A Nutritional Approach to Lyme Disease

Introduction A Nutritional Approach to Lyme Disease Most commonly reported vectorvector-borne illness in US Most common of all ticktick-borne diseas...
Author: Marvin Leonard
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A Nutritional Approach to Lyme Disease

Most commonly reported vectorvector-borne illness in US Most common of all ticktick-borne diseases  Highly focused geographic distribution  

Primarily focused in the Northeast

Geographic expansion of reservoir mammals & human development into rural/suburban areas main reasons for increasing cases  Dubbed “The Great Imitator” Imitator” due to mimicking symptomatolgy of many diseases 

Ben Briggs, RPh, RPh, CNC, IACP February 17, 2010


RA, MS, Lupus, Bipolar & major depression

Lyme disease distribution in US

19901990-20081  3818 cases in PA in 2008 (30.7% incidence)1  250% ↑ in Lyme disease from 19931993-20081  46% of households in Pocopson twp had at least 1 family member afflicted with Lyme disease2  321,128 cases in US from

1 CDC statistics

2 Lymediseaseassociation.org

Function of Nutritional Approach  “The

purpose of using a nutritional approach is to provide an adjunct to traditional therapies as well as to address the multiple nutrient deficiencies that result with Lyme and associated diseases” diseases” - Michael Briggs, Pharm.D. (2010)


Gastrointestinal Support  

Foundational Support    

Multivitamin B-complex Magnesium Vitamin D

Antioxidant Support 

AlphaAlpha-lipoic acid CoQ10

Immune Support  

Probiotics L-glutamine

Cat’ Cat’s Claw Artemisinin

AntiAnti-inflammatory support  

Essential fatty acids Combination products

Hepatic Support  

Milk Thistle NAC & Glutathione

Energy Support

Joint Support

Lifestyle Support


Rhodiola Glucosamine & Chondroitin Intestinal Candidiasis Sleep


Gastrointestinal Support

Recommended Products


Friendly flora that normally inhabit gastrointestinal tract  

Lactobacillus Acidophilus Bifidobacterium Lactis

Improve nutrient absorption & immune function Discourage pathogen & biofilm growth  

Lactoperoxidase Lactoferrins


Synthesize Vitamin K & certain BB-vitamins May be in capsule or powder form 


Most are DairyDairy-free

Refrigerated or shelfshelfstable products Rotate or mix brands to confuse pathogens Kefir is only yogurtyogurt-like product that is approved


Throughout this slide show, there will be slides showing pictures of “recommended products” products”. These products should not be considered an endorsement of these specific branded items but representative of the products that are recommended to assist in well being. The LDASEPA, by showing these slides does not specifically endorse any of these products.

Gastrointestinal Support

Recommended Products

L-glutamine  Most

abundant amino acid in body  Used for repair of inflamed mucosa & immune support 

Stomach, intestines

 Promotes formation

of glutathione w/NAC  Involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid  3-4g in powder form up to 4 times daily

Foundational Support

Recommended Products


Provide a convenient way to take a variety of nutrients to prevent deficiencies Come in tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form Pick product that allows best compliance 


I.e. Once a day product

Should not take the place of a healthy diet Should contain at least 100% of US RDA 

RDAs developed when soils were not depleted & are usually inadequate amounts


Foundational Support

Recommended Products


Contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, BB-12, & folic acid  Some people cannot activate • Use metabolically active forms 


I.e. P5P, 55-MTHF, methylcobalamin

Necessary for healthy nerve, adrenal, muscle, skin, liver cell function & ↓ homocysteine levels 50mg once to twice daily with meals WaterWater-soluble → excess excreted in urine 

No accumulation

Foundational Support

Recommended Products



4th most abundant mineral in body  Involved in over 300 reactions in body Commonly overlooked deficiency Helpful for tremors, twitches, weakness, muscle soreness & cramps Chelated forms provides highest absorption  I.e. aspartate, citrate

Chronic stress & alcohol consumption depletes magnesium stores → ↓ REM sleep, muscle spasms, constipation, hormone imbalances, low energy, calcification of organs

Dose: As much as the body can tolerate  

Too much→ much→loose stools 300300-600mg daily

Foundational Support

Recommended Products

Vitamin DD-3    

Active form of Vitamin D 60% deficiency in NE Has >200 mechanisms 25(OH)D levels>40mg/dl  


6060-80mg/dl→ 80mg/dl→ ideal >100mg/dl is harmful

40004000-5000IU daily w/food  

Liquid or softgel only 10K10K-25K daily x 5 days for viral infections Up to 200K daily safe in studies

Most researched nutrient in industry currently Deficiency associated with cancer, CVD, HTN, stroke, MS, RA, IBD, osteoporosis, chronic pain, falls, viral infections, depression, autism, periodontal disease Antimicrobial peptides combat a variety of viruses


Antioxidant Support

Recommended Products

CoEnzyme Q10 

Intracellular antioxidant essential for energy production 

↑ ATP production in mitochondria of cells

Affects most active metabolic cells

Contraindicated during atavaquone use


Depleted by Statin drugs 200200-400mg daily with meals in oil soluble form Use ubiquinol in elderly due to ↓ ability to activate ubiquinone

Heart, immune, GI mucosa

Mepron, Malarone

Antioxidant Support

Recommended Products

AlphaAlpha-Lipoic Acid   

Antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in water & fat soluble regions of cells Facilitates transport of CoQ10 into mitochondria Helps recycle edogenous antioxidants 


I.e. glutathione

Provides support for liver detoxification R-isomer is more biologically active 300mg twice daily with meals

Immune Support

Recommended Products

TOATOA-free Cat’ Cat’s Claw (Una (Una de Gato) Gato)   

TOATOA-free Cat’ Cat’s Claw has toxic alkaloids removed to prevent liver damage Immune enhancing & antimicrobial properties Contains quinovic acid glycosides 


Similar in structure to fluoroquinolones (i.e.Cipro) i.e.Cipro)

Used as an adjunct to Antibiotic therapy Herxheimer reactions possible so titrate dosage to 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals for 66-8 months (3(3-4 life cycles)


Immune Support

Recommended Products


Active component of Sweet Wormwood Shown to be beneficial for balancing microbiology of the GI tract Used primarily as an adjunct for coco-infections Contraindicated in pregnant/nursing women Herxheimer reactions possible so titrate dosage to 1 softgel twice daily with meals Used in globally for malaria treatment

AntiAnti-inflammatory Support

Recommended Products

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs (EFAs))  Must

be consumed in diet as body does not manufacture  Improve memory, mood, & cognition  AntiAnti-inflammatory properties  Manufacturing process is critical for quality 

ColdCold-pressed or molecularly distilled

 10001000-6000mg daily with

meals  Examples include fish, flax, or borage oil

Recommended Products

AntiAnti-inflammatory Support Combination Products  Combine

herbs like turmeric, ginger, rosemary, Baikal skullcap, green tea  Work on multiple inflammatory pathways compared to COXCOX-1 or COXCOX-2 only in Rxs  Shown to decrease CC-reactive protein  Used primarily for pain & swelling relief  1-2 softgels/capsules softgels/capsules up to 4 times daily with meals


Hepatic Support

Recommended Products

Milk Thistle  Promotes regeneration of

liver cells  Blocks entry of toxins into liver cells  Helps maintain glutathione & SOD levels 

↓ AST, ALT, & Alk Phos levels

 Promotes healthy bile

flow  100100-250mg up to 3 times daily with meals

Recommended Products

Hepatic Support N-acetyl cysteine & Glutathione 

NAC SulfurSulfur-containing amino acid precursor to LLcysteine & glutathione Antioxidant & liver protectant actions Immune enhancing capabilities 600600-900mg 22-4 times daily with meals

• Must be in reduced form 

Recommended Products

Glutathione One of most important antioxidants in body Essential for Phase I & II liver detoxification Involved in liver, lung, immune, bowel, heart, brain, pancreatic, & eye health 100100-300mg up to 3 times daily with meals

Energy Support Rhodiola & Ginseng  Adaptogens

that help with fatigue, stress & immune function  Raise ATP in muscle cells  NonNon-stimulants safe for use in pts with high blood pressure  May be used longlong-term without breaks  1 capsule 22-3 times daily with meals


Joint Support

Recommended Products

Glucosamine & Chodroitin Sulfate  Provide

building blocks of cartilage to rebuild cushioning between joints  Sulfate forms more active than HCl forms  

Sulfates facilitate old cartilage removal Safe for patients with a sulfa drug allergy

 ShellfishShellfish-free forms

now available for patients with hypersensitivities  1500mg/1200mg daily in divided doses

Lifestyle Support

Recommended Products

Intestinal Candidiasis 

Intestinal candidiasis is very common in Lyme patients due to extensive antibiotic usage 

Affects GI, immune, nervous, urinary, & hormonal systems

Restricted diet a MUST plus cidal Rxs or herbals 

NO sugars, HFCS, artificial sweeteners • Stevia, Stevia, Agave, or Raw honey if tolerable


NO fruit juices, sodas, alcohol NO dairy, grains, peanuts, vinegars NO mushrooms or fermented foods

Recommended Products

Sleep  Chronic sleep deprivation

linked to immune dysfunction, memory loss, hypertension, diabetes, & cancer