Actionable Intelligence Delivered. Our Services for Your Commercial Advantage

Actionable Intelligence Delivered Our Services for Your Commercial Advantage MEED Insight: Advisory Services The Middle East & North Africa region i...
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Actionable Intelligence Delivered Our Services for Your Commercial Advantage

MEED Insight: Advisory Services The Middle East & North Africa region is extremely dynamic and the pace of change means that businesses competing here have to be extremely agile in their strategic, organizational, operational and financial planning. MEED Insight, a division of MEED, provides tailored research and advisory services to decision makers and strategists that requires access to credible and actionable intelligence set in a relevant context for their business challenges. MEED Insight is extremely well placed to work with you on a wholly confidential basis, as a trusted partner to deliver the actionable intelligence that your business requires to flourish and grow through a robust consultancy services portfolio spanning the entire MENA region and 8 core sectors.

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Our Service Offering We Can Help You Make Better Informed Decisions MEED Insight’s service offerings can be classified into three tiers which together serve to provide clients with end to end strategic advisory services. Tier 1) market studies for market dynamic understanding and quantification, Tier 2) feasibility studies and business plans for opportunity assessment, and Tier 3) strategy development to gear clients towards opportunity capturing and realisation. MEED Insight Core Service Offerings

Current Service Offerings A

Market Studies



Business Plan & Feasibility Studies

Strategy Development









Market Scoping & Opportunity Identification

Market Surveys & Data Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Supply & Demand

JV Partnership Identification

Macro Economic Feasibility

Market Feasibility

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Financial Feasibility

Strategy Review & Refinement

Strategy Development

*Additional services of MEED Insight include presentation preparation and delivery to key client executives and public report preparation with the intention of mass distribution. Note: The aforementioned services serve as a guideline to our core service offerings however tailored requests can be accommodated and discussed on a case by case basis

Why Consider Us? MEED Insight is strategically poised to capitalize on six valuable facets of the MEED family which include regional news coverage, an up-to-date knowledge bank, a robust contact network, up-to-date project tracking, wide-ranging expertise across each of the MEED family’s functions, and a dedicated research team.

Access to MEED’s regional news coverage -18 countries in the MENA region and 18 sectors enabling MEED Insight to always remain informed of the key trends, stories, and issues

Regional News Coverage

Editors and journalists bring deep knowledge of industries & markets backed by experienced analysts who are best in their class at conducting research and subsequently analysing the implications of that research. Analysts are bolstered by consultants who have intimate knowledge of strategic services, can understand client needs, problems, and ambitions, and tailor advisory services required for growth

Robust Research Capability

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Knowledge Bank

MEED Insight Competitive Resources

Robust Expertise


3 Contact Network


Access to economic data, regional company profiles, and respective regional project and people profiles for key market players by sector

Access to a robust contact network spanning thousands of subscribers, hundreds of annual event attendees, hundreds of research and editorial contacts

Project Tracking

Access to timely and reliable project based data from MEED Projects (both completed and in planning) that are critical feeds to market studies, feasibility studies, and business plans

Timely access to Information

…Faster turn around time and delivery on projects

…Competitive project fees

…Access to comprehensive and reliable market information

…More granular analysis and assessment coverage

…More value to the client

Creating Value: Case Studies Hydrocarbons A major oilfield services company was looking at establishing permanent workshops in the Iraq market but prior to doing so wished to increase its business intelligence on the country. Specifically, it required actionable intelligence on market sizing, competitor analysis and client assessments.

What MEED Insight Delivered Identification of key international sector stakeholders in Iraq Overview and assessment of the major upstream and downstream grassroots and brownfield hydrocarbons projects being carried out in the country Assessment of current and future levels of capital and operational investment required in the target market over the next five years Key client base profiling Competitive landscape review Capex and Opex trend assessment for specified products and services under study

Trend analysis for: Rotating equipment Pressure control equipment, including wellhead manifold systems, blowout preventer repair, certification and maintenance, and related valve equipment Well service equipment Tubular goods, including pipe threading, maintenance and repair Steam turbines up to 75MW

Water The client, a prominent desalination and wastewater EPC, sought to assess the historical trends of the GCC water processing market and its prospects for the future. MEED Insight was commissioned to review the GCC water processing market to identify key industrial, technological, and geographical trends as well as market prospect for the future.

What MEED Insight Delivered A comprehensive GCC water processing review which included the following coverage points: GCC macroeconomic review GCC water specific regulatory review Comprehensive competitive landscape review including: Competitive profiles & project portfolio review Market share analysis Regional opportunity assessment

GCC desalination and wastewater market review: By country By sector By technology adoption New capacity & cumulative capacity (dating back to 1975) Total market size estimation Captive market size estimation Prospective market size forecasting up to 2017

Creating Value: Case Studies Construction The client, a prominent GCC based contractor, sought to assess the regional projects market and the prospective opportunities that reside within it to facilitate its future business planning exercise and alignment for future growth. MEED Insight was commissioned to assess the GCC projects market across 3 tiers; sector, subsector, and subsector classification.

What MEED Insight Delivered A comprehensive GCC projects market review which included the following coverage points: GCC macroeconomic review GCC regulatory review GCC projects market review KSA projects market review UAE projects market review Qatar projects market review Kuwait projects market review Oman projects market review

Bahrain projects market review Regional market survey PEER group analysis Macroeconomic attractiveness assessment GCC projects market attractiveness assessment Opportunity identification Strategic recommendations Strategic workshop execution Vision, Mission, Core Value formulation

Metals The client is a leading producer and supplier of steel plates to the Middle East. MEED Insight was commissioned to undertake a study of the steel plate market in Saudi Arabia and the UAE to assess the size of the steel plate market in the two countries through both demand side and supply side analysis and to provide market share analysis and forecast.

What MEED Insight Delivered An overview of the steel plate market in Saudi Arabia Market size estimate for steel plates in Saudi Arabia and UAE between 2008 and 2022 Steel plate consumption by country, by grade and by sector Top consumers of steel plates Supplier overview and market share analysis

“MEED Insight has been an invaluable market intelligence source for our business. The research provided enabled the business to focus on critical areas of opportunity and to forecast and align our growth strategy for the coming years. MEED Insight’s network of contacts throughout the Middle East is unrivalled and undoubtedly one of the region’s best market intelligence providers.”

A leading GCC civil contractor

Premium Market Intelligence Reports The premium market intelligence reports by MEED Insight provide value added analysis to grow your knowledge of major sectors and markets in the region. Gain an understanding of key drivers and challenges and identify future opportunities within these markets. Stay up-to-date with regional trends and access exclusive data, research and analysis in presentation-ready tables, graphs, charts and maps.

"MEED Insight reports are essential to keep updated with the latest market trends and obtain valuable information about the Middle East in every sector."

Samia Dokali Business Development Obayashi Corporation

Through MEED Insight’s comprehensive reports you will be able to: Develop a better understanding of markets and sectors Identify key opportunities and challenges within these markets Gain up-to-date market insights Access valuable market statistics and data

Each of the reports contains the following: A political and macroeconomic overview highlighting the investment environment Overview and analysis of plans for each sector and market along with key drivers Historical, current and future trend analysis of sector and market Market dynamic and stake holder analysis

Access exclusive data, research and analysis packed full of useful tables, graphs, charts and maps To view our complete portfolio of reports please log on to

Meet the Team Head of MEED Insight: Advisory Services: Sari Al Abdul Razzak Sari has several years of consulting experience primarily in corporate strategy development, market research, development of demand and economic models, financial analysis and business modelling, technical and financial feasibility studies, and public policy development. He is coming from Deloitte’s strategy team where he led several projects involving corporate strategy development, business plans and commercial due diligence. Throughout his career he has gained significant insights on various industries across the GCC and Levant including construction, building materials, manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, and public policy. +971 (0)4 818 0258, [email protected]

Omar Annous Senior Consultant

Jennifer Aguinaldo Associate Consultant

Melanie Noronha Senior Analyst

Ashwita Suvarna Senior Analyst

Andrew Briganti Junior Consultant

Learn more Contact us today to find out more about our services or to schedule a meeting. Mitchell Riddle Business Development Manager +971 (0) 4 818 0332 [email protected]

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