2015 Annual Report. Cancer Strikes Anywhere. We are here to help. We sincerely thank our Strategic Partners. Anytime Anyone

We sincerely thank our Strategic Partners Cancer Strikes Anywhere Anytime Anyone We are here to help with basic necessities. and countless individ...
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We sincerely thank our Strategic Partners

Cancer Strikes Anywhere Anytime Anyone

We are

here to help with basic necessities.

and countless individual and community supporters and volunteers! Learn more about us and donate online at


2015 Annual Report

facebook.com/BobPerksFund twitter.com/BPCAF All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. P.O. Box 313 State College, PA 16804-0313 814.231.2692 phone 814.273.8242 fax [email protected] Huntingdon County United Way Partner Agency

Calendar 2015 was a rewarding and challenging year for the Bob Perks Fund. While we helped more cancer patients and funded more applications than ever before, we also allocated fewer dollars because early in the year, we were forced to reduce the maximum per application from $1,000 to $750. This was a tough decision for our Board but we were correct in predicting this would be necessary to balance our budget in 2015. We would rather say yes to everyone at a lower amount, than say no to applicants toward the end of the year when donated funds have been totally expended. Eventually, we hope to return to our original allocation amount but this is a challenging goal since the number of applicants continues to increase every year.

HISTORY AND MISSION The Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund was established in 2006 in memory of Bob Perks, a State College native, who passed away in 2005 after a long battle with melanoma. A four-year Penn State baseball player and a founding member of the local Coaches vs Cancer® of Penn State, Bob died at age 42, leaving behind his wife Doreen and two very young children. To fulfill Bob’s commitment to those battling cancer, Doreen and Bob’s family, friends, and colleagues established the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund. For those who receive this support while undergoing cancer treatment, it is a lifeline to pay for many of their most basic living expenses including rent, utilities, food, car insurance, gas for cancer treatment travel and more. A recent Huntingdon County recipient said “Never in a million years did I think I would be in a situation where I was fighting for my life but here it is. The unexpected costs of fighting cancer are astronomical. My fiancé tells me that I have one job – fight for my life and survive this. As the bills pile up, this is hard to do but with your help, my stress level is much lower.” Many local families fighting cancer are faced with the decision to heat their homes or put food on their tables. The emotional pressure of unpaid bills and the tough decisions about how to care for themselves and their families is overwhelming and often stands in the way of focusing on their healthcare. This is where the Bob Perks Fund steps in, working to reduce the burden of unpaid bills so cancer patients can focus on their treatment and recovery.

Early in 2016, our Assistant Director Jen Finkle decided to step down to have more time with her family. Although we were very disappointed to lose her, we are grateful for her hard work and commitment to the Bob Perks Fund for the past 5 years. Having decided to split Jen’s job into two new positions, we were happy to welcome Sue Patterson as Program Coordinator and Eric McGinnis as Development Coordinator. Thank you to all the corporations, foundations, businesses, community organizations, and individual donors who are helping us to achieve our mission. Thank you for our wonderful volunteers who help keep this valuable organization running smoothly.

Since 2006, the Bob Perks Fund’s history of growth and development to fulfill its mission has been truly remarkable, having raised and distributed more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS to cancer patients from Blair, Centre, Clearfield, and Huntingdon Counties. Every one of those dollars was donated by individuals, families, community organizations, businesses, local foundations, Bob Perks Fund special events, and other events held on our behalf. In those 10 years, the Bob Perks Fund has never denied funding to an eligible applicant. To celebrate this major accomplishment, the Bob Perks Fund held its “Thanks a Million” gala in September at Toftrees to honor all of its donors and supporters who made it possible to provide assistance and change the lives of thousands of local cancer patients. 1


SERVICE, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IN 2015 Last year, the Bob Perks Fund processed and funded 295 patient applications, up from 265 in 2014. Eligible applicants are referred by members of their cancer treatment team. The majority of 2015 referrals were received from healthcare professionals at UPMC Altoona and Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute (Blair), Mount Nittany Medical Center, Geisinger and Cancer Care Partnership (Centre), Nathaniel Yingling Cancer Center (Clearfield) and Home Nursing Agency (Huntingdon). The breakdown of applications processed by residence in our four-county area included: 73 Blair County 70 Centre County

97 Clearfield County 55 Huntingdon County

The Bob Perks Fund’s ability to assist local cancer patients is dependent upon successful, collaborative relationships with our referral sources. They are truly our partners in service to cancer patients and we thank them for their efforts that contribute to our success. The importance of the Bob Perks Fund in the lives of local cancer patients is reflected in testimonials from healthcare professionals that work hand in hand with the Bob Perks Fund:

"The Cancer Program at Mount Nittany is a proud partner and beneficiary of the Bob Perks Fund. Thanks to their efforts, people facing cancer in our community have a resource that is unheard of in other places. Doreen's vision to have funds available to help support patients experiencing financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis has made it possible for us to mitigate some of the barriers that cancer presents. I have worked with this remarkable organization since its inception, and serving on their Allocations Committee, I can speak firsthand to their good work. I am a proud supporter of this wonderful group." – Aileen Galley, Director, Penn State Cancer Institute Support for Bob Perks Fund recipients falls into four major categories: rent and utilities, food and gas gift cards, automotive, and medical expenses. In 2015, we funded 100% of the eligible expenses presented through 295 patient applications and distributed more than $166,000 to meet these need. The maximum per patient application was $750 and a number of cancer patients received assistance two or more times during the year.

“It wasn’t until I started working closely with our oncology patients that I realized the financial burden and emotional stress they endure through their ongoing cancer treatment. I feel our patients’ only focus should be on their health and wellbeing. When I meet with our patients and explain how the Bob Perks Fund works, they are overwhelmed with disbelief that such a program exists. No patient should have to worry about how they are getting to their next doctor’s appointment or keeping their heat and lights on. Knowing we can turn to the Bob Perks Fund for assistance is such a blessing to our patients. The Bob Perks Fund is truly a valuable asset to the community, and with help and local support, it can continue on. I am truly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful program that can bring such peace to our patients.” – Jeannie Nagle, Financial Counselor, UPMC Altoona

In 2016, the Bob Perks Fund will continue its efforts to secure new funding sources with the hope of meeting the needs of an everincreasing number of eligible cancer patients.



With the majority of cancer patient dollars raised in Centre County, Executive Director Norma Keller is making every effort to increase our fundraising capability in Blair, Clearfield, and Huntingdon Counties. The following paragraphs report some of that growing success. Blair County In Blair County, we continued to see a major increase in patient referrals. To broaden our base of support, we joined the Blair County Chamber and established a Blair County Advisory Group with representatives from Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute, DelGrosso Foods, Griffith Family Foundation, South Hills Business School, UPMC Altoona Foundation and UPMC Altoona. The work of this resourceful group led to a comprehensive article in the Altoona Mirror, with interviews of recipients and referral sources, as well as the Griffith Family Foundation’s featuring the Bob Perks Fund in two of its televised programs. Altoona-based Sheetz, Inc. continued its 10year history of donating $15,000 in complementary gas cards to be used by cancer patients traveling for treatments. Major support was also received through our partnership with UPMC Altoona Foundation, UPMC Health Plan and UPMC Altoona. Blair County special event sponsors included Charla Brumbaugh’s “[email protected],” and Tyronebased Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute, Albemarle Corporation, Logan Valley Oil, and Thrivent Financial, where we were recently accepted as a “Donor Choice” participant. Clearfield County The Bob Perks Fund greatly appreciates Bob Johnson of Johnson Subaru in DuBois and his staff for once again raising $10,545 through their 2nd annual “Share the Love” event. These funds will have a direct impact on cancer patients across Clearfield County, as will the $1,000 grant from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation and the proceeds from Jennifer Lanich’s “Mikey’s Old School Ride,” a rally honoring her late husband.

Our greatest number of cancer patient applications are from Clearfield County, so if you know potential donors from Clearfield County communities, please tell them about the Bob Perks Fund. Centre County We are grateful for the long-term, unique partnership that the Bob Perks Fund enjoys with Coaches vs Cancer® of Penn State and the American Cancer Society of Centre County. Last year, we received $35,000 and are exceedingly thankful for the generous CVC sponsors, donors, and volunteers that made this possible. We thank all of our Special Event Sponsors listed in the following pages as well as Kish Bank, Minitab, Inc., the State College Spikes for their “Bob Perks Night,” the annual Ken Tressler Family Pig Roast, which has raised $8,000 in 3 years, 13-year old Emilie Brennan for an awesome “Millie’s Lemonade Stand,” and Supelco Employees for their second “Supelco Walk.” Local foundations continued to be a major source of support with $10,000 received from Mount Nittany Health, and $1,000 from the Bellefonte Masonic Lodge #268 Carl Fisher Memorial Trust. Many donors supported the Bob Perks Fund through our annual holiday campaign and through Centre Foundation’s CENTRE GIVES, a 36-hour online giving event. Through Centre Gives, the Bob Perks Fund raised $12,500, and our dear friends, Linda and Blake Gall, “double matched” the proportional match awarded by Centre Foundation. In 2015, the Bob Perks Fund joined the Chamber Business & Industry (CBICC) and the Centre County Council for Human Services to extend our reach. Huntingdon County The Bob Perks Fund enjoyed its second year as an Affiliate Member of Huntingdon County United Way and in March 2016, became full “Partner Agency.” We are thankful to many community members who supported the Bob Perks Fund by designating contributions through the past two United Way campaigns. Bob Perks Fund volunteers headed by Rickey Himes of Huntingdon held several successful events, raising more than $10,000 to support their neighbors battling cancer. The Mt. Union American Legion donated $1,500 and held a “Cash Party” and the Mt. Union High School donated the use of their space to hold a heartfelt “remembrance event” honoring cancer survivors, those currently battling cancer, and those who lost their lives to cancer. For the second year, we were able to count on US Silica of Mapleton Depot to provide a major sponsorship at our Tailgate Party event. Hats off to all those in Huntingdon County who are working so hard to help their neighbors battling cancer.



ACCOMPLISHMENTS & NEW FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES Strategic Partners The Bob Perks Fund is so fortunate to have the major and continuing support of five Strategic Partners. Without their unyielding devotion to our work, our efforts to help struggling cancer patients would be severely diminished. Our heartfelt thanks goes to Coaches vs Cancer® of Penn State, American Cancer Society, Mount Nittany Heath, Sheetz, Inc. and UPMC Altoona.

FUNDRAISING AND BOB PERKS FUND SPECIAL EVENTS In 2015, with the sponsorship of local oil companies “giving back” to their communities, we enjoyed a successful Rock the 80’s Concert, as well as our “Thanks a Million” celebration, and Tailgate Party. Our Holiday Campaign was especially successful thanks to Robin and Ben Heim and Linda and Blake Gall, who provided matching funds on the first $10,000 donated. Always looking for new and fun ways to raise money in support of our mission, we are excited to announce our first ever “Summer Slam.” This family-oriented 3v3 Basketball Tournament being held in June 2016 at the State College YMCA, and is open to teams of all ages, from all corners of Central Pennsylvania.

“WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU” Every Bob Perks Fund effort to support local cancer patients is largely dependent upon the generosity, creativity, hard work, and good will of our volunteers and supporters. We take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who are listed below who make our successes possible and to the many others who provide assistance through Coaches vs Cancer® of Penn State and other events which support the Bob Perks Fund. Bob Perks Fund Allocations Committee Pat Bisbey (Chair) Amy Gravine Parvathy Hughes Lisa McMurtry Lori Proper

Aileen Galley Madeline Hertzberg Patty Kleban Cindy Perks Jamie Stocker

Special Event and Community Volunteers

Since 75% of the funds distributed to cancer patients are generated in Centre County, we continue to increase awareness of our programs in Blair, Clearfield, and Huntingdon Counties to broaden our funding base. In order to do this, we rely heavily on print and social media and are thankful to those who help us accomplish this objective: Rowland Creative, Barash Media, Forever Broadcasting, Griffith Family Foundation, the Altoona Mirror, Centre County Gazette, Centre Daily Times, Huntingdon Daily News, Seven Mountains Media, Tyrone Daily Herald, The Progress, Town & Gown, and other media resources.

Our ability to assist local cancer patients is totally dependent on our ability to raise local dollars……..so if you want to share a unique fundraising idea, contact Executive Director Norma Keller at [email protected] 7

Aimee Aiello Aimee Aiello Emily Aten Stephanie Breon Tim Balconi Donna Campbell Heather Baruch-Bueter Michelle DiMidio Shea Bracken Blake and Linda Gall Jeff Brown Gregory Hayes Holly Brown Marc and Madeline Hertzberg Sherry DelGrosso Kelli Keller Holly Emerick JR Mangan Robin Heim Cindy Perks Blake and Linda Gall Mark and Lori Proper Cathy Griffith Kelly Renfrew Annie Harris Tina Scourtis Gregory Hayes Kathy Simon Robin Heim Jamie Stocker Marc and Madeline Hertzberg Ally Hughes & Emily Tarman Parvathy Hughes Strategic Partners American Cancer Society Coaches vs Cancer® of Penn State UPMC Altoona Foundation

David Hellyer Lannette Johnston Jeff Brown Jr. Woman’s Club of State College Gary Corman Kelli Keller Randy and Denise Gabany Kevin Lloyd Amy Gravine JR Mangan Robin Heim Cindy Perks Parvathy Hughes Doreen Perks Bob Langton Mark and Lori Proper Keri O’Shea Elana Pyle Doreen Perks Hope Ray Elana Pyle Kelly Renfrew Rob Schmidt Rob Schmidt Sheridan Sheehan Tina Scourtis Karen Starinchak Scott Shamrock Marissa Shamrock Sheridan Sheehan Karen Starinchak Mount Nittany Health Sheetz, Inc.

Community Supporters Millie’s Corporation, Lemonade Stand, Emilie Brennan emarle Tyrone Baker Tilly Aurum Jewelers & Goldsmith BB&T Bank Bob with Keller Williams CaféLangton 210 West Susquehanna Bank Centre Foundation US Silica Broadcasting Co., Mapleton Plant Forever Johnson Motors, DuBois Kish Bank Mark and Madeline Hertzberg Huntingdon Area School District

Huntingdon County Frost & Conn, Inc. United Way Kicks @ Cancer, Blair County Ben and Robin Heim Mike Lanich’s “Ride,” Clearfield Baker Video, Tilly TV & Appliance Mikes Rex Energy Corporation Restek Corporation Employees J.R. andUnion Judi Vratarich Mount Remembrance Event Rowland Creative Ken Tressler Family, Milesburg State College High Soccer Team Supelco Employees 88

Summer Soiree Sponsors Comfort Keepers

Tailgate Sponsors Molly and Larry Snavely Zimmerman Dental Care .

Albermarle Corporation Aurum Jewelers BB&T Bank Baker Tilly Cancer Care Partnership Frost & Conn, Inc., John Conroy Blake and Linda Gall

“Rock the 80’s” Sponsors America’s Carpet Outlet Dix HondaMechanical, Company Inc. Goodco Frost & Conn, Inc., Scott Balboni Ben and Robin Heim Hotel State College & Indigo at Law McQuaide Blasko Attorneys Ingram Inc. RestekFuels, Corporation Ben and Robin HeimInc. Stocker Chevrolet, Breast && Woman’s Health W. G. Cancer Satterlee Sons, Inc. Institute, Tyrone

Logan Valley Oil, Inc. McQuaide Blasko, Attorneys at Law RH DottsFuels, Energy, Ingram Inc.LLC, Glen Hope Restek NittanyCorporation Oil CompanyDonation Team Rowland Creative State College Orthodontics State College The Shoe BoxOrthodontics Stocker Chevrolet, Inc.

Silent Auction Donors Amanda J Designs Photography Appalachian Outdoors Baker Tilly Barrel 21 Better World Windsurfing School Big Spring Spirits Callao Café Carnegie Spa & Inn Cherry Lane Salon Dante’s Restaurants DelGrosso Foods & Amusement Park D-Stress Station Blake and Linda Gall Gigi's Restaurant & Lounge Handy Delivery Happy Valley Mini Golf Happy Valley Tours Harner Farm Heidi Lynne Photography Hog Father’s Old Fashioned BBQ Hotel State College J. Stephens Salon Jersey Mike’s Keystone Real Estate Group

“Rock the 80’s” Musicians Coneof ofSilence Silence Cone Insomniacs Feats of Strength Mr. Hand Insomniacs Screwdriver Sally Long Afternoon The Feats of Strength JR Mangan Band

Frackwater Jack JR & Olivia Scott Mangene Spider Kelly Velveeta

Thanks a Million” Sponsors AccuWeather StockerRitter, Chevrolet, Boyer& CPA Inc. BoyerCancer & Ritter& Women’s Health Institute Breast DC Dents Cancer Care Partnership GM Financial Fernsler Hutchinson Architecture, LLC S & Rand Repair, Linda BlakeTowing Gall & Recovery Robin and Ben Heim Koch Funeral Home

M&T Bank Stocker Family McQuaide Attorneys at Law Clark AutoBlasko, Equipment Morgan Stanley Eagle Towing SilcoTek Corporation Stocker Chevrolet, Inc. US Accounting & Financial Services UPMC Altoona Foundation

In Kind Event Sponsors

Avánt Garden Barash Media Baker Tilly Dolce Vita Dessert Faccia Luna Fit For Play Forever Broadcasting Happy Valley Refreshment Heidi Lynne Photography Marc and Madeline Hertzberg Mike’s Video, TV & Appliance

Jeff and Lori Lamb Bob Langton, Keller Williams Realty Mike’s Video, TV & Appliance Rex Energy Corporation Rowland Creative US Silica Co., Mapelton Depot UPMC Altoona & UPMC Health Plan J.R. and Judi Vratarich

Michelle DiMidio, Personal Training Moe’s Southwest Grille Moyer Jewelers Muddy Paws Environmental Ctr. Joe and Cathy Murphy Otto’s Pub & Brewery Penn State Golf Course Cindy Perks and Keith Phillips Primanti Bros. Penn State Football Penn State Hockey PYP Studio Ms. Elana Pyle Rapid Transit RedLine Speed Shine Silpada, Pam Ascencio Sweet Frog Tait Farm Team Blue Hand Car Wash Trader Joe’s U-Freeze Wine Slush WR Hickey Beer Distributor Larry & Karen Walker Way Fruit Farm

Otto’s Pub & Brewery RedLine Speed Shine Rowland Creative Sheetz, Inc. Steph’s Couture Cupcakes StressBusters Entertainment Town & Gown Magazine WR Hickey Beer Distributor Wegmans Woodring Floral Gardens

Rock the 80’s concert at The State Theatre 9


Platinum Donors ($10,000 and up) Blake and Linda Gall Estate of Howard Moore

Partners ($250 to $499)

Johnson Motors of DuBois Mount Nittany Health UPMC Altoona Foundation

Gold Donors ($5,000 to $9,999) Ben and Robin Heim Bronze Donors ($1,000 to $2,499) Albemarle Corporation, Tyrone America’s Carpet Outlet Pat and Paula Bisbey Cancer Care Partnership Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cingle Clearfield County Charitable Foundation Community Connection [email protected] Christian and Teresa Farls Frost & Conn, Inc. Carl L. Fisher Memorial Trust Comfort Keepers Huntingdon County United Way Mr. John Imbt Ingram Fuels, Inc. Cristin and Doug Long

M&T Bank McQuaide Blasko, Attorneys at Law Mr. James Miller Mr. Mike Obeid Minitab, Inc. Morgan Stanley Mt. Union American Legion Restek Donation Team Dr. Diane Ray, State College Orthodontics Stocker Chevrolet, Inc. Jennifer Streb Family Holiday Gift BB&T Bank Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute, Tyrone US Silica Company, Mapleton Depot J.R. and Judi Vratarich

Drs. Frank Ahern and Joy Bodnar Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bellush Emilie Brennan and Family Dr. and Mrs. Dustin Case Dr. Nancy Chiswick Ms. Sara Colpetzer Dix Honda Company Mr. and Mrs. Fred Egerer Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Einfalt Mr. and Mrs. Mark Finkle Dr. and Mrs. Steven Fishbaine Mr. and Mrs. David Fonash Ms. Pamela Gavazzi Mr. John Heim Dr. and Mrs. Marc Hertzberg Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Huss Mr. and Mrs. Chip Kogelmann Dr. and Mrs. Edmond Kotary Dr. James Lieb

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald McClearn McGraw Hill Educational Match Mr. and Mrs. George McMurtry Ms. Nancy Neufer Curtis Omiecinski and Elizabeth Laurenzana Mr. and Mrs. Norman Perks Dr. and Mrs. Jim Powell Mrs. Susan Reck Mr. Richard Rickley Mr. and Mrs. James Scourtis Mr. and Mrs. Roger Shenk Mr. and Mrs. Alois Steinbugl Mrs. Kay Stickler Ms. Katherine Swigart Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams Ms. Ann Witherow Dr. Christine Zlupko

A complete list of donors can be found at bobperksfund.org

Advocates ($500 to $999) Bellefonte Lodge #268 Free Masons Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Collins Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeChellis Ms. Elizabeth Dupuis Fernsler Hutchinson Architecture LLC Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fernsler Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Fernsler Mr. and Mrs. David Fornicola Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hurley Greg an Kristen Kewitt Mr. Jerry Kisatasky Koch Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lamb Logan Valley Oil, Inc. Dr. Joel Myers Lori and Mark Proper

Ms. Elana Pyle Boyer & Ritter, CPA Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Renfrew Silco Tek Corporation Rock Fathers Band Molly and Larry Snavely State College High School Girl’s Soccer Booster Club Supelco Employees The Poole Foundation VFW James Patterson Post 813 Ladies Auxillary, DuBois Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Williams Mr. an Mrs. Ryan Williams Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Zimmerman

Emilie Brennan with her Brother and Dad at “ Millie’s Lemonade Stand”


Special Events Volunteers Robin Heim, Kelly Renfrew, Madeline Hertzberg, Tina Scourtis, Karen Starinchak with Jen Finkle

Strategic Partner Sheetz, Inc. Ryan Sheetz, Doreen Perks and Elana Pyle 12

FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS Following the passing of these individuals, their families and friends made memorial contributions to honor their loved ones. Because they acknowledged their loss by supporting the Bob Perks Fund, we are able to assist more struggling cancer patients in our four-county area. Thomas Barr Jan Gearhart Michael Lanich Jack Bergstrom Jennifer Guyer Nancy McGhee Joan Bergstrom Sandra Hartsock Shirley Miller Jack Bisbey Elizabeth Heebner Eugene Oyler Fred Diehl Ellen Hughes Louise Pochyba Deb Dixon Ronald Kauffman Steve Reck Pearl Dixon E.Z. Jackson, Jr. Valerie Wells Ron Faris Kirk Johnson, Jr. Karen Wisor Estate gift of Howard Moore BOB PERKS FUND ENDOWMENT Since 2007, the Bob Perks Fund has maintained an endowment fund at Centre Foundation and is grateful for the knowledgeable stewardship of the professionals who manage this fund. To support the long-term sustainability of the Bob Perks Fund, contributions can be made by contacting the Centre Foundation, State College, Pennsylvania. In 2015, we appreciated a Bob Perks Endowment gift made by James and Julia Glover of State College. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Doreen Perks, Founder Amy Gravine Lori Proper, Chair Gregory Hayes Linda Gall, Vice Chair Robin Heim Elana Pyle, Secretary David Hellyer Gavin Fernsler, Treasurer Cristin Long Patrick Bisbey Andrew Zimmerman Blake Gall Early in 2016, we welcomed two new board members: Rickey Himes of Huntingdon and Ed Washell of State College. Rickey has been at the heart of our Huntingdon County fundraising successes and Ed Washell has been a long-time supporter both personally and professionally, through Morgan Stanley. We thank retiring board members Amy Gravine and Blake Gall for their good work and outstanding support of the Bob Perks Fund. 13

The Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, EIN number 20-4220990, and is registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations. Payroll is managed by US Accounting & Financial Services of State College, PA, and auditing is conducted by both US Accounting & Financial Services and Baker Tilly, formerly SF & Company, of State College, PA. BOB PERKS CANCER ASSISTANCE FUND STATEMENTS OF REVENUE, EXPENSES, AND CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS – MODIFIED CASH BASIS Year Ended REVENUE Contributions Special Event Revenue Interest and Other Income TOTAL REVENUE FUNCTIONAL EXPENSES Assistance to Others Salaries and Required Benefits Office Expenses Professional Fees

December 31, 2015 ----------------$115,367 $126,482 $35 ----------------$241,883


$166,302 $41,411 $6,975 $4,354 ----------------$219,041

Transfer to BPF Endowment


CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS ($2,158) =========== The financial statements for 2015 are not yet audited and revenues can fluctuate from year to year based on the timing of year-end payments. The Accountants’ Revenue Reports for prior years, and the annual IRS 990 filings, are available upon request. 14