29 th May, nd Sunday after Pentecost

Bethany 9:00am 86 Raceview Street, Raceview QLD 4305 Grace 10:00am 19 Ipswich Street, Riverview QLD 4303 St Johns 8:00am & 9:30am 32 Roderick ...
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86 Raceview Street, Raceview QLD 4305



19 Ipswich Street, Riverview QLD 4303

St Johns

8:00am & 9:30am

32 Roderick Street, Ipswich QLD 4305

29th May, 2016

2nd Sunday after Pentecost

I received my message from no human source, and no one taught me. Instead, I received it by direct revelation from Jesus Christ. Galatians 1:12 (NLT)

Ipswich Lutheran House 32 Roderick Street, Ipswich Qld 4305 Telephone: 07 3202 4035 Facsimile: 07 3281 9762 Email: [email protected] Internet: www.ilp.org.au

A Message From Pastor Milton When it is this good, why change it? During the next three weeks we will be looking at the spiritual message of Galatians. Galatians has been called the Magna Carta of Christian Freedom. Part 1 of this series is: Staying in Step with the Gospel! (Galatians 2:11-14). Here we have the account of Paul’s confrontation after Peter has succumbed to pressure and stopped eating with the Gentile Christians at Antioch. Peter has turned aside from the freedom of the gospel (a key theme in Galatians). Paul recounts this brief story to emphasize the nature of Christian freedom. As Paul called Peter to stay in step with the gospel, he also calls the Galatians and us to stay in step. What this means is shown by three developments in Paul’s brief story: 1. Attending to reputation. 2. Shrinking from the gospel. 3. Opposing the gospel. Over the next two weeks we will be looking at: • Why then the Law? (Galatians 3:19-22). • Who’s your mama? (Galatians 4:21-31). (This sermon series is based on a series of studies titled: When it’s this good, why change it? By Daniel J Bush and Noel S Due) Milton

Worship This Week Bethany


Grace St Johns

10am 8am

9.30am St Marks

8.30am 9.30am

Service with Holy Communion Children’s Ministry Service with Holy Communion Service without Holy Communion – LHS page 23 Readings 1 Kings 8:22,23,41-43, Psalm 96: 1-9 Gal 1:1-12, Luke 7:1-10 Hymns 138 LH (Tune 437), 259 LH (Tune 12), 395 LH (Tune 424), 388 LH Contemporary Service without Holy Communion Sunday School Service without Holy Communion Sunday School


Upcoming Dates for Your Calendar This Week Mon 30/5 7.00pm Wed 1/6 7.00pm Thu 2/6 9.00am Coming Up Mon 6/1 7.00pm Thu 9/1 10.00am

Faith Chest Ministry (Bethany Shed) Parish Ministry Team Meeting (Parish House) Parish Women’s Guild (St John’s Hall) Faith Chest Ministry (Bethany Shed) St John’s Women’s Fellowship – St John’s Hall

Happenings in our Parish Baptism At Grace today, we welcome into God’s family through Holy Baptism, Jack Aaron HERMANN (born 7/9/2015) son of Aaron and Megan HERMANN. Godparents are Christopher Hamer and Sarah Hermann. Thank You We thank Stephen Wood (8am) and Margaret Toft (9.30am) for leading worship services at St John’s this morning.

Pastors Conference and Synod Pastor Milton will be out of the office and attending Queensland Pastors Conference from Wednesday 1st June to Friday 3rd June. Pastor will also be in attendance at Convention of Synod from Friday evening 3rd June until Saturday 4th June returning for services at St John’s on Sunday 5th June☺ Parish Ladies Guild – Thursday 2nd June The Parish Ladies Guild will meet on Thursday 2nd June at 9.00 in St John’s Hall. We will start planning the West Moreton Zone Fellowship Day to be held at Bethany Church on Wednesday 21st September 2016. Dot Daniels will then lead the Bible study after which we will go to Queens Park Café for lunch. Husbands are invited. All are welcome so please join us. Pastor Milton declines call to The Eight Mile Plains Parish Last Sunday it was announced across the three worship centres, that I had declined the call to The Eight Mile Plains Parish. The call that I received from Eight Mile Plains was a challenging call which certainly tested my current call to the Ipswich Lutheran Parish. After, much prayer, listening to feedback from leaders and members, and many family discussions, I am convinced that I still have work to do here at Ipswich. Please keep The Eight Mile Plains Parish and all vacant parishes in your prayers. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement that you have shared with me and my family during this past month. Milton 3

Subscriptions Due Just a reminder that subscriptions are now due for ‘The Lutheran’. Payments can be made via our collectors across the Parish; Bethany – Betty Taylor, Grace – Marie Canfell and St John’s – Evan Draheim (8am). Alternatively you may wish to place a clearly marked envelope on the offering plate or in person at Parish House.

Upcoming Events Parish Children & Youth Ministries Friday Friday 3rd June RAGE - St John’s Hall 6.30pm Ignition – Bethany Worship Centre 6.00pm

Ladies Lounge – Tuesday 31st May St. John’s House 34 Roderick Street, Ipswich 7.00pm – 9.00pm Guest Speaker – Karyn Rosenthal from Lutheran Community Care Re: “Mary & Martha’s” Women’s Refuge Please bring along personal items to put into a basket to bless the ladies! Eg makeup (foundation, mascara, lipstick etc), perfume, hand lotion, toothpaste, moisturiser and so on...... New items only please! Supper Provided – come and fellowship with your sisters in Christ! All ladies from across the Parish welcome and feel free to bring a friend. For more information please contact Leanne Kreis 0438 280 861

Save the Date! Ipswich Lutheran Parish Ladies Retreat 15 – 17 July 2016 Mount Alford Lodge More information soon!


LYQ Camps CLW Winter Camps – Registrations Open Christian Life Week camps are here again! Pick up your ‘How to Register’ card at the back of the church today.  Week 1 – 27th June to 1st July 2016  Week 2 – 4th July to 8th July 2016

Early Bird Registrations Close Today! Register today www.lyq.org.au/clw Contact Parish Office for subsidy code –

Last Week Attendance and Offerings Bethany 22/5 9.00am Grace 22/5 10.00am St John’s 22/5 8.00am 9.30am

113 30 59 88

$2893.30 $1705.40 $1710.00 $692.20 (Pigs $123.40

Available from your local Church foyer • Current Bethany School Newsletter


Prayer Corner Church Prayer Time A time of prayer is held at Bethany every Sunday at 8.30am. Any and all are welcome to join in with these prayer times. Prayer Points • that the church would preach in purity the one gospel of Christ • that people everywhere would receive the good news of God's grace with joy • that our faith in God would continue to grow stronger • that our government, and all governments in the world, would uphold justice and good laws • that God would mercifully hear the cries of all who call on him in need Care Slip & General Parish Prayer Requests • Continuing prayers for the homeless of this world. • Pray for all baptised children that they continue to grow in their faith. • All sick and the elderly. Other Prayers • Pray for the family and friends of the late Edwin Gerhke as they prepare for his funeral which will be held here at St. John’s on Monday 30th May at 10:00 am. • Pray for Audrey Taylor Cahill and family as they mourn the recent death of Lyall Cahill. General Prayers • Please continue praying for o the pastors, office staff and leaders of the Parish and congregations. o the upcoming meetings of the parish and congregations (refer to the ‘Coming Up’ section at the back of this bulletin). o the church services beforehand and as they take place o specific events as they arise i.e. funerals, weddings, baptisms, synod, studies undertaken across the parish


Next Week Bethany 9am


Grace 10am

Date Title Bible Readings Altar Colour Service Time & Details

1 Kings 17: 17-24

St Johns 8am Sun 05-Jun-16

3rd Sunday after Pentecost Proper 5 Psalm 30 Gal 1:11-24 Green

St Johns 9.30am

Luke 7:11-17

Theme: Why then the Law? LHS page 6 HC

Contemporary 9.30am HC


M Oldfield

H Fritsch


J O'Donnell, B Steinhardt

M Behrendorff J Stegemann

M Oldfield

J Yarrow

Service Order Bible Readings Reader Support Lay Leader

Thomas Gary


Nathan B / Steve

Welcomers HC Assist. Prayer Leader

David / Ann xxxxx Eunice S Paul / Ann / Neil / Val Kurt / Cameron Band KATHY / Eunice D / Carolina Matthew H Rachel

Prayers Organist / Musicians Children’s Ministry / Children's Activity PP Operator Sound Desk Video Operator Bethany Children’s Talk/ Song/ St John’s offering counter PP Designer Morning Tea/Coffee Cleaning Flowers Mowing St John’s Monthly Roster

L Kreis D Gowell E.Young H Barron

Jillene Jonathan Jeremy Daniel G Fritsch Gaylea Sam Alyssa A Fritsch S Grieger P Clark

PAUL / Paul

Marie S, Marie T

J Croft


H Barron C Tabke, M Theuerkauf Borchert, Zahnow

H Barron J Kreis B Robke Borchert, Zahnow

Ruth / Tracey / Jane


Ann / Gayle Freiberg Heather Reon / Ross R Schultz R Schultz Altar linen: N Schultz / Brass clean: Borchert, Tabke, Zahnow / Altar paraments: C Barnett / Care slips/pencils: C Muggeridge / Activity bags: E Meier / Tract rack: L Stiller / Open Book: M Toft / Funeral clean: S Piotrowski / Usher: C Hoffmann, A Sephton, (emerg - M Oldfield) / Organist: D Gowell / Caterers: L Riggs, G Borchert, K Pike, M Smith / Wedding usher: C Hoffmann

Any changes or corrections with the rosters please contact the congregation’s roster coordinator – Bethany – Doreen Gowell/Gayle Green, Grace – Errol Freiberg, St John’s - 8am Claire Barnett, 9.30am Wayne Kreis Bulletin notices and inserts deadline: Thursdays 2pm


Want to know more about Jesus? Head to ‘Next Steps’ on our website: nextsteps.ilp.org.au Or alternatively, speak to one of our pastors. We would love to hear from you and help you if you want to continue in your faith walk, learning more about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Guests – we trust that you have drawn closer to God in worship today. Our church is blessed by your presence today. Please stay and enjoy a ‘cuppa’ with us after worship and make yourself known to us. We’d love to answer any queries you may have. Help Us To Care - if you know of someone who has fallen ill or who is suffering in any way, please let the Pastoral Care Coordinator or one of the Pastors know by contacting the parish office so that appropriate care and follow up can occur. Thinking Of Joining This Church? – We would love for you to make that commitment with us, as you make a conscious decision to be part of something bigger than simply yourself. If you have been worshipping here regularly and are not yet a member, the pastors would be happy to talk to you about ‘making our Church home - your Church home.

Ipswich Lutheran Parish Contact Details: Parish Office

32 Roderick Street, Ipswich, QLD, 4305 Open│Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm, Phone│07 3202 4035 Fax│07 3281 9762 Email│[email protected] Web│www.ilp.org.au

Parish Staff

Lead Pastor│Milton Fritsch Associate Pastor│Ben Hentschke Crisis Care Co-ordinator│Betty Taylor Children & Youth Co-ordinator | Leah Bricknell Ministry Support│Karen Cotter & Michelle Yarrow Pastoral Care Support│Vicki Park Professional Standards│Michelle Yarrow

Parish Worship Centres & Sunday Worship Times Bethany 86 Raceview Street Raceview 9am

Grace 19 Ipswich Street Riverview 10am

St Johns 32 Roderick Street Ipswich 8am│9:30am

Educational Facilities Bethany Lutheran Primary School 126 Cascade Street, Raceview 07 3288 8799 Principal: Neil Schiller Email [email protected] Web www.bethany.qld.edu.au

Bethany Lutheran Kindergarten 86 Raceview Street, Raceview 07 3294 0024 Director: Charlene Ciempka Email [email protected]