All you need to know about Your New Bathroom

All you need to know about… Your New Bathroom We’re delighted to be installing a brand new bathroom in your home, as part of our continued commitmen...
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All you need to know about… Your New Bathroom

We’re delighted to be installing a brand new bathroom in your home, as part of our continued commitment to improving Hyde homes. As you look forward to your new bathroom, this leaflet explains some of the options available to you as part of the new Hyde Quality Standard. General queries about what will happen during the replacement will be answered nearer the time in our contractor’s Resident Information Pack, which the contractor will leave with you when they carry out your design survey.

Improved Bathroom Range These items are standard for all new bathrooms. • New bathroom suite (toilet, bath and basin) • Floor to ceiling tiling around the bath • Shower screen (or weighted shower curtain) • Over bath shower • Non slip flooring • New wiring (where appropriate to meet current regulations)

We have improved our bathroom range enabling you to choose: • Floor colours including timber effect • Colour of wall tiles • Paint colour of walls • Style of taps • Shower curtain or screen

So what is the Hyde Quality Standard? The Hyde Quality Standard (HQS) is Hyde’s commitment to giving you a high quality bathroom with a range of choice options and the opportunity to be fully involved in the design of your bathroom.

We also now offer enhanced specification. This means if you would like something different to our improved range, you can purchase and provide your own materials and our contractors will install them at no extra cost. Anything you purchase will be your responsibility to maintain once it is fitted and must be left in the property should you move home. All items must conform to British Standards. Further restrictions may apply and you should talk to the contractor during the design survey before purchasing anything. Enhanced specification can be used to allow greater choice over:  • Colour of wall tiles • Paint colour of walls • Style of taps • Vanity Unit • WC seat • Bathroom cabinet

 You will also have the right to direct purchase items. This means you can choose to upgrade to a higher bathroom specification for an additional cost which you will be expected to pay for directly at competitive market rates. Payment for any direct purchase items will need to be made within the 14 days as outlined below otherwise we will proceed with the works in accordance with our Improved Range. At the design stage our contractor will give you the opportunity to purchase alternative or extra products to personalise your bathroom. Direct Purchase items: • Mirrored cabinet with lights • Heated towel rail • Vanity Unit • Timber effect WC seat • Full height tiles around the bath. • Jacuzzi bath

When do I get to make my choices? Our contractor will contact you directly to arrange a design survey at your home ahead of the installation. When they carry out this survey they will bring samples or photographs of the choices available to you. They will also use this opportunity to take measurements of your bathroom. Our contractor will sit with you at your design survey and talk to you in more detail about what to expect during the replacement and will be happy to answer any immediate questions that you may have.

What if I change my mind about any of my choices? Once you have made your choices you will be asked to sign up to them. Once you have signed you will have a 14 day cooling off period in which to change your mind about any of the choices you have made. The contractor will leave you their contact details and you should contact them directly to discuss any changes you wish to make. After the 14 days are completed our contractor will order in your bathroom and you will be committed to the choices you have made. Any changes made after this date may be chargeable.

Are there any exceptions to me getting my bathroom replacement? Yes there are. Hyde won’t carry out this work in your property if, when we are ready to carry out your design survey any of the following apply to you or your property: • You have not allowed access to the property for a gas safety check. This must be completed prior to the design survey. • You are subject to a Notice of Seeking Possession. In this instance the work is put on hold until either the notice expires, is withdrawn or an eviction has taken place. • You have outstanding rent arrears, unless you have fully complied with a repayment agreement for a minimum of six months. • You have a current or outstanding Right to Buy or Right to Acquire application in place.

Any more questions?

We want your feedback!

We know you’re probably full of questions about your new bathroom, and we may not have answered everything here. If you have any further questions please speak to our contractor at your design survey as they can answer most queries for you at this stage. If you have any questions or concerns afterwards that they can’t answer, feel free to contact us by any of the contact methods on the back of this leaflet.

Good, bad or indifferent, we want to know what you think of your new bathroom. We will carry out an inspection and you may also be contacted by an independent research company once the work is complete. You can also contact us to tell us about your experience via our Customer Services team, using the numbers shown on the back of this leaflet.

Do you need a handyperson? You can now use our handyperson service to get minor carpentry, electrical or plumbing jobs done free of charge, whilst our contractors are on site fitting your new bathroom. All you need to do is speak to your Resident Liaison Officer from Keepmoat Regeneration, (who will be contacting you shortly,) before works starts so these jobs can be planned in to a maximum of two hours work.

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