AGM 2O15 Somerton SLSC would like to say thank you and acknowledges the support of: AGENDA

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Notice of Meeting.




Adoption of Minutes of the 54th Annual General Meeting held on 3rd August 2014 and business arising there from.


Presentation, Consideration and Adoption of the 55th Annual Report and Financial Statement.


Notices of Motion on recommendations of Board of Management.


Alterations/amendments to the Constitution


Affiliation with SLSSA.


Long Service Awards


Club Membership Fees for season 2015/2016.


Declaration of Vacancies of Present Committee.


Election of Officers for Season 2015/2016.


General Business.

Somerton SLSC would like to say thank you and acknowledges the support of: Stonecraft Imports as Platinum Sponsor for 2014-2017 and the donation of a Surf Boat. DHL as a National Major Partner of Surf Life Saving and for their significant uniform sponsorship, enabling uniforms to be provided free of charge to patrolling lifesavers. Westpac as a State Major Partner of Surf Life Saving SA and for their uniform sponsorship support, on beach support and the provision of the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter which supports Club activities. Telstra as a National Major Partner and for their support across the SMS/Email system that is used at SurfCom. BRP and their Grant Program for the discounted ATVs/RWCs Adelaide Airport sponsorship of Surf Life Saving SA and the gift of a Inflatable Rescue Boat Surf Life Saving SA for ongoing support





Robin Kidney Phil Lambourne*



The name of the club shall be the ‘Somerton Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated’. The club shall affiliate with Surf Life Saving Australia, Surf Life Saving South Australia and any other organisation that the Management Committee may from time to time determine.


The objectives of the club shall be: • The study and practice of the methods of surf life saving as laid down by the Surf Life Saving Australia. • To minimise the loss of life from drowning and render all possible aid to those in distress by providing beach patrols as laid down by the State Centre within the borders of the beach. • To co-operate with the local governing authorities in taking such measures as are considered necessary by the club to ensure the safety of users of the beach. • To organise and conduct competitions and social functions for the benefit of the Club and its members.


The club colours shall be White, Green and Black and shall be subject to the approval of the State Centre.


The Somerton Surf Life Saving Club patrols the area between King Street, Brighton and the Broadway, Glenelg : some 5 kilometres of coastline. A static Base Patrol is situated on the beach, below the cliff in front of the Clubrooms, from which roving patrols to both the north and south of the Club are coordinated. Constant surveillance of the immediate areas is maintained from the cliff top and/or from the balcony of the Club House. The mobile patrol is also coordinated from the main beach patrol and each patrolling day the IRB regularly patrols from King Street in the south to the Broadway in the north. This extends our boundaries of patrolling operations to in excess of five kilometres thus ensuring that all beach between Somerton and the neighbouring clubs is well and truly covered


Robin Kidney Peter Brown Forbes Weir* Doug Gray* Keith Sangster* Allan McDonough* Tony Kidney Tony Dyer Dick Cabban* Robert Golding Dean Hammond* Robert Hood Snr* Max Golding* Paul Lewandowski Robert Hood Jnr Peter Hood James McCaul Dot Hammond* Francis ‘Gary’ Miller* Andrew Whitington Timothy Fletcher Matthew Fletcher Jason Bradley Andrew Holt David Meaney Sarah Bradley Stephen Cornish Michelle Cornish Shar Hood Andrew Meaney Raymond Nussio Warwick Holland Bill Smith Louise Fletcher Phil Lambourne* Steve Miller Neill Hogg Melissa Millsteed Catherine Frost Mark Williams Robin McBride * deceased




President: Mark Strachan Vice President: Mark Williams Hon. Secretary: Robin McBride Hon. Treasurer: Graham Burfield Registrar: Margie Brown Club Captain: Ashlee Rebuli Vice Captain: Madeleine McBride Junior Coordinator: Gary Irvine Junior Administration Officer: Francie Bourke Competition Officer: James McBride Chief Instructor: Dave Provis Public Relations Officer: Aaron Tannahill Boat Captain: John Stewart Board and Ski Captain: Liam Holland I.R.B. Captain: Matt Fletcher/Craig Brown Gear Steward: Simon Gardner Radio Officer: Kevin Heard Race Steward: Jason Bradley/ Bill Smith First Aid Officer: David Provis

Mayor Stephen Patterson


Dr. Duncan McFetridge Rosemary Clancy David Speirs Lance Meaney Ian Mcleod Dr. Andrew Southcott Matt Williams MP




Somerton SLSC bar, bistro, beach café and One Club. Funded by south australians through the emergency services fund CITY OF HOLDFAST BAY COUNCIL








PRESIDENT’S REPORT In my second year as club President, it is with much pleasure that I present this report after a season where no lives were lost on our beach at Somerton SLSC. Another great season has come to a close at Somerton with either exceeding or maintaining status quo in both Junior and Senior competition results. Let’s not forget why we are at the club and that is to carry out Patrols and provide a service to the community. This year has seen strong patrol hours and many people volunteering their time to ensure the beaches remain safe. What was especially pleasing to see were the number of new Bronze and award holders being trained tireless by our Chief Instructor – David Provis and he team which he assembled to assist him. Credit goes to these people for their additional efforts and assistance in ensuring we remain highly skilled. At Somerton, we, like many other charitable organisations rely on the support of the local community and businesses. On behalf of the club I wouldlike to thank our Platinum sponsor, Stonecraft Imports, we are very proud to have them on board. As a club, we need to strive to build on Mark’s charitable donations and big heart to find more businesses willing to support the club and ensure our future and sustainability. At Somerton I have always been proud of our culture, our work ethic and continual improvements on the beach in both volunteer hours and competition results.


Now it is time for everyone to pitch in and take these same values to ensure our financial future. I would like to thank the Board of Management, Patrolling members, competitors and most importantly all volunteers for making 2014/2015 another memorable season. As many of you would know, this is my last year as President and Board of Management member, but it will not be the last of me around the club. With two very active boys, Rhys in the Under 13’s and Hugh Under 8’s next year, I’m sure they will keep me involved and contributing. Surf Life Saving has been in my blood since I was 6 and it will never leave me, it has made me the person I am today both in business and personally. I am in indebted to the movement and our club, being a volunteer in surf lifesaving is an honour and something I am proud to say I am associated with. My Club, Your Club, Our Club. Mark Strachan Somerton SLSC President


VICE PRESIDENTS REPORT Firstly thank you and congratulations to all club members. And again, thank you to all volunteers for taking the time to make our club what it is and congratulations to competitors for wearing the green white and black with pride and professionalism. Mark Strachan & I both manage our own businesses which have their own challenges and rewards. Somerton Surf Life Saving Club is no different. In these tough times there are challenges. We have an amazing facility that we regularly hire out for functions. This market continues to be more competitive as all sporting clubs, whether it be surf, golf, sailing, soccer or football compete for the wedding and corporate dollar. To add to this, it is also seasonal for us. This does not help the club financially through the winter months. Certainly not a reflection of our hard working team we have running functions and Friday bistros. Again to all staff, volunteers, sand bar staff, merchandise and our Saturday BBQ team – a biggest thank you. In my early years of the newly renovated Somerton Surf Life Saving Club (SSLSC)it was hard not be concerned about members not being able to facilitate upstairs on a Saturday. We all feel the pain. Hopefully we have found a good balance of combining both upstairs and downstairs, still generating the money we need from ‘hire’ being critical to our survival. Talking of downstairs, The Sand Bar has a great feel and many a good time has been had on Saturday afternoons after Nippers. The Sand Bar is very much a work in progress and we are doing our best to make it a welcoming environment for you all. We could never have done this without Petra Barber who is there every Saturday and her fine team for making everyone feel welcome. Thank you Petra. We hope you enjoy your retirement from the Sand Bar. I am fortunate to be involved with both the Junior Committee and Board of Management. For this reason I am aware of the club structures as a whole and can ensure all club members our patrol and competition teams are making giant steps in the right direction. We had great results at the states in both junior and senior level with some of the best credentialed and passionate area coaches available.


The Minda Development has provided new challenges for the club. I am sure over the next few years the issues will become fewer and we will all reap the rewards of our new neighbors. In saying that, we are also facing never ending maintenance, upkeep and possible club extensions to cater for our growing storage and membership. How nice would it be to have a major sponsor come along and help us on our journey. Do you know anyone? We have an enthusiastic team in place helping guide the club moving forward. Originally the clubhouse was built to accommodate the 450 members we had. You may have noticed by the lack of storage that we now have and its never ending challenges. It would be nice to think that in the not too distant future we could look at expanding our facility. In finishing I’d like to thank all fellow Board members for a successful and fun year. To the SSLSC in general – let’s band together and don’t be afraid to put your hand up. The coming season is going to be the acid test. We want to strive to improve and continue to be the friendly and welcoming club that that we are. See you there. Thanks all Mark Williams Vice President

SOMERTON ONE CLUB Barber Family Jason Barber Berrington Family David Brown Family Craig & Amy Brown Greg Brown Family Buchanan Family Burfield Family Cann Family Chigwidden Family Connelly Family Coombe Family Nichola Coombe Cusenza Family Sarah Cutbush Deb Hampton Clare Harris Family Shayne Hennig Hosking Family Irvine Family Johnson Family Jones Family Kernick Family Lally & Mainsbridge Family Lance Meaney LeCornu Family

Lightfoot Family Loftus Family Lunn Family Majeric Family Mayfield Family McAllister Family James McBride McBride Family Millsteed Family Greg Milsom Nathan Family Oliver & Grant Family Parr Family Ashlee Rebuli Riches Family Rule Family Seagrim Family Strachan Family Sulzmann Family Dan Sulzmann Darren Tull Twizell Family Vinall Family Watts Family Mark Williams Family Winson Family


CHIEF INSTRUCTOR’S REPORT The most recent Surf Life Saving season has been a busy one from my perspective. Much has been done to be proud of in the past months but there is still much to do given that our membership continues to grow and more and more people wish to contribute to the safety of our beaches. There have also been one or two disappointments. Once again, a few dedicated volunteers found time between competition and heavy administrative club commitments to train many Somerton members in new awards. This season we trained 37 members in their Bronze Medallion (though I’m not quite sure how), 25 in their Surf Rescue Certificate, 9 in their Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate, 11 in Spinal Management, 8 in their IRB Crew award and 5 in their IRB Driver award. 23 members also completed or updated their Provide First Aid through Surf Life Saving South Australia, with our assistance. I congratulate both the trainers and trainees on their achievement and thank the trainees for their patience and flexibility when completing awards at Somerton. Perhaps of particular note this season is that two new young Bronze Medallion Training Officers


completed this award and began helping out with training commitments. Chloe Paterson and Max Hosking both completed this award; one which requires significant commitment. They also provided invaluable help and enthusiasm to more experienced and more tired trainers. The good news is that both Liam Jones and Jack Millsteed are also close to completing this award and the assistance these young life savers will be able to provide to our club in the near future will be essential for its continued success. Mel Millsteed, Rob McBride, Aaron Tannahill and myself, as well as Chloe and Max committed a significant amount of their already limited personal time in order to train the new award holders mentioned. We thank them sincerely for their efforts and hope they continue to support our club through educating members. As always, I need to acknowledge Mel’s efforts in particular. She has handled a massive administrative burden with regard to training again this season. Ray Nussio spent much less time on the beach this season due to personal commitments, but somehow still found time to come down and help from time to time, for which I also express my appreciation. Ray’s absence in the early part of the season meant that Mel, Rob and myself, with the help of our younger training officers in training,

had to shoulder much more of the burden that is completing hundreds of proficiencies. This proved just how heavy the burden is, and how much we owe Ray for the completion of these in other seasons. Thank you to all those who assisted with proficiencies this season and to those members who were understanding of my grumpiness. We are fortunate to have 8 more IRB Crew and 5 more IRB Drivers this coming season thanks to the efforts of Matt Fletcher and Simon Gardner. One of my greatest disappointments of this season is that Matt Fletcher moved on from his position as IRB Captain and therefore from IRB training also. I understand his decision, but I am still hopeful he might be convinced to return as he has endless knowledge and experience to share and an appreciated method of sharing. Training is generally just more fun when he’s involved. Simon trained side-by-side with Matt this season and took the reigns solo when Matt departed. I’m indebted to Simon for his commitment and especially for dealing with more admin than usual while I was away. Now let me sincerely apologise if I have failed to acknowledge anyone who has provided me with assistance this season, or indeed, if I have missed any notable achievements. I confess that my mind is still adjusting back into the civilian fold after 5

weeks of army training, which has also made the most recent surf life saving season seem an age ago. At this point I should also make it known that I do not intend to nominate for the position of Chief Instructor in the coming season, so that I may rest after the rigours of last season but also so that I can work on some other things I have been meaning to do for some time. I still intend to be involved with training at Somerton but I encourage anyone who might be interested in finding out more about what being Chief Instructor means to contact me. There are also Training Officer courses scheduled for the near future, so if you are interested in training, assessing or believe you might be able to get recognition of prior learning for the trainer’s award, please let me know. We still need as many more Training Officers as we can get. Award IRB Crew Provide First Aid Surf Rescue Certificate ARTC IRB Driver Spinal Management Training Officer Total

37 23 25 17 5 11 2 120

Dave Provis


HONORARY SECRETARY’S REPORT club who help us at carnivals, support our Saturday afternoon raffles, enjoy the ambience of Buddy’s Bar and volunteer in our bistro – THANK YOU. Associate membership increased by 10% this year. So overall, our club membership (as recorded on Surfguard) increased by 17, from 1022 to a total of 1039 members. Again, big thank you to all our Somerton family for signing up and supporting our club.

Well, another fabulous season at Somerton SLSC has been and gone and as I write this report, I realise that the next season is just around the corner. The 2014 season started with Registration Day. Along with my new assistant and Club Registrar, Margie Brown and 30 dedicated volunteers we registered about 20% of the club membership on the day. Even more satisfying for me was the fact that we had approx. 35% of our members renew their membership online prior to Registration Day. The day was another huge success and it was pleasing to see a majority of existing members signing up again for a season of fun in the sun. Even better, those existing members brought some friends along to join up also.

Now it’s time to thank all of those who have helped me throughout the season. I apologise here at the start as I’m bound to forget some-one; too much Coopers will do that to you. Mark Strachan, our 2nd year President has done an exceptional job of steering the ship, working behind the bar, being an Age Group Manager and rowing boats. As many of you are aware, Mark is stepping down as President and I for one will truly miss him; I am honoured to call Mark a friend.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our ONE CLUB members for their continued support. The ONE CLUB comprises 47 families encompassing 153 members who have signed on for a 3 year membership deal; 2013-2016.

Margie Brown, Club Registrar, Francie Bourke, Junior Admin Officer and Gary Irvine, Junior Activity Coordinator are responsible for the nipper explosion at Somerton – well done guys. A huge thank you to Robin Johnson and his crew for providing the Saturday BBQ that has become a hallmark of our club. Sheena LeCornu, Petra and Daryl Barber who are always there to support me and the rest of the club in any way they can. Christine, Tracey, Jo, Sally, James and Lauren for your fabulous efforts with merchandise – THANK YOU. Brad Keighran, thanks for the Sponsorship Opportunities Booklet, I appreciate all your effort in establishing another medium between us and our members.

This season we signed up 356 Registered Nippers, down just 15 on last year. In addition, we have 98 SomerSquad members (13 – 18 y.o.), down just 13 on last year. This is still an excellent result as Somerton has bucked the national trend and retained its vital youth contingent that are now primed to move into the Senior area of the club. Thank you again Sarah Hosking. Again this year, our largest increase was in our Associates; they are the Mums and Dads at our

Membership Categories






Junior Activity Member (5-13 years)




Cadets 13 - 15 y.o.




Active 15 – 18 y.o.




Active 18+




Award Members




Associate Members




Life Members




Long Service Members








Aaron Tannahill who joined our club this season, took on the responsibility of social media guru and newsletter publisher, the latter relieving me of a time consuming task; thank you Aaron. I’d like to especially acknowledge the role of Sarah Hosking, who has been the guiding light of the SomerSquad program for four seasons now. Momma Somma has given our cadets purpose, focus and made Saturday’s fun for this group who have migrated into the Cadet area – now known as the SomerSquad. I’ve watched as this group have been involved in everything; Training camps, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, water cover, patrol, SSLSA Door Knock Appeal, carnivals, Age Group Managers – you guys certainly have had a busy year. I believe Sarah is the most valuable member at our club – just sayin’. The highlight of my year was being on the beach doing what I really love; training bronze groups, patrolling between the flags and being with my family. Anne-Marie is now in her 11th year as a carnival official, Madeleine in her 2nd year as ViceCaptain and James in his 5th year as Competition Officer.

Another role I relish at the club is Training Officer so thank you to all those who stepped up to do their Bronze Medallion this season – I enjoyed helping you achieve your award and look forward to seeing you all between the flags next season. Patrolling between the flags, what life saving and our whole club existence is all about; I enjoy it and encourage all those who have gained awards to participate, patrol and feel rewarded in the knowledge that you are making Somerton a safer place. Somerton Surf Life Saving Club; “Your Club - Our Club - One Club”. See you next season either on the balcony or between the flags; but always at Somerton. Robin McBride Honorary Secretary Somerton SLSC


CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT Another season draws to a close, and what a season it has been. Last season closed with Somerton’s victory as SLSSA’s Club of the Year. This was a huge feat, and could not have been achieved without the unique combination of all things Somerton. Our nipper contingent was just one element of our winning Club of the Year submission. The professionalism with which Gary Irvine, Francie Bourke and all the AGMs and parents run the Somerton nipper program is outstanding. The swelling numbers of nippers each season is no accident, nor is the continued success they build on each year. Youth retention is a persistent problem throughout surf life saving, not just in South Australia but throughout clubs Australia wide. When nippers complete their final year of juniors, their interest in lifesaving, competition and community service can dwindle, and they find the clubs lack the structure to entice them back for another year. However, with Sarah Hosking leading SomerSquad at Somerton, things are different. Our club is very fortunate to have these wonderful role models for the nippers to look up to, and such dedicated volunteers to keep our older members on their toes. If SomerSquad are the future of our club, I think it is a very promising future indeed. Somerton’s patrols had another great year with record patrol attendance and a massive number of hours patrolled. This could not have been done without the massive efforts of Maddy McBride with her team of patrol captains and vice-captains. A special mention must also go to Brittany Miller, winner of the prestigious Lifesaver of the Year award this season who logged over 130 patrolling hours.


The Senior competitors also had a great year with massive improvements. After years dominating the beach, Somerton also made its mark in the water events this year. The commitment of our green black and white competitors is inspiring. Our competitors were well led by James McBride this season, and serve as great mentors for our future senior competitors. Each season I have the honour of presenting the Club Captains award to a member who puts their heart and soul into the club. It’s difficult to choose one person in a sea of worthy recipients. People like Rob McBride, Francie Bourke, James McBride and Margie Brown who volunteer hours of their time each season to make Somerton a better place. This season, I awarded it to Darryl Barber in recognition of the constant support he provides to the club year in, year out. Whenever we are in need of a helping hand, be it for water cover for a nipper carnival, a volunteer shift behind the bar or assistance with maintaining trailers, Darryl is always among the first to volunteer. He truly encapsulates the Somerton spirit. Somerton SLSC is the largest club in South Australia, and requires the largest amount of behind the scenes work to run successfully. We have been fortunate to have Mark Williams, Rob McBride and Mark Strachan guiding our club, with the assistance of the Board of Management and volunteers. As we transition to a new season, we need your support in taking ownership of the future of this great community organisation. Somerton cannot continue to serve its members without their active participation and I implore you all to roll up your sleeves and get involved. I promise you will receive much more than you put in. Ashlee Rebuli Club Captain

VICE CAPTAIN’S REPORT At the close of the 2014/2015 patrol season, I would like to thank all our patrolling members for another successful season keeping the community safe on the beach and in the water. We have focused a lot on encouraging the youth to play a more active role within the club on patrols and also other vital duties such as SurfCom, water safety and carnival patrols. At the end of last season, feedback was collected from each patrol captain and the consensus was to return to larger group sizes as to ensure greater and consistent numbers for each rostered patrol. This was adopted and the feedback from patrols at the end of this season has been positive. These groups patrolled between the red and yellow flags on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for a total of 4240.5 hours using their skills and knowledge to keep Somerton safe. This is significantly more hours than the previous 2 years. First aid incidents were kept to a low and many preventative actions were taken.

I would like to thank everyone who assisted patrols. A very big thank you to Dave Provis who put lots of time and effort into cleaning up and organising the first aid room at the start of the season and continuing to keep it in perfect condition throughout the season. Thanks to Simon Gardner and Ashlee Rebuli for getting the equipment checked and keeping it up to date with SLSA standards. Many thanks to all the patrol captains and vice-captains for organizing their patrols and pulling off another great season. And of course a big thank you to all our volunteers who kept our beach safe. See you all next season between the red and yellow! Maddy McBride Vice-Captain

In addition to rostered patrols, we also have a team of dedicated nipper parents and award holders who do many hours as water safety for nippers on Saturdays, at mid-week trainings and carnivals. Nippers hold the largest membership in the club, with 356 kids we always need more parents to put their hand up to do water safety. We had three patrol inspections this season and each was conducted extremely well, showing off our skills and knowledge. This just goes to show how competent our members are and it gives Somerton a great reputation.


PATROL HOURS SURNAME Miller Window McAllister Bradley Mayfield Smith McAllister Drury Lally Bourke Provis Paterson Brown Mainsbridge Mayfield Stewart Paterson McBride Millsteed Keighran Oliver Burfield Twizell Brookes Dawood Hosking Irvine McBride Barber Hocking Fielding Whitford Chigwidden Rebuli Barber Fahey LeCornu Watts Williams Ramsay Chigwidden Holt Pribanic Barber Jones Williams Fletcher Poetsch Strachan Twizell Loftus Hocking Holland Holt Curtis Hosking Barratt Whitchurch Jury Tull Abbott Gustafsson Hosking Kernick LeCornu Nelson Stevens Vinall Coombe Tannahill McAllister 32

FIRST NAME Brittany Lisa Matthew Jason Catherine Lucy Adam Scott Kate Bryan David Chloe Craig Sally Stephen John India Madeleine Jack Brad Alec Helen William Neil Tallia Max Riley James Davis Kane Larissa Luke Nick Ashlee Rhys Brendan Tori Malim Jessica Neil Sarah Sean Joseph Jason Liam Cooper Molly Aeden Mark Charlotte Thomas Georgia Daniel Maddie Henry Joe Ben Maggie Katie Holly Jack David Scarlett Robert Darcy Harry Jenny Cameron Nichola Aaron Marian

HOURS 137.75 73.75 69.00 68.75 61.00 49.00 46.75 41.00 40.50 39.50 38.50 38.00 36.00 36.00 35.00 35.00 34.50 34.25 34.00 33.75 33.00 32.25 31.50 31.25 31.00 31.00 31.00 31.00 30.50 30.25 29.75 29.25 28.75 28.75 28.00 28.00 28.00 28.00 28.00 27.50 27.25 27.25 27.25 27.00 27.00 27.00 26.50 26.25 26.25 26.25 26.00 25.75 25.75 25.75 25.50 25.50 25.00 24.50 24.25 24.25 24.00 24.00 24.00 24.00 24.00 24.00 24.00 23.75 23.50 23.50 23.25

Ross Gardner Jones Fletcher Holland Buchanan Cusenza Holland Beinke Rosenthal Turner Hayes Johnson Anderson Corcoran Kudra-Harding Laverty Morgan Taeger Jose Dautel Fletcher Whitford Atkinson Cutbush Dawood Drury Hinchey Turner Vass Irvine Brown Carter Lawson Lawson Whitford Newton Bate Cox Rosenthal Tarasuik Whitford Robinson White Anderson Michie Carlaw Denton Maslen Clarke Beinke Brooks Brooks Clarke Fielding Heath Heyzer McDonald Parr Scott White Judd Judd Miller Steer Connelly Buchanan Carter Ross Cusenza Thorpe

Ryan Simon Barry Ruby Liam Joshua Margaret Alicia Edward Cody Jack Kirsty Jessica Hamish Georgia Callan Karen Will Jack-Rhys Isabella Philipp Charlie Justin Ryan Sarah Hanna Zak Grace Grant Jon Gary Amy Jack Brett Craig Elouise Jason Sarah David Jake Jesse Michael Isabel Emma Joshua Simon Ella Sarah Jordan Caitlin Louis James Randal Lachlan Paige Cooper Ben Zahra Aidene Sophie Samuel Evan Phoebe Courtney Eloise Stephen Robert Tom Tyler Patrick Georgie

23.00 22.75 22.75 22.50 22.50 22.25 22.25 22.25 22.00 22.00 22.00 21.75 21.75 21.50 21.50 21.50 21.25 21.00 21.00 20.75 20.50 20.50 20.25 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 19.50 19.00 19.00 19.00 19.00 19.00 18.50 18.00 18.00 18.00 18.00 18.00 17.75 17.75 17.50 17.50 17.00 17.00 17.00 16.50 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 15.75 15.75 15.50 15.50 15.25 15.00 15.00 15.00 14.75 14.75

Chigwidden Kernick Burfield Betterman Murphy Beavis Manning Allison Smith Booth Allison Annells Brett Millsteed Shippey Stroebele Williams Price Buchwald Sulzmann Book Kosonen Holland Roberts Matthews White Buchanan Barratt Burfield Cornish Dally Edwards Edwards McKone Menton Muusse Stanton Hauben Bradley Wenzel Riches Cormack Dowd Matthews Book Drury Grant Barratt Mooney Keighran Jolly Bayliss Bevan-Davies Edwards Keech Macrow Miller Nelson Neville Whelan Whelan Riches Seymour-Griffin Abraham Holliday Pribanic Scholz Franks Harry Brown Robbins

Laura Vicki Cameron Adam Melarn Jamie Lucy Mark Jordana George Delphi Isabelle Aimee Kai Daniel Simone Mark Isabelle Laura Daniel Matt Renee Sean Matthew Michaela Anthony Luke Andrew Graham Dane Grace Charlotte Phoebe Patrick Chloe Tim Sophia Ehud Sarah Marco Lachlan Jeff Taylor Chelsea Renee Zoe Belinda Paula Beth Melissa Chantelle Noosa Isabel Cameron Carly Amanda Alexandra Gus Chloe Amy Sam Alexandra Katie Lucy Chloe Tammie Nicole Finley Max David Harvey

14.50 14.50 14.00 13.50 13.25 13.00 13.00 12.75 12.50 12.25 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 11.50 11.00 11.00 10.00 10.00 9.25 9.00 8.50 8.50 8.25 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 7.75 7.50 7.50 7.00 6.75 6.50 6.50 6.00 6.00 5.50 5.25 5.25 5.00 4.50 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 3.75 3.50 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 2.75 2.75 2.50 2.25


COMPETITION OFFICER’S REPORT Another successful season for the Somerton SLSC competition team.

beach relay. A big thank you to Di Barratt who took on the role of team manager for the first time.

A continued growth in our number of competing members meant yet another increase in point tallies across the Junior, Senior and Master championships.

A big thank you to all the Junior area coaches and Senior coaches that donated hours upon hours of their time throughout the season – all volunteers. Without our coaches Somerton would simply not be where it is today. A special mention to Paul Denton and the R&R team for flying the flag at an event that, for many years, has not seen the Green Black and White.

Our Junior team once again proved a force to reckon with, claiming 4th at the Junior State Titles. Finishing painstakingly close to last year’s best ever 3rd place, the results did not come without hard work, along with the sustained efforts from the No Guts No Glory team and our specialist coaches. Somerton’s Senior team held onto 6th place, after an excellent local carnival and state championship campaign. The championship point structure – where top six placings at carnivals throughout the season account for 25% of a club’s State Titles overall score – meant our seniors needed to be on their game all summer. Many outstanding individual and team performances contributed to the 29 medals and 55 top six placings, up from 22 medals and 40 top six placings the previous year. Somerton’s Masters team perhaps enjoyed the greatest success after taking climbing 5 positions to 10th at the Masters State Titles. After we slumped to an all time low last year, it was fantastic to see some new bronze award holders join the ranks to help the team claim their best result in recent memory. The Gold Coast hosted the Australian Championships once again and Somerton enjoyed some fantastic results including Evan Judd’s bronze in the Masters flags, and a bronze to the u17 men’s


Scott Drury: Junior Board coach Lachy Greethead: Junior and Senior Beach coach Luke Hildyard: Junior and Senior Beach coach Craig Brown: Ski coach and IRB coach James McBride: Ironman coach Liam Holland: Senior Board coach John Fielding: Pool Rescue coach Paul Denton: R&R coach Finally thank you to all officials who helped at Junior, Senior, Master and Pool carnivals and State Championships throughout the season. Our officials donate their time to help Somerton meet its official quota and without them the club would not be allowed to compete. James McBride Competition Officer

Season 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15

Junior 8 7 8 6 6 4 3 4

Senior 11 11 12 12 9 7 6 6

Masters 12 13 11 12 12 13 15 10


BOAT REPORT The season just passed has been strong for the Somerton Surf Rowers (“Boaties”). We have found some phenomenal way of fielding younger crews which will be a key focus leading into the future for this area of the club. A positive is witnessing these young men and women maintain our high standards of training and racing, which have continued to be of the highest quality. Throughout the season we had over 40 members jump in the boat and race in a number of events including Aussies, States (Open and Masters), ASRL SA events, Navy Series events and club supported events. Our dedicated members would simply not be able to participate in this great sport if it wasn’t for the generosity of our sponsors and supporters. To Mark and Stonecraft, your willingness to support not just the surf boat section but the club in general is remarkable and no words can describe what it means to us. The new surf boat ‘struth’ will be used as a retention and recruiting tool for the local community and our current group of rowers and sweeps would like to say thank you once again. Sally Hamilton and her team from Hamilton Holden provided the surf boat section with a set of new rowing oars. For our crews to compete at the highest level we must continue to upgrade our equipment and without the sponsorship from Hamilton Holden we would be rowing at the top level competitions with our second grade/training equipment. Following a long cold winter and spring of preseason training, our competition season began a gold medal at the Rescue 2014 competition in France in the masters surf boats. The crew members wereMark Williams ,Michael Whitford, Kevin Heard, Barry Jones and Rod Reed. What an amazing experience they had! Following this it was time for the first competition in the state with the Under 23 Men, also commonly known as ‘The Dream Team’, making their competition debut at the Port Elliot Island row in early October. This was also the first time Aaron Tannahill had swept a boat in some


form of competition. The gale force winds and tough competition was an eye opening experience for the young men and the expectations were set for the remaining months of the season. A few more weeks passed and the first ASRL SA carnival for the season was at South Port. The Reserve Grade Men walked away with a respectable fourth place. Just two weeks later on the last weekend of November a number of crews enjoyed a weekend away at Robe. This was a remarkable bonding opportunity and the ‘surf’ experience for everyone who attended was crucial. The ASRL supported a National Team Selection Round in South Australia prior to Christmas and the Dream Team competed in the Open Men category. Racing against a number of top crews was a highlight for this development crew and a big thanks to the ASRL and the Navy for supporting such a massive event for South Australia. The Under 19 crew trained the house down throughout the season and the results paid off at the Brighton Jetty Classic ASRL SA event. The Under 19 boys, swept by Randal Brooks, beat four other crews in this category and in addition the Dream Team took home the chocolates against Henley and Semaphore. This was the first carnival wins for every rower in both crews and to have two victories at the one carnival in Junior grade rowing is extremely tough. This highlighted the hard work our rowers, sweeps and leadership team were putting in behind the scenes. A carnival at Middleton followed the day after and Somerton walked away with a second in the Reserve Grade. The Masters State Championships were held at Aldinga on the last day of summer and the ‘oldies’ from Somerton destroyed the field! It was remarkable to witness our experienced rowers and sweeps competed against some top crews from across the state. Every rower and sweep who competed at these championships walked away with a medal.

Masters State Championship Medallists GOLD – 180+ Male SILVER – 160+ Male BRONZE – 220+ Male BRONZE – 140+ Male The State Championships were extremely successful for the Somerton ‘boaties’. To field five crews was a credit to every single member of the surf boat rowing family at Somerton. The Under 19’s could not compete in their category due to the unavailability of one of their rowers so Randal jumped in and rowed with three of the rowers from the crew. This is a credit to Randal for doing everything possible to ensure that the boys still had a row on the biggest stage in the state. We finished off with two medals and the highlight was witnessing two Somerton crews on the starting line in one final, the Reserve Grade final. State Championship Results SILVER – Reserve Grade BRONZE – Under 23 Men 6th – Reserve Grade Although a number of our rowers put the cue in the rack after states, eight of our rowers and sweep, Sean Holland, embarked on a journey across the nation to compete at the 2015 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships at Tugun in the master’s competition. In typical fashion the master’s competition was held in much bigger surf than what the open competitors faced later in the week and the two crews made it through to the final!

The 140+ Men came 5th and it was a similar results for the 160+ Men, also finishing 5th. This leaves everyone extremely hungry to improve in 2016 when the ‘Aussies’ are on the Sunshine Coast. Aussies Results 5th – 140+ Men 5th- 160+ Men Utilising a blend of youth and experience in our crews, ably swept by Randal Brooks, Andrew Meaney, Mark Curly Williams and Sean Holland, were outstanding in their competitiveness throughout the season. I would be remiss in not mentioning the continual efforts of Andrew Meaney who is a classic example of a dedicated member who have worked tirelessly for decades in the surf boat area and has now become one of our unsung heroes who still competes at the highest level. This past season has seen the Somerton Surf Boat rowers again prove to all that we are amongst the most dedicated in the state and our willingness to learn will only be highlighted once again next season. Bring on 2016! John Stewart Boat Captain


JUNIORS REPORT The summer of 2014-2015 saw another busy year for the Somerton Juniors. Our beach was a hive of activity every Saturday, starting at 1.30pm and finishing at 4.00pm. Junior membership was over 300 again and with their associated families, continues to form a very large part of our overall club membership. Average weekly attendance was in the vicinity of 220 for our Saturday afternoon training sessions with approximately 90 juniors participating in carnivals on a regular basis during the season - peaking at over 100 for the State Titles at Port Elliott. We continued with our structured training sessions where each area had specific coaches whom, with the assistance of the age group managers, tailored a program to suit each age group. These dedicated coaches also gave up their time during the week to offer coaching on different nights. Special mention to Paul Denton, who has grown our R & R and march past teams with his enthusiasm and passion. Congratulations to our R and R Teams, with 1 Junior team making our first final and 2 Youth teams winning our first 2 medals in States this season. The result of all this coaching and training enabled Somerton to finish in 4th place at State Titles. Although we dropped 1 position from last season we achieved our highest points tally to date. There were some outstanding individual performances winning multiple individual and team medals as well as some great efforts to finish in the top 6. We were able to purchase 5 new fibreglass nipper boards, made by Wallbridge Boards, thanks to the generous donations from sponsors; Bluize, Nick Wray Nutrition, Partek, PhysioXtra, Beavis Plumbing and Cormack Ceilings. Our next aim is to purchase two new small junior march past reels. A special thank you to Barry Jones for designing and building a new march past reel and to Darryl Barber who created new mobile racks to help store our foamies. We would not be able to provide our successful junior program without the committed team of Age Group Managers who help implement our training and development program. Thank you very much for your ongoing support and dedication to our junior members. Congratulations to the AGM’s who also gained their Bronze medallions over the course of the season. With such large numbers each week on the beach, thanks must also be given to our other volunteers, including water cover, IRB drivers/ crew, senior patrolling members who keep a close eye on the kids in the water, as well the ladies and gents who help out in the Clubhouse every week - you know who you are - THANK YOU! The biggest thanks must also go to our carnival officials, Somerton is required to provide 7 officials each


carnival and at certain carnivals we struggled to cover this quota. We will lose up to 4 officials next season as their children move up into the senior ranks so we will be depending on parents who have children in carnivals to step up and become officials. It is the best job to have at a carnival! The majority of our Under 14’s gained their SRC in their final year of juniors. Congratulations to them all with special thanks to Mel Millsteed for her knowledge and very valuable time in assisting with their training during the 3rd Term school holidays. Our enthusiastic SRCs put their new found skills to work assisting with water cover and patrols from the beginning of the season. We certainly hope to retain these members and see them actively participate in the Senior Club by gaining their Bronze Medallion. This retention rate is vital for any club and our youth group, now in its third year continued to grow! Special thanks go to Sarah Hosking who coordinates the ‘Somer Squad’. Somerton is a great place to spend your summer with family and friends. Diversity has been encouraged over the years and the club continues to seek a strong balance between competition and participation. Competitors are well catered for via our facilities and training programs but we are always looking for ways to further improve these areas. All junior members are encouraged to participate and be part of a team - a key ingredient as they develop into active, patrolling and competing members of the Senior Club. We would actively like to encourage all parents to offer themselves in some voluntary capacity to assist at the club and especially in our junior program. The Junior Committee has worked long and hard this season and it would be remiss of me to not thank them all for their support and efforts. In particular I would like to thank our wonderful Junior Administrator, Francie Bourke, who seamlessly moved into the position this season. Francie put in countless hours and along with our previous junior administrator, Margie Brown, held the juniors together. Season 2015/16 will be my last as Junior Activities Coordinator. The committee is actively looking for parents to step up and join the Junior Committee to help keep it growing with new ideas. Gary Irvine.


We are already in planning for next season, as we have had increasing interest in the program and are currently seeking sponsorship. I would recommend starting a program like this to any other Surf Club, as not only does it provide a much needed service, the Volunteers get so much out of participating. Currently, Grange, Port Elliott and now Somerton, provide a specific service like this in South Australia, however there are some special needs children already participating in General Nipper programs and many more who want too. We were very pleased with the involvement of not only Senior Members, but also our Youth- the Somersquad and some of our Nippers! We hope to increase our Volunteer numbers in the new season.

This season, Somerton SLSC Juniors started Somerton SEALs for Nippers with Special Needs. We were very pleased to welcome 4 participants from Kilparrin School- Tyson, (who was already a Clubbie) Acacia, Joanne, Mackenzie and their families! These children range in age from 6 to 11. We met Saturday mornings before Nippers 11:00am to 12:30pm and had heaps of fun playing in the sand, running through the water, floating on the giant mat and the kids absolutely loved the boards!

A big thankyou to our many fantastic VolunteersSally (whose idea it was) Ali, Belinda, Kirsty, Donna,(Senior members) Matthew and Adam, Larissa and Paige.(Somersquad) And not forgetting our little volunteers- Jasmine, Issie, Georgia, Sebastian, Lily and Hamish.(Nippers) We are looking forward to many more hours of enjoyment with these fantastic children in the new season! Margie Brown.


VOLUNTEERS - NIPPERS Thankyou to all our Volunteers for the Junior Season Coordinator – Gary Irvine Honorary Secretary – Rob McBride Juniors Admin Officer – Francie Bourke Club Registrar/Junior Comp Officer – Margie Brown Team Manager – Adam Marling Trainers/Assessors – Max Hosking, Mel Millsteed, Ray Nussio AGE MANAGERS U6 Jane Stewart, Tony Brumfield, Mark Hayward, Kate Hayward, Sam Sutton. U7 Tammie Pribanic, Neil Ramsay, Kirsty Hayes, Chris Collyer, Chris Poetsch. U8 Bryan Bourke, Louise Lawson, Loo Keighran, Craig Bevan-Davies, Julie Brookes. U9 Brenton Lunn, Graham Suter, John Stewart, Mark Abraham, Mark Nelson, Stuart Knaggs, Emily Ambler Knaggs. U10 Doug Parr, Darren McAllister, Mark Allison, Nick Chigwidden. U11 Joe Pribanic, Belinda Grant, Mark Murphy, Craig Watts. U12 Zoe Drury, Kirsten Poetsch, Brad Keighran, Adam Betterman, David BrowXn, Peter Window, Stephen Mayfield, Mark Strachan, Sarah Denton. U13 Neil Brookes, Greg Kyprianou, Barry Jones, Tom Loftus. U14 Mark Williams, Phil Robinson, Damien Charles, Roger Carlaw. COACHES Scott Drury, Lachlan Greethead, Jeff Cormack, Cathy Mayfield, Adam Marling, Jamie Beavis, Paul Denton Jason Bradley, Alec Oliver WATER COVER Water Cover Coordinator – Jason Bradley. Gary Irvine, Sean Holt, Jamie Beavis, Lisa Window, Chloe Paterson, India Paterson, Cathy Mayfield, Stephen Mayfield, Bryan Bourke, Joe Pribanic, Tammie Pribanic, Kirsty Hayes, Karen Laverty, Paula Barratt, Marco Wenzel, Marian McAllister, Matthew McAllister, Adam McAllister, Neil Brookes, Tom Loftus, Brad Keighran, Loo Keighran, Mark Strachan, Adam Betterman, Barry Jones, Sam Sutton, Mark Williams, Sarah Bradley, Belinda Grant, Alec Oliver, Mark Allison, John Stewart, Nick Chigwidden, Matt Roberts, David Brown, Scott Drury, Zoe Drury, Zak Drury, Grant Turner, Neil Ramsay. SOMERTON SEALS Ali Rebuli, Belinda Grant, Sally Vogelesang, Kirsty Hayes, Margie Brown, Donna Barribal, Matthew McAllister, Adam McAllister, Larissa Fielding, Paige Fielding. Little Helpers- Issie Brown, Jasmine Vogelesang, Lily Hayes, Hamish Hayes, Georgia Oliver, Sebastian Oliver. OFFICIALS Officials Coordinator – Marg Lambeff Paul Denton, Marco Wenzel, Loo Keighran, John Laverty, Stephen Mayfield, Kirsten Poetsch, David Brown, Greg Kyprianou. MEDIA REPS - Julie Carlaw, Donna Barribal, Stuart Knaggs, Aaron Tannahill. CARNIVAL TRANSPORT - Jeff Cormack, Adam Marling. CASHIERS - Sheena LeCornu, Julie Carlaw, Petra Barber. UNIFORM SHOP - Christine Williams, Melanie Whitchurch, Sally Whitford, Tracey Vinnall. MERCHANDISE - James McBride, Lauren Arriola, Rob McBride. BBQ TEAM - Robin Johnson, Mark Cassebohm, Phil Reardon, Chris Collyer, Mark Scott.


JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS UNDER 8 BOYS 1st- Will Thomas 2nd Fergus Keighran 3rd Ted Bevan-Davies and Ryder Window

UNDER 8 GIRLS 1ST Ella Bourke 2nd Millie Curkpatrick 3rd Quincy Cormack

UNDER 9 BOYS 1ST Mitchell Irvine 2nd Harrison Lunn 3rd Oliver Betterman

UNDER 9 GIRLS 1ST Kaitlin Reardon 2nd Milly Bradley 3rd Alyssa Casey

UNDER 10 BOYS 1ST Joseph Chigwidden 2nd Sebastian Oliver 3rd Alexander Wiggett

UNDER 10 GIRLS 1st Piper Window 2nd Chloe Carlaw 3rd Julia Barratt

UNDER 11 BOYS 1st Aidan Murphy 2nd Jye Leis 3rd Ayden Pribanic

UNDER 11 GIRLS 1st Georgia Oliver 2nd Sophie Casey 3rd Jasper Cormack

UNDER 12 BOYS 1st Ernie Brown 2nd Isaac Keighran 3rd Hunter Window

UNDER 12 GIRLS 1st Sophie Thompson 2nd Summer Betterman 3rd Charlotte Wegner

UNDER 13 BOYS 1st Thomas Wiggett 2nd Thomas Lightfoot 3rd Thomas Smith and Toby Wenzel

UNDER 13 GIRLS 1st Eliza Jones 2nd Charlotte Dally 3rd Delaney Loftus

UNDER 14 BOYS 1ST Max Harry 2nd Michael Charles 3rd Gus Nelson

UNDER 14 GIRLS 1st Grace Dally 2nd Lucy Abraham 3rd Melarn Murphy


UNDER 14 BOYS Michael Charles Jack Turner Gus Nelson

UNDER 14 GIRLS Grace Dally Noosa Bayliss Jessica Johnson


UNDER 13 BOYS Thomas Lightfoot Thomas Smith Thomas Wiggett

UNDER 13 GIRLS Charlotte Dally Eliza Jones Delaney Loftus

UNDER 12 BOYS Isaac Keighran Rhys Strachan Ernie Brown

UNDER 12 GIRLS Charlotte Wegner Sophie Thompson Summer Betterman

UNDER 11 BOYS Jye Leis Harrison Jose Aidan Murphy

UNDER 11 GIRLS Georgia Oliver Sophie Casey Charlotte Marling

1 Isaac Keighran U12 2 Thomas Lightfoot U13 3 Grace Dally U14

1 Isaac Keighran U12 2 Thomas Lightfoot U13 3 Thomas Smith U13


1 Grace Dally U14 2 Charlotte Dally U13 3 Noosa Bayliss U14




It has been another great season in the IRB area that saw many members gain their IRB drivers and crews certificates. This has boosted our ability to patrol and provide water cover for nippers, club swims and carnivals.

joining the squad. With the new engines purchased in 2014 and with other new racing equipment the team is continuing its success at carnivals and will be in medal contention at the up coming state titles.

This season Somerton operated and maintained 3 hulls and engines, that are essential as front line tools for rescues and water cover. It is essential that we keep planning for the future with our growing number of members to ensure we meet our patrol obligations, as well as meeting the needs of club and local community. With this in mind planning is underway to expand and replace aging equipment and craft to maintain a high level service.

I’ve had a great season with all the IRB drivers and crews and I thank them for the time and effort they give to support Somerton patrols and extra callings to provide water cover for both club and community events. Without their support many of these events would not be possible.

However this year has had some frustrating set backs with both of our new engines being damaged in separate costly incidents and our third engine being involved in a roll over. All engines have been repaired and are back in service. It is paramount that members follow instructions and correct procedures to ensure costly avoidable repairs are not incurred in the future.

I would also like to acknowledge Matt Fletcher for all the contributions that he has made over the years to the IRB area.

This year our IRB racing team has continued to expand and improve with many young members

Craig Brown IRB Captain

I look forward to next season and working with any members who wish to gain their drivers or crews certificates.

Lastly I would like to thank the Board and members for all their support throughout the season and I am looking forward to the 2015-16 season.

BOARD AND SKI CAPTAIN’S REPORT The Board and Ski team has grown in leaps and bounds this past season with considerable success both in and out of the water. Due to a significant increase in the size of our training squads, particularly in skis, the group camaraderie and unification as a ‘team’ has never been more evident. Our retention of competitors from nippers has kept its improvement over the last few seasons and this can be seen with the increasing numbers of paddlers out on the water. This is a credit to the work Sarah Hosking has done with the Somersquad and Scott Drury with his expertise as Board Coach of the nipper program - we all really appreciate the work you guys do! There were many green, black and white caps at the three senior carnivals and all three days of State Titles this season. We had board and ski competitors represent our club locally, interstate, at national level and at our very own Somerton Signature Challenge. Our swimmers, board and ski paddlers were out in full force at the Signature Challenge – the biggest event we have held so far. Somerton came out on top on the day and scored the most points of all the competing South Australian clubs. In the overall point score for senior State Titles, Somerton backed up a strong 6th position again this year with a total points score of 293. This is an increase on last year’s point score and we are closing the gap on 5th position. Our aim is to make it into the top 5 next year. Our success is the result of an entire team effort and it is pleasing to see so many members share in this success. Our water competitors are really pulling their weight now in overall competition. Some of our standout results this season include: Maddy McBride in the 32.4km Coolangatta Gold course – the only South Australian female to complete this individual event in 2015 Larissa Fielding – SILVER U17 tube race Hanna Dawood, Larissa Fielding, Lucy Smith – SILVER U17 ski relay Cooper Heath, Riley Irvine, Tim Muuse, Will Twizell – SILVER U19 surf team Tim Muuse, Will Twizell, Jack Milsteed, Zak Drury – SILVER U19 rescue tube rescue

Maddy McBride, Tallia Dawood – 4th Open double ski Will Twizell – 5th U19 surf race Maddy McBride – 5th Open individual ski Multiple Board and Ski competitors medalling in the 2km run These results, along with many other top six finishes and all round great efforts from Somerton competitors simply could not have been possible without a few key club members. Our very popular ski coach, Craig Brown, has once again been conducting training with us out on the water through the best and the worst evenings. Craig’s passion and commitment to the ski team is one of the main reasons why we have had up to 17 skis on the water this season. Our tireless competition officer, James McBride, has also had another huge season with the board and ski team. James takes us to training sessions on both the mid and south coast, and is our ironman coach/specialist. Along with Craig, he organises all our competitions and ensures we are on the start line at the beginning of each race. The addition of Jamie Beavis to our ski squad has also been a huge benefit to the entire team. Many of you may not know that Jamie is a former gold medallist at the Australian Titles in an individual ski event. He made the finals on a number of other occasions and has experience at international level in kayaking. Besides being a nipper parent, he is an exceptionally modest guy with a wealth of knowledge and generously gives up his time to help us. We have all enjoyed working with Jamie this past season and look forward to continue learning from him for many years to come. The future continues to look bright for the Somerton Board and Ski team and we look forward to maintaining our improvement in the seasons ahead. I hope to see everyone out on the water soon and congratulations once again on a successful 2014/15 season. Liam Holland Board and Ski Captain

Larissa Fielding – BRONZE U17 ironwoman Larissa Fielding – 4th U17 surf race


SOMERSQUAD Every year as our nipper graduates leave their comfort zone, and wander into the new and unknown season, SomerSquad scoops them up and welcomes them to the group. It’s just lovely to be a part of. Each season our dynamic changes, and the squad not only grows in number but changes in character. And it’s always a good thing. This year we kicked off with a trip to Bounce. Lots of fun. No injuries. Bit of bonding. Free sticky socks. What more could you ask of a good night out? Somerton was to host the first junior carnival. In our usual style we put on a huge day and SomerSquad were all over it, manning the donut maker, the yiros station, the slushy machine and the photo booth. It wouldn’t have been the success it was without the generosity and hard work of our young team. Thank you. SomerSquad sits high on the list of the go-to clubs when Surf House needs a hand. This year we worked two days rattling tins at The Adelaide Zoo to help raise much needed funds for Surf Life Saving SA. I am always happy to respond to a call for support, and we should be justly proud that our Head Office think of us and turn to us. Early in the season we made the trip again to Chiton Rocks SLSC. This year we took a massive group and stayed for two nights. Chiton is an extremely different club to ours on a very different


stretch of beach. It’s a lot of fun and an all-round great experience. Everyone pitches in, we bond, we relax, play endless UNO and we patrol their beach. It just works! Again our young senior members are enjoying training and competing and Somerton are notching up some impressive results. It’s a great problem to have when our achievements are too many to list. I will leave that to the writers of the competition and Aussies reports. Suffice to say that SomerSquad applauds it’s stars. Congratulations to Matt McAllister and Chloe Paterson, the SomerSquad Members of the Year for 2015. These two clearly love our club, they take from it all that it offers and give back an impressive amount. They are always around, happy, involved and reliable. Well done you two and thank you. Finally I have to extend a huge congratulations to our club for it’s finest triumph. South Australian Club Of The Year 2015. I happen to know that our extraordinary youth retention was commended in our application. SomerSquad, that’s you! You are a terrific bunch and we are very lucky to have you. Sarah Hosking. Momma Somma

R&R Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) is one of Surf Life Savings oldest disciplines and events and this season Somerton added it to their activities. Our Juniors (U10 to U14) were first to join and they were followed by some of the SomerSquad. Phoebe Edwards was a huge support with training, encouraging and making sure the nippers learnt the finer art of marching and with Adam McAllister, Paige Fielding, Charlotte Edwards and Sarah Denton they made a pretty sensational team helping out each week. Adam, Paige, Charlotte and Sarah were also able to compete in U15’s. Adam, Charlotte and Sarah worked with the 2 person teams helping the nippers develop their R&R skills and make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. With Phoebe they were fantastic support for the Junior R&R team helping to get them ready for Carnivals and they were always on hand to work with them when they trained. Together Charlotte and Sarah won a bronze medal in 2 person and then teamed up with Adam, Paige with Georgia Thorpe (SRC & U13) to win a Silver Medal in 5 Person at states.


ACTIVE LONG SERVICE MEMBERS Darryl Barber Petra Barber Jamie Beavis Peter Berrington Marion Berrington Greg Brown Martin Coombe Terrie Coombe Zoe Drury Kerry Fletcher Kevin Heard Kathleen Holland Sean Holland Barry Jones Brendan Laidlaw Marg Lambeff Sheena LeCornu


Edward Lightfoot Thomas Loftus Anne-Marie McBride James McBride Greg Milsom Neil Ramsay Ryan Ross Peter Shippey Wayne Smith Ian Sulzmann Gaye Thomas Glen Thomas Grant Turner Mark Vinall Alan Winson


BEACH REPORT Congratulations to all junior and senior beachies for another successful season in 2014/2015. We saw the green, black and white proudly displayed at carnivals, State Titles and Aussies. I thank you all for your commitment and dedication this year. Well done to the Aussies touring team who represented the club extremely well with Somerton again making numerous finals. Congratulations to the under 17 men’s beach relay team for again brining home some medals. The team was slightly different to the team that won last year’s Australian championship. Ben Barratt was unfortunate this year with an injury which opened the door to the up and comer Liam Jones. Together with Cameron Vinall, Robert Kernick and Luke Whitford the team made the final and finished in third place. Well done team. A big thanks go to Ben Barratt, and family, for making the trip to Queensland to support the team even though he couldn’t compete. We also saw some other competitors come close on the big stage at Aussies. Melarn Murphy headed to the inaugural Junior Aussie Titles this year and backed up her outstanding results at States, with a 4th place in the under 14 female beach sprint. The under 17 female beach relay team again made the final in 2015. They narrowly missed a medal last year and represented the club extremely well in a very fierce final. Well done to Sarah Chiggwidden, Jess Williams, Scarlett Hosking and Lilly Drummond for finishing in 7th place. I am extremely proud of your consistent efforts at Aussies over a number of seasons now. Cameron Vinall also backed up his finals appearance at Scarborough in 2014 with another showing in the under 17 men’s beach sprint final, finishing in 8th. To make a final at Aussies is extremely difficult, to make two finals in two years is a great achievement. Well done to all competitors. The Andrew Holt commitment and contribution to the beach area award this year went to Mark ‘Curly’ Williams. Mark has always been a big contributor to the club on a number of levels, but his work in the beach area this year was outstanding. Mark joined the coaching ranks this year at the Coastal Districts Athletic Club and was a vital part of the track and beach coaching group. He also assisted me with beach training sessions held at the club throughout the season, his extra input has been invaluable. Along with this he has also excelled as a competitor with outstanding results at masters and at the world and Australian titles.

COMPETITION RESULTS SEASON 2014/2015 MASTERS WORLD TITLES BRONZE Mark Williams – Men’s 50-54 Beach Flags AUSSIES BRONZE MEDALS Cameron Vinall, Robert Kernick, Luke Whitford and Liam Jones – Under 17 Men’s Beach Relay STATE TITLES - SENIOR GOLD MEDALS Sarah Chiggwidden – Under 17 Women’s Beach Sprint Scarlett Hosking – Under 17 Women’s Beach Flags Margaret Cusenza – Under 19 Women’s Beach Flags Under 17 Women’s Beach Relay Team Under 19 Women’s Beach Relay Team Open Women’s Beach Relay Team SILVER MEDALS Max Hosking – Under 17 Men’s 2km Run Kate Lally – Under 19 Women’s 2km Run Cameron Vinall – Under 17 Men’s Beach Sprint Nicky Coombe – Open Women’s Beach Sprint Margaret Cusenza – Under 19 Women’s Beach Sprint Scarlett Hosking – Under 17 Women’s Beach Sprint Lilly Drummond – Under 17 Women’s Beach Flags Scarlett Hosking – Open Women’s Beach Flags Under 17 Men’s Beach Relay Team Under 19 Men’s Beach Relay Team Open Men’s Beach Relay Team BRONZE MEDALS Delphi Allison – Under 15 Women’s 2km Run Jess Williams – Under 17 Women’s Beach Sprint Cameron Vinall – Under 17 Men’s Beach Sprint Sarah Chiggwidden – Under 17 Women’s Beach Flags MASTERS TITLES GOLD Evan Judd – Men’s 45-49 Beach Sprint Mark Williams – Men’s 50-54 Beach Sprint Mark Williams – Men’s 50-54 Beach Flags 170 Men’s Beach Relay Team SILVER Luke Buchanan – Men’s 30-34 Beach Sprint Lisa Window – Women’s 45-49 Beach Sprint Sarah Bradley – Women’s 40-44 2km Run Lisa Window – 45-49 2km Run Lisa Window – Women’s 45-49 Beach Flags 200 Men’s Beach Relay Team BRONZE Jon Vass – Men’s 50-54 Beach Flags Marian McAllister – Women’s 40-44 Beach Flags 170 Women’s Beach Relay Team


STATE TITLES - JUNIOR GOLD MEDALS Beach Sprints – 4 Beach Flags – 1 Beach Relay – 1 SILVER MEDALS Beach Sprint – 2 Beach Flags – nil Beach Relay – 3 BRONZE MEDALS Beach Sprint – 1 Beach Flags – 3 Beach Relay – nil ALL AGE RELAY – Silver Medal For another season Somerton fielded a team in every beach relay final, well done teams and age group managers. I would also like to thank and congratulate Luke Hildyard for his outstanding coaching efforts again this season. Luke has been instrumental to the success of the Somerton beach team for well over five years. Without his skills and expertise we would not be where we are today. I would also like to thank his family, Leanne, Charlie and Danny for all of support they give Luke and the beach team. I urge all competitors to enjoy the winter break. Re-evaluate your goals in the off season and we look forward to another solid pre-season training, which will hold you in good stead in the future. Good luck. See you all on the beach in season 2015/2016. Lachy Greethead Beach Captain



Gold- Ginger Tomlinson Silver- Breanna Ambler-Knaggs Bronze- Milly Bradley

Under 12 Girls

Gold- Eliza Jones Silver- Lexie Denton Bronze- Charlotte Dally

Under 8 Boys-

Gold- Mitchell Irvine Silver- Harrison Lunn Bronze- Ned Abraham

Under 12 Boys-

Gold- Thomas Lightfoot, Thomas Wiggett, Toby Wenzel Silver- Douglas Brookes Bronze- Thomas Smith

Under 9 Girls-

Gold- Piper Window Silver- Chloe Carlaw Bronze- Julia Barratt

Under 12 AGM Award Emily Wray and Harry Abbott

Under 9 Boys-

Gold- Joseph Chigwidden Silver- Sebastian Oliver Bronze- Alexander Wiggett

Under 13 Girls-

Gold- Elissa Brett Silver- Grace Dally Bronze- Melarn Murphy

Under 9 AGM Award Iona Parr and Alexander McAllister

Under 13 Boys

Gold- Cooper Williams Silver- Cooper Brinkworth Bronze- Max Staples

Under 10 Girls-

Gold- Georgia Oliver Silver- Jasper Cormack Bronze- Jasmine Vogelesang

Under 13 AGM Award Noosa Bayliss and Ella Carlaw

Under 10 BoyS

Gold- Aidan Murphy Silver- Jye Leis Bronze- Jack Whelan

Under 14 Girls

Gold- Jordana Smith Silver- Delphi Allison Bronze- Elouise Whitford

Under 10 AGM Award Issie Brown and Jye Williamson

Under 14 Boys

Gold- Joe Hosking Silver- Darcy LeCornu Bronze- Lachlan Clarke

Under 11 Girls

Gold- Sophie Thompson Silver- Molly Staples Bronze- Taylee Kerr

Under 14 AGM Award Bridgette Price and Adam McAllister

Under 11 Boys

Gold- Ernie Brown Silver- Isaac Keighran Bronze- Hunter Window

JUNIOR LIFE SAVER OF THE YEAR Delphi Allison and Joe Hosking

Under 11 AGM Award Charlotte Wegner and Rhys Strachan



SENIOR RECOGNITION AWARDS Club Champions U15 Female Club Champion – 1st

Jordy Smith

U15 Male Club Champion – 1st

Lachy Clarke

U17 Female Club Champion – 1st U17 Female Club Champion – 2nd U17 Female Club Champion – 3rd

Larissa Fielding Tori LeCornu Scarlett Hosking

U17 Male Club Champion – 1st U17 Male Club Champion – 2nd

Max Hosking Luke Whitford

U19 Female Club Champion – 1st U19 Female Club Champion – 2nd

Kate Lally Chloe Paterson

U19 Male Club Champion – 1st

Jack Millsteed

Open Female Club Champion – 1st Open Female Club Champion – 2nd Open Female Club Champion – 3rd

Madeleine McBride Talia Dawood Georgia Hocking

Open Male Club Champion – 1st Open Male Club Champion – 2nd Open Male Club Champion – 3rd

Liam Holland James McBride Liam Rayner

40 -49 Female Club Champion – 1st 40 -49 Female Club Champion – 2nd

Marian McAllister Helen Burfield

50 - 59 Female Club Champion – 1st

Sally Mainsbridge

Super 6 Patrol Hours Super Six Patrol Member – 1st Super Six Patrol Member – 2nd Super Six Patrol Member – 3rd Super Six Patrol Member – 4th Super Six Patrol Member – 5th Super Six Patrol Member – 6th

Brittany Miller Lisa Window Matthew McAllister Jason Bradley Cathy Mayfield Lucy Smith

Senior Recognition Awards


Club Captain Award

Darryl Barber

Volunteer of the Year

Margie Brown

Best First Year Member

Hanna Dawood

Most Outstanding Service

Mark Strachan

Life Saver of the Year

Brittany Miller

Glen Hazelwood Service Award – Kiwanis Trophy

Francie Bourke

Jason and Sarah Bradley Perpetual Trophy for Commitment and Contribution to Surf Sports

Liam Holland

Andrew Meaney Perpetual Trophy for Commitment and Contribution to Surf Boats

Aaron Tannahill

Andrew Holt Perpetual Trophy for Commitment and Contribution to Beach Sports

Mark Williams

Paul Denton Perpetual Trophy for Commitment and Contribution to R and R

Sarah Denton / Charlotte Edwards

SomerSquad Member of the Year

Matthew McAllister / Chloe Paterson

Annual Awards Official of the Year Trainer of the Year Assessor of the Year Coach of the Year

Paul Denton David Provis Ray Nussio Craig Brown

Rising Star Awards Stonecraft Rising Star – Male Stonecraft Rising Star - Female

Lachlan Clarke Sarah Denton

Best Competitors Best Competitor Best Masters Competitor

U17 Mens Beach Relay Team Liam Jones, Cameron Vinall, Luke Whitford, Robert Kernick Evan Judd

Senior Club Swim Senior Club swim handicap – 1st Senior Club Swim handicap– 2nd Senior Club Swim handicap– 3rd

Sarah Cutbush Lachlan Clarke Will Twizell

Most Improved Swimmer Most Improved Swimmer

Kate Lally

Southern Cross Mile Swim “The Southern Cross Mile” Swim handicap – 1st “The Southern Cross Mile” Swim handicap – 2nd “The Southern Cross Mile” Swim handicap – 3rd “The Southern Cross Mile” Swim – Fastest Swimmer “The Southern Cross Mile” Swim junior handicap – 1st “The Southern Cross Mile” Swim junior handicap – 2nd “The Southern Cross Mile” Swim junior handicap – 3rd

Stephen Mayfield Charlotte Twizell Georgia Hocking Jason Bradley Millie Bradley Lucy Abraham Thomas Smith 53

AUSSIES REPORT 2015 North Kirra and Tugun QLD 10 April 2015 – 19 April 2015 This year 27 athletes and their support crew made their way to sunny QLD to compete in the 100 year celebrations of Aussies. Youth Championships The campaign kicked off with the first ever stand alone Youth Championships. We had a small team consisting of Eloise Whitford, Cooper Williams and Melarn Murphy. This was the first Aussies for Cooper and Melarn and second for Eloise and they showed very little signs of nerves, I think the proud parents and supporters were more nervous! Day 1 saw Merlarn claiming 4th place in the sprints final, a very credible effort considering she was, for the first time, travelling without her parents and showed maturity well beyond her tender age of 14. Cooper and Eloise ran strongly doing themselves and the club proud. Day 2 was another early start for the kids and support crew after a night of celebrations for Kath’s milestone birthday! The kids showed little effects of the late night and once again were a credit to the club competing in the beach flag. The girls made it through the early rounds before exiting and Cooper held on to finish 14th! A great confidence boost for next year! I’d like to commend the kids on the spirit they showed, next year it will be fantastic to see them field some relay teams and carry on with the strong beach tradition that the older kids have created. (Mark Williams)


Masters Competition We had 13 competitors in the Masters which made up 2 boat crews, a beach relay team, sprints and flags! Boaties Two crews from Somerton competed this year. 1st crew comprised of Sean Holland, Michael Whitford, Tom Loftus, Alec Oiver and Neil Ramsey who competed in the 160 age group and in huge swell competed in 3 heats, semi final and made the final to finish 5th! 2nd crew comprised of Sean Holland, Mark Strachan, Adam Betterman, Gary Irvine and Will Mason and competed in the 140 age group and also rowed well to finish 5th in the final. Both crews rowed exceptionally well considering the size of the swell and the amount of carnage that was occurring with all boat competitors! (Michael Whitford) Masters Beachies Andrew Barratt, Mark (Curly) Williams and Evan Judd competed for their relevant age groups in sprints. Congratulations to Curly for finishing 5th and Evan 3rd, a bronze and our first medal for this year! The men then had a go at the 170+ relay team and just missed out on the finals. Curly and Evan came back on the second day, competed in the flags with Even finishing in the top half of his group. Curly made the finals and came 8th! Open competition We had 11 Open competitors this year – Cameron Vinall, Luke Whitford, Robert Kernick, Liam Jones, Max Hosking, Jack Millsteed, Sarah Chigwidden, Jess Williams, Scarlett Hosking, Lily Drummond and Phoebe Judd.

All these fine young athletes competed in the U17, U19 and Open age groups across a range of events including sprints, flags,2km run, beach relay, boards, skis and board relay The competition commenced with the Opening parade. There was myself, Ben, Mel, Jack and Max, without a flag but wearing our Somerton shirts with pride! And by participating we earned 5 points to add to the tally! In the Water Max and I competed in boards and skis and Liam joined us for the board relay. It was a very good experience for all, competing with people from other States gave us an idea of what we have to improve on for future seasons. The Water area provided us with a nice little swell, which made the race a little more enjoyable! We competed all of our races with a smile on our faces knowing that we had made our Club and State proud. Also we did beat some people which was an added bonus! (Jack Millsteed) On the beach Jack and Max swapped their fins for their feet and ran the 2km run in extremely hot conditions and soft sand, making the race just that little bit harder! Both competed well and congratulations to Max who came 12th in the U17s! Also, well done to Mel Millsteed and Kath Chigwidden who showed the true Somerton spirit by helping a young NZ competitor who suffered a serious injury in the 2 km run. Without Mel and Kath it could have been a lot worse, well done Ladies! The U17 girls competed well in the sprints with Jess, Sarah and Lily making it through to the quarter finals and Phoebe and Scarlett just missing out. Lily and Phoebe also competed in the Open sprints. The U17 boys competed hard with Luke, Robert and Liam running well and Cameron made it through to the semi finals! Cameron ran a great race in the semi’s to secure a place in the finals and finished 7th! Our relay teams had trained hard and were ready to go.

medal to back up the gold from last year, well done boys! On Saturday we returned to the beach to watch our competitors in the last event for this year, Beach flags! Sarah, Scarlett, Lily and Phoebe represented the U17 girls and Phoebe also competed in Opens. Liam, Cameron, Luke and Robert competed in U17 boys. Spectators had prime positon between the girls and boys arena and everyone did a great job in a tough competition. The last 3 competitors for Somerton all finished within a few minutes of each other with Scarlett (19th), Sarah (18th) and Robert approx. 28th, another fantastic result! A few people to thank Once again this year we had a great support crew who contributed to making this trip a success. There were lots of helpers who organised many things including Registration, shirts, T-Shirts, stubby coolers, IRB Rosters, Club Hand book, Accommodation, Media and of course Assistant Team Managers! Thanks heaps to James, Christine, Jack, Mel, Sarah, Aaron, Curly, Nick, Ben, Michael and Max A huge thanks to Luke Hildyard for getting the beachies organised, for coaching the teams, warm ups, motivation speeches and overall support for all our Somerton competitors at North Kirra. A special mention to Ben Barratt who couldn’t compete this year due to injury however did a great job helping Luke and supporting the team and became the ‘apprentice coach’ for the week! Also a big thanks to Steve Cornish for assisting us in not getting too sunburnt by organising a tent and Marg Lambeff who did a great job over the whole week as an Official. Finally It was an honour to be included in Aussies this year as part of the 100 year celebrations. We received 2 special plaques to put up in the club for participating in the inaugural Youth Championships and the 100 years of Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

The U 17 girls ran a straight final and did a fantastic job to finish 7th! Well done Sarah, Jess, Scarlett and Lily!

We came in the top 48 in the Open Competition and in the top 87 in the Masters. Not bad considering there were 215 clubs! Plans are already underway for the Sunshine Coast in 2016 where once again we will wear the black, green and white with pride!

Then it was the U17 boys turn. They had run hard in the Semi’s to make it to the final. Luke, Cameron, Robert and Liam ran their best race and came 3rd! A bronze

Di Barratt Team Manager Somerton Touring Team, Aussies 2015


NEW AWARDS Bronze Medallion Mark Abraham Andrew Barratt Kathryn Chigwidden Matthew Gibson Kate Hayward Aaron Kerr Amanda Macrow Tammie Pribanic Chas Thomas Paula Barratt Aimee Brett Laura Buchwald Sarah Chigwidden Hanna Dawood Kirsty Hayes Ben Heyzer Vicky Kernick Sarah Denton Patrick McKone Hamish Anderson Ben Barratt Joshua Buchanan Dane Cornish Cameron Vinall Luke Whitford Louis Beinke Isabel Bevan-Davies Kelsey Brett Alexandra Miller Harvey Robbins Nicole Scholz Zak Drury Cooper Heath India Paterson Jake Rosenthal Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate Bryan Bourke Joshua Anderson Henry Curtis Ehud Hauben Madeleine McBride Jason Newton Chloe Paterson Aaron Tannahill Lisa Window


Spinal Management Joshua Anderson Mandi Bedford Max Hosking Scarlett Hosking Riley Irvine Brad Keighran Robert Kernick Tori LeCornu Catherine Mayfield Chloe Paterson Lucy Smith Charlotte Twizell Provide Basic life Support George Booth Stephen Connelly Dane Cornish Hanna Dawood Tallia Dawood Zak Drury Cooper Heath Belynda Limbert Catherine Mayfield Jack Millsteed Jake Rosenthal Renee Uren Luke Whitford Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation George Booth Stephen Connelly Dane Cornish Hanna Dawood Tallia Dawood Zak Drury Cooper Heath Belynda Limbert Catherine Mayfield Jack Millsteed Jake Rosenthal Renee Uren Luke Whitford Kerry Fletcher

Provide Emergency Care George Booth Stephen Connelly Dane Cornish Hanna Dawood Tallia Dawood Zak Drury Cooper Heath Belynda Limbert Catherine Mayfield Jack Millsteed Jake Rosenthal Renee Uren Luke Whitford IRB Crew Certificate Joshua Anderson Jason Barber Matt Book Tom Carter Sarah Cutbush Riley Irvine John Stewart Simone Stroebele Silver Medallion IRB Driver Jason Barber Matt Book Sarah Cutbush Brittany Miller Ashlee Rebuli John Stewart Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue Simon Gardner Training Officer Bronze Medallion Max Hosking Chloe Paterson




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