Advantages of the ENTERPRISE. version

Advantages of the ENTERPRISE version 1 ¿WHY CHOOSE ENTERPRISE ? Best TCO than other solutions Same tool for different environments ¿WHY PANDOR...
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Advantages of the



Best TCO than other solutions

Same tool for different environments


Proven track record Excellent Time to value

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Powerful and adaptive solution

Young company. We listen and move fast.

INTEGRATIONS Enterprise technologies only have entreprise plugins: SAP, Oracle, DB2, WebSphere, Weblogic, AS400, etc.

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You don’t need to face challenges alone and can take advantage of our accumulated experience. It's not just support -it's advice, support, and knowing that you're not alone.

Rakuten / Japan E-commerce +60,000 monitors

Tuenti / Spain Social Media +50,000 monitors

Adif / Spain Railway Infrastructures 6000 host / 3 SAP environments

Santa Lucía / Spain Insurance +50,000 monitors

G4S / Greece Security +5,000 monitors

Povo do Acre / Brasil Government +25,000 monitors

Ingeteam / Spain Energy +20,000 monitors

EMT / Spain Transportation +20,000 monitors

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SATELLITE SERVER Enterprise exclusive component Allows you to remotely deploy monitoring with invisible management. Allows thousands of checks per minute on Windows or Unix-based systems.

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COMPLEX HIERARCHIES Export server Use different configurations for managing separate instances and send data to other instances. Pandora FMS Global zone (EU)

Pandora FMS National Setup (Spain)

Pandora FMS Regional Setup (North zone)

Pandora FMS Regional Setup (South zone)

Pandora FMS National Setup (France)

Pandora FMS Regional Setup (Islands)

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META CONSOLE Metaconsole Instead of having a single, large server; split the load amongst different facilities and co-manage them all using a federated architecture. Centralize and delegate administration among different operation and management groups


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MORE FEATURES Log monitoring

Long term database

Collecting of local data, up to 20 Gigabytes per day on Unix/Windows servers.

You can manage a history built from years of information. All of your data can be stored in a different database than the information received in real time.

Service level monitoring

Centralized management

Using SLA compliance checks based on weightdefined. Service maps. 100% Visual and in real time.

You can deploy monitoring onto a centralized console: monitoring parameters, alerts and even external files can be introduced into your custom plugins.


Fine grade ACL

Both remote and agent-based. Useful for keeping track of changes in installed software, hardware, services, users, etc.

Pandora FMS isn't only about visual customization, you can redefine what each single user can or can't do.

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MORE FEATURES Network Autodiscovery (L2)

Custom reporting

Discover the real topology behind networks using the most advanced autodiscovery feature on an SNMP-based network. It can be used to avoid cascading events.

You can schedule processes, develop generic templates, and customize your reports using its multiple wizards.

Event management

SNMP Traps management

Alerts on correlated events are the core of Pandora FMS. Use it as a centralized event management system to integrate other tools.

With its powerful processing and advanced MIBs, SNMP alerts can manage any device reactively.

Detection of root cause

Open Standards

You can prevent a router interface failure from blinding you, thanks to the possibility to define an automatic hierarchy for monitoring dependence.

Plugins and console extensions can be programmed, as well as the API and CLI having the possibility to be used. Over 1200 pages of documentation accompany the product. - 22 -

EVEN MORE FEATURES Editable network maps

Amazing user interface

HTML5 technology allows editing complex network maps from your browser. Establish relations and draw your map with Pandora FMS's guidance.

It's not just you, all of our customers agree on this. Our UI is not only friendly, but also 100% customizable.

VMware / RHEV

AD / LDAP authentication

It's not the same thing to simply monitor your VMware than to integrate the VMware infrastructure into your monitoring platform. The same concept applies to Red Hat.

Embed Pandora FMS users into your organization, delegating their authentication to your corporate server.


Enterprise plugin library

Manage your organization's IP addresses in an integrated monitoring environment.

All plugins are defaulted in the enterprise version. *except the SAP plugin which has an independent licensing price.

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(*) Except plugin SAP having individual license price.


¿FREE? Stay informed about updates and avoid troublesome migrations with no help

We have a proven track record spanning over the five continents

We’ve invested millions of euros in development. Because nothing is for free

The Open version has less business oriented features

How much does each of your technician's hours cost? Let us help you

Would you rather be treated as a customer or an user?

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Thank you for your attention

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