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The information shown below is 9 pages in length including this page. If you wish to print the entire set of documents just click on the printer symbol in the toolbar above.

1. Tour Costs and Schedule 2. Preparing for the Tour 3. 12 Day Budget minus airfare 4. Recommended Listening and Viewing 5. Instructions for sending photos to John of God 6. Your Letter to God 7. Instructions for taking the herbs 8. Bob’s Eyesight Recovery Story

Tour Costs and Schedule Thank you for your inquiry regarding John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania Brazil. We have included some information for you to review including a budget, instructions for sending photos to John of God and instructions for preparing for the tour.

Bob and Diana’s Tour Schedule for 2017

Tour Dates Jan 30


Feb 11 2017



Jul 15 2017


Nov 4


Oct 23


The Tour Package Includes This tour is offered as a way to assist you in maximizing your experience at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia, Brazil. In exchange for the tour fee of $2400US per adult and $1400US per child under 13, a 12-day tour includes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Seventy five pages of information describing the entire experience Lodging, including three meals per day at your pousada Group transportation to and from the Brasilia airport on posted tour dates Guidance to assist you when meeting with John of God Guidance with Casa protocol and procedures Daily orientation sessions to discuss your progress Two group orientation sessions to answer questions Guided group visit to the Casa’s Sacred Waterfall A guided bus tour to the Casa’s Soup Kitchen A formal written budget to forecast your expenses Passport and Visa advice Travel Insurance options Airline ticketing options We follow the Standards of Independent Guides Recognized by the Casa. MOST IMPORTANTLY: We stay with you at the pousada (motel) for the entire 12 day tour! We stay at the most expensive pousada where you will have: o o o o o

A private room with toilet, shower, towels Excellent food for all types of diets including vegetarians Laundry service Wireless Internet access Courtyard with waterfalls for relaxation

NOTE: Participants pay for their own airfare

PREPARING FOR THE TOUR 2017 Bob Dinga and Diana Rose www.Miraclesofjohnofgod.com

1. SEND US YOUR APPLICATION AND DEPOSIT: Immediately send us your completed application signed in 3 places. This reserves your place on the tour. Enclose your deposit of $500.00. The balance of $1,900.00 is due one month before our departure date. You may pay the entire $2400 tour fee instead of a deposit. 2. CHECK YOUR PASSPORT: Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months beyond your departure date. If you need to update your passport or obtain a new one, search the internet for “passport services” in your city. US citizens may also contact their local post office for passport services. 3. PURCHASE YOUR AIRLINE TICKETS: Check with us regarding recommended arrival and departure times at the Brasilia airport. If you need to change planes in Brazil before arriving at your final destination of Brasilia, you must schedule 3 or more hours of ground time at your first arrival airport in Brazil. You may purchase your tickets online or use any travel agency you wish. We are currently using BACC Travel in New York You may call (800) 342-5746 and ask for Nice (Neecee). Be sure the name on your tickets matches the name on your passport. Get your preferred seat assignments and preferred meal type through the travel agent when you book your tickets. Please email or fax us your travel itinerary. 4. OBTAIN YOUR VISA: Even if you have a visa for Brazil, check the visa stamp in your passport to verify when it expires. If you are a U.S. citizen you will need a visa to enter Brazil. Call or email us for further instructions. If you are not a US passport holder or you are a dual passport holder, please call us for further information. 5. PURCHASE YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE: We require basic medical and medical transportation coverage for this tour. Our travel insurance company of choice is Travel Insured International at 1 800 2433174. Ask for a WORLDWIDE TRIP PROTECTOR policy. This policy can be purchased with or without “trip cancellation” coverage. If you are under the age of 61, the cost of Worldwide Trip Protector without “Trip Cancellation” coverage is $40 or less. Additional trip cancellation coverage is recommended if there is a potential that you might have to cancel this tour due to work, illness, or other reasons. Please mail, fax or email to us: your 1) travel insurance company name, 2) your policy number, and 3) the insurance company’s emergency telephone number. 6. STUDY THE INFORMATION WE SEND YOU: Study all the information we send you before the trip. You must bring it with you for review and reference. 7. PAY THE TOUR FEE BALANCE: The $1900US balance is due one month before the published departure date. Please mark your calendar 5 weeks prior to departure to mail us your tour fee balance. 8. RECONFIRM YOUR FLIGHTS: Remember to reconfirm your outbound flights 72 hours before departure to confirm that your departure and arrival times have not changed. 9. CURRENCY EXCHANGE: The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real. Please be sure to order Brazilian reals from your local bank or currency exchange office at least 10 business days before departure. We recommend that you exchange at least $500US dollars into Brazilian reals. You may wish to bring more money if you are a shopper or a crystal lover.

TWELVE DAY BUDGET with TOUR 2017 Exchange Rate = 2.75 Exchange rate: 2.75 reals for every US dollar Check the Internet for changes in exchange rate

Prices valid through December 2017



Tour Package (children under 13 years old – fee is $1400) Brazilian Visa Travel Insurance ($45 or less if you are under the age of 61) 3 Liters of Water per day for 12 days 2 Prescriptions for herbs 5 Crystal Bed sessions Taxis after surgery & inclement weather 12 rides Gifts for family (Books, videos, crystals, rosaries, photos, etc.) Tips for Maids TOTAL

2400 160 45 39 44 36 44 73 22 $2863

108 120 100 120 200 60 R708

Lodging with 3 meals a day at the pousada Taxi to and from Brasilia airport if you arrive/depart on scheduled tour dates Transportation to the Sacred Waterfall Pre tour preparation and consultation services Two information booklets and q DVD with 390 photos Add $75 if you use a visa service to obtain your visa Extra Cash for optional gifts, laundry, wi-fi, fun food, etc.

Included Included Included Included Included

75 500-900

This budget does not include your airfare. Check with Bob or your travel agent for the best fares.

1. This budget is based upon a currency exchange rate of approximately 2.75 Brazilian reals for every US dollar. Check your local newspaper, bank or visit http://www.xe.com/ucc/ for more current rates. 2. Travelers checks cannot be cashed in or near the Casa. 3.

Credit cards can be used for all of your purchases at the Casa bookstore and at the Casa Pharmacy (crystal bed sessions, water, crystals ,blessed herbs, etc.) as long as your purchase exceeds 50 reals.

4. Money can be withdrawn using ATM cards at certain banks in the bigger cities and sometimes in Abadiania. You must have your PIN number to withdraw money from an ATM machine. Your pin number must be 6 characters or less in length for the Brazilian ATM machines. Please plan your cash requirements carefully. Note: The budget listed above is given to you only as a guideline. Please consult other materials such as tour books and other people who have recently been to Abadiania. Bob Dinga & Diana Rose Phone (831) 688-4088 Fax (831) 688-1084 Email [email protected] Website www.MIRACLESOFJOHNOFGOD.com

RECOMMENDED DVDs and CDs John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio DVD - 390 spectacular photos of the Casa, the town of Abadiania and the surrounding countryside backed with 10 songs that are played in the current rooms. NTSC format for North American DVD players including USA and Canada.


John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio DVD - 390 spectacular photos of the Casa, the town of Abadiania and the surrounding countryside. Includes instrumental background music. PAL format for European DVD players


Thank You, God Meditation CD - recorded live at the Omega Institute John of God event in Rhinebeck NY 1-hour of guided visualizations and prayers


John of God DVD video (80 minutes) with surgeries $20.00

390 spectacular photos of the Casa, the town of Abadiania and the surrounding countryside with 10 songs that are played in the current rooms.

Meditation CD recorded live at the Omega Institute’s John of God event in Rhinebeck NY

$20.00 1-hour John of God Photo and Letter Package $90.00

of Guided Visualizations and Prayers

SENDING PHOTOS FOR JOHN OF GOD TO REVIEW Whenever you have a choice, for best results, choose to travel to Abadiania to see John of God in person and participate in the special healing energies of the Casa de Dom Inacio. If this is not possible for you, the next best action is to send a photo with someone who is going there. Your photo will be shown to John of God for review. He will scan your photo and write out a prescription for “Passiflora” herbs. At the Casa pharmacy, these herbs will be energized specifically for your needs according to your prescription. Each person receives a 56 day supply of Passiflora capsules. Your Commitment There is a dietary restriction notice that will accompany your herbs. While you are taking the herbs, you may not ingest alcohol, fertilized eggs or pepper of any kind. Also, John of God sometimes makes a mark or marks an “X” on the photo. If John of God marks your photo, it means that you need to come to the Casa in person to continue your healing process. The reason for this is known only to John of God. Photo Instructions You may choose to send your photos and letters to us via regular mail or via email. Photos may be in color or black and white and are best if they have been taken recently. Please send us one 4X6 inch photo. Please take the photo with your clothing on. Send only one full-length front view photo. Wear white clothing or the lightest color clothing when possible. Please provide your name, date of birth, current address, telephone number, and a short message to John of God on the back of your photo. Your photo will remain at the Casa for continuous prayer work unless it has a mark on it. Photos with marks will be returned to you. ** If you are using Express or Overnight mail service, please check the box on the label “No Signature Required”. If you are using email: Email photos and letters to: [email protected] Fee for Presenting Photos to John of God and mailing herbs to you Enclose a check or money order payable to Diana Rose in the amount of: $60US for photos sent by mail from US citizens $65US for photos sent by email from US citizens $90US if you live outside of the USA Please mail payment to: Diana Rose 245 Augusta Lane Aptos, CA. 95003 USA These fees cover the cost of the herbs, packaging materials and postage. Your herbs will be mailed to you within 3 days of our return to our home.

Complete these steps before sending your photos 1. Write your name, address, phone number, date of birth, and a short message to John of God on the back of your photo 2. Prepare a check or money order in US dollars and make it payable to Diana Rose. 3. If you wish, write a Letter to God and send it with your photo. An explanation is shown below. 4. Give us your email address so we can inform you of our future Casa trips in case you want more herbs. 5. If you are using Express or Overnight mail service, please check the box on the label “No Signature Required” and sign your name giving approval to leave your package without a signature.

Your Letter to God You may also send a letter directed to God. Your letter may be short and sweet or it may be many pages long. There is no wrong way of writing this letter. Just open your heart and let the words flow. Please place your version of this letter in a sealed envelope, separate from any photos or payment that you might be sending, and mark “PRAYER BASKET’ on the front of the envelope. We will take your sealed envelope and place it in John of God’s prayer basket. These envelopes are collected daily for the Spirit Guides who work through John to review. Recently a lady put a letter to God in the prayer basket listing many things that she was requesting. 3 days later she took a copy of this list to the translator saying that she wanted him to read it to John of God to make sure that he knew what she was asking. When the translator started reading it to John of God, John said, “We just got this list 3 days ago and we are still working on it.” Please send letters to: Diana Rose or Bob Dinga 245 Augusta Lane Aptos, CA 95003 USA or Email: [email protected] Fax : 831 688-1084

INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAKING YOUR HERBS Please note: Do not stop taking your medications prescribed by your doctor. These herbs will not interfere with any medications.

Three capsules are to be taken daily, spaced evenly through the day: one in the morning, one at midday and one in the evening. Children under the age of 12 are usually given special instructions regarding how many capsules to take each day. These are the most common instructions-- however another may be recommended for you that you are to follow. Note: If swallowing capsules is a problem, open the capsule and mix it in water, juice or with your food. The herbs may be taken with food or on an empty stomach, with meals or between meals. To receive the full benefit, take your herbs consciously and observe the simple rules. Do not allow anyone else to handle your herbs unless you are incapacitated. John of God directs Divine energy into the herbs specifically for the recipient according to what he observes in the person standing before him or in the photograph presented to him. Although each person receives the same type of herbs (Passiflora: ground up passion flower leaves), no two prescriptions of herbs are alike. Your herbs are energized specifically for your specific, individual needs, as determined by John of God. REQUIRED DIET In addition, while you are taking the herbs, do not ingest: 1. Alcohol of any kind or amount (except the tiny amount contained in tinctures). 2. Spicy food containing chilies, hot peppers, black or white pepper, cayenne, hot sauces, paprika, etc. Bell peppers are okay. 3. Fertilized eggs. Fertilized eggs are eggs produced by a hen who has been loved by a rooster. The sperm from the rooster creates an embryo instead of a yoke. NOTE: Pork meat such as ham, bacon, etc., is now allowed while taking the herbs. Should you decide for some reason not to take or to discontinue taking the herbs, please bless them and return them to the earth by dissolving them with water. The containers may be recycled. When you are nearly finished with your herbs, send a current photo with someone who is going to the Casa so that you can have more herbs to continue your healing process. Bob Dinga and Diana Rose Phone 831 688-4088 Email: [email protected] Website: www.MIRACLESOFJOHNOFGOD.com

Bob Dinga’s Eyesight Recovery Story In 1986, I was diagnosed with a rare disease in the retinas of my eyes. There were no drugs to combat this disease and laser surgeries were the only means of stopping its progression. Following five laser surgeries over a 13-year period of time, I was designated as legally blind and told that it would be beneficial to start learning Braille. I was told that there was nothing more that could be done. Instead of taking my doctor’s advice, I yelled at God and said: “I can do more to serve you and humanity if I could see better!”. God took me up on my wishes. In November of 1998, my beloved partner Diana Rose read a book to me, written by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, entitled the Miracle Man. Upon completion of the reading, I indicated that I must go to Brazil to receive my miracle from the healer known as John of God. At this point, I could still read large print and I could drive around the immediate community as long as I knew where I was going. Believing that an instantaneous miracle would restore my eyesight, I hired an interpreter who spoke Portuguese and proceeded to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania Brazil for a one and a half day stay. I sat in current (meditation) twice on the first day and received an invisible spiritual operation in the surgery room on the second morning. While I was sitting in the surgery room, I felt someone blowing in my ear. I remember thinking that they should be working on my eyes, not my ear. Since I did not understand the severity of my surgery and since I didn’t feel anything, my translator and I proceeded to tour the countryside and even spent many hours shopping for crystals in the city of Crystalina, Brazil. This action was exactly opposite of what we were told to do following a surgery. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and began to realize that I had truly had a major operation. It was too late! I had ignored the rules and the warnings and my eyesight began to get worse. When I arrived back home, my ability to read had diminished to almost zero without strong magnification and my ability to drive a car had ended. When asked if I would ever go back to Abadiania, I answered “No, unless I receive a clear message from God!” Approximately three weeks after my return, John of God came to me in a dream. When I asked him if I should return to the Casa de Dom Inacio, he said “Yes, two more times.” Without the ability to read the TV monitors in the airports, nor the ability to speak Portuguese, I returned on my own in May of 1999 for three days and again in August for three weeks. Following the May trip, my eyesight returned to where it was before going in January. Following the August trip, my eyesight began to improve significantly. I began to notice that each time I returned from Brazil my eyesight would improve significantly but start to degrade after a couple of months. In December of 1999 I visited the Casa for three weeks and had my most profound experiences, insights and improvement in eyesight. I returned home and resigned from my job. My eyesight has improved ever since and has never degraded to this day. I can now read again for short periods of time and I drive wherever I want to go even in minimal lighting conditions. I lead a normal life again and work from my home office using my computer to communicate with people around the world who want to know more about the Casa de Dom Inacio and John of God. For more information, my email address is [email protected] , my telephone +1 831 688-4088 and my website is www.MIRACLESOFJOHNOFGOD.com

As of August 2014, Diana and I have taken 63 groups of people to the Casa during our 16 years of traveling to the Casa. As Casa certified guides, we have taken as few as 1 person and as many as 109 people in our groups. Your healing process is unique and personal to yourself. Only you and God know how long it will take to receive your miracle. However, we can “guarantee” that a visit to the Casa de Dom Inacio will change your life forever in a good way and will strengthen your connection to God or whatever Higher Power you believe in. Blessings of perfect health, peace and happiness to you and the ones you love. Bob Dinga