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2014/2015 ANNUAL REPORT Yarmouth Hospital Foundation The mission of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is to support and enhance our hospital as a com...
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Yarmouth Hospital Foundation The mission of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional centre of excellence in health care.



Enhancing Health Care Campaign exceeded goal for major projects Province, hospital share costs 75/25

New CT Scanner YHF share: $355,506 The CT scanner uses advanced software applications which allow more detailed diagnoses. At left, Chief Radiologist Dr. Joel Surette examines a scan, while (above) senior CT technologist Tina Maillet prepares a patient.

Medication Management System (MMS) YHF share: $391,301 MMS brings administration and dispensing of medications up to industry standards. It improves drug monitoring and reduces waste. At right, pharmacy technician Samantha Hedley prepares a prescription.



Annual Repor t Welcome to the first Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s Annual Report. The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s Annual Report will be distributed at the June Annual General Meeting to our donors and the community. It is a comprehensive report on the Foundation’s activities throughout the year and is intended to give our donors, sponsors, partners and other interested parties information about the Foundation’s activities and financial performance.

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Our Impact

The French version of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation will be available on our website: www.yarmouthhospitalfoundation.ca



A heartfelt thank-you ‘The success of this campaign is due to you, our donors’

Great hospitals need great community support. The impact of our community on the Yarmouth Regional Hospital has been tremendous and is allowing us to build a reputation that is a credit to the high-quality care and compassion that we are delivering in Yarmouth and the Tri-Counties. It is inspiring to look back on the past year and count our many successes. With the generosity of our volunteers and you, our donors, remarkable things are happening at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital and the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation (YHF). As a result of overwhelming community support, we are building a better hospital with better tools to help our physicians and treat our patients. In the spring of 2014, the Foundation launched the Enhancing Health Care (EHC) campaign to raise $754,000 to fund a new state-of-the-art CT scanner and the automated Medication Management System. The Yarmouth Women’s Auxiliary led the way with a very generous gift of $150,000. The Foundation received a second significant gift from YHF Board Director Elaine Thistle and her husband, Doug. The Thistles’ donation of more than $200,000 provided a lead gift to the Future Fund, a second pillar of the EHC campaign, thus setting a new campaign goal of $1.2 million. The Future Fund helps the Foundation prepare for future equipment needs. I am pleased to report that we have

exceeded our over-all goal. The success of this campaign is due to you, our donors. On March 26, 2015, we celebrated the success of the Enhancing Health Care campaign by hosting a celebration in the lobby of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. We publicly acknowledged the Women’s Auxiliary lead gift for the campaign and recognized the Thistles’ generous donation, given in memory of Elaine Thistle’s parents, Walton and Josina Warner. As a testament to their generosity, a name plate has been added to the Wall of Honour under “Patrons.” Our signature events, the Spring Gala and the Jody Shelley Golf Fore Health, continue to be very successful, with the dollars raised by these events going towards much needed equipment for the Yarmouth Hospital. Thank you to the YHF staff for their dedication to the Foundation’s fundraising efforts. Au nom du conseil d’administration de la Fondation Hôpital de Yarmouth, j’étendre mes sincères remerciements pour tous les dons, le support des commanditaires et les bénévoles qui donnent si généreusement de leurs temps et d’argent pour assurer les meilleurs soins de santé possible dans notre région. Merci! Shirley M d’Entremont Chair, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Board



Board of Directors

Shirley d’Entremont Chair West Pubnico

Greg Barro Vice-Chair Dayton

Colin Fraser Secretary Summerville

Gloria Banks Treasurer Hebron

Paul Comeau Past Chair Yarmouth

Donnie Cook Chebogue

Dr. Harold Cook South Ohio

Vernon D’Eon West Pubnico

Lester Doucet Clare

Donna KitterLloy South Ohio

Doris Landry Yarmouth

Anne-Marie LeBlanc South Ohio

Don LeBlanc Port Maitland

Neil LeBlanc Raynardton

Donna LeBlancMessenger Barrington

Jeff Little Yarmouth

Anthony Muise Chebogue

Kathryn Murphy Lr. Wedgeport

Marcel Pothier Tusket

Reg Rose Barrington

Brian Saulnier Saulnierville

Mark Setlakwe Hebron

Elaine Thistle Brooklyn

Dr. Kenny Yee Barrington



A gift from the heart ‘A gift to the hospital is a gift to the community as a whole’

For Doug and Elaine Thistle, giving is a way of life. It’s a habit that began in childhood and recently culminated in a major gift to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation of more than $200,000.

The sale of their business and property came with major tax implications, but by making the gift to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, a registered charity, that tax implication was cut in half.

When they retired and sold their business, Thistle Hyundai in Dayton, and its property two years ago, they decided to give back to the community that had supported and sustained them for many years.

“It’s a cost-effective way of supporting a charity,” says Elaine, who ran the business side of her husband’s successful automotive dealership. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.

“When you look at an institution in this area that affects everybody, then there is nothing that has the impact of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital,” Doug says. “A gift to the hospital is a benefit to the community as a whole.” They chose to donate a substantial number of highyield shares valued at $205,000 to the Foundation’s Future Fund, which was created to ensure that our community receives the health care services it needs and deserves.

The donated shares will continue to appreciate in value and that profit will go directly to support the vital work of the hospital, since registered charities do not pay income tax. Their gift is made in honour of Elaine’s parents, Walton and Josina Warner of Yarmouth, who were killed in a car accident in 1970, in memory of their lifetime of giving. In recognition, a nameplate has been added to the Wall of Honour.



A generous bequest Marg McGray’s final gift to help sustain health care

Margaret McGray was raised at a time when it was important to look after family and never go into debt. She took those principles seriously and personally. “Marg was frugal and smart with her money,” Ron Love, her sister’s son, says, “but she was also extremely generous. ”So generous that, when she died last October, just before her 93rd birthday, she not only looked after her family in her will, but also left a very substantial legacy to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation. “My aunt always appreciated the fact that a little community like Yarmouth had such a terrific facility,” Ron says, adding she wanted to help the hospital maintain that tradition with her gift. Marg McGray spent her early life in Yarmouth, at first with grandparents on the Boyd farm, which later became part of the Yarmouth Airport. Later her parents, Margaret and Stuart McGray, moved the family to a small farm on Session Hill in Dayton. World War II took her to Halifax where she enlisted in the Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Marg worked in logistics and attained the rank of sergeant. After the war she was a secretary in the engineering department at Maritime Tel & Tel. In the early 1980s, her mother died and Marg, who

never married, retired and returned to the family farm to care for her father. She stayed long after he passed away, until her own health began to fail. Then she needed to be surrounded by family herself, and in 2006 moved to Huntsville, ON, to be close to her younger sister, Phyllis, and her family. Phyllis was a nurse who had trained at the Yarmouth Hospital and moved Ontario to work. Yarmouth beckoned again when Phyllis passed away in 2011. Marg spent her final years in the community she loved, first at Gentle Care Seniors’ Boarding Home on Lakeside Rd. and finally at Treasured Memories Seniors Estate on Elm St. While Marg was in and out of hospital in her final years, a cousin and his wife, Allan and Carole Thompson, took very good care of her, Ron says. “We hated to see her go. We would have liked the opportunity to be of more help to her.” Many people remember the YHF in their wills, from some surprisingly generous donations such as that made by Marg, to more modest bequests. All bequests are deeply appreciated and are a testament to a caring community. For more information on making a bequest in your will, contact Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, YHF Managing Director, at 902-749-1669.



Paying into a legacy ‘Over time it will grow into something substantial’

Colin Fraser is a modest young lawyer who believes in investing in his community now and in the long term.

policy specifically for this purpose, but an existing policy could also be altered to name the YHF as beneficiary.

Born and brought up in Yarmouth, Colin demonstrates his commitment by serving on the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation (YHF) Board of Directors. He is the secretary of the Foundation and sits on the Executive Committee. Among other endeavours, he serves on the board of the South West Nova Transition House Association, which operates Juniper House.

“As a board member, I wanted to show my support and eventually leave a legacy to the hospital,” he says. “And so for me the best way to do that was to establish a whole life insurance policy, making monthly contributions that would eventually result in a large gift to to the hospital. It’s paying into a legacy.”

Colin also believes in establishing a legacy gift to continue the work of the Foundation and support the continued excellence in health care provided by the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

Opting for this approach is a great way for a young person to craft a longterm gift to the hospital, he says. “You can start out with an amount you can afford, which is what I’ve done, and hopefully over time it will grow into something substantial.”

Many people choose to remember the Foundation in their wills, but, given Colin’s youth, he opted for a different approach — an insurance policy with the foundation as beneficiary. In his case, he set up the

For more information assigning an insurance policy to the Hospital Foundation, contact Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, YHF Managing Director, at 902-749-1669.



Doctors giving back Support for people entering a ‘noble profession’ Physicians Rajender and Asha Parkash moved to Halifax to be close to their sons, but they haven’t forgotten all the years they devoted to the medical care of the people of the Yarmouth area. They have established a $50,000 Endowment Fund for a $1,500 Nursing Scholarship to be awarded to a first-year student at the Dalhousie University School of Nursing, Yarmouth Site. “We spent many years in Yarmouth and have many pleasant memories and feel obligated to give back in some way to the community dear to our hearts,” the Parkashes say. The doctors hope that their generosity inspires other philanthropists to contribute to the endowment fund to enhance the value of the scholarship. They’d like to see the fund grow to $100,000 in the next five years. “We decided to create this fund to offer some financial assistance to a student entering a profession we feel would yield the best dividends,” says Dr. Rajender Parkash, an internal medicine

specialist who spent half his life providing care in Yarmouth. “Nursing is a profession where one encounters and has to deal with pain and suffering. Alleviating these remains the essential objectives, duties and obligations,” he says. “It is desirable that individuals, groups and communities help these deserving students entering such a noble profession like nursing.” Dr. Rajender Parkash had a very busy practice in internal medicine and served as chief of staff at Yarmouth Regional Hospital twice. In 2012 he was presented with the Archibald Gold-Headed Cane Award for Medical Humanities, given by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia. Dr. Asha Parkash worked part-time as an ER physician in Yarmouth while raising their two sons, and later worked full-time doing locums for other general practitioners. In 1995, she opened an allergy practice in the town.


Our Impact Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Financial Highlights Year Ended December 31,2014 The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation has spent the past few years focused on growing our Future Fund. The purpose of the Future Fund is to ensure that our community receives the health-care services it needs and deserves by being able to participate in purchasing necessary new equipment. Many large purchases of equipment authorized by the Province require a local funding contribution of 25%. In the next five years, there will be significant purchases required at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. We need to have sufficient funds on hand to donate to the hospital to help fund the purchase of this equipment. Ongoing annual appeals and capital campaigns help us to prepare for the future. In 2014, we held a very successful campaign to enable us to contribute 25% of the cost to the new CT Scanner and the Medication Management System that are now currently operational at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. During this 2014 campaign, we also raised funds toward the growth of the Future Fund. The donation and fundraising revenue below includes these contributions. As a consequence, the Board of Directors approved the transfer of $400,000 to the Future Fund. We are are committed to supporting health care today and tomorrow. And we know that our community is behind us with every step. We could not have had the success we had in 2014 without our very valued donors … Thank you!

Revenues Investment Income Donations and fundraising (1)

2014 $667,067 $1,271,739

Rental income




Total Revenue


Disbursements Contributions to YHF & donations to charities




Administration & employee compensation


Total disbursements

Transfer to Future Fund • (1) This includes Enhancing Health Care Campaign, Donations and Fundraising events. OPERATING SURPLUS FOR THE YEAR




(1) This includes Enhancing Health Care Campaign, Donations and Fundraising Events.


Our Impact Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Financial Highlights

We are so thankful to our many donors who contributed to the Enhancing Healthcare Campaign which resulted in $800,120 towards the community share (25%) of the CT Scanner, phase two of the Medication Management System and other critical equipment. The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s commitment for 2015 is to provide funding of $495,977 for essential equipment needs.

The complete financial report for the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is available on the Canada Revenue Agency website: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/



Leading by example ‘Everyone has to put their weight into things to make it work’

As a physician who uses services at Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Dr. Kenny Yee feels a responsibility to support the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s fundraising efforts. Dr. Yee, a member of the Foundation Board since 2012, was an important member of the campaign team that successfully raised $762,000 for vital new equipment last year. All team members adopted the principle of leading by example and began their fundraising efforts with a donation to the Enhancing Health Care campaign that raised the community’s portion of the cost of a new CT Scanner and Phase 2 of the Medication Management System. The family physician, based in Barrington, raised $39,000 towards the fund, soliciting donations

mainly from his own community and also among the doctors at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. “It’s one of those jobs you do that you feel good about,” Dr. Yee says. “It’s a worthy cause. As a physician who both uses and benefits from the system, I feel we should at least put something back into it.” Dr. Yee, originally from Malaysia, trained in Australia and lived in New Zealand before settling in Barrington 20 years ago. Over the years he has mentored a number of international doctors who have gone on to establish their own practices. He continues to be involved in fundraising for the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation. “It takes teamwork. Everyone has to put their weight into things to make it work.”




Leading the change ‘We are in the vanguard with our resident training program’

“Yarmouth was a tremendously wonderful place to come as a new doctor because people were kind and they helped you,” Dr. Shelagh Leahey, says reminiscing about nearly 40 years in practice in this area. “It means you don’t want to hold back, because, when a community has been good to you, you can’t just walk away.” Named the family physician of the Year for Nova Scotia in 2011, Dr. Leahey is playing a major role in shaping the way health care is delivered in the South West Nova Scotia. Among other initiatives, she founded Ocean View Family Practice, which introduces internationally trained doctors to family practice in Nova Scotia; became the first site director for the Yarmouth location of Dalhousie’s family medicine residency training, and launched the Leahey Wellness Clinic, in connection with the Tri-County Women’s Centre. “Physicians used to be trained to work only inside of hospitals, but we are in the vanguard with our resident program in training people to work largely outside of hospitals.” Dr. Leahey says “A hospital is a tremendous resource, but a very expensive

resource, so we have to use it as sparingly as possible.” The emphasis in health care has shifted from inpatient care to the community and the home, she says, noting that Yarmouth Regional Hospital used to have 200 beds, but now has just over 100, and that 85% of surgeries are now done on an outpatient basis. Although there are fewer beds, there is more equipment, very expensive equipment, such as the new CT scanner and Medication Management System purchased last year with the help of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, which launched the successful Enhancing Health Care campaign to finance these important goals. “The Foundation is doing the heavy lifting of doing the evaluation and support, so, if I can provide money that will bring them closer to their goals, that’s an important part of my budget,” Dr. Leahey says. “If you don’t have a foundation, you get a much lower quality product, lower standard of service,” says the doctor, who has great confidence that the Foundation is managed responsibly.



A patient says thanks ‘Cheers we do give to these dedicated guys and gals

Kathy MacKinnon is a quiet-spoken woman who leads a quiet life. She has faced challenges and adversity with a kind and brave heart. She stepped up to the plate in 1979 when she left her job and home in Halifax and moved to Doctors Cove to care for her grandmother. When her grandmother died, she looked after her uncle until he went into Veterans’ Place in 1997. Since then she has lived in a tiny seniors’ apartment in Barrington Passage. Somewhat frail, she enjoys her friends, writes poetry and occasionally ventures out to the supermarket, or to the library to use the computer. At the age of 64, Kathy is fighting her fourth battle with cancer. It began with bowel cancer when she was six, followed by skin cancer and breast cancer. Now she is undergoing monthly treatments at Yarmouth Regional Hospital for bone cancer. A friend who works in Yarmouth drives her to the hospital for the treatment procedure, which lasts

about 3 hours. After, she is stiff and sore, but, while she is waiting for her ride home, she goes to Veterans’ Place to visit with friends she made when her uncle was a resident. The staff in the oncology department are very kind and have made these sessions much easier for her, Kathy says. To show her appreciation, she recently presented them with a poem she wrote:

Caring and Sharing Sweet Nurses that do Radiantly smile Giving many a treatment that does take a while These darling folks who Really do care Florence Nightingale would be proud of the kindness they do share ’Tis healing they give with a compassionate zest Patients truly feel comforted and Blessed Cheers we do give to these dedicated guys and gals Angels walk among them as they do adhere to them as Pals



Enhancing health care ‘Your gifts will help hundreds of patients and families’

Each year thousands of residents in Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties come to the Yarmouth Regional Hospital for their medical care. At our regional health centre we are blessed with an outstanding team of doctors, nurses, support staff and volunteers who are committed to delivering the best quality of care possible, as close to home as possible. The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation works in tandem with our hospital leaders to ensure we have the equipment and resources needed by our amazing medical teams in their quest to carry out their work each day. We are mindful that provincial funding is limited. Today’s funding formula is a 75/25 split. Government funds 75% on equipment approved by the Department of Health, providing that the balance is raised in the community. Having access to updated technology and resources is also an important factor in attracting new physicians and health care providers to our community. Your gift to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is a wonderful way to invest in your health care and the health care of your loved ones and your community.

Your support does make a difference. This was clearly evident in 2014 with the successful Enhancing Health Care campaign — more than $1.2 million raised for our new CT Scanner and state-of-the-art Medication Management System, with additional funds channeled towards future equipment needs. Thank you for your support. In 2015, your donations will continue to enable the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation to acquire new equipment — 16 heart monitor defibrillators, infection control units, and an auto-slide stainer for the lab. Together we will invest in technology to equip our health care professionals with the best tools to enhance quality care and patient safety. By supporting these areas, your gifts will help hundreds of patients and families throughout the year. I look forward to working with you as we strive to meet the health care needs of our community today and tomorrow. Please feel free to contact me directly at 902-740-5873 or by email at p[email protected] Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, CFRE Managing Director Yarmouth Hospital Foundation


Wa l l o f H o n o u r

The Wall of Honour, located in the lobby of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital, salutes the generosity of many supporters of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.



(250,000 & over) Estate of Jean Maude Bezanson Estate of Roy V. Germain Municipality of Argyle Municipality of Barrington Municipality of Clare Municipality of Yarmouth Province of Nova Scotia Town of Yarmouth The Windsor Foundation Women’s Auxiliary, Yarmouth Regional Hospital Yarmouth Hospital Foundation

($75,000 to $99,999) Bank of Montreal Basil Blades & family Estate of John Alpha LeBlanc Drs. Asha & Rajender Parkash The Lobster Calendar Association Rotary Club of Yarmouth Royal Bank of Canada Scotiabank R.I. Smith Company Ltd.

PATRONS ($100,000 to $249,999) Comeau Sea Foods Ltd. Estate of George Millard Estate of Lorne Shapiro Bernice Trask & Michael Trask family Doug & Elaine Thistle, in loving memory of Walton & Josina Warner

LEADERS ($25,000 to $74,000) Adcor Marketing / Tim Horton’s David & Elizabeth Arenburg The Atlantic Philanthropies Joan & Peter Brett Canadian Tire CIBC CJLS — The Wave Clearwater Fine Foods Crescent Gold & Diamonds Paul Dobson, in loving memory of Thelma Dobson

Carl & Nancy Doty, in memory of Sarah Doty Debbie Doucette Estate of Harry B. Eldridge Gateway Realty Ltd. Germain Mechanical & Electrical Ltd. Imasco Ltd. Irving Oil Ltd. Johnson Inc. Earle & Helen Kaiser Robert B. & Kathleen Killam Maritime Tel & Tel Co. Ltd. Moses Medical Inc. Motor Mart Ltd. Murray GM William & Coleen Nickerson & family Nova Scotia Power Irving C. Pink Ruth M. Pink Pink Star Barro Rodd Hotels & Resorts Roger & Gaile Smith Royal Canadian Legion – Cape Sable Br. 148

Sea Star Seafoods Ltd., in memory of Fenton & Bertha Cunningham Shopper's Drug Mart Colin & Brenda Smith, in memory of Rhonda Smith Nickerson Elnathan (Babe) & Leilani Smith Spears & MacLeod Pharmacy Ltd. Stephen Bishop & Associates Subway Yarmouth Ltd. Sun Life Financial Dr. Joel Surette A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd. Dr. Donald W. Thibeault Transcontinental Media Tri-Star Industries Ltd. Tusket Toyota Ltd. Gertrude Uecker Webster family, 6 generations of N.S. physicians Walter & Ruth Wilson Yarmouth Forklift Ltd. Yarmouth Hospital Auxiliary — Hebron Branch


Wa l l o f H o n o u r FELLOWS ($10,000 to $24,999) Acadian Seaplants Ltd. S. Kent Allen H.V. Anthony Greenhouses Ltd. Bank of Montreal — Yarmouth Branch Edward & Laura Boudreau Malcolm & Shirley Bradshaw R.M. Buse In memory of Robert M. Caldwell, M.D., & Myrtle E. Nichols Caldwell, R.N. Cameron Publications The Castlebury Family Charlesville Fisheries Ltd. Brian Chetwynd Dr. Margaret Churchill City Drug Store Coastal Financial Credit Union Rose-Anne Comeau Cook’s Dairy Farm Rev. Ray Corbett in loving memory of Irene Corbett C. W. Dean Phyllis M. Dean Jack deGooyer Aline G. d’Entremont Mary-Dolores d’Entremont East Side Fisheries Ltd. Ellis Print Ltd Emery Smith Fisheries Ltd, Tootsie Emin Layton Goodwin & family Estate of Myra Goodwin David Roger Hall, in memory of his father, C. Roger Hall Estate of Evelyn M. Halstead Estate of Clara V. Hamilton H. M. Huskilson's Funeral Homes Ltd. I.M.O. Foods Ltd. Canada Dr. Donald W. King Estate of Bernice S. Koon Estate of M. MacDonald Laing & Helen Laing Dr. Shelagh Leahey In memory of Harold G. Lee Audrey S. MacKay Estate of Doris Norma MacKinnon Jim & Dawn MacLeod Richard S. Malone & family

Gerry & Marge McEachern National Bank of Canada Dr. Milton W. O’Brien Pink Nickerson Star Dr. Umesh Prabhu Maureen P. Rattee & family, in loving memory of Edward K. Rattee register.com Eileen Rhuda & family, in memory of Ernest Rhuda Royal Bank of Canada – Church Point Branch Royal Canadian Legion – West Pubnico Branch 66 Saulnierville Pharmacy Ltd. Scotia Garden Seafood Inc. Barbara Singer Smith & Watt Ltd. George Snow, in loving memory of Marjorie Snow Sobey Foundation Toronto Dominion Bank Wedgeport Mutual Fire Association Club Dr. Ches Wyman Yarmouth Automobile Dealers Association Yarmouth Dental Group Yarmouth Lions Club Dr. Kenny Yee

FRIENDS ($5,000 to $9,999) Agropur Division Natrel Roy Andrews & family Astra Zeneca Canada Mervin & Angela Atkinson Joseph P. Baker In memory of Minola M. Banks In loving memory of Lynn Charles Batstone Belliveau Motors Brian & Sandra (Murphy) Boudreau Dr. Cindy Boudreau George & Marie Boutilier Cassa Business Equipment Ltd. Clare Mutual Insurance Company Mae Cleveland, in loving memory of Gerald Cleveland J.W. "Ian" & Mary Davis Clulee

In loving memory of Alphie & Lina Comeau Marie Delia Comeau Paul & Pat Comeau R. Comeau Fuels Ltd. Therese & Bernadin J. Comeau, C.M. The Co-operators – Clyde Lutz & Associates In memory of The Hon. Ernest G. Cottreau, by his wife Rachael & family Harold Crabtree Foundation Richard & Doris Crocker Estate of Georgia May Day Dr. Lionel d’Entremont R. Irene d’Entremont Simone d’Eon Beverly Ellis Emera Inc. Farmer’s Co-op Dairy Ltd. Roy & Jean Ferguson Gloria Ford, in memory of Dr. Gloria R. Mauro Nancy L. Goodwin Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin & David R. (Rick) Goodwin Sam & Nancy Goodwin John & Dorothy Goudey B. Allan Harding Clifford & Joan Hood, in memory of Capt. Samuel C. Hood IV Innovative Fishery Products Inc. Tibor Jeszenszky Audrey & Seymour W. Kenney Jewish Community of Yarmouth (Agudath Achim Congregation) 1906-2007 Lafarge Canada Ltd. Dr. P.H. LeBlanc Dr. J. Kenneth Little Estate of Florence Littlefield Joseph & Flora Ann Maloney Maricor Group Catherine (Cassie) T. McDevitt J. Fraser Mooney In loving memory of John Muise (Johnny the Shoemaker) Dr. Roland Muise Municipality of the District of Digby Milton & Kathryn (MacLeod) Murphy

Patrick & Michael Murphy N.S. Fishermen's Association of Scallop Draggers G. M. Newell Ltd. Claredon S. Nickerson Ltd. Estate of Florence Lavinia Nickerson Ida F. Nickerson R.&D. Nickerson Fish Products Ltd. Malcolm Patterson Estate of Walter Pitman Pronova Biopolymer Canada Ltd. Pubnico Area Lionettes RCMP Veterans Association The Real Estate Store B. Reynold's Trucking Ltd. Iris Richards Donald Roberts, in memory of Marilyn Roberts Benoit & Anne-Marie Robichaud Roger’s Furniture Company Saxton Comeau Dr. Gregio Sayat ScotiaMcLeod Sea Crest Fisheries Ltd. Gregory & Marianne Sears Wilbert Sears Sobeys Stores Ltd. Gert Star & family, in loving memory of Danny Star Sweeny's Funeral Home & Crematorium Ltd. Greg Symonds Boat Builders Ltd. In memory of Kirk Taylor, from his family Frank & Doris Thibeau Town of Clark's Harbour Town of Digby John H. Wainwright Dr. Donald Westby Wilson's Shopping Centre J. Gordon Wood & Marlene Wood Yarmouth "Bean There, Ran That" Marathon Event Yarmouth Hospital Activity Committee Yarmouth Rug Hookers


Our Donors YHF salutes the generosity of all donors. In this report, we are pleased to recognize gifts of $100 or more in 2014 A A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd. Bernard & Joan Aaron Acadian Fish Processors Ltd. Acadian Vending Adcor Marketing Ltd. Agropur Division Natrel American Legend Cooperative Frances Amero Rev. Donald Amirault Gladys C. Amirault Joseph & Theodora Amiro Arctic Fisheries Ltd. David & Elizabeth Arenburg Bernadette Armstrong Artco Holdings Ltd. Assumption Life Clara A. Atkinson Herbert & Edith Atwood B B. Reynolds Trucking Ltd. Alberta Bain Ronald & Louise Bain Katherine L. Balmanno Dr. Olufemi & Adeloyin Banjo Gloria Banks Glendon & Rilla Barr Barrington Area Lions Club Greg & Kim Barro Dr. Tom & Laura Baxter Bell Aliant Gary & Margaret Belliveau Maurice & Felice Belliveau William V. Belliveau Arnold & Johanna Bennett Geoffrey Black John Bladek Brian Blades Charles & Helen Blades Allan Boudreau Desire & Phyllis Boudreau Elie & Janice Boudreau Gerald & Joanne Boudreau Michael & Geraldine Boudreau William & Joanne Bourque Gladys Bower Malcolm & Shirley Bradshaw Gurcharan Brar

Peter & Joan Brett Patrick & Joyce Brouwers Bruce Honda Ross & Cheryl Burchell Elizabeth Burnard Raymond Burnie Marilyn J. Burns Eva E. Bustin C Michelle Campbell-Upton Canadian Bar Association Nova Scotia Rosaline Cann Cape Breeze Seafoods Ltd. Tara Casey Cassa Business Equipment Ltd. John & Nancy Castlebury Charlesville Fisheries Ltd. Brian Chetwynd Bruce & Bertha Christie Dr. Young & Hyoja Chun City Drug Store Ltd. CJLS — The Wave Clare Mutual Insurance Company Clark Connor & Lunn Ronald & Reta Clark Clearwater Seafoods Ltd. Ralph & Rikki Clements Mae B. Cleveland Le Club Acadiens Seniors Coastal Financial Credit Union Dr. Alban Comeau Angelina Comeau Barbara Comeau Catherine Comeau Louis & Claire Comeau Jocelyne Comeau Mark Comeau Muriel Comeau Paul & Pat Comeau Rose-Anne Comeau Don & Marlene Cook Jim & Doris Cook Dr. Harold & Helen Cook Stephen & Nancy Cook Aaron & Janaine Cottreau Darren & Dr. Alison Cottreau Jean & Marie Cottreau Mary P. Cottreau Dr. Dominique Couture Alan & Sharon Covey Doris M. Cox William & Olive Cox Norma E. Crabbe

Creamy Treat Ice-Cream Ltd. James & Susan Crosby Philip N. Crosby Wes Spinney & Sandra Crosby-Spinney William & Lida Crowell Adlai & Jeri-Lynn Cunningham Brian Cunningham Kerry Cunningham D D.B. Kenney Fisheries Ltd. D.H. Thistle Holdings Ltd Jack deGooyer Marjorie E. Deming Carl & Shirley d’Entremont Frank & Janet d’Entremont Gaston & Patricia d’Entremont Germaine C. d’Entremont Irene d’Entremont Joyce R. d’Entremont Laurent J. d’Entremont Mary-Dolores d’Entremont Richard & Karen d'Entremont Beulah d’Eon Diane d’Eon Noel & Yvette Despres Irvan & Linda Deveau Paul Dobson Laurie & Yolande Donaldson Blair Doucet Brady Doucet Lester Doucet Dr. Alban Comeau Inc. Dr. Catherine McManuis Inc. Dr. John Ramessar Inc. Dr. Kenny Yee Family Practice Inc. Dr. Paul Legere Inc. Heather Dugas Jack & Sally Dunn E East Side Fisheries Ltd. Peter & Mary Eldridge Mr Loran & Beverly Ellis Emera Incorporated Emery Smith Fisheries Ltd. Tootsie Emin Estate of Rosalie

Monique Buse Eugene Newell & Sons Construction F Federation of Law Societies of Can. Roy & Jean Ferguson Bernie Firth Sharon E. Fitzgerald Bruce & Sheila Fleming Ford Motor Company Colin Fraser Bill Freeman Frenchy's Fashion Show Fundy Club Telephone Pioneers G Robert Garron Gateway Realty Ltd. Daniel Gaudet George & Dorothy Gibbs Patricia A. Giuffre Nancy L. Goodwin Rose Goodwin Jack & Sandra Goreham Fred & Pamela Graham Graham Construction Ltd. Grant Thornton David Griesman Mary E. Guptill H H.M. Huskilson’s Funeral Homes Ltd. H.T. LeBlanc Dental Inc. H.V. Anthony Greenhouses Ltd. Donald Haight Rhonda Haley Charles & Patricia Haliburton Halifax Employers Association David R. Hall David & Helen Harris Dr. Eric & Joy Hatfield Dermot & Sara HayesO’Sullivan Marjorie Hickey Hilltop Furniture & Appliance Ltd. Peter & Crystal Hilton Hood & Fraser Law Inc. Clive & Barbara Hopkins Norma J. Hopkins Loran & Paula Hopkins Richard & Barb Hubbard Gregory & Deborah Huskins

I IMO Foods Ltd. Canada Imprimerie Lescarbot In Focus Optical Investors Group Financial Services Inc. J Lyman & Catherine Jackson Mary Jacquard Janet & Jamie Fisheries Ltd. Dr. Edwin & Elizabeth Janke Antaia Jarvis Arthur & Beth Johnson Johnson Inc. K Kenney & Ross Ltd. David King Dr. Don & Louise King Dr. G.K. & Karen Kini Andrew & Janet Kirk L L & B Silvi Ltd. L.G. Trask Holdings Ltd. Todd Lacey & Dr. Lisa M. Lacey Ladies Auxiliary, East Pubnico Fire Dept. Lake Milo Canoe Club Lakeside Realty Evelyn M. Landers Doris Landry & Roger Devine Frank Landry & Corrine L. LeBlanc C.D. & Susan Langille Ida E. Larkin Le Club Acadiens Seniors Allan & Eileen LeBlanc Godfrey & Anne Marie LeBlanc J. Walter LeBlanc Neil & Grace Ann LeBlanc Raymond & Angele LeBlanc Tommy & Ena LeBlanc Suzanne Lefort Dr. G. Alderic and Sandi Legere Leroy & Florence Legere Continued ▶

Based on donations made in the 2014 calendar year and information on hand at time of printing.


Our Donors YHF salutes the generosity of all donors. In this report, we are pleased to recognize gifts of $100 or more in 2014 ◀ Continued Les Religieuses N.D.S.C. Floyd Linton Jeff Little & Erika TuttyLittle Dr. Kenneth Little Milford Lloy & Donna Kitter-Lloy Luedey Consultants Inc. Scott Lutz M Charles & Marina MacConnell Blair MacDonald & E. Ann Robbins Elaine MacDonald Ian & Elaine MacDonald Macdonald Chisholm Trask Insurance Norman & Eleanor MacKenzie Alan & Annette MacLeod Jim & Dawn MacLeod Maxine MacLure Sidney & Doris MacNaughton Cory R. Mahoney Rose-Angelina Mahoney Joseph & Flora-Ann Maloney Timothy & Susanne Manuge Bruce & Pauline Marling John Marrow Dr. Gloria R. Mauro Maynard Mullen's Fur Farm Ltd. J. & Marjorie McEachern Craig McLaughlin Dr. Paul & Nancy McLaughlin Hubert & Aline Melanson Simone Melanson Mike & Barbara Melville Robert Merchant John & Donna Messenger Janet Minor Eileen R. Morisset Dr. Brian & Tamara Moses Moses Medical Inc. Doug & Priscilla Mosley Anthony & Sandra Muise

Hubert & Hilda Muise J. Antoinette Muise John Muise Mark & Paulette Muise Pierre & Laura Muise Dr. Roland Muise & Suzanne Babin-Muise Maynard & Anne Mullen Municipality of Barrington Municipality of Clare Municipality of the District of Yarmouth Municipality of the District of Argyle Colin & Katherine Murphy Milton & Kathryn Murphy Bruce & Marilyn Murray Murray GM MyTributeGift Foundation N William & Gaylon Newell Andrew & Helen Nickerson Eileen Nickerson Hatheway Nickerson Heather Nickerson James & Norma Nickerson Jeremiah Nickerson Kevin & Krista Nickerson Lisa Nickerson Lloyd & Joyce Nickerson Randall & Patricia Nickerson Nova Scotia Power Novatec Braids Ltd. O Richard & Ada O’Connell On the Front Line Society Ronald & Elsie Outhouse P Karen Page James & Catherine Palmer Parade Street Animal Hospital Chris & Frieda Perry Pharmasave West Pubnico Natalie Pierce

Caroline Pike Darrel & Elizabeth Pink Joel & Rita Pink Ronald & Joan Pink Ruth M. Pink Steven & Gloria Pink Pink Star Barro Gerald & Audrey Pottier Dr. Umesh & Jayanthi Prabhu Craig & Genny Prouty Pubnico Trawlers Ltd. Q John & Geneve Quickfall R R.I. Smith Company Ltd. Amy Racine Raymond & Gaile Randall Hugh & Joan Rankin Maureen P.J. Rattee Eileen M. Rhuda H. Iris Richards Harold & Carolyn Richardson Ruth L. Ricker Charles & Barbara Robbins Robert Long Real Estate NS (2009) Ltd. Delbert & Carol Robichaud Robichaud's Meat Market Ltd. Kenneth Rodney Reginald & Joanne Rose Warren & Marilyn Ross Royal Bank of Canada Royal Canadian Legion Br. 148 Russell Investments S Barbara Saderholm Brian Saulnier & Rosanne Thibault Victor & Simone Saulnier Saulnierville Pharmacy Ltd. Scotia Garden Seafood Inc. Scotiabank Jane Scott Sea Crest Fisheries Ltd. Sea Star Seafoods Ltd. Gregory & Marianne Sears

Wilbert & Joyce Sears Mark & Kelly Setlakwe Joseph Sewards Shoppers Drug Mart Les & Linda Silver Patricia Simpson William & Barbara Singer Sissiboo Investments Ltd. Bernard & Agnes Smith Lois J. Smith Jackie Smith-LeBlanc Neil & Jean Smith Rachel Smith Sidney & Elizabeth Smith Smith & Watt Ltd. George A. Snow Sou'west Nova ATV Association Spears & MacLeod Pharmacy Ltd. Ronald & Elizabeth Spinney David & Joanne Sprague Thomas & Della Stanley Gertrude Star Phil & Francine Star Laurence & Elsie Stockdale Elizabeth Stoddard Faith Stoll Strictly Lobster Ltd. Hilda Stuart Annette Surette Glen & Mary Surette Jean M. Surette Stan & Velma Surette Gord & Lee Sutherland Keith Sutherland Macky Sutherland Robert Sutherland Sutherland Forest Resources Ltd. Linda Sutton Paulette SweeneyGoodwin & Rick Goodwin T Ann Taylor TD Waterhouse The United Way of Lunenburg County Joan Thibault Dr. Donald W. Thibeault Thistle Hyundai Joan Thompson Charlotte Throp Shirley Throp

Lou & Gloria Thurber William & Helen Tower Town of Yarmouth Morris & Goldie Trager Matthew & Michelle Trask Michael & Gwen Trask Tim Trask Triple V Ranch Ltd. Tri-Star Industries Ltd. Raymond & Laurana Tucker Tusket Sales & Service Ltd. Tusket Toyota Ltd. Willard & Lorraine Tutty U United Pentecostal Church of Yarmouth United Way of Halifax Region United Way of Ottawa V V.S. Sweeny's (1997) Ltd. Anne B. Vergez Vernon d'Eon Fishing Supplies Ltd. Villa Saint-Joseph Du Lac W web.com Dr. Donald & Paula Westby Rod Wetmore Wheelans White Roger & Pauline White Leo & Eleanor Williams Wilson's Shopping Centre Ltd. Women's Auxiliary-YRH J. Gordon & Marlene Wood Woods Harbour Lobster Co. Ltd. Y Yarmouth Dental Group Yarmouth Jr. A Mariners Yarmouth Marathon Yarmouth Subway Ltd. Dr. Kenny & Linda Yee YRH Administration Z Ray & Louise Zinck

The Board of Directors and the staff of the YHF are committed to protecting the privacy of our donors and potential supporters and is compliant with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act).


2014 Gala: “The Sky’s the Limit” Presenting Sponsor: Yarmouth Dental Group

2014 Spring Gala raised $44,000

Photos by Clifton Saulnier

Jody Shelley Golf Fore Health Presenting Sponsor: Tri-Star Industries 2014 Golf Tournament raised $36,000

Recipient of the Best Golf Event at the “Best of YAS” (Yarmouth & Acadian Shores) Awards


Community Driven Events Thank you for the wonderful support from our communities Over $20,000 was raised in 2014 Community fundraising events are a very important component of our annual program. These independent (3rd party) events are organized by community groups, businesses or individuals.

Shoppers Drug Mart – Tree of Life

Sou’West Nova ATV Association

Photo by Tina Comeau

2014 Dragon Boat Challenge

Yarmouth Jr A Mariner’s donation

Photo by Carla Allen

Dr. Cindy Boudreau’s “Frency’s Fashion Show”

Yarmouth “Bean There Ran That” Marathon

Ford Drive One 4 Your Community


Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Together we can make a difference There are many ways you can choose to help. No gift is too small and every dollar makes a difference in the care we are able to provide. We are available to take your donation by phone at 902-749-1669 and are pleased to provide any additional information you may require. Our office is open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

WAYS TO GIVE … Make a Donation A gift by cheque or credit card is the most common way to give. Donors may choose to designate their funds or make a donation to our Greatest Needs.

Planned Giving

Monthly Giving

Other Options

Online Donations

You may wish to support our hospital through a bequest in your will or you may choose to make the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation the beneficiary of an insurance policy.

Monthly giving allows you to donate over 12 months by pre-authorized withdrawals from your bank account or recurring charges on your credit card.

Did you know a gift of stocks, bonds or securities goes further as no income tax is paid on capital gains generated by this type of donation.

For many, this is a convenient and easy way to give. You may make one-time donations or set up your monthly gift.

YARMOUTH HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Making Your Health Care Dollars Work For You In Your Community PO BOX 7 YARMOUTH, NS B5A 4B1

Ph: 902-749-1669 Fax: 902-749-0748 [email protected] www.yarmouthhospitalfoundation.ca Facebook.com/yarmouthhospitalfoundation

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