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Alumni & Faculty at the Seoul Reunion January 11, 2013 55 Yonhi-dong, Seoul 120-823, KOREA TEL: 822-330-3100 FAX: 822-335-1857 www.seoulforeign.org ...
Author: Mitchell Weaver
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Alumni & Faculty at the Seoul Reunion January 11, 2013

55 Yonhi-dong, Seoul 120-823, KOREA TEL: 822-330-3100 FAX: 822-335-1857 www.seoulforeign.org

Message from the School Board Chair

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Centennial Welcome Center Open House

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SFS Varsity Tennis - Continuing it’s Legacy

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SFS Theatre - SFS Stages Bring a Myriad of Words and Worlds to Life in the New Year of 2013

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Happy New Year and welcome to the year of the snake. I hope you and your families have a peaceful and blessed New Year!

Frequently Board members make it a

Because of their experience at SFS our children will grow up to be adults who are comfortable working and living in a diverse

The love and sense of community at


a great leadership team that helps SFS

SFS is celebrated with these works of art. I continue to be excited by the great things happening at Seoul Foreign School and am thankful to be a part of realize its Mission.

point to see, first hand, how our Mission is being carried out in the classroom. Recently I spent a wintery morning with Mr. Gaylord, our

My visit to the Elementary School was the first time I had seen the Centennial Quilts

Elementary School Principal. Throughout the morning we visited at least a dozen different classes – from Ms. Enderle’s art class to Mr. Baland’s 5th grade class. It was fascinating to see the delivery of academic excellence first

on permanent display.

Last year these

quilts were made by students and included hours of faculty and parent support. The quilts were made to commemorate SFS’ 100th anniversary.

Kelly TomHon SFS School Board Chair

hand. In several classes the teacher had one, or even two, assistants helping students. This is a luxury not many schools have and it is this type of classroom support that differentiates SFS. As I visited classrooms it was a pleasure to meet so many students and faculty from so many countries.


value of this diversity was apparent as one fourth grade teacher was discussing a Bible verse. It was interesting to hear students share their views on the verse. What a blessing it is for our children to be exposed to such a variety of viewpoints which are based on differing religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds and life experiences.

Kelly TomHon and her family on Christmas Day in Munich 4

Of course, these

results are not our major focus at SFS, nor have they ever been! At the same time, they are one important data point allowing us to benchmark our students with others globally. We are pleased to observe that 15 % of the Class of 2012 has been selected for National Merit Awards. This is especially significant when we note that, for a number of our students, English is not their first language, and that only about 80% of our Seniors take the PSAT leading to National Merit Awards. We recognize and applaud the high academic quality of our students and the potential they have to do excellent work at the collegiate level!


Dear Alumni and Friends, Greetings from SFS! I was surprised and gratified to receive the SAT scores from the Class of 2012. As you probably recall, the SAT scores are used by many colleges for admission purposes, along with other

The Class of 2012 scored an average of 1980 of a possible 2400 (800 in Critical Reading, 800 in Math, and 800 in Writing). College bound students in the US, by comparison, score 1500 on average. We are thankful and pleased important pieces of information.

Each year, seniors are selected as National Merit Scholar award winners by the College Board (the company that offers the PSAT and SAT). These recognitions are based on the PSAT scores received during the junior year. Roughly 1,000,000 commended scholars are identified among 10,000,000 seniors and 10,000 are identified as semi-finalists. Additional feedback is given on semi-finalists during the senior year and the majority of them are identified as National Merit Scholar Finalists.

We are in the midst of our teacher-recruitment season and will be hosting several Alumni gatherings in connection with our recruitment fairs. It is my sincere hope that many of our alumni will be able to gather with other SFS Alumni and enjoy some great Korean food, recall the SFS stories of old, and hear the news of what is happening today! I look forward to meeting with many of you.


by these results.

Table: Summary of recent National Merit Scholar Award Winners Class










% of class 12.3































John Engstrom Head of School





THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Heather and Sunny Yi


THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Jeremy & Hojung Cheung (Parents of Nathan & Eunice Cheung) Christy Joo Eric Joo Do Yoon Kim Kathleen and Rachel Lee Helena and Isabelle Park Yong Sung Park The Shin Family

RED AND BLACK CLUB Kay Song (BT&I) The Kwun Family John C. O’Donnell The Shin Family THE CREST CLUB Hongchul and Yasmeen Bae Christian and Benjamin Choi James and Julie Danahy John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah Hubbard Gunberg Celine Jin Ji Yong Lee Tracy and Tim Mohr The SFS Classified Staff Shou Liang Wang Yonhee Badminton Club CENTENNIAL CLUB Anonymous Kevin, Dee and Baker Family Andrew Byun Eunhi Cho Hyun Sook Hong Warren and Robin Hudson Carol LaCroix Andy and Joanna Lee Young Sun Lee Amy Lindholm Elizabeth Lloyd Patrick O’Malley Pete and Judy Penick Elise K. Prosser Langston and Linda Rogde Harry G. Rudolph Peter and Kelly TomHon THE LEGACY CLUB Anonymous Jeff and Barbara Benson Tony and Margaret Curran Caroline Hahn Yoo Soo Kim Insil Tahk Yoojin Um Buhm Jin Yoon Youngja Yum

RED AND BLACK CLUB Anonymous Chul Ho Chang Timothy Cho THE CREST CLUB Leo Cho Christian and Benjamin Choi Shirley Droese John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett SeungChul Peter Hyun Rachel Lee Tzu Yu Sheng CENTENNIAL CLUB Andrew Byun Rebecca Dignan The Heller Family Carol LaCroix Alice Lavina Harrison Lee David Livingston Harry, Linda and George Rudolph Heidi Stallings Michael Stern Peter and Kelly TomHon St. Mark’s Lutheran School

RED AND BLACK CLUB In memory of Edwin W. Crowe ‘43* For our SFS children and in honor of our parents, Richard and Patricia Ashcraft and Ed and Thelma Gaylord from John and Lynn Gaylord John and Masumi O’Donnell ‘70 Tzu Yu Sheng THE CREST CLUB Jinsoo and Pearl Bae Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black In honor of the MS Faculty 2011-12 from your student, Andrew Ilhoon Byun Dong Soo Byun From the Cho Family - Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi Noah Tae-sun Chung '95 John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett Rebecca Freeman Kathleen and Timothy Gray Hana Bank—Yonhi-dong Branch Hyong Min Kim Hyong Seok Kim Nina H. Kim and Peter S. Choi George Dongkyu Ko Camila and Gabriela Gonzalez Koo James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Celine Jin J&J Catering Stephan Min Jason Oh Hyungji Park ‘85 Jasmine, Iris and James J. Park In memory of Christopher Mark Thomas, loving uncle of Edward Joseph Pasternak Langston and Linda Rogde Peter and Kelly TomHon Buhm Jin Yoon CENTENNIAL CLUB Jaime Cabal Anna Castagnaro Donald N. Clark '61


Lydia Colston Killough '81 Dan & Joneen Copeland Nick, Sally, Isobel and Estella Corben Drs. JB and Bette Crouse, Jr. Patricia Robin Evans In honor of Mr. John Gaylord, from your SFS Children of our Centennial Year Chloe Dain Han Christine Jane Han Youngsook Hahm Hyun Sook Hong Ryan Jeon Jeen and Bomsinae Kim Yoo Soo Kim John Kimm ‘84 Korea Exchange Bank – Yonhi-dong Branch Jennifer Koenig ‘92* Grace and Riley Kwak Family Andy and Joanna Lee Chang Hwan Lee Haeeun Heather Lee ‘05 Jaehyun Jacob Lee The Jugant Family In honor of Mrs. Mary Ellen Lee, from your 1L children of our Centennial Year Robert Lee ‘60* David Livingston ‘72* Monika and Ewa Marczuk In honor of Ms. Dawn Melarvie, from your SFS children of our Centennial Year In honor of Mrs. Edie Moon from the HS cast of ‘Back to the 80s’ Mitsuaki Morita '79* John C. O’Donnell ‘70 Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy ‘75* Gene Jaewoo Park Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 In Memory of Robert G. Sauer, Former Trustee & Teacher Frank Shyn ‘87* Yage Song Yarene Song Hannah Summers Kai Summers Linda Wang Judi Sargent Whitmire ‘78 Sen Di Ten Yoojin Um In honor of Mr. Nathan Walker from the MS cast of ‘Oliver Twist’ Morgan and Jordan Yi Youngja Yum THE LEGACY CLUB Lance, Mary, Ethan, Mason and Porter Ence Kisoon Nam Misty Skidmore

The Heritage Club $100,000+ 1912 Society $50,000+ The Crest Club $1,000+ Centennial Club $100+

Th Th

0+ 0+

ANNUAL FUND DONATION 2012-13 THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Tzu Yu Sheng RED AND BLACK CLUB Jaeho and Soojin Cho Jane Nicole Lee THE CREST CLUB Anonymous Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black Leo Cho Christian and Benjamin Choi John and Alice Engstrom Rob and Laura Everett James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Seogoo Lee & Suyoung Nam The Lim Family Jasmine, Iris & James J. Park Sookook Company CENTENNIAL CLUB Mike & Lauren Jackson George Dongkyu Ko Alice D. Lavina Jack and Rachel Shao Yoojin Um James S. Weaver, Jr. Family Fund

The Communications and Development office has begun exploring new grounds this year, in addition to our fundraising efforts for the Annual Fund, Alumni-Relations, Publications, and Events. We have broken new ground in Marketing with the help of my new team member, Mrs. Sheree Kent, who brings with her a breadth of expertise in this area. While Marketing has not historically been a part of SFS, the growth of a number of international schools in Korea over the past decade have prompted us to explore intentional communications. We are excited to share information about Seoul Foreign School distinctives and high-light why SFS continues to remain unique within the growing international school community. We recognize that there are three very important ‘core distinctives’ that distinguish Seoul Foreign School from many other schools: its leadership and competitiveness for Academic Excellence, its International Diversity, having over 50 nationalities represented in the student body, and the commitment to support educating the Whole Child . It is our intention to ensure that these distinctives are communicated and celebrated, not only within our own community, but also to the broader SFS community.

As we move forward in our 101st year, and as part of the continued growth and leadership of SFS, we are hopeful that the community will continue to support the School and its efforts to build the Annual Fund. This Fund is a wonderful way for you to help the School continue in its ‘traditions of excellence,’ as it supports: Academic Programs, Extracurricular Programs, Facility Upgrades, Faculty Training and Endowment Fund. If you have not already participated in the Annual Fund, please do visit our online giving option, which is now available under ‘Giving’ and then under ‘Online Giving Forms’: (https:// www.seoulforeign.org/page.cfm? p=1870&LockSSL=true) With continued appreciation for your support,

June Kang Director of Communications and Development

The Millennium Club $10,000+ Red & Black Club $5,000+ The Legacy Club any dollar amount given by friends and relatives

5 7



3 1







The Centennial Welcome Center was established in August 2012 to welcome new families, alumni and guests to the school. The displays within the center commemorate the history and milestones of SFS as the oldest international school in Korea. The Center provides an opportunity to enjoy various photographs, artifacts, publications and footage of the school featuring historical timelines to recognize the school’s 100 years of excellence.


SFS continues to provide academic excellence, and aims to educate the whole child, within a distinct environment of international diversity.

Photo Captions:

3. Historical Picture Time Line and Major Dates in SFS History displayed in the ‘Centennial Welcome Center’, 1. Exterior view of the Centennial Welcome Hall with the along with items from the Time Capsule Opening. addition of the 3rd floor. 4. MS parents at the Open House of the ‘Centennial 2. Interior view of the ‘Centennial Welcome Center’ Welcome Center’ located on the 1st floor. 5. 6. 7.& 8. Parents, Faculty, Board Members and Students visit the ‘Centennial Welcome Center’


When asked where I work and what I do, I am always proud to say that I am a teacher at Seoul Foreign School. Especially when I run in to alumni on the neighboring Yonsei campus or when I hear back from graduates, I am reminded of the high caliber of students and faculty here at SFS and of how far-reaching SFS connections are. It’s really

empowering and exciting to work at a place that you feel is the center of a global and historic community. Actually, my involvement with SFS dates back a few decades to when I was a student at SFS and my parents were involved with the different governing bodies of the school. Interestingly, when I graduated from SFS I had no idea that some day I would return as a teacher, and furthermore, that my children would also attend SFS. I returned to teach in 2001 with my husband, Tim Relyea. During the time we have been at SFS, our three daughters, Emaline, Meena and Charlotte were born. The SFS community has been a constant source of support during our many joys and challenges of being

Lee-Ellen STRAWN and her husband Tim RELYEA (MS Faculty) working parents. Our family photo albums are filled with scenes from around the campus and with the many people who have been part of the SFS community. At the moment, I have the privilege of teaching both social studies classes and Korean language classes in the high school. In all the classes I teach, whether Psychology, Asian Studies or IB Korean, I have been inspired by a common thread I see in my students.

Lee-Ellen’s daughters Emaline, Meena & Charlotte 10

The students at SFS are true 21st century learners and budding global citizens in that they strive to communicate beyond boundaries, be they technological, cultural or linguistic. They are also seekers who yearn for authenticity in themselves and in those around them. Moreover, these

students are the face of good international education, in my opinion, because they see themselves as connected to, and affecting for good the larger world of which they are a part. In working with my students, I find myself in the middle of a vibrant community of hybrid identities, part American, part Korean, part Chinese, part British, part Canadian, to name just some of the many allegiances. But as spiritual people we are also part ‘other worldly.’ This is who we are. I am proud of this, and I am glad to be a part of what we are continuing to do in our world.

The 2012 Varsity Tennis Team finished off yet another incredible season this past fall. The hard work and wearying practices paid off as both the girls’ and boys’ teams defended their titles as KAIAC Conference and Tournament champions. Both sides had perfect 11 -0 records (including 3 wins in friendly matches) during the regular season and were only 3 losses away from a clean sweep at the KAIAC tournament. The boys also won APAC gold while the girls came in as runners-up. This year’s team welcomed six talented newcomers: Juniors Peter Lee and Armaan Javaheri, sophomores Samantha Kim, Mark Chang, Sean Franiak, and John Kim, the lone freshman. Captains Eunice Chang (12) and Jeffrey Kim (11) anchored the team while building strong relationships among the team members and coaches alike. Seoul Foreign School hosted APAC for 9three days of competition. The Crusaders played impressively during the first two days of the tournament, but unfortunately, the Saturday championship matches were cancelled due to rain. Despite the weather conditions, the boys’ team finished

as APAC Champions, and the girls came in second place. As for individual awards, Jeffrey Kim and Jae-Hyun Kim (11) defended their 1st singles title for their third consecutive year. James Hahn (10) won the title at second singles,

winning 8-1. Second doubles players, Sarah Kim (10) and Samantha Kim (10) displayed remarkable teamwork against their rivals from SIS. Despite being down 3 -7 early in the match, both players showed true grit and desire to eventually catch up to 7-7, before losing 7-9. All of the Crusader boys also played in 2012-13 Varsity Tennis Team & Coaches the finals – winning the gold in three out of five brackets. Jeffrey Kim (11) played a earning a place on the All-APAC flawless match beating a talented Brian Team. Cheung of SIS 8-0. Seon Woo Kim (11) won the title at 3 singles beating Joshua This year’s APAC Tournament included a 7 Kim of SIS 8-6 in a highly competitive twist – two SFS players represented a match. 1st Doubles players, Peter Lee (11) different school, UNIS of Hanoi, because and Tommy Kim (10) played an intense, they were not able to field a “full team.” but smart, match against last year’s Sophomores Hanna Ough and Jenny Choi displayed excellent and determined winners of SIS – finishing with a victorious 8-6. Sean Franiak (10) and playing despite unusual circumstances, Armaan Javaheri (11) got close to each pulling out a win as 1st and 2nd winning the title in their first singles players. season– coming in as runners-up. The 10 In the KAIAC Tournament, also hosted Crusader Boys’ achieved their by Seoul Foreign School, the SFS girls treble” (KAIAC Conference, almost had a clean sweep - with four wins Tournament, APAC Titles) for the and one loss in championship matches. second consecutive year. Jae-Hyun Kim (1st singles) easily triumphed over her opponent in the finals The SFS Varsity Tennis Team had a match with an 8-0 win, completing her spectacular season and I personally could second KAIAC season without losing a not have asked for a better team. single game. Similarly, Michelle Unfortunately, the team will suffer the Richardson swiftly earned her victory loss of three seniors – Eunice Chang, with a final score of 8-0, completing her nd third undefeated season at 2 singles. At Lauren Kim, and Su Ying Chang. Each of 3rd singles, senior Su Ying Chang played these members has contributed immensely to the team for four years with incredibly, winning an intense and their talent and leadership. All of them emotional game with a final score of 9-7 will be missed greatly, but the Varsity against Euna Sun of SIS. Eunice Chang Tennis Team will return with yet a (12) and Lauren Kim (12) played an stronger team to carry on its legacy. exciting match against Seoul American, 15


This winter and spring, students in every division of the school are working on dramatic productions including musical theatre, Brechtian theatre, original devised performances and drama based on famous literature. In all the theatres across the campus, lines are being memorized, sets designed, tech cues programmed, music learned and dance choreographed.

be used throughout the performance. The students will be asking the question: how can you be a good person in an “imperfect, materialistic and class-divided society”? Performances take place in the Black Box Theatre on Thursday February 7th and Friday February 8th .

inspire the students. Two performances will be offered to the public during this 3 day event including a showcase of ten minute plays performed by each individual school on Thursday, February 28th in Robb Hall and a Culminating performance presented by the collective group of theatre students on Saturday, March 2nd on the main stage of the Lyso Center. All community members are invited and encouraged to attend the performances. Fifty students from the Middle School division will be transporting the audience back in time to the 1980s when one of the most popular shows on TV was FAME based on the lives and experiences of students in an arts school in one of the roughest neighborhoods of New York City. The dancers, actors, and musicians of the school tell their story through song, dance, and acting. The middle school musical theatre version of

FAME under the direction of Mrs. Students designing and building the set for IB Theatre Production of ‘The Good Soul of Sezchuan’ Over the past month, the IB Theatre High School students have been planning and

The theatre department of SFS will be

rehearsing The Good

Festival this year from February 27 –

Soul of

Szechuan. Called a modern day parable, the play was written by one of the 20th century’s most influential practitioners, Bertolt Brecht. What is described as a “Brechtian” approach to theatre is a challenge to any performer but this class of 15 IB theatre students is rising to the challenge. Student directors Reca Sarfati and Joel Benson have facilitated this original production. Students in the class have designed the set, lighting, costumes, and music for this show. George Dornbach has also composed the music to 12

hosting the annual APAC Theatre

March 2, 2013. During this week, students from 6 international schools in Asia will gather on the SFS campus to explore the theme TRANSFORMATIONS: Getting out of your Head and into your Body. 60 students will work together for 3 days to explore the worlds of Japanese Butoh theatre, Indian Kathakali and Korean Talchum (masked dance). Guest directors have been invited from India, Australia and Korea to teach and

Kyla Hamm will be performed on the Lyso Center Main Stage on March 12th and 16th. The beautiful children of Key Stage 1 in the British School are also at work preparing their musical production of

PIRATES. Under the direction of Mrs. Kyla Hamm and the teachers of Key Stage 1, each child will participate in this performance in one capacity or another. With colorful costumes, a clever story and very sing able songs, this will be a performance that an audience of every age can enjoy. Look for the adorable children of Key Stage 1 on the stage of Robb Hall on April 12th.

2012-13 SFS APAC Theatre Team Soon after FAME, the students of the High School division will take us back to the 1950s through the musical theatre production of The Pajama Game based on Howard Bissell’s novel 7 and a Half Cents. The musical was originally brought to Broadway in 1954 but it experienced a Broadway revival just a few years ago with Harry Connick Jr. in the leading role. Under the direction of a production team including Mrs. Edie Moon, Mr. Ken Caldwell, Mrs. Allison Lyso and Mrs. Nicole Oakes, a live orchestra and 40 talented singers, dancers and actors of the SFS Fine Arts Department, will bring the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory to life on April 19th and 20th on the main stage of the Lyso Center. The performances will be filled with comedy, romance, and popular songs and dances including the

well-known and very catchy tunes “Hey There” and “Hernando’s Hideaway”. Described as “bright, brassy, and unconventional”, THE PAJAMA GAME will be a musical for the whole family to enjoy! On May 9th and 10th , the 4th grade students of the Elementary School division will be opening the wardrobe door and leading us on a spectacular journey into the magical world of Narnia in their production of C.S.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Dramatized by Don


Quinn and adapted by director Mrs. Edie Moon and all the 4th grade teachers, students will explore the theme of Identity through language arts, history and religious studies while developing their performance.

Questions dealing with issues including “the heroic quest”, the relationship between good and evil, and the nature of loyalty will be grappled with in the classroom and on stage as the students take the audience on the well-known journey of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy as they meet the White Witch as well as the beloved Aslan, the King of Narnia. The journey will begin on May 9th and continue to May 10th in Robb Hall.

More information about ALL the performances of the Fine Arts Department of Seoul Foreign School can be found on the school website. Please look for updates, ticket information and photos on the fine arts page. 13

SFS Class of 2002 Ten Year Reunion (Part II: Seoul, Korea) By Jennifer CHA Classmates gathered in Seoul, Korea for Part II of the Class of 2002 Ten Year Reunion celebrations on December 22, following Part I which took place in New York earlier this year. We met at the Tasting Room, a restaurant located in Itaewon, where we reserved a private floor for dinner. We appreciated the opportunity to all get together and reconnect with our classmates. We shared our memories by watching a slideshow of pictures from our High School days. We also played a trivia game that tested our knowledge of High School friends and events, and the winners Michael AHN and David LEE received SFS Alumni T-shirts. We held a raffle drawing for the grand prize and Naoko OGI received a hot plate with artwork of the school’s gate. We all received favors and gifts, generously donated by the school.

1 planning process! Attendees: Michael AHN, Shana HONG, Ellie CHANG, Jennifer CHA, Feng SHEN, Steve KAUH, Hong BAN, Naoko OGI, Bryan MCKINNEY, David LEE and Mina MOON

Beijing, China. Recently got married this past June and is studying Chinese.

 Feng SHEN - Currently living in Beijing, China, working in Private Equity.  Bryan MCKINNEY - Currently living in Seoul, Korea, working as a Headhunter.

Here’s some news on what our classmates Thank you to Daniel KIM for heading the are upto:  Mina MOON - Currently living in  Michael AHN - Currently living in Reunion Committee and Michael AHN, Seoul, Korea, working as an Entrepreneur. Seoul, Korea, working as an Associate Shana HONG and Ellie CHANG for organizing the Seoul Reunion. Thank you Market Manager at Expedia Inc.  Steve KAUH - Currently living in also to June Kang and Yoojin Um for Seoul, Korea, working in pharmaceutical providing the SFS favors for our reunion  Naoko OGI - Currently living in business development. and for helping us throughout the






Bangkok Alumni Reunion On January 8th,while the SFS administration were on the recruitment trail, a small gathering for SFS alumni was hosted in Bangkok for the first time. Unfortunately, as we do not have many alumni in the Bangkok area and as it was very new we didn’t have many participants. However, we were happy to meet up with Brent BURKHOLDER ‘69 and his wife Deb, who currently resides in Bangkok. Brent spent his career at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and is now helping the World Health Organization in Thailand. It was fun reminiscing the times Brent spent at SFS in the 1950s and 60s when SFS first moved to the Yonhi-dong campus.

London Alumni Reunion This year's London SFS alumni dinner (hosted on Saturday, January 19th) had a small, but very select group of two - Axel SACHS '90 and Tim GRAY, the Seoul Foreign British School Headteacher. The lack of numbers was put down to the severe winter weather, but although those closest to the venue weren't able to make it, that didn't stop Axel from flying in from Dusseldorf.

Kurt LAHEY, HS IB Economics and Business Teacher

Despite only the two being there, the evening was spent very pleasantly catching up with what Axel had been up to (working in IT) and changes that had gone on in SFS since his father (then German Ambassador to Seoul) has transferred Axel and his family to Seoul and SFS.

Captions for pictures on the left:

3. Naoko OGI

1. From Left: Jennifer CHA, Steve KAUH, Shana HONG, Brian MCKINNEY, Feng CHEN (back row), Mina 4. Everyone answering Trivia questions MOON, Naoko OGI & Hong BAN (front row) 5. Picture presentation of the High School days 2. David LEE 15

Seoul Alumni Reunion

ENGSTROM, Head of School ended the event by sharing his recent experiences at the recruitment fairs and meeting up with Brent BURKHOLDER ‘69 in Bangkok.

The first Friday of the week when we return from our Christmas break our Annual HS Homecoming game is held We look forward to seeing you and more and this year we wrapped up the event alumni in the next gathering. by hosting our Seoul Alumni Reunion. Picture Captions: Over 30 returning alumni visited the HS 1. SFS Faculty Alumni from left: Homecoming games. For the reception at Lee-Ellen STRAWN ‘86, Theresa LYSO the Head of School’s residence 16 Alumni ZIMMER ‘91, Stephanie SMALL BLACK & Faculty gathered and had great fun ‘05 and John BLACK ‘04 having dinner, playing the ‘can you guess who it is game’ which helped us to get to 2. & 3. Everyone gathered for the know more about each other, along with ‘guessing game’ and Trivia questions. a few SFS Trivia questions. The winners of the ‘guessing game’ were Chuck KRUGLER, HS Counselor and James HAHN, SFHS student and son of Mary SPACKMAN ‘87. Lee-Ellen STRAWN ‘86 and Theresa LYSO ZIMMER ‘91 were also winners of SFS Trivia games. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and company of our alumni. Dr. John

4. Group Picture from left: Jacob LUNDEN-WELDEN ‘12, Chuck KRUGLER, HS Counselor, Joon MYONG, HS Counselor, James HAHN, HS Student, Dee BAKER, Spouse of HS Principal, John BLACK ‘04, Jack MOON, Faculty, John ENGSTROM, Head of School, Brian MCKINNEY ‘02 (Back) Peter UNDERWOOD ‘73, Mary SPACKMAN ‘87, Lee-Ellen STRAWN ‘86 & Theresa LYSO ZIMMER ‘91 (front)




4 16

Criteria 1. Candidate must be supportive of the school in word and action. 2. Someone who has achieved success in their field and is committed to public service. Please read the criteria below carefully and forward your 3. Must have attended SFS for at least two years nominations for possible candidates with their (does not have to be a graduate). achievements and the reason why you are recommending Additional Information the particular alum to Yoojin Um at The Alumnus Award recipient will be invited to the High [email protected] no later than Friday, February th School graduation and will present the SFS Alumni 15 2013. Final selection will be made by the Alumni Committee Award to the winning senior. Alumni who Committee. are also currently employed at SFS can also be nominated. 17 2013 will be SFS’s 15th year presenting the “Alumnus of the Year Award.” Mr. J.P. RADER ‘79 was the recipient last year.


Shelly BEN-MAYOR ZIV’91*’s son Ari

From Left: Bruce RICHTER ‘90, Kathy BISHOP STENSLIE ‘91* & Ruth RICHTER, FT On November 3, 2012, Bruce Richter '90 was signed up to participate in his 4th Ironman in Panama City, FL. Ever faithful Mom, Ruth RICHTER FT, showed up to cheer him on. Extra special was having Bruce's sister, Ginger RICHTER '80, write shortly before the Ironman was scheduled to say she'd be coming as well -- all the way from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where she's currently working with the U.S. State Department. The morning of the Ironman as Bruce was trying to calm his nerves prior to going out to the race site, he checked his email messages one more time, and there was an email from Kathy Bishop STENSLIE '91* saying she'd be at Mile # 5 of the marathon portion of the race to cheer him on. Kathy who had done her first Ironman in June, 2012 in Coeur d'Alene, ID and Bruce regularly consult each other about their particular addiction to this sport giving each other support and helpful hints. We all wear Tricredible shirts to watch the Ironman and they're fairly distinctive in their "SFS" red with an 18

interesting logo designed by Bruce. During the bike portion of the race, Kathy and her husband found us among all the thousands of people milling around to cheer the participants on. We chatted a bit, but for Bruce, hearing Kathy shout out his name during Mile #5 of the marathon, when things are getting really tough, about eight hours into the race, was just the motivation he needed at that point. Bruce, wrote in his blog, "you can take the kid out of Korea, but you can't take the Korea out of the kid. Go Crusaders!" Oh, yes, how'd he do? His age group, 40-45, is the largest group competing and out of more than 500 in his group, he came in 5th, overall he was 42nd in about 2600 participants surpassing some of the professionals, and his 5th place earned him a coveted spot to participate in Ironman Kona, the "big daddy" of all of these races. We presume that all the alumni who live in Hawaii will happily come out to support him next October 5, 2013, and join all of us Richters!

Huge congratulations to Shelly BEN-MAYOR ZIV ‘91* and her husband for the birth of a baby boy, Ari born early January this year. They are both excited and thrilled about this new addition to their family. Helene ERIKSSON CLAESSON ‘97 and her family have moved on from Italy and are now living in Bonn, Germany. Helene’s husband Mattias works for the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and her son Maximilian was born in July 2012. Andrew CHUN ‘98 has moved from Los Angeles to Seoul and is working as the Director of Business Development at CUC, an importing company. June Kang, SFS Director of Communications & Development met Andrew at a fundraising for the less fortunate children, hosted by the Millennium Hilton Hotel. Andrew was also a sponsor at this event and we are grateful for his generous support to us for our Centennial gala dinner.

Andrew CHUN ‘98 with June KANG, SFS Dir. of Communications & Development

2000s Megan BEARD ‘01* attended Kindergarten through 3rd grade at SFS (1988-1992) and often says "everything I needed to learn in life--essay questions, mental math, love for reading and writing--I learned from John MCCRACKEN, FT in 3rd grade!". Megan wore her Crusaders sweatshirt with pride, then passed it down to her sister when it became too small. Megan's mother recently rediscovered the sweatshirt, now worn and loved by all five children in their family, and passed it on to the first grandchild! Megan attended university and graduate school in the United States and married her husband Sam in 2005; shortly thereafter, they moved to Korea to work as educators and missionaries in Pyongtaek. She is pursuing a PhD in higher education administration and received a

Megan BEARD ‘01* and her husband Sam

research grant from the Walker Institute at the University of South Carolina to examine how university students who are Korean TCKs construct their identity. If you come from a Korean family and have lived abroad, or if you would like to find out more about Megan's research, feel free to contact her ([email protected]) or complete this survey (https:// www.surveymonkey.com/s/ KoreanTCK). (Anyone who completes the survey has a chance to win a gift certificate to amazon.com!)


Michael KIMBER ‘18* Former Seoul Foreign British School student, Michael KIMBER ‘18*, was recently selected as the winner in the curriculum projects category at the Apple in education awards ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kimber, who attended SFBS from 2007 to 2012, now attends Dainfern College in Johannesburg. Kimber's entry "podcast on space", was selected as the overall winner in the Grade

5 to 7 category at a ceremony hosted by Apple's South African executive management team. Apple has sponsored the competition for the past 5 years. Entries are received from schools across South Africa. There are 8 categories overall. This is the first time that Dainfern College has been selected as a winner. Kimber said "I am proud to have brought honor to my new school by using skills that I learned at SFBS in Korea."

Former Faculty We received a note from Robert MOELLER, FT about his recent thoughts on the Centennial Celebrations and the Banner publication. He wrote “I was very glad that the video link was included in the The Banner. Kelly RIEMER CUSICK ‘81* sent me a copy earlier in the year and it brought back many memories. I knew everyone in the video! As I told Kelly, I was only there for 3 / 65 of my life and like students who attended even as short as one year, SFS had a great impact on me. Seeing the video again I am reminded how wonderful the Korean staff was. Mr. Underwood called them the "classified staff". I have memories of all kinds about them from collecting manure for gardens to help arranging field trips for students and helping me retrieve belongings that arrived in Pusan instead of Inchon. I was a very glad participant in a prenuptial rite that brought a gift from the groom to his bride. Bus drivers always amazed me as I took students on field trips to places that at first glance seemed inaccessible. The soccer field was always trimmed with the traditional Korean nat each fall and trees and bushes that would have a tough time in the winter were covered with straw for protection. As recently as 2007 a guard opened the gate between Yonsei and SFS late one night as I returned from Sinchon. Its amazing how these memories come back to life!”


presents she was rushed into the ER and a few days later diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma stage 4 spinal cancer. Life changed overnight and due to insufficient medical insurance they found themselves in a very difficult position. However, with the amazing support of family and friends, a huge fundraising drive began in support of little G. The family was here in Seoul (SFS) the past few months for Georgia’s treatment and has

completed all her Proton treatment. Her brother AJ also attended the British School for a little while. The family has now returned to the Philippines. Please do pray for G’s recovery and if you would like to follow G’s progress, her website is www.georgia.com.ph Pictured below are members of the Friends of Seoul Foreign School (FSFS) and alumni taken after their meeting in September 2012.

Family picture of Nick PAGET & Rebecca HALLIWELL, FTs with their children AJ and Georgia 7 years ago Nick PAGET and Rebecca HALLIWELL, FTs left SFS and headed on to the next phase of their lives which took them to the British School Manila in the Philippines. They adopted two beautiful Filipino children, AJ who is 8 years old and Georgia who is 3 years old. On Georgia’s 3rd birthday instead of waking to open her

From Left: John ENGSTROM, Head of School, Harry RUDOLPH, SFS Board Member & Former Parent, John LEE ‘84, Ruth RICHTER, Former Teacher, Gayle LEE (spouse of John LEE ‘81), John LEE ‘81, Gail RIGGS MEYER ‘70*, Andrew MEYER (son of Gail MEYER ‘70*) and Ron RICHTER, Former Administrator

Calling all Alumni who are interested in becoming a Class Representative The following alumni have volunteered to be the Class Representatives for their Class Year. If any of you are interested in volunteering for this role please contact Yoojin Um at [email protected] Class of 1976—Veronica CREVECOEUR Veronica organized the last reunion for the class of 1976 and will be organizing their 40th anniversary in 2016. She has volunteered to be the class representative for the class of 1976. Class of 1994 - Renee KANG After graduating from SFS in 1994, Renee spent 12 years in the US going to school in Michigan and working in 20

New York City. After getting her MBA from Georgetown in 2006, she moved back to Seoul and joined Accenture Korea, where she has been working for the past 6.5 years. Part of her resolution to improve her overall work-life balance includes regularly practicing pilates and meeting old and new friends as often as possible. She is very excited to take on her new role as the representative for the class of 1994. Class of 2000 - Meeyoung Michelle KIM Meeyoung currently resides in Seoul, Korea and is a parent at SFS. She has a son in the preschool. While she often visits SFS as a parent, she has also volunteered to be the class representative for the class of 2000. Class of 2002 - Jennifer CHA Jennifer has been actively involved with her classmates the past year for organizing two 10 year reunions for the class of 2002. One in New York (August) and the other in Seoul (December). She has also volunteered to help reach out to SFS alumni in NY for the upcoming reunion in February. Jennifer is excited to be the class representative for the class of 2002.

Renee KANG ‘94

MASSAD Family On September 24th we had a very special family visit from Israel. The MASSAD family who attended SFS during the years 2005-08 was back on campus to revisit the campus and meet with their former teachers and friends. Rotem MASSAD ’08, Elad MASSAD ‘12* and Nitzan MASSAD ‘16* shared their positive experience at SFS as an Israeli family in an international Christian school. They always felt SFS was like home and there was always a lot of attention from teachers and were treated special but not different from any other students in the school. It was amazing to see how Nitzan who spoke only 4 words of English back then is now a fluent English speaker. Rotem currently finished her military service in Israel, Elad graduated from High School and will soon be joining the military service, and Nitzan is currently in 9th grade attending an Israeli school in Israel. The family was very excited to come back to SFS and continued to comment that SFS and Seoul always feels like home.

John LEE ’81 and his wife Gayle LEE together with his father Byung Hai LEE visited SFS on October 29th. John is currently a medical doctor in ER (Emergency Room) which, Jack MOON, his former Biology teacher inspired him to become. John is married to Gayle and has two daughters, From Left: Gayle LEE, John ENGSTROM, John LEE ‘81 and his Jennifer (21 years father Byung Hai LEE old) and Caren (18 years old) who are both in college and live in Naperville, Illinois. He really has good memories of SFS and the changes and developments on campus makes him want to come back to SFS as a student. John attended SFS for 4 years in HS (197781) and he also has two sisters Yoonsun LEE ’84 and Amy LEE’88 who are also SFS alumni.

Christopher KANG ‘06 (left) & Tsuyoshi DOMOTO ‘06 (right) Tsuyoshi DOMOTO ’06 and Christopher KANG ’06 made a visit to SFS on October 31, 2012. Tsuyoshi graduated from Occidental College in CA, U.S.A and worked in Tokyo for the past 2 years for a financial firm. He will From Left: Rebecca HALLIWELL, June be doing volunteer work in microfinance KANG & Nick PAGET early 2013 in Honduras. Christopher worked in the marketing Nick PAGET and Rebecca HALLIWELL, industry for the past 2 years and is currently preparing for graduate school former British School teachers visited in the fall of 2013. He says that it was Seoul in October for their daughter Georgia’s treatment. They were happy to refreshing coming back to SFS. Even though it looks different outside he felt reunite with SFS faculty members. the spirit was still the same and has not changed. 21

1978-79. Their house was located in the middle of the SFS hill back in the 70s and the four COLES children, Tina, Stuart, Scott and Woody all had a wonderful time here at SFS.

Brent BURKHOLDER ‘69 and his wife Deb

Brent BURKHOLDER ’69 and his wife Deb visited SFS on November 12th since their last visit in 2008. While looking at the finished displays of the Centennial Welcome Center, Brent shared stories of the 50s when SFS first moved to the Yonhi-dong campus in 2nd grade. The most memories he has about SFS is ice skating in the rice fields of Yonhi-dong, playing basketball and the HS senior lounge which was located in the old Robb Hall. He also had fond memories of Dick Underwood and Ms. Kee (Mrs. Yoon who retired last year). Brent currently works as a medical doctor for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Bangkok developing various programs and assisting migrants with HIV, TB and Malaria. First time since graduation, Tina COLES ‘79 visited SFS with her mother Mija COLES and her niece Kelly COLES (daughter of Stuart COLES ‘78*) on November 19th. The COLES family attended SFS from the years 1973-75 and 22

While sharing their memories from the past they mentioned and dearly missed the Baptist missionary families here such as the “GOODWINS” and the “MOONS” and Tina’s classmates, Kevin MOORE, J.P. RADER and Beth UNDERWOOD, all class of 1979. Tina commented that one of her fun memories at SFS was the ‘Mini Week’ where she spent at a hospital near TCIS (this is now called the ‘Discovery Week’ at the HS).

From Left: Mija COLES, Tina COLES ‘79 & Kelly COLES

Sharing Memories at SFS while looking at yearbooks Mrs. Mija COLES an internal medical doctor was actively involved in helping the children of missionaries and the expatriates when they lived in Seoul. She has also served many years in the United Nations as a medical doctor helping the children in many of the developing countries in Asia and Africa. She added that “SFS Picture of Mija COLES in Africa is a good international school which gave my children an exposure to different cultures which was not available in the U.S. This experience broadened their knowledge and experiences but even more importantly it was the strong Christian faith that they practiced in the school.” Mrs. COLES was also the match maker for Robert MOELLER, Former Teacher at SFS. She was very much involved with the school and the The COLES Family with Mrs. Hong in the HS community at that time. It was great hearing all the amazing memories and history shared by the COLES family.

Justin KIM ‘98 with Chuck KRUGLER, HS Counselor On November 20th Justin KIM ’98 dropped by SFS while on a short business trip to Seoul. Justin resides in Washington DC and is currently working at a private equity group called the ‘Carlyle Group’. He also has a sister Erica KIM ‘01* who also attended SFS. He said “It’s amazing how the school has developed and changed. I cannot recognize anything other than the High School”. Interestingly, he also found himself in one of “Fiddler on the Roof” play picture that was on the Centennial Wall displays.

From Left: June KANG, Dir. Of Communications & Development, Brenda HIGGINS, Former Teacher, Brenda’s friend and John Engstrom, Head of School and Jack MOON. She also shared stories of SFS during the 80s and also had so much fun looking through the yearbooks. As she’s always felt while reading the Banner magazine, she could feel the same vitality and love for learning still thriving at SFS.

On January 7th, the first day of the school after the Christmas break, we had many Brenda NEWBERY HIGGINS, Former returning alumni come by the school. Teacher from 1981-84 visited SFS on November 21st. At the end of May, when Brenda had her 70th birthday, her friends and family knew how special her time in Korea had been. So as a birthday present they arranged for her to visit Korea. Brenda left Korea in 1985, which was very different from now but was very excited to be back and see how the city and school developed the past 27 years. While visiting Korea Brenda spent some time at Jesus Abbey with Ben and Liz TORREY. Ben (Reuben) TORREY ’68* is Jane KIM ‘12 (left) & Nina SABADO ‘12 also an SFS alum. Brenda worked for Ben's father at the Abbey for 3 years, from Jane KIM ‘12 and Nina SABADO ‘12 1978 -1981 before coming to SFS. visited SFS during the Homecoming There weren’t many faculty and staff she Week. Jane is currently in her first year at recognized from her times other than Edie Tufts University and Nina is at Barnard

Brenda NEWBERY HIGGINS in the 1984 year book while she was the fourth grade teacher College. While both became friends in grade 6 at Hong Kong International School, they met up again at SFS in their Sophomore year and have been great friends ever since. They both expressed how SFS has been a significant part of many aspects of their lives.


Aramie SOHN’12 is currently in her first year at Wellesley College with future interests to study Political Science. She commented, “SFS really helped me to develop relationships because of the international diversity I was always exposed to at SFS.” Aramie also expressed how helpful the IB English was, which was taught by Mrs. Wiebusch.

Rebecca IM ’12 will be beginning her first year of University in Australia in March and wishes to pursue her Bachelor of Commerce degree. Rebecca felt that SFS prepared her well through her experience with the IB Program and as education in Australia highly regards the IB. From Left: Leon JUN ‘12, Rebecca IM ‘12 & Aramie SOHN ‘12 Leon Jun ’12 visited SFS with fond memories of his experiences at SFS. He was particularly grateful for the School, which he believes does a wonderful job helping to ‘craft the students’ rather than just helping students just ‘build a nice resume.’ He felt that his experience with IB helped him to become more disciplined in preparing for long-term projects, enabling him to become a better student. Leon is currently attending Swarthmore College and is eager to explore internship opportunities.

Jacob Lunden-Welden ’12 is currently taking a year break and has just returned from a trip to Cambodia, where he taught English in a village for about 30 Kindergarten children. He is hoping to pursue Event Management for Festivals in his future plans.

During the Homecoming week we had John CHOI ’12 visiting SFS. John is currently in Seoul attending Choong Ang University majoring in Business Management and Solid State Physics. As a hobby he enjoys playing music and is a

Jonathan SUH ‘12 member of the University orchestra playing the cello.

Jonathan SUH ’12 is working on a double major in Music Education and Jazz Studies at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. He is enjoying college life meeting different people and learning about the differences.

10 24


John CHOI ‘12

Nayoung moved to Norway in 2003 with her husband and children, Nina ’07* and Eric MATHIESEN ‘09* (they attended SFS from 1998 to 2003). They are now both attending universities in Oslo, Norway. Nayoung and her husband are back in Asia, currently residing in Singapore.

Nayoung MATHIESEN, Former Dir. of Development and June KANG, Dir. of Communications & Development Nayoung MATHIESEN, Former Director of Development and the person who initially began the Development Office back in 2002-03 visited SFS from Singapore.

Bishop Mack B. STOKES ‘28 We received news that Bishop Mack B. STOKES ’28 passed away on November 21, 2012, in Pensacola, FL. Bishop Stokes was born in Wonson, Korea, on December 21, 1911. He grew up in a missionary home with three brothers, all of whom became Methodist preachers. Mack graduated from Seoul Foreign School in 1928. He received his A.B. from Asbury College, his B.D. from Duke University, and his Ph.D. from Boston University. For 31 years he was a Professor at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, where he was Parker Professor of Systematic Theology, and Associate Dean. He taught thousands

It has been about 9 years since she has visited SFS and she shared how she initially began setting up this office for the first time in a modified storage room. She added “I’m so amazed at all the positive changes that has happened to the school.” Sung Joon CHO ’00 visited SFS on January 17th with his wife Eileen PARK. Sung Joon worked for Samsung and is currently attending Columbia Business

of young preachers, who became his friends for life. He was elected to the episcopacy of the United Methodist Church in 1972, and served as Bishop in Mississippi until 1980. He celebrated his 100th birthday on December 21, 2011. Memorial services were held in Pensacola, FL on Dec. 21, 2012 and in Atlanta, GA at Emory University on January 13, 2013 and at another to be held at Lake Junaluska, NC later in the spring. He was preceded in death by his three brothers who were also graduates of SFS. J. Lemacks STOKES '26, James C. STOKES '28 and Charles Davis STOKES '33.


Sung joon CHO ‘00 and his wife Eileen PARK School working on his MBA. He will be graduating this May and joining McKinsey Co. after graduation. Sung Joon got married last January and lives in New York.

Inez WELBOURN MARSH ‘41* passed away on September 15th 2012. She had been ill for some time, but when she was well enough to read she really enjoyed reading the Banner magazine. Her husband Woodrow shared that while Inez was at SFS she had a very dear friend Carol APPENZELLER SHEFFIELD ‘41, whom she talked about every time they had a discussion concerning her life in Korea. When Inez and her family returned to Canada in 1940, she lost all contact with Carol and was not able to find their contacts since then. Unfortunately, Carol has also passed away and we cannot locate any of her family members. Henry JENSEN, FA (Former HS Principal from 1981-84) wrote to let us know that his wife Pauline JENSEN, FT passed away in October after her surgery on her colon. Pauline was a fantastic artist and one of her pieces of artwork is archived at SFS. Many teachers purchased Art works from her over the years. Pauline's art while in Korea focused on the Korean culture and had a very distinct style. She was quite a lovely woman, very gracious with a wonderful dry sense of humor. 25

Karen HURSTON ‘71*

When I was in SFS elementary school, in the mid '60s, I deeply cut the skin tissue and some upper muscle in my left thigh while sliding down a slope that no longer exists (progress has its price). Principal Richard Underwood somehow was told about my deep cut, and came out and helped to dress it, as well as providing a word of encouragement. Just about each teacher, maintenance person, cafeteria worker, etc., then on the SFS leadership staff seemed to know how to help each student feel significant. During the same time period I remember one Halloween when each person was to come dressed in a favorite costume. We had a creative teacher that helped us think of new costumes; I came as a transistor radio (the good ole days ;-) playing the Beatles' I Wanna Hold Your Hand. It was then I discovered that the best place for my vocals was in the shower... We had some great teachers through the years; their names are in my lost SFS yearbooks. They were not only skilled teachers, but were also --for the most part--compassionate. My fifth grade teacher made a lasting impact on my life by her creativity in organizing us; she kindly encouraged each one's talents. I also have fond memories of Mrs. SAWYER in two long years of high school Latin.... Veni, Vidi, Vici ... then the secretly memorable 26

phrase we "learned" out of class -- illigitimi non carborundum.

income disparity.

My years at SFS taught me to approach When I was in SFS high school in 1969-1970, everything and everyone with an open mind our speech teacher made her students enter the and this has served me well both in business Veteran of Foreign Wars' Voice of Democracy and in life. Speech Contest. I had recently gone into the nearby Army base to see the then latest movie version of Romeo and Juliet, and based my Stephanie SMALL BLACK introduction and conclusion on Juliet's "balcony ‘05/ Current Faculty speech", revised to address the issue of freedom and democracy. Imagine my surprise when I won that contest in SFS, then Korea, then in the Pacific Rim. I was then awarded a free trip to Washington, D.C.; the crowning event was to hear a speech by President Richard Nixon during a banquet arranged by the VFW, and briefly meet him with a photo-op. The organizers had us staying in the Watergate Hotel, and the banquet was in that hotel's grand ballroom. Instruction was so good at SFS that when I transitioned to a public high school for my senior year in the States, I graduated co-salutatorian.

LONG LIVE S.F.S.!!!!!!!!

Nick PARK ‘93

SFS is much more than an advanced educational institution, it is a way of life and an embedding of awareness that bridges the divide between race, religion, culture, and

The legacy of Seoul Foreign School lives through me in the many ways it changed my life. I met my husband in high school at SFS. I learned that a passionate teacher inspiring the best in students can be the most rewarding job on earth. Most of all, as a student at SFS I learned what it meant to become a Christ follower. There are so many religious people out there who make it seem like being a Christian is about following a bunch of rules and living a boring, restricted, superficially happy life. The legacy I saw here though, with my teachers, was different – I saw people who experienced joy and sorrow, hope in the midst of adversity, who disagreed and hurt each other, yet forgave each other and sought out restoration. This was the living, breathing body of Christ reaching out to show the world that there is a better way. They showed me what it meant to be a whole-hearted follower of Jesus and made me want to commit to living that same kind of life and join that kind of community. For that legacy I am most thankful.

Carol KIM SONG ‘99

SFS is such a special place, so much more than just a school, but a place where students learn how to embrace their strengths, grow spiritually and emotionally, make life long friendships and become life long learners. SFS helped me discover my strengths and allowed me to be who I am. My friends that I have made throughout the years at SFS are still my closest friends who are like my very own siblings, and a number of the teachers that have inspired me as a student are still big influences in my life today. My third grade teacher, Mr. John MCCRACKEN still continues to be the most influential teacher I have ever had, and I can still vividly remember things I learned in third grade, while not being able to remember things from graduate school. I am a teacher myself now, and I can only hope that I can make a positive impact on my students like Mr. MCCRACKEN did. When I got married, all my bridesmaids were my closest friends who I grew up with at SFS and one of my favorite high school teachers, Mrs. Edie MOON who has become a good friend of mine now sang at my wedding. SFS is like home to me, a place that I can always look back with fond memories and think of all the people who truly became like family to me. And when I say that my friends and close teachers became like family to me, I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. I went through the most difficult time in my life during my high school years, and the reason that I made it through those hard times were all because of the love and support that my SFS

family showed me. My mother passed away in the devastating Sam Poong Department Store collapse in 1995, the summer before I started high school. Since I am an only child, and my relatives were mostly in the US, my support network was all based at school. I cannot express in words how thankful I am to have been so blessed with the friends and teachers I had to support me at that time. My dearest friends held my hand through every tearful and joyful moment I had, and they still continue to do so to this day. I remember Mrs. Patty KEARNEY embracing me and taking me in like a daughter, Mrs. Edie Moon holding my hand and praying with me as one of my mentors, and Mr. Stephen RAATZ guiding me and encouraging me as I began my journey as a musician. The support and love from my friends and teachers like them allowed me to heal from my pain and actually come to enjoy and love my high school years in the midst of such a difficult time in my life. But my teachers not only supported me emotionally, but motivated me to discover my strengths and focus on becoming a successful student as well. I not only focused on my studies, but I immersed myself in musical theater, Moonlight (show choir), Psalms and Vida Nueva. I became so greatly involved in school that I barely remember being home, but I loved every moment of it. And the love for the arts that I discovered in high school at SFS eventually led me to be a music major in college, and the relationships and memories that I made through the activities in high school continue to be a part of my life today. I could go on and on about all my favorite memories and all the meaningful lessons I have learned through my time at SFS, but I wouldn't know where to stop. From my memory of my first school play in 'Aesop's Fables' in fifth grade to experiencing an entirely different world through Discovery Week trips in high school, to my

graduation day after ten years at SFS, Seoul Foreign School has filled my life with so many priceless moments that I am so very thankful for. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have had privilege of growing up as an SFS Crusader.


My time at Seoul Foreign School, August 1974-June 1977, was one of the best experiences in my life. With US Army service in Seoul, Yongsan Eighth Army, before I came to SFS I knew something about Korea. I wanted to experience more. SFS gave me the opportunity to teach Asian Studies - Korea, Japan, and China in a country where the influence of both China and Japan were great. I met my wife while at SFS, we were married at Yonsei University's Luce Chapel, and spent our honeymoon on Cheju Island. My daughter, Jennifer, was born at Severance Hospital. The class of 1978, my students for three years, and for whom I was their junior class adviser remain in contact with me to this day. I was fortunate to teach there and in 2007, after 30 years, visit Korea again. SFS has changed a great deal since 1977. Some buildings I saw built, the first Korean gate and what we knew as the library and administration office, remain. Others, teacher housing, the Quonset hut gym, Robb Hall and the kindergarten are gone. The soccer field now has Astro turf instead of grass that was cut with Korean sickles. Many of the physical changes make learning - academic athletic - artistic - better. Change is inevitable but my hope is that a common spirit of SFS exists for all who attended, attend, and will attend this wonderful school. 27