THE KALMAR COUNTERBALANCE RANGE. ALL HEAVY LIFTS MADE EASY. Kalmar is part of Cargotec Corporation Demonstrating the We work hard to help identif...
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Kalmar is part of Cargotec Corporation

Demonstrating the

We work hard to help identify and deliver the right

factory installed and tested, Kalmar assures the depend-

machine for each task, regardless of complexity. What is

ability and precision of the attachments, ranging from

a source of pride for us and delivers peace of mind for

spreaders, forks, paper clamps to special steel, stone or

customers is our ability to leverage Kalmar’s renowned

concrete handling attachments.

industrial heritage of engineering excellence to produce efficient and reliable machines, regardless of where they

Kalmar machines are built to last, but that doesn’t mean

will be used.

we stand still. Kalmar offers our industry’s most modern lift truck fleet. Kalmar’s design engineers share R&D

With lifting capacities ranging from 5 to 90 tonnes,

know-how across product platforms, enabling faster time

Kalmar provides a solution for every material handling

to market, significant cost savings and speedier applica-

need. Nothing is too big or too awkward or too fragile to

tion of new technology.

be lifted by a Kalmar. Using the world’s broadest spectrum of fully integrated specialised lifting attachments,

power of options

Intelligent competitiveness Kalmar’s CAN-bus system delivers trouble shooting ten

handling machines meet or exceed all global environ-

times faster than conventional machines, simplified elec-

mental regulations, reducing emissions and improving

trical systems and maintenance, and longer service inter-

our customer’s profitability by slashing fuel use and

vals. The new technology also enables “smart” systems

launching ‘cleaner’ technologies and fuels such as LPG

such as remote machine interface (RMI) to monitor fleet

(liquid petroleum gas).

performance in real time. The preferred choice for customers in 140 markets Uncompromising, green and productive

#1 in reachstackers

Caring for the environment is not just about safeguarding

#1 in empty container handling

the planet for future generations, but it also encompasses

#1 in heavy industrial forklift in Europe

hard-nosed business choices. Kalmar’s heavy material

#1 in RoRo applications

Reachstackers • Kalmar has close to half of the reachstacker

• Some reachstackers are specially built by Kalmar to

market with more than 4500 units operating in over

meet the noise limits set by a local terminal’s adjacent

140 countries.

residential area. The reachstackers’ special anti-noise

• More than 1.000 DRF-series reachstackers have been sold globally, logging at least 5 million comprehensive operating hours. • For over 20 years, customers from train/road, road/

features include sound absorbers, a new silencer implemented in the Kalmar Control System (KCS) and a new electrical system. • In empty container handling there is a demand for

river and transit barge/ship sea terminals have bene-

high pace and efficient space utilisation. The Kalmar

fited from the Kalmar reachstacker’s uncompromising

empty reachstacker employs the F-technology and

reliability, performance and excellent driver comfort.

design of the full-size reachstacker together with the

• Kalmar reachstackers and heavy forklift trucks can be equipped with RMI (Remote Machine Interface) allowing service technicians to plan maintenance, control the use of the fleet and manage the productivity of the machines, all in real time.

experience of engineering smaller trucks.

Empty Container Handlers

Top lifts

• Kalmar empty container handlers are reliable, simple

• Kalmar’s new top lift was designed to meet the strong

workhorses that continue to get the job done. • Customers appreciate benefits like an ergonomic driving environment, and an environmentally friendly

demands of higher productivity and better operational quality from port and terminal customers in the U.S. • The DCF top lift outperforms all competition – taking

engine with lower emissions, less maintenance and

a container from the ground to 5-high position and to

decreased sound level when using Kalmar empty con-

the ground again is 26 seconds faster than the com-

tainer handlers.

petition’s machine. It is also the only machine in its

• The Kalmar DCF100 was specially created to satisfy a growing demand in the truck market for the double handling of empty containers. With up to a 10 tonne lift capacity, this machine can stack containers up to nine-high, or 8+1. The DCF comes equipped with a reinforced mast, a wide and powerful drive axle and a robust lifting attachment.

class that can stack five high at full capacity (up to 45 tonnes). • The service interval of the DCF has doubled – from 250 hours to 500 hours!

Heavy Lift Truck 20 – 90 tonne

Medium Lift Trucks 9 – 18 tonne

• The objectives of designing the latest heavy lift truck

• Kalmar’s medium lift truck range was designed with

were to improve performance, ergonomics and the

an emphasis on hard reliability. They can be equipped

reliability of the machine.

to withstand extreme environments when handling

• This lift truck can be fitted with several different attachments like spreaders, forks, coil rams and clamps making this machine the ultimate flexible solution. • It’s engineered and built to give the customers a clear advantage – boosting both drivers and profits while minimising the impact on the environment.

steel between smelting furnaces of around 1000ºC while working with heavy loads on unstable ground. • These machines can be fitted with attachments to handle materials such as pulp, paper, concrete and stone. • Requiring less-frequent servicing and unparalleled availability, the operating costs of medium lift trucks are 15 percent less than other models while the Optirev system optimises engine revolutions and reduces fuel consumption by 10 percent. Optispeed, electronic optimisation of the machine’s lifting speed, provides more efficient handling.

Light Lift Trucks 5 – 9 tonne

Roro Lift Trucks 28 – 33 tonne

• A strong market for electric trucks remains where

• The new generation RoRo forklift truck is specifically-

emission requirements are particularly stringent, such

designed to perform demanding handling duties in

as for indoor operations. Kalmar is one of the few

confined spaces onboard roll-on, roll-off vessels. The

manufacturers that can offer electric trucks with a

truck can handle all types of RoRo cargo, such as sawn

capacity of up to 9 tonnes.

timber goods, machine parts, stone or containers.

• Robust design and finely-tuned drive lines lie at the

• The machines are equipped with the latest generation

foundation of these trucks’ simple, smooth operation.

low-emission diesel engines with optional catalytic

Integrated intelligence, a variety of attachments, and

exhaust purification meant to improve the working

other customisable functions make it even easier for


drivers to do their job while minimising the risk of damage to goods like pulp and paper, steel and concrete. • Forklifts, including the light and medium models, driven at the Ante-Holz facility in Hesse, Germany log around 5.500 hours per a year handling sawn timber, laminated wood, machined timber and timber for the garden.


CHOOSE KALMAR. 1 / COST OVER LIFETIME Kalmar offers the best cost over lifetime for its customers. Modern and innovative technology together with lasting equipment and comprehensive service ensures Kalmar increases its customers’ productivity. Every day.

Kalmar Industries AB Torggatan 3, SE-340 10 Lidhult, Sweden


tel. +46 372 260 00, fax. +46 372 263 90


tel. +46 372 260 10, fax. +46 372 263 93 Kalmar is part of Cargotec Corporation

3 29

SE-341 81 Ljungby, Sweden

Kalmar Industries AB

Kalmar has not stopped at the top, but continuously improves its offering. New services as well as investments in automation and environmentally friendly solutions work for our customers benefit.




Kalmar practises innovative service development. Because of Kalmar’s local customer service strategy, Kalmar knows its customers’ local conditions, and can provide efficient and effective service in every location.




Kalmar invests in its sales and service network. Thus Kalmar is a reliable and trustworthy supplier with ability to serve demanding customers.

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