A Look Back at God s Work

A Look Back at God’s Work this year through Baptist Mid-Missions protecting the war-torn p.8 Reaching a new generation p. 3 Constructing churches ...
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A Look Back at God’s Work

this year through Baptist Mid-Missions

protecting the war-torn p.8

Reaching a new generation p. 3

Constructing churches p. 9

Psalm 86:9 All nations whom thou hast made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord; and shall glorify thy name.

Training missionaries p. 8

Training believers p. 4

Celebrating milestones p. 10

Winter 2013 • Volume 10, Issue 4

Missions is not microwavable Missions takes time. That doesn’t always sit so well in a world accustomed to drive-up windows, faster-than-light digital devices, and instant messaging that can’t wait for entire words, capitalization, or punctuation. But missions is simply not microwavable. Truthfully, that’s a bit of hard reality for missionaries themselves. They serve with an abiding sense of urgency about what they have been called to do. They are willing to give whatever it takes for as long as it takes, but that is not the same as taking their time. It’s just not in their nature to be casual about their work. Still, missionaries know better than anyone that it takes time to learn a second language, to become familiar with an unfamiliar culture, and to outlive being viewed as an intruder. They can tell you that new believers rarely come in bunches and that biblically grounded congregations with theologically trained leaders never occur spontaneously. They know that growing a ministry that will last until the Lord returns sometimes requires one step back for every two steps forward. The reality is that ministries with staying power aren’t raised up in a rush. Please keep that in mind as we take you through a “Year in Review.” This is a quick look at the last year of just a few ministries, a mere sampling of what God is doing. Some of the highlighted ministries have reached completion, but most made this issue of Advance because they have reached milestones on the path to completion. They are works with which God is not yet finished. We will continue to give them whatever they take for as long as it takes. But I promise you that is not the same as taking our time.

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Reaching Lives Building from the ground up in New Zealand “If there is a God that I will stand before when I die, I’m a good person; it will all work out.” This typical outlook makes sharing the gospel with adults truly challenging in New Zealand. At Bay Baptist Church in Napier, Joel and Beverly Shoaf and their children Daniel, Joe, and Sarah make special efforts to reach youth, who keenly feel the emptiness of their culture’s spiritual indifference. During this year’s summer camp, one Bay Baptist teen was saved and seven more recommitted their lives to Christ. Daniel (Bay Baptist’s youth leader) later presented a message, after which five trusted Christ; others were eager to be discipled. After the church’s Friend Sunday in March, a teen asked, “So what IS the gospel?” By the end of the con-

versation, nine youth prayed to receive Christ. One came back the next week and told what he’d read in his new Bible. The Shoafs hold a “Food4Thought” Bible study at one of the Napier high schools, and Sarah attends another high school where Joel coaches her basketball team. During an overnight school trip, Sarah’s roommates sat around her, asking about Christianity. Several cried: they desired to become Christians yet struggled to let go of the world.

Daniel leading youth group

The Shoafs pray that the seeds being planted will germinate into more changed lives, ultimately transforming individuals into leaders who will be used of God to change the spiritual landscape of New Zealand.

Getting their “just desserts”: teens enjoying a 10-foot-long ice cream sundae.

Touching lives through basketball Steve and Gayle King have a vision to hold basketball camps at the Benjy Youth Center in San Pedro, Ivory Coast (part of the Bible institute and church ministry in which the Kings serve). San Pedro’s Muslim families won’t let their kids come to church, but they will let them play sports at the center. Steve floated the idea among US Christian coaches and players, and the plan took off this June.

Nathan teaching skills

A good friend of the Kings in Maryland arranged for her teenage son and two of his cousins to lead a camp. Taylor, Austin, and Nathan were so enthusiastic about using basketball to share the gospel they immediately started saving for the trip.

On August 5-7, more than 100 teens and young adults learned basketball skills and heard the gospel from the visiting players, from Steve, and from two local pastors. Ivorian Bible institute students also participated. It was an excellent way to model the effectiveness of sports ministry to the pastors and students. By the end of camp, six teens professed faith in Christ. More than 75 percent of attendees were Muslim and heard clear gospel messages over the three days. Steve is now working with BMM to create a camp ministry that US players and coaches could come to Ivory Coast to lead. 3

Building His Church Getting the word Out

applying BALM to Zambian Lives

Even the best Christian literature is useless if it doesn’t get into people’s hands. Our Spanish publications ministry, Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI), understands this dilemma. In the last 12 months, they have made great strides in extending the distribution of their Sunday School materials, Theological Curriculum courses, commentaries, Bible studies, and other materials into the Spanishspeaking world.

Joy glowed on the face of a 60-year-old woman. She could now go to the post office, travel, and take care of everyday concerns without assistance, all because she learned to read English, Zambia’s official language. Her newfound skill came through BALM (Baptist Adult Literacy Ministries), founded by Martha Barrett. In 1996, God gave Martha a vision to start a Biblebased literacy program to teach a critical skill to impoverished Zambians (it is hard to find jobs without knowing English)

In Honduras, a businessman and his wife wanted to do more to serve the Lord. They set up an EBI distributorship and now travel to Honduran churches and pastors’ conferenc-

es to promote and sell literature. EBI also has active distributorships in Mexico and in Lima, Peru. Negotiations are underway to set up similar distributorships in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, while expanding operations in Peru, where missionary Stan Templeton’s radio ministry can offer EBI materials to help listeners grow in the Lord. This spring, after graduating their Spanishspeaking church plant in North Carolina, Paul and Elaine Kintner joined EBI to become its International Representatives, a ministry in which they will help expand and strengthen foreign and domestic distributorships.

but, even more importantly, to introduce them to the gospel and to local churches. With Martha’s retirement this year, BALM’s daily oversight falls to Field Director Phestus Mbewe and a board of directors. BALM’s chairman reported that 67 students have given their lives to Christ in Zambia’s southern provinces. Pastors embrace BALM because it helps their congregants avoid misunderstanding the Scriptures. Martha, now BALM’s trustee, says that the program’s next goal is to find Zambian sponsors to keep this valuable program operating.

BALM students review materials

EBI director Bruce Burkholder (left) with the Artíca family (Honduran distributors) and Production Manager Darrel Jingst (right)


Martha Barrett with a BALM student

Rescuing churches in England Despite its Christian heritage, England has many struggling churches. The Lord led Ken and Dawn Houghten to a church that had dwindled to a few members. Providence Baptist Church in Bedfordshire is an old independent Baptist church that is now growing due to a new British pastor, but with a large family and full-time job, the pastor needed help carrying the load of the church. As the Houghtens help him, God is blessing with revitalized evangelistic efforts, new visitors, and professions of faith.

On England’s southern coast, Glen and Tammy Galbraith took up ministry at a struggling church in Havant, Hampshire, which was the town’s only source of biblical preaching. When Glen began preaching in February, the church had a congregation of nine. Many community members didn’t even know about the church, but after the Galbraiths’ intensive community visitation, special events, and church renovations, at least three new families are attending, and many more contacts have been made.

English opens closed doors spiritual discussions are held.

In an Asian Creative Access Nation, missionaries are teaching English as a means to share the gospel in areas difficult for missionaries to reach by traditional means. Begun in 2008, the school has six branches, one having been started this year. In conjunction with the school, Sunday evening outreach Bible studies and weekly

Tammy, Heather, and Glen Galbraith

Recently, the school’s founder had opportunities to reach out to two Muslim students. They were especially drawn to the message of Ephesians 2:8-9. Another student from a Middle Eastern country gave her life to Christ and has begun reading the Bible and attending a fellowship group. The school’s founder gives a history presentation that leads up to sharing the gospel.

“Pray for national repentance and restoration to the spiritual vigor that once made Britain’s Christians a blessing to the world.” —Johnstone and Mandryk, Operation World (2005), 651

The Houghtens’ British co-pastor leading kids’ class


We Help from the Home Front Here’s a great way you can advance your missionary’s ministry: Some think that a gift to Baptist Mid-Missions has no direct impact on advancing Christ’s church around the world. Not so. We’re here to serve your missionaries by performing services that would be difficult or impossible for them or their sending churches to do.

Securing a visa for a predominately Muslim nation was such a long, grueling process, one missionary couple nearly gave up. But Baptist Mid-Missions kept interceding with the government, and the visa was finally granted. We’ve prayed for and encouraged the couple when they and their church face persecution—sometimes violent. Three times, BMM has forwarded World Relief funds, which the missionaries used to meet needs and further the gospel. We’ve also supplied much-needed furlough replacements for this specialized ministry. The missionary writes, “Without the help of the Home Office, this ministry would be impossible.”

What is the impact of this help? In the past 20 years, the missionaries not only built up a hospital ministry but started a Christian school and a Bible institute, and they established an evangelistic literature center. From the initial church plant, believers established preaching points in more than 20 villages. Hundreds now know the Savior in a country that seemed impossible to reach!

Your gift to Baptist Mid-Missions’ Missionary Services Fund helps fuel victories like this. Will you help us remain a support to your missionaries? Contact us at 440-826-3930 or e-mail at [email protected] for more information. To discover more ways Baptist Mid-Missions helps your missionaries, visit www.bmm.org. Click on News, then North America, and click on “Take a tour of Baptist Mid-Missions Home Office.” 6

Giving through YOUR WILL Some significant gifts made in support of Baptist Mid-Missions have been testamentary gifts. A bequest may provide for a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar gift, or specific asset(s) to be given to BMM Foundation, which exists to support the ministries of BMM. A bequest may also consist of the remaining assets of your estate. Bequests are generally made through a will or a trust agreement. Bequests of specific accounts or policies can also be made by ownership, payable on death, or beneficiary designation. Below is an example of how such a bequest might read: I give, devise, and bequeath to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio one or more of the following: _______% of my estate or the sum of $ _______ or the following property or the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate. If you would like further information regarding your planned giving options, please contact Stewardship Ministries at [email protected]

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Around the World Under the shadow of the Almighty Late last year, rebel militia forces advanced through the Central African Republic (CAR), headed toward the capital, Bangui. Along the way they

At the tiny Sabongo Church (Bangui area), those whose gardens had not been looted shared what they had so that everyone could eat.

looted government facilities, including medical centers. When they reached

Ippy Hospital, a nationalized institution founded by BMM missionaries, the militia’s Muslim leader ordered his soldiers not to touch the hospital. In large part, this was because the hospital had a reputation for treating Muslims with the same respect as other patients. The militia forces eventually reached Bangui, where Charlie and Gai Jewell and John and Paula Dannenberg serve. They were the only resident BMM missionaries in CAR when the rebels overthrew the government on March 24. Thankfully they were unharmed. However, Central African Christians, especially in the country’s northern regions, had to flee their towns and villages. Some could not safely plant gardens, their primary food source, and these people remain in difficulty. At the International Baptist Seminary (FIBAT), founded by Central African

Despite the war, the International Baptist Seminary (FIBAT) continues, with new student candidates continuing to apply.

Christian leaders, classes were suspended when rebel forces entered Bangui in March, but classes resumed five weeks later. Despite the current difficulties, the school began its third year of operation this fall, and new student candidates continue to apply. A Central African businessman also provided a generous donation to help with salaries and initial campus development. This gift advances the seminary’s plan to be funded as much as possible by Central Africans.

A better way to learn Spanish in Peru theological terms, message preparation, and the language of prayer. Adaia and her teaching team also offer cultural acclimation, including Peruvian history and cooking, field trips, and evangelistic campaigns.

Founded by Adaia Espinosa (a Peruvian who holds a degree in teaching Spanish and whose father is a pastor and long-time friend of BMM), the school is geared to train missionaries serving with fundamental mission boards.

The school opened in time to teach two first-term BMM couples: Aaron and Stephenie Cochrell At right, Ecko Stein and Stephenie Cochrell and their and Caleb and Ecko Stein. husbands spend 4-5 hours in classwork each weekThese missionaries gained day, while balancing their family’s needs. the benefits of learning culture simultaneously with language and of avoiding an additional costly move (to an out-of-

Along with language basics, the training covers key verse memorization,


country school). Missionaries sometimes choose to learn a language in a country other than their field of service so they can avoid too-soon involvement in ministry. To prevent this, veteran missionaries will oversee new missionaries to ensure they focus on language acquisition during their critical first year.

Language school is a necessary phase all foreign missionaries must walk through. For Peru missionaries, that step will be easier thanks to the Spanish Christian School, which opened in Lima, Peru, on August 26.

A new way to plant North American churches A Project Church Planter missionary serves full-time under BMM with the goal of planting a church, bringing it to self-supporting status, and then staying on as its founding pastor. Missionary support raising is accelerated, because funds are raised for a single church-

To replace the 3,700 North American churches that close each year and to keep pace with population growth, Christians should be starting 7,000 churches yearly. To encourage this goal, BMM initiated a new missionary status: Project Church Planter.

planting project, rather than for lifetime service. With more churches taking root in North America, we can help reverse the alarming trend of church decline on our continent.

If you build it, they will come to Alaska What do you do with a growing church plant that has had to move from a house to two schools within a year’s time? For Bethany Baptist Church, Dean and Julie Blood’s work in Juneau, Alaska, the best option was to build—as quickly as possible. The church had purchased property in Juneau but hoped to have more time to obtain building permits, draw up plans, and arrange for construction teams. Instead, they had to scramble, but God blessed their project.

Throughout summer and into fall, more than 150 people came to help in construction. Some of the visiting teams had opportunities to share the gospel with Juneau residents, and one team held VBS and led two children to the Lord. Juneau also enjoyed a dry, warm summer—unheard of in its rainforest climate. Julie Blood witnessed to a Mormon man by telling him how God had answered their church’s prayer for good weather. The man said, “How many more Baptist churches can you build so

On this Sunday evening, the church family held their services around a campfire and celebrated God’s goodness to them during the building process.

that we can have more weather like this?” The Bloods hope to be in their new facilities by winter.

“so will I watch over them, to build” (Jeremiah 31:28) Building a church in Africa involves much more than raising funds. For two years, Steve and Beth Gault sought affordable land in Yaounde, Cameroon. Four possibilities fell through because the properties had falsified title documents. This May, they found and purchased land for Odza Baptist Beth and Steve Gault stand on land the Lord provided for Odza Baptist Church.

Church that was larger and less expensive than all the other land they investigated! To obtain property in Liberdade, Mozambique, Joel and Joanie Troester walked through a similar situation, including nine months of stop-and-start negotiations with dozens of local officials. The Troesters’ patience was rewarded in July when the officials gave them title to a parcel of unused city land—and it was free! After Joel and the Mozambican men make the 10,000 bricks needed for the walls, Hope Baptist Church will be closer to having a new home.

Hope Baptist Church members remodeled this rented facility but look forward to one day having a building of their own.


Milestones FBBC—going strong at 50

Missionary Acres milestone

In 1963, missionaries had a vision to found a training institution that would make a lasting impact for the gospel in Jamaica. This year that institution, Fairview Baptist Bible College (FBBC), celebrated 50 years of fulfilling its purpose, still standing strong for the future.

For 50 years, the 63-acre tract of land in Silva, Missouri, that Rev. Charles Emerson donated to BMM has been providing affordable retirement housing for missionaries and other Christian workers. Missionary Acres’ staff, residents, and over 70 friends celebrated this milestone on Memorial Day weekend, which included a banquet, ladies’ brunch, men’s breakfast, fishing tournament, and four tremendous messages from God’s Word.

The main celebration took place May 6-11,

coinciding with FBBC’s Homecoming Week and Bible Conference. Alumni, friends, and missionaries returned to campus for the event, which included a library dedication, gospel concert, and graduation. It was a happy time to look back on 50 years and rejoice in FBBC’s impact: Jamaican pastors and missionaries serving in many countries. Attendees of the FBBC 50th Anniversary celebration. The man at the lower left was part of original graduating class of 1966.

Brazil seminary gains accreditation Founded by Brazil missionaries in 1946, the national-led Cariri Baptist Seminary recently earned the title of Faculdade (Portuguese for college). This achievement opens ministry doors that otherwise would have been shut for students. The school is praying that God’s purposes will be furthered as they stay the course of training laborers for His harvest. Cariri third-year students


Guests enjoyed a presentation on Missionary Acres’ history and shared stories of their own. A Missouri state senator and a state representative presented Ken Moon (resident administrator) with a resolution recognizing the anniversary. A bench and flagpole were also dedicated in memory of the Acres’ first two administrators, Duane and Jean McCrum and John McKittrick.

Before the event, a team from Salem Baptist Church in North Carolina installed a gazebo and repaired a roof.

Forty years of training Aussie leaders On a pleasant summer day in January (Australian summer, that is), volunteers carried boxes, arranged furniture, and installed equipment in the new home of Victoria Baptist Bible College (VBBC) in the Melbourne suburbs. Founded by BMM, the college fills a valuable role as a fundamental pastoral training institution— a rare find in Australia. Its new location sits on the property of Calvary Baptist Church, also a former BMM work. This fall marked the first full Graduates of the 32nd VBBC graduation with Stephen Wivell (center)

semester at the new campus and marked the 40th anniversaries of both VBBC and Calvary Baptist Church. A celebration was held September 21, along with a graduation ceremony. The college has more reasons to celebrate: it is anticipated to be completely Australian-led after VBBC administrator/principal Stephen Wivell retires in 2015.

Faithful Servants At our July Annual Conference, Baptist Mid-Missions honored missionaries who marked milestone years of service. 20 years

35 years

Tim and Verna Friesen—North America Patricia Laase—France David Mayner—Campus Bible Fellowship International Carlene Piper—Ecuador Ed Sears—Council

Paul and Barb Joles—North America Tom and Linda Ruhkala—Finland Richard Jr. and Karyn Visser—France

25 years Alan and Bev Berry—St.Vincent John and Paula Dannenberg—Central African Republic Steve and Charlene Giegerich—Campus Bible Fellowship International Sam P. and Jamie Hornbrook—Mexico Randy Laase—France Ken Spink—Council Ken and Marty Taylor—Campus Bible Fellowship International Tim and Barb Whatley—Peru

40 years Dan Brower —Brazil Paul and Sandy Jewell—Campus Bible Fellowship International Bill and Dorothy Kettlewell—Brazil Robert and Jane Kilko—Brazil Bob and Damaris Lankford—Brazil Roger and Norene Russ—Ghana

45 Years Elva Craig—Campus Bible Fellowship International Marv and Diane Fray—Brazil John and Anna Kay Haskell—The Netherlands Dave and Grace Kintner—Brazil

30 years Jeff and Kim Abernethy—Campus Bible Fellowship International Jim and Rosie Johnson—Ghana Ruth Kennedy—Ethiopia Elizabeth Mayner—Campus Bible Fellowship International Tom and Nancy Miller—Campus Bible Fellowship International Elaine Schulte—Bibles International

Churches Launched Batista Manancial (Springs Baptist • Igreja Church)—Piraquara, Paraná, Brazil n (led by missionary/national team of Phil and Mary Ruth Taylor and Pastor Clauder and Ana Paula Maciel)

Victory Baptist Church—Sorocaba, São Paulo, • Brazil n (led by Shawn and Donna Alexander, Ben and Dani Jacobs)

Evangélique Baptiste de Caen nord (Evan• gelical Baptist Church of north Caen)—Caen, France (led by missionary/national partnership team of Betty Lacey and a French Baptist church) n

Baptiste de Saint-Médard-en• Eglise Jalles (Baptist Church of Saint-Médard-en-

Jallesl’Eglise)—Saint-Médard, France n (Led by Ed and Sylvia Christy, Jonathan and Cherith Teachout)

Elaine Schulte recieves her 30 year pin from Dr. Anderson and Tom Townsend gives Sam and Jamie Hornbrook their certificates for 25 years of service.

Churches Graduated Regular Baptist Church Iguape— • First Municipio de Aquiraz, Ceara, Brazil n (Darrel and Jean Haworth; new pastor: Magno Cesar Castro)

Buckingham Evangelical Church—Bucking• ham, England—Ken and Dawn Houghten Iglesia Bautista Cristo Vive (Christ Lives Bap• tist Church)—Winston-Salem, North Carolina n (Paul and Elaine Kintner; new pastor: Apolinar Aguilar)

Baptiste des Basses Laurentiees • Eglise (Baptist Church of Lower Laurentians)—St. Jerome,

Quebec n (Partnership between Canadian tentmaker Benoit Carrier and missionaries Simon and Elise Ouellette)


A trusted name in missions

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