7th CYCLING TRADE FAIR FINAL REPORT www.forbikes.cz 1–3 April 2016 ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR... 30,448 visitors 1 854 exhibited bicycles, of whi...
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FINAL REPORT www.forbikes.cz

1–3 April 2016


30,448 visitors 1 854 exhibited bicycles, of which

425 electric bikes 140 journalists accredited in the press centre 270 exhibitors from 6 countries (Austria, Germany, United Kingdom,

Slovakia, Taiwan, Czech Republic) 17 000 m of covered exhibition area 79 this of the same firms took part in the trade fair last year as well as year 2


87 % of the firms exhibiting this year preliminarily consider their participation in 2017 as well

Regional distribution of trade fair visitors Capital City of Prague Central Bohemian Region South and West Bohemian Regions North Bohemian Region East Bohemian Region South Moravian Region North Moravian Region

Source: Advance sale of tickets – TICKETSTREAM Photo in the Final Report: Jakub Deml, VSA Xtreme s. r. o., Petr Bureš, MTBS.cz

TRADE FAIR OPENING The trade fair was officially opened by Ing. Pavel Sehnal, owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organising company (ABF a.s.), Stanislav Kozubek, Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Capital City of Prague for Cycling in Prague, Petr Dolínek, Deputy Prague Mayor for the Area of Transport and European Funds, Education and Social Policy and Radomír Šimůnek Jr., Cyclocross Champion of the Czech Republic. For ABF, the opening ceremony was attended also by Tomáš Kotrč, Chief Executive Officer of ABF, a.s.; Daniel Bartoš DiS., Trade Fair Administration Director and Pavel Hájek, Sports Business Team Director.


CZECH AND FOREIGN REGIONS Within the Regions section, the trade fair offered the latest news and integrated information on possibilities of cycling and cyclotourism in all regions of the Czech Republic. Austrian information centres and regions newly presented themselves at the trade fair this year. Individual regions, districts, organisations and cities presented cycling trip tips, cycling events, accommodation possibilities and other activities associated with recreation biking and follow-up sports as well as recreational activities in their expositions.

FOR E-BIKES Also this year the special hall FOR E-BIKES dedicated to electric bikes whose popularity is continually growing was presented to the trade fair visitors. Visitors could not only have a look at the bikes there, but they could also try them on a testing track. Altogether two thousand people were testing the bikes in the course of the trade fair.

GRAND PRIX Altogether 35record-breaking exhibits were registered in the competition, 9 exhibits of which were registered in the Best Bike category, 6 exhibits in the Best Electric Bike category and 20 exhibits competed in the Best Cycling Accessory category. The winner of the Best Bike category was TREK MADONE RACE SHOP LIMITED, the second place belongs to GHOST LECTOR WORLD CUP and the bronze medal was awarded to AMULET 29BIG JOSE! R. In the Best Electric Bike category, the first prize was awarded to GIANT DIRT-E+1, the second place belongs to MOUSTACHE SAMEDI 27/9 TRAIL 7 and the third place to MOUSTACHE LUNDI 26 NUVINCI. Concerning the Best Cycling Accessory category, the winner declared by the Jury was the cycling head-up display GARMIN VARIA VISION, the second place belongs to the shock absorber FOX FLOAT X2, and the third place belongs to the helmet POC TECTAL RACE.




MAIN PRIZE FOR VISITORS The main prize in the competition for visitors, the bike Trek Superfly 7 including BONTRAGER accessories, in a value of CZK 54,990, was already traditionally sponsored by the TREK company, the bike shop “EUROBIKE Prague”. The official lottery took place at the presence of a Notary on Sunday. The lucky winner from Prague 5 was not present at the time of announcement. The prize was handed over to him at the importer of the TREK brand.





Attention was paid not only to the exhibits presented but also to actual expositions of the exhibitors at the trade fair. The following firms received awards for the most attractive expositions: FAVORIT CZECHOSLOVAKIA s. r. o., CYKLO BEST s. r. o., INTREA PIKO s. r. o., UNIVERSE AGENCY s. r. o., ASPIRE SPORTS s. r. o. a BELVE s. r. o.





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14.01.16 15:26

MEDIA AND MARKETING CAMPAIGN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING This year we have used 130 billboards and 8 bigboards in our marketing campaign in both Prague and Brno, from the Europlakát, Bigmedia and euroAWK companies. From the Prague Transport Undertaking we leased 640 advertising carriers in the Metro system and 50 banners were glued in Prague trams. Besides this, we ensured installation of a mega banner (surface area of 130 m2) in Štvanice. The banner was placed on one of the most frequented roads in Prague. ADVERTISING IN MASS MEDIA ČT sport – advertising in live transmissions and highlights from the World Championship tn.cz – invitation to the trade fair RADIO STATION – 133 radio spots on Frekvence 1, Evropa 2, Radiohouse, Blaník and 40 spots on the Internet radio stations. The advertising promotion in the radio stations was targeted especially at North Moravia and Silesia. INTERNET ADVERTISING Flash banners were displayed on the best known professional www sites, cyclist, sports and information servers: www.mtbs.cz, www.supercycling.cz, www.damynakole.cz, www.ivelo.cz, www.nakole.cz, www.nakolejensprilbou.cz, www.cykloserver, www.cyklistevitani.cz, www.seznam.cz, www.greenways.cz, www.kamven.cz, www.kampocesku.cz, www.kudyznudy.cz, www.cyklokros.cz, www.cyklofest.cz, www.labska-stezka.cz, www.prahaviden.cz, www.vinarskestezky.cz, www.czechtourism.cz, www.czech-tim.cz, www.active-sport.cz, www.praha.eu, www.mtb2016nmnm.cz, www.aukro.cz. ADVERTISEMENTS IN SPECIALISED MAGAZINES Already on a traditional basis, we advertise in such magazines as VELO, BIKE, Cykloturistika, Cykloturistika – Dovolená na kole, Kam po Česku, TIM, Pražský přehled kulturních pořadů, Letňanské listy and in the Metro daily press. PROMOTION AT RACES AND COMPETITIONS Galaxy series − www.galaxy-serie.cz, TOI TOI cup − www.cyklokros.cz

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ACCOMPANYING PROGRAMME RACES A part of the accompanying programme was the 1st edition of the race for professionals entitled AUTHOR ROAD CRITERION, which was held on the first day of the trade fair. Vojtěch Hačecký from the Whirlpool Author team became the unchallenged winner of the race; the second place belonged to his team colleague Tomáš Bucháček, and Vojtěch Nipl from Puskinak.cz finished on the third place.

Another race, which was the closing event of the trade fair, was the second edition of the race for the public HERVIS RACE FOR BIKES. In the men’s category, the first place belonged to Kristián Hynek (Topeak Ergon), Jakub Šilar (Bikeclinic Trek) was on the second place and the third place was occupied by Štěpán Schubert (Expres CZ Merida Kolín). The order in the women’s category was as follows: the 1st place Lenka Fridrichová (Nilfisk Pro), 2nd place Petra Krtičková (HSK Cycling Hradec Králové), 3rd place Vendula Kelbichová (KL Sport Most).

ACCOMPANYING EVENTS The FOR BIKES 2016 Trade Fair offered an accompanying programme attractive for customers this year as well. Trial, freestyle scooter and freestyle BMX riders were trying to present their best in the races. And there was a lot to see, indeed! TRIAL As Vlasta Kabeláč Čiháčk, organiser says: The first day as well as the final day (Sunday) were dedicated purely to exhibition riding where a number of Czech representatives, members of the TRIALSHOW.cz team and bikers from the Trial Club “Mraveniště”, TJ Dynamo Horšovský Týn or even local bikers presented their skills. Saturday was characterised by continuation of popular records from last year under the name BIKEOLYMPICS 2, supported by such brands as FAKEER, MITAS, NEUMANN, NANOPROTECH and POC. Also thanks to their support it was possible to invite my friend Hannes Herrmann, who is a real contemporaneous trial star, six-time winner of the Championship of Germany, Vice Champion of Europe and the 5th best biker of the Mountain Bike World Cup, to take part in the breaking of Czech records. Hannes is a fine fellow as well as a regular professional whose performance is above the current Czech top bikers, and as a biker I hoped that he could push me as well as other bikers a bit ahead and that we will be able to learn from him. Referees Roman Chvojka and Petr Jeřicha carefully monitored all bikers who were alternating in the attempts (each of them had two) and when most racers were already out of the contest, the final round participants tried to achieve the victory in three attempts. Perhaps the greatest dominance was demonstrated by Hannes in stability on the rear wheel where he regularly eliminated us. What he showed on his mountain bike was very fascinating, and he deserves our high respect. In my view, the smallest differences between me and Hannes were in side hops and vaults, but the others did not disgrace themselves in any case either. I would like to mention Honza Šmíd on his small bike, as he won all disciplines and managed to break 3 Czech records. In classical races it is versatility that wins, of course. Vlasta Kabeláč Čiháček, TM Servis - the technical motion s. r. o., TRIALSHOW.cz – multiple trial champion of the Czech Republic, winner of the UCI European Cup, holder of several Czech records in bike jumps and holder of Guinness record in jumping up and riding down the Petřín view tower. GRIT ARENA As organiser Jan Valenta says: The VSA Xtreme agency and team took care of the full accompanying programme attractive for viewers with summer extreme sports of freestyle scooter riding and freestyle BMX this year as well. The main attraction was the mobile double VSA Xtreme MAX ramp which belongs to the top of mobile obstacles in Europe and in Prague it was established for the first time in its full size. Two races were prepared in the programme for viewers and bikers, namely Grit For Scooter jam on Saturday – a contest for amateur bikers on freestyle scooters where approximately 30 racers got registered. On Sunday, the arena was available for freestyle BMX sport riders in the contest known as TopRide BMX Rookie jam for amateurs and TopRide BMX jam for professional bikers. Altogether almost 30 riders from all over the Czech Republic arrived to take part in the contest. There was really a lot of to see in the category of professional bikers. The selection of the best bikers of the Czech Republic led by VSA Xtreme team bikers, for example multiple champion of the Czech Republic Erik Figar, David Janáč or Honza Hanzlík presented world tricks in their rides. Erik Figar, together with David Janáč, showed the trick known as triple tailwhip in final rides - which happened for the first time in the history of the freestyle BMX sport in the Czech Republic. Besides the excellent show, also the Author Skill Rides were prepared in the hall, where visitors could try new children’s mountain bikes “Author KingKong” on small obstacles. Jan Valenta, VSA Xtreme s. r. o.


TESTING TRACKS Like in previous years, we prepared testing tracks for electric bikes, mountain as well as children’s bikes for visitors of all age categories. Testing facilities were used by almost three thousand present people this year.

“Our firm has been taking part in the FOR BIKES Trade Fair on a regular basis already from its first edition. For that time it was possible to notice a huge positive shift in both quantity and quality of individual expositions, accompanying programme as well as general trade fair background. And this leads to satisfaction of both the visitors and us as the exhibitors.” Jakub Truksa, Bretton s. r. o. “Like every year, FOR BIKES is the only trade fair for us in which we take part in the Czech Republic in an active way. Its contributions to us are indisputable and the increasingly enlarging space for electric bikes is a great promise for the future. In this section we prepare, in cooperation with the Moustache brand, a significant enlargement of the area, as well as higher visibility of our activities during the trade fair.” Jan Galla, Sales and Marketing Manager, AZUB BIKE s.r.o. “I assess all communication on the organiser’s part as excellent. The parking organisation was also mastered very well. The trade fair promotion was well visible and therefore also very useful for the exhibitors. Assurance of refreshments for the public was more than satisfactory. I assess the entire FOR BIKES Trade Fair very positively. As it was our first event of this type, our expectations were fulfilled. We are sure to take part again next year.” Richard Frank, Executive Officer, CYKLO best s.r.o. “FOR BIKES is an exceptional event for bicycle enthusiasts with a continually growing reputation. This is confirmed by the growing number of both exhibitors and visitors, year by year. I highly appreciate the organisers’ effort aimed at accompanying sports events.” Ing. Petr Veselý, LEVELSPORTKONCEPT, s.r.o. “We assess the FOR BIKES 2016 Trade Fair very positively. We were highly pleased by the excellent number of visitors and composition of the target group of visitors. All was perfectly prepared on the organisers’ part and even on the day of preparations there was no chaos like at other trade fairs.” Ladislav Podbehlý, Tourist Industry Department, Regional Authority of the Olomouc Region “The level of the trade fair has risen for the last 3 to 4 years, without any doubt, the number of visitors is very good. The organiser was working very much on the promotion of the event. We have definitely registered an increased interest in electric bikes and we were pleased by the victory of the e-bike “Giant Dirt E+1” as the best electric bike of FOR BIKES 2016!“ David Dostál, Marketing Manager, Progress Cycle a.s.

...ABOUT THE TRADE FAIR “Spring? FOR BIKES! Another, already the 7th edition of the exhibition confirmed its legitimacy, regardless of the never-ending questions, whether a similar exhibition should be held in the autumn or in the spring. The representative participation of an absolute majority of brands operating in our market proved, repeatedly and convincingly, its viability. Those who used to criticise some importers and exporters for delegation of presentation to their regional dealers are gradually running out of arguments. These agents demonstrated a representative cross section of the offer, and in many cases with direct participation of their “parent” firms’ representatives. The spring term was again appreciated by visitors, the traditional interest and full halls are a proof that the month of April and cycling are linked together with each other. The immediate confrontation of personal preferences with an almost complete offer is the best presumption for the right choice. The success of the event was supported also by its sufficient promotion, combination of an exhibition and particular brands on billboards really addressed all those interested. The good impression from this event was confirmed also by the continually improving standard of services and of the accompanying programme. Spring stands for the FOR BIKES Trade Fair in the cycling Prague.” PhDr. Lubomír Severin, Executive Officer, V - Press s.r.o. “The FOR BIKES 2016 Trade Fair was an excellent opportunity for us, making it possible to present the comeback of the Favorit brand, not only to the public aimed at sports. The visitors had a possibility of seeing 4 models of design maintenance-free bicycles, which called out great admiration thanks to their integrated equipment, use of a belt and their design. Besides this, it was possible to see the hot news - FAVORIT F1. From the entry model F1 SPORT through F1 SPECIAL up to our top racing model F1 SUPER SPECIAL with an unbelievable weight of 5.9 kg. On the last day of the trade fair we revealed our gravel bike F1 ADVENTURE, which attracted attention through its design and the maintenance-free suspended front fork which was unknown to most visitors. For us this was the first experience at a similar event. Personal contact with visitors enthusiastic from renewal of bicycle production in the Czech Republic and also the TOP EXPO award from the FOR BIKES 2016 organisers pleased us very much and encouraged us to continue in our hard work.” Vítek Svatoš, FAVORIT CZECHOSLOVAKIA s.r.o. “The FOR BIKES Trade Fair belongs among the few Czech trade fairs in which we take part on a regular basis. This year’s edition of the FOR BIKES event has convinced us to come to Letňany next year as well. We are satisfied not only with the number of visitors who are always interested in interesting products, but also with the actual organisation and organiser’s approach. At least this way we would like to express our thanks to the ABF company for such a great trade fair.” Ivo Steiner, Garmin Czech s.r.o.

CONCLUSION At the end please allow me to thank all exhibitors, media partners, accompanying programme organisers, as well as operational staff members for their participation in the Trade Fair, and I firmly believe that we all will meet again at the next year’s edition of the FOR BIKES Trade Fair. It will be held on 31 March – 2 April 2017 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letňany. Pavel Hájek SPORT Business Team Director





31 March – 2 April 2017 PVA EXPO PRAGUE


Foreign Trade Department Matěj Moravec T: +420 225 291 129 M: +420 739 003 156 [email protected]

ABF, a.s. Trade Fair Administration Mimoňská 645 190 00 Prague 9 - Prosek