NYBRO HOCKEY ACADEMY NHA | SEASON 2012/2013 INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE Welcome to Nybro, Sweden Thank you for your interest in NHA We realize that...
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NHA | SEASON 2012/2013


Welcome to Nybro, Sweden Thank you for your interest in NHA We realize that finding a good hockey and academic program that can work together to develop your child’s athletic and academic skills can be a difficult task. NHA in conjunction with CIS (Calmare International School) are committed to honouring that trust that you have in us for your childs future development . Our program will ensure that these kids will leave as confident and skilled young adults, prepared to handle the intellectual and social challenges they will encounter in the future.

with the idea to provide a truly international education with outstanding athletic instruction. Mike Beharrell had for several years worked with small groups of international players from around the world in Stockholm. Many of those players went on to have great success academically and athletically. Several moved on to represent their home countries at IIHF World Championships. After relocating to Nybro the concept was expanded with the involvement of Calmare International School and Nybro Vikings to become the Nybro Hockey Academy!

Nybro Hockey Academy began in 2011

Nybro Vikings are a historic team located in the south of Sweden. With a long standing tradition of producing hockey players. The goal of this program is to produce not only great students and great athletes but outstanding global citizens. Nybro Hockey Academy along with CIS is committed to providing an environment where our athletes can experience success in life! We want to provide as many of our athletes with the tools to be successful when their future opportunities arrive! NHA will also strive as much as possible to assist in the creation of those opportunities.

Tor Persson Director of Nybro Hockey Academy [email protected]


YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS! For those of you are about to become NHA alumni, this is a great step forward in your athletic and academic development. NHA’s commitment to you will help build personnel resilience and the vital qualities to team work which are essential to individual and team success. It is not an easy road ahead.

At NHA players can expect around 40 games per year. Players will get 7 hours per week of on ice individual and team practice sessions. 4 hours per week of supervised off ice training. Following the conclusion of the regular hockey season players then step into an intensive post season training program.

In order for you to truly become an elite athlete it will take perseverance and Spartan training. A high level of commitment will be reciprocated by those around you wearing the NHA colors! We look forward to this journey with you and look forward to hearing of your successes in the future.

NHA the difference! NHA is committed to ensuring that our players continue to receive assistance from us after they graduate in whatever manner possible. We want to help provide and create future opportunities whenever possible! In short NHA alumni are team mates for life!

NHA players will have a busy schedule between their academic and athletic studies.

We welcome players from all around the globe to come and pursue their athletic and academic goals.

Important information for non-European applicants: NHA is restricted on the number of non EU/EEA players it can have in its teams. As such non EU players will be admitted on a first come first serve bases. Prospective students from outside the EU/EEA area are strongly advised to start the application for a Swedish residence permit immediately upon receiving Confirmation of Admission. Applications for residence permit are made at your local Swedish embassy or consulate. For further information please visit the website of Swedish Migration Board.


EDUCATION CIS – an active choice, the right choice! Calmare International School is a modern upper secondary school with light premises, located in central Kalmar. At CIS, we show each other consideration through responsibility, respect and commitment – both for each other and our mutual environment. If you choose CIS, you will know that we will support you in what you are doing, but also that we will expect your dedication. During your three years at upper secondary school, you will gain knowledge that you will have good use for, both for higher education and working life. Make an active choice and choose CIS. You won’t regret it!


Choose the school that cares! According to us, the school and upper secondary education should

Nice premises.

be a good platform for your further studies. Our programs, SA

Light and well-adapted premises are a condition for enjoying your

(Social Science), EK (Business Studies) and NA (Natural Science)

time at CIS and being successful in your studies. Hence, CIS is

prepare you for these studies and our way of teaching is inspired

inspired by a “real-life”-working place, customized for 21st century

by universities and working life. One example of this is that most

education. To achieve this, there are plenty of computers, a Wi-

lessons (with the exception of some science and physical educa-

Fi-network if you prefer to bring your own computer and self study

tion and health lessons) cover three hours. During these lessons,

rooms, where you can work both on your own and in groups. For

you will experience both lectures and work in smaller groups on

your well-being, you will also have access to a light and all day

your own. We aim towards a cross-disciplinary way of teaching,

open cafeteria and a pool table.

where we include different subjects in cross-disciplinary projects. In addition, our international profile prepares you for a global work-

CIS is different from many other Swedish upper secondary schools.

ing life.

The school is a bit smaller. At CIS, there is a better understanding between the staff and the students. You can be yourself and being a small school means that there is always a place for you. At CIS, your opinions, experiences and personality are of the utmost importance, both to the staff and your friends. We like you for who you are.

Feels like home Good spirit in school is something natural to us. We help each other, study and have fun together. Some say that CIS is like a second home, filled with friends. At CIS you will get the necessary knowledge to pursue higher education or working life. In other words, a good start on a life-long journey!

Experiences. Meetings. Insights. At CIS, both the school and the rest of the world is your classroom. Both our teachers and mentors from different companies and types of businesses, functioning as a link between school and working-life, work hard to give you the best possible education for your future. We have high ambitions, both educationally and socially. As a student at CIS, you will have the opportunity to affect the form and content of your courses. We listen to you and your opinion!

www.cis.se 4

www.cis.se 5



The Natural Science program (NA) With a scientific foundation, the world is by your feet. The Natural Science Programme is aimed at everyone wishing to study any of the natural sciences at university. This course lays the foundation for continued studies in natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and social sciences at university level.

The Social Science program (SA)

Study social science from an international perspective. This programme is aimed at everyone who is interested in how human beings and society develop and function in various ways. This course lays the foundation for continued studies within a broad field of social sciences at university level.

The Business Studies program (EK)

With focus on entrepreneurship and business enterprising

The residence is convenient located close to the center of Nybro with only a couple of minutes walk to the rink, training facilities, its also only a few minutes by train or bus to CIS in Kalmar.

The Business Studies Programme is aimed at everyone who wishes to study social sciences, primarily within the business and law areas. This programme is also aimed at students wishing to learn how to start up, operate and develop a company. This course lays the foundation for continued studies within business, law and

All our rooms are 20m2 and fully furnished. The rooms also include your own bathroom. All utilities are included. On each floor there is a shared kitchen, two bathrooms and a living room with a projector that is prefect for movies, sports etc. On the ground floor we also have some gym equipment and a pingpong table. High-speed internet is accessible in each room.

other social science areas at university level.



Mattias Mild Head master CIS

Tomas Eriksson CEO

Tel. +46 (0) 480 - 44 99 36 E-mail [email protected]

Tel. +46 (0) 480 - 262 40 E-mail [email protected]

www.cis.se 7

HOCKEY TRAINING Be prepared for a challenge NHA will provide players with excellent instruction in all areas of their athletic development in order to become a better player! Hockey skills, strength and conditioning as well as mental toughness and goal setting will be challenged and developed at NHA. Our on ice sessions will put an emphasis on individual skill development. Individual skill sessions are the basic foundation for a players future growth and success so NHA strives push our players to their limits. Hockey is also a game that requires a solid understanding of tactical play. Team practices are where these situations are taught and rehearsed in preparation for game success. Our off ice training plan will be suited for the individual that will be relevant to the athletes age and development requirements. We understand the need to really develop


explosive speed and power as well as good anaerobic endurance in order to have success on ice. Players will receive a series of mental training exercises throughout their time with NHA in areas such as goal setting and personal development. Life and hockey have many challenges ahead for players and we want them to be able to adapt and overcome any adversity they will face in the future.


NYBRO, SWE Nybro is a small town located in the south east region of Sweden. The community is home to 20,000 residents. The name Nybro literally means “New Bridge”. Nybro is a small industrial town surrounded by forests and small agricultural enclaves. Nybro calls itself “The city within the Kingdom of Crystal”, the latter being a region with 15world famous and active glassworks including Kosta Boda and Orrefors. Nybro is also the home of Nybro Vikings IF, a professional ice hockey team with a strong history within Sweden for producing great players. Nybro Municipality is strategically located between the southeastern Sweden’s three regional capitals: Kalmar, Växjö and Karlskrona.. The distance to the Kalmar is 30 kilometers, and it is roughly 20 minutes to the Kalmar airport. Nybro is also easily accessible by direct train from Copenhagen airport, and coast to coast trains on the route Kalmar, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

MIKE BEHARRELL Head Instructor. Mike Beharrell is the current Head Coach of the Nybro Vikings Senior team. He has worked as a coach for almost 18 years. He has worked with Hockey Canada’s Program of Excellence in all positions with the U17 program. He has worked numerous camps throughout the years and around the world. He combines those experiences to assist young athletes in realizing their dreams thru hard work and commitment. He strongly believes in assisting young players that are willing to put in the time and effort in getting the opportunities the dream of!



TOR PERSSON Head Director. Tor Persson is currently the assistant coach for Nybro Vikings senior team and the head coach for the junior section. Tor has both a college degree in Sport Management and a minor I Business Management from New England College and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Tor has coached the state team “Team Halland”, numerous hockey camps throughout the years and been instructor at the Aranäs High School in Kungsbacka. Hard work and the right attitude is my motto.



FINANCIAL The Annual fees cover one school year/season starting in the middle of August to middle of June: •CIS Education (includes all pertinent textbooks and tests). •Housing in furnished accomidation. •Hockey Program (on- and off-ice training, games). •Membership for Nybro Vikings (all players of NHA are members by default). The annual cost for NHA is 19.800 Euro. Scheduling for Payment of Fees is as follows •The Registration Fee of 100 Euro is due upon application. •The first part (20%) of the annual fee is due by July 31st. •The second part (40%) of the annual fee is due on September 15th. •The third part (20%) of the annual fee is due before December 1st. •The fourth part (20%) of the annual fee is due on February 1st. Any other arrangements for payment must be approved in writing by the NHA. A more detailed breakdown of NHA financial obligations can be sent upon request.






Former student. “In 2009 I got the chance to go play in Sweden. There I met Mike Beharrell and from there my skill set, my skating my strength and the way I thought about hockey changed. The amount and the way practices were made me a better player and a better person. From the first practice in the morning to the third and the last one of the day I was challenged to work hard on and off the ice. On ice program was really good and it helped me in the areas that I needed help with. There was a lot of time spent in the gym also so my strength improved for 100 percent. The chance to be a part of the program was the turning point in my hockey career”. 10

Former student. “Coming to play in Sweden from a country that doesn’t have very good hockey (Romania) seemed to be like an impossible mission at first sight. Even though it took me some time to adapt, hard work at every practice and discipline helped me to become the player and the person I am today. With the help of Mike and the school practices, I’ve learned a lot of individual skills that probably wouldn’t have been able to learn back in my hometown. It was the best experience of my lifetime and would do anything to go back and start it again.”

CONTACT Nybro Vikings IF office Tel. +46 (0) 481 - 140 71 E-mail [email protected]

Tor Persson Head Director

Tel. +46 (0) 735 - 11 82 95 E-mail [email protected]

Mike Beharrell Head Instructor

Tel. +46 (0) 725 - 45 70 80 E-mail [email protected] 11


Nybro Vikings IF Vasagatan 37 C, 382 32 Nybro Tel. +46 (0) 481-140 71 | [email protected] www.nybrovikings.com