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Wroclaw, 05/01/2004

General datasheet for the HACO flat-bed CNC lathe, models TUR MN560/630/630A/710/710A with SIEMENS 810D CNC SYSTEM The lathe in standard execution is intended for: „ „ „ „



„ „ „ „

Conventional turning with electronic handwheels and a digital/graphic positioning display Teach-in: the first piece is machined manually, the next piece is than CNC controlled Constant Surface Speed Elementary geometries: longitudinal turning and facing, conical and circular turning with CNC support Cycles: stock removal, grooving, drilling, threading, undercutting. The re-working of threads is also possible Contour mode: drawing contour, contour calculator for undefined FAT TUR 560 MN x 2000 mm with 8-position toolturret (option) elements, machining a contour, also manual machining of contours Tool table for 99 tools User friendly, with a straightforward programme display CNC mode: executing a program in ISO/DIN code, read-in and read-out of programmes via V24 interface (RS 232) Graphic simulation before and during turning













1255mm (49,4”) For TUR 710A 500mm (20,9”)


1250mm (49,2”)


950mm (37.4”)

1200mm (47,3”)

450 (17.7”)

2700mm (106,3”) 3700mm (145,7”) 4700mm (185,0”) 5700mm (224,4”)

2290mm (90”)

980mm (38,6”) 1980mm (77.9”) 2980mm (117,3”) 3980mm (156,6”)

1250mm (49,2”)


950mm (37,4”)

For TUR 710 420mm (16,5”)

1200mm (47,3”)


450 (17.7”)

For TUR 630A 500mm (20,9”)

2700mm (106,3”) 3700mm (145,7”) 4700mm (185,0”) 5700mm (224,4”) 2700mm (106,3”) 3700mm (145,7”) 4700mm (185,0”) 5700mm (224,4”)


2420mm (95,3”)

For TUR 630 420mm (16,5”)

980mm (38,6”) 1980mm (77.9”) 2980mm (117,3”) 3980mm (156,6”) 980mm (38,6”) 1980mm (77.9”) 2980mm (117,3”) 3980mm (156,6”)


1765mm (69,5”)

1215mm (47,8”)

420mm (16,5”)


1765mm (69,5”)

TUR 710/710A MN x 1000 TUR 710/710A MN x 1000 TUR 710/710A MN x 1000 TUR 710/710A MN x 1000

1180mm (46,5”)


F OptionChip conveyer

1520mm (59,8”)

TUR 560MN x 1000 TUR 560MN x 2000 TUR 560MN x 3000 TUR 560MN x 4000 TUR 630/630A MN x 1000 TUR 630/630A MN x 2000 TUR 630/630A MN x 3000 TUR 630/630A MN x 4000


E OptionChip conveyer

1520mm (59,8”)


B Option Hydraulic cylinder

2) MAIN FEATURES FAT CNC TUR MN MACHINES „ A European manufactured machine, constructed from high qulity components as Siemens, Rexroth Mannesman, FAG, Sauter,... „ Siemens electrical equipment with latest Siemens Manual Turn 810 D control „ Rigid, wide bed and slide construction with 3-V bedslideways ansures high rigidity and accurancy of operation, also fine surface finish of the machined workpiece „ Hardened and ground bedways, along with hardened and ground gears ansures the long and durability of the machine „ Ergonomic control panel on independently travelling console „ Centrally operated lubrication system with detection „ The large, precision made and over sized ball screws ensure precise positioning „ A large spindle bore of 105 mm as standard for the TUR 560/630/710 MN; a 140 mm spindle bore with double spindle nose for the TUR 630 A/710A MN „ A powerful spindle motor of 25 hp for the TUR 560/630/630A/710/710A MN „ A two speed gearbox offers high torque available for heavy stock removal up to 1800/ 2500 rpm „ The complete work area is enclosed for TUR 560/630/710 MN, at the same time as providing good accessibility „ Machine can be extended with all kind of options such as power chuck, chip conveyor, toolturret with or without life tooling, hydraulic tailstock, spindle indexing,...


3) MACHINE SPECIFICATION TUR 560 MN CAPACITY Distance between centers Swing over bed Swing over saddle Max. Weight between centers (without steadies) Max. Weight in chuck only HEADSTOCK Number of spindle ranges Top spindle speed ranges Spindle nose (DIN 55029) Spindle inner taper Spindle bore Main drive motor power Max. Turning torque Front bearing SADDLE Cross slide travel X-axis Rapid travel Z-axis Rapid travel X-axis Feed force tranverse Feed force longitudinal Width of cross slideways QC Toolpost Type Multifix TAILSTOCK Quill diameter Quill taper Quill stroke GENERAL Width of bed Total length of machine 1.000 mm b.c. 2.000 mm b.c. 3.000 mm b.c. 4.000 mm b.c. Width of machine Height of machine Weight of machine 1.000 mm b.c. 2.000 mm b.c. 3.000 mm b.c. 4.000 mm b.c.

TUR 630 MN




mm mm mm kg

560 300 2000

1000 - 2000 – 3000 – 4000 630 630 710 370 370 450 2000 2000 2000

710 450 2000






2 I: 2-430, II: 200-2500 D 1-8

2 I: 2-430,II: 200-1850 2 x D 1-11

Camlo ck mm mm kW Nm mm

D 1-8

D 1-8

2 I: 2-430,II: 200-1850 2 x D 1-11

115 105 18,5 2100 210

115 105 18,5 2100 210

150 140 18,5 2800 250

115 105 18,5 2100 210

150 140 18,5 2800 250

mm m/min m/min KN KN mm Size

365 8 8 10 15 230 C

390 8 8 10 15 230 C

390 8 8 10 15 230 C

410 8 8 10 15 230 C

410 8 8 10 15 230 C

mm mm

100 MT 5 200

100 MT 5 200

100 MT 5 200

100 MT5 200

100 MT5 200







mm mm mm mm Mm Mm

3.000 4.000 5.000 -2.300 1.760

3.000 4.000 5.000 6.000 2.300 1.760

3.190 4.190 5.190 6.190 2.300 1.760

3000 4000 5000 6000 2300 1760

3190 4190 5190 6190 2300 1760

Kg Kg Kg Kg

3.700 4.500 5.300 --

3.700 4.500 5.300 6.100

3.750 4.550 5.350 6.150

3800 4600 5400 6200

3850 4650 5450 6250


2 2 I: 2-430, II: 200-2500


Subject to alterations without prior notice.


4) MACHINE EXECUTION 4.1) GENERAL DISCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE The model TUR MN is a manual/CNC combination high-precision lathe. Equipped with the very latest Siemens SINUMERIK 810D Manual Turn control system and AC drives it became a production unit for manufacturing the high-precision, complicated parts made as one-offs or in small batches. When the machine is equipped with such options as hydraulically operated power chuck and tailstock, chip conveyor, live tooling, automatic selection of spindle speed range and electric automatic 8-station turret, it offers efficiency of a modern flat bed CNC lathe. The great adventage to the user of this lathe is the possibility of employing the highly developed techniques without any special knowledge of programming. Reduced machining times, the highest and uniform precision of all parts in the batch as well as taking away from the operator his routine work demonstrate the new level of production efficiency. The TUR manual Turn lathe is equipped with control elements traditionally used on modern manual centre lathe, such as handwheels and the digital readout system. Therefore the machine offers to its operator the possibility to operate it in the conventional manner. The sequence of motions can involve a single element of machining, a fixed cycle or a complete program. The first steps are easy to master and you can then gradually increase the level of complexity. Right through to user-friendly Easystep programming, ready cycles and full CNC automatic mode. The spindle speed is infinitaly adjustable from the minimum until maximum speed. CSS is programmable. To ensure a high torque at low speeds, the machine is equipped with a 2 speedrange gearbox which is manually changeable in standard execution, automatic programmable as option. The machine is as standard equipped with manual quick change toolholder (Multifix). To achieve higher productivity, more flexibility and to reduce non cutting time, the machine can be equipped with automatical electric turret, made by Sauter with static or live tooling. Hydraulic or pneumatic chuck, hydraulic tailstock quill or chip conveyor are optionally available.

4.2) CARRIAGE For the longitudinal travel of the saddle a rigid ball screw of 40 mm dia. is used (TUR 560/630). The TUR 630 MN x 4000 has a 63 mm longitudinal ballscrew. The high precision ballscrews for X & Z axes are mounted on high precision bearings to enable sensitive movement. The drive for Z-axis is transmitted to the ballscrew via cogged belt from a Siemens AC servomotor, located on the left hand side of the machine. The Siemens AC servomotor and timing belt transmission are also used for X-axis drive (cross slide) and its ballscrew is 32 mm diameter. The bearing surfaces in the carriage and cross slide are lined with Turcite B type lining to eliminate stick-slip problems and ansure accurate positioning and repeatability and long life. The longitudinal and cross slideways are lubricated by a separate lubrication unit.


4.3) BED The bed with two guideways of box-type design is made from high-grade pearlite cast iron. Double-V guideways, along with the inner V-way for tailstock, are induction hardened and ground. The heavy-ribbed bed is double walled. This substantially minimizes vibration and improves finishes. The bed is provided with special chutes enabling an easy flow of chips. The bed width is 433 mm. The use of hardened guideways, high rigidity of bed castings subjected to stress relieving treatment and precise machining ensure a long-life accurate operation of the lathe.

4.3.1) Working area for TUR 560/630 MN:

With SAUTER 8-position toolturret (VDI40): With manual QC toolpost MULTIFIX C:

4.3.2)Working area with 8-position toolturret and live tooling: To increase the possibilities as excentric drilling, T-nut milling, etc... on our machine, the TUR MN machine can be equipped as option with spindle indexing - with high acturate spindle positioning every 2,5º - in combination with 8-position toolturret with live tooling. The AC servo motor is fitted on the top of the turret housing. If outside tool diameter is bigger then Df, this will cause collission with cross slide or covers when the toolturret is fully rotating.


If outside tool diameter is smaller then Df, the max. workpiece diameter possible to operate is increasing accordingly.

Da = Dk = Df =

outside dia of tooldisc pitch dia of VDI holes max. outside diam of tools

TUR 560/630 MN with 8-position toolturret and live tooling (0.5.473.520)

4.4) HEADSTOCK The headstock is of a modern compact design. The heavy duty spindle is supported by a combination of precision doublerow cylindrical roller bearings and double-direcion angular contact thrust ball bearing, a system which provides the highest precision and rigidity for heavy loads and superior surface finish. Spindle bore 105 mm in standard execution The shafts and gears are made of heat treated alloy steel. Due to application of closely supported shafts and ground gears the headstock runs very smoothly at all speeds. The main spindle is powered by a Siemens AC variable speed 18,5 kW motor. The power is transmitted to the gearbox by means of multi-V powerbelt. To ensure a high turning torque at low rpms, the machine is equipped with 2-speed gearbox. The change of the transmission ratio is performed by means of manually shifted gear as standard, programmable as option. The main motor is also used to brake the headstock. A separate lubrication unit driven by its own motor lubricates the headstock’s gears and bearings. A pressure switch ensures that headstock does not operate without proper lubrication.


4.5) HYDRAULIC CHUCK WITH CHUCK ACTUATOR (option) 4.5.1) Hydraulic power pack (option) The hydraulic power pack which is integrated inside the machine has the following specification: -

oil tank capacity 40 litres hydraulic pump 12 l/min output with valves controlling hydraulically operated chuck and tailstock valves for setting the pressure adjustable up to 40 bar

4.5.2) Hydraulic chuck with hydraulic chuck actuator (option) There is choise of different power operated chucks. For TUR 560/630 MN: -

Not through-hole cylinder (closed center) in combination with Ø 250 mm or Ø 315 mm 3-jaw self centring chuck Through-hole cylinder in combination with Ø 250 mm or Ø 315 mm 3-jaw selfcentring chuck - Chuck Ø 250/3-jaw in combination with chuck actuator and connection tube results in through-hole of 75 mm - Chuck Ø 315/3-jaw in combination with chuck actuator and connection tube results in through-hole of 90 mm

For TUR 630 A MN: Chuck Ø 380/3-jaw possible in combination with hydraulic not through-hole chuck actuator - Chuck Ø 380/3-jaw possible in combination with hydraulic chuck actuator and connection tube with 117,5 mm dia. through-hole All chucks with hydraulic actuator are completly tested and integrated in CNC control of the machine. The pressure and working force can be adjusted at the hydraulic power pack. The chuck is operated by means of a footpedal. The system is provideded with the necessary interlocks, as no rotation of spindle when chuck in opened or when operating force is not reached, control of end movement of clamping jaws, etc... -

Spindle bore with hydraulic chuck and through-hole cylinder (option)


4.6) PNEUMATICAL CHUCK See pricelist

4.7) CHIP CONVEYOR Technical description band type swarf conveyor: Chipconveyor capacity: 0,8 m³/h Coolant system capacity: 260 l (1 m) to 480 l (4 m) Drive gearmotor: 0,37 kW or 0,55 kW Wide of band: 450 mm Step of band: 63 mm Conveyor band speed 1,77 m/min Supply voltage: 380V/50 Hz Coolant pump (*): Coolant pump output (*): 32 l/min at 3 bar Coolant pump power (*): 0,8 kW Max pressure coolant pump (*): 5,3 bar Max output coolant pump (*): 45 l/min

(*) the indicated values are only valid if the machine is equipped with chip conveyor



Power diagram for TUR 560/630 MN

Power diagram for TUR 630A MN


4.9) TAILSTOCK This specially extended neck allows more clearance between the tailstock body and the cross slide. This design permits better access for machning parts close to the tailstock center. The extra large 100 mm diameter quill is hardened and ground and has MT 5. The tailstock can be easily positioned by carriage using an quickdisconnecting coupling (option). Only one cam lever clamps and unclamps tailstock to the bed. An hydraulically operated tailstock quill is offered as option.

4.10) CHIP GUARD The TUR MN has sliding guards at the front of the machine with vision security window, Electroswitch interlocks prevents the machine from being started if the guard is not fully closed and prevens opening of the guards if the machine is operating in automatic cycle. At the rear side, there a full length rear splash guard. The sliding guards are designed in such way, that even long workpieces can be loaded without problems and ansures good accesibitily. 4.11) LINEAR MEASURING SYSTEM TUR 560/630 MN can be optionally equipped with Linear Measuring System in the X-axis. The Linear Measuring System ensures a high positioning accurancy and higher repeatability. The linear measuring system eliminates deviations of position due to expansion of the ball screw because of temperature fluctuactions or play between nut and screw or other mechanical play. A Linear Measuring System in the Z-axis is available on special request.

4.12) CONTROL EQUIPMENT The TUR MN machines are supplied with a Siemens 810 D Manual Turn CNC control system and high response servo amplifiers. The compact CNC control panel is incorporated into the operator’s control console, travelling in front of the machine for ease of operation. All external wiring is carried in protective conduits. An overview of facts and performance data: What Manual Turn is capable of: Specifications of the SIEMENS Manual Turn: • Language versions available in standard: English with German or French, Italian or Spanish as the switcheable second language. Other languages are already available. Interactive programming • • • • • •

Interactive programming of all control functions Straightforward, self-explanatory and workshop oriented icons Graphical on-screen display direct after input Explanation of parameters to be entered via help screens Plausibility check of input valvues Error messages in plain text


Dialog structure • Skilled-worker-oriented, free arrangements of machining sequence in task-oriented steps • Insertion, copying and deletion of steps • Separate storing of recurring cycles and contours Manual mode • Manual slide movement via direction keys in X,Z or electronic handwheel • Traversing of 45° conicals or any angles to main direction • Graphical support through direction pointer Elementary geometries • Axis parallel straight line also with C axis • Taper entered either in X/Z or at angle, also with C-axis • Circle entered in start/arc angle, radius/end point or center point Stock removal cycles • • • •

Simple stock removal cycle for taper Simple stock removal cycle for cylindrical surface Stock removal cycle for cylindrical surfaces with radii and chamfers Stock removal cycle for tapers with radii and chamfers

Recess cycles • Simple recess cycle • Recess cycle with tapers, radii and chamfers • Recess cycle in a taper Undercut cycles • • • •

Undercut form E Undercut form F Undercut DIN thread Undercut thread

Thread cycles • • • • •

Longitudinal thread Taper thread Thread on a face Machining of multiple start threads Repair of threads

Cycle extension • Up to 8 cycles of any type can be integrated additionally • Pre-described menu tree and parameter screen form • Cycle-control through simulation


Free contour machining • • • • • • •

Free contour definition via axis parallel and obligue lines and circles Separate storing of contours possible Calculation of up to 50 undefined elements and transitions Complete machining with relief cutting Option of paraxial or parrallel-to-contour stock remowal Random raw part definition: as cylinder contour or by means of allowance Residual material recognition by taking account of the tool cutting geometries

DIN input (Sinumerik 810 D operation) • Sinumerik standard operator interface • DIN editor with user-friendly edit functions • Integrated cycle support, including recompilation Sinumerik 810 D CNC control specification • • • •

Compact 32-bit microprocessor CNC continuous path control Digital CNC and drive system with integrated SIMODRIVE 611 power modules Integrated SIMATIC S7-PLC with 384 digital I/Os 256kB CNC program memory, optionally extendible to 1,5 MB

Help system • Call-up of parameter texts • Message on concrete errors and location Data transmission • Reading programs in and out via V24 (RS 232) interface Manual functions • • • • • • • • • •

Random manual interwentionin machining operation Preset functions (reset display to zero) Simple tool measurement through scratching Single start of elementary elements and cycles with immediate execution Teach-in of a program during manual machining Manual feedrate control via contour handwheel Constant cutting speed in manual mode Electronic handwheels active at all times Face, longitudinal and taper turning with direction keys Handwheel override in X and Z in thread cutting

Automatic functions • Program generation without DIN programming knowledge with EASYSTEP sequence programming • Simple insertion of special commands (e.g. M19) • Graphical program test (test run) • Stepwise program processing (single step) • Generation, reading in and execution of complete DIN programs


Geometry input • • • • • • • •

Incremental dimension input Absolute dimensions input Straight line and circle element input True-to-scale graphics for input support System-side calculation of missing dimensions Alteration, insertion and deletion of contour elements Insertion of transition elements Definition of 4 fixed zero offsets and 1 additive zero offset

Process data input • • • •

Clear definition of process parameters for each machining step Choice of machining strategy (roughing, finishing, roughing and finishing) Definition of tool possible for each machining sequence Tool and wear data for up to 99 tools

Simulation • 2 D simulation as broken-line graphics with display of tool point direction • Display of machining zone in variable sizes (zoom) • Simulation either during machining or as test run Operation system • Program management • File operations: save, delete, copy, edit • Integrated calculator in each input field


5) MACHINE STANDARD EQUIPMENT „ Siemens electrical equipment and motorisation with Siemens 810 D Manual Turn control 3 x 400 V/50 Hz „ Brushless AC servo motors „ Colour RAL 7031/7044 „ Quick change toolpost type Multifix Size C (without toolholders and sleeves) „ Worklight (24V) „ Complete coolant system „ Working area encloser with interlocking „ Double door and splash guard „ One set of operation/programming and maintenance manual in English or French or German language „ Manual tailstock „ Automatic lubrication for headstock „ Automatic lubrication for carriage & cross slide „ The TUR 630 A MN is equipped with a large 140 mm spindle bore and double spindle nose at the front at the rear side (Camlock D1-11) „ Gearchange: TUR 560 / 630 MN : manual TUR 630 A MN : automatic programmable

6) MACHINE OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

Live center Steady rests Follow rests 3-jaw self centering chucks 4-jaw self centering chucks Jaws for chucks T-slots face plate Driving centers Thru hole hydraulic actuator Hydraulic or pneumatic actuated chuck 8-position tool turret head 4-position head type turret Hydraulic tailstock Automatical change gear ranges Hydraulic aggregate Chip conveyor Spindle indexing with driven tooling Transformer to other voltages then 3 phase 400 V


6) GEOMETRICAL ACCURACY TUR 560/ 630/ 630A MN • positioninig accuracy • repetability with QC multifix C toolpost

max 0,02 mm max 0,02 mm

•Parallelism of bed slideways to longitudinal movement max 0,02 mm

•Spindle nose runout max 0,01 mm

•Spindle bore runout A=0,01 mm; B=0,03 mm (distance between A and B=300 mm)

•Parallelism of bed slideways to spindle max 0,02 mm for 300 mm

• Alignment of the spindle to the tailstock:



max 0,02 mm for TUR 560MN max 0,03 mm for TUR 630MN horizontal max 0,02 mm/ 1000mm