ABSTRACT FOR INTERNATIONAL NURSING CONFERENCE NO 1 NAME Yuni Permatasari Instansi M.Kep Sp.Kep.MB 2 Abd. Majid Elly L. Sjattar Syahrul Ningrat Elly...
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NAME Yuni Permatasari Instansi M.Kep Sp.Kep.MB


Abd. Majid Elly L. Sjattar Syahrul Ningrat Elly L. Sjattar Rosyidah Arafat

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Ulya khoirotunnisa Abu Bakar Ira Suarilah Herlina Rante Wahyono Gemini Alam Yosi B Murti Karen Nikki B. Dimapilis Dannica Joy M. Dionisio Roxanne S. Dy Geralie D. Geria Mary Estiffany C. Herrmann Angelique Flor S. Martinez Jan Patrick T. Martinez Don Jemuel J. Morales Hernand Ray D. Ocampo Roda B. Payumo Genicel D. Placido Kris Charmaine G. Sumagit Annabelle Borromeo Michael Leocadio

TITLE The effectivity of Guidance Book of Fluid Management to increase quality of life On patient with Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) at Haemodialysis Unit PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Hospital Indonesia Effectiveness Of Aloe Vera For Wound Healing Process To Burn Injury Patient In Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital Makassar Differenciate of lung capacity of new members and old members of siaga ners association of nursing students medical faculty hasanuddin university Memorizing Al-Qur’an With Early Adolescent Learning Achievement

Characterization of Actinomycetes Associated Spons which produce antibacterial activity

Holistic Comfort Measures in The Alleviation Of Anxiety Of Preoperative Patients Manila Doctors College Of Nursing

The Development Of Competency Model Through Analysis Of Terminal Competencies Of BSN Graduate



Abcede, Lea Diane A. Alba, Mark Saddam R. Alvarez, Kim A. Apolinio, Elizabeth U. Aragon, Mark Daniel L. Ayong, Shamagne Mae D. Basamot, Eliezer Kim R. Calica, Anthea M. Calimlim, Niko C. Capili, Shalom Mae P. Castro, Edmund Mark A. Daigdigan, Claudine M. Andina Setyawati


Nuurhidayat Jafar


Dr. Nilawati Soputri, S.Kep.,Ns.,MScN


Michael C. Leocadio, RN RM MAN


Aaron Lee A. Afante Ma. Cyrine C. Almaden Joanne Carla P. Aure Lalaine C. Arevalo Angelica H. Ayos, Rosann Joy S. Ballebas Katrina S. Betito Kelly R. Bobadilla Erika Regina P. Buenafe Nathaniel R. Canlas Anna Charisse R. Concepcion Roselle P. Flores Yupi Supartini Titi Sulastri Yeni Sianturi


Core Attributes Of Advocacy Of Nurses And Satisfaction Of Holistic Health Needs Of Elderly Clients

The Effect of Autogenic Relaxation on Level of Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure of Clients DM Type II with Hypertension in Yogyakarta and Central Java Provinces Hospitals The Experience of Elderly Getting Family Support in Abiyoso Nursing Home Yogyakarta Province : Phenomenology Study Comparison In Fourth-Year Nursing Students’ Perception Of Support From Clinical Instructors, Staff Nurses, And Peers Towards The Enlightened Model Of Lydia Hall’s Care, Core, Cure Using The Perspectives Of Aruga For Holistic Nursing Needs Of Filipino Patients

Patients’ Level Of Acceptance To The Nursing Students Of Manila Tytanacolleges In Selected Metro Manila Hospitals

Does Family Attitude Could Influence To The Quality Of Children’s Life With Thalassemia?


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Yenny Puspitasari S.Kep.Ns., M.Kes Dr. Budi Santoso, dr.,Sp.OG(K) Dr.Widjiati, drh.M. Si Mukhamad Rajin Zulfa CH Budhi Mulyadi Junaiti Sahar Wiwin Wiarsih Ns. Hilman Syarif, M.Kep., Sp.Kep.MB Hajjul Kamil, S.Kp., M.Kep Siti Arifah Ekan Faozi Ns. Roymond Simamora, M.Kep Ms. Sri Sulistyawati Anton Ms. Silvia Malasari Ummi Pratiwi Rimayanti Ns. Handono Fatkhur Rahman, S.Kep

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Dhian Satya Rachmawaty S.Kep.Ns.,M.Kep Nurmaulid S.Kep.,Ns.,M.Kep Hasrawati, S.Kep Efy Afifah, Tuti Nuraini, Nur Agustini, Hening Pujasari Dudut Tanjung M.Kep, Sp.Kep MB Qori Illa Saidah


Pepin Nahariani

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Effect of Ethanol Extract of Papaya (Carica papaya Linn) Seed on 17Folliculogenesis in Female Mice (Mus musculus) The effect of Prayer With a Predominant Isometric Exercise on the Decrease of Postpandrial Blood Glucose Level. Phenomenology study : The street boys’s experiences in puberty in Pancoranmas sub-district, Depok, West Java. Indonesia The Comparison of Effectivity Seven Jump Method and Interactive Skill Station Method among Nursing Students at School of Nursing, Syiah Kuala University The effect of Frequency of Hospitalization on Development level of Preschool Children with Leukemia in Moewardi Hospital Surakarta Implementing Learnings Model Cooperatif With PESS Help As Effort Increase Studying Achievement Fundamental Nursing Study At Shool Of Nursing Jember University Correlation of Autonomy and Workload with Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Non VIP Care Unit in General Hospital of Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassar The Correlation Between Work Load And Associate Nurse Perfomance Of Morning Shift At Inpatient Installation Class III Of Territory Hospital dr. Soebandi Jember Effect of Music Therapy (Javanese Melody) on Blood Pressure in Elderly with Hypertension The Effects Of Puerpural Gymnastics On The Decrease Of Fundus Uteri Height On Post-Partum Mothers In Women And Children Hospital Siti Fatimah Makassar 2011. Utilizing Patient Simulation to Achieve Intramuscular Medication Competence of Nursing Students Preparing Ambulation After Lower Extremity Surgery: A Literature Review Nursing Care In Children With Impaired Nutritional Needs by Applying Roy’s Adaptation Model Relationship Between Diabetic Gangrene with Self-Concept Impaired on Clients Diabetic Gangrene in Pavilion of Dahlia RSUD Jombang



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Lian Rochelle M.Lubangco Mary Joy B. Manguiob Christle B. Nuval Michelle M. Quintas Duchess Kleine C. Rafanan Pilar Andrea O. Repiso Elizabeth Q. Resma Rynnah Mari Kathrinne B. Reynaldo Rafael P. Valenzuela Y. Rustina, SKp., M.App.Sc., Phd. D. Wanda, Skp., MN. F.T. Waluyanti, Ns. M Kep., Sp.Kep.An. H. Hayati, Ns. MKep., Sp.Kep.An. Tuti Nuraini, Efy Afifah, Nur Agustini, Hening Pujasari Hanny Handiyani S.Kep., M.Kep., Tuti Nuraini, S.Kp., M.Biomed., Ns. Agustin Indracahyani, S.Kep Marian R. Cruz Andrea Cristine A. Cua Jacqueline A. Dela Cora Princess S. Escandor Raejeon N. Estrella Christopher Arlon M. Fernandez Marck Darwin L. Llana Joseph Adrian Loteria Jayson Niňo D.C Masaya Camilo Jr. Natividad Ralph Raven V. Rapi

Predictors Of Commitment Amongcommunity Health Workers In Dealing With Community Clientele

The Development of Nursing Care Services Model for Low Birth Weight Infant in Top Referral Hospital in Indonesia Trial in Clinical Learning Model using Patients Simulation on Achievement of Nursing Students’ Attitudes Prototyping Physical Safety Based Learning Method To Enhance Safe Nursing Care For PreClinical Nursing Students

Learning Atmosphere And Effectiveness Of Grand Case Presentation As Perceived By BSN Students





Jan Erik M. Adelante Marriette Ann Creus P. Alamil Euniezl A. Alindayu Caren Leonille N. Armarille Ronessa L. Banaag Maree Josette R. Bautista Mark John A. Canuel Gladys Joy A. Dalimot Lyndon Angelo E. Dela Fuente Michael E. Dio Fauna Herawati S.Si.,M.Farm-Klin.Apt Michael C. Leocadio RN RM MA Annabelle C. Borromeo RN Phd Eufemia F. Octaviano RN Edd Ryan Roy L. Dela Cruz Anne Margarette R. Dimen Josen R. Delavega Ezron Kenneth E. Duran Herald Ivan P. Figueroa Ma. Eunice P. Garay Joshua D. Garcia Ma. Eliza C. Gilliam Mike Jason B. Magcumot Camille Louise O. Mayor Alan D. Supelana Mieko A. Chen Robin Martin C. Peralta James Ellis D. Prozenko Kevin Michael R. Roque Christian Paolo M. Tamayo Marilyn A. Teologo Jenshent Viniel R. Valentos Joyce S. Vergara Ma. Cristina G. Verzosa Lou Aubrey S. Yap

Enablers And Barriers Of Achieving Nursing Skill Competencies As Perceived By Registered Nurses

The Effectiveness of Intravenous Admixture Training in A Private Hospital in Surabaya Longing-Belonging Continuum: An Ongoing Synthesis On The Meaning Of Experiences Of Orphans

Nurse-Doctor Collaboration And Perceived Safe Quality Care Rendered To Patients In Private Tertiary Hospital

Satisfaction Of The Beneficiaries Of The Medical Mission Conducted By Manila Tytana Colleges At Southville, Sta. Rosa Laguna



Dewi Elizadiani Suza, BSN, MNS, PhD (c) Setiawan Syafei SKP, MNS,PhD Nurul Arifah


Erfina Malik S,Kep.,Ns.,M.Kep


Achmad Fathi S.Kep.,Ns.,MNS


Sri Eka Wahyuni Budi Anna Keliat Wardiyah Daulay, S.Kep.,Ns.,M.Kep

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Ariyanti Saleh Hapsah Ariyati Amin Anisah Ardiana Indah Wulandari


Christina Anugrahini

Meaning of Quality Nursing Care for Practice Nurses in Acute Care: A Systematic Review The Analysis Of Factors Related To Family Coping Mechanism In Caring Of The Family Member With Mental Disorder Effect of Application Kangaroo Care Against Increased Body Temperature at Hospital Prof. In LBW. DR. W. Z. Johannes Kupang Evaluative Study on Clinical Preceptor’s Roles in Clinical Teaching as Perceived by Nursing Students, Faculty of Nursing University of Sumatera Utara Effect of cognitive behavior therapy for mentally ill clients with hallucination in Pempropsu Mental Hospital Medan The Influence of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Thoughts and Behaviors of School-Age Children who have Learning Difficulties in SDN Districk Pondok Cina, Depok 2010 Qualitative Study About Self Confidence Image Of Primiparous Mother Taking Hold Phase To Care The Infant In Barru Subdistrict, Barru Regency. The Importance Of Caring Behaviour For The Improvement Of Nursing Care Quality Influence of Lower Limb Elevation and determinant factors to Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healing Process in Banten Individual Factors and Organizational Relationships with the Compliance of Nurses in Implementing Patient Safety Guidelines in RSAB Harapan Kita Jakarta.

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