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November 29, 2015 1st Sunday of Advent The weekly bulletin of SAINT MARGARET MARY 2324 W. Chase Ave. • Chicago, IL 60645 PASTORAL STAFF Pastor, Rev....
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November 29, 2015 1st Sunday of Advent

The weekly bulletin of

SAINT MARGARET MARY 2324 W. Chase Ave. • Chicago, IL 60645 PASTORAL STAFF Pastor, Rev. James Barrett Residents, Rev. Harold Murphy Michael Okoro, C.S.Sp. Deacon, Michael Neba Accountant, Jim Masini RE Co-ordinator, Cynthia Splatt School Principal, Laurie Konicek Pastoral Council Chairpersons, Lenore Kanary & Cookie Krupa Director of Music, Steve Burke


Weekend Saturday 4:00 pm Sunday 8:30 am & 10:30 am 10:00 am Family Mass in Colletti Hall (On the Third Sunday of the Month) Weekday Monday-Friday 7:00 & 8:45 am Saturday 8:45 am

RECONCILIATION Saturdays from 3:00-3:30 pm. An appointment can also be made by calling one of the priests.

OFFICES Rectory (773) 764-0615 2324 W. Chase Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm & 1:00-5:00 pm School (773) 764-0641 7318 N. Oakley Website: www.smmschool.com Activity Center (773) 338-4144 7341 N. Claremont St. Vincent DePaul Society (773) 764-0615, ext. 27


F r o m t h e Pa s t o r ’ s D e s k

Thank you to all who are participating in To Teach Who Christ Is. We are moving closer to our goal of $550,000.00. When we reach 500K, ALL the monies pledged, after 100% of it, will stay in our parish. Of the 550K, we will receive 60% of the money from the campaign. We already have over 10K in our savings account that will be used to fulfill the commitments we have in the parish. Some people think they are signing a contract. It is not a contract. The campaign is a commitment to make payments over time to support the campaign. If something changes and you can no longer fulfill the commitment, a simple note will let the campaign know not to send reminders. If you come into a windfall, you may wish to increase your donation to TTWCI. Please pray for the success of TTWCI so we can help fund Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Chicago for years to come. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Actrivia gathering. This year’s event was even more fun than last year. My team won the Actrivia trophy (after I went home). I almost won the even/odds contest. Needless to say, everyone had a good time. When FSA announces it next year, please plan on joining the fun. Christmas is coming. Once again SMM parish is sponsoring the Giving Tree for our sharing parish, St. Aloysius. Please take a tag off the tree and purchase a gift for a member of our sharing parish. You may want to take a tag as you begin your own Christmas shopping. Too, we begin the Year of Mercy on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Please check the bulletin for events that will take place at SMM, in our deanery and around the Archdiocese. Invite someone who left the church to come home. I think it will be worth the invitation. Please pray for Pope Francis that he will continue reaching out to all God’s people. Soon we will be doing our annual Christmas mailing. If you do not receive a letter from the parish, you are probably not a registered parishioner. It is important to you and the parish to register so that you will know what is happening in our parish. And, we will be better able to reach out to serve your needs. There are registration forms in the back of church. It will take only a few minutes to complete the form. You should be getting something from the parish within month of registering. We do NOT share your information with vendors. So, don’t worry you will not get on multiple mailing lists if you do register. Too, our records are PRIVATE.

-Father Barrett

COME CELEBRATE THE SEASON WITH US ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17TH! Join us in a Holiday Sing-a-Long presented by the 30 voice St. Margaret Mary Christmas Singers, accompanied by a 14 piece orchestra. The event will take place in the church. Admission is free and refreshments will be served in the Gathering Space. Last year we had a wonderful crowd and we expect to fill up again this year! We hope you’ll be a part of this wonderful Celebration.

School Corner

T h a n k Yo u f o r Yo u r Generosity



Join us in Evanston for a festive fundraising shopping day from 12-4 pm on Sunday, December 6th. A percentage of sales from the following shops will be donated back to the school.


Dragonfly-DF, 1501 A Chicago Avenue VinicWine, 1509 Chicago Avenue See Jane Sparkle, 1312 Chicago Avenue Stumble & Relish, 1310 A Chicago Avenue



ST. MARGART MARY SHARING TREES Each year St. Margaret Mary parishioners open their hearts to help give needy families at St. Aloysius a warm and joyous Christmas with a turkey, a gift certificate from Jewel and a couple of Christmas presents for each family member. Tags are available to select now.

A few important things to remember: 1. The deadline of December 13th for return of the gifts is imperative. Your gifts must be returned by the 10:30 am mass on December 13th in order to assure delivery to the families in St. Aloysius Parish. Bring your gifts to mass and place them under the Sharing Trees. All other times, please drop them off at the rectory. 2. Do not purchase food certificates. We have an arrangement with the SMM School Manna Program to purchase them; thereby contributing to the Scholarship Fund for the school while providing for St. Aloysius families. 3. If you chose a gift tag which specifies a gift, please purchase a gift. Do not send cash or a check in place of a gift. 4. If you choose a gift tag which specifies a “gift card,” please place the gift card in an envelope and attach the tag to the front. These need to be deposited into the box marked “Gift Cards.” 5. If you choose a gift tag which specifies a monetary donation for diner and/or turkeys, please make your check payable to St. Margaret Mary. Checks made payable to individuals will be returned to you. 6. We appreciate your generosity at this time of the year and we thank you in advance for helping us provide for the needy families at St. Aloysius Parish. Cookie Krupa and Erin Krupa 773-465-1362


YANKEE CANDLE FUNDRAISER www.yankeecandlefundraising.com SMM group #990086374

CHANGE IN DEADLINES All information for the December 13th and December 20th issues of the Chimes is due in the rectory office no later than Monday, December 7th, at 9 AM in order to meet the publisher’s holiday deadline.


Pa r i s h & C o m m u n i t y E v e n t s

EXERCISE CLASS meets in the Activity Center on Tuesdays & Fridays from 9:30am to 10:30am. For more information, call Ria at 773-465-1734. BOY SCOUT TROOP 923 Come join the fun! Boys aged 11 and up are welcome to join Troop 923. We meet every Tuesday from 7:00 to 9pm in the Rectory Hall. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by voicemail at 312-772-4923. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PARISHIONERS CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK! Dr. Patricia Campion (11/30) Karin Dooley (11/30) Joseph Fivelson (11/30) Anna Kotowski (11/30) Thomas Aplington (12/1) Thomas Mackin (12/1) Patrick Nwanah (12/1) Denise Tannehill (12/1) Margaret Johnston (12/2) Bibiana Rodrigues (12/2) Angelina Alban (12/3) Frank Canizares (12/3) Remedios Esquieres (12/3) Konrad Futterer (12/3) Lauren LaSalle (12/3) Rita Gonzalez (12/4) Elizabeth Jones (12/4) Robert Levy (12/4)

John Riggio (12/4) James Sack (12/4) Nikole Burrell (12/5) Maria Caluya (12/5) Jonathan David (12/5) Catherine Feeney (12/5) Eric Burrel (12/6) Yesenia Carpintero (12/6) John Fewer (12/6) Monica Kochis (12/6) Jinx Kotowski (12/6) Lucien Larue (12/6) Margy Matthews (12/6) Jose Paz (12/6) Elsa Puck (12/6) Haley Schnack (12/6) Christa Doeding (12/6) Charles Wagner (12/6)


*Shadow Day, Thursday, December 3rd Register at rspace.rdhs.org/shadow15

*Beginners Lacrosse Clinic 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls join Head Coach Coleen Speth and her Varsity Lacrosse team on Wednesday, December 2nd, from 7 to 8:30pm in the gym. Learn to pass, catch, cradle and shoot. Sticks and goggles will be provided. Please bring gym shoes and a mouth guard. Register at rspace.rdhs.org/lax15 701 Locust Road, Wilmette, 847-246-7660 Extension 233


Focus on t he Word CYCLES OF FAITH 1st Sunday of Advent "But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand." Jesus instructs his disciples to take this posture of confidence in the midst of a terribly disturbing situation. Describing his second coming, Jesus says that on seeing this event unfold, "People will die of fright." And yet the disciples are supposed to be pillars of strength. While others cower in fear, the Lord's followers are somehow immune, with heads raised high. Why? Well, presumably, because those who follow Christ--those who earn the distinction of being disciples--have nothing to fear. On the

Readings for the Week of November 29, 2015

contrary, when they have to "stand before the Son of Man," it will be


a happy occasion. But here's the catch: "disciple" is more than an

Monday: Tuesday:

empty title. If we want to be counted among this confident crew, there are a few things for us to do. Today's Gospel spells out these

Wednesday: Thursday:

tasks, which are all perfect things to pursue during Advent. First, we have to make sure that our "hearts do not become drowsy." We are called to stay awake in a spiritual sense, not allowing "carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of daily life" to

Friday: Saturday: Next Sunday:

Jer 33:14-16/Ps 25:4-5, 8-10, 14/ 1 Thes 3:12--4:2/Lk 21:25-28, 34-36 Rom 10:9-18/Ps 19:8-11/Mt 4:18-22 Is 11:1-10/Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17/ Lk 10:21-24 Is 25:6-10a/Ps 23:1-6/Mt 15:29-37 Is 26:1-6/Ps 118:1, 8-9, 19-21, 25-27/ Mt 7:21, 24-27 Is 29:17-24/Ps 27:1, 4, 13-14/Mt 9:27-31 Is 30:19-21, 23-26/Ps 147:1-6/ Mt 9:35--10:1, 5a, 6-8 Bar 5:1-9/Ps 126:1-6/Phil 1:4-6, 8-11/ Lk 3:1-6

numb us. We need to avoid whatever might reduce our ability to recognize and relate to Jesus, because we don't want his appearance to catch us "by surprise like a trap." Advent is an ideal time to examine our lives to determine what activities, priorities, or pastimes might be putting our hearts to sleep. Secondly, we need to pray. We need to ask Jesus himself for "the strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent and to stand before the Son of Man." We can't do it alone. But with Christ's help, we can be true, fearless disciples.

SACRAMENTS Marriage: Arrangements should be made at least three months in advance. Baptisms: On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month immediately following the 10:30 am mass. Please make arrangements at least one month in advance. Preparation class held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the rectory

R.C.I.A Program/Process for adults interested in the Catholic Faith (Sept.-April). Call the Rectory for information.

NEW PARISHIONERS We welcome our new parishioners and invite them to register at the rectory.


Worship Calendar


Sunday, November 29 1st Sunday of Advent 8:30 am Mary Boski Marua Santos 10:30 am Paul Isiekwene Paulina Isiekwene In Thanksgiving: Mrs. Roseline Isiekwene & Family (living) Monday, November 30 St. Andrew 7:00 am Deceased members of SMM 8:45 am Angela Otero Tuesday, December 1 7:00 am Deceased members of SMM 8:45 am John C. Kuhn Wednesday, December 2 7:00 am Arcadio Santos 8:45 am Deceased members of SMM Thursday, December 3 St. Francis Xavier 7:00 am Deceased members of SMM 8:45 am Deceased members of SMM Friday, December 4 7:00 am Winnie Duffy 8:45 am Deceased members of SMM Saturday, December 5 8:45 am Deceased members of SMM 4:00 pm Sr. Jean Marsden, LCM Ann Donohue Mary Colletti Sunday, December 6 2nd Sunday of Advent 8:30 am Charles Okoye Chris Murtaugh 10:30 am Margaret McConnon Mary Colletti Horan, Doenges & Bowen Family Lawrence Costello

LITURGICAL ROLES SMM serves, prays and celebrates.

Sacristans Monday, November 30 A Volunteer Is Needed Wednesday, December 2 A Volunteer Is Needed Saturday, December 5 Agnes Robst & Elsie Heyler




FOR RENT: Neal Gallo State Farm has 2 sm office spcs for rent: $350 & $550/mo. State of the art security, policy & fire. Tenant on site all day, 773-743-6565; 1 bdrm, $775 incl ht, 7237 N. Ridge no smoking, Steve, 773-7196733; TREADMILL AVAILABLE: call Helen at 773-262-6266; NANNY AVAILABLE: f.t. or p.t., day & night services, exp with newborn and twins. Contact Ariel at 773-6643649; GARAGE FOR RENT: 7533 N. Seeley, $100/mo, 773443-1199; JOB OP: Porter to work in school cafeteria at Uno Rogers Park, 7416 N. Ridge, M-F, 8A-10A or 2P-3P. Apply in person to Nubia/Caferia; FOR SALE: full sz bd, $40, 2 nite stands $30, 773-764-3789.

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