A FUN PLACE TO GROW. Summer Camp. 4 Options: Adventure Camp Bradt Summer Camp Jefferson Summer Camp Sacandaga Summer Camp SCHENECTADY YMCA 2016

A FUN PLACE TO GROW Summer Camp SCHENECTADY YMCA 2016 4 Options: Adventure Camp Bradt Summer Camp Jefferson Summer Camp Sacandaga Summer Camp New ...
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4 Options: Adventure Camp Bradt Summer Camp Jefferson Summer Camp Sacandaga Summer Camp

New Trips! More Activities! This summer, we have new games and new field trips! We also offer swimming, sports, and art.

NEW This Summer! • Enjoy new opportunities to meet and interact with your child’s counselors! From information about each counselor’s skills and abilities, to fun meet and greet events, you and your child will feel at ease in our care this summer even before camp starts! • Enjoy more detailed information about trips, activities, and events — information which comes your way a week ahead!

Safety Comes First Our day camps meet the highest health and safety standards of the Y and the NYS Health Department.

Great Fun! Great Value! Our Summer Camp is in full swing from 9AM until 4PM, Monday through Friday, with lots of fun things for your child to experience each day. In addition to a high-quality summer camp experience, we also offer before and after camp care at no additional charge!

Save $40 Each Day! From 7 to 9AM and from 4 to 4:30PM (Bradt Camp), and from 4 to 6PM (Adventure Camp), we care for your child before camp starts each day and after it ends each day at no additional charge. That’s a savings of at least $40 each day for each child.

Camps are inspected twice each year by the Department of Health and files are available for inspection at your county health department office. First Aid equipment is on site and staff are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Four Camp Options 1. Adventure Camp 2. Bradt Summer Camp 3. Jefferson Summer Camp 4. Sacandaga Summer Camp

Save $100! With our sibling savings option, you save more for each additional child you send together to camp. For each additional child who attends camp, you save $10 a week! That’s a savings of $100 for each child who spends the summer at the Y!

Financial Assistance We offer financial assistance for those who need help to afford summer camp. Please call us today to learn more. 518.881.0117. 2

Easy online registration • www.CDYMCA.org

OUR PROGRAMS Back by Popular Demand! ADVENTURE CAMP Adventure Camp Hours Camp 9am to 4pm


Drop off starts at 7AM • Pick up until 6PM

Entering Grades K – 8 Offered June 27 – September 2 (Closed July 4) Daily drop off and pick up from the Schenectady high school 1445 The Plaza, Schenectady In response to last year’s wildly popular summer camp option, this summer children (grades K – 8) will again join us a for a short daily bus ride to YMCA Adventure Camp, our premier regional day camp located on Rt.155 in Guilderland. YMCA Adventure Camp offers a variety of unique experiences, from our outdoor pool and zip line to our pond with paddle boats, fishing, tennis, archery, rock climbing, and much more!

BRADT / JEFFERSON / SACANDAGA SUMMER CAMPS Field Trip Fun Bradt Elementary Camp Camp 9am to 4pm


Drop off starts at 7am • Pick up until 4:30pm

Elementary Camp 3. Jefferson Camp 9 to 4

am pm Drop off starts at 7am • Pick up until 4:30pm

Elementary Camp 4. Sacandaga Camp 9 to 4 am pm Drop off starts at 7am • Pick up until 4:30pm

Entering Grades K – 5 • Offered 8 weeks: June 27 – August 19 (Closed July 4) Drop-off begins 7am • Pick-up by 4:30pm See Page 4 for our weekly camp themes.

We help your child build confidence while enjoying a variety of programs and activities that encourage your child to develop independence while learning new skills. Campers enjoy swimming, sports, art, and special events. Children enjoy fun activities that allow for physical involvement, social interaction, educational opportunities, leadership building, personal growth and creativity. Campers are divided into groups by age, with activities appropriate to the interests and needs of each group. Each week has a fun theme and includes a field trip! (Trips subject to change). Our Summer Camp fun includes weekly field trips. Check out our schedule for this year: June 27 Saratoga State Park July 5 Museum of Innovation and Science July 12 Camp Chingachgook July 19 New York State Museum July 26 Grafton State Park August 2 Sportsman Bowling August 9 Howe Caverns August 16 Children’s Museum of Science and Technology (Troy, NY)


Questions? Please call us! • 518.881.0117


WEEKLY CAMP THEMES for Bradt, Jefferson, and Sacandaga Elementary School Camps Week 1: Ice Breakers

Join us as we get to know each other and create journals to write in the each week. Field Trip to Saratoga State Park.

Week 2: Animal Planet

Week 6: Camping Week

We go to Sportsman Bowling this week.

Week 7: Art Week

We enjoy different aspects of art this week and take a field trip to Howe Caverns.

Week 8: Blast From the Past Week We go to Children’s Museum of Science and Technology this week.

We also go to the Museum of Innovation and Science.

Week 3: Winter in July

Build a snowman on the beach, make tree decorations, and have snowball fight at camp? We’re going to do it! We visit Camp Chingachgook this week.

Week 4: Super Hero Week

Join us as we learn all about super heroes and use our super powers to complete random feats of strength. We visit the New York State Museum this week.

Week 5: Pirate Week

Ahoy mateys! Join us as we walk the plank and look for buried treasure. We visit Grafton State Park this week


Easy online registration • www.CDYMCA.org

LOW DEPOSIT. Just $10 per week per child.


FAX • 518.881.0122

Child’s First Name Date of Birth

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I authorize the following people to pick up my child from YMCA Day Camp. I also authorize these people to be contacted in an emergency situation if I cannot be reached. All authorized persons need to be at least 16 years of age and be prepared to show PHOTO ID. First Name/Last Name


Address Main Phone #

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First Name/Last Name

Cell# Relationship

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Does your child have allergies or dietary needs? If yes, please list ___________________________________________________________________________ Does your child take medication? If yes, please list ____________________________________________________________________________________________ If your child should need any medication while attending camp, please contact your branch camp director to complete the appropriate medication consent forms. These forms need to be completed and signed by a physician prior to your child attending camp. Please indicate if your child has a history of the following: [ ] Anemia [ ] Appendicitis [ ] Asthma [ ] Contact Lenses [ ] Diabetes [ ] Ear Infections [ ] Fainting [ ] Severe Headaches [ ] Hay Fever [ ] High Blood Pressure [ ] Hyperkinesis [ ] Seizures [ ] Skin Problems [ ] Swimmer’s Ear [ ] Tonsillitis Other ______________________________________________ Does your child have an existing IEP? [ ] YES [ ] NO Are there any activities that your child should not participate in for health reasons? _____________________________________________________ Are there any recent medical treatment/surgeries? ________________________________________________________________________________________________


I, being the parent/legal guardian of the above named minor, do hereby appoint YMCA staff to act on my behalf in authorizing emergency medical, dental or surgical care and hospitalization in my absence. In addition, I do here by grant said minor to carry and use sunscreen which I have supplied. Parent/Guardian Signature




Date of Birth

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Adventure Camp Bradt Elementary Jefferson Elementary Sacandaga Elementary

Child’s Last Name

Grade Entering in Fall

Non Member Rate Member $195








Gender M/F



DSS Subsidy



6/27 7/4* 7/11 7/18













Subtotal + + + +

*Camp is closed on July 4th. WEEK 2 RATES ARE PRORATED: Adventure Camp $156/$176 • Elementary Camps $136/$156

TOTAL = Please include your weekly $10 non-refundable camp deposit (per child) with your application. I qualify for the $10 (per week) sibling discount (for each child after the first child). Sibling Name:

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Terms: I authorize my financial institution to honor pre-authorized debits/charges initiated by the YMCA on my account for camp payments. I authorize the Y to re-run my credit card within three business days if my card returns declined. Should any payments not be honored by the above financial institution, I understand that in addition to the regular payment, I will be charged a $20 NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fee. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ Signature (I have read and understand the terms of this draft authorization) Date TO BE COMPLETED BY THE Y • Staff Initials ______________ Date ______________ Receipt # ____________ Cash Check Scholarship Percentage _______% Executive Director Signature _______________________________________


Other YMCA Camp Options: OVERNIGHT CAMP FUN! Camp Chingachgook on Lake George

FREE TOURS! Please join us at Chingachgook for a free tour of camp on April 27, May 15 and May 22. You’re also welcome to call for a tour any time that’s convenient for you. Visit www.LakeGeorgeCamp.org today to learn more, or call 656.9462.

Questions? Please call us! • 518.881.0117


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R Re egis gi te st r b er y by Fe M b. 2 ar 9 .3 & 1 S & av Sa e ve $2 $1 0 0

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CAPITAL DISTRICT YMCA Schenectady Branch 433 State Street Schenectady NY 12305 PHONE • 518.881.0117 FAX • 518.881.0122

Easy online registration • www.CDYMCA.org

NEW IN 2016

• New opportunities to meet and interact with your child’s counselors • New Field Trips!