Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Professional Standards in Agribusiness Equine Science ...
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Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Professional Standards in Agribusiness

Equine Science / Livestock / Small Animal Management

Energy & Natural Resources Technology

Food Technology & Safety

Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management

Agribusiness Management & Marketing

Veterinary Medical Applications

Advanced Environmental Technology

Food Processing

Range Ecology & Mgmt/ Forestry & Woodland Ecosystems

Mathematical Applications in AFNR

Advanced Animal Science

August 2009

Practicum in AFNR

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies

Agricultural Power Systems

Agricultural Facilities Design & Fabrication

Principles & Elements of Floral Design

Landscape Design & Turf Mgmt / Horticultural Science

Advanced Plant & Soil Science

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Principles of Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Energy, Power & Transportation Systems

Aircraft Technology

Automotive Technology

Collision Repair & Refinishing

Small Engine Technology

Advanced Aircraft Technology

Advanced Automotive Technology

Advanced Collision Repair & Refinishing

Advanced Small Engine Technology

Practicum in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Transportation Systems Management

Logistics, Planning & Management Systems

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Concepts of Engineering & Technology



Robotics & Automation

Engineering Design & Presentation

Advanced Biotechnology

Advanced Electronics

Principles of Technology*

Advanced Engineering Design & Presentation

Scientific Research & Design*

Practicum in STEM

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Design & Problem Solving*

*Course approved for science credit August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Marketing Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance

Retailing & E-tailing

Sports & Entertainment Marketing


Marketing Dynamics

Practicum in Marketing Dynamics

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Advertising & Sales Promotion

Fashion Marketing

Manufacturing Principles of Manufacturing

Manufacturing Engineering

Flexible Manufacturing


Precision Metal Manufacturing

Advanced Flexible Manufacturing

Advanced Welding

Advanced Precision Metal Manufacturing

Practicum in Manufacturing

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Law Enforcement I

Correctional Services

Court Systems & Practices

Security Services

Practicum in Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Safety

August 2009

Firefighter I

Forensic Science

Law Enforcement II

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Firefighter II

Information Technology Principles of Information Technology

Computer Maintenance

Computer Programming

Digital & Interactive Multimedia


Advanced Computer Programming

Web Technologies

communications & Networking

Computer Technician

August 2009

Research in IT Solutions

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Human Services Principles of Human Services

Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness

Dollars and Sense

Interpersonal Studies

Child Development

Counseling & Mental Health

Child Guidance

Family & Community Services

Introduction to Cosmetology

(may be added to any sequence)

Practicum in Human Services

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Cosmetology I

Cosmetology II

Hospitality and Tourism Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Travel & Tourism Management

Hotel Management

Hospitality Services

Practicum in Hospitality Services August 2009

Restaurant Management

Culinary Arts

Food Science (may be added to any sequence)

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Practicum in Culinary Arts

Health Science Principles of Health Science

Health Science

Advanced Biotechnology (STEM)

Medical Terminology / Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness^ / Counseling & Mental Health^ (^Human Services) Anatomy & Physiology/ Medical Microbiology / Pathophysiology / Scientific Research & Design (STEM)

World Health Research

August 2009

Practicum in Health Science

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Government and Public Administration Principles of Government & Public Administration

Public Management & Administration

Foreign Service & Diplomacy

National Security

Political Science I

Revenue, Taxation, & Regulation

Practicum in Local, State, & Federal Government

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Political Science II

Planning & Governance

Finance Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance

Money Matters

Banking & Financial Services

Securities & Investments

Insurance Operations

Accounting I

Accounting II

Financial Analysis

Statistics & Risk Management

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Education and Training Principles of Education & Training

Human Growth & Development

Instructional Practice in Education & Training

Practicum in Education & Training

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Business Management and Administration Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance

Human Resources Management

Touch System Data Entry

Virtual Business

Business Law

Business Information Management I

Business Management

Global Business

Business Information Management II

Practicum in Business Management

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Principles of Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Audio Video Production

Fashion Design

Printing and Imaging Technology

Advanced Audio / Video Production

Advanced Fashion Design

Advanced Printing and Imaging Technology


Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration

Commercial Photography

Practicum in Fashion Design

Practicum in Printing and Imaging Technology

Advanced Animation

Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration

Advanced Commercial Photography

Graphic Design & Illustration

Practicum in Audio Video Production

Professional Communications (may be added to any cluster)

August 2009

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

Architecture and Construction

Principles of Architecture & Construction

Interior Design

Architectural Design

Construction Management

Advanced Interior Design

Advanced Architectural Design

Advanced Construction Management

Practicum in Interior Design

Practicum in Architectural Design

August 2009

Construction Technology

Advanced Construction Technology

Practicum in Construction Management

Mill & Cabinetmaking Technology

Building Maintenance Technology

Electrical Technology

HVAC & Refrigeration Technology

Piping & Plumbing Technology

Advanced Building Maintenance Technology

Advanced Electrical Technology

Advanced HVAC & Refrigeration Technology

Advanced Plumbing & Piping Technology

© 2009 Texas Education Agency

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