AllModels. What does it. really mean?

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VOLUME 18 • ISSUE 3 • 2003


All Makes/AllModels What does it

really mean?

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We have parts for every vehicle from A to Z. (And you thought it was just G and M.)

All makes. All models. One brand. ACDelco has parts for every part of just about every vehicle out there, from Ford, Chrysler and GM® to Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and other imports. So no matter which vehicles your customers drive, we have the parts that will fit them to the letter.

Contact or 1-800-ACDelco.

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contents 4


United Auto Supply gets “the look”; ACDelco’s Internet Yellow Pages program; ACDelco earns kudos from Babcox; Canada’s Technician of the Millennium III regional finalists





TSEP students make the grade Star Sales and Service in Bay City, Mich., hosts a night to remember

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Iridium spark plugs enter ACDelco’s product lineup FEATURE

1 8



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ll Makes/All Models.” Those four words, though small in size, are huge in purpose. They signify a distributor’s expectation that ACDelco will provide the full line of

quality parts they need to be a full-service supplier. They symbolize a service center’s confidence that their Warehouse Distributor carries the parts they depend on. They are a consumer’s assurance that ACDelco will have the parts to fix their vehicle, no matter what they drive. Today, the phrase “All Makes/All

line launches and expansions, and we

Models” has become a common one in

now offer more applications for more

the aftermarket, but its significance will

vehicles than ever before.

ACDelco advertises its many “Advantages”

never be commonplace for ACDelco. When we announced

plier is a never-ending


our “All Makes/All

task, but one that

“All Makes/All Models” — what it really means to ACDelco

Models” initiative eight

ACDelco is prepared to

years ago, our goal was

carry on. We are com-


to reach beyond the

mitted to the present

GM family and develop

and confident in the

a reputation as a qual-

future, but we also

ity provider of parts for

promise to remember

Ford, Chrysler and im-

that it all started at GM.

A day in the life of an honorary pit crew member for Harold Martin TSS SPOTLIGHT

The spotlight shines on Fox Auto Service in San Angelo, Texas MARKETING MANAGER SPOTLIGHT

Cliff Cohen talks ACDelco engines and transmissions

Being an “All Makes/All Models” sup-

port vehicles. Given our history of automotive aftermarket


excellence that began with GM, we





Total training

knew this would be a great endeavor. But we were — and still are — commit-

ACDelco’s newest training facility opens in Minnesota

ted to servicing almost every vehicle on

William R. Shaffer

the road. Our dedication to that promise

ACDelco General Product Manager

is evidenced by our continual product

Product Program Development





Geraldine Ford-Brown


John Zamzow


Amy Dunn

INTUNE is published for ACDelco, General Motors Corp., by Campbell-Ewald Publishing, 30400 Van Dyke, Warren, MI 48093, e-mail: [email protected] General Motors is an equal-opportunity employer. Manuscripts and photographs are submitted at the sender’s risk. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of material. Submission of letters implies the right to edit and publish. Copyright © 2003 Campbell-Ewald Publishing. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



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in the news Lead By Example efore Warehouse Distributor Jim Ranalli could justify encouraging his


Total Service Support (TSS) accounts to sign on to the ACDelco Image

program, he decided to try the program out himself. The result? “I’m happy with the new look,” Ranalli says. “Now our customers see we’re striving for perfection — we’re working on the whole program.” Although the program was originally developed as a way to give select Independent Service Centers (ISCs) a familiar ACDelco look and feel, United Auto Supply underwent the transformation as a way to leverage its own alliance with ACDelco. A longtime supporter of ACDelco, Ranalli, president of United Auto Supply in Syracuse, N.Y., believes that driving the brand is what makes the business grow. “The Image program capitalizes on the power of the ACDelco brand by giving participating facilities a more recognizable ACDelco look,” he says.

United Auto Supply delivers ACDelco parts via a fleet of Chevy Venture vans. Below: United Auto Supply’s new ACDelco look.

Though Ranalli readily agreed to participate in ACDelco’s Image program, there really wasn’t much improvement necessary — especially with regard to the warehouse’s infrastructure.

of ACDelco’s Web Integrated Service Environment (WISE).

Inside United Auto Supply, Ranalli has long favored a paperless system, which not only elimi-

To make sure things run just as smoothly out-

nates the need for invoices, but keeps the business organized as well. Ranalli likes the accuracy

side the warehouse, Ranalli traded his delivery

of the paperless systems so much that in December 2002, United Auto Supply launched phase one

fleet of Dodge Caravans for a new fleet of white Chevy Venture delivery vans, branded with the ACDelco logo. “The Caravans required high maintenance,” Ranalli says, “but the Chevys have been phenomenal.” With internal processes up to par and an elite delivery system in place, the only thing United Auto Supply needed was a makeover.

Consumers Let Their Fingers Do the Clicking illions of Americans have access to the


sumers search for automotive-related parts

Internet Yellow Pages Web sites (Verizon

Internet, and increasing numbers are

and services on various sites driven by sepa-,

turning to online resources when it comes to

rate Internet Service Providers. and three regional sites (SBC


searching for automotive service centers. With

“The Yellow Pages is one of the first places, and Bell-

the help of ACDelco’s national Internet Yellow

people look when in the market for automotive

South to assist in connecting

Pages program, more are landing on ACDelco

repair,” says Amy Dunn, ACDelco advertising

consumers with ACDelco products and services.

service center links for all their automotive

specialist. “Our campaign’s focus is to help

repair needs.

consumers more easily locate ACDelco Total

e-Marketing manager, the initiative continues

Service Support (TSS) Independent Service

to gain momentum. “We averaged about 18,000

Center (ISC) accounts.”

views of the service locator per

ACDelco’s Internet Yellow Pages program, launched in January 2001, provides links to the ACDelco Web site ( when con-



The organization contracts three national






month during November and December of last

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ACDelco Selected As Magazine Readers’ Favorite

Enter the ACDelco Image program. The first step was to cover the building’s yel-

f the hundreds of advertisers that seek

Advertising Manager John Zamzow in Las

readers’ attention in Underhood Service,

Vegas at the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

low exterior with drivit, a stucco-like material


that adds an element of texture to the structure.


Ranalli then painted the top third of the building

ACDelco is among the foremost communicators

Underhood Service magazine serves this

a light gray and the bottom two-thirds off-white.

in the industry. At least that’s what readers said

country’s more than 40,000 independent shop

A stripe — in ACDelco blue — runs along the top

when they awarded ACDelco with the 2002

owners whose business is concentrated on

of the building.

Readers’ Choice Award.

under-the-hood repairs.




Week (AAIW) in 2002.

ACDelco then enlisted the help of sign sup-

Parts professionals and repair shop owners

ImportCar is the complete import service

plier Dualite, and the selected design truly sets

receiving these magazines participated in the

magazine and is received by more than 29,000

United Auto Supply apart. Over the building’s

nationwide survey of advertising readership

import specialist repair shop operators across

entrance, 36-inch red neon LED individual let-

and advertising recall in this marketplace via

the country. Counterman reaches more than

ters spell the name United Auto Supply. Flanking

Babcox AdScope research questionnaires.

50,000 professionals at every level of the U.S.

the lettering on the left is a 3-foot by 8-foot blue

The awards were presented to ACDelco

automotive parts distribution channel. •

sign with a white ACDelco logo. “This was an image enhancement for both our customers and our employees,” Ranalli says. “My employees see how much nicer it is than the old warehouse look and they’re proud to work here.” Ranalli expects the image enhancement to

Jeff Stankard from Babcox Publications (left) presents ACDelco Advertising Manager John Zamzow with the 2002 Readers’ Choice Award in Las Vegas.

translate into increased business. “Every year with ACDelco it grows; it increased 27% last year,” he says. “I know this will only help. You’ve always got to be striving to be better.” •

As consumers search the Internet for automotive parts and services, they

tions to the location (including a detailed map) and parts availability.

see the ACDelco logo and a link that

“The program is increasing consumer brand

takes them directly to

awareness online and driving business to local

and the ACDelco Parts Retailer and

participating TSS accounts,” Dunn says. “What’s

Service Center Locator.

more, this is a corporate-sponsored program so

year, and consumers submitted more than

Consumers can find their nearest parts or

15,800 searches during that period,” he says.

retailer center facility by simply entering their

Contact your local ACDelco sales repre-

“That translates to almost double the number

location information online. Within seconds, a

sentative for more details on becoming an

of searches that we received over the same

listing of the nearest shops will appear complete

ACDelco Parts Retailer and Service Center

period in 2001.”

with name, address, telephone number, direc-

Locator participant. •

there’s absolutely no cost to our customers.”



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in the news


fter completing a demanding 100-question exam during the first phase of ACDelco’s exciting Technician of the Millennium III competition, 30 Canadian Total Service Support (TSS)

technicians — the 10 top scorers representing each of the three Canadian ACDelco regions — will join the 50 U.S. semifinalists as they compete in phase two of the contest. The Canadian semifinalists are:

Technician Name

Shop Name




David Wiebe

Crestview Auto Service




Robert Gregory Krause

Jim’s Automotive


British Columbia


Wayne Colton

Dynamic Auto




Paul Martin

Westview Auto Repair




Murray Peissard

Winn Automotive


British Columbia


Steve Galic

KCS Automotive


British Columbia


Thomas Bischoff

KCS Automotive


British Columbia


Eddie Kenneth Lange

Winn Automotive


British Columbia


Ken Eeles

Riverside Automotive


British Columbia


John Cornett-Ching

Summerland Auto-Tech Repair Ctr.


British Columbia



Eccles Auto Service Inc.




Jim Conte

Guelph Brock Road Garage




Rob Archer

Guelph Brock Road Garage




Garry Fraser

Newtown Motors




David Jaggard

Eccles Auto Service Inc.




Raymon Kane

Tomlin Auto Service




Art French

AML Auto Service




Paul Biggar

Drummond Service Station

Niagara Falls



Leslie Wrobel

Dixie Matheson




Peder Knudsen

Knu-Tech Auto Centre




Jack Estey

Craigs Auto Clinic


New Brunswick


Herman Chabot

A. CHABOT et Fils Auto Electrique




Bruno Bellavance

Auto Diagno Center Inc.

Quebec City



Arkadiusz Mackowiak

Ray’s Service Centre

Saint John

New Brunswick


Chris Scott

Chris Scott Automotive

Middle Sackville

Nova Scotia


Richard Boutilier

Craigs Auto Clinic


New Brunswick


Alain Giroux

Beauce Mecanotech Inc.

St. Prosper



Stirling Hall

Irishtown and Clinic


New Brunswick


James Perrot

Brown’s Auto Service


Prince Edward Island


Rene Gosselin

Transmission Ste. Marie Inc.

Ste. Marie



“The purpose of this competition is to recognize the professionalism and expertise of ACDelco

finalists will join the U.S. finalists at the

technicians,” says Todd Helmkamp, ACDelco program developer and Technician of the

Technician of the Millennium III finals in Las

Millennium III coordinator. “Those who made it to phase two are a select group who deserve

Vegas in October. Watch for complete details

congratulations on a job well done.” Following the second phase of the competition, Canadian

in the next issue of Intune. •



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tss update





Making the Grade ACDelco scholarship shapes future technicians ost Independent Service Centers (ISCs) would agree there


aren’t enough skilled technicians to go around. And even those they’ve already hired must constantly enhance

their skills to keep up with rapidly changing vehicle technology. One of the many ways ACDelco is helping its Total Service Support (TSS) ISCs

Emilee Keener (pictured here with her father Charlie) was a 2002 recipient of an ACDelco TSEP scholarship.

find and shape technicians who can keep their business going strong is the TSS Scholarship program. For the last three years, ACDelco has awarded 10 scholarships nationwide exclusively to TSS accounts, helping them defray the cost of tuition

“ACDelco has offered us a lot of support

and books for their technicians and dependents.

over the years — like training and now the

In 2002, five $2,500 scholarships were awarded to TSS technicians and five $3,000

scholarship — and we really appreciate it.”

scholarships were given to dependents of TSS shop owners or technicians. Generally,

Emilee hasn’t decided on a major yet,

one of each type of scholarship is awarded in each ACDelco region.

but says she’ll probably take some business

“We’re committed to helping our TSS accounts grow their businesses,” explains Terry

courses when she starts college this fall. “I

Wisner, ACDelco manager of the TSS program. “Whether we’re helping current techni-

really want to thank ACDelco for helping me

cians improve their skills or preparing the children of our TSS accounts to take over the

with my education,” she says. “It made me

family business someday, we’re helping them foster the technicians of the future.”

feel great and made my dad really proud to

Charlie Keener’s daughter, Emilee, was a 2002 recipient of an ACDelco scholarship. The

see how working hard can pay off.”

high school senior, who works after school in the office of her father’s business, Keener

TSS accounts interested in applying for

Automotive in Palmetto, Fla., downloaded the application from the TechConnect Web site.

one of the 2003 scholarships can find more

Like all the other applicants, Emilee wrote an essay about her future plans and her

information on the TechConnect Web site

background in automotive. The TSS Advisory Council reviews the applications and

which can be accessed via or

essays to select the winners.

in the TSS binder. For more details, contact

“We were really excited she won,” says Charlie, a longtime participant of the TSS program.

your ACDelco representative. •

Star Pupils Congratulations to the 2002 winners of the ACDelco TSS Scholarship: TSS Technicians:

TSS Account Dependents:

Allen Garcia Kirby Auto Repair Syracuse, Kan.

Harrison Keyes Jerry’s Automotive Service Waukesha, Wis.

Claire Cummings Colchin Automotive Morrison, Colo.

Matthew Kuskowski United Auto Sales & Service Plymouth, Conn.

Joseph Grothjan The Rayvic Company Minneapolis

Roger Zumwalt Oklahoma Natural Gas Company Del City, Okla.

Zachary Haver Haver’s Service Center Gretna, Neb.

Carl Thomas Lancer Service New Richmond, Wis.

Keith Hilterbran Hyde Auto Service Center Moore, Okla.

Emilee Keener Keener Automotive Palmetto, Fla. intune


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regional roundup








Star Treatment Gala and giveaway make customers feel like celebrities ome people really know how to


throw a party; and that’s certainly true in the case of Star Sales & Ser-

vice, a Dedicated Distribution Group (DDG) member in Bay City, Mich. The ACDelco Distributor threw a gala party to wrap up a year-long promotion; but even more important, it demonstrated to its best customers just how much they are appreciated.

Throughout 2002, Star Sales & Service ran a unique promotion for its ACDelco Total Service Support (TSS) accounts, giving them a chance to win a two-year lease on a 2003 GMC Sierra extended-cab truck every time they made a qualifying ACDelco parts purchase. The truck was awarded through a random drawing at the January event, which was attended by nearly 100 VIPs including Ron Hornaday, the newest addition to ACDelco’s racing roster.



41504.8.11 7/2/03 4:50 PM Page 2

Opposite page top: Rob and Bernetta Gobeyn enjoy dinner at the Star Sales and Service event. Opposite page bottom: Terri Jamrog, Dale Stroober and Scott Marquiss chat before the raffle begins. This page left: The ACDelco NASCAR Busch Series show car was on display during the Star Sales and Service gala. Below top: Scott Bierlein and Linda Loll (facing camera) mingle with Bob Watrous and Marty Hook before dinner. Below bottom: Leather jackets were among the many gifts handed out to guests by Star Sales and Service.

But, without question, the most cele-

they need,” Krieger says. “The pro-

brated VIPs of the evening were Star Sales

motion was one way to reinforce

& Service’s customers.

that idea and encourage cus-

“This isn’t something vendors do all

tomers to call us first all year long.”

the time and it was certainly above and

Krieger says the initial idea

beyond what we would expect,” says

for the promotion came from

Chris Smith, office manager at Executive

Jack Gschwind, the ACDelco

Auto Repair, a TSS account in Saginaw,

district manager who works

Mich. “Star Sales went to a lot of trouble

with Star Sales. The promotion

to put on the promotion and host such an

was designed to increase the

elegant event. That shows they really care

Warehouse Distributor’s sales of

about their customers.”

ACDelco products, while rewarding TSS customers for their


loyal patronage.

According to John Krieger, president of

For every $2,000 in ACDelco

Star Sales & Service, making TSS cus-

purchases TSS accounts made

tomers feel good about their relationship

from Star Sales & Service, they

with the distributor was one of the primary

received one raffle ticket to enter

objectives of the year-long promotion.

in the drawing for the GMC Sierra.

“We’ve always run monthly or quarterly

TSS accounts also earned one

promotions, but we’re trying to get people

ticket for every $500 in non-GM

to change their buying habits so they

ACDelco parts purchased.

always call us first — no matter what part

continued on page 10



41504.8.11 7/2/03 4:51 PM Page 3

Left: ACDelco-sponsored NASCAR Busch driver Ron Hornaday signs autographs for Star Sales and Service customers. Above: Hornaday supervises the raffle for the 2003 GMC Sierra truck. Below: Hornaday enjoys dinner with the other guests.

“It wasn’t something

continued from page 9

hopper for the grand-prize drawing.

we’ve ever been offered

Star Sales & Service went all out to

before and we appreciated

make the celebration a special one. The sit-

the opportunity.”

down dinner party was held at a nearby

Stroebel Automotive

conference center, where the room was

wasn’t the only TSS

decorated in ACDelco red, white and blue.

account that took advan-

The tables were dressed in white linen

tage of the promotion.

with blue overlays — accented with red

In fact, according to

roses — and the room was filled with stars

Gschwind, Star Sales &

and balloons. There was even a special

Service increased its

star-shaped dessert to follow the prime-rib

ACDelco business from participating TSS

dinner, so there was no mistaking the fact

“We sent the TSS accounts their tick-

accounts by 19% as a result of the pro-

that this party was being thrown by Star

ets on a monthly basis to sustain their

motion — and by as much as 22% on non-

Sales & Service.

interest throughout the duration of the

GM ACDelco parts.

“This was the first ACDelco event I

promotion,” says Dana Bamberger, field

“It was a creative approach to build

attended, and I felt a lot of excitement in

operations manager at Star Sales & Ser-

both market share and customer relation-

the air,” says Ron Hornaday, who drives

vice. “Some customers earned anywhere

ships,” says Gschwind. “The objective was

the No. 2 ACDelco Chevrolet Monte

from six to nearly 100 raffle tickets over

to create an alliance between the

the course of the year.”

supplier and the customer, and I

Dale Stroebel, president of Stroebel

think it was quite successful.”

Automotive, a TSS account in Saginaw, Mich., says the promotion definitely influ-

The payoff

enced his company’s parts-buying deci-

Every TSS account that earned raffle

sions. “It gave us some goals to shoot for

tickets during the promotion

and added a lot of extra value to the

received an invitation to the event.

ACDelco product line we use,” he explains.

There they put all their tickets into a



41504.8.11 7/2/03 4:52 PM Page 4

Carlo in the 2003 NASCAR ® Busch ®

ally the one who opened the door,” says

Series. “It seemed like everyone there

Dalton. The next day Dalton held a draw-

was part of a team, and I could just tell

ing at his own shop to award the GMC

they were all really proud to be associ-

Sierra to one of his employees.

ated with ACDelco. Plus, they gave away a truck — how cool is that?” The evening’s excitement built as the grand-prize drawing approached. When the big moment arrived, the

“Even if we hadn’t won the truck, it still would have been a great evening,” he adds. “Seeing how much Star Sales appreciates our business was the best thing we walked away with.”

names of the 12 finalists were drawn by

The remaining 11 finalists didn’t leave

Dave Danna, ACDelco assistant general

empty handed: Star Sales & Service

manager — one of many ACDelco notables

awarded them with leather jackets and

whose attendance demonstrated the com-

watches. In fact, every

pany’s support of initiatives like these.

attendee received a little

Each finalist was given a key, but only

something special, such as

one would unlock the truck and reveal the

miniature Kurt Johnson and

lucky winner. One by one, the finalists tried

Dale Earnhardt Jr., race

to unlock the truck, the suspense heighten-

cars, or gift certificates from

ing until the eighth finalist, Mike Dalton,

a variety of merchants.

owner of Morgan’s Auto Repair in Bay City, Mich., tried his key… and it worked.

Top: Ron Hornaday (in back) poses with the 12 finalists for the 2003 GMC Sierra truck. They are (left to right): Tom Hoelbl, Rick Saunder, Joe Chislea (for Mike Dalton), Sheila Woods, Shirley Good, Barry Church, Kristy Porterfield, Chris Smith, Rod Church, Brad Church, Kevin Smith and Matt Enszer. Star Sales and Service President John Krieger and Hornaday watch as finalists Kevin Smith, Barry Church and Tom Hoelbl try their keys. Below: Winner Joe Chislea, flanked by Hornaday, Krieger and ACDelco Assistant General Manager Dave Danna, holds up the key to his new truck.

“Bottom line, we wanted to make our customers feel

“I brought one of our technicians, Joe

valued,” Krieger says. “And

Chislea, who has been with us for 38 years

this promotion helped us to

to the dinner with me, and he was actu-

do that.” •



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product update




It’s Elementary The addition of a basic element advances the technology of ACDelco spark plugs


or a glimpse into the future of spark plug technology, check out ACDelco Iridium spark plugs. Iridium has moved to the forefront in spark plug innovation by becoming the metal of choice for plugs

on certain production models of 2002 and 2003 vehicles.

ACDelco embraced this new iridium

Glazier,ACDelco product specialist for spark

technology with the debut of its first iridium

plugs. And in this case, smaller is better. “It’s

spark plugs earlier this year. Iridium has

less drain on the electrical system because

many advantages over traditional

it’s smaller,” Glazier says. “It’s a more effi-

and premium platinum plugs including higher durability and better performance.




192.217 12


cient use of the energy in your vehicle.” Iridium plugs are backed by a 100,000-mile limited warranty. They can

The reason for these advan-

be installed in any vehicle as an upgrade

tages can be attributed to

to the current system. However, vehicles

iridium’s elements. They make

that come equipped with iridium plugs

it a stronger, more dense pre-

must be replaced only with iridium

cious metal than platinum

plugs. The ACDelco-branded iridium

because it has a higher

spark plugs come standard in select 2002

melting point. These

and 2003 vehicles.

qualities mean that

Initially, ACDelco is offering two iridium

spark plug electrodes

spark plugs, but Glazier says that demand

made of iridium re-

from ACDelco customers could prompt

quire less metal.

ACDelco to provide a broader line of appli-

“If you look at an

cations. Iridium technology is moving

iridium tip, it’s equivalent

spark plugs into the future and ACDelco

to about the size of two

looks forward to bringing its customers

pinheads,” says Michelle

along for the ride. •

41504.13.15 7/2/03 3:09 PM Page 1




M .



Trade Advertising Campaign Bolsters the ACDelco Brand


ith ACDelco’s reputable history in the aftermarket,

customers expect to see its advertisements dominate trade publications throughout the industry. This year will be no exception: Touting the advantages of partnering with ACDelco tops the organization’s agenda for 2003. “Our accounts can expect to see a strong ACDelco presence in major trade publications,” says John Zamzow, ACDelco advertising manager. “It will be next to impossible for a technician or Independent Service Center (ISC) owner to read the leading national trade publications on a monthly basis and not see a high level of ACDelco product and system advertising.” continued on page 14



41504.13.15 7/2/03 3:10 PM Page 2

Campaign•Trade Advertising C zation’s new campaigns. “We’re really trying to branch out and emphasize the fact that we’re more than just aftermarket parts,” Zamzow says. “And we are taking an aggressive approach to communicate that.” Although ACDelco will continue with a variety of product-specific and system ads this year, the organization will be more explicit with its “All Makes/All Models” advertising to help combat the mindset that the ACDelco brand is strictly for GM applications (see related cover story on page 16). “Further emphasis will be placed on the fact that ACDelco has broad coverage for Ford, Chrysler and imports, not just GM applications,” Zamzow says. “Research confirms that consumers

until we get shops to try ACDelco for

ACDelco’s “Advantage” ad campaign

accept ACDelco as appropriate for what-

non-GM applications and they have suc-

features four half-page “island” ads — ads

ever make or model they drive. However,

cess with them, technicians aren’t going

continued from page 13

that are completely surrounded by text —

to change their behavior.”

and one full-page ad running in consecu-

To that end, ISCs can expect to see more

tive order within a single publication.

advertorials — advertisements that look

Each ad focuses on one of the many

more like an article than an ad — featuring

advantages of partnering with ACDelco,

Total Service Support (TSS) technicians

such as aligning with the brand, excep-

throughout 2003. ACDelco interviewed nu-

tional training, “All Makes/All Models”

merous TSS technicians who provided testi-

coverage and marketing support. The fifth

monials as to the advantages of partnering

page is a full-page ad that ties the whole

with the organization. The advertorials will

thing together.

appear in several trade publications dur-

“This is definitely a nontraditional advertising tactic,” Zamzow says. “We’re

ing the year, tying the ACDelco message into the publications’ editorial content.

not just running a full-page ad. We’re run-

Be sure to watch for ACDelco’s new “in

ning five in a row to drive home the mes-

your face” advertisements as you flip

sage that while ACDelco offers world-class

through your favorite trade publication.

products and services to consumers, the

“ACDelco is world-class as far as its sup-

organization also offers unmatched sup-

port of trade advertising, and will remain

port and training to its accounts.”

as an industry leader in the amount of

Touting the advantages of associating with ACDelco is a big part of the organi-



trade support given to its customers,” Zamzow says. •

41504.13.15 7/2/03 3:11 PM Page 3

Campaign•Trade Advertising Campaign ACDelco’s “Advantage” ad campaign features four halfpage “island” ads and one fullpage ad running in consecutive order within a single publication. Each ad focuses on one of the many advantages of partnering with ACDelco.



41504.16.21 7/2/03 3:21 PM Page 1


41504.16.21 7/2/03 3:23 PM Page 2

cover stor y




Nnames aming ACDelco spells out its “All Makes/All Models” strategy


ll Makes/All Models.” It’s a simple term, but one with considerable meaning. A meaning that has driven ACDelco well beyond the

boundaries of General Motors and into the forefront of the global aftermarket. ACDelco’s “All Makes/All Models” proposition aims to bring distributors and their customers to the point where ACDelco is their first and only choice for parts. That means ACDelco must provide its customers with all the products they need to make their business successful. continued on page 18



41504.16.21 7/2/03 3:24 PM Page 3

with the company throughout the last

continued from page 17

“If we’re not giving distributors that

eight years.

level of coverage, they’re forced to acquire

“Historically we’ve always been an ‘all

products from multiple sources,” says

makes’ supplier for some of the more high

William Shaffer, ACDelco general product

profile lines like batteries and spark plugs,”

manager, product program development.

Shaffer says. “But we’ve learned that to be a

“In today’s environment, it simplifies busi-

complete supplier for the Dedicated Distrib-

ness if distributors have fewer suppliers.

ution Group (DDG — ACDelco’s national

We need to give them more coverage to

group of Warehouse Distributors), we need

work with their business plan.”

to focus on a wider breadth of products — not just on select lines.”

‘All Makes/All Models’ — what does it really mean?

Stunning survey

“At ACDelco, the term ‘All Makes/All Mod-

With ACDelco’s greater emphasis on “All

els’ means striving to be the leading sup-

Makes/All Models,” the organization was

plier of parts in the automotive aftermarket

concerned when a recent survey indi-

for whatever kinds of vehicles consumers

cated that many technicians still thought

drive,” says John Zamzow, ACDelco adver-

“All Makes/All Models” meant ACDelco

tising manager. “That includes Ford,

parts covered only “All Makes/All Mod-

Chrysler, Honda, Toyota — virtually every

els” of GM vehicles.

vehicle on the road. And we certainly feel

Feedback from the first DDG meeting

we’re closer to that than any other supplier.”

in August 2002 supported the survey

From a communications standpoint,

results. The DDG said ACDelco needed a

“All Makes/All Models” became ACDelco’s

new approach to convey the message to

stated strategy in 1995 as the organization

the trade; the phrase, by itself, lacked the

intensified its effort to offer coverage for

details technicians needed to know that

both import and domestic vehicles. It

ACDelco meant more than just GM.

coincided with the replacement of the tri-

The challenge to communicating

logo (AC, Delco and GM) in favor of the

ACDelco’s comprehensive line of parts to

current ACDelco logo, and has evolved

technicians — the people ACDelco relies

“At ACDelco, the term ‘All Makes/All Models’ means striving to be the leading supplier of parts in the automotive aftermarket for whatever kinds of vehicles consumers drive.” John Zamzow, ACDelco advertising manager



41504.16.21 7/2/03 3:25 PM Page 4

on to install those parts — arose from an extensive history concentrated on

The DDG has given a passing grade or “green rating” to 13 product lines:

ACDelco’s relationship with GM.

suspension batteries Durastop Brakes air conditioning wire and cable water pumps reman starters and alternators belts and hoses steering clutches spark plugs fuel pumps chassis

“Our association with GM kept hitting home with technicians over the years because GM vehicles came equipped with AC and Delco parts,” Zamzow says. “To keep a GM vehicle running properly, you’d use ACDelco parts.” ACDelco communicated that message so effectively that sending the same message about other vehicle makes presents an obstacle. “We have to try to undo what we did, in a sense,” Zamzow notes. “We’re still the right brand for GM, but we also have the same quality and high standards for non-GM applications.”

Looking at the big picture Over the past few years, strengthening its “All Makes/All Models” reputation within the trade has become a key focus for ACDelco. The organization

The key was to combine the develop-

began by reevaluating the process by

ment processes for all the product groups

which it introduced products to the market

that are responsible for launching “All

and in 2000, ACDelco refined its internal

Makes/All Models” lines. By identifying

business practices. Now, with a heavy

the most efficient processes within the

reliance on its customers’ valuable input,

groups of engineers, purchasing, supply

ACDelco improved the way product deci-

management and finance departments,

sions are made.

ACDelco eliminated duplicated efforts. “We worked real hard to orchestrate a strong product development process to make the most efficient use of all the resources and expertise within the company,” Shaffer says. ACDelco also developed a common statement of “all makes” requirements and consolidated it into one document for suppliers. This continued on page 20



41504.16.21 7/2/03 3:25 PM Page 5

continued from page 19

to the “green” level will be based on cus-

streamlined operating process increased

tomer feedback for prioritization and refin-

the speed and effectiveness of the “All

ing current lines. “We need to really examine

Makes/All Models” development structure.

where we need additional coverage and improve quality or cost,” Shaffer says.

Ready, set, go ACDelco went a step further by using

expansions with a diverse range of lines,

feedback from DDG product-line com-

including shocks and emissions, to move

mittees to assess its efforts in becoming

them closer to “All Makes/All Models” cov-

an “All Makes/All Models” supplier.

erage. That strategy also directly affects

ACDelco asked the committees to rate

ACDelco offers automotive parts for the most popular applications, including

“Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and GM.”


ACDelco’s new product lines.

product lines as red, yellow or green in

Take clutches, for example. The goal

terms of whether or not they are ready to

from the beginning was to offer coverage

go to market Much like a traffic light, a

for every vehicle on the road, and new

green rating means ACDelco and the

product lines are designed with that in

DDG have agreed that the product line

mind. When the clutch line launches this

meets “market ready” criteria in terms of

fall, Shaffer says the line will have com-

price, coverage, quality, sales promotion

plete, world-class “All Makes/All Models”

and distribution.

coverage from day one.

A yellow rating means the line is still a few steps away from “All

‘In your face’ advertising

Makes/All Models” cover-

Providing the comprehensive coverage is

age, and red lines need the

only half of the “All Makes/All Models”

most adjustments to re-

strategy. The other half is communicating

ceive a passing grade.

the breadth of the line to customers.

Currently, the DDG has

ACDelco is addressing concerns that

given a “green rating” to 13

some customers feel “All Makes/All Models”

product lines: suspension,

only applies to GM vehicles. The DDG

batteries, air conditioning,

specifically asked ACDelco to “name names”

Durastop® Brakes, wire and cable, water

to clarify the scope of ACDelco’s coverage,

pumps, reman starters and alternators, belts

and ACDelco, in turn, has begun incorporat-

and hoses, steering, clutches, spark plugs,

ing a statement throughout its communi-

fuel pumps and chassis.

cations that specifies ACDelco offers

“Our DDG committees are a means for

automotive parts for the most popular ap-

an evaluation process that lets them agree

plications, including “Ford, Chrysler, Toyota,

the product line is “All Makes/All Models”

Nissan, Honda and GM.”

ready for their peers. It’s taken some time

The copy purposely lists GM last in order

— product line by product line — to get

to move away from the widely accepted

there,” Shaffer says. “The green ratings

fact that ACDelco fits GM cars and to

from our DDG are their approval that our

instead emphasize the other manufacturers,

lines are ‘All Makes/All Models’ complete.”

Zamzow says.

Future product expansions to bring lines


ACDelco has launched product coverage

The trade advertising campaign will

41504.16.21 7/2/03 3:26 PM Page 6

also play a major role in educating the

really enables our customers to think of

trade about ACDelco’s comprehensive

us as a one stop shop for all their cover-

coverage (see related story on page 13).

age needs. It reflects that we really do

“I challenged our ad agency to give us ‘in your face advertising’ that shouts to the

have coverage for more than the just the popular vehicles for those products.”

reader that we’re more than GM,” Zamzow says. The resulting ad for the trade publi-

History repeats itself

cations that debuted in February shows

As far as the future, it is firmly rooted in

pictures of primarily non-GM vehicles. The

ACDelco’s past accomplishments. “If you

copy states that ACDelco has “parts for

want to see where we’re going, just look at

every vehicle from A to Z, and you just

our history,” Shaffer says. “We’ll continue

thought it was G and M.”

on that positive road of improving our com-

These communication strategies sup-

mitment to “All Makes/All Models.”

port the “All Makes/All Models” proposi-

The proof of that dedication can be

tion — a process that Shaffer says has been

found in the product offerings and line

unwavering, even if it’s slower than some

expansions that continually increase the

would like. But it’s been a steady progres-

number of applications ACDelco parts

sion, one ACDelco plans to continue.

cover, says John Zamzow. “We definitely

He is confident that reinforcing the

have parts that fit everything on the road,

message to customers and backing it with

especially non-GM,” he says. “If anyone

comprehensive product lines is the solu-

doubts that, they’ve just got to try us.”

tion. “Our great availability, world-class

Even if all the skeptics are silenced, the

quality, competitive pricing, along with

day will never come when ACDelco stops

branding efforts, can convince the trade

striving to provide more comprehensive

that ACDelco has coverage for almost any

product coverage for every vehicle on the

vehicle on the road today,” Shaffer says.

road. It comes with the “All Makes/All Models” territory — and ACDelco wouldn’t

‘All-makes’ support

have it any other way.

In addition to feedback from the DDG

“There is no end to this process,” Shaffer

committees, ACDelco also relies on input

says. “We’ll get new requirements and

from the sales channel to support the

react to the market. Our product develop-

“All Makes/All Models” strategy. New ini-

ment efforts and commitment to the after-

tiatives based on their suggestions include

market are never going to be finished. We’ll

updating the catalogs for product lines

raise the bar and keep improving.” •

“Our great availability, world-

class quality, competitive pricing,along with branding efforts, can convince trade that ACDelco has coverage for almost any vehicle on the road today.” William Shaffer, ACDelco general product manager product program development

with newly expanded coverage to accurately reflect the additions. Customers saw the first updates to the air conditioning and wire and cable lines catalogs. “We are working very hard to produce good, quality catalogs and cross reference charts that allow customers to buy and sell our product more effectively in the marketplace,” Shaffer says “That



41504.22l23 7/2/03 3:28 PM Page 1

event marketing




Livin’ it up inthe Pits

ACDelco’s honorary pit

sk a motorsports fan about race day and they’ll tell you the only


thing better than being in the stands is being in the pits.

“Everything about the pit experience is amazing — there is nothing better,” says Sunny Culp, owner of Northside Automotive in Monroe, La. “In IHRA, the race only lasts a few seconds, but there’s a lot of hype and build up, and you’re around so much new technology.” Culp is a longtime ACDelco customer and motorsports fan who participated in an honorary pit crew program for ACDelco-sponsored IHRA driver Harold Martin last year. He is just one of hundreds of customers ACDelco has sent to the pits for a first-hand view of the race action. For each NASCAR ® Busch ® Series, NHRA and IHRA race, ACDelco reserves two honorary pit crew spots for its customers as a way to thank them for their support. It’s one of the benefits of ACDelco motorsports sponsorship. Participants meet the ACDelco drivers and their crews



41504.22l23 7/2/03 5:01 PM Page 2

and have the opportunity to ask them

pro technicians who are working on a

analyze his car’s performance based on

questions. They go into the pits and also

$150,000 engine,” Williamson says. “It’s

data collected in his onboard computer. “I

take home a T-shirt to commemorate the

more than the race: it’s something they

would have done anything I could do to

day. Being in the middle of all the race day

enjoy and that they can go home and talk

assist him,” Culp says.

excitement makes the experience unfor-

to their friends about.”

The intensity of the drivers and crew

gettable, says Brad Williamson, ACDelco

Culp had plenty of stories to share after

is what makes Culp a motorsports fan.

sales promotion specialist. “It’s the oppor-

his day as part of the honorary pit crew for

“They have all these cars right next to

tunity of a lifetime.”

Martin. He was especially impressed with

each other and they spend so much time

For ACDelco, it’s good business too.

Martin’s work ethic and his Pro-Modified

fine tuning every little detail,” he says.

“Our customers are car people,” William-

Pontiac Grand Am’s electronic fuel injec-

“There’s a tremendous amount of noise,

son says. “They’re the garage and shop

tion system, which Martin designed and

but everybody is in their own little world,

owners who work on the cars.”

developed himself.

focused on the objective, trying to perform the best they can.”

Technicians especially enjoy being in

“We were in Harold’s pit while he

the honorary pit crew for the pro-modified

worked on his race car,” Culp says. “He

His favorite part of the experience?

IHRA races because they can go into the

is a super nice guy, not to mention a very

“They have two cars in the staging lane

driver’s trailer and see what the driver and

intelligent individual.”

and when they accelerate, everything

crew are working on. “They are around

After each run, Culp watched Martin

shakes: the ground, the building, the trucks. It’ll shake the internal organs in

crew program brings fans into the action

your body,” Culp explains. If you’re interested in being a member of the honorary pit crew this season, contact your field sales representative as soon as possible. Although ACDelco normally reserves two spots for its customers, Williamson says that if there is enough interest, each race can accommodate as many as four. •

Clockwise from above: Honorary pit crew members get the chance to work alongside the likes of Harold Martin, shown here working on his Pontiac Grand Am prior to a qualifying run. Kurt Johnson, driver of the ACDelco-sponsored Chevrolet Cavalier in the NHRA Pro Stock Series, greets honorary pit crew members during last year’s ACDelco Las Vegas Nationals. Martin and his crew make some last-minute adjustments to his engine before race time — something honorary pit crew members get to see up close.

41504.24.26 7/2/03 3:32 PM Page 1

tss spotlight



Crazy Like

M .






a Fox

TSS account withstands the test of time and earns kudos for best business practices

all them crazy, but when W.B. and Mary Fox opened their


auto repair shop in the middle of a rural farming community in San Angelo, Texas, in 1957, there was no doubt in

their minds it would be an instant success. And they were right. Forty-six years later, and with another generation at the helm,W.B. Fox Garage,

now Fox Auto Service, is still going strong. “Harrell Fox is carrying on his parents’ legacy,” says Randy Necessary, ACDelco district sales manager for the South Central Region. “Just like W.B. Harrell Fox, owner of Fox Auto Service — an ACDelco TSS account in San Angelo, Texas — takes great pride in being the best in the area.

and Mary, Harrell takes great pride in being the best in the area, and customer satisfaction is key to his success. He stays on top of everything and makes

41504.24.26 7/2/03 5:04 PM Page 2

sure his people have the training they

when it was recognized by the local Better

one’s car breaks down they’re upset and

need to fix vehicles right the first time.”

Business Bureau (BBB) with the “Out-

leery of the technician doing the repairs.

standing Business Award for 2002.”

However, Harrell’s customer base trusts

Superior customer service

The honor is handed out each year to

they’ll never be taken advantage of or offered service they don’t really need.”

Rooted deep in the heart of Texas, Fox

one business in the community for a job

Auto Service, an ACDelco Total Service

well done. Consumers nominate busi-

And it’s not the first time Fox Auto

Support (TSS) account, has developed

nesses, which are required to meet and

has been recognized for its outstanding

quite a reputation over the years. Known

maintain established criteria guidelines.

service. The shop also was voted “Best

for being up front and honest with cus-

These include maintaining a professional

Automotive Repair” in the San Angelo

tomers, the shop has become a trusted

relationship with patrons, never taking

Standard-Times 1999 Reader’s Choice poll.

name within the community.

advantage of consumers and treating all

“The entire Fox Auto family is ex-

“Fox Auto may be hundreds of miles

consumers fairly and professionally.

tremely honored to have received these

away from any of the big Texas cities

“These types of awards tend to go to

awards,” says Harrell, who attributes the

many recognize, but its superior customer

the local dry cleaner or paint

shop’s success to its loyal customers and

service draws people in from miles away,”

store, so receiving an honor

employees. “We continuously strive to

like this says a lot about the

improve customer relations, offering them

Geographic barriers aside, this small-

shop’s integrity,” Necessary

excellent and dependable service from

town shop made a big name for itself

says. “Usually when some-

loyal, reliable technicians.”

Necessary says.

Where it all began Harrell’s involvement in the family business dates back to the late 1960s, when he began at the shop as an automotive technician. He and his father worked to build the business together until W.B. passed away in 1979, one year after the shop reopened its doors in a brand-new, larger building. “My dad worked as a technician in a Chevrolet dealership — or a mechanic as they called it back then — before opening his own shop,” says Harrell, who’s been managing Fox Auto since the early 1980s. “I owe much of my success and dedication to him. Although I gave up turning wrenches many years ago, it’ll always be in my blood.” And the tradition carries on with Harrell’s youngest son, Lee, who came aboard in 1991 as an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)–certified technician. continued on page 26



41504.24.26 7/2/03 3:36 PM Page 3

sign up for the ACDelco Image Program — came along, Harrell jumped at it. “ACDelco’s name recognition is second to none, and that reflects positively on my operation,” Harrell says. Fox Auto Service has participated in the TSS program since its inception in the early 1990s. Updates over the years include four additions, which have increased Above: Fox Auto has always maintained an extremely clean, professional-looking shop, as demonstrated here in the waiting room. Above right: Harrell’s son Lee Fox — an ASE-certified technician — and Lee’s wife, Tina, the shop’s office manager.

the shop’s size by about one-third. However, with its most recent facelift, completed earlier this year, the facility was transformed into a completely ACDelcoaligned operation.

continued from page 25

cated Web site, offers consumers general

What’s more, Lee’s wife, Tina, took over

store information and money-saving

“Fox Auto embraces all of ACDelco’s

service consultant and office manager

coupons. The site also provides customers

programs and product lines,” says John

duties in November 2000 when Harrell’s

a link through which they can e-mail the

Brown, ACDelco market area manager for

wife, Brenda, retired.

shop’s technicians with service questions.

the South Central Region. “With all the changes taking place in today’s fast-paced

Quality is top priority

Image is everything

world, one thing remains the same: the

Like Lee, all of Fox Auto’s technicians are

Fox Auto has always maintained an

good, dependable service you will receive

ASE-certified and have been employed at

extremely clean, professional-looking shop.

from the Fox Auto Service family and

the shop for several years. “Our techni-

So when the opportunity to become an

ACDelco being a key component of their

cians are continuously updating their

ACDelco TSS account — and subsequently

future success.” •

skills and knowledge by attending workshops, seminars and ASE training courses,” Harrell says. The shop’s many services include electric window/door lock repair, electrical system repair, scheduled maintenance, installation and repair of air conditioning systems, cruise control installation, brake service, fuel injection service and diagnostics., the shop’s dedi-



With its most recent facelift, Fox Auto was transformed into a completely ACDelco-aligned operation.

41504.27n 7/2/03 3:37 PM Page 1

marketing manager spotlight





Heart and Soul Marketing manager is passionate about quality ccepting nothing but the best isn’t a new


concept at ACDelco. But the commitment to doing it right the first time is particularly

critical when it comes to engines and transmissions — the heart and soul of any vehicle. As the ACDelco marketing manager for

equation, also undergo strin-

powertrain products, Cliff Cohen under-

gent testing, including 100%

stands that developing quality engines and

dyno-testing. Additionally, the

transmissions demands plenty of focus.

transmissions are thoroughly inspected

“Keeping the quality at a level that meets the expectations of ACDelco and

and cleaned to ensure dependable, high-

train mix: ACDelco’s Independent Service

quality performance.

Center (ISC) customers.

our customers comes first — it’s our top

Although remanufactured engines and

“We work hard to keep the lines of

priority,” says Cohen. “We work closely

transmissions are the aftermarket stan-

communication open with technicians,

with our suppliers to communicate exact

dard, Cohen says the remanufacturing

because correct installation and diagnos-

specifications, and we perform more rigor-

processes used for ACDelco engines and

tics are essential to engine and transmis-

ous testing than most of our competitors.”

transmissions are a cut above.

sion performance,” he says. “It’s a complex

For example, most ACDelco remanu-

“Our engines and transmissions are

discipline, so we offer a variety of training

factured engines are subjected to a Hot

not just rebuilt, they’re remanufactured,

courses to help technicians develop the

Run Test, a study rarely performed by

using more new parts than many of our

skills they need to service these lines.”

other manufacturers. The test ensures

competitors,” he explains. “Each part is

Looking ahead,ACDelco’s customers will

that the engine has been certified to run

remanufactured to exact specifications,

remain a focus for Cohen and the powertrain

properly prior to installation, and vali-

and then updated with all the latest

team. For example, certain part numbers

dates the performance of moving compo-

technological advances.”

may be consolidated to help Dedicated Dis-

nents, compression, oil flow and oil pressure. USON testing, which is

Behind every ACDelco remanufactured engine and remanufactured

tribution Group (DDG) members better meet the inventory needs of their ISC customers.

transmission is a dedicated

“We’re constantly looking at ways to

test of oil and coolant cav-

team of specialists that

enhance or expand the product line to

ities, ensures that the

continually evaluates

make sure it’s the best it can be,” says

base engine is free from

the quality, coverage

Cohen. “Maintaining a high level of qual-

oil and coolant leaks.

and pricing of the line.

ity — and offering the training required to

And the way Cohen sees

help technicians see it through in the

it, there’s another vitally

installation — will continue to be our pri-

a pressurized flow and leak

ACDelco remanufactured transmissions, the other half of the powertrain

important player in the power-

mary objectives moving forward.” •



41504.28o29 7/2/03 3:49 PM Page 1

ACDelco advantage



M .


ACDelco’s broad training menu includes informative courses on business, customer care, automotive systems and diagnostic strategies. Self-paced correspondence courses instruct counter and sales people on the basics of vehicle systems and service. Technical and hands-on classes help ACDelco accounts grow their business. Recognizing that training is not limited to the service bays, ACDelco also offers counter-person training and business management courses. These classes help independent technicians better manage the front of their shops and improve their selling skills, enabling them to run a better business. “Knowledge is a powerful tool, and ACDelco’s extensive training program features 36 technical core classes covering all major product lines, as well as various technical seminars and specialty courses,” Christophersen says. “The seminars and courses are taught by certified instructors and designed to improve technicians’ vehicle-system knowledge — both for GM and non-GM vehicles — by providing hands-on

Schooled for Success ACDelco’s extensive training menu gives accounts a competitive edge

activities with real-world concerns.”

TSS training Participating Total Service Support (TSS) accounts can take advantage of ACDelco’s training expertise with the latest in diag-

sk almost any great athlete and they’ll likely tell you practice


nostic and service procedures. And the best part is, once enrolled in the TSS program,

and training keep them at the top of their game: the same rings

this training is available to Independent Ser-

true for aftermarket technicians. That’s why exceptional train-

vice Centers (ISCs) at no additional cost.

ing is one of ACDelco’s cornerstones to success.

Distributor training

“Just like other areas of our business, ACDelco’s training has very defined goals,” says

While ACDelco strives to provide superior

Susan Christophersen, ACDelco manager of product service and training development.

training, service and high-quality parts to

“We strive to develop a network of Independent Service Center (ISC) employees who are

its network of ISCs, the organization also

up on the latest automotive technology, provide a high level of customer service, and

recognizes the value of the traditional dis-

support our brand and what it stands for. Training is key in this drive for excellence.”

tributor network. That’s why ACDelco de-



41504.28o29 7/2/03 3:51 PM Page 2

veloped its Dedicated Distribution Group

looking for skilled technicians to build and

Guide, ACDelco’s Communication Center

(DDG) and offers training to the group’s

grow their business, and TSEP is a way for

provides a series of product-specific

members and their customers.

them to fill that need.”

brochures on ACDelco parts such as oil filters and spark plugs that TSS ISCs may

Local DDG members can schedule onsite product sales meetings that include a

Consumer education

hand out to consumers to educate them

system overview and technical presenta-

Vehicle owners also are important in the

about ACDelco products.

tion on ACDelco products, such as filters

business equation. To help build aware-

Additionally, some TSS ISCs hold clinics

and fuel pumps. Selling skills seminars

ness and maximize ACDelco’s exposure

and seminars for consumers at their loca-

teach DDG accounts how to recognize

in the marketplace, the organization offers

tions to educate them about vehicle repair

the emotional and logical needs of each

several consumer education opportunities.

and maintenance. The clinics can be tailored

ISC customer and how to help them meet

ACDelco’s Automotive Systems Guide,

to specific audiences and markets such

their long-term needs.

available to TSS ISCs through their Ware-

as women, minorities and young drivers.

house Distributors (WDs), helps techni-

“ACDelco has one of the most profes-


cians clearly explain repairs to con-

sional training programs in the industry,”

ACDelco’s Technical Service Educational

sumers. The guide uses diagrams to de-

Christophersen says. “We recently have

Program (TSEP) helps support the indus-

scribe key systems and parts, highlight-

added some new and exciting courses

try’s need for trained technicians. The

ing their location on the vehicle and

into our curriculum, and will continue to

two-year automotive training program,

detailing their importance to overall vehi-

introduce new training and resources that

which alternates ACDelco college instruc-

cle functionality.

will help give our accounts an edge over the competition.”

tion in automotive service and real-world

“If a customer’s brake pads are worn,

work experience, gives ISCs an opportu-

for example, the technician can point out

For more information, or to enroll in

nity to "grow their own" employees.

where on the vehicle the part is located

an ACDelco training course, contact

“TSEP allows TSS ISCs to groom techni-

and explain its function within the brake

your ACDelco representative, log on to

cians who could become potential full-time

system,” says David Roura, ACDelco mer- and click “TechConnect” or

employees upon graduation,” Christo-

chandising specialist.

call the ACDelco Enrollment Center at

phersen says. “Our TSS accounts are always

Building on the Automotive Systems

1-800-825-5886. •

Las Vegas-area TSEP students received “real-world“ training from ACDelco-sponsored NHRA Pro Stock driver Kurt Johnson at the ACDelco Las Vegas Nationals last year.



41504.30p 7/2/03 4:21 PM Page 1

tss update




Training Days ACDelco opens new center in Minnesota


CDelco is committed to improving all aspects of its automotive training, from the expertise of its technicians and the skills of its Independent Service Center (ISC) managers, to the

image of the profession as a whole. Much of that training and image

with a parts room that houses all

enhancing is taking place at ACDelco

ACDelco parts,” says Dale Campbell,

training facilities around the country,

ACDelco manager of training center

such as the Knowledge Center at Okla-

operations. One of the classrooms is

homa City Community College, the Ren-

computer-accessible to teach ACDelco’s

ton Technical College outside Seattle

Web Integrated Service Environment

and ACDelco’s newest training center

(WISE) system.

in Minnesota. ACDelco’s Anoka training facility has three classrooms all painted in ACDelco’s red, white and blue color scheme. Its shop area features a parts room that houses only ACDelco parts.

The new training center is located at

technical training, from basic electrical to

Anoka-Hennepin Technical College

our more advanced, OBD II classes,”

located in Anoka, Minn., a suburb of Min-

Campbell explains. “And while many cor-

neapolis. It opened last August with some

porations have gone to online, computer-

renovations completed earlier this year.

based training, we’re one of the few

The Anoka facility is dedicated solely to ACDelco. “It has three classrooms —



“We offer several different levels of

organizations that still conducts ‘handson’ training.”

all painted in ACDelco’s red, white and

While some classes are set up as

blue color scheme — and a shop area

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It’s part of a complete line to meet your customers’ various needs.

It employs the latest technology to deliver maximum performance.

And it’s available for whatever your customers drive.

So it comes as no surprise that the spark plugs you can count on come from ACDelco.

Whether it’s 100,000 mile performance like you get from Professional Platinum, or the quick throttle response and corrosion protection of ACDelco RAPIDFIRE® Performance Plugs, ACDelco spark plugs deliver. And they’re just one part of the engine repair system that works for just about every vehicle on the road: ACDelco.

Contact or 1-800-ACDelco.

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tss update

c o n t i n u e d

f ro m

p a g e

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goals of TSEP is to create a

industry has not traditionally looked to

more professional image of

apprenticeships for new hires, ACDelco

the automotive technician

has had success placing students from the

profession to parents, teach-

Anoka Training Center in TSS shops.

ers and communities. While many companies have gone to online, computer-based training, ACDelco is one of the few organizations that still conducts “hands-on” training.

“They always want someone with

“We insist on providing

experience,” she says. “But the response

our students with clean and

from TSS shops that have hired students

bright surroundings, high-tech equip-

from the TSEP program has been very,

ment and state-of-the-art technology,”

very positive. They are starting to accept

Christophersen says. “We believe it will

the change.”

refresher courses for professional techni-

help us accomplish a more professional

Most ACDelco training classes are two-

cians in the industry, the ACDelco train-

image of ACDelco and the repair industry

day sessions Monday through Friday from

ing centers are also used to educate and

as a whole.”

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The $150 per day

ACDelco recently graduated its first

cost is waived for participating Total Ser-

TSEP class out of the Oklahoma Knowl-

vice Support (TSS) customers, and stu-

Susan Christophersen, ACDelco man-

edge Center. And although Christophersen

dents can enroll online by accessing the

ager of service training, says one of the

acknowledges that the automotive service

TechConnect Web site via •

train students in ACDelco’s Technical Service Education Program (TSEP).

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