A.L.P.S. Overview. Why we do this. What we can do for you. Apple Learning & Partnership Services

Apple Learning & Partnership Services A.L.P.S. Rise to new heights of learning with Apple technology fused education Overview   ALPS is an Apple pro...
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Apple Learning & Partnership Services

A.L.P.S. Rise to new heights of learning with Apple technology fused education

Overview   ALPS is an Apple professional development, consultancy & training services program. We partner with K12 and HiEd schools for successful and sustainable technology masterplan.   As part of ALPS strong commitment to education, we offer hands-on training workshops tailor-fit for your school’s specific needs and preferred schedule. These training modules are designed to help teachers and IT discover the beauty of Apple technology and start using it to make classroom teaching and learning become more engaging.  

Why we do this   Effective implementation of a digital classroom is not only about having powerful yet easy to use computers and devices. Much of its success lies at the fingertips of teachers, administrators and IT team. Training support plays a major role in keeping faculty members knowledgable and capable of implementing the technology goals of the school. With proper training support, they make a difference in the classroom experience of every student, making each child ready to face the real world when they graduate from school. Thus, schools truly prepares them for career and life.  

What we can do for you   We are educators dedicated to serve educators in every school thru training support. We will sit down and listen to your needs, issues and plans. We will walk with you in this journey. We will be your strong partner in achieving successful digital classroom experience. Contact us for an exploratory discussion on how we can help bring to the next level the skills of your important people in school.   Are you ready to rise to new levels of technology fused learning?

Mission and Vision   To evangelize the use of right technology in schools, build strong partnership with schools, improve and bring to higher levels the classroom experience through professional development of faculty and school community and achieve overall successful implementation of technology fused education.

Why ALPS is Different   Description of How ALPS Services are Different - ALPS Unique selling proposition lies on its complete and comprehensive consultancy and  training support packages to the school and its community. We believe that teachers are not the only one that needs good training. IT, Admin, Parents and Students should all be involve in growing their levels of knowledge and technology awareness thru training. We measure current levels knowledge base of training participant thru pre-test and aims to bring it to new heights of learning thru our stair step learning development program. Our training program is targeted to specific audience and relevant to their experience.   To evaluate successful implementation of training, we designed a “commitment grading system” similar to mountain hikers levels of achievement. Just like mountain climbing in the alps, the journey towards the peak of technology success for schools can be very challenging. There are physical difficulties, hard pitches, lengthy climb and overall ascent can be problematic. That’s why there is a need for partners and professional help in the learning journey.

Consultancy & Partnership Program   • Consultancy & Partnership Program - ALPS partners with schools in the creation of a time bound Apple technology masterplan. It starts with a discussion and planning with the key decision makers of the school. School board, owners, coordinators, faculty heads, IT directors and parent association heads -- are all involve in the discussion to make them achieve a common IT+ education goal for the school. It always start with a question. What, where, when and how do you want to positively impact and change the classroom experience thru proper technology. Here are the action items and step by step partnership activities offered by ALPS:  

8-Step Partnership Activities of ALPS STEP 1 :Meeting and Brainstorming with the School Key Decision Makers STEP 2 :School Visit to Schools with Successful Technology and Sharing of their Success Stories STEP 3 :Technology Audit - Assessment of School’s Current Technology and IT Readiness STEP 4 :Collaboration with Key Decision Makers to Create a 5 year Technology Masterplan STEP 5 :Measuring Levels of Efficiency & Technical Capability of Teacher and IT Staff STEP 6 :Selection of Pilot Teachers, Pilot Classes and Schedule of Evaluation Markers STEP 7: Continuous Learning Assessment and Achievement Tracking STEP 8 : Continuous Training Services and Workshop to Achieve the Set Goals

Training Development Services   Training Development Services - Learning journey is like hiking on a mountain. The path can be very challenging. We need to be equipped with the right tools to reach the highest peak. We need a guide, a travel companion and the measure of success every step of the way. Our Training Development Program incorporates a stairstep learning development program. It effectively integrates theory and practicum in the training. One of its best highlight is the “ commitment grading system” which is similar to mountain hikers levels of achievement. Through this assessment process, teachers are able to know their status and inspires them to achieve higher level. Aiming for higher level becomes both fun and deepening commitment.  

   Assessment is conducted every 5 months, during semestral break, on a regular basis to give time for teachers to grow and deepen their learning and experience. Yearly, throughout out the 5 year support program there is opportunity to earn points, level up and get the master designation.  

Apple Certification   Both Expert and Master Levels requires passing *Apple Certification exams on Apple Support Professional and Apple Certified Associate courses. Apple certification provides the highest level of standard qualification for teachers and IT professionals supporting the school Apple technology plans. Training preparation and review will be provided by ALPS to the school.   *See Apple website for more info - http://training.apple.com/certification


Pilot Teachers. Pilot Classes.   Selection of the Pilot Teachers and Pilot Classes serves as the test group that will undergo intensive training and program development. Afterwhich, they will undergo the T3 Program (Train the Trainer) to become internal training support for school. They will be trained to provide retraining for their colleagues and mentoring support alongside with ALPS trainers providing training development support program. With the T3, schools become more self sufficient, enabled, independent, open to continuous learning and ongoing growth.

Teachers. IT. Parents. Students. Continuing Program.   We understand that for successful technology fused education, teachers are not the only group in the school community that needs to be trained. Aside from teachers, IT, parents and students form the entire community and each have unique training needs in order to support each other. See our complete set of training services offering:

Our Faculty training program is twofold: Apple Fundamentals Training -  is focused on building technology skills. These fundamentals of Apple technology will help faculty become confident and comfortable using Apple products and integrate them into their teaching strategies. Curriculum Development Workshop -  These workshops focus on curriculum, lesson planning, content design, and instruction using Apple technology. This session will enable participants to acquire and apply skills in the use of iPad or Mac applications for classroom teaching.

These training will empower IT staff assigned in the education institution become confident and familiar with basic troubleshooting techniques, understanding Mac OS X and iOS integration with existing non-Apple systems and infrastructure of the school, mobile device management, introduction to Apple certification program and strengthen their capacity to provide special level of technical support.

Training designed for Parents and students complete the successful implementation of Apple technology in schools. Parents will see the value of their investments and understand how their children benefit from these special tools. Informed and trained parents will be very supportive of the school’s technology direction when they see and experience Apple devices in action. ALPS will coordinate with the school on their preferred training dates to run these sessions.

Continuing Program supports the school's professional development in a needs basis. Throughout the year, new faculty members or IT staff are hired and they need to be given immediate training support. Also, as Apple products both hardware and software continuous to release new developments and updates, updated and relevant training should be provided to the school on a regular basis. Check out our drop in sessions and quarterly training support for the school.

OUTLINES  Apple Fundamentals & Curriculum Development for Teachers   Teachers are the major players in implementing digital classrooms and changing the teaching and learning experience of the students. Let's see our training coverage for them: DAY 1 Fun with iOS   Objective:  To learn the foundations of technology skills using iPads.   Training Outline: • iOS / iPad Basic Settings, iCloud, Mail, Calendar,etc • Apps Store • iBooks • Apps for education        - Classroom Management        - Apps Productivity apps: iLife & iWork        - Mind mapping, presentation and collaboration apps        - Creativity apps Apps per Subject area

DAY 2  Mac Discovery Training   Objective:  To learn the foundations of technology skills using Mac.   Training Outline: • Mac OS X Basic (Systems Prefs, File management, built in apps, iCloud, Mail, AddressBook, iCal, Time Machine,etc)   • iLife  (iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto) • iWork ( Keynote, Pages and Numbers) DAY 3 - Curriculum Integration   A. iTunes U Course Manager, iBooks Author   Objective:  Discover the the power of iTunes U for lesson cataloguing and start putting together learning materials. Learn how to create digital and interactive eBooks with iBooks Author.   Training Outline:   • Create iTunes U course manager account • Compile lesson contents and project for a lesson on iTunes U course manager • Learn the basic and advance features of iBooks Author • Start creating eBooks and interactive quizzes   B. Demo Simulation     Objective:  Share experiences and realizations during training. Showcase knowledge gained thru effective use of Apple technology.   Training Outline: • Visioning & Planning • Fundamentals of Apple Programs in Education • Challenge Based Learning • Individual Sharing /Presentation • Demo Simulation of Sample Lesson enhanced using Apple technology     Culminating Activity: Awarding of certificates of participation and giving special recognition to outstanding lessons and projects developed by the teacher.

 Apple Technical Training for IT Personnel.   Well informed and technically capable IT Personnel are very important. See our training coverage for them: DAY 1  Technical Info Overload   Description:  Familiarization of Mac and iOS thru hands on training which includes navigation, configuration settings for basic and advance. Scenario based learning on troubleshooting of Apple technology.   Coverage:   • Mac OS X Basic and Advance Training   • iOS Basic and Advance Training   • Mac and iOS Basic Troubleshooting

DAY 2  Connectivity   Description: Understanding the functionality and features of Mac systems in relation to other devices, third party operating systems, wired and wireless connectivity and integration with other infrastructure. Find out also how easy it is to deploy, manage, maintain and configure Mac systems and iOS devices in a large scale scenario.   Coverage:   • Apple Networking   • Mac OS X Server Overview   • iOS Deployment Basic (MDM)

DAY 3  Expert Program   Description: Highlighting the important role of well informed and certified IT personnel in the school environment. Evaluation check on the knowledge gained by IT participants.    

Coverage:   • Overview of Apple Certification Program (Importance of Apple Certified IT in school)   • Mac and PC Systems Integration Basic   • Evaluation Exams   • Practicum Exercises (troubleshooting scenario )

 Apple Technology Training for Parents & Students   Training designed for Parents and students complete the successful implementation of Apple technology in schools. Parents will see the value of their investments and understand how their children benefit from these special tools. Informed and trained parents will be very supportive of the school’s technology direction when they see and experience Apple devices in action.   DAY 1 For Parents   Objective: Familiarization on Mac and iOS thru lecture, demo and hands on training. Main objective is for parents to see the importance of technology in their children’s lives and become partners of the teachers in encouraging learning using the right tools.

  Coverage: 1. Discovery Session ( 1 hour ) : Mac and iOS Fundamentals - basic navigation, Apple ID, iCloud, etc   2. Must Know Session ( 2 hours ) : Settings, Parental Controls, Restrictions and other Special Features for Parents and Guardians   3. Productivity Session ( 2 hours ) : iLife, iWork for Mac and iOS + Other essential & recommended apps   DAY 2 For Parents   Objective: Understanding the roles of changing technology, online and social media to the development of children. Find out basic troubleshooting techniques for your Mac and iOS devices.   1.  Understanding the Digital Natives (1 hour) : Students in the 21st Century   2. Social Media in the Classroom ( FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) Session ( 1 hour )   3. Mac and iOS Troubleshooting 101 ( 2 hours)   DAY 3 For Students   Objective: Strengthening the knowledge base on basic Mac and iOS. Learning productivity applications to enhance the classroom experience   1. Apple Fundamentals ( 2 Hours)  : Mac and iOS Basic - interface, gestures, Apple ID, iCloud, settings, AppStore, etc    2. Creating Reports using iLife & iWork (3 Hours)   DAY 4 For Students   Objective: Discovering iBooks Author basic and key features. Learning recommended iPad apps for various subject areas. Maximizing technology for learning inside and outside the classroom.  

1. Developing eBooks and Interactive Projects using iBooks Author    2. Digital Classroom: Learning subject related Apps    3. Digital teamwork: Collaboration Apps, social media and open source tools for student collaboration and team project creation.    Students Talent Showcase (Optional) Display of students' projects and output for parents to appreciate.

 Continuous Training Support Program   As Apple technology continuous to grow and releases its new products and softwares,   continuous training support and update will be provided to the school:   Drop-in Session (Monthly Apple Training) As agreed and arranged with the school, a trainer will be made available at the school once a month for the school year for a whole day drop-in session. Teachers and IT staff may consult , visit and sit with the trainer for any technical assistance and specific learning enhancements needed for their lessons.   Apple Training Update (Quarterly) Every 3 months training seminar for the faculty and IT team of the school on the latest Apple technology solutions for education, technical updates and enrichment learning sessions.

Apple Learning Achievement Peaks   Why integrate technology into classroom teaching and learning? Why choose Apple technology? Why aim at teacher learning development to achieve its highest peak?   These are a few of the critical questions to ask. Once a school embark on a journey using Apple technology to create digital classroom experience, the faculty, IT and other key people in school undergoes the different phases of learning development. It starts with technology ownership, familiarity with its basic functions and key features, deepening discovery and appreciation of its functionality, building technical proficiency thru continuous learning and usage. Then, technology becomes a catalyst for change in the classroom experience of teachers and students. Classes become more engaging, relevant and challenging for both students and teachers. Learning takes place anytime and anywhere and lifelong learners are developed. Graduates become ready for the 21st century skills needed in the workplace. And ultimately, sense of self fulfillment is achieved in both personal and career level. As partners in this endeavor, ALPS is committed to helping schools achieve these goals individually and as an institution.

Market Analysis   The Philippine Department of Education intensified its intent to improve and level up the Philippine education system through its Republic Act 10533 also known as the K to 12 Program which covers Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School [SHS]) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship. It aims to nurture the holistically developed Filipino (College and Livelihood readiness, 21st Century Skills).   Every graduate will be equipped with: 1. Information, media and technology skills, 2. Learning and innovation skills, 3. Effective communication skills, and 4. Life and career skills.   With this new direction, the schools main challenge is to have relevant training development program for their teachers who will support digital classroom experience. They need a partner to make teachers become “ digital teachers” and students to become “ digital learners”.  

The Challenge to Schools Most schools face the reality that they are not yet ready to embark on technology fused education. Some of the problems they face include, enough funding, teacher skills and technical competency, selection of the right platform, parents feedback and reaction and many other issues. Given this, most of them delay on acquiring technology to improve learning or much worse, decide to substitute books with eBooks as the only way to have digital experience. The problem faced by most school cannot be solved by offering teacher training alone. Effective approach should be comprehensive, encompassing and integrated. The solution should start with assessing the current state of the school and decide on where they want to bring their school in terms of technology based learning. Schools need a partner in this technology related endeavor.  

Competitors Currently there are no available, Apple Professional Development & Partnership program in the Philippines. There are available Apple Distinguished Educators who are currently invited by various schools and conferences to provide talks, seminars and sharing on the importance of technology fused education. This is good, however, may not be sustainable and the approach is staggered. Thus, there is a need for an institution to provide a more complete and relevant package of services for the school.


Target Market ALPS target market are private schools in K12 and HiEd in the Philippines. Based on recent statistical reports, there are *1,683 higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country and *15,429 private elementary and high schools. This provides a good business opportunity. Initial plan is to target first the top 3 to 5 schools per region in the Philippines to become success stories and pilot schools for prototype. If there are pilot schools per region, it will set as good example or reference point for other schools to follow. There are currently 17 regions in the Philippines and this will make 51 to 85 pilot schools all over the country.   *Source of Statistics: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/416021/903-primary-secondaryschools-354-colleges-universities-hike-tuition#ixzz2zDTFUyBq  

Marketing Plan ALPS aims to increase mind share on both online and traditional marketing medium. For online marketing, it will invest heavily on paid sponsorship and paid ads of popular education related websites such as TeacherHub,etc. For traditional marketing activity, ALPS will put up billboards within academic and university areas, release ads on major broadsheets such as Philippine Inquirer’s education columns and have a PR agency to provide write ups for magazines and blog sites. ALPS will also launch 2 major learning events for the year on education IT trends. First event will be targeted to HiEd audience and the second event will be for K12 in Manila. We will also sponsor and run small strategic activities such as competitions, promo campaigns, search for best digital teachers, school sponsorship activities and many others in order to create maximum awareness about the company and its services.

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