A Parent s Guide to Natural Remedies. Everything you need to know about treating your child s illness at home!

A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies Everything you need to know about treating your child’s illness at home! Wendi Combes, RN Roxanne King, Health...
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A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies Everything you need to know about treating your child’s illness at home!

Wendi Combes, RN

Roxanne King, Health and WellnessCoach

Owner of Jubilee Health www.jubileehealth.org

Author of : The Holistic Mamas Guide to Homemade Skin Care

Author on holsiticmamasatlanta.com

Author of holisticmama.com

What is homeopathy? Everything you need to know about treating your child’s illness at home!

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What are cell salts? Everything you need to know about treating your child’s illness at home!

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Best bet is a kit

What are essential oils? Natural Remedies Every Parent should know

What in the world is Quinton Isotonic? Natural Remedies Every Parent should know

Quinton Marine Plasma A MUST HAVE!!! DRvitaminsolutions.com healing4soul.com Contact Jubilee Health

Topics We Will Discuss in this Class •

Cuts & scrapes

• Pink Eye

Sprains & Bruises

• Canker Sores

Head Bonks

Smashed fingers or toes

• Headache

Poison ivy

Nose Bleeds




• Bug Spray/Bug Bites • UTI • Sleep Issues • Bedwetting • Daily supplements for prevention

First Aid: Cuts and Scrapes Homeopathy • Arnica- any type of trauma • Ledum- puncture wound

Cell salts • Ferum phos- inflammation Essential Oils • Lavender Propolis

First Aid: Cuts and Scrapes Avoid Neosporin kills of all skin bacteria Calendula salve

• ½ cup coconut oil • ½ cup macadamia nut oil • 4 tbsp. bees wax

• ½ cup calendula flowers Warm the oils in a pot, add calendula and keep on very low heat for 30 minutes. Strain the flowers, pour the oils back into the pot, add bees wax and heat until melted. Pour into a jar or tin.

First Aid: Sprains and Bruises Homeopathy • Arnica- any trauma • Bryonia -more painful with movement Cell salts

• Ferrum phos- inflammation • Mag phos- spasm type pain

First Aid: Sprains and Bruises Essential oils • Helichrysum • Geranium • lavender

Newton Bangs and Scrapes

First Aid: Head Bonks Homeopathy • Arnica- best trauma remedy • Hypericum- hurts down neck later • Rescue Remedy

Don’t mess around with head injuries… any loss of consciousness, your child needs to be seen. Take your pellets with you

24 hours Initial injury

48 hours

First Aid: Smashed finger or toes Homeopathy • ARNICA • Hypericum, nerve pain***** Cell salt • Ferrum phos Inflammatone

First Aid: Posion Ivy Conventional treatment: steroids Homeopathy • Anacardum- with rash outbreak, every 30 minutes if needed • Rhus tox in first 24 hours before rash (if known exposure)

First Aid: Poison Ivy Essential oils • Rose • Lavender • Roman chamomile • doTERRa Elevation

Mix essential oils 50:50 with a carrier oil and apply

First Aid: Poison Ivy • Propolis • Jewelweed salve (if you are an experienced forager) • Calendula salve • Old folk remedy: 2 TBSP Sea salt : 1 cup of buttermilk • Cold cucumber slices

• Wash clothing

First Aid: Nose Bleeds Homeopathy • Cinchona -spontaneous nose bleeds • Arnica - traumatic Cell salts • Ferrum phos

• Kali phos- blood is thin • Nat mur- excessive dryness in nose

First Aid: Nose Bleeds Essential oils • Helichrysum • Cypress

• Lemon • Frankincense • Lavender • Blend:2 drops cypress, 1 drop helichrysum , 2 drops lemon in 8 ounces of ice water. Soak cloth in blend and apply to nose and back of neck

First Aid: Burns Homeopathy • Aconite every 15 minutes x 6 doses alternate with • Cantharis Cell salts • Calc sulph secondary remedy

• Kali Mur- chief remedy of all degrees, orally or topically

First Aid: Burns Essential oils • Lavender • Geranium • Tea tree • Helichrysum

• Roman chamomile • Blend:1 drop geranium, 1 drop helichrysum, apply on location

First Aid: Sunburns Conventional sunscreens contain unhealthy ingredients: • Oxybenzone penetrates the skin, gets into the bloodstream and acts like estrogen in the body. It can also trigger allergic reactions • Nano particles are an issue in sunscreen lotion but Inhalation of nano particles in spray sunscreen is a even bigger concern, bad for lungs, carcinogenic

• Homemade Sunscreen Recipe: http://theholisticmama.com/homemade-sunscreen-recipe/

• Diet plays a role • The carotenoids in brightly colored fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to our health and may help protect skin cells. • Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant found in salmon, shellfish, krill, chlorella, spirulina

First Aid: Sunburns Natural Sunburn Soothers • Aloe • Coconut oil • Lavender Sunburn Spray • ½ cup water

• 2 Tbsp. Aloe • 10 drops lavender essential oil

First Aid: Sunburns Homeopathy • Cantharis every 3 hours till pain subsides, give again if comes back Cell salts • Ferrum phos every 3-4 hours • Kali mur every 3-4 hours • Kali sulph

First aid: Anaphylaxis Homeopathy • APIS every 15 minutes (DO NOT GIVE APIS TO A PREGNANT WOMAN)

• On your way to ER or while getting epi pen

Pink eye/conjunctivitis Homeopathy •

Aconite - after exposure to cold wind, dust

Allium cepa – inflammatory conjunctivitis, sharp, irritating nasal secretions. Better in the open; worse warmth.

Apis - eyelids are puffy and inflamed, heat feeling, stinging, burning pains, feelings of foreign body, hot body, thirsty, extreme photophobia better for cool

Argentum nit - chronic conjunctivitis, inflammation w, desire sweets. Burning, splinter feeling, pus, eyes glued in morning, raw meat looking.

Belladonna - high fever, dilated pupils, Redness

Euphrasia - red swollen, burning, itching. Tears are sharp and sore. Sensitive to light

Pulsatilla - better cold on eye. Bland yellow discharge spreading to other eye

Pink Eye/conjunctivitis Cell Salts

• Calc sulph thick yellow discharge, cornea ulcers • Ferr phos acute or traumatic without discharges, red, painful • Nat sulph sensitive to light, burning, hot, granular feeling, and for liver support

Pink Eye/conjunctivitis More Home Remedies

• Quinton directly in eye • Good raw honey or Manuka honey (can burn) • Breast milk (works best if you have it) • Infusions of chamomile or elderflower • eyebright used as eyewash

Canker sores Homeopathy •

Arsenicum album: stress lead to sores

Borax: hot and sensitive.

Calcarea carbonica: kids who tend to get canker sores, slow on developmental milestones

Hepar sulphuris calcareum: seem easily infected, sensitive to cold.

Mercurius solubilis: lots of drooling/saliva, bleeding gums

Natrum muriaticum:corners of the mouth, craving for salt

Nux vomica: overindulgence remedy- causes canker sores

Sulphur: bitter taste, red lips.

Canker sores Cell salts • Ferrum phos gums hot and swollen too • Kali Mur- rawness of mouth • Kali phos offensive breath.. Rotate with kali mur

• Probiotics

Canker sores Essential oils • Roman chamomile • Onguard / Thieves

• Myrhh • Tea tree oil More Remedies • Propolis • Quinton

Headaches Homeopathy • Belladonna- head fells full, face flushed • Bryonia- slightest motion makes it worse, wants dark • Gelsemium – felt in back part of head, eyes half open,flu like • Nux Vomica – along with nausea

Headaches Cell salts • Ferrum phos - inflammation • Mag phos- spasm • Calc phos


Headaches Essential Oils • Peppermint over age 2 • Rosemary • Frankincense • doTERRA Past Tense/Deep Blue

Dilute 50:50 in carrier oil and rub on temples

Headache Hyland’s

Bug Spray • Conventional bug sprays contain toxic chemicals like DEET • New store bought alternatives contain Picaridin or oil of Lemon Eucalyptus but be careful of other added ingredients. • Great resource: http://www.ewg.org/research/ewgs-guide-bug-repellents/kids

• Essential oils are also effective as a repellant • Lemongrass Tea Tree Oil Soap Bug Spray Recipe

• 1 Cup distilled water • 2 tbsp. glycerin, or witch hazel • 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil & Geranium essential oil • 12 drops lemongrass essential oil & cedar essential oil Mix together in a spray bottle, shake well

Nubian Organics Lemongrass Tea Tree Soap

Dr. Mercola’s Bug Spray

Bug Bites Homeopathy: • Ledum- can be preventative OR use with irritated bug bites Essential Oils • Lavender • Tea tree oil

Can apply undiluted for children over 2 years old or use in a salve or mixed with coconut oil

Tea Tree & Lavender Salve The Holistic Mama Giving this away tonight to 3 people in this class!

UTI Homeopathy • Cantharis- go to remedy for UTI, burning/pain with urine • Mercurius-violent pain and blood in the urine

• Don’t forget the QUINTON

BladderWell Native Remedies

UTI Cell salts • Ferrum phos- initial stage • Kali Mur- second stages

UTI Essential oils • Lemongrass • Sandalwood • Juniper berry • Basil

• Frankincense • doTERRA ONGuard/YL Theives

UTI • Probiotic flush with FLORA synergy 10 capsules opened up into mouth • Chamomile Tea

• Unsweetened cranberry juice or cranberry powder and blueberries • Avoid bubble baths, toxic soaps

Sleep Issues Kids and sleep!!! • Children up to 5 years old need 11-14 hours of sleep within a 24 hour period (National Sleep Foundation)

• Creating a bedtime routine is the best way to start a habit of getting to bed at a good time. • We start our routine at 6:00-6:30pm, my 15 month old son is in bed by 7:00 and my 4.5 yr old daughter is in bed by 7:30

Sleep Issues Homeopathy • Kali Brom- before bed fear of darkness • Stramonium -nightmares • Belladonna -sweating at night with nightmares • Coffea Cruda – sleeplessness with metal hyperactivity • QUINTON one vial a day!!!!!

Sleep Issues Cell salts • Ferrum phos - sleeplessness • Kali phos- great nerve tonic • Silicea - sleeplessness/jerking of limbs

Sleep Issues Essential oils • 1-5 year olds: lavender+ roman chamomile • 5+ years clary sage, geranium, ylang ylang • Can use in bath- be sure to use a carrier oil

• Older kids or adults - (mom especially) frankincense 2 drops under the tongue before bed

Sleep Issues • Herbal teas • Chamomile • Passionflower • Skullcap • Valerian root

• Rotate through periodically

Quiet Child Tea Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Spearmint leaf, organic Catnip, organic Chamomile flowers, organic Skullcap, organic Raspberry leaf , organic Calendula flower, and organic Stevia.

Sleep Issues Magnesium • CALM magnesium supplement • Ancient minerals magnesium flakes- Add to bath water • Ancient minerals magnesium oil – spray onto skin (I have found it can irritate children’s skin if used alone)

• Ancient minerals magnesium lotion • I use the flakes to make my own lotion – rub onto child’s feet (works amazing for my 15 month old!!)

Sleep Issues

Magnesium Lotion Recipe • ½ cup magnesium flakes • 3 tbsp. boiling water • ¼ cup coconut oil • ¼ cup shea butter • 2 tbsp. bees wax pastilles Place magnesium flakes in a bowl, pour boiling water over it, mix and set aside. In a glass measuring cup, add the coconut oil, shea butter, and bees wax. Place in a pot as a double boiler with a few inches of water until melted. Use an immersion blender to mix the oils and slowly pour in the dissolved magnesium flakes until all combined. Refriderate to set lotion, keeps at room temp for 2 months or more.

Roller bottles Fractionated coconut oils

Sleep Ease Mountain Rose Herbs

Serenite Jr

Triple complex Sleep tonic 3 cell salts in liquid form

Bad Dreams Sprinkles

Ancient Minerals Magnesium flakes or lotion

CALM Magnesium Supplement

Rescue Remedy

Melatonin Last resort

Sleep Issues EMF pollution!!! • iPads, monitors, cell phones, TV's • Shameless plug for decreasing screen time • Bright alarm clock • Dark room is best

Bedwetting Causes • Food allergy: milk, citrus, sugar • emotional stress • Weak bladder muscles • Hormonal

• Constipation • infection

Bedwetting Homeopathy

Benzoic acid – bed wetting, toxic state with strong smelling urine. Yellow stains won’t wash out. Irritating.

Causticum – bed wetting before midnight; better for boys; domineering parentshistory of holding urine; urinary sphincter faulty.

Cina – bedwetting before midnight, dark circles under eyes, picks nose. Parasites. Irritability.

Equisetum – bedwetting first part of night; clear copious urine, odorless; #1 remedy for kidney-bladder weakness.

Lycopodium- difficult intelligent children, soak late in the night

Phosphorus – sensitive, fears of dark, suggestible. Thirsty for ice cold water.

Sepia – bed wetting right after sleep; sleeps too deep; weak bladder, dribbling from laughing. Dreams of urination. Sleeps better with socks on. Irritability and exhaustion.

Bedwetting Cell Salts • Ferr phos – inflammation and exhaustion • Kali phos – nervousness • Nat sulph – to regulate the urinary system. • Calc phos- restless, small amounts, seldom wakens

Essential Oils • Cypress mixed with coconut oil rub on abdomen at bed time.

Bedwetting Newton Dry Bed Wise Woman Herbals

Native Remedis BE-Dry

Bedwetting • Chiropractor • Cranial sacral/osteopathy • Acupressure/acupuncture

Prevention is KEY!!!! • Healthy Diet • Drink plenty of filtered water • Good sleep habits • Decrease toxicity in environment


Bio-Ray Kids: Toxicity





Prevention is KEY!!!! A few great things to take on consistent basis to prevent illness: • Cod Liver oil (note about processing and brands) • Probiotics/fermented food • Elderberry Syrup • Bio-Ray kids line

Green Pasture


Klaire Energetix Flora

Corganic Gut PRo

Should my kids be taking a multivitamin? • Not really! • Best Daily regimen • Quinton • Cod liver oil • Probiotics

• Bioray kids line

PRL Labs

Dr Rons Multi

How to be discerning about supplements • Fillers can contain pesticides and themselves can be harmful: • Maltodextrin • Polysorbate 80

• Titanium dioxide • Sodium benzoate • Methylparaben

• Any food coloring FD and C color and # • poluvinylpyrrolidone

How to be discerning about supplements • Synthetic ingredients: • Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D) • Folic Acid - ( look for natural folate or l- 5mthf • Pantothenic Acid (B5)

Fun Giveaways • One year subscription to Super Healthy Kids • One Boiron Kids kit • Super Nutrition for Babies • Rambling Creations Soap • The Holistic Mama Tea Tree & Lavender Ointment (3)

• Bio-Ray kids line (2) • Wise Woman Herbal Elderberry

Fun Giveaways • Bottle of arnica 30C • Oscillococcinum

In closing… BE EMPOWERED

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