5 Offi ce Plant Tips. for busy people

5 Office Plant Tips for busy people So you want to green the office but you don’t know an aspidistra from a spider plants, and the tea lady does not w...
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5 Office Plant Tips for busy people So you want to green the office but you don’t know an aspidistra from a spider plants, and the tea lady does not want to water them…

Introduction As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, more and more offices are looking towards green plants to make their space a better place to work in. The next few pages set out some of the basics that you should know before you get bamboozled by that smart indoor plant hire sales man.

TIP1 - The Right Plant For The Job NO, you cannot put that beautiful topiary ficus in that dark store room. IT WILL DIE !!

Most offices don’t have a massive amount of natural light, so here are some plants you can put in that store room ... (if you really want to put a plant in a store room) Zanzibar Gem Mother in Law Tongues Cast Iron Plant Dracaena Janet Craig And plants suitable for a light position inside: Umbrella Tree Devil’s Ivies Ficus Lyrata Dracaena Deremensis Travelers Palms Did you know that on our web site we detail the general light requirements for many indoor plants. www.greendesign.com.au/plants_index.htm And did you know that the low light plants shown above also do not need much water to survive even if put in a lighter position. That is one reason why they are popular in offices.

TIP2 - The Right Planter Pot For The Job What is that rotting carpet doing underneath my beautiful ceramic pot.?? Well, I did warn you about that smart plant hire salesman. Ceramic pots inside are a remedy for disaster, they are porous (hence the rotting carpet), they are heavy and they are eighties. The latest range of planters are all water proof and light and come in a vast range of colours. They can even be painted to your corporate colour. Most planters nowadays are made from a polymer material that is environmentally friendly. Planters can also come in various shapes, such as the picture on the left Other reliable planters for indoors are made out of stainless steel fiberglass natural materials such as wood

For a look at our latest range of planters go to Products on our web site www.greendesign.com.au/containers_index.htm

TIP3 - Keep Things Simple (and Cost Effective) Surely it is cheaper to buy your own plants and get the office junior to look after them (since the tea lady won’t)?

NO it is not - Not after you allow a couple of hundred dollars for a water proof planter plus at least sixty dollars for a healthy plant. Considering it would only cost you three dollars per week to rent a plant, and get it looked after, it would take more then a year to get your money back.Yes you could probably buy a cheaper planter, but unless you know what you are doing it could leak or it could be to small for the plant you bought. And remember, plants only look attractive for a limited time indoors, then they need to be changed for a fresh plant. If the office junior can keep it looking good for more then a year, they should be working for a plant company. It is a proven fact that healthy attractive plants make people feel better, sick unattractive plants do the opposite. So to keep things really simple (and cost effective), think about delegating to a professsional Indoor Plant Hire company. To find out how cost effective - take a look at green design pricing... www.greendesign.com.au/indoor-plant-hire-pricing.htm

TIP4 - Use Plants to Improve Office Environment Some plants are better at removing a specific toxin then other plants, some are great for noise levels and others counteracting dry air-conditioned atmospheres.

Did you know that most materials in a modern offices outgas toxins, such as Formaldehyde, Benzene and Toluene. These chemicals can cause eye and nose irritation , headaches and worse. Plants can remove these toxins through the action of microbes In the soil – root zone. Some plants are better at removing a specific toxin then other plants, but since the office air contains a soup of many thousands of different toxins most plants are equally good. Studies have shown that having indoor plants improves productivity of office workers and decreases sick leave, by a factor of about 25%. Bushy indoor plants such as Ficus, Amata etc are good at absorbing and reducing noise levels in the office. Low humidity in the office caused by air conditioning can be raised by the use of Indoor plants. Contact a Green Design Indoor Plant Specialist to find out more on improving your office space visit: www.greendesign.com.au/contact_index.htm

TIP5 - How to find the best Indoor Plant Hire Co. So what should you look for when selecting a plant hire company?

1 - Obviously price will influence your decision, but make sure you are comparing “like with like” 2 - Do a quick Google Search for the company - are they highly visable and credible? Also, their range of planters will tell you a lot about how professional the company is.

3 - Are they experts? Again a quick look at the information on their website will help. 4 - Beware of companies with long agreements. You may have difficulty getting rid of them if they do not perform.

5 - Most reputable companies are a member of the national industry body NIPA. The best ones have earned accreditation by that body. Some government departments now only deal with accredited companies.You can go to the NIPA site to see who is a member: www.nipa.asn.au

Well, now that you know a little bit more about office plants,and if you still want to get an idea on price we would love to hear from you. www.greendesign.com.au

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