5 nights, 16 dives

 6 days/ 5 nights, 16 dives Départ: 12 Juillet 2015 - Labuanbajo Arrivée: 17 Juillet - Labuanbajo...
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 6 days/ 5 nights, 16 dives Départ: 12 Juillet 2015 - Labuanbajo

Arrivée: 17 Juillet - Labuanbajo

Komodo National Park is one of the greatest dive destinations, and one of the MOST diverse and rich marine environments in the world. These small islands fringed with sandy beaches are home of the famous Komodo dragon that you may patrolling the beach or see you from viewing a rock. The coral reefs in the north of the park are rich with colorful combination of hard and soft corals. Be delighted with the schools of anthias , wrasses , angelfish majestic , and predators like wide reef sharks , tunas , and giant – trevallies. Komodo offers a wide-range of diving experiences: high voltage current dives, drift dives gentle, colorful walls dives along drop offs, monumental boulders , seamounts , pinnacles and sandy slopes . You can also see manta rays , turtles , and sometimes even whale sharks .

The diving Some of the species: - Barracudas, Surgeonfishes, Bumphead parrot fishes, Trevallies and giant trevallies, spadefishes. Napoleon wrasse, wobbegon, tunas, bonitos, manta rays, mobulas, etc… - Seahorse, frogfish, leaf fish, scorpionfish. - Black corals forests, gorgonian fields, soft corals , gorgonian fields, Visibility: Visibility is excellent in the whole north part of the strait. In the south it may be lower in some specific areas or for short periods. Currents: Komodo Park is well known for its consistent currents that can be dangerous. Wallacea dive cruise has a real experience of the scuba diving sites. We pay very much attention to dive at the right place at the right time in order to avoid that uncomfortable and dangerous currents. Obviously before each dive, briefings will inform you about the diving conditions and advises will be given to always keep the dives safe. However, a strong scuba diving experience is required for this fabulous cruise. A reef hook can be very useful.

Temperature: Water temperature is 27 °C in the north. Much cooler in the south (around 22-24 °C).

Number of dives: During the cruise you will perform a minimum of 16 dives. • • • •

2 dives the day of arrival (one night dive so landing in Labuanbajo is compulsory by noon). 3 dives / day every day of the cruise 3 night dives. 2 dive the day before disembarking (we apply the 24-hour rule of desaturation before flying).

OTHER INFORMATIONS NAVIGATION ET ITINERAIRE: Hereunder the map of the cruise itinerary. This just an exemple as in Komodo the dive organization depends on tides and correlated currents, making each cruise different. Globally we will visit all the dive sites as per this map, but the order can be very different. Please note tant the south can be inaccessible if the South East winds are too strong. On the last day we will propose you a short trek in the Rinca island beautiful savannah.

-Météo: Le temps est généralement sec et ensoleillé, la température très agréablement rafraichie par les vents du sud (parfois même un peu fraiche en soirée). La mer est plate car les eaux sont protégées dans le détroit, mais peuvent être quelque peu agitées dans la partie sud qui se révèle parfois temporairement inaccessible si les vents sont trop forts. - Assurance:

Une assurance d’évacuation médicale / rapatriement couvrant les accidents de plongée est obligatoire. Elle vous sera demandée dès votre arrivée à bord. Une assurance annulation voyage est quant à elle, vivement recommandée. - Visa : Le visa indonésien coute 35USD (ou leur équivalent en euros). Le visa on arrival (VOA) est valable 30 jours. Il est délivré aux aéroports de Jakarta, Makassar (UPG) et Manado (MDC).

- Taxes aéroport : • Une taxe départ est prélevée dans chaque aéroport indonésien. A payer en monnaie locale
 Départ international : 200.000 IDR Départ domestique : 70.000 IDR

- Embarquement-Débarquement Embarquement: à la date de debut de croisière avant 12h00 Débarquement: à la date de fin de croisière avant 12h00

L’Ambai Spécifications du bateau

Bateau en bois

32 mètres x 7,5 mètres

16 Plongeurs

Mise en service 2012


3 annexes fibre

8 air-conditioned double cabins with en suite bathroom and hot water. * 4 cabins with double bed and single bunk above, lower deck * 2 cabins with single bunk, lower deck * 2 cabins with double bed on the upper deck (extra charge)

At your service: 16 crew members including 4 dive guides, one skipper / instructor francophone


Mitsubishi marine 600 Hp 2012


3 generators Yanmar 40, 28 et 16 KW, 2012

Fresh water:

10 tons of reserves and watermaker capacity 10 tons / day


2 air compressors 200 lts / min. Atlas-Copco low pressure compressor with membrane production NITROX.


GPS, GPS Plotter, Echo sondeur, Radar,


VHF radio, UHF radio, satellite phone. Wifi if 3G available.


3 dinghies with engine 50 Ch.

Diving organisation on MV Ambai PLANNING ET STANDARDS • • • •

1st dive : 2nd dive: 3rd dive : Night dive:

07:00 am 10:30 am 14:30 pm 18:30 pm

• • • •

Dive time: 60 minutes Maximum depth: 35 mts Dives into the safety curve Systematic safety stop at 5 meters

* Due to the large number of dives and the remoteness of any emergency, we urge divers to stay within the safety curve, to comply with a maximum depth of 35 meters, and to systematically perform a safety stop. *Depending on the diving levels, divers aspirations (photography, macro etc …), groups are formed by the cruise director ( NITROX available). Each groups of four divers maximum has a dive guide. The dive guides change groups every day. Each diver is given a blok (DIN & INT available, no need for adapters) and a unique location for the duration of the cruise. *A short briefing will be conducted by the director of cruises or one of the guides before each dive. It will provide guidance on the sites topography, depths, currents and potential hazards, as well as on marine life and on the species represented. *Each diver has to carry his personal signal buoy. *Our staff will carry your dive tanks -already geared- from the main boat to the dinghies and back to the main boat. I the dinghies each tank has a slot just in the back of his respective divers. Arrived on dive site location, the staff help you to gear before to roll back. You never have to carry your tank, except if you want it… *Guides flora and local fauna are available, and the dive master or skipper will help you find the strange animal you saw underwater! * Rent all or part of your dive equipment is possible: all sizes are not always available, please book for it in advance. * Our cruises are open to divers Padi AOW (OR EQUIVALENT) with at least 50 dives logged. Less experienced divers can also participate with a specific supervision, thank you to contact us about it. * Thank you for producing a medical certificate: it will be be asked on board. * We demand a great respect for fauna and flora: have adequate buoyancy so that you will not touch the substrate or break corals; do not touch or collect any the animals, do not harass wildlife with photographies and please moderate the number of flash. In this context, the use of gloves is not allowed.

INCLUSION AND EXCLUSION RATE OUR CRUISE ON AMBAI: inclusions: - Accommodation in a shared twin or double cabin. - All meals. Drinking water, soft drinks and hot drinks. - All guided dives - Blocks 12 lts aluminum, weights and belts - The airport-ship RT transfers at departure and arrival. exclusions: - Costs of Park and Port: 100€ / cruise - Alcoholic beverages, espresso (1€) - Possible diving equipment rental (see prices below) - International and domestic flights, visas and airport taxes - Nitrox: 12 € per day; Package € 50 / cruise. - 100 cf (15 lts) dive tanks: 25 € - Upper deck cabin supplement: 100€/ pax - Laundry (1 € / piece) - Crew gratuities - International and domestic flights, Visa fees and airport taxes •  All  extras  are  payable  in  cash  on  board.  We  can  not  receive  payment  by  credit  card!   •  Currencies  accepted  on  board:  €,  USD,  CHF,  IDR.   •  Tipping:  optional,  they  reflect  your  level  of  satisfaction  about  the  service  on  board.     FYI:  we  consider  that  10  €  /  day  /  passenger  expresses  a  pleasant  cruise.   •  Provided  on  board:  towels,  toiletries,  soap,  shampoo  and  toothpaste.     •  Electrical  220  Volts  outlets:  european  type,  adaptors  available  on  board.    A  room  for  storage  and   charging  cameras  and  accessory  devices  with  numerous  plugs  is  available.  Hair  dryer  available  on   request.   • Available  on  board:  Stick  and  hooks  in  stainless  steel:  10€   • Visa  delivered  on  arrival  on  all  international  airports  ,  costs  USD  35.   Diving equipment rental price list

Complete regulator with octopus and pressure gauge

7€/ Day


7€/ Day


5€/ Day


5€/ Day

Dive computer

5€/ Day


2€/ Day

Diving Mask

2€/ Day

Local flights and travel arrangements & flight



Luggage Allowance

Garuda (GA 7026)

06:00 - 07:35

€130 20 kg (+ 23 kg free dive equipement)

Wings (Iw 1888)

06:50 - 08:00


10 kg (+2 euros/kg excess)

Cie & flight



Luggage Allowance

Garuda (GA 7037)

13:05 - 14:30

€130 20 kg (+ 23 kg free dive equipement)

Wings (Iw 1889)

10:55 - 12:15


10 kg (+2 euros/kg excess)

Remarks:   The  above  rates  can  change  without  prior  notice.  We    generally  book  and  buy  those  Vlights  for  our   guests.     Above  the  limit  of  luggage  allowance,  passengers  need  to  pay  an  excess  luggage  fee,  from  IDR  25  000   (#2USD)  to  45000  (#4  USD)  according  to  the  distance.  On  Garuda,  20  kgs  of  regular  luggage  +  23  kgs   of  dive  equipment  are  allowed  for  free.  extra  charge  have  to  be  paid  cash  IDR  in  most  airports   (Denpasar  and  Jakarta  accept  credit  cards)   Airport  taxes  on  local  Vlights  are  IDR  70  000  (Denpasar),  40000(Jakarta)  and  about  20000  in  smaller   airports.     - Accomodation in Bali: For your transit night in bali, we recommend you: -

HotelSukunSanur : 70 euros/room (« deluxe » breakfast included). Harris hotel Tuban : 65 euros/room, 300 mts from airport (breakfast included).

15€ extra/ pax for transportation RT airport /hotel.

Travel  Extensions:     Whether   you   want   to   precede   or   continue   your   cruise   circuit   in   Indonesia   or   stay   a   few   days   in   a   resort,  Wallacea  Dive  Cruises  can  probably  arrange  everything:  do  not  hesitate  to  contact  us.   Examples  of  possible  extensions:  5  or  6-­‐day  tours  in  Tana  Toraja  (funeral  ceremonies  and  other  big   celebrations)   on   the   island   of   Sulawesi,   or   in   the   island   of   Flores   (the   famous   three-­‐colored   lake   caldera,  and  villages  which  take  you  back  in  time),  not  to  mention  the  island  of  Java  with  its  Kawah   Ijen  and  Mount  Bromo,  so  dear  to  the  French  people.     Starting  400  euros/person.  

Our smiling and efficient crew awaits for you on the MV Ambai for an unforgettable dive cruise in Komodo!