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Ruukki is a metal expert you can rely on all the way, whenever you need metal based materials, components, systems or total solutions. We constantly develop our product range and operating models to match your needs.

University of Oulu, Finland. Virta Palaste Leinonen Architects Ltd. Design profile Oxford used for the surface.

Metal cladding for facades

Beautiful and durable facades Facades are a central feature of a building’s architecture. They help create a more pleasing environment. An essential aspect of this is to put forward and implement new and fresh ideas. Our surface cladding systems offer designers many alternatives. Metal can be moulded and formed in many ways to suit many designs, which are a joy to behold. To choose Ruukki is to opt for quality and reliability. Our surface cladding range covers a host of metal cassettes and lamellas, Design profiles and


Facade cassette Liberta creates smooth and harmonious surfaces both indoors and out.


profile sheets. Different systems can be combined with each other. We deliver precisely dimensioned facades to end users, in which all components and materials work together seamlessly. If desired we can also take charge of facade component design and installation. Facade cladding can be installed in our Thermo-frame elements at the factory. Together with third parties we can look for a variety of alternatives to find the best solution.


Facade lamella Fasetti allows surfaces to be arranged both horizontally and vertically.


Our design profile collection inspires a varied and vibrant surface.

Completed facade

The corrugated profile collection can be used to create both traditional and original surfaces.

A versatile range of cladding materials We offer a wide and varied range of metal claddings for facades. As well as colour-coated steel sheets, our surface cladding can be made from several different metals with a variety of surface treatments. PVDF and PVDF Hiarc colour-coated steel sheets are particularly suited to demanding outdoor uses. PVDF Hiarc is a pearlescent multicolour coating, which changes colour dependant upon the angle at which light reflects from the surface .

The Hyrylä shopping centre in Tuusula, Finland. Innovarch Architects Ltd. PVDF-coated design profile Tokyo used for the surface.

PVDF and PVDF Hiarc are compatible with the following facade claddings: • Liberta cassettes • Design profiles • Profile sheets • Fasetti lamellas COR-TEN® steel is a weather-resistant, patinating steel, the surface of which develops a corrosion-resistant patina in contact with air. The school of Kaakkuri in Oulu, Finland. Pekka Lukkaroinen Architects Ltd. Facade cassette Liberta Grande used for the surface.

COR-TEN® is compatible with the following facades: • Liberta COR-TEN® cassettes • Fasetti H-lamellas • Design Madrid The thin, passive coat on the surface of stainless and acid-resistant steels protects them from corrosion. Stainless and acid-resistant steels do not require surface treatment or rust protection. Over time a layer of oxide forms on the copper, protecting it from corrosion. Copper oxidises in contact with the outside air causing the colour to change. Aluminium, too, is a good facade cladding material.

The RAY office building in Espoo, Finland. CJN Architects Ltd. Stainless facade cassette Liberta Grande used for the surface.

Stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, copper and aluminium are compatible with the following facades: • Liberta cassettes • Fasetti lamellas • Design profiles and profile sheets to be assessed case by case

Nokia’s offices in Oulu, Finland. Architect agency UKI Arkkitehdit Oy. PVDF Hiarc-coated design profile Tokyo used for the surface. 

Metal cladding for facades

Nordea’s offices in Helsinki, Finland. Helin & Co Architects. Facade lamella Fasetti N, copper, used for the surface.

Facade cassettes – systematic vivacity Our facade cassettes offer a multitude of ways to combine surfaces and colours in a facade. The rhythm of a surface can be varied by using different-sized seams and different cassettes. Our fully refined and precisely dimensioned cassettes are always designed to the measurements of their application, enabling rapid installation. A range of fastening methods and varied cassette forms, such as slanted, curved and corner cassettes open up a world of facade architecture alternatives to the designer. The Liberta facade cassette is a facade system that comes complete with all necessary components. It offers many alternatives. In the Liberta 100, Liberta 102 and Liberta Grande 102 models, the fixings are visible, while on the Liberta 200, Liberta 500 and Liberta Grande 502 they are concealed. Liberta Grande is a large, even cassette option. The stiffened back makes large cassettes, up to 900 x 3000 mm possible. Large cassettes give a facade uniformity and are quick to install. Liberta COR-TEN® is a weather-resistant steel cassette, the surface of which develops a patina over time.

Tiukula, the Save the Children building, Helsinki, Finland. Hannu Jaakkola Architects Ltd. Facade cassette Liberta Grande used for the surface.

•• •

Dimensioned according to specification Durable in demanding outdoor use Many options for combining colour and material

Hotel Radisson SAS, Oulu, Finland. Architect agency Seppo Valjus Oy. Facade cassette Liberta 200 used for the surface.

Technical information in product instructions at www.ruukki.com

Liberta 100 Vertical seam

Liberta COR-TEN Vertical seam

Liberta 200

Liberta 102 Horizontal seam

Vertical seam

Vertical seam

Horizontal seam

Liberta Grande 102 Horizontal seam

Vertical seam

Horizontal seam

Liberta 500 Horizontal seam

Vertical seam

Horizontal seam

Liberta Grande 502 Vertical seam

Horizontal seam

Metal cladding for facades

Office building Technopolis, Vantaa, Finland. Laatio Architects Ltd. Facade cassette Liberta Grande used for the surface.

Facade lamellas – lucidity of outline Parallel profiled edges and fixing solutions have a powerful, assertive impact. Using facade lamellas dimensioned to specifications you can design striking vertical or horizontal facade surfaces.

•• •

Varied range Fixings can be concealed Economic and durable alternative

The Kühne & Nagel office building, Vantaa, Finland. Architect agency Optiplan Arkkitehdit. Facade lamella Fasetti NP Plus used for the surface.

Fasetti B

Fasetti H

Fasetti N

Fasetti N Plus

Fasetti NP Plus

Fasetti O

Fasetti V

Technical information in product instructions at www.ruukki.com

Fasetti A

Only for vertical installation!

Metal cladding for facades

Patria, Hämeenlinna, Finland. Parviainen Architects Ltd. Facade lamella Fasetti N used for the surface.

Living surfaces Our varied range of profiles offers everything from minimalism to fashionable affluence. At your request we can also work with you to find entirely new designs. Design profile range Madrid




The Lough Ree Power plant, Ireland. Virkkunen & Co Architects. Corrugated profile used for the surface. Helsinki

Shallow profile sheets Tokyo


York RAN 15V Firenze

RAN 20A/B Oxford


Technical information in product instructions at www.ruukki.com


RAN 35A/B Praque




Design flashing range




Metal cladding for facades


Kilo Social and Health Centre, Espoo. Brunow & Maunula Architects. Design profile Tokyo used for the surface.

CEN 00.000 EN/02.2006/Redink

CFI 01.006 EN/03.2006/Redink

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