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About Us What Do We Do? GameZBoost an industry innovator providing highly configurable and scalable gaming platforms and solutions to a global client...
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About Us What Do We Do? GameZBoost an industry innovator providing highly configurable and scalable gaming platforms and solutions to a global clientele – focused on driving user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.

What Our Clients Say Jeff Li – Corporate Development at NBC Universal “Mark is a highly capable individual with excellent attention to detail. His company has consistently provided reliable support, we continue to be very impressed.” Faye MacGregor – Burger King New Zealand “You guys have delivered a solution well beyond our expectations and in an incredibly professional manner. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you.”

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Why We Do It Helping partners access value through the delivery of excellence in fully customized gaming content, who ever and where ever they are. Publishers needing an end-to-end gaming platform, accessible via online, mobile & social platforms.

Publishers looking for a proven user acquisition and retention medium, while driving revenues.

Publishers looking to increase loyalty through the introduction of competitive features and rewards.

Mobile operators looking to engage users, bring about product awareness and drive data usage.

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Platform in Context Cross Device | Responsive | Adaptive | White Label | Gaming Platform




Acquire Users





Þ Browser Games





Tournaments / Player Contest / Leaderboards

Game Credits




Earn Loyalty Points / Activity Based


Retain Users

Redeem Vouchers, Prizes


Loyalty and Rewards: enhancements & strategic alignment is key drivers for user retention

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What We Offer [ Platform and Services Highly Adaptable and Scalable]

Advanced White label solution allowing for MMO, Flash & HTML5 games. Content dynamically filtered based on device and resolution.

Standard Fully responsive & adaptive solution, based on the HTML5 framework, offering all required features and services.





Games Arcade solution for smaller website owners. Allows for growth to full featured offering.

White label solution allowing for full layout customization, development of custom features, services & 3rd party APIs.

XML API to pull games, log scores, populate leader boards and user (SSO) integration.

[ Customization – Integration – Monetization ]

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Global Client Reach

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Core Platform Features Site Message – Promote specific games

Content – content optimized and delivered based on device and screen resolution

Social – sharing of achievements Activity Ticker – current user activity feed

Backoffice Control: • Set Featured titles • Set Editors Pick titles • Access to reporting • Activate / de-activate game titles • User management • Tournament Management • Prizes Management • Credits Management

Banners – manage from backoffice Featured Games – backoffice management Winners – tourney & contest winners Games order – control sort filter from backoffice Content – manage content utility pages

Advertorial – manage promos from backoffice

Game Credits – reward, earn & spend Game Comments – moderator tools

News – feature rich news article publication platform

Loyalty Rewards – activity based thresholds, with badges and rewards

Registration – integrated with Facebook Connect + proprietary registration + SSO API integration. Includes Forgot Password function.

Search – Games & News search function Compete – setup site managed Tournaments and user generated Player vs Player Contests

Game Rating – user voting solution Localization –translate all site page elements, including game meta

SEO & Analytics – search optimized platform, with analytics Secure – full SSL deployment

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Standard Platform Intro – a full featured games platform, focus on game play, competing, loyalty and rewards. Platform – HTML5 titles, focus on smartphones, tablets and desktop. Solution is fully responsive and adaptive. Main Features: • Includes all Core Platform Features & Modules • Customization of color scheme • Inclusion of clients logo’s • Inclusion of clients banner scripts • Inclusion of clients analytics scripts • Integration of Custom SSO API • Integration of Custom Payment API • Integration of Custom Analytics API • Development of Custom Features and Modules • Surveys / Polls • Affiliate / Campaign Solution Commercials: • Once off setup and integration costs • Monthly usage fee’s / revenue share Example Deployment – https://gazuma.com

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Advanced Platform Intro – a platform suited to mobile and desktop games. Platform – Fully responsive and adaptive desktop and mobile games platform, capable of delivering flash and MMO games content. Solution is fully responsive and adaptive. Main Features: • Includes all Standard Platform Features & Modules • Games catalogue includes Casual Flash, MMO and HTML5 games • Platform dynamically filters content and games, based on users device • Integration of Custom SSO API • Integration of Custom Payment API • Integration of Custom Analytics API • Development of Custom Features and Modules • Surveys / Polls • Affiliate / Campaign Solution Commercials: • Once off setup and integration costs • Monthly usage fee’s / revenue share Example Deployment – http://gamation.com

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Custom Platform Intro – provide a games site that meets with the clients design and layout requirements. Platform – HTML5 titles, focus on smartphones, tablets and desktop. Solution is fully responsive and adaptive. Main Features: • Includes all Standard Platform Features & Modules • Integration of Custom Design • Integration of Custom SSO API • Integration of Custom Payment API • Integration of Custom Analytics API • Development of Custom Features and Modules • Sourcing of Custom Games Content • Customization of Games Titles • Translation of Site Elements

Commercials: • Once off setup fee – quoted based on requirements • Monthly usage fee’s / revenue share Example Deployment – http://adventure-times.com

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XML API - Publishers Intro – XML API for site owners wishing to manage the integration themselves. Client has full control over layouts and design. Platform – XML Games Feed API. Main Features: • Featured Games API • Games Feed API • Game Score Logging API • Live Leaderboards API • User SSO API Commercials: • Once off setup fee • Monthly usage fee’s Example Deployment – http://www.knockoutplay.com

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XML API – Game Developers Intro – XML API for Game Developers wishing to publish their game titles across the GameZBoost network of publisher games sites. Platform – XML API Main Features: • User SSO API • Game Server Selection API • In-Game Purchase Recharge API • Post Scores API • Get Scores for Live Leaderboards API Commercials: • Revenue Share from In-game Purchases Example Deployment – MMO Games on http://mmogames.co.za

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User Access Access Free2Play Games

All Features of Guest Users

View HiScore Game Info

Play HiScore Games & Log Scores

View Active Tournaments

Enter Tournaments & Win Prizes Create Private & Join Contests

View Active Contests Registered User

Guest User View Badges & Rewards

Facebook Connect

Manage Profile & Create Avatar

Receive, Spend & Buy Game Credits

Full Access to News Articles Proprietary

PayPal • • •

Subscription Management Unsubscribe Functionality SMS MSISDN Verification


SSO API Integration

Payment Provider Integration Mobile Payment Solution Integration

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13 13

Game Play Scaling – set the width and height to fill the screen as best as possible , cater for vertical and horizontal titles

Game Info – Login / Register, game images and description, live high score leaderboards

Filtering – on the fly dynamic game filtering. MMO, Flash & HMTL5 for Desktop and HTML5 for Mobile Devices

Scores – logged securely in real time

Access Settings – free play, game credits to play, linked to loyalty

Game Orientation notifications – portrait or landscape game play detection notification and auto orientation change

Pre-roll popup ad – control from backoffice. Can add responsive, fixed size display ads or video preroll ad scripts

Header – quick close game link Full Screen – quick full screen Favorite Games – quick adding to Favorite Games homepage widget

Credits Info – quick view of Highest score and Credits reward if beaten

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Games Content Free Play or Pay 2 Play

190 HTML5 Games

Live Leaderboards

Competitions & Rewards

Game Info and Instructions

Premium Titles

In-game Advertising

High Score Integration

Orientation Detect

Multiple Content Providers

Fully Responsive

Backoffice Management

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15 15

Games Titles Premium Games • • • • • • •

Appeals to a broad segment of the population, reaching all demographic segments Catalogue of over 190 HTML5 game titles, with in-game ads Catalogue of 90 HTML5 titles, with no in-game ads – view titles Catalogue of 600+ Flash game titles for desktop deployments Access to 47+ MMO titles – available to sites with 50k+ DAU • 40 Desktop titles (Flash) • 7 Cross Device titles (HTML5) Games available across all genres: • Card, Casino, Puzzle, Arcade, Strategy, Sports, Action High score integration + Live leaderboards

Revenue Streams • • • • • •

Pre-roll video On page ads Tournament sponsorship Micro transactions Custom creation of branded games In-game purchasing

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Example Games

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Compete & Reward Free Play

Pay to Play

Rewards & Recognition Loyalty Level

Public Tournaments VIP Tournaments


Player Loyalty

Jackpot Prizes Notifications Open to All Public Contests Loyalty Level Specific


Achievements Social Sharing

Private Contests

Notifications Prompts

1 on 1 Invite

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Trigger Notifications


18 18

Tournaments Tournament Management: • Backoffice setup of tournaments • Setup by site admin • Game specific (turn based games) • Start & end times • Free play or entry fee • Credit values as prizes • Progressive style option • Link prizes to tournaments • Top score winner or lucky draw format • Tournaments reporting in backoffice • Setup VIP tournaments – based on users Loyalty Level • Configure with Games of Skill

User Qualifying Criteria: • Loyalty Level • Game High Score • Complete Survey / Poll

Widget – prominent position on home page screen Admin – winners auto notification and crediting of winnings Social – social sharing of Tournament win, can configure to reward user with game credits for sharing to wall.

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Player Contests Contests Solution: • Homepage Widget for Quick Play • Setup by users – Player vs all registered users (public) • Setup by users – Player vs Player (private) • Invite sent via email, with Tormentor avatar • Published to Player Profile • Notifications when User Logins and Contest Active • Game specific (turn based games) • Set wager amount • Set Player Qualifying Loyalty Level • Instant play, with multiple replays • Active Contests page • Progressive Jackpot style Pot • Open to all site Registered users • Winner takes all, less rake % of site configuration • Contest active duration can be configured • Contests reporting in backoffice Scores Info – pop-up highlighting Contests info, entry fee and live leaderboards. Social – social sharing of Contests winner, can configure to reward user with game credits for sharing to wall.

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Rewards & Prizes Rewards Setup: • Users earn Loyalty Rewards points from pre-set actions, incl. posting new high scores, winning site Tournaments and user Contests, sharing Achievements to Facebook, this activity increases the users Rewards Level. • Once the user achieves a certain Loyalty Reward Level the user is able to redeem for a Reward, once redeemed they start at Level 1 again, they have the option to skip redeeming a Reward at the achieved level and continue until achieving a higher level with greater Rewards. • Users are further rewarded with Badges when reaching certain levels. • Discount and gift vouchers delivered electronically worldwide and include all delivery costs. • Promotional opportunity for product owners and brand managers. • Fully managed service. Rewards / Prizes: • Tournament Prizes can be set up by the site owner, these are linked to specific Tournaments events. • Tournament Prizes are published on the Rewards and Prizes promo pages. • The site owner has full control over this functionality. • Site owner is responsible for sourcing, costs and fulfilment. • Configure Rewards to include: Game Credits and Premium Membership days • Specific Loyalty and Rewards Reporting

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Profile Management Profile Pages – public and private Avatar Creator – create and save custom avatars

Game Credits Top-up purchase bundles of Game Credits, through PayPal

Loyalty Rewards Level – view Rewards Level, points to next Level & How to Earn Points

Game Credits – quick view of all recent Game Credit transactions

Loyalty Badge – view of the earned Badge

Banner Promo – setup and manage Promo Banners from the backoffice

Rewards – prompts for next eligible reward and future Rewards

Profile – edit profile and change Password functionality

Loyalty Rewards Level Platform – backoffice management to configure Trigger values and events, set Loyalty Level thresholds, link Loyalty Badges and Rewards.

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Favorite Games – quick access to users flagged Favorite Games



Micro Transactions Top-up Game Credits

Premium Membership

Transactions User Purchase Credits

Income Reports

Set Rake %

Site Revenues


Multi Currency

Bonus Credits Credit Rewards


Achievement Credits

User Credits Rewards

Spend Credits

Backoffice Controls Compete

Unlock / Compete

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Unlock Content


23 23

Game Credits Platform Overview of the credits functionality: •

• •

• • • •

Central Publisher Credits Account • Publishers receive sign-up credits balance to get started Top-up Game Credits to Reward & Incentivize Users: • PayPal, Xsolla or 3rd Payment Provider API Integration Users top-up Game Credits account through PayPal or 3rd Payment Providers: • Configure Top-up Packages from the backoffice • Setup packages based on multiple currencies • Real Time Exchange Rate Data Feed Recover Game Credits from User Spend / Rake User Rewarded for High Score Improvement • Configurable per game from backoffice Configure User Game Access: • Games Free to Play or Pay to Play • Members Specific Content Users receive Free Bonus Game Credits @ Sign-up, Sharing Achievements to Facebook Premium Membership Solution: • Configure Time Frame, Package Costs & Bonus Credits • User Benefits: Instant Access to VIP Tourneys, No Pre-roll Ads, Double Bonus Points in Contests, Unlock all Paid Games

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News Publishing Comments – users able to Comment on News Articles + admin moderation of Comments. Comments can be ranked to feature Promotional Comments.

News Platform: Publish content based on industry events, site promotions, game reviews, etc. Articles Pages – includes meta, custom url’s, header images, inarticle images and video

Top Stories – platform dynamically tracks top read stories and refreshes the articles

Search – news content specific search feature

Content Promotion – Set Top 3 Articles to promote in articles Highlight section

Advertorials – manage and publish promotional advertorials

Backoffice Management: • Manage Editors • Manage Categories + Navigation • Add & Edit Articles • Upload and Scale Images • 3rd Party Scripts • Define Meta Data

SEO Friendly – unique content contributes significantly to a sites organic search rankings. Unique URL’s and meta data per article.

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16 25

Advertorial Device Targeting: Load and link promos to Android or iOS device targeting. Great for external affiliate campaigns

Content Promotion – link banners to Active Games or Active Tournaments for direct promotion Campaigns – setup Sponsor campaigns, with Impression and Click Tracking and Reporting

Control – load multiple promo banners, only activate those that you want to display

Target Content Pages: • Homepage • Registration Page • Rewards and Prizes Page • Tournaments Page • Contests Page

Scaling – promo headers auto scale to the aspect ratio of the width of all devices

Rotation – promo banners will randomise, should multiple promo banners be loaded per page

User State – serve homepage promos to users based on whether Logged In or Logged Out

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Overview of the Site Ads

Game Info Page Ad:

Home Page & Category Page Banner Ad:

The site owner has full control over this ad position and can insert an ad script into the backoffice for display in this ad slot

The site owner has full control over this ad position and can insert an ad script into the backoffice for display in this ad slot

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Overview of the Site Ads Game Pre-roll Banner Ad: •

• •

In Game Banner Ad:

The site owner has full control over this ad position and can insert an ad script into the backoffice for display in this ad slot. The display duration can be configured from the backoffice. Ads not displayed when users are charged to access content.

Displayed between levels for the game titles that we source from 3rd party game studios, the developers retain this revenue as part of the licensing of the games. • There are games that have no ads displayed between levels and can be viewed here – Ad Free Games Document

The in-game ads cannot be deactivated, the developers retain this revenue as part of the licensing of the games.

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Manage Configure

Prize Management

Activity Based Revenue Based

Tournaments VIP Tourneys


Compete Manage Winners Reporting Admin Rewards Credits Management


Site Rewards

Rewards News Articles

Loyalty Levels

General Settings Site / Content

Manage Triggers

Copyright © 2016

Manage Badges


29 29

Backoffice Reporting: • Snapshot View • Player Reports • Revenue Reports • Game Activity Reports • Credit Transactions Reports

Game Management: • Activate titles • Set Featured & Editors Picks • Add Meta Data • Set Credit Variables: • Cost 2 Play • Earnable

Loyalty & Rewards: • Manage Badges • Manage Loyalty Rewards • Define Loyalty Levels and Triggers

Player Management: • Search Players • Review Activity • Credit Players Tournaments: • Setup Tournaments • Setup Prizes • Review Winners

Utility Elements: • Manage FAQ’s • Manage Contact Us Info • Manage About Us Info • Manage Terms & Conditions • Manage Usage Policy • Manage Page Meta Data for SEO

Promotions: • Manage Banners • Manage Advertorial

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Live Customization Live Editing – real time customization of the site, buttons, nav, content pages & pop-ups color schemes Instant Publish – site is instantly updated with the new theme once Saved Social links – manage the links to social pages Compatibility – tested across all browsers and devices

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Vouchers / Coupons The voucher platform: The platform includes a voucher generation, management and redemption tool and includes text vouchers and QR Codes. For distribution they can be printed / sent as sms or email, with the Voucher code and QR Code hyperlinked to your site. As a solution this offers the opportunity to eliminate any additional API integration, as all the billing, validation, access management, etc can be managed in the background and once the user meets all the requirements then only is a voucher code issued. The benefit of the QR Code is that the user can scan it and then be automatically taken to the site, with the voucher redeemed automatically - thereafter the access control parameters kick in i.e. 2h hour access, 30 days, etc – these are predefined in the setup.

The voucher platform functionality: • • • • • • •

Generate Vouchers - input the # of vouchers to generate. This will generate a unique 8 character voucher with or without a unique QR code per voucher Export - 3 different formats, including QR Code - CSV, XLS and TXT Validation - on export previously exported voucher codes aren't included in the new export file Tracking - all voucher redemptions are tracked Control - option to manually delete, reactivate, re-enable and disable any voucher Reporting - draw voucher redemption reports, based on time frames (daily, weekly, monthly or custom time frames), gives count of current active vouchers Credits Based – option to create Vouchers that allow users to redeem Credits or Premium Membership, from over the counter sales.

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Deployment Options Custom Layout

Custom Theme

Reporting Full Customization


Custom Development

Bespoke Solution


Localize Site

Logo Management Other Customization


Localize Site

White Label Games + Assets

Customize Theme

Games Data Feed Manage Color Scheme

Player SSO API

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Social Links


33 33

Our Clients & Partners Clients

Content Partners

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Client Case Studies [http://bkgamehub.burgerking.co.nz] Audience: Male + Female | 3 to 12yrs

• • • • • •

FOCUS – replace toys with kids meals with interactive gaming content. CONTENT – 3 active games, 2 new titles per month. VOUCHER – kids presented with a voucher, valid for 3 hours of game play, includes drive-thru patrons. ACCESS – free Hot Zone Wi-Fi access in store or from users data account / device. REACH – 700k Vouchers issued in 5 months, across 87 outlets. FUTURE – introduce in-restaurant competitions + incentives. [https://www.vappey.com] Audience: Male + Female | 21 to 55yrs

• • • •

FOCUS – You Win, I Win concept (MLM). Primary focus on refer a friend and a user building their personal network. LOYALTY – users earn loyalty from logging game high scores and referring friends. REWARDS – loyalty rewards can be redeemed for prizes. TRACTION (3 Month Beta) – 10k Users, 172 Countries, 19 Million Loyalty Points Won by users.

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Client Case Studies [https://interactiveproplayers.com] Audience: Male + Female | 21 to 40yrs

• FOCUS – deployment of a competitive arcade style gaming platform (Interactive Pro Players Network) designed for their 42” Interactive Pro Tables . • LOYALTY – users earn and spend game credits (CloudCoinz), future integration into bar, food services, casino credits & loyalty rewards. • REWARDS – loyalty points redeemed for prizes and casino credits, next phase includes deployment of a cash gaming solution. • AFFILIATE – unique affiliate tracking solution, ensures casino’s credited with revenue share from location based play. • MARKET – placement on casino gaming floors, player and VIP lounges, bars and restaurant chains. [http://www.zitobox.com] Audience: Male + Female | 21 to 55yrs

• •

• •

FOCUS – users use Game Credits to play games, they earn Loyalty Points when logging game scores. REWARDS – users are able to redeem their loyalty credits from a large catalogue of vouchers and discount coupons. The ZitoBox solution is fully integrated into 3rd party voucher platform. FULLFILMENT - inComm manage all coupon / voucher fulfilment. TRACTION – 50K Users in 6 Months, 62 Million Loyalty Points Awarded.

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Roles & Responsibilities GameZBoost Roles and Responsibilities: • • • • • • •

Creation and setup of the client account and site. Configuration and content settings of the game portal, including activation of games. Hosting setup, configuration of CDN platform and installation of the SSL Certificate. Integration of API’s, including payment providers, SSO API’s, incl. setup of Facebook Connect, etc Integration of the site design, logo’s, social sharing imagery, ad scripts, analytics scripts. Setup And configuration of Game Credits / Micro Transaction / Premium Membership / Credits Top-up values Training of users on backoffice functionality.

Client Roles and Responsibilities: •

• • •

Provide the following API’s: • SSO / MSISDN User Verification • SMS API • Payment Platform API Register domain and point to the GameZBoost IP or DNS Apply for SSL Certificate Provide the following: • Design mock-ups for site • Logos, banners, social share icons • Analytics tracking script • Ad scripts • Game selection • Game Credits and Premium Membership values

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Benefits Deployment • • • •

Rapid Deployment Framework for Quick Launch Customizable Look and Feel Fully Hosted Platform, with Global CDN Solution Secure SSL Deployment

Flexibility • • •

Option of Adding Additional Gaming Features and Services Translate Site Contents Integrate 3rd Party API’s – SMS, Ad Serving, Mobile Products and Services

Revenue Streams •

Multiple Fully Integrated Revenue Streams, incl: • % of User Credit Top-up Purchases • % of Revenues from In-Game Ads • Run of Site Ad Campaigns • Pre-roll Ads, incl. Video Ads

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Market Overview

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Market Overview *

* *




*= GameZBoost platform able to target these devices Copyright © 2016



Market Overview

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Mobile Market

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Where to Find Us www.youtube.com/vanmark68

[email protected]



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