The World of Guitars GB 787.87 S The World Trade Center GB 974.71 H The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson GB 923.173 G The Wreck of the Old 97 GB 975.5 666 A * The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Aerial Age GB 629.13 C These Storied Mountains GB 917.56 P This Astounding Close GB 973.7 B This Hallowed Ground GB 973.7 C * This Haunted Land GB 133.1 R This is Charleston GB 975.7 S This Pleasant Land GB 975.5 6 T * This War without an Enemy: A History of the English Civil Wars GB 941.06 O Thomas Elfe: Charleston Cabinet-Maker GB 092 B Thomas Jefferson and His World GB 923.173 G Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History GB 973.4 B * Thomas Jefferson: Genius of Liberty

GB 973.4 T *

Thomas Wolfe : Voice of the Mountains GB 921 C Those Inventive Americans GB 609.73 G

To Thine Own Self Be True GB 248.4 F * Tom Dooley GB 398.3 G Tower of London by Christopher Hibbert GB 941 H * Tower of London Souvenir Album GB 941 T Traditional American Crafts GB 745.5 C Traditional Ballads of Virginia GB 784.4 D Trans-Allegheny Pioneers GB 975.4 H * Treasures of America and Where to Find Them GB 973 R * Treasures of Britain and Treasures of Ireland GB 941 T * Trent Family Cookbook GB 641.5 T Truman GB 929.2 TRUM M * Twilight at Monticello GB 973.4 C * Twin Oaks (Woolwine High School yearbook – 1965-66, 1968-1970) GB 975.5 695 T Ulysses S. Grant by Josiah Bunting III GB 973.8 B Unreconstructed Rebel GB 973.7 P Vegetable Dyeing

GB 667.2 C

Vietnam Voices GB 973.923 P Viking Art GB 709.48 W Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga GB 970.01 F Vinton History 1884 to 1984 GB 975.5 792 M Virginia 24/7 GB 975.5 V Virginia 500 Souvenir Program, April 19, 1973, Martinsville Speedway GB 975.5 692 V ** Virginia Architecture in the Seventeenth Century GB 975.5 F Virginia Country’s Civil War Vol. V – A Quarterly Publication GB 973.7 B Virginia Hospitality GB 641.5 V

Virginia Minerals and Rocks GB 549.9755 D Virginia Wineries GB 641.2 W Virginia: The New Dominion GB 975.5 D * Virginia: Compass American Guides GB 917.55 K Virginia: A Picture Memory GB 975.5 H Virginia: History, Government, Geography GB 975.5 S * Virginia’s Blues, Country, & Gospel Records 1902-1943 GB 016.7899 V Virginia’s Historic Courthouses GB 975.5 P * Virginius Dabney’s Virginia GB 975.5 V * Voices of the Civil War GB 973.7 W Voices from the Mountains GB 306.0974 C * Wales: An Illustrated History GB 942.9 W Wales Myths & Legends GB 398.23 B Was This Camelot? GB 914.2 A Washington and Lee University GB 779.9378755 S Washington Historic Landmarks: Pillars of Patriotism GB 369.135 S Washington Houses of the Capital GB 728 M Washington, D.C. by Michael Leech GB 975.3 L Washington, D.C. GB 975.3 V Washington, D.C. : A Pictorial Souvenir GB 975.3 H Washington, D.C.: A Picture Book to Remember Her by GB 975.3 W Washington Past and Present

GB 975.3 W

Washington’s General GB 973.3 G Wayfaring Strangers: The Musical Voyage from Scotland & Ulster to Appalachia w/CD GB 781.62 R We Came in Peace: The Story of Man in Space GB 629.4 S

We Hail the Halls of Honor: Mavahi - Class of 1959 Fiftieth Reunion 2009 GB 975.5 69 W ** We Pulled Together…and Won! GB 973.917 W * We, the People: Great Documents of the American Nation GB 973 A Wellington: A Personal History GB 941.07 H Welsh Legends and Folk Tales GB 398.2 J West Virginia Heritage (Vol. 3) GB 975.4 W Western North Carolina since the Civil War GB 976.6 V * Westminster Abbey GB 914.3241 C (2 copies) What’s Cookin’? in Dry Pond, Virginia GB 641.5 C Where Valor Rests: Arlington National Cemetery GB 973.099 W Who was Who in American History – The Military GB 355.0092 W Wicked Greensboro GB 975.6 622 S Wilburn Waters History GB 975.5 725 C William and Kate: A Royal Love Story GB 941.085 C William Byrd’s Histories of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina GB 975.5 B * William Wallace: Brave Heart GB 941.1 M Williamsburg Before and After GB 975.5 425 Y * Windows to the Blue Ridge GB 917.55 J * Windsor Castle by Robin Mackworth-Young GB 942.2 M Windsor Castle Official Guide GB 942.2 R Winston and Salem: Tales of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem GB 975.6 67 B Winston Churchill GB 923.242 C Winston Cup ’94 GB 796.7 M * Winston Spencer Churchill: The Last Lion GB 923.242 M Winterthur: A Portrait GB 728.8 W

Wit & Wisdom of Ben Franklin GB 818 F Witch in the Mill GB 813.52 P * With Heart & Hand GB 641.5 H Wonderful Good Cooking from Amish Country Kitchens GB 641.5 W Wonderful World of Gospel Music GB 782.25 W Woodrow Wilson: a biography by August Heckscher GB 923.173 H Words of Our Nation GB 973.3 H World Leaders Past & Present Jefferson GB 973.4 J Yesterday’s Key West GB 975.9 41 W Yorktown and the Siege of 1781 GB 973.3 H Young Guns GB 796.72 H

BLACK COLLECTION A History of the African People GB 960 J A Kwanzaa Keepsake GB 394.2 H (3 copies) A Survey of Zairian Art: The Bronson Collection GB 730 C African Art by Frank Willet GB 709.916 W African Crafts for You to Make GB 745.5 D African Face Jugs GB 738 F African Kingdoms of the Past – Kongo Ndongo GB 966 M African Sculpture Speaks GB 739.96 S African-American Astronauts GB 629.45 J African-American Aviators GB 629.13 J African-Americans in Salem GB 284 S * African-American Inventors GB 609.2 M

African-American Scientists GB 509.2 M Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect GB 427.9757 T Africans in Colonial Louisiana GB 976.3 H Alex Haley GB 921 S Alkebulan: Original Name of Africa GB 966 D America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great GB 973 C American Slavery 1619-1877 GB 306.3 K American Tapestry GB 973.932 S American Uprising: The Untold Story of American’s Largest Slave Revolt GB 976.3 R And So I Sing: African-American Divas of Opera and Concert GB 920 S Anne Spencer GB 811.52 S Another America: The Story of Liberia and the Former Slaves Who Ruled It GB 966.62 C Around Surry County GB 975.6 65 T Art and Craft in Africa GB 709.67 M Ashanti Gold: The African Legacy of the World’s Most Precious Metal GB 669.2209 A Ashantis of Ghana GB 916.67 T At Her Majesty’s Request: An African Princess in Victorian England GB 941.08 M Barbara Jordan: American Hero GB 921 R Beautiful Jamaica GB 972.92 B Before Freedom: When I Just Can Remember GB 975.6 B * Benjamin Davis, Jr. GB 921 R Beyond the Fields GB 975.7 D Black Africa Cook Book GB 641.5 B Black America Series: Richmond, Virginia GB 975.5 451 B Black Cargoes: A History of the Atlantic Slave Trade GB 326.1 M

Black Courage 1775-1783 GB 973.3 G Black Majority GB 201.44 W Bless Ethiopia GB 963.07 N Blue Roots: African-American Folk Magic of the Gullah People GB 398.097 P Book of Black Heroes from A to Z GB 920.02 H By the Work of Their Hands GB 745.089 V Captive Passage GB 382.44 C Carolina Clay GB 738 T Colin Powell GB 921 B Condi GB 355 F Coretta Scott King GB 323 R Cosby GB 921 S Cultures of the Past – The Kingdom of Benin in West Africa GB 966.9 M Cultures of the World – Angola GB 967.3 S Cultures of the World – Benin GB 966.8 C Cultures of the World – Cote D’ivoire GB 966.6 S Cultures of the World – Democratic Republic of the Congo GB 967.5 H Cultures of the World – Ethiopia GB 963 G Cultures of the World – Ghana GB 966.7 L Cultures of the World – Liberia GB 966.6 L Cultures of the World – Mali GB 966.2 B Cultures of the World – Niger GB 966.2 S Cultures of the World – Nigeria GB 966.9 L Cultures of the World – Senegal GB 966.3 B Cultures of the World – Sierra Leone GB 966.4 L

Days of Grace: A Memoir GB 796.342 A Deep Like the Rivers: A Biography of Langston Hughes GB 921 H Down by the Riverside GB 975.7 J Duke Ellington GB 785.42 C Early Art and Architecture of Africa GB 709.6 G Elijah Muhammad GB 921 H Enchantment of the World: Swaziland GB 968.87 B Encyclopedia of Black Folklore and Humor GB 398.2 S Ethel Waters – I Touched a Sparrow GB 783.7 K Ethiopia: Enchantment of the World GB 963 H Ethiopian Art: The Walters Art Museum GB 386 W Fifty Years in Chains GB 305.5 B Five Notable Inventors GB 609.2 H Folk Beliefs of the Southern Negro GB 398.9075 P Foods of the World – African Cooking GB 641.5 V Frederick Douglass and the Fight for Freedom GB 973.8 M From Freedom to Freedom – African Roots in American Soil GB 973 F Generations of Somerset Place: From Slavery to Freedom GB 975.6 165 R George Washington Carver by James Marion Gray GB 630.92 G George Washington Carver by Teresa Rogers GB 921 R George Washington Carver: God’s Ebony Scientist GB 630.92 M Ghana, Mali, Songhay: The Western Sudan GB 966.1 M Great African Americans in Government GB 973.04 D Great Works of African Art GB 709 H Greensboro North Carolina – Black America Series GB 975.6 622 H

Griots and Griottes GB 398 H Hopes and Dreams:The Story of Barack Obama GB 973.931 D In Search of Our Roots GB 973 G Jackie Robinson GB 796.357 F Jazz: A History of America’s Music GB 787.509 W Jefferson’s Children: The Story of One American Family GB 929.2 JEFF L John Henry by Julius Lester GB 398.21 L Kareem GB 796.323 A Kente Colors GB 391 C Kids Explore America’s African-American Heritage GB 973 W Leo Africanus GB 843 M Let the Trumpet Sound GB 323.4 O Let’s Travel in Nigeria and Ghana GB 966.9 K Let’s Travel in the Congo GB 967.5 K LIFE World Library – Tropical Africa GB 916.7 C Long Walk to Freedom GB 921 M Malcolm X GB 921 C Mandela: from the life of the South African statesman GB 921 C Mandinko: The Ethnography of a West African Holy Land GB 549.42 S Martin Luther King, Jr. GB 323.4 H Mary McLeod Bethune GB 921 M Master of Mahogany GB 749.213 L Michelle: A Biography GB 921 M Moral Hill Missionary Baptist Church 1890-1990 GB 286.1755 M * Mules and Men GB 398.2 H

My American Journey by Colin Powell GB 923.5 P Myths of the World – Legends of Africa GB 398.096 T Narrative of Sojourner Truth GB 305.5 N (2 copies) Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass GB 973.8 D Native Artists of Africa GB 700 M Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs GB 973.932 W One Time, One Place GB 779 W Oprah: A Biography GB 921 K Oprah Winfrey: Entertainer GB 791.43 N Oyo, Benin, Ashanti: The Guinea Coast GB 966.52 M Pennies to Dollars: The Story of Maggie Lena Walker GB 332.1 B Prince among Slaves GB 976.2 A Rebels Against Slavery GB 970.00496 M (2 copies) Rice and Slaves GB 975.7 L * Rituals of Resistance GB 305.896 Y Roots of Time GB 916.03 J Rosa Parks: My Story GB 976.1 P Rosa Parks: The Movement Organizes GB 323 F Row Upon Row GB 746.41 R * (2 copies) Runaway Slaves: Rebels on the Plantation GB 975 F Sacred Honor: Colin Powell – The Inside Account of His Life and Triumphs GB 355 R Shaquille O’neal GB 921 R Signs & Symbols: African Images in African American Quilts GB 746.97 W Slave Counterpoint GB 975.5 M Slaves No More GB 973.714 B

Somerset Homecoming GB 929.3 R Something to Shout About GB 784.756 P Sons of Providence GB 326 R Spoonbread & Strawberry Wine GB 641.5 D States of Ethiopia GB 963 P Subfloor Pits and the Archaeology of Slavery in Colonial Virginia GB 975.5 S Sundiata: Lion King of Mali GB 966.23 W Sweetgrass Baskets and the Gullah Tradition GB 746.412 C The Afro-American Tradition in Decorative Arts GB 745.089 V The Art of African Textiles GB 746.0096 C The Art of Benin GB 399 B The Asante Kingdom GB 966.7 T The Atlantic Slave Tread GB 975 C The Barber of Natchez GB 326 D The Black Border: Gullah Stories of the Carolina Coast GB 398.2 G The Carolina Rice Kitchen: The African Connection GB 641.3 H The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou GB 811.54 A The Empire of Ghana GB 966.1 G The Empire of Mali GB 966.2 T The Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage GB 973 A The Greensboro Four: Civil Rights Pioneers GB 305.896 G The Hairstons GB 929.2 HAIR W * The Hemingses of Monticello GB 929.2 HEMI G The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Asante GB 966.7 B The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Dogon GB 966.2 A

The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Edo GB 966.9 A The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Ewe GB 966.8 A The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Fante GB 966.7 O The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Fulani GB 966 N The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Hausa GB 966 P The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Igbo GB 966.9 O The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Kongo GB 967 O The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Malinke GB 966.2 M The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Songhay GB 960.04 A The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Soninke GB 966 M The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Wolof GB 966.3 S The Heritage Library of African Peoples – Yoruba GB 960 Y The Hidden Treasures of Timbuktu GB 966.23 H The Horizon History of Africa GB 960 J The Igbo of Southeast Nigeria GB 390.0966 U The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks GB 616.02 S The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or, Gustavus Vassa, The African GB 305.5 E The Life of Josiah Henson, Formerly a Slave GB 973.7 H The Kongo Kingdom GB 967.61 J The Martinsville Seven GB 347.73 R * The Myth of the Negro Past GB 572.96 H * The Negro in the American Revolution GB 973.3 Q The Negro’s Civil War GB 973.7 M * The People Could Fly GB 398.2 H The Picture Life of Bill Cosby GB 792.7 A

The Rise of Barack Obama GB 328.73 S The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay GB 966.2 M The Qur’an GB 297.122 S The Road to Bethlehem GB 232.92 L The Skull Talks Back and Other Haunting Tales GB 133.1 H The Slaves’ War GB 973.711 W The Songhay Empire GB 966.2 C The West Indian Americans GB 970.004 K The Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria GB 301.2 B This Our Dark Country GB 966.62 R Thomas Day: Master Craftsman and Free Man of Color GB 973 M Thurgood Marshall: Fight for Justice GB 347 B Thurgood Marshall: Supreme Court Justice GB 347 A Timbuktu: The Sahara’s Fabled City of Gold GB 966.23 D Tobacco and Slaves GB 306 K * True Crime: Virginia GB 364.109755 J Twelve Years a Slave GB 921 N Uncle Tom’s Cabin GB 813 S Underground Railroad: Official National Park Handbook GB 973.7 U (2 copies) Uncommon Ground GB 975.7 F Up From Slavery GB 921 W (2 copies) Voodoo in New Orleans GB 299.67 T Wade in the Water GB 973.04 B W.E.B. DuBois GB 973 L We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball GB 796.357 N

West African Folk Tales by Hugh Vernon-Jackson GB 398.2 V West African Folk Tales by Jack Berry GB 398.2 B Who’s Who Among African Americans 11th Edition GB 301.451 P Willie Mays GB 796.357 G Wonders of the African World GB 960 G


Item (ARB)


On the Beach 1994-1995


On the Beach 1995-1996


Strand Magazine 1993

04 – 05

Big Island Mill Centennial Celebration


‘Round the Mountains


Joyful Praise


Exalt Our King

09 – 10

The Huguenot Church


Pioneer Farmstead


Homespun Products


Holiday in the Smokies


Hillbilly Dictionary


Cades Cove: Self-Guiding Auto Tour


Lord Ashley Cooper’s Dictionary of Charlestonese


Coal Heritage Trail

18 – 19

Historic Bramwell




Pinnacle Rock State Park


Last Capitol of the Confederacy


Poems for Daily Living


The Bull Mountain Bugle, Wednesday, June 5, 1991 (in Belcher drawer)


Longwood Gardens


A Tribute to Princess Diana


TIME (8 Sept 1997) – Special Report: Diana, Princess of Wales


TIME (15 Sept 1997) – Commemorative Issue: Princess Diana


Christmons for Every Day


Clan Map of the Scottish Highlands by Johnston & Bacon


The Visitor’s Map of Scotland by Johnston & Bacon


Bartholomews Clan Map ‘Scotland of Old’ by Sir Iain Moncreiffe of That Ilk


Historical Map of Ireland by L.G. Bullock


The Beauty of Ireland by Ambassador Cards


The Emerald Isle by Ambassador Cards


A Pictorial Map Showing Historic Shrines and Battlefields of the Civil War


Explore Rockingham County 2014-2015


Explore Eden NC sheet


Rockingham County: A Guide to the Arts


Official Museums Guide of North Carolina: Carolina Heritage Guide 2013-2014


Discover the Dan River and Nearby Places leaflet


Blue Ridge Parkway Golden Anniversary Celebration, 11 Sept 1985


George Washington – Pictures of Little-Known Events


Map of Beckley and Vicinity with Raleigh County, WV


Together: The Magazine for PTL Club Partners, Summer 1985


RadioTimes, 4 August 2000: Elizabeth 100 glorious years


The Crooked Road – Visitor Guide


Historic Jonesborough Tennessee 1779 – Official Visitors Guide


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Kentucky and Tennessee, Univ. of TN Newsletter, Dec 1966


Raising a Royal Baby (Collector’s Edition Us magazine – 5 Sep 2013)


Diana (Special Commemorative Tribute Luxury Lifestyles magazine)


Tracing African Roots

VHS Tapes 01V

The Crucial Turning Points of World War II on Land GBV 973.917 C


The Crucial Turning Points of World War II at Sea GBV 973.917 C


The Crucial Turning Points of World War II in the Air GBV 973.917 C


Great Battles Pacific: The First Years GBV 973.917 G


Great Battles Pacific: Counterattack GBV 973.917 G


Great Battles Pacific: 1944: Closing In GBV 973.917 G


Great Battles Pacific: The End Approaches GBV 973.917 G


The High Country

GVB 975.6 H


October Sky GVB 975.4 O


Tall Tales of the Blue Ridge GVB 398.2 T


Antietam: The Bloodiest Day in American History GVB 973.7 A


Pickett’s Charge GVB 973.7 P


Ancient Voices: The Secret of Stonehenge GVB 789 T


Ancient Voices: In Pursuit of the Holy Grail GVB 944 T


The Civil War Photographers GVB 973.7 N


The Nascar Story, Vol. 2 GVB 796.72 L


American Dynasties: Andrew Carnegie GVB 929.2 CARN A


American Dynasties: The DuPonts GVB 929.2 DuPO A


American Dynasties: Henry Ford GVB 929.2 FORD A


American Dynasties: The Gettys GVB 929.2 GETT A


American Dynasties: The Rockefellers GVB 929.2 ROCK A


American Dynasties: The Vanderbilts GVB 929.2 VAND A


The Battle of Gettysburg: Confederate General Robert E. Lee (2 tapes) GVB 973.7 B

24 V

Civil War Journal (6 tapes) GVB 973.7 C *

DVDs 01D

Heroes of Iwo Jima GBD 973.917 H


The Andy Griffith Show – 50th Anniversary Edition GBD 791.45 A


Moonshiners, Season 1 GBD 364.13 M


D-Day: The Invasion – March to Victory GBD 973.917 D


Hillbilly: The Real Story GBD 975.68 H


Bluegrass Roots GBD 784.5 B


The Last One: Moonshine in Appalachia GBD 364.13 L


Broadcast: A Man and His Dream GBD 784 B


Lost Kingdoms of Africa GBD 960 L


NASCAR: A Family Tradition GBD 796.72 N


The Last American Hero GBD 796.72 L

CDs 01CD

Great Romantic Memories of the War Years GBCD 973.917 G


Jaliyaa Storytelling: Stories & Music of West Africa GBCD 398.2 J

Audio Books 01AB

Jazz: A History of America’s Music GBAB 787.509 W

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