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******************************* GIRRAJ GOVT.COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) ******************************* NIZAMABAD ******************* NODAL JKC NIZAMABAD *******************

A BRIEF HISTORY OF JKC Girraj Govt College is one of the most Prestigious Institutions in the entire North Telangana region, offering both UG and PG Courses catering to the needs of thousands of students. In this prestigious institution JAWAHAR KNOWLEDGE CENTRE (JKC), a very important project initiated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, was initially started in the year 2007. Since then it has been incessantly imparting training in Communication Skills, Analytical Skills and Soft Skills to the students so as to enable them to develop global competence. Many students were benefited by these training programmes and got placements in reputed MNCs like Infosys, Wipro, World Tech, Transdyne and ILM etc. English Language Lab (ELL) is attached to JKC. Besides imparting training to the students, the JKC is giving training to the Principals, Teaching Staff and NonTeaching staff of the Govt Juniour Colleges of Nizamabad District in Computer Skills. Also our JKC organized training programmes in Computer Skills to the Lecturers working in GDCs in the Nizamabad District as per the schedule given by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education. The JKC acts as a Link between the office of the CCE and all other GDCs of the District. Hence, the Instructions relating to administration issued by the CCE to different colleges of the district from time to time, are processed through this Nodal JKC. The JKC has internet Facility which caters to the needs of all the students, teaching and Non-Teaching staff members. Hence JKC has become a Nodal Point in the college, always serving the needs of the students and staff members. This JKC is the Nodal JKC which helps and guides all the other JKCs of the District attached to the GDCs. Our Nodal JKC Conducts Sensitization Programmes in all the colleges of the district so as to encourage the students to join the JKC and get benefited by the training programmes offered by it. The students who are trained in this Nodal JKC have got placements in reputed MNCs like INFOSYS, WIPRO, WORLD TECH and ILM etc. PGDCA Add on Course is started and successfully completed in the year 2008. JKC imparted training in Tally (Accountin Package) to the Commerce Students. Advance intensive Training is given to the JKC trained students before the Recruitment Drives organized by Infosys Company every year.

In addition to the above programme, JKC started Special Training Programme (STP) and Bank Exam Training (BET) for the candidates appearing for various competitive examinations and Banking Examinations Respectively. Under the Chairmanship of our previous principal, Sri.G.Somaseshu, a students' sensitization programme was organized on 30/10/2006. To enlighten the students about the JKC,Mr,Jagadishwer, JKC Coordinator, Govt Degree College,Karimnagar,addressed the students.

Sensitization Programme Conducted at Girraj Govt College, Nizamabad on 30-10-2006. A.Bhujangam JKC Coordinator is speaking & presided by Sri G.Soma Sheshu & Jaghadeeshwer on the dias. The JKC coordinator of our college visited GDC Kamareddy, GDC Bodhan,Womens College Nizamabad and Harichan Marwadi Degree College Nizamabd and enlightened the students to join JKC to receive training about the skills that are needed in IT and ITes fields.

Professional Aptitude Council (PAC) Exam sensitization Programme was conducted at our college on 4/12/2006. The PAC Exam representative, Mr.Vijay Kumar, Praman Infotech, Hyderabad, addressed the students. JKC summer special batch training was started on 25th April, 2007. One Hundred and Five(105) students joined in this batch. The 2007 pass out students of this batch --- Kumari Saritha, Gauthami Degree College and Kum.Haritha, Women's Degree College Nizamabad got selection in ICICI Prudential Insurance. Data Entry Operators' Exams were conducted under the supervision of JKC Chairman three times successfully. The second batch of JKC training was inaugurated by our Principal Sri.B.Narayana on 25th June 2007.Seventy nine (79)Students joined in this batch. From this batch three students have been shortlisted in the Campus Event conducted by GDCW Begumpet, Hyderabad, on 25th August 2007. The third batch of JKC training commenced on 2nd September 2007. Three ELFs are working as English Guest Mentors. Two B.Tech.Graduates, who are appointed by CCE, are working as fulltime mentors. They are dealing with Computer, Aptitude and Reasoning Subjects.

The fourth batch commenced in Nov-2007 and 34 students joined in that batch.

Honourable District Collector Sir Ramanjaneulu inaugurated JKCLAB on 24-Apr-2008

Honorable District Collector Sri Ramanjaneyulu Inaugurating JKC Computer Lab in GG College on 25-Apr-2008.Sri B.Narayana Principal GG,College and Students and Staff of the College.

Jawahar Knowledge Center(JKC)

The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh initiated JKC in reliable






2005 as a

unemployment faced by students studying non-professional courses in Degree colleges of AP. The ever increasing prominence of India on the global map has paved way for a growing demand for hard working and talented students who are good at computer skills, communication skills and industry related skills. The doors of global job market are opened to students who can speak fluently, compute quickly, write legibly and analyze logically.

Jawahar Knowledge Centre’s primary aim is to provide intensive training to students in employable skills and enable students avail themselves of the bright opportunities in the global job market. Remarkably, the centers are best utilized by the poorest of the poor and marginalized sections of the society. Students from rural areas who have no access to advantages experienced by their urban counterparts are provided the latest technologies and opportunities to upgrade their skills and encouraged to compete for better standards of living. The centre received overwhelming response from

day one and the encouraging

placements add to its strength and objectives. JKCs established in Degree Colleges provided with a world class infrastructure and experienced


who are totally dedicated to students and


involved in providing the best training to


students who can climb the ladder of


JKC helps students to realize their potential



high in life and particularly it motivates and


students to be creative, independent and self


JKC Centre helps students in colleges to


confidence and the ability to contribute to the economic and intellectual prosperity of the country

The Specific Objectives of JKC • To shape students across the State and make them globally acceptable citizens

• To promote College – Industry relations through training and placements.

To provide the best of the opportunities to the students

who belong to weaker and marginalized sections.

The benefits of Jawahar Knowledge Center  Career Awareness/ Planning Workshops  300 hours training  Training Practice on employable skills  Training by Experienced Faculty  Co- curricular activities to enhance Communication and Soft skills  Campus Placement with Major MNCs  Industry Orientation

JKC Curriculum The unique feature of JKCs is its Training Programme designed to help the students to grow as a professional. The training aims to sharpen the competencies of the students and give them right inputs on Technology and soft skills. This 300 hour training programme shapes final year students in Degree Colleges as Employable graduates. This training is offered by trained GEMs and MENTORS.

Syllabus: Verbal Communication Functional English Proficiency Improved Pronunciation (Neutralizing MTI)

Improved Communication Skills 

Business Correspondence Skills

Non Verbal Communication

Inter-personal skills

Logical Thinking

Organizational Skills

Presentation Skills

Decision-Making Skills Negotiation Skills 

Team – Work

Time Management

Body language

Confidence Building

Cultural Awareness

Telephone Skills

Creative Thinking

Interview skills

Technical Skills 

Basics of Computers

MS Office & Open Office

Internet skills

Aptitude & Reasoning Analytical skills Problem solving

Other Activities


JAM & Group Discussions

The fifth batch was meant for unemployed youth only. There were only 06 students. This batch was commenced in February-2008. The VI batch commenced in

April2008. 226 students joined. The VII batch commenced in July-2008 122 students joined.

The VIII Batch commenced in September 2008 35 students joined. Each batch duration was 2 months.

A few JKC trained students have been selected in companies like Infosys, TCS and SHC (Stock Holding Corporation)

Training in Computer Skills by Nodal JKC for Jr Lecturers, Principals of Govt Jr Colleges in the District from 24-Nov-2008 to 28-Nov 2008

Principal Moriah Madam addressing Principals and Jar. Lecturers.


Computer courses like DCA & PGDCA are introduced in this academic year. From Next academic year 2009-2010 the DCA&PGDCA courses will be introduced as the other courses like BA,B.Com,B.Sc following the academic schedule. DCA will be completed in One semester and PGDCA will be completed in Two semesters.

The syllabus also will be revised on the basis of the duration of the course. Chairperson & Principal Nodal JKC Girraj Government College (Autonomous) Nizamabad

------------------PLACEMENT DETAILS ----------------------------------------------------------Sno. Name Company ----------------------------------------1. V.Anusha TCS 2. B.Swathi SHC 3. P.Venkatesh Infosys 4. A.Shilpa Infosys 5. T.Ashish Singh " 6. R.Sujitha " 7. S.Sunitha " 8. B.Vijayanand " 9. G.Srinivas " 10. K.Raj Kumar " 11. S.P.Ramakrishna " 12. D.Sricharani " 13. S.Naveen Kumar " 14. P.Shirisha " 15. C.Ramya Sree " 16. D.Sravanthi " 17. M.Radha " 18. Lavanya " 19. Sandhya Rani " ------------------------------------------------------------------------The total no of students trained from April 2006 to June 2009 as follows: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name of the college Training period No of students ----------------------------------------------------------------------------GGC NIZAMABAD During Apr 2006 to Mar 2008


April June 2008 226 June - September 2008 157 April June 2009 131 June -August 2009 56 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------TOTAL -----------915 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ACHIEVEMENTS IN JKC ---------------------------------------------------------------Company wise selected candidates as follows: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name of the student Degree Mobile Social status Company ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.V.Anusha B.Sc (MPE) 9391144458 BC-D TCS 2. T.Leena B.Sc MPCs TCS 3. Y.Anitha B.Sc MSCs TCS 4.B.Swathi B..Com(comp) 9440381806 BC-B SHC

5. G.Balagi 6. J.Ashwini

B..Com B.Sc MPC

India ltd,Ameerpet HYDERABAD. ICICI Phone Banking Officer Promanthra MT

*********************************************** From Nizamabad dist 33 students have been selected in Infosys BPO & IT,The details as follows. *********************************************** -----------------------------------------------------DATA BASE OF STUDENTS SELECTED IN INFOSYS-JANUARY 2008 -----------------------------------------------------GIRRAJ GOVT COLLEGE - NODAL JKC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------S.NO Name of the Degree with Mobile Social IT/BPO Student Group status --------------------------------------------------------------------------1. V.Venkatesh B.Com(comp) 9291337839 o.c BPO 2 A.Shilpa B.Sc(MPCs) BPO 3 T.Ashish singh B.Sc(Electro) 9866793957 BC-A IT 4. R.Sujitha B.Sc(MPC) 9951016441 BC-B IT 5. S.Sunitha B.Sc(MPC) 9490120312 BC-D IT 6. B.Vijayannand B.Sc(MPC) 9948696787 BC-D IT 7. G.Srinivas B.Sc(MSCs) 9966559383 BC-D IT 8. C.Shiriasha B.Sc(MSCs_ 9912219551 BC-B IT 9. K.Rajkumar B.Sc(MPCs) 9912086110 BC-B IT 10. SP.Ramakrishna B.Sc(MPCs) IT 11. D.Sri charani B.Sc(MPCs) 912086110 OC IT 12. P.Shirisha B.Sc(MPCs) 9989623764 BC-D IT 13. S.Naveen kumar B.Sc(MPE) IT 14. C.Ramyasri B.Sc(MPCs) 9441784664 BC-D IT 15. D.Sravanthi B.Sc(MPCs) 9247735783 IT 16. M.Radha B.Sc(MPC) IT 17. Lavanya B.Sc(MPCs) 9959705545 IT 18. Sandhya Rani B.Sc(MPC) 9703153882 BPO

In INDIA INFOLINE 15 students are selected in 05/07/2008 In CAPITAL IQ

4 students are selected


May 2008

Dr.Reddys Lab - T.Neelima has selected as Technicla Trainee in 2009 Selected in Infosys Drive conducted on 04-01-2012 at Nodal JKC,Girraj Govt College,NIZAMABAD


Student Name

1 2 3 4 5




7 8


College Name



Girraj Govt College Girraj Govt College Girraj Govt College Girraj Govt College Girraj Govt College SANDEEPANI DEGREE COLLEGE,Kamareddy Govt Arts & Science Degree College,Kamareddy SRNK Govt Degree College,Banswada


B.Sc(MPE) B.Sc(Bio-Tech) B.Sc(Bio-Chemistry) B.Sc(Bio-Chemistry) B.Sc(MPC)




B.Sc(Bio-Tech) B.Sc(MPC)

--------JKC Team --------K.Bharath Raj., M.Sc, M.Phil

JKC Co-ordinator

S. Radha Laxmi., D.ECE,B.TECH(IT)

Full Time Mentor

N.L.Narasimha Rao., M.A


Praveen Kumar., M.A

GEM ---------Contact Us ----------

e-mail ID: [email protected] K.Bharath Raj (Co-ordinator): 9908732050 ***