2015 GREAT LAKES REGIONAL FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS LOMBARD ROLLER SKATING RINK 201 West 22nd Street, Lombard, Illinois 60148 Ph: (630) 953-2400 ...
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Ph: (630) 953-2400

Dear Skaters, Coaches and Parents,

April 8, 2015

The Lombard Roller Skating Rink and Staff and the Great Lakes Regional Board would like to invite all competitors, parents, officials, coaches and spectators to the 2015 GREAT LAKES REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held June 20 thru June 24, 2015. Our skating surface is 80’ x 180’. We have many motels and restaurants located close to the rink. Breakfast and lunch specials will be available daily at the rink. There will not be a charge for personal videos, however, please note there will be no electrical hookups available. Pets are not permitted in the rink nor is outside food and drinks. We hope to make your stay with us a pleasant one. Private practice will be available at $100.00 per hour. Call Sandi Highley (630) 569-0650 or E-mail her at [email protected]. Sincerely, Steve and Sandi Highley, Host Operators

Contestant Registration and Entry Fee will be $50 for each event entered. Precision Skater Registration and Entry Fee will be $40.00 for each team member. Combined Events will be $10.00 for each event entered. Make ONE check for Club Entry payable to: Great Lakes Artistic Regionals. Send check and all Entry Forms to: Bruce Muench 34563 Stevens Blvd. Eastlake, OH 44095

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015 The Great Lakes Regional Coaches meeting will be held Friday morning June 19, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Official Controlled Practice will be held Friday, June 19, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Attached are the tentative schedule and forms for clubs to register for the Great Lakes Regionals. Any questions contact the Meet Director: Bruce Muench at 440-655-6660. Schedules & technical arrangements are under the direction of the Great Lakes Regional Board. PLEASE NOTE: No refunds will be given ALL ENTRIES MUST BE FILLED OUT ON THE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS ENTRY FORM ENCLOSED. ONLY ONE CLUB MAY BE LISTED ON THE FORMS.

2015 GREAT LAKES TENTATIVE REGIONAL SCHEDULE LOMBARD ROLLER SKATING RINK LOMBARD, ILLINOIS 60148 JUNE 20 THRU JUNE 24, 2015 SAT. JUNE 20, 2015 FIGURES Tiny Tot Co-Ed Elementary A Boys / Girls Freshman A Girls Sophomore A Women Fresh / Soph A Men Jr/Jr WC Men / Women Classic A Men / Women Premr A Silv Men/Women Novice A Men / Women

LOOPS Elementary A Boys / Girls Fresh / Soph A Men Freshman A Girls Sophomore A Women

TEAM DANCE Jr WC Compulsory Jr WC Original Dance WC Compulsory WC Original Dance Premier A Silver Novice B

SOLO DANCE Masters A Men/Women Premr A Silv Men/Women Premr A Gold Men/Women Jr WC Comp Men/ Women Open A Creat Free Dance

SUN. JUNE 21, 2015 TEAM DANCE Sophomore A Masters A Veterans A Premier A Gold JR WC Free Dance WC Free Dance

SOLO DANCE Primary Freshman A Sophomore A Junior Senior Esquire A Men/Women Novice A Men/Women Veteran A Men/Women Jr WC Free Dance M & W Elem A Creat Free Dance

Tiny Tot Co-Ed Primary Boys/Girls Juv / Elem A Boys Elementary A Girls Freshman A Girls Fresh/Soph A Men Sophomore A women Jr/Jr WC L Pr Men/Women WC Inline L Pr Men/Women WC Short Pr Men/Women WC Long Pr Men/Women

PAIRS Jr/Jr WC Short Program WC Long Program

PRECISION & SHOW Novice Team Junior Team Senior Team Senior Show Senior Small Show

PAIRS-WC Short Program PRACTICE DAY FRI. JUNE 19, 2015 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM PLEASE NOTE Practice Friday is Compliments of the GL Regional Board

FIGURES Primary Boys / Girls Juvenile A Boys / Girls Elementary B Boys / Girls Fresh/Soph B Boys / Girls Masters A Men / Women Veterans A Men/Women Premr A Gold Men/Women WC Men /Women Esquire A Men/Women

LOOPS Primary Circle Boys/Girls Juv A Circle Boys/Girls Elem B Circle Boys/Girls Fr/Soph B Cir Men/Women Open Adult Men/Women Advanced Co-Ed

TUES. JUNE 23, 2015 FIGURES Elem C Boys / Girls Fr/Soph C Men/Women Juvenile B Boys / Girls Juvenile C Boys / Girls Novice B Men / Women Golden A Men/Women

LOOPS Juv B Circle Boys/Girls Juv C Circle Boys/Girls Elem C Circle Boys / Girls Fr/Soph C Cir Men/Women

TEAM DANCE Juv/Elem B Elementary A Fresh/Soph B Classic A


SINGLES Jr/Jr WC Short Program WC Inline Short Program

MON. JUNE 22,2015

Juvenile A Novice A Freshman A Esquire A Open Free Dance

SOLO DANCE Elementary A Fresh / Soph B Classic A Men/Women Golden A Men/Women Sr WC Comp Men/Women Sr WC Free Dance M & W Open B Creat Free Dance

SOLO DANCE Juvenile A Juvenile/Elementary B Int’l Youth Elementary Int’l Op A Inline Creat Free Dan Int’l Free Dance

SINGLES Juv/Elem B Boys/Girls Fresh/Soph B Men/Women Novice Men/Women Freshman Inline Boys/Girls


Fresh/Soph B

Juvenile A Girls

Quartet Elementary Open World Class


WED. JUNE 24, 2015 PAIRS Fresh/Soph A Jr/Jr WC Long Program Juv/Elem A Elementary B


TEAM DANCE Fresh/Soph C Team

SOLO DANCE Esquire B Novice B Fresh / Soph C Juvenile/Elementary C

SINGLES Highlighted events are Regional Events Only & do not go to Nationals

Juv/Elem C Boys/Girls Fr/Soph C Men/Women


To be held at:

LOMBARD ROLLER SKATING RINK 201 West 22nd Street Lombard, Illinois 60148 (630) 953-2400

Information: The attached Tentative Schedule is just that “Tentative”. Every effort will be made to keep events on the day they are listed, but there may be circumstances which make it impossible to adhere to the Tentative Schedule. We hope that this will not happen, but if it does we would try to move an event only by one (1) day. Please note ALL Skaters must have their 2015 Amateur Cards on file with the USARS National Office by May 8st 2015 to be eligible to enter the Great Lakes Regional Championships. Coaches please remind your skaters to send in their amateur card applications to USARS National Office by April 30 so as not to delay their entry into Regionals.

Unofficial Events: Tiny Tot Co-ed Figures Open to Skaters six (6) years of age & under Skated as a final event Figures to be skated are Number 1 and Number 2 Skaters must have a current Amateur Card to enter this event

Tiny Tot Co-ed Free Skating Open to Skaters six (6) years of age & under Skated as a final event Free Skating maximum time: two (2) minutes No requirements Skaters must have a current Amateur Card to enter this event.

To Rent The Regional Rink For Practice: Call Sandi Highley at (630) 569-0650 or E-mail Sandi at [email protected]


REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CONTESTANT ENTRY FORM Application for 2015 Regional Figure Skating Competition under sanction by USA Roller Sports

Contestant Name:


Birth Date:

Age on Jan.1, 2015:

Member Number:

Club Name:

Club ID:

EVENTS TO ENTER Type or mark an "x" to select the event being entered. Male Code 100 104 108 112 116 120 124 128 132 136

142 146 150 154 158 162 166 170 174 178 182

FIGURES Primary Figures Juvenile C Figures Juvenile B Figures Juvenile A Figures Elementary C Figures Elementary B Figures Elementary A Figures Fresh/Soph C Figures Fresh/Soph B Figures Fresh/Soph A Men Figures Freshman A Girls Figures Sophomore A Women Figures Novice B Figures Novice A Figures Classic A Figures Esquire A Figures Masters A Figures Veteran A Figures Premier A Gold Figures Premier A Silver Figures Golden A Figures Jr/JrWC Figures World Class Figures

Male Code 186 190 194 198 202 206 210 214 218 222

LOOPS Primary Loops Juvenile C Circle Loops Juvenile B Loops Juvenile A Loops Elementary C Circle Loops Elementary B Loops Elementary A Loops Fresh/Soph C Circle Loops Fresh/Soph B Loops Fresh/Soph A Men Loops Freshman A Women Loops Sophomore A Women Loops 228 Adult Open A Loops 232 Advanced Co‐Ed Loops

UNOFFICIAL REGIONAL EVENTS Code 235 Tiny Tot Figures 405 Tiny Tot Free Skating

Female Code 102 106 110 114 118 122 126 130 134 138 140 144 148 152 156 160 164 168 172 176 180 184 Female Code 188 192 196 200 204 208 212 216 220 224 226 230 232

Co-Ed Co-Ed

Male Code 350 354 358 362

FREE SKATING Primary Free Skating Juv/Elem C Free Skating Juv/Elem B Free Skating Juv/Elem A Boys Free Skating Juvenile A Girls Free Skating Elem. A Girls Free Skating Fresh/Soph. A Men Free Skating Freshman A Girls Free Skating Fresh/Soph C Free Skating Fresh/Soph B Free Skating Sophomore A Women Free Skating Novice Free Skating Jr/JrWC Free Skating World Class Free Skating Fresh. Inline Free Skating World Class Inline Free Skating

Female Code 352 356 360

Male Code 472 478 482 486 490 494 498 510 514

SOLO DANCE (CO‐ED LISTED BELOW) Novice A Men Solo Dance Esquire A Solo Dance Masters A Solo Dance Veterans A Solo Dance Premier A Gold Solo Dance Premier A Silver Solo Dance Golden A Solo Dance JrWC Solo Dance World Class Solo Dance

Female Code 474 480 484 488 492 496 500 512 516

Male Code 672 600 602 606 630 634 638 642 646 650 654 658 662 666

COMBINED EVENTS Elem. International Solo Dance / Free Dance Youth International Solo Dance / Free Dance JrWC Figures / Free Skating World Class Figures / Free Skating Primary Figures / Loops Juvenile C Figures / Circle Loops Juvenile B Figures / Loops Juvenile A Figures / Loops Elementary C Figures / Circle Loops Elementary B Figures / Loops Elementary A Figures / Loops Fresh/Soph C Figures / Circle Loops Fresh/Soph B Figures / Loops Fresh/Soph A Men Figures / Loops Freshman A Women Figures / Loops Sophomore A Women Figures / Loops

Female Code

370 374 378 384 388 392 396 400

364 366 372 376 380 382 386 390 394 398 402

600 604 608 632 636 640 644 648 652 656 660 664 668 670

CODE 252 254 256 258 260 262 264 266 268 270 272 274 276 278 280 284 286 288

TEAM DANCE Juvenile/Elem B Team Dance Juvenile A Team Dance Elementary A Team Dance Fresh/Soph C Team Dance Fresh/Soph B Team Dance Freshman A Team Dance Sophomore A Team Dance Classic A Team Dance Novice B Team Dance Novice A Team Dance Esquire A Team Dance Masters A Team Dance Veterans A Team Dance Premier A Gold Team Dance Premier A Silver Team Dance Junior World Class Team Dance World Class Team Dance Open Free Dance

CODE 290 292 294 296 298 300 302 304

PRECISION/SHOW/QUARTETS Novice Precision Team Junior Precision Team Senior Precision Team Senior Large Show Group Senior Small Show Group Youth Quartet Open Quartet World Class Quartet

CODE 426 428 430 432 434 436

Juv/Elem A Pairs Elementary B Pairs Fresh/Soph B Pairs Fresh/Soph A Pairs Jr/JrWC Pairs World Class Pairs


CODE 450 452 454 456 458 460 462 464 466 468 470 476 502 504 506 508

SOLO DANCE (CO‐ED EVENTS) Primary Solo Dance Juv/Elem C Solo Dance Juv/Elem B Solo Dance Juvenile A Solo Dance Elementary A Solo Dance Fresh/Soph C Solo Dance Fresh/Soph B Solo Dance Freshman A Solo Dance Sophomore A Solo Dance Classic A Solo Dance Novice B Solo Dance Esquire B Solo Dance Junior Solo Dance Senior Solo Dance Elementary International Solo Dance Youth International Solo Dance

CODE 518 520 522 524 526

CREATIVE SOLO DANCE Elem. A Creative Solo Free Dance International Solo Free Dance Open B Creative Solo Free Dance Open A Creative Solo Free Dance Open A Inline Creative Solo Free Dance

Please indicate Highest RSA Test Passed for all “B” & “C” skaters. This must be completed to enter the event. Circle Figure ____________ American Team Dance____________ American Solo Dance ____________ Freestyle____________

Dance Partner (1) & Event:

Club ID:

Dance Partner (2) & Event:

Club ID:

Pairs Partner:

Club ID:

Creative Solo Dance Title: Precision Team (1) Name: Precision Team (2) Name: Precision Team (3) Name: Quartet (1) Name: Quartet Routine (1) Title: Quartet (2) Name: Quartet Routine (2) Title: Total Number of Events: Total Amount for this Competitor:

2015 GREAT LAKES REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS CLUB ENTRY FORM Club Name ________________________ City/State______________________Club ID No.__________ IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING STATEMENT BY CONTESTANT: In consideration for my application being accepted, I intending to be legally bound, do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which I may have or which may hereafter accrue to me, against USARS the USARS Registered Club to which I belong, and host USARS Club in whose events I participate, the owner of the site where USARS and USARS club practice sessions and competitions take place, or its or their officers, agents, representatives, successors and / or assigns, for any and all damages which may be sustained and suffered by me in connection with my association with or entry in and for arising out of my traveling to, participating in, and returning from USARS activities or practice sessions. In preparation, therefore, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, I am in good physical condition and have no disease or injury that will be aggrieved or cause harm to me or others as a result of my participation or would impair my doing my best in my competition.


Members Amateur Card Number

Contestant Name (No Nick Names) As it appears on Amateur Card

Contestant or Parent/Guardian Signature I hereby certify that I have read the above statement

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. TOTAL THIS PAGE

Total Number Of Events

Total Amount Due


NAME OF CLUB_______________________________CLUB ID__________ CITY________________________________STATE______________________ CONTACT NAME________________________________________________ DAY PHONE_____________________CELL PHONE___________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS___________________________MUST BE COMPLETED (Used for mailing the Schedule) Number of events entered by all skates______________ X $50.00 = $___________ Number of skaters entered in Precision Events________ X $40.00 = $___________ Number of skaters entered in Combined Events_______ X $10.00 = $___________

TOTAL ENTRY FEES SUBMITTED………………….$___________________ (Entry Fees must accompany this application) SIGNATURE OF CLUB PRESIDENT____________________________MANDATORY DATE______________ All applications must be postmarked no later than FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015



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