REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FOR INFANTRY COMBAT VEHICLE (ICV) BMP-2/2K TO BMP-2M 1. The Indian Army is in process of finalizing a proposal to upgrade its fleet of BMP-2/2K to BMP-2M, so as to enhance / improve their operational efficiency. 2. The BMP-2M is envisaged to have the same physical specifications as BMP-2/2K with minor changes. The thrust of upgrades will be to provide better observation and surveillance, night fighting capability, fire control system, improved Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) system and 30mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) to provide capability to engage dead ground to support assault of dismounted troops. The changes should be without replacement of existing turret, with min cutting of armour. 3. A questionnaire giving specific inputs for the upgradation to BMP-2M is given as Appendix ‘A’ and in addition a Performa to be filled by the vendors is attached as Appendix ‘B’. 4.

Response to RFI be communicated as under :(a) Directorate General of Weapons and Equipment (WE-8/9) General Staff Branch Room No 208G, South Block Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) DHQ PO, New Delhi – 110 011 (b) Fax No.


(c) E mail ID. we [email protected]

2 Appendix A QUESTIONNAIRE Observation and Surveillance Q1.

Is the system capable of operation in ambient temperature condition of -10°C to + 48°C?


Is the system capable of functioning optimally in all weather & terrain?

Q3. Does the sys meet Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)/Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards as applicable? Q4.

What does the Day/Night sight for Gunner include? Does it have the following:(a)

Day optical channel.


Thermal Imaging Channel.


Anti Tank Guided Missile, guidance channel.


Laser Range Finders.

Q5. Is the Thermal Imaging Sight that is to replace the existing sight BPK-2-42 has provision of hot & cold image? What ranges will be achieved in the Narrow Field of View & Wide Field of View for detection, recognition and identification? Q6.

What is the generation of Thermal Imaging sight.

Q7. Does it meet the range specification of detection at minimum 5 Kilometer & recognition at 3 Kilometer of static tank size target? Q8. Is the system robust to with stand the terrain & weather condition as prevailing in the Indian Deserts/High Altitude Area? Q9. Does the Commander have a separate panoramic requirement in place of present Commander’s sight which is integrated to the entire system with overriding facility? Fire Control System (FCS). Q10. Is the Fire Control System capable of the integrating all the sight & ensure accurate firing? Q11. Does the system have a ballistic control with adequate sensors to monitor wind, cant angle, temperature , Barrel ware, auto target tracker & Laser Range Finder. Missile Launcher Q12. Is it capable of having two missiles loaded in ready to fire mode with selection control with Gunner to fire missile of his choosive? Q13. Will the modification of twin launcher affect the traverse of the gun/loading of missile by the Gunner from the BMP.

Appendix A continued 3 Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Q14. Does it have an auto ejection system for missile? Q15. What is the nomenclature of the Anti Tank Guided Missile? Q16. What are the demonstrated capabilities and characteristic of the missile to include its hit probability? Q17. What is the technology used by the missile/seeker for ‘Fire and Forget’ capability? Q18. Can more than one missile be mounted as ready to fire? Q19. What is the minimum range of the missile? Q20. What is the maximum range of the missile :(a)

Direct firing mode.


Top attack mode.

Q21. What is the guidance system of the missile? Q22. What is the weight of the complete missile system as follows :(a)

Weight of the missile Launcher and system.


Weight of the containerized missile.

Q22. What is the length and diameter of the missile? Q23. What is the demonstrated Penetration of the missile? Q24. What is the demonstrated hit Probability of the missile at its maximum range? Q25. Does the missile have an optical Fibre? Q26. Does the missile need an external Guidance? Q27. Does the manufacturer guarantee Transfer to Technology? Q28. If the missile has Top Attack Capability then at what ranges? Q29. Is the missile in service with the countries Armed Forces? Q30. Is the missile in service with other countries? Can you give the details of the countries? Q31. Has the missile been integrated to fire from any vehicle mode? If so, which vehicles? Q32. Are there any known shortcomings of the missile? Q33. What is the approximate cost of the missile? Q34. What are the warheads that the missiles carry? Is it only heat or can it carry any other warhead like thermoboric?

Appendix A continued 4 Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) Q35. What is the nomenclature & calibre of the Automatic Grenade Launcher? Q36. What are the demonstrated capabilities of characterizes of the same? Q37. What is the effective range & type of fire including cyclic role of fire of Automatic Grenade Launcher? Q38. What are the type of Ammunition that Automatic Grenade Launcher can fire? Q39. Will the Gunner be able to fire Automatic Grenade Launcher sitting inside the turret like 30mm Cannon/PKTs?. Q40. Will the Automatic Grenade Launcher be integrated with the Thermal Imaging Fire Control System & stabilizer? Will the Automatic Grenade Launcher be stab on both the planes? Q41. Is the Automatic Grenade Launcher capable of being fired while on the move? Q42. What is the total weight of the Automatic Grenade Launcher & accessories? Q43. Is the equipment in service with any country? Q44. What is the approximate cost of the Automatic Grenade Launcher? Common to All Q45. Can the above modification/upgradation of the BMP-2/2K to BMP-2M be carried out without replacement of existing turret, with minimum cutting of armour? Q46. Will the modification/upgrade effect the floatation capability of the BMP-2M?. Q47. Will the integration of all weapon system be seamless with utmost effectiveness? Q48. Will the system have a built in test equipment and hard ware test facility?. Q49. Weather your company will be able to provide all the listed upgrades:(a)

Day and night sight for Gunner.


Fire Control System.


Missile Launcher with Second generation plus missile.


Automatic Grenade Launcher.


If not, please specify what upgrade your company can provide.

Q50. Please specifying clearly if you can provide for :(a) Capability to fire all the weapon system on move with the integrated Fire Control System. (b)

Capability to fire all the weapon system from the same day/night sight.


Name of the Vendor/Company/Firm ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ (Company profile, in brief, to be attached)


Type (Tick the relevant category). Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)


Government sponsored Export Agency

Yes/No (Details of registration to provided)

Authorised Representatives of OEM

Yes/No (attach details)

Other (give specific details) ________________________________________________________________


Contact Details. Postal Address:____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ City _____________________ Province : _______________________________ Country __________________ Pin/Zip Code : ___________________________ Tele : _____________________ Fax ____________________________ URL/Web Site : ________________________________


Local Branch/Liaison Office/Authorised Representatives, in Delhi (if any). Name & Address : ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ City : ____________________________ Province : _______________________ Pin Code _________________________ Tele : ____________ Fax __________

Appendix B continued 6 5.

Financial Details. (a)

Annual turn over : __________________________ USD


Number of employees in firm : __________________________________


Details of manufacturing infrastructure available : ___________________


Earlier contracts with India Ministry of Defence/Government agencies:-

Agency Contract






Certification by Quality Assurance Orgainsation (If Applicable). Name of




Applicable from

Valid till

(Date & Year)

(date & Year)

Equipment / product Profile (to be submitted for each product separately) (a)

Name of Product : ____________________________________________

(Should be given category wise for e.g. all products under might vision devices to be mentioned together) (b)

Description (attach technical literature) : ___________________________


Whether OEM or Integrator : ________________________________________


Status (in Service/Design development state) : _____________________


Production capacity per annum : _______________________________


Countries where equipment is in service : _________________________

Appendix B continued 7 (J)

Whether export clearance is required from respective government:

________________________________________________________________________ ___________ (h)

Any collaboration/joint venture/co production/authorized dealer with Indian Industry

(give details): Name & Address : ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Tele : ______________________ Fax : ___________________________ 8.

Any other relevant information : ______________________________________________