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September 2013 (Revised 23/09/2013)

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Sheet Music design & print The scores on the next nine pages are all printed and distributed by Creighton’s Collection as our own Publications, or as “Co-production publications” or on behalf of other music publishers or individuals. We undertook the engraving & cover designs for over half these scores. Have you written your own compositions or arrangements? Would you like to see them in print? If your answer is yes - why not contact us for further information.

CD / DVD duplication by Creighton’s Collection We can replicate CD or DVD including full on body print and paper parts. Please contact us for further information. We can also help with licensing your discs. Benjamin Britten

A Ceremony of Carols Llandaff Cathedral Girl Choristers Director

John York Skinner

Benjamin Creighton Griffiths Harp

All proceeds to

Llandaff Cathedral Organ Appeal Patron HRH The Prince of Wales

A0331-CD A Ceremony of Carols: MCPS LM Licence: Designed & produced by Creighton’s Collection for The Cathedral School Llandaff, in aid of Llandaff Cathedral Organ Appeal

Sample disc for music score SM0185 Latin American Harp Music

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

Specialist Publishers of Harp Music

Creighton’s Collection is the sole printer and distributor for the Adlais Catalogue. Some recent additions and revised editions

Spukhafte Gavotte Franz Poenitz 2012 A4 Edition Cat. No. Adlais 179

The Dawn of Day John Thomas 2012 A4 Edition Cat. No. Adlais 201

ADLAIS Specialist Publishers of Harp Music

100th Anniversary Year

John Thomas Pencerdd Gwalia (1826-1913)

In 2013, harpists throughout the world will commemorate the centenary of the death of John Thomas, Pencerdd Gwalia - Chief Musician of Wales, harpist to Queen Victoria. Adlais will honour his memory by adding to its already extensive collection of publications of his music, and by setting up a new web site at

Indiana Andres Izmaylov 2013 A4 Edition Cat. No. Adlais 203

The Blackbird John Thomas 2012 A4 Edition Cat. No. Adlais 199

Crepuscule au Lac Ogwen Joseph Jongen 2012 A4 Edition Cat. No. Adlais 194

A full list of Adlais music is included in the Stock List at the end of this brochure

Also available our separately printed

Adlais Catalogue of Harp Music for full details of works published or visit

New Publication July 2012 Welsh Melodies for the


Merch y Melinydd The Miller’s Daughter

Traditional Welsh Melody arranged for Solo Pedal Harp Specialist Publishers of Harp Music

Adlais Cat. No. 149

Due for Publication August 2012 Souvenir Du Nord A brilliant duet for Two Harps or Harp & Piano. Fantasia on Russian melodies composed by John Thomas after visiting St Petersburg in 1852.

If you need a copy of the Adlais Catalogue of Harp Music please contact: Creighton’s Collection - details on rear of this brochure

Adlais Cat. No. 164 The Adlais Catalogue of Harp music is printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection -

A PDF version of the catalogue is available from the ordering page of Adlais On Line at

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

The Clarsach Society Creighton’s Collection has been working in conjunction with the Clarsach Society to produce new engravings of the Societies very popular Folios with all new engravings prepared by members of Clarsach Society. Eight Folio’s have been newly set with more in the pipe line for later in 2013. The Folios are graded as:Elementary - red covers Intermediate - blue covers Advanced - green covers Memorial - white covers

Folio 18 Beginner’s Choice Roghainn Ìre Tòiseachaidh Elementary level

Folio 33 Jean Campbell Memorial Folio Roghainn Ìre Tòiseachaidh Elementary level

Folio 40 Lullabies, Airs and Dances Volume 1 Elementary Level

Suo Gân (Lullaby) Bonnie George Campbell Chevy Chase Lisa Lân Evening Bells Winster Galop Lullaby (Tàladh) The Merry-go-Round Fiesta! Golly Walk Reverie The Music Box

Women of this Glen - 3 harps Caol Muile (The Sound of Mull) - 3 harps S'trusaidh mi na Coilleagan - 3 harps The Peat Fire Flame - flute, cello & 2 harps The Skye Boat Song - fiddle/recorder & 2 harps St Columba's Homesailing Prayer & Alleluia (Ùrnaigh Seòlaidh Cholm Cille) - voice & harp Churning Song - recorder, fiddle & 2 harps Cattle Croon - flute, cello & 2 harps Crònan Cruidh - flute, cello & 2 harps Iona Boat Song - fiddle / recorder & 2 harps Spinning Song - fiddle / recorder & 2 harps

Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh The Fairy Lullaby Crodh Chailein An Gaidheal ‘s a Leannan Caidil gu lo A Ghaoil, Saoil am Faigh Mi Thu? An Cala Seimh Seann Triubhas/Soldier's Joy Fagail Bharraidh Ceolraidh Dunoon 2000

Folio 41 Lullabies, Airs and Dances Volume 2 Elementary Level

Folio 42 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Volume 1 Intermediate Level

Folio 43 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Volume 2 Intermediate Level

Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh The Fairy Lullaby Crodh Chailein An Gaidheal ‘s a Leannan Caidil gu lo A Ghaoil, Saoil am Faigh Mi Thu? An Cala Seimh Seann Triubhas/Soldier's Joy Fagail Bharraidh Ceolraidh Dunoon 2000

Coir' a Ghearraig What's a' the Steer, Kimmer?/Mallow Fling The Landlady of Inver lnn The Moon and Seven Stars Ceolraidh Lochabair Mo Mhairi Bhan The Marquis of Tullibardine MacLean's Welcome Dream Angus Welcome to Oban The Dingwall Diamond Jubilee

Domhnall Dubh Turn Ye to Me Crodh Laoigh nam Bodach Reel of the 51st Division The Old Drove Road/The Duke of Perth Lady Sutherland's Reel The Fairy Dance/Fisher's Hornpipe An Crann-Tara Drummond Castle The Airdrie Gathering

Folio 44 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Volume 3 Intermediate Level

Folio 45 Flying Fingers Advanced Level

O Thistle of Scotland The Eight Men of Moidart/Tay Mouth Earl of Lauderdale Circassian Circle/Jessie's Hornpipe A Mhairi Bhan/Aiken Drum Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston Miss Drummond of Perth An Cuala Sibh mar Thachair Dhuinn Mac Og an Iarla Ruaidh A Trip to Dunoon Fagail Liosmor

Dunkeld Steeple Hornpipe/Trumpet Hornpipe Lady Ann Hope's Favourite Lady Shaftsbury Miss Graham of Inchbrakie Mrs Donaldson Gleann Gollaidh Puinneagan Cail Bothan airidh ‘m braighe Raineach Am Monadh Liath Oran na Maighdinn Mhara

Retail price £10.00 each Further folios in preparation for Autumn 2013

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

Creighton’s Collection

Cat. No. SM0439 Score & 3 harp parts

Cat. No. SM0440 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0441 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0444 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0445 Score & flute part






Ben Creighton Griffiths

Cat. No. SM0110 Pedal Harp Score

Cat. No. SM0119 Lever Harp Score



Jazz Harp Series

Jazz Standards

with written Improvisations by Ben Creighton Griffiths

Cat. No. SM0022 Score

Cat. No. SM0304 Score



Julian Martin

Yardbird Suite Take Five Chameleon Aquarela Do Brazil Pure Imagination Autumn Leaves Greensleeves

Charlie Parker Paul Desmond Herbie Hancock Ary Barroso Bricusse / Newley Joseph Kosma Trad.

£5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00

SM0257 SM0258 SM0259 SM0260 SM0261 SM0273 SM0417

Further tunes in preparation

Printed, Published & Distributed by:

Creighton’s Collection

Specialist Publishers & Retailers of Harp Music


T: +44 (0)29 2039 7711 F: +44 (0)87 0487 7687 E: [email protected]

Five Studies in improvised music for pedal harp Five original compositions for harp from Welsh jazz composer Julian Martin

An Incomplete A-Z of Jazz Harp Music CD Recording Arranged & performed

Ben Creighton Griffiths

Edited: Ben Creighton Griffiths

Cat. No. SM0254 -


A0550-CD - £12.00

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

Catrin Finch Celtic Concerto for harp & strings

Angharad Evans Young Hands on Harp You Can Play! A first tutor book for the young harpist

Cat No.



SM0403_hp SM0403

Harp Conductor’s Score

SM0403_V1 SM0403_V2 SM0403_Vl SM0403_Vc SM0403_Db

Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola Violoncello Contrabass


Study Set

£15.00 £20.00 £2.20 £2.20 £2.20 £2.20 £2.20 £40.00

(One copy of score and each part)



String Set (1 each V1, V2,Vl, Vc, Db)

SM0399 £12.00

Jane Groves Arrangements for intermediate flute & harp duo

Cat. No. SM0265 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0266 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0267 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0279 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0282 Score & flute part






Arrangements for flexible flute & harp and harp ensembles Flute & Harp Ensemble Jig

Cat. No. SM0160

Score & Parts: Flutes 1-3, Harps 1-2


Suo Gân

Cat. No. SM0161

Score & Parts: Flutes 1-3, Alto Flute, Harps 1-2


The Ashgrove

Cat. No. SM0162

Score & Parts: Flutes 1-3, Alto Flute, Harps 1-2


Yellow Bird

Cat. No. SM0163

Score & Parts: Flutes 1-3, Harp 1


Papageno’s Song Cat No. SM0448

Score & Parts: Flutes 1-3, Harp 1


Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy and March Cat No. SM0449 Score & Parts: Flutes 1-4, Harps 1-2


Harp Ensemble Jig

Cat. No. SM0268

Score & Parts: Harps 1 - 3


Suo Gân

Cat. No. SM0269

Score & Parts: Harps 1 - 3


The arrangements for mixed ensemble are ideal for mixed ability groups

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

Eluned Henry

Elementary arrangements for 2/3 harps Harp Ensemble arrangements by Eluned Henry The Girl from Penderyn


Score & Parts: Harps 1-2


The Dove


Score & Parts: Harps 1-3


The Yellow Sheepskin


Score & Parts: Harps 1-2


Brahms Lullaby


Score & Parts: Harps 1-3


Brian Boru’s March


Score & Parts: Harps 1-3


Canon in D - Pachabel


Score & Parts: Harps 1-3


Jean Hudson

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David Johnstone Zapateado de San Fermin was originally composed for Flute and String Orchestra but has also been transcribed by the composer, David Johnstone, as a recital work for Flute and Harp Duo. Creighton’s Collection is proud to print and distribute over 60 of David’s compositions on behalf of Johnstone Music. Unfortunately this is his only work for harp but full details of his catalogue of music can be found on our web site at:

Cat. No. SM0033

Cat. No. SM0034

Cat. No. JM13BSC




Sandrine Luzignant Original Compositions Cat. No. SM036 SM049

Title Hommage à Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche Hommage à Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche

Instrumentation 4 Harps Quartet (Cl/Vi/Cb/Hp)

RRP ** £12.00 £12.00

Arrangements from Bizet’s Carmen Cat. No. SM037 SM038 SM039 SM040

Title Carmen Carmen Carmen Carmen

I. Overture II. Hababera III. Seguedille IV. Chanson bohème

Instrumentation 4 Harps 4 Harps 4 Harps 4 Harps

RRP ** £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00

SM050 SM051 SM052 SM053

Carmen Carmen Carmen Carmen

I. Overture II. Hababera III. Seguedille IV. Chanson bohème

Quartet (Cl/Vi/Cb/Hp) Quartet (Cl/Vi/Cb/Hp) Quartet (Cl/Vi/Cb/Hp) Quartet (Cl/Vi/Cb/Hp)

£12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00

Arrangements of Debussy’s Petite Suite Cat. No. SM041 SM042 SM043 SM044

Title Petite Suite Petite Suite Petite Suite Petite Suite

I. En Bateau II. Cortège III. Menuet IV. Ballet

Instrumentation 4 Harps 4 Harps 4 Harps 4 Harps

RRP ** £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00

SM045 SM046 SM047 SM048

Petite Suite Petite Suite Petite Suite Petite Suite

I. En Bateau II. Cortège III. Menuet IV. Ballet

Trio (Vi/Cb/Hp) Trio (Vi/Cb/Hp) Trio (Vi/Cb/Hp) Trio (Vi/Cb/Hp)

£12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00

** RRP for score & set of parts

Athy (Atilio Adrian Matteucci)

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection Original compositions for lever harp

Cat. No. SM0426 Seres del Fuego

Cat. No. SM0427 Dulce Bretaña

Cat. No. SM0428 Cuchuflo’s Jig

Cat. No. SM0281 Score & flute part

Cat. No. SM0290 Score & flute part






Els Millenaar

Original compositions for lever harp

Mwynion Mai Flute & Harp Duo

Cat. No. A0001 Compact Disc

£12.00 Cat. No. SM0186 Score for solo harp

Cat. No. SM0277 Score & Harp 1-2

Cat. No. SM0278 Score & Harps 1-2, Cello




Jeffrey Mayhew

Original compositions for harp

Jane Groves & Eluned Henry

Cat. No. SM0005 Score & flute part


New Editions of previously published music now printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection Solo Harp People & Places A Day Trip Skies Recuerdos The Harpist Time & Motion

SM0416 SM0419 SM0420 SM0421 SM0422 SM0425

Score Score Score Score Score Score

£7.00 £8.00 £7.00 £7.00 £7.00 £7.00


Score & Part



Score & Part


Harp & Voice Harp & Voice

Flute & Harp Three Pieces

Mike Parker New Editions of previously published music now printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection Early Harp Music Arrangements by Mike Parker A Collection (Auge) Sonata for the harp (Abel) Airs with Variations (Dussek)

SM0313 SM0314 SM0398

£8.50 £6.50 £8.50

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

Violeta Ramos

Original compositions for lever harp

Creighton’s Collection For further details about all our publications please visit our information web site Cat. No. SM0185

Cat. No. SM0437

Cat. No. SM0452

Latin American Harp Music

Acá no bailamos milonga

Che Rey



£ 10.00

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Jenny Rees Gifts Some examples of our brooches & pendants

Cat. No. JR006

H1028 Antiqued gold finish with turquoise mosaics

Theme & variations for Harp

£5.50 An original composition for Lever Harp composed for Ben Creighton Griffiths

H1053 Antiqued gold finish & emerald stones

H1048 Antiqued pewter finish & blue/sapphire stones with 18” chain

H1036 Antiqued gold finish with blue enamel

H1034 Antiqued gold finish with green enamel with 15” chain

We stock a range of harp related gifts including new and old jewellery, ornaments, glassware, collectables & pictures. Our new jewellery is available to purchase on line from our web site but due to the unique nature of the other items they are normally only available from our exhibition stall at harp festivals or by telephone order.

Alyson Roberts

Original compositions for beginner lever harpists

Cat. No. SM0295

Cat. No. SM0296

Cat. No. SM0311

Cat. No. SM0315





All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

Monika Stadler

Creighton’s Collection We welcome Trade Enquiries - harp music retailers should contact us for our Supplies please contact us for our separate Trade Catalogue. Cat. No. SM0128

Cat. No. SM0170

Cat. No. SM0272

On the Water

Another World



Preseli Skies & African Reflections

244 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9JG, Wales, UK Tel: +44 (0)29 2039 7711 Fax: +44(0)87 0487 7687 E-mail: [email protected] Web:

£ 15.00

Savourna Stevenson Cat. No.



RRP price


The Source

Advanced lever harp



Emily's Calling

Advanced lever harp



Dug’s Lugs

Advanced lever harp



Eilean Mo Chridh

Advanced lever harp


John L. Thomas Arrangements for 2/3 beginner harpists supplied score & parts for

RRP price

SM0035 Play the harp with me

Cat. No.


3 Harps


SM0112 Play the harp with me at Christmastide

2 Harps


SM0113 Play the harp with me again

2 Harps


SM0255 Play the harp with me for fun

3 Harps


SM0256 Play Ave Maria with me

solo harp

Sian Morgan Thomas Adlais 135 SM0114 SM0120 SM0167 SM0182 SM0184 SM0252 SM0262 SM0280 SM0401


Traditional Melodies and well know tunes in arrangements for lever & pedal harp.

Charms of Christmas Feinwen Dyner - Maiden Most Gentle Berceuse de Dolly - Gabriel Fauré Hob y Deri Tango Sailing Along Lullaby - Brahms Lolipop Volume 1 Song of the Crib Lolipop Volume 2 The Holly Tree

flute & harp 3 harps 3 harps 3 harps 3 harps 3 harps 4 harps 3 harps 3 harps 3 harps

£7.50 £8.50 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £8.50 £12.00 £10.00 £12.00 £10.00

All items on this page are printed & distributed by Creighton’s Collection

David Watkins

For further information please visit or Volume I

Volume IB Volume II Volume III Volume IV Volume V Volume VI Volume VII Volume VIII Volume IX Volume X Volume Xa Volume XI Voulme XII Volume XIII Volume XIV Volume XIVa Volume XV

Adagio & Rondo K617 Harp & string quartet) P Med-Diff Harp part with cues Set of parts for quartet (Flute/1 Violin, Oboe/2 Violin, Viola, Cello) Keyboard accompaniment Adagio for Solo Harp K617A P Easy-Med Dialogue (harp & harpsichord) P Medium Three Shakespeare Sonnets (voice & harp) P Med-Diff Silent Night, Holy Night (Soprano, Harp, Optional Inst. Descant) P / L Easy Lament of Mary Queen of Scots (voice & harp) P / L Easy Queen Mary's Escape (voice & harp) P / L Medium Eliza is the Fairest Queen (voice & harp) P / L Medium Music for a Play P Easy Impromptu (1972) P Easy-Med Duo Set of parts (Harp 1 + Harp 2) P Easy-Med Duo Two performing scores P Easy-Med Priest Composers Aria - Rafael Angles, Sonata in F - Narciso Casanovas P Medium Pastorale and Sonata - Domenico Scarlatti P Med-Diff Three Folk Songs - arranged for Violin & Harp P / L Easy-Med Sonata V - for violin & harp - CF Abel P Med-Diff Score/parts to play XIV as harp & string quartet P Med-Diff Sonata in G minor for solo harp - PJ Meyer P Medium

£12.00 £6.00 £8.00 £8.00 £12.00 £12.00 £8.00 £8.00 £6.50 £6.50 £6.50 £8.00 £12.00 £15.00 £8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £9.00 £6.50

Now available: The David Watkins Catalogue of Music and Recordings

We can also supply to trade a range of CDs by David Watkins all priced at £12.00 each





For further information about David Watkins please visit A0214

Simon Wright



Three Mozart Arias Voi, che sapete

Three Carols

(Le Nozze di Figaro)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja

Silent Night

(Die Zauberflöte)

La ci darem la mano!

The Angel Gabriel

(Don Giovanni)

Arranged for solo harp

Arranged for two harps

Cat. No. SM0263 £10.00

Cat. No. SM0288 Supplied as score & set of parts


Stock List As well as printing, publishing and distributing our own sheet music we also retail CDs and sheet music from independent artists and other music publishers. We can supply music published by: Abingdon Press, Alfred, Amphion, Andel, Balquhidder, Barenreiter, Billaudot, Bornemann, BriLee Music, Butz Musikverlag, Cambium, Capo Tasto Music, Carl Fischer, Carus-Verlag, Chant du Monde, Chantraine, Coburn, Columbia Music Co., Combre, Coronet, Costallat, Cranz (Selected Titles), Dominis, Durand, E.F.M., E.Henry David, E.M.E., Elkan-Vogel, Enoch (Paris), Eschig, Europart, Faber Music, Falls House Press, Fatrock Ink, G7 Music, Gemini, Hamelle, Harpiana Editions, Henn, Henry Lemoine, Heugel, Hildegard, Hortensia, Latham Music Ltd, Leduc, L'Oiseau Lyre, Lorenz & Associated Publishers, Marais, Maurer, Merseburger, Misterioso, Notissimo, Ouvrières, Partitura Verlag, Peters Edition, Promethean Editions, Red House, Richard Hill Music, Ricordi, Rideau-Rouge, Robert King, Robert Martin, Rodrigo, Salabert, Schola Cantorum, Société Française de Musicologie, Sowerby, Subito, Theodore Presser, Thorpe, Transatlantiques, Tritone & Tenuto, U.F.A., UMP, Ventilador Music, Zanibon, Zurfluh,

This is our current stock list arranged by catalogue number. COMPACT DISCS & DVDs A0001-CD: A0003-CD: A0004-CD: A0006-CD: A0007-CD: A0008-CD: A0009-CD: A0010-CD: A0011-CD: A0012-CD: A0013-CD: A0014-CD: A0015-CD: A0016-CD: A0017-CD: A0018-CD: A0019-CD: A0020-CD: A0021-CD: A0022-CD: A0023-CD: A0024-CD: A0025-CD: A0026-CD: A0027-CD: A0028-CD: A0029-CD: A0030-CD: A0031-CD: A0032-CD: A0033-CD: A0034-CD: A0035-CD: A0036-CD: A0037-CD: A0038-CD: A0039-CD: A0040-CD: A0041-CD: A0042-CD: A0043-CD: A0044-CD: A0045-CD: A0046-CD: A0047-CD: A0048-CD: A0049-CD: A0050-CD: A0051-CD: A0052-CD: A0053-CD: A0054-CD: A0055-CD: A0056-CD: A0057-CD: A0058-CD: A0059-CD: A0060-CD: A0061-CD: A0062-CD: A0063-CD: A0064-CD: A0065-CD: A0066-CD: A0067-CD: A0068-CD: A0069-CD: A0070-CD: A0071-CD: A0072-CD: A0073-CD: A0074-CD: A0075-CD: A0076-CD: A0077-CD: A0078-CD:

£12.00 Ar lan y Dwr by Mwynion Mai Flute & Harp Duo £12.00 In the tradition by Huw Chidgey & Catherine Handley £12.00 Hiraeth by Eleri Darkins £12.00 Music from the North Lands by David Nicholson & Eluned Pierce £10.00 Groove Merchants by Aurora Ensemble £12.00 Frost at Midnight by Catherine & Robert Atkins £4.99 Ben Jamming by Benjamin Creighton Griffiths £10.00 Edvard Grieg: C W for Violin & Piano by Christopher Collins Lee & Catherine Riley £10.00 CPE Bach 5 Flute Sonatas by Christopher Hyde-Smith & Jane Dodd £10.00 Flute music of France by Christopher Hyde-Smith & Jane Dodd £10.00 Bach & his Contemporaries by Christopher Hyde-Smith, Jane Dodd & Sussan Dorey £10.00 Mozart The Flute Quartets by Christopher Hyde-Smith & Cummings String Trio £10.50 Mysterious Barracudas by Respectable Groove £12.50 Passacaglia by Paul Ayres £6.00 Music of the Fuschia by Paul Ayres & Rosemary Forbes-Butler £12.99 Suite Gothique by David M. Patrick £12.99 Midnight Huws by Lawson Dando £10.00 It's All Been Arranged by Chameleon Brass £10.00 Langdown Live in Concert by Christopher Langdown £10.00 Christopher Langdown by Christopher Langdown £16.00 Christopher Langdown & Langdown Live by Christopher Langdown £8.50 Sit back & relax by Fourum £12.00 Entre dos mundos by David Johnstone: Basque National Orchestra £10.50 What Katie Did by Kate Walsh £13.50 Invocation by Kate Walsh £12.00 Clair De Lune Sur les Eaux du Reve by Jean Chatillon £12.00 Valse pour l'echappee belle by Jean Chatillon £12.00 Chorals by Jean Chatillon £16.00 Sensaciones (Collector's Ed.) by Neofusion-Tango £12.99 O'Neill's Harper by Janet Harbison £12.99 Carillon by Janet Harbison & Belfast Harp Orchestra £12.99 Feasting with Carolan by Janet Harbison & Clarsheree £12.99 Colmcille by Janet Harbison & Belfast Harp Orchestra £12.99 Prayer by Janet Harbison £12.00 Virtuoso Pop-Classic & Jazz Classic Music by David Johnstone £10.00 Early one morning by Judith Hall & Hugh Webb £11.50 Gordian Knots by British Clarinet Ensemble £10.00 When first we met by Jacqueline Fox & Raymond Burley £12.00 Crwth by Cass Meurig £9.99 A Medieval Mix by Minstrels Gallery £9.99 And Angelus Ad Verginum He Sang by Minstrels Gallery £12.99 Telynor Portmeirion by Dylan Rowlands £10.00 Trevithick's Train by Sprig productions £21.00 Kaingk by Bragod £10.00 Virtuoso Harp by Ann Griffiths £12.00 Live by B3 Classic £12.99 Symphony No. 1 by David Golightly (Composer) £12.00 Speechless by Mike Chapman £14.00 Patchwork by Nathalie Chatelain £14.00 Couleurs by Nathalie Chatelain & Claude Regimbald £14.00 Quatuor Harpege Volume 1 by Quatuor Harpege £14.00 Quatuor Harpege Volume 2 by Quatuor Harpege £14.00 Quatuor Appassionata by Quatuor Appassionata £12.00 Shine on by Elaine Morgan £8.00 The Eve of a new beginning by Evensong £12.99 Carillon for triple harp by Angharad Evans £12.00 One morning in June by John Thomas £12.00 Action Harp Play Set by Park Stickney £12.00 Harp Summit by Park Stickney & Rudiger Oppermann £12.95 Yn y gwaed by Rhes Ganol £12.00 Open the door softly by Helen Davies £12.99 Enlli by Llio Rhydderch £11.99 Telyn by Llio Rhydderch £11.99 Melangell by Llio Rhydderch £11.99 BLAS by Various artist £11.99 Toreth by Toreth £11.99 Gramundus by Sian Phillips £11.99 Perllan by Pigyn Clust £11.99 Ffawd by Julie Murphy & Dylan Fowler £11.99 Sidan by Kilbride £11.99 Priodi by Sild £12.00 Harp Recital by Alina Bzhezhinska £12.00 Celtic Air by Jochen Vogel £12.00 Feng Shui by Jochen Vogel £10.00 Wege by Jochen Vogel £10.00 New Light by Jochen Vogel

A0079-CD: A0080-CD: A0081-CD: A0082-CD: A0083-CD: A0084-CD: A0085-CD: A0086-CD: A0087-CD: A0088-CD: A0089-CD: A0090-CD: A0091-CD: A0092-CD: A0093-CD: A0094-CD: A0095-CD: A0096-CD: A0097-CD: A0098-CD: A0099-CD: A0100-CD: A0101-CD: A0102-CD: A0103-CD: A0104-CD: A0105-CD: A0106-CD: A0107-CD: A0108-CD: A0109-CD: A0110-CD: A0111-CD: A0112-CD: A0113-CD: A0114-CD: A0115-CD: A0116-CD: A0117-CD: A0119-CD: A0120-CD: A0121-CD: A0122-CD: A0123-CD: A0124-CD: A0125-CD: A0126-CD: A0127-CD: A0128-CD: A0129-CD: A0130-CD: A0131-CD: A0132-CD: A0133-CD: A0134-CD: A0135-CD: A0136-CD: A0137-CD: A0138-CD: A0139-CD: A0140-CD: A0141-CD: A0142-CD: A0143-CD: A0144-CD: A0145-CD: A0146-CD: A0147-CD: A0148-CD: A0149-CD: A0150-CD: A0151-CD: A0152-CD: A0153-CD: A0154-CD: A0155-CD:

£10.00 £12.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £12.00 £10.00 £10.95 £12.99 £27.50 £12.00 £12.00 £10.00 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.99 £12.99 £15.00 £15.00 £15.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £14.00 £11.99 £12.00 £12.00 £14.00 £10.00 £14.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £12.99 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £14.00 £17.99 £12.98 £12.98 £12.98 £12.98 £12.98 £12.98 £12.98 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.50 £12.00 £10.00 £11.00 £11.00 £11.00 £11.00 £11.50 £11.50 £11.50 £11.50 £11.50 £11.50 £11.50 £11.50 £11.50 £12.00

Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band by Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band Panoramicos by Mary Kay Ferguson and others Contemporary British Piano Music by Jonathan Middleton Contemporary British Piano Music Volume 2 by John McCabe Contemporary British Clarinet Music by Roger Heaton The Wagon of Life by Mark Rowlinson (baritone) & Peter Lawson (piano) Arietta by Inessa Galante Arcadian Murmurs by Nina Assimakopoulos Cofia dy werin by Tant The Choral Music of David F Golightly by Soglasi Male Voice Choir of St Petersburg L'ABC de la harpe by Nathalie Chatelain Sitar Recital by Dr Ashwin Dalvi Tea for Two by Deuawd Celtica Double Action by Double Action Beyond Dreams by Dominique Piana Lulling the Soul by Dominique Piana The Harp of King David by Dominique Piana Overdressed Late Guy by Park Stickney Still Life by Park Stickney A Tribute to Anne Macdearmid by Edward & Chris Witsenburg Phrydotia by Ralf Kleemann Tides by Ralf Kleemann Affairs of the harp by Kathleen Loughnane Harping on by Kathleen Loughnane Harp to Heart by Kathleen Loughnane Same sound but different by Rudiger Oppermann Live by Bazaaris Watersongs by Bazaaris This son so young by Rebecca Flannery Gwenllian by Llio Rhydderch A Journey by Huw Chidgey & Catherine Handley The Best of Cor Cochion Caerdydd by Cor Cochion Caerdydd Songs of Freedom by Cor Cochion Caerdydd Messyah by Queldryk Chamber Chior L'heure bleue by Nathalie Chatelain & Michel Tirabosco Soirbheas by Sarah Deere-Jones Timing Her by Sarah Deere-Jones, Phil Williams, Steve Potter Avalon's Daughter by Moira Stern A Christmas Collection by Janet Harbison & The Irish Harp Orchestra Masterworks of the new era - Various Childsplay by Eleanor Turner The Rough Edge by Peter Jagger Easy Listening by Peter Jagger An delenn vev by Anne Postic Pencerdd Gwalia by Elinor Bennett Old Hearth by Robin Huw Bowen Serenad by Elinor Bennett & Meinir Heulyn Carnaval de Venise by Catrin Finch Telynores Maldwyn by Nansi Richards Ar lan y mor by Meinir Heulyn Y gwenith gwynnaf by Gwenan Gibbard Diversions by Osian Ellis ... From within by Eira Lynn Jones Rip the calico by Paul Dooley Music from the Robert Ap Huw Manuscript by Paul Dooley Wandering between two worlds by Nadia Birkenstock Winter Tales by Nadia Birkenstock Alchemy of a Rose by Cynthia Cathcart Sugarcane by Shine The Sky Didn't Fall by Katheryn Tickell & Corrina Hewat Live in Scotland by The Unusual Suspects Silhouette by The Dunedin Consort Auld Flames by Fiesty Besoms A Certain Smile by Bachue The Butterfly by Bachue My Favourite Place by Corrina Hewat The Harp Key by Alison Kinnaird The Silver String by Alison Kinnaird The Scottish Harp by Alison Kinnaird The New Strung Harp by Maire Ni Chathasaigh The Harper's Land by Ann Heymann & Alison Kinnaird The Quiet Tradition by Alison Kinnaird & Christine Primrose Harps, Piper & Fiddles by Various Artists Notes of Noy, Notes of Joy by The Rowallan Consort Queen of Harps by Ann Heymann Pop Harp by Rossitza Milevska

A0156-CD: A0157-CD: A0158-CD: A0159-CD: A0161-CD: A0162-CD: A0163-CD: A0164-CD: A0165-CD: A0166-CD: A0167-CD: A0168-CD: A0169-CD: A0171-CD: A0172-CD: A0173-CD: A0174-CD: A0175-CD: A0176-CD: A0177-CD: A0178-CD: A0179-CD: A0180-CD: A0181-CD: A0182-CD: A0183-CD: A0184-CD: A0185-CD: A0186-CD: A0187-CD: A0188-CD: A0189-CD: A0190-CD: A0191-CD: A0192-CD: A0193-CD: A0194-CD: A0195-CD: A0196-CD: A0197-CD: A0198-CD: A0199-CD: A0200-CD: A0202-CD: A0203-CD: A0204-CD: A0205-CD: A0206-CD: A0207-CD: A0208-CD: A0209-CD: A0210-CD: A0211-CD: A0212-CD: A0213-CD: A0214-CD: A0215-CD: A0216-CD: A0217-CD: A0218-CD: A0219-CD: A0220-CD: A0221-CD: A0222-CD: A0223-CD: A0224-CD: A0225-CD: A0226-CD: A0227-CD: A0228-CD: A0229-CD: A0230-CD: A0231-CD: A0232-CD: A0233-CD: A0234-CD: A0235-CD: A0236-CD: A0237-CD: A0238-CD: A0239-CD: A0240-CD: A0241-CD: A0242-CD: A0243-CD: A0244-CD: A0245-CD: A0246-CD: A0247-CD: A0248-CD: A0249-CD: A0250-CD: A0251-CD: A0252-CD: A0253-CD: A0254-CD: A0255-CD:

£12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £10.00 £12.00 £12.00 £14.00 £14.00 £14.00 £16.00 £12.00 £12.99 £12.99 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £10.00 £12.00 £10.00 £12.00 £12.00 £9.99 £9.99 £12.00 £12.00 £13.50 £10.00 £12.99 £12.00 £12.50 £10.00 £12.99 £14.00 £14.00 £12.00 £14.00 £14.00 £14.00 £14.00 £12.00 £12.50 £10.00 £12.00 £13.50 £12.98 £9.99 £12.00 £12.50 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.98 £12.98 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £14.00 £14.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £13.00 £13.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £10.00 £8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £14.00 £14.00 £12.00 £12.00

Garden Festival Bouquets by Marika de Pettes Dasson Ur Galon by Tristan Le Govic My heart's in the Highlands by Deirdre Campbell-Shaw Chasing the breeze by Helen Davies String Delights by Music of David Johnstone performed by Gala Quartet El Pano Moruno by The Calvert Turner Duo The Eternal Dreamer by David Watkins Music for Harp by Andres Izmaylov Arnold Bax by Trio Turner (Isabelle Perrin) Boieldieu by Isabelle Perin, Christine Pauchet & Le College Musical Bernard Andres by Isabelle Perrin Arbabesque by Isabelle Perrin The Unkown Road by Mario Falcao Strings over time by Charlotte Poulter Cwlwm Can by Delyth Evans The Carolan Albums by Maire Ni Chathasaigh FireWire by Maire Ni Chathasaigh Dialogues by Maire Ni Chathasaigh Out of Court by Maire Ni Chathasaigh The Living Wood by Maire Ni Chathasaigh Travels with my harp by Mary O'Hara 40 Traditional Songs by Mary O'Hara The Instrumental Collection by Mary O'Hara Tango y Folklore by Duo Ramos-Schneider 37 & 8 Strings by Duo Ramos-Schneider A Medieval Christmas by Minstrels Gallery A Tudor Christmas by Minstrels Gallery Looping the Loop by British Clarinet Ensemble Happy Birthday by Frost at Midnight Chamber Music Discoveries by B3 Classic Humoreske by Aurora Ensemble The Call by Stonecraft Flute Impressions by Nina Assimakopoulos Handel-Inspired by Paul Ayres Stille Wasser by Jochen Vogel The Irish Harp Ochestra by Janet Harbison & The Irish Harp Orchestra Kissan Clasurol by Gyda Rhys Taylor, catrin Finch & Dewi Ellis Jones String Theory by CF47 - The Catrin Finch Band Live - BYW by Catrin Finch Little Angels by Catrin Finch & Elinor Bennett The Music of Marcel Tournier by Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche Harp Recital in Kyoto by Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche Concert a Quatre by Harpe Riviera Quatuor West over the Sea by Helen Davies & Agnethe Christensen Live in the Highlands by Maire Ni Chathasaigh Mary O'Hara Sings by Mary O'Hara 2 Forty by Cheyenne Brown & Seylan Baxter New Chamber Music Discoveries by B3 Classic The Road to Aberystwyth by Robin Huw Bowen Heartstrings by various artists Inspirations by Cristobel & Kike Pedersen Standing Wave by Wendy Stewart Triumph of Time V1 by David Watkins Triumph of Time V2 by David Watkins The Glory of the 18C Harp by David Watkins Sacred & Profane by David Watkins Concerti and Chamber Music by David Watkins Music for Flute and Harp by David Watkins A Collection of Welsh, Irish & Scottish Airs by Elinor bennett Touching Gold by Claire Jones Lo mejor de Kike Pedersen by Kike pedrerson Latin America Trip by Kike pedrerson Cascade of Strings by Margaret Scruby & Rosemary Munro Harp 3 from Paraguay by Vera, Espinola & Pedersen Harps Unlimited by Miguel & Mercedes Ramirez Sound of the Paraguayan Harp by Diego Vera Ae fond kiss by Deirdre Campbell-Shaw Harp - Maria Krushevskaya by Maria Krushevskaya Music for Harp V2 by Andres Izmaylov The perfect blend by Isobel Mieras Fiddle harp & voice by Isobel Mieras & Jim Ferguson The Jig is up by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Harping Bach to Carolan by Anne-Marie O'Farrell My lagan love by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Just so Bach by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Double Strung by Anne-Marie O'Farrell & Cormac de barra Dragons by Triban (Harriet Earis) Jumping Ahead by Harriet Earis From the Crooked Tree by Harriet Earis Trio Over Shadows by Rhodri Davies Wild Mountain Thyme by Claire Hamilton Celtic Myths & Legends by Claire Hamilton Love is all around by Claire Hamilton Silent Night by Claire Hamilton Traditional Celtic Harp by Claire Hamilton Wild Irish Rose by Claire Hamilton Peppermint Boy by Students of Claire Hamilton The Firebird's feather by Danielle Perrett (Beartramka) Sept Sonates Progressives by Danielle Perrett (Beartramka) Castle Music by Danielle Perrett & Karin Leitner (Beartramka) Linnaea by Susan & Lise Enochsson The Rune of the Moon by Margaret Knight Travellers' Suite by Margaret Knight Harpe by Isabelle Perrin Houdy by Isabelle Perrin The Thorn Tree by Grainne Hambly Between the Showers by Grainne Hambly

A0256-CD: £12.00 Golden Lights & Green Shadows by Grainne Hambly A0257-CD: £10.00 Harp House by Various Artists @ Edinburgh Int'l Harp Festival A0258-CD: £12.00 Tide of Change by Irene Watt A0259-CD: £11.00 Hubcaps & Potholes by Rachel Hair A0260-CD: £12.00 The Ancient Harp of Scotland by William Jackson A0261-CD: £12.00 Scottish Island by William Jackson A0262-CD: £12.00 The Celtic Suites by William Jackson A0263-CD: £12.00 Inchcolm by William Jackson A0264-CD: £12.00 Land of Light by William Jackson A0265-CD: £12.00 Duan Albanach by William Jackson A0266-CD: £12.00 The New Harp by William Jackson A0267-CD: £5.95 Ariel by Catherine Handley & Andrew Wilson Dickson A0268-CD: £12.99 Telynor Portmeirion by Dylan Rowlands A0269-CD: £12.00 Joy to the World by Cynthia Cathcart A0270-CD: £12.00 Sensaciones by Neofusion-Tango A0271-CD: £12.00 Strange New Land by Nadia Birkenstock A0272-CD: £14.00 Jardin des Paons by Isabelle Perrin & Baltazar Juarez A0273-CD: £12.00 The Voice of the Carnyx by John Kenny A0274-CD: £12.00 A Field of Scarecrows by John Kenny & George Nicholson A0275-CD: £12.00 The Marshall Plan by John Kenny A0276-CD: £12.00 Forest - River - Ocean by John Kenny A0277-CD: £12.00 Locking Horns by John Kenny A0278-CD: £12.00 Nomad by John Kenny, Polarity Percussion Ensemble A0279-CD: £12.00 Amaterasu by John Kenny A0280-CD: £12.00 SWL by Rhodri Davies A0281-CD: £12.00 Compositions for harp and sho by Rhodri Davies A0282-CD: £8.00 Poor Trade by Rhodri Davies A0283-CD: £10.00 Hum by Rhodri Davies A0284-CD: £12.00 Madeleine Dring Collected Chamber Works by The Lynn Trio A0285-CD: £12.00 Schumann & Brahms for Bassoon & Piano by Gatt & Lynn A0286-CD: £12.00 Abendlied for Bassoon & Piano by Gatt & Lynn A0287-CD: £12.00 Francaix, Damase Poulenc by The Lynn Trio A0288-CD: £12.00 The Lucky Smile by Rachel Hair A0289-CD: £12.00 Hafan by Glenda Clwyd A0290-CD: £12.00 From the Heart by Glenda Clwyd A0291-CD: £12.00 Telling the Sound by Michiko Sembe A0292-CD: £12.00 I am a Dreamer by Anne van Schothorst A0293-CD: £14.00 Trio Elisa by Sandrine Luzignant, E Fontan-Binoche, Philippe Monville A0294-CD: £10.00 No Pedals Attached by Robin Ward A0295-CD: £14.00 Fileuses De Nuit by Fileuses De Nuit A0296-CD: £14.00 En Caravane by Fileuses De Nuit A0297-CD: £14.00 Mara by Sylbat A0298-CD: £12.00 Between Earth, Sea & Sky by Monika Stadler A0299-CD: £12.00 My Imaginary Garden by Monika Stadler A0300-CD: £12.00 Everything will be all right by Monika Stadler A0301-CD: £12.00 Song for the Earth by Monika Stadler A0302-CD: £12.00 On the water by Monika Stadler A0303-CD: £12.00 Another world by Monika Stadler A0304-CD: £12.00 Two ways by Monika Stadler A0305-CD: £12.00 Starfish by Catriona McKay A0306-CD: £12.00 Foogy by Catriona McKay A0307-CD: £12.00 Greensleeves by Bill Taylor A0308-CD: £12.00 Quadnduim by Bill Taylor A0309-CD: £12.00 Le Chemin des Tsiganes by Jopie Jonkers (Lavotta) A0310-CD: £12.00 Alles Zwijgt Nu by Jopie Jonkers A0311-CD: £12.00 Chanson by Jopie Jonkers (Les P'tits Belges) A0312-CD: £12.00 Asi soy yo by Jopie Jonkers A0313-CD: £12.00 El Charco by Jopie Jonkers A0314-CD: £15.00 The Best of Celtic Harp by Claire Hamilton A0315-CD: £12.00 Celtic Myths & Legends (Storytelling & Music) by Claire Hamilton A0316-CD: £15.00 Celtic Harp Romance by Claire Hamilton A0317-CD: £15.00 Moving the air by Uschi Laar A0318-DV: £19.95 Invention & Alchemy by Deborah Henson Conant A0319-CD: £13.00 Invention & Alchemy by Deborah Henson Conant A0320-CD: £13.00 Artist Proof CD 2003: Phase 2 by Deborah Henson Conant A0321-CD: £13.00 The Celtic Album by Deborah Henson Conant A0322-CD: £13.00 Frog Princess by Deborah Henson Conant A0323-CD: £13.00 Altered Ego by Deborah Henson Conant A0324-CD: £13.00 Just for You by Deborah Henson Conant A0325-CD: £13.00 Naked Music by Deborah Henson Conant A0326-CD: £13.00 Round The Corner by Deborah Henson Conant A0327-CD: £13.00 The Gift by Deborah Henson Conant A0328-CD: £13.00 Talking Hands by Deborah Henson Conant A0329-CD: £13.00 Caught in the Act by Deborah Henson Conant A0330-CD: £12.00 First Things First by Ailie Robertson A0331-CD: £5.00 A Ceremony of Carols by Girl Choristers Llandaff Cathedral & Ben Creighton Griffiths A0332-CD: £12.00 Calle de las flores by British Clarinet Ensemble A0333-CD: £10.00 Habanera! by Judith Hall & Tim Walker A0334-CD: £12.00 Fireworks & Fables by 4 Girls 4 Harps A0335-CD: £12.00 Music from Ireland & Scotland by William Jackson & Grainne Hambly A0336-CD: £12.98 Sidan Glas by Gwenan Gibbard A0337-CD: £10.00 Cwymp y dwr by Traw & Rhodri Davies A0338-CD: £10.00 Midhopestones by Rhodri Davies A0339-CD: £10.00 3 harp treatments by Rhodri Davies A0340-CD: £10.00 Valved strings calculator by Rhodri Davies A0341-CD: £12.00 Christmas Crossings by Brandywine Harps A0342-CD: £12.00 Celtic Crossings by Brandywine Harps A0343-CD: £13.00 Clarsach na Banrighe by Simon Chadwick A0344-CD: £12.00 About Time by Wendy Stewart A0345-CD: £12.00 About Time Too by Wendy Stewart A0346-CD: £12.00 Scottish Harps by Wendy Stewart A0347-CD: £12.00 Ceolbeg Cairnwater by Wendy Stewart A0348-CD: £12.00 Ceolbeg 5 by Wendy Stewart A0349-CD: £12.00 An Unfair Dance by Wendy Stewart A0350-CD: £12.00 Seeds to the wind by Wendy Stewart A0351-CD: £12.00 Hinterland by Gary West / Wendy Stewart A0352-CD: £12.00 The Islay Ball by Gary West / Wendy Stewart

A0353-CD: £15.00 The Harpers Connellan by Kathleen Loughnane A0354-CD: £14.00 Contemplation by Bertile Fournier Huguet A0355-CD: £12.00 Tree of Strings by The Duplets A0356-CD: £10.00 Jade Strings by Jade Strings A0357-CD: £12.00 Harp I Do by Corrina Hewat A0358-CD: £12.00 A Touch of Class by Janet Bennett A0359-CD: £12.00 Clasumbria Scenes & Music of the North by Janet Bennett A0360-CD: £12.00 Romantic Moments by Janet Bennett A0361-CD: £12.00 A Fair Meadow by Helen Davies & Kim Skovbe A0362-CD: £10.00 And we dissapear by The Sealed Knot A0363-CD: £10.00 Twrf Neus Ciglau by Ciglau A0364-CD: £12.00 Carliol by Butcher & Rhodri Davies A0365-CD: £10.00 ist by Lodi A0366-CD: £14.00 Bach Harfe by Anna Zauner-Pagitsch A0367-CD: £14.00 Espanoletas by Anna Zauner-Pagitsch A0368-CD: £14.00 Le mie Arpe by Anna Zauner-Pagitsch A0369-CD: £14.00 Ascanio mayone libro II by Anna Zauner-Pagitsch A0370-CD: £14.00 Jack Broke da Prison Door by Anna Zauner-Pagitsch A0371-CD: £12.00 Awen by Tristan Le Govic A0372-CD: £10.00 Estren by Sarah Deere-Jones A0373-CD: £10.00 There is no Rose by Sarah Deere-Jones A0374-CD: £12.00 The 'Harper's Fancy by Paul Dooley A0375-CD: £20.00 Practical Video Message for Celtic Harp by Enzo Vacca A0376-CD: £14.00 Evoa! by Enzo Vacca A0377-CD: £14.00 The Queen's Harp by Tom Daun A0378-CD: £14.00 O'Carolan's Dream by Tom Daun A0379-CD: £14.00 On a Winter's Day by Tom Daun A0380-CD: £15.00 Harpe Corps by Francois Pernel A0381-CD: £10.00 Lewis Harp by Lewis Harp Group A0382-CD: £12.00 Love and Reason by Macmaster / Hay A0383-CD: £12.00 Arpa y Guitarra by Martin Portillo A0384-CD: £12.00 Martin Portillo by Martin Portillo A0385-CD: £12.00 Nanduti de mi Tierra by Martin Portillo A0386-CD: £10.00 Catriona McKay by Catriona McKay A0387-CD: £10.00 Skimmerin' by Strange Rainbow A0388-CD: £9.00 Invisible from land and sea by Strange Rainbow A0389-CD: £10.50 Adios Nonino by Javier jaso & David Johnstone A0390-CD: £14.00 Penhoat by Duo barbedette Quenderff A0391-CD: £12.00 Music in the Air Heart & Fragrance by Mio Shapley A0392-CD: £10.00 Fasgadh's Faeries by Mareike Beyer A0393-CD: £12.99 Hugs & Kisses by Ralf Kleemann A0394-CD: £15.00 Sonata Tanguera by Duo Aguirre - Rocco A0395-CD: £15.00 Ballades Paraguayennes by Ismael Ledesma A0396-CD: £15.00 Intimidad by Ismael Ledesma A0397-CD: £15.00 Ombre & Lumiere by Annie Challan A0398-CD: £15.00 Harpe Vagabonde by Annie Challan A0399-CD: £12.50 The Three Sisters by Joanne McIver & Christophe Sauniere A0400-CD: £12.00 Catrin Finch & Cimarron - Live by Catrin Finch & Cimarron A0401-CD: £12.00 From Coast to Coast by Catrin Finch A0402-CD: £15.00 Goldberg by Catrin Finch A0403-CD: £5.00 Mary O'Hara by Mary O'Hara A0404-CD: £12.98 Y Glerorfa byCerddorfa Wering Cymru A0405-CD: £12.98 Bling by Calan A0406-CD: £11.00 White Nights by Catriona McKay & Chris Stout A0407-CD: £12.00 Palomita Viajera by Jopie Jonkers A0408-CD: £12.00 Entre Cuerdas by Edmar Castaneda A0409-DV: £10.00 L'arpa in Villa by Benjamin Creighton Griffiths A0410-CD: £12.00 Rondino Volume 1 by Michael Bochmann A0411-CD: £12.00 Mermaids & Mariners by Anne Roos A0412-CD: £12.00 Haste to the Wedding by Anne Roos A0413-CD: £12.00 A light in the forest by Anne Roos A0414-CD: £12.99 Annwn by Catrin Finch A0415-CD: £12.00 Farewell to Lough Neaghe by Bonnie Shaljean A0416-CD: £12.00 Ferenc Farkas Music with Harp by Melinda Felletar A0417-CD: £12.00 Entre dos mundos by Zoraida Avila A0418-CD: £12.00 Senderos by Zoraida Avila A0419-CD: £12.00 Harmony & Contrasts by Ilona Nokelainen A0420-CD: £12.00 The Soul of a Harp by Ilona Nokelainen A0421-CD: £15.00 Autumn by B3 Classic A0422-CD: £12.00 Velvet by Anne Roos A0423-CD: £12.00 Blue Jeans by Anne Roos A0424-CD: £10.75 Lady of the Lake by Thomas Hewitt Jones A0425-CD: £12.00 Traditional Spirits by Ailie Robertson A0426-CD: £12.00 Song of Delight by Maeve Gilchrist A0427-CD: £12.00 Play on Light by Sileas A0428-CD: £12.00 Yellow Like Sunshine by The Poozies A0429-CD: £12.00 The Show by Davy Steele A0430-CD: £12.00 Changed Days, Same Roots by The Poozies A0431-CD: £12.00 Raise Your head by The Poozies A0432-CD: £14.00 Visions Fugitives by Eva Curth A0433-CD: £14.00 Shady Grove by Kim Robertson A0434-CD: £12.00 CEIS by Laoise Kelly A0435-CD: £12.00 Just Harp by Laoise Kelly A0436-CD: £12.00 King David & his harp by Rachel Ann Morgan & Edward Witsenburg A0437-CD: £12.00 Sweet as Bardic Music (Celtic folksongs with celtic harp) by Rachel Ann Morgan A0438-CD: £12.00 Orpheus with his Lute by Rachel Ann Morgan & Edward Witsenburg A0439-CD: £12.00 Music of my heart (Celtic folksongs with celtic harp) by Rachel Ann Morgan A0440-CD: £12.00 Silken Shoes by Rachel Ann Morgan A0441-CD: £12.00 Handel "Sacred Arias with Harp & Harp Duets" by RA Morgan & E Witsenburg A0442-CD: £9.99 Trad Harps by Various A0443-CD: £14.00 Reisen in Fantasie und Gegenwart by Duo Elysee A0444-CD: £14.00 Danses Sacrees et Profanes by Eva Ignatjeva / Sybille Franz A0445-CD: £14.00 Konzert fur 2 Harfen by Talagan Harfen Duo A0446-CD: £14.00 Von Elfen, Feen und Menschen by Eva Ignatjeva / Elke Steltner A0447-CD: £10.00 To the Mackerel by Stephanie Liney A0448-CD: £12.00 As I am by Rossitza Milevska A0449-CD: £10.00 Music for a While by Reflecting Strings

A0450-CD: A0451-CD: A0452-CD: A0453-CD: A0454-CD: A0455-CD: A0456-CD: A0457-CD: A0458-CD: A0459-CD: A0460-CD: A0461-CD: A0462-CD: A0463-CD: A0464-CD: A0465-CD: A0466-CD: A0467-CD: A0468-CD: A0469-CD: A0470-CD: A0471-CD: A0472-CD: A0473-CD: A0474-CD: A0475-CD: A0476-CD: A0477-CD: A0478-CD: A0479-CD: A0480-CD: A0481-CD: A0482-CD: A0483-CD: A0484-CD: A0485-CD: A0486-CD: A0487-CD: A0488-CD: A0489-CD: A0490-CD: A0491-CD: A0492-CD: A0493-CD: A0494-CD: A0495-CD: A0496-CD: A0497-CD: A0498-CD: A0499-CD: A0500-CD: A0501-CD: A0502-CD: A0503-CD: A0504-CD: A0505-CD: A0506-CD: A0507-CD: A0508-CD: A0509-CD: A0510-CD: A0511-CD: A0512-CD: A0513-CD: A0514-CD: A0515-CD: A0516-CD: A0517-CD: A0518-CD: A0519-CD: A0520-CD: A0521-CD: A0522-CD: A0523-CD: A0524-CD: A0525-CD: A0526-CD: A0527-CD: A0528-CD: A0529-CD: A0530-CD: A0531-CD: A0532-CD: A0533-CD: A0534-CD: A0535-CD: A0536-CD: A0537-CD: A0538-CD: A0539-CD: A0540-CD: A0541-CD: A0542-CD: A0543-CD: A0544-CD: A0545-CD: A0546-CD:

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du Matin au Soir by Reflecting Strings Reflecting Strings by Reflecting Strings Fugato by Reflecting Strings Bach by Isabelle Perrin & Shignori Kudo The London Harp Sound by Isabelle Perrin Kong Hou World by Cui Junzhi Plinn by Duo Barbedette Quenderff The Enchanted Lake by Nadia Birkenstock Folk harp music of Austria by Christina Tourin Starlight by Christina Tourin Echoes of Angels by Christina Tourin Harp Beat by Christina Tourin White Rose by Christina Tourin Prayer for the living tree by Christina Tourin Iona Inspirations by Christina Tourin Paths of Song by Eleanor Turner (Solstice Quartet, Sacconi Quartet) Parallel Latitudes by Cheyenne Brown Anwynn Entre Feuilles et Racines by Roxane Martin Anwynn Est-Ouest by Roxane Martin & Pascal Thorel IMAGINALES by Roxane Martin Surprise Corner by Park Stickney Music from Paraguay by Rito Pederson & Neco Delavalle Chemin faisant ... by Sedrenn Hazel Grove by Sue Richards Morning Aire by Sue Richards The art of harp by International harp fesitival compilation CD Touch me like the Sun by Savourna Stevenson Tweed Journey by Savourna Stevenson timber timbre by Whistlebinkies Dansoozies by The Poozies Infinite Blue by The Poozies The Healing by Rob MacKillop Graysteil by Rob MacKillop, Bill Taylor & others Legacy of the Scottish Harpers by Robin Williamson A Glint at the Kindling by Robin Williamson Mairi Mhor by Catherine-Ann MacPhee Magic & Mystery by Various Artists Heman Dubh by Clairseach Winged Spirit by Phamie Gow Calluna by Calluna Fonnsheen by Fiona Davidson The Language of Birds by Fiona Davidson Celtic Aire by Dordan Christmas Capers by Dordan Jigs to the Moon by Dordan Deanta by Deanta Ready for the storm by Deanta Harping Daly by Patricia Daly Welsh Traditional Music by Crasdant Time to Relax by Dafydd Huw An Delen Dir by Myrdhin Harp & Bamboo by Myrdhin & Pol Huellou Hayeur by Job Fulup The Spiral Gate by Kim Robertson Wind Shadows by Kim Robertson Neues aus harfistan by Rudiger Oppermann Durchs wilds harfistan by Rudiger Oppermann Same Sun Same Moon by Rudiger Oppermann Songs & Solos with the harp by Kay Sheehan Swift Crossing the Shannon by Sunita Solo Harp by Sunita Conjunto Alma Jarocha by Sones Jarochos Laas by Elisa Vellianiti & Jean-Luc Aime The Next Move by Moving Harps Windsongs by Roger Winfield Tuatha de Danann by Aisling If I had wings like Noah's Dove by Nancy Thym From Hills to Shore by The Border Minstrels Echoes from the Hills by The Border Minstrels Triskell by Harpes Celtiques Harfenflocken by Tom Daun Die Bohmische by Tom Daun Zur Harfe Gesungen by Almut Kirchner La Harpe Royale by Andrew Lawrence-King Heol Dour - Soleil d'eau by Dominig Bouchaud & Cyrille Colas Vibrations by Dominig Bouchaud Pluckin' Hammered by Cythara The Andrew Cronshaw CD by Andrew Cronshaw Danse avec les fees by Violaine Mayor Oasis by Thomas Breckheimer & Frank Does My Gentle Harp by Various Artists Harpsody by Duo ars Celtica Cythara by Cythara Volume 1 by Dafydd Iwan a'r band Harp Collage by Rebecca Flannery Leverage by The Duplets The Megget Valley by Na Clarsairean No more wings by Rachel Hair Trio Salig by Susan Enochsson Double Portion by Edmar Castaneda Live in Melbourne by Rhodri Davies & Mark Wastell The Wood of Morois by Patrick Ball Gleusta by Mairi Macleod Ceol is Orain by Mairi Macleod Voices & Harps by Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra Pulling Strings by Maire Breatnach & Cormac De Barra Barco by Cormac De Barra

A0547-CD: £9.99 Goreuon Cerdd Dant Cyfrol 2 by Various A0548-CD: £9.99 Jonah by Calan A0549-CD: £9.99 Welsh Gold Collection: traditions by Various A0550-CD: £12.00 An incomplete A-Z of Jazz Harp Music by Ben Creighton Griffiths A0551-CD: £13.00 Old Gaelic Laments by Simon Chadwick A0552-CD: £12.00 Welsh Music for Voice and Harps by Rachel Ann Morgan & Edward Witsenburg A0553-CD: £12.00 A Harper's Delyte by Isobel Mieras A0554-CD: £10.00 Quirk by Fiona Rutherford & Amy Duncan A0555-CD: £14.00 Weihnachtsmusik by Ekaterina Afanasieva A0556-CD: £14.00 Reverie by Ekaterina Afanasieva A0557-CD: £14.00 La Passion by Ekaterina Afanasieva A0558-CD: £12.00 Away for a while by Monika Stadler A0559-CD: £15.00 Miniaturen by Silke Aichhorn A0560-CD: £15.00 Miniaturen 2 by Silke Aichhorn A0561-CD: £15.00 Nachtmusik by Silke Aichhorn A0562-CD: £15.00 St. Petersburg-Paris by Silke Aichhorn A0563-CD: £15.00 Himmlische Harfenklänge by Silke Aichhorn A0564-CD: £15.00 Harping on a harp by Silke Aichhorn A0565-CD: £15.00 Harfenklänge für die Seele by Silke Aichhorn A0566-CD: £15.00 Images by Silke Aichhorn A0567-CD: £15.00 Spohr-Duo by Silke Aichhorn & Ervis Gega A0568-CD: £15.00 Instruments de la poésie by Silke Aichhorn & Dejan Gavric A0569-CD: £15.00 Trio ArpaCantabile by Silke Aichhorn, Christin Mollinar & Elisabeth Neuhausler A0570-CD: £15.00 Duo Flöte -Harfe by Silke Aichhorn & Dejan Gavric A0571-CD: £15.00 Wolfgang Amadé Mozart by Silke Aichhorn quartet A0572-CD: £15.00 Weihnachtliche Harfenklänge by Silke Aichhorn A0573-CD: £7.25 Le jardin Feerique (French - Harp Duets) by Duo Bilitis (Ekaterina Levental - Eva Tebbe) A0574-CD: £7.25 Poenitz - Works for Harp by Laura Vinciguerra A0575-CD: £7.25 L'Heure Espagnole:Music for harp & voice by Duo Bilitis A0576-CD: £7.25 Poenitz: Songs and Hymns with Harp by Laura Vinciguerra, harp A0577-CD: £7.25 Giuliani: Harp Sonatas by Lisetta Rossi A0578-CD: £10.00 Romantic Harp Concertos by Various Artists A0579-CD: £13.00 Music For Flute & Harp - Mozart & Gluck by Ashley Solomon A0580-CD: £12.00 Harp by The Fibonacci Sequence A0581-CD: £11.00 Dussek Harp Duos by Derek Bell and Joanna Leach A0582-CD: £12.00 Terzetti û Trios for Flute, Harp & Viola by Debussy Ensemble A0583-CD: £10.00 David Snell - Chamber Music for Harp by Skaila Kanga A0584-CD: £10.00 Awake O Harp by Rachel Dent & Ronald Frost A0585-CD: £10.00 Bax Sonata for Flute & Harp by Emily & Catherine Benyon A0586-CD: £12.50 Chanson Dans La Nuit - Viola & Harp by Hosprova & Englichova A0587-CD: £15.00 Blessing by Catrin Finch & John Rutter A0588-CD: £12.00 The Magic of a Thousand Strings by The International Harp Ensemble A0589-CD: £12.99 Highgrove Suite by Claire Jones A0590-CD: £12.99 Harp Concertos by Claire Jones A0591-CD: £12.99 Baby Harp by Claire Jones A0592-CD: £12.99 The Girl with the Golden Harp by Claire Jones A0593-CD: £12.00 Virtuose Harfe by Chantal Mathieu A0594-CD: £12.00 Marcel Tournier Works for Harp by Chantal Mathieu A0595-CD: £12.00 Bach a la harpe by Chantal Mathieu A0596-CD: £12.00 OEuvers pour et avec Harpe by Chantal Mathieu, & others A0597-CD: £12.00 Portrait by Chantal Mathieu & Brigitte Buxtorf A0598-CD: £12.00 Mouvance by Chantal Mathieu & Sakuya Koda A0599-CD: £13.00 Lord Gallaways Delight by Siobhán Armstrong (Les Witches) A0600-CD: £12.00 Llatai by Bragod A0601-CD: £12.00 The Ostinato Project by Maeve Gilchrist A0602-CD: £6.00 The Mermaid by Steph West A0603-CD: £13.00 Tarbh by Simon Chadwick A0604-CD: £12.00 Reaching Me by Maeve Gilchrist A0605-DV: £15.00 On this Planet (Aspects of Finnish Nature) by Viola Uotila & others A0606-CD: £12.00 Sateenkaaren aarteet by Viola Uotila A0607-CD: £12.00 Vilharmoonikot by Viola & Anton Uotila A0608-CD: £13.00 Trame by Marcella Carboni A0609-CD: £13.00 Pop Harp by Marcella Carboni & Max De Aloe A0610-CD: £13.00 Nuance by Marcella Carboni A0611-CD: £12.00 Dihelenn ... by Lena A0612-CD: £12.00 Pas de Deux by Helen Davies & Poul Høxbro A0613-CD: £12.00 Scandinavia by Monika Stadler & Wayne Darling A0614-CD: £5.99 Ginastera & Boieldieu – Harp Concertos by Jutta Zoff A0615-CD: £10.00 In the Kitchen by Tim Hampson A0616-CD: £12.00 The Uncommon Harp by Ruth Wall A0617-CD: £12.00 Still Warm by Fitkinwal

SELECTED NAXOS / HYPERION RECORDINGS A1001-CD: £5.99 Elizabethan Dances - ALWYN, William A1002-CD: £5.99 Mozart: Concerto for flute & Harp - MOZART A1003-CD: £5.99 Debussy-Ravel: String Quartets - Debussy Ravel A1004-CD: £5.99 Romantic Music for flute & harp A1005-CD: £14.00 Trabaci: Keyboard Music Book 1 - TRABACI, Giovanni Maria A1006-CD: £20.00 Trabaci: Keyboard Music Book 2 - TRABACI, Giovanni Maria A1007-CD: £5.99 Dussek Wagenseil Krumpholtz: Harp Concertos - DUSSEK JL A1008-CD: £5.99 Dance of the Blessed Sprits A1009-CD: £5.99 20 C Music for flute & orchestra A1010-CD: £5.99 Italian Harp Music A1011-CD: £5.99 Harp Show Pieces A1012-CD: £5.99 Bax: Chamber Music - BAX, Arnold A1013-CD: £5.99 The Romantic Harp A1014-CD: £5.99 French Music for Harp and Strings A1015-CD: £5.99 SPOHR: Music for Violin & Harp Vol 1 - SPOHR, Louis A1016-CD: £5.99 SPOHR: Music for Violin & Harp Vol 2 - SPOHR, Louis A1017-CD: £5.99 RODRIGO: Harp Music - RODRIGO, Joaquin A1019-CD: £5.99 Mozart: Flute Concertos - MOZART A1021-CD: £5.99 Howells: Chamber Music - HOWELLS. Herbert A1022-CD: £5.99 Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem - BRITTEN Benjamin A1023-CD: £5.99 Britten: Canticles 1-4 - BRITTEN Benjamin A1024-CD: £5.99 Gaubert: Complete works for flute Vol 1 - GAUBERT A1025-CD: £5.99 Reineckle: Harp Concerto - Flute Concerto - REINECKE, Carl A1026-CD: £5.99 Villa-Lobos: Chamber Music - VILLA-LOBOS

A1027-CD: £5.99 Piston: Sympony No 4 - PISTON, Walter A1028-CD: £5.99 Hanson: Organ Concerto - HANSON, Howard A1029-CD: £5.99 Locklair: Symphony of Seasons - LOCKLAIR, Dan A1030-CD: £5.99 Tansman: Chamber Music with Clarinet - TANSMAN A1031-CD: £5.99 John Thomas: Harp Music A1032-CD: £5.99 Flute Music of the 16th & 17th Centuries A1033-CD: £7.00 Arabesque - Susan Drake A1034-CD: £7.00 Caprices & Fantasies - Susan Drake A1035-CD: £7.00 Echoes of a Waterfall - Susan Drake A1036-CD: £7.00 The Harp of Luduvico- Andrew Lawrence-King A1037-CD: £7.00 Harp Music of the Italian Renaissance - Andrew Lawrence-King A1038-CD: £12.99 A Ceremony of Carols by Choir of Westminster Cathedral A1039-CD: £7.00 This I have done for my true love by Holst Singers A1041-CD: £12.99 Rare Transcriptions for violin and Piano A1042-CD: £12.50 Mozart: Works for Flute and Harp A1044-CD: £5.99 Willow-Wood - Royal Liverpool Philarmonic Choir & Orchestra A1045-CD: £7.00 The Service of Venus & Mars - Andrew Lawrence King A1046-CD: £10.50 The Crown of Ariadne by Eleanor Turner

SELECTED EGAN RECORDINGS A1250-CD: £14.00 Concertos for two harps & orchestra - Catherine Michel & Xavier De Maistre A1251-CD: £14.00 Latin Fire - Maria Luisa Rayan A1252-CD: £14.00 Alexandra Trostiansky & Anna Verholantseva A1253-CD: £14.00 The Nightingale - Dan Yu A1254-CD: £14.00 The Russian Masters - Natalia Shameyva A1255-CD: £14.00 Anneleen Lenaerts - Anneleen Lenaerts A1256-CD: £14.00 Harp Recital - Martine Geliot A1257-CD: £14.00 Harp Recital - Letizia Belmondo A1258-CD: £14.00 The Music of Marcel Tournier - Elisabeth Fontan-Binoche A1259-CD: £14.00 Diversement a la francaise - Emmanuel Ceysson A1260-CD: £14.00 Transcendental Performance - Alberto Salvi A1261-CD: £14.00 Harp Recital - Catrin Finch A1262-CD: £14.00 Harp Recital (Langlamet) - Marie-Pierre Langlamet A1263-CD: £14.00 Elizabeth Hainen - Elizabeth Hainen A1264-CD: £14.00 Gwyneth Wentink - Gwyneth Wentink A1265-CD: £14.00 Vavara Ivanova - Vavara Ivanova A1266-CD: £14.00 Concertos for Harp & Orchestra - Letizia Belmondo A1267-CD: £14.00 The Essential Harp - Sarah Bullen

SHEET MUSIC ADLAIS MUSIC PUBLISHERS Adlais 001: £7.00 Adlais 002: £10.00 Adlais 003: £12.00 Adlais 004: £10.00 Adlais 005: £8.00 Adlais 006: £8.00 Adlais 007: £8.00 Adlais 008: £12.00 Adlais 009: £8.00 Adlais 010: £8.00 Adlais 012: £7.00 Adlais 012 F: £7.00 Adlais 013: £7.00 Adlais 014: £6.00 Adlais 015: £6.00 Adlais 016: £6.00 Adlais 017: £5.50 Adlais 018: £6.00 Adlais 019: £10.00 Adlais 020: £6.00 Adlais 021: £6.00 Adlais 022: £5.50 Adlais 023: £6.00 Adlais 024: £8.00 Adlais 025: £5.50 Adlais 026: £6.00 Adlais 027: £7.00 Adlais 028: £12.00 Adlais 029: £8.00 Adlais 030: £5.00 Adlais 031: £5.00 Adlais 032: £5.00 Adlais 033: £5.00 Adlais 034: £5.00 Adlais 035: £5.00 Adlais 036: £8.50 Adlais 037: £10.00 Adlais 037: £11.00 Adlais 038: £7.00 Adlais 039: £14.00 Adlais 040: £7.50 Adlais 041: £7.00 Adlais 042: £8.00 Adlais 043: £8.00 Adlais 044: £7.00 Adlais 045: £6.00 Adlais 046: £6.00 Adlais 047: £7.00 Adlais 048: £5.00 Adlais 049: £5.00 Adlais 050: £6.00 Adlais 051: £6.00

Saith Gwers i Ddechreuwyr Seven Lessons for Beginners - GRIFFITHS, Ann XX Etudes - LABARRE, Théodore Dewis Dethol o Ymarferiadau Telyn Selected studies for the harp - THOMAS, John Y Telynor Bach The Young Harpist - GRIFFITHS, Ann Telyn y Werin 1 - HEULYN, Meinir Telyn y Werin 2 - HEULYN, Meinir Telynor Llys a Chastell - HEULYN, Meinir 51 Welsh Airs - JONES, Edward Folksongs from Near and Far - PITFIELD, Thomas Y Telynor Clasurol The Classical Harpist - POWELL, Christopher Morceau d'expression - BOCHSA, N.C. Morceau d'expression with text in French - BOCHSA, N.C. Glan Medd'dod Mwyn Goodhumoured and Merry - DAVIES, Oliver Ye banks and braes - DAVIES, Oliver Una Furtiva Lagrima - DONIZETTI, Gaetano Nocturne - DREYSCHOCK, Alexander Merch Megan Megan's daughter - DUSSEK, Olivia Buckley M'appari tutt'amor - FLOTOW, Friedrich von Triban - GLYN, Gareth Gwenni aeth i ffair Pwllheli Sweet but silly Gwennie - GRIFFITHS, Ann Beth yw'r haf i mi? What is summer to me? - GRIFFITHS, Ann Y Delyn Aur The Golden Harp - GRIFFITHS, Ann Galarnad a Dawns Lament and Dance - GRIFFITHS, Ann Cwlwm Cymreig A Welsh Knot - GRIFFITHS, Ann Gigue - Handel, G.F. Fra Eyjafirdi - HEARNE, John Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Ludovico - MUDARRA, Alonso Grand Study in imitation of the mandolin (Op. 84) - PARISH ALVARS, Elias La Danse des Fées (Op. 76) - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Bulgarian Gipsy Dance - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Souvenir du Bosphore - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Hebrew Air - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Armenian Air - PARISH ALVARS, Elias The Sultan's Parade March - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Chanson Grec de Santorino - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Fantasia on themes from Weber's '[email protected] (Op. 59) - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Prayer from Rossini's 'Mose in Egitto' (Op. 58) - Two Pedal Harps - THOMAS, John As above but with additional Piano part to replace Harp 2 Sérénade (Op. 83) - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Four Lessons (Sonatas) Fourth Edition - PARRY, John Telyn Llanofer PARRY, John Ave Maria - SCHUBERT, Franz. Fantasia in C minor (Op.35) - SPOHR, Louis Aeolian Sounds - THOMAS, John Echoes of a Waterfall - THOMAS, John Ffarwel y Telynor The Minstrel's Adieu - THOMAS, John L'Espérance - Mazurka - THOMAS, John Le Soir - Premier Impromptu - THOMAS, John Pensive and Joyous - THOMAS, John Rhapsody - THOMAS, John (1) The Tear from Four Romances - THOMAS, John (2) The Smile from Four Romances - THOMAS, John

Adlais 052: £6.00 Adlais 053: £6.00 Adlais 054: £5.50 Adlais 055: £6.00 Adlais 056: £6.00 Adlais 057: £6.00 Adlais 058: £6.00 Adlais 059: £6.00 Adlais 060: £6.00 Adlais 061: £5.00 Adlais 062: £5.00 Adlais 063: £5.00 Adlais 064: £6.00 Adlais 065: £6.00 Adlais 066: £6.00 Adlais 067: £7.00 Adlais 068: £6.00 Adlais 069: £7.00 Adlais 070: £12.00 Adlais 071: £10.00 Adlais 072: £13.50 Adlais 073: £10.00 Adlais 073: £15.00 Adlais 080: £10.00 Adlais 081: £5.00 Adlais 082: £6.00 Adlais 083: £4.00 Adlais 083a: £5.00 Adlais 084: £5.00 Adlais 084a: £5.00 Adlais 085: £4.00 Adlais 087: £7.00 Adlais 089: £5.00 Adlais 090: £12.00 Adlais 091: £10.00 Adlais 092: £10.00 Adlais 093: £5.00 Adlais 101: £10.50 Adlais 102: £6.00 Adlais 103: £7.00 Adlais 104: £7.00 Adlais 110: £5.50 Adlais 115: £10.00 Adlais 117: £4.00 Adlais 118: £6.00 Adlais 119: £6.00 Adlais 120: £6.00 Adlais 121: £6.00 Adlais 122: £5.50 Adlais 123: £5.50 Adlais 124: £6.50 Adlais 127: £7.00 Adlais 127: £10.00 Adlais 128: £5.50 Adlais 129: £20.00 Adlais 130: £6.00 Adlais 131: £20.00 Adlais 132: £6.00 Adlais 133: £4.00 Adlais 133v: £0.50 Adlais 134: £12.00 Adlais 135: £7.50 Adlais 136: £6.00 Adlais 137: £6.50 Adlais 138: £6.50 Adlais 139: £8.00 Adlais 139: £12.00 Adlais 140: £10.00 Adlais 141: £10.00 Adlais 142: £8.00 Adlais 143: £6.00 Adlais 144: £12.00 Adlais 145: £8.00 Adlais 146: £20.00 Adlais 147: £12.00 Adlais 148: £10.00 Adlais 149: £6.00 Adlais 150: £10.00 Adlais 151: £10.00 Adlais 152: £6.50 Adlais 153: £1.25 Adlais 154: £15.00 Adlais 155: £12.00 Adlais 156: £7.50 Adlais 157: £6.00 Adlais 158: £6.00 Adlais 159: £6.00 Adlais 160: £8.00 Adlais 161: £8.00 Adlais 162: £6.00 Adlais 163: £6.00 Adlais 164: £12.00 Adlais 165: £6.00 Adlais 166: £8.00 Adlais 167: £7.00 Adlais 168: £10.00 Adlais 169: £6.50

(3) The Parting from Four Romances - THOMAS, John (4) The Remembrance from Four Romances - THOMAS, John Staccato Movement - THOMAS, John The Spinning Wheel - THOMAS, John (1) Spring from The Seasons - THOMAS, John (2) Summer from The Seasons - THOMAS, John (3) Autumn from The Seasons - THOMAS, John (4) Winter from The Seasons - THOMAS, John Tyrolienne - THOMAS, John Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn Watching the Wheat - THOMAS, John Clychau Aberdyfi The Bells of Aberdovey - THOMAS, John Codiad yr haul The Rising of the Sun - THOMAS, John Dafydd y Garreg Wen David of the White Rock - THOMAS, John Llwyn Onn The Ash Grove - THOMAS, John Merch Megan Megan's Daughter - THOMAS, John Yr Hen Erddygan - THOMAS, Mansel Assisa a pie d'un salice The Willow Song, from 'Otello' - ROSSINI, Giachino La Source - ZABEL, Albert Cambria - Two Harps - THOMAS, John Scenes of Childhood - Two Pedal Harps - THOMAS, John Tros y dwr i draeth Llansteffan - Five Pedal Harps (score & five parts) - TRAD. Saith Gân Werin Gymreig - Voice & Pedal Harp (one score) - ROSE, Michael Saith Gân Werin Gymreig - Voice & Pedal Harp (two scores) - ROSE, Michael XX Études with text in French - LABARRE, Théodore Telori - GRIFFITHS, Ann Ffarwel i Langyfelach Lon Farewell to Llangyfelach - GRIFFITHS, Ann Sain Clychau Carillon for Joanna for Triple Harp - GRIFFITHS, Ann Sain Clychau Carillon for Joanna - GRIFFITHS, Ann Carolan's Concerto in G - O'CAROLAN, Turlough Carolan's Concerto in Eb - O'CAROLAN, Turlough Hen Forgan a'i wraig Old Morgan and his wife (Triple Harp) - PARRY, John Ensueño Español - GALLIARD, Kieron Serch Hudol Love's fascination - THOMAS, John Carmen -Themes from Bizet's opera (Two Harps) - THOMAS, John Serenade (Two Harps) - SCHUBERT, Franz Ave Maria (Two Harps) - SCHUBERT, Franz Syr Harri Ddu Black Sir Harry - THOMAS, John Sonate 'dans le style pathetique' (Op.14) - KRUMPHOLTZ, J.B. Marche Favorite du Sultan - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Marguerite au Rouet Marguerite at the Spinning Wheel - ZABEL, Albert Andantino from the Concerto for Flute and Harp K.299 - MOZART W.A. Concerto in B flat (Op4 No. 6) 1st movement (Lever Harp) - HANDEL G.F. Y Gath a'r Golomen The Cat and the Pigeon (Flute & Harp) - LLWYD, Owain Ty Uchaf - PARRY, John Orlando Nos Galan Deck the Halls - THOMAS, John Y Gadlys of Noble Birth was Shenkin - THOMAS, John Sonatina in Eb - DUSSEK, JL Prayer from Rossini's 'Mose in Egitto' (Op. 58) - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Codiad yr Ehedydd Rising of lark - Olivia Dussek Ymdeithgan Gwyr Harlech March of the Men of Harlech - Olivia Dussek Prelude (Ave Maria)(BWV 846) (Two Harps) - BACH/ Gounod Adagio ovvero Largo (Two Harps) (one score) - BACH, J.S Adagio ovvero Largo (Two Harps) (two scores) - BACH, J.S Andante 1st Movement from Suite in C Minor (BWV 997) - BACH, J.S Lieder Ohne Worte Volume 1 - MENDELSSOHN Two Carolan Tunes - O'CAROLAN, Turlough Lieder Ohne Worte Volume 2 - MENDELSSOHN Ffarwel y Telynor The Minstrel's Adieu (Lever Harp) - THOMAS, John Ffarwel y Telynor The Minstrel's Adieu for SATB/Harp (Harp) - THOMAS, John Ffarwel y Telynor The Minstrel's Adieu for SATB/Harp (Voice) - THOMAS, John Sweet Richard (Two Harps) - ROBERTS, Richard Charms of Christmas (Flute/Violin & Harp) - MORGAN THOMAS, Sian Il Papagallo (Op. 85) Souvenir of Naples - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Passacaglia in Memoriam Tsunami - WATKINS, David Tirlun Cymreig A Welsh Landscape - WATKINS, David Andante from Concertino in D Minor (Two Harps) (score x 1) - PARISH ALVARS Andante from Concertino in D Minor (Two Harps) (score x 2) - PARISH ALVARS Y Telynor Bach (harp in Eb) - GRIFFITHS, Ann Sonatka in C - IZMAYLOV, Andres Toward the Sun (Two Harps) - IZMAYLOV, Andres For Artemy - IZMAYLOV, Andres DUO Suite (Violin & Harp) - IZMAYLOV, Andres Saint-Petersburgh - Vienna Concerto Waltz - IZMAYLOV, Andres Quintet for Flute, Harp & String Trio KV 299 - MOZART / Derek Smith 'Rondo on 'Zitti, Zitti, from Rossini's 'Barber of Seville' - BOCHSA, NC H-A-R-F-E Fantasy on a theme - IZMAYLOV, Andres Merch y Melinydd The Miller's Daughter - THOMAS, John The Thorn Birds (Three Harps) (Score & 3 parts) - Brynmor Williams Sonata No 2 in Ancient Style for Harp or Harpsichord - IZMAYLOV, Andres Matilda's Lullaby - IZMAYLOV, Andres Y Delyn Aur - SATB & Harp (SATB vocal part) - GRIFFITHS, Ann Sounds of Ossian - PARISH ALVARS Elias Lullaby & Chorus from Iolanta (Tchaikovsky) (Three Harps) - IZMAYLOV, Andres Nos Galan (flute & harp) Deck the Halls, Welsh carol tune - THOMAS, John Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech The March of the Men of Harlech - THOMAS, John Ar Hyd y Nos All through the night - THOMAS, John Three Fine Fairies (Voice & Harp) - WATKINS, David Serenade & Scherzo - Quartet in F Major (Flute & Harp) - HAYDN/SMITH, Derek Adagio & Allegro Quartet No. 6 in C Major (Flute & Harp) - HAYDN/SMITH, Derek Morfa Rhuddlan The Plain of Rhuddlan - THOMAS, John Per Alaw Sweet Richard - THOMAS, John Souvenir du Nord (Two Harps) - THOMAS, John Tros y garreg Crossing the stone - THOMAS, John Andante de Haydn with variations - KRUMPHOLTZ, J.B. Codiad Yr Ehedydd Rising of the lark - THOMAS, John Can Ramantus Love Song for Horn in F & Harp - WILLIAMS, Grace Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - BACH/WATKINS, David

Adlais 171: £10.00 Adlais 172: £10.00 Adlais 173: £10.00 Adlais 175: £8.00 Adlais 176: £12.00 Adlais 177: £12.00 Adlais 179: £20.00 Adlais 179p:£12.00 Adlais 179s:£10.00 Adlais 180: £6.00 Adlais 181: £14.00 Adlais 182: £7.00 Adlais 183: £7.00 Adlais 184: £7.00 Adlais 185: £0.50 Adlais 185s £25.00 Adlais 186: £7.00 Adlais 187: £7.00 Adlais 188: £0.50 Adlais 188s £25.00 Adlais 189: £10.00 Adlais 190: £8.00 Adlais 191: £8.00 Adlais 192: £8.00 Adlais 193:

The Fountain (Two Harps) - SCHUBERT, Franz The Trout (Two Harps) - SCHUBERT, Franz Marguerite (Two Harps) - SCHUBERT, Franz Loneliness - IZMAYLOV, Andres John Parry Collection Vol 1 - PARRY, John John Parry Collection Vol 2 - PARRY, John Spukhafte Gavotte (Two Harps) - POENITZ, Franz (Score & parts) Spukhafte Gavotte Ghostly Gavotte - POENITZ, Franz (Set of Parts) Spukhafte Gavotte (Two Harps) - POENITZ, Franz (Study Score ) Gretchen's Prayer Song without words (Op. 72) - PARISH ALVARS, Elias Spirits of the Night - Shades of Grief - HEWITT JONES, Thomas Barcarola - PARISH ALVARS, Elias March of the Men of Harlech - Conductor's score (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John March of the Men of Harlech - Harp Part (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John March of the Men of Harlech - Choir Part (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John March of the Men of Harlech - Performing Set (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John David of the White Rock - Conductor's score (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John David of the White Rock - Harp Part (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John David of the White Rock - Choir Part (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John David of the White Rock - Performing Set (Harp & Choir) - THOMAS, John Romance (Violin & Harp) - THOMAS, John March of the Men of Harlech (Voice & Harp) - THOMAS, John David of the White Rock (Voice & Harp) - THOMAS, John David of the White Rock - THALBERG, Sigismond Introduction and Variations on Bellini’s Norma Op. 36 for Harp and Orchestra PARISH ALVARS, Elias £10.00 Harp £10.00 Piano Reduction £20.00 Conductor’s score £1.50 Violin 1 £1.50 Violin 2 £1.50 Viola £1.50 Cello £1.50 Bass £1.50 Flute £1.50 Oboe £1.50 Clarinet £1.50 Bassoon £1.50 Horn £1.50 Trumpet £1.50 Trombone £1.50 Timpani Adlais 194: £10.00 Crépuscule au lac Ogwen - JONGEN, Joseph Adlais 195: £20.00 Diversions Clymau Cytgerdd - Score & set of parts - ELLIS, Osian Adlais 195s: £10.00 Diversions Clymau Cytgerdd - Study Score - ELLIS, Osian Adlais 195p: £12.00 Diversions Clymau Cytgerdd - Set of Parts - ELLIS, Osian Adlais 196: £6.00 Cwynfan Prydain Britain's Lament - THOMAS, John Adlais 197: £6.00 Ymadawiad Y Brenin The Departure of the King - THOMAS, John Adlais 198: £6.00 Riding over the mountain - THOMAS, John Adlais 199: £6.00 Y fwyalchen The Blackbird - THOMAS, John Adlais 200: £6.00 Dewch I'r Frwydyr Come to Battle - THOMAS, John Adlais 201: £6.00 Torriad y Dydd The Dawn of Day - THOMAS, John Adlais 202: £12.00 Handstück für die Harfe V1 - KIRCHHOFF, JA Adlais 203: £10.00 Indiana - IZMAYLOV, Andres Adlais 204: £8.00 Y fwyalchen The Blackbird (Voice & Harp) - THOMAS, John Adlais 205: £8.00 Tros y garreg Crossing the stone (Voice & Harp) - THOMAS, John Adlais 206: £8.00 Y 'Deryn Pur The Dove (Voice & Harp) - THOMAS, John Adlais 207: £7.50 A Garland for the harp - WATKINS, David

HARPIANA PUBLICATIONS DP001 DP002 DP003 DP004 DP005 DP006 DP007 DP008 DP009 DP010 DP011 DP012 DP013 DP014 DP015 DP016 DP017 DP018 DP019 DP020 DP021 DP022 DP023 DP024 DP025 DP026 DP027 DP028 DP029 DP030 DP031 DP032 DP033 DP034 DP035

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Tendresses - Dominique Piana (arr) (Educational Series) ES101 Adagio and Rondo in C minor K617 - WA Mozart (Classics Revisited) CR112 Impromptu in A flat Major - Schubert (Classics Revisited) CR115 La Charité - Rossini [tr Aptommas] (Classics Revisited) CR113 Soirées Musicales - Rossini arr Parish Alvars (Classics Revisited) CR114 Prelude #15, Opus 28 (Raindrop) - Chopin (Classics Revisited) CR104 Widmung (Liebeslied) - Schumann (Classics Revisited) CR117 Serenata, Opus 15 - Moszkowski [tr. Edmund Schuëcker] (Classics Revisited) CR110 Träumerei, Opus 9 #4 - Strauss (Classics Revisited) CR118 Six Poems afetr Heine [Scotch Poem] - MacDowell (Classics Revisited) CR108 Les Adieux - Godefroid (Romantic Renaissance) RR106 Marche triomphale du roi David - Godefroid (Romantic Renaissance) RR107 Ah! Vous dirai-je Maman - Gretry (Gems Unearthed) GU101 Quatre pieces pour flute et harpe - Rohozinski (Gems Unearthed) GU104 The Harp of King David - David Finko (Gems Unearthed) GU105 Volume 1: Sacred Meditations - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT101 Volume 2: Christmas Tree - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT102 Volume 3: Lyric Reflections - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT103 Volume 4: Otherworldly Musings - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT104 Am Rhein, im schönen Strome - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT108 Angelus - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT109 Ave maris stella - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT110 Hungarian Rhapsody #5 - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT111 Postlude - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT112 Romance - Liszt (Contemplation Liszt Anthology) CT113 Graziella - Charles Oberthür (Romantic Renaissance) RR116 La Lyre d'Orphee (Bach) Volume 2 - JS Bach (Educational Series) ES104 Serenade for flute (violin) and Harp - Haydn (Classics Revisited) CR107 Adagio from Flute Quartet in D - Mozart (Classics Revisited) CR111 Sonata in G op 49 #2 - Beethoven (Classics Revisited) CR103 Traume - Wagner (Classics Revisited) CR119 Idylle for Flute & Harp - Godard (Classics Revisited) CR106 Ballade (harp part) - Alberstoetter (Romantic Renaissance) RR101 Ballade (conductors score coil bound) - Alberstoetter (Romantic Renaissance) RR103 Concerto-Walzer - Alberstoetter (Romantic Renaissance) RR105

DP036 DP037 DP038 DP039 DP040 DP041 DP042 DP043 DP044 DP045 DP046 DP047 DP048 DP049 DP050 DP051 DP052 DP053 DP054 DP055 DP056 DP057 DP058 DP059 DP060 DP061 DP062 DP063 DP064 DP065 DP066 DP067 DP068 DP069 DP070 DP071 DP072 DP073 DP074 DP075 DP076 DP077 DP078 DP079 DP080 DP081 DP082 DP083 DP084 DP085 DP086 DP087 DP088 DP089 DP090 DP091 DP092 DP093 DP094 DP095 DP096 DP097 DP098 DP099 DP100 DP101 DP102 DP103 DP104 DP105 DP106 DP107 DP108 DP109 DP110 DP111 DP112 DP113 DP114 DP115 DP116 DP117 DP118 DP119 DP120 DP121 DP122 DP123 DP124 DP125 DP126 DP127 DP128 DP129 DP130 DP131 DP132

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DP133 DP134 DP135 DP136 DP137 DP138 DP139 DP140 DP141 DP142 DP143 DP144 DP145 DP146 DP147 DP148 DP149 DP150 DP151 DP152 DP153 DP154 DP155 DP156 DP157 DP158 DP159 DP160 DP161 DP162 DP163 DP164 DP165 DP166 DP167 DP168

£8.00 Scherzo - Wilhelm Posse (Harpiana Reprints) HR112 £10.00 Arabeske op 18 - Schumann (Classics Revisited) CR121 £15.00 Schubert-Fantasie Op 7 - Hans Trecek (Romantic Renaissance) RR122 £13.00 Quatrieme Pot Pourri - Vernier (Harpiana Facsimile) FS101 £12.00 Mazurka Caprice op. 15 - Alfred Kastner (Harpiana Reprints) HR159 £12.00 Deux Esquisses - Alfred Kastner (Harpiana Reprints) HR160 £11.00 Deux Feuillets d' Album - Alfred Kastner (Harpiana Reprints) HR161 £12.00 Zwei Stuke op. 12 - Alfred Kastner (Harpiana Reprints) HR162 £10.00 Hymne - Zingel (Harpiana Reprints) HR166 £12.00 3 Morceaux d'Expression op. 338 - Bochsa (Harpiana Reprints) HR168 £15.00 Six Ariettes Italiennes for Voice & Harp - Blangini (Harpiana Reprints) HR169 £13.00 Phantasie Op. 85 - Robert Fuchs (Romantic Renaissance) RR130 £8.00 Prelude Op. 68 No. 2 - Emanuel Moor (Gems Unearthed) GU112 £10.00 Legende (full score) - Carl Stix (Romantic Renaissance) RR131 £4.00 Legende (harp part) - Carl Stix (Romantic Renaissance) RR132 £2.00 Legende (string parts) - Carl Stix (Romantic Renaissance) RR133 £11.50 Ballade Op.34 - Alfred Holy (Gems Unearthed) GU113 £7.00 Amore! (High Voice) - Ruggero Leoncavallo (Gems Unearthed) GU110 £7.00 Amore! (Medium Voice) - Ruggero Leoncavallo (Gems Unearthed) GU110 £7.00 Amor ti vieta (voice & harp) - Umberto Giordano (Classics Revisited) CR122 £33.00 Fantaisie for cello (acc piano or harp) op. 1 - Francois Servais (Gems Unearthed) GU115 £10.00 Serenade for harp Op. 10 - Edmund Schuecker (Harpiana Reprints) HR185 £10.00 Mazurka for harp Op. 12 - Edmund Schuecker (Harpiana Reprints) HR187 £15.00 Fantasia di bravura - Edmund Schuecker (Harpiana Reprints) HR186 £11.50 Romance Op. 19 No 5 (Funf leichte Stucke) - Edmund Schuecker (Harpiana Reprints) HR177 £13.00 Zwei Phantasiestucke Op 4 - Edmund Schuecker (Harpiana Reprints) HR178 £28.00 Aubade en Quatuor - NC Bochsa (Harpiana Facsimiles) FS102 £7.00 Abendlied (from Im Walde) Op. 106, No. 5 - Johannes Snoer (Harpiana Reprints) HR183 £7.00 Elfentanz (from Im Walde) Op. 106, No. 4 - Johannes Snoer (Harpiana Reprints) HR182 £13.00 Drei kleine Stucke Op. 7 - Johannes Snoer (Harpiana Reprints) HR184 £10.00 Rondo op. 11 - JN Hummel (arr Bochsa) (Harpiana Facsimiles) FS103 £12.00 Loreley (harp part) - Charles Oberthür (Harpiana Reprints) HR190 £10.00 Loreley (piano reduction) - Charles Oberthür (Harpiana Reprints) HR191 £28.00 Loreley (full orchestral score) - Charles Oberthür (Harpiana Reprints) HR192 £10.00 Solitude op 312 - Charles Oberthür (Harpiana Reprints) HR170 £10.00 Choeur de Nymphes Op. 187 - Felix Godefroid (Harpiana Reprints) HR 195

THE DAVID WATKINS COLLECTION DW001 £12.00 DW001p: £6.00 DW001a: £8.00 DW001B £8.00 DW002 £12.00 DW003 £12.00 DW004 £8.00 DW005 £8.00 DW006 £6.50 DW007 £6.50 DW008 £6.50 DW009 £8.00 DW010 £12.00 DW010a £15.00 DW011 £8.00 DW012 £8.00 DW013 £8.00 DW014 £8.00 DW014a £9.00 DW015 £6.50 DW016 £10.00 DW017 £12.00 DW018 £6.50 DW019 £6.50 DW020 £8.00

Adagio & Rondo for Solo Harp & Quartet - Mozart Set of parts: Adagio & Rondo for Solo Harp & Quartet - Mozart Adagio & Rondo for Solo Harp & Quartet PIANO REDUCTION - Mozart Adagio for solo harp K617A - WA Mozart Dialogue for Harp & Harpsichord - David Watkins Three Shakespeare Sonnets for voice & harp Silent Night, Holy Night Lament of Mary Queen of Scots - arr David Watkins Queen Mary's Escape - arr David Watkins Eliza is the fairest queen - Edward Johnson Music for a Play - David Watkins Impromptu (1972) - Roger Nichols Duo - PJ Hinner (parts H1 & H2) Duo - PJ Hinner (full score) Priest Composers: Aria - Angels & Sonata in F Casanovas Pastorale & Sonata - Domenico Scarlatti Three Folk Songs - arranged for Violin & Harp Sonata V - for violin & harp - CF Abel Additional parts to play as harp & sting quartet Sonata in G minor for solo harp - PJ Meyer Sonata in C No IV by BACH, JS Largo from "Concerto for Two Violins" by BACH, JS Aria Con Variazioni by HANDEL, GF Variations of a theme of Spohr by MEYER, Philip J Sonata in C K545 by MOZART, WA

VARIOUS PUBLISHERS (including Creighton’s Collection) & INDIVIDUAL MUSICIANS SM001 £16.00 From My Music Stand by Cynthia Cathcart SM002 £20.00 Carols of Christmas by Cynthia Cathcart SM003 £30.00 Pathway by Cynthia Cathcart SM004 £14.00 Traditional Beginnings by Cynthia Cathcart SM005 £15.00 Ar lan y Dwr - Sheet music by Mwynion Mai Flute & Harp Duo SM006 £19.95 Tree of strings by Alison Kinnard SM007 £14.95 Tree of Strings by Alison Kinnard SM008 £14.95 The small harp by Alison Kinnard SM009 £7.95 The Harp key by Alison Kinnard SM010 £7.95 North-East Collection by Alison Kinnard SM011 £7.95 Lothian Collection by Alison Kinnard SM012 £10.00 A Suite of Afterthoughts by Rebecca Flannery SM013 £12.00 Tour Package (lever harp) by Rebecca Flannery SM014 £12.00 Tour Package (pedal harp) by Rebecca Flannery SM015 £8.00 Ninos on Parade by Rebecca Flannery SM016 £10.95 Bugs by Paul Patterson SM017 £7.00 The Dirty Laundry Rag by Park Stickney SM018 £12.00 The Irish Harpers Volume 2 by Maire Ni Chathasaigh SM019 £12.00 Travels with my harp Volume 1 by Mary O'Hara SM020 £15.00 Travels with my harp Volume 2 + DVD by Mary O'Hara SM021 £6.00 Celebration of Love (p/b book) by Mary O'Hara SM022 £6.00 Homework From Julian (Harp) by Benjamin J Creighton Griffiths SM025 £12.00 Scottish harp for the terrified by Wendy Stewart SM026 £8.00 Standing Wave by Wendy Stewart

SM027 SM028 SM029 SM030 SM031 SM032 SM033 SM034 SM035 SM036 SM037 SM038 SM039 SM040 SM041 SM042 SM043 SM044 SM045 SM046 SM047 SM048 SM049 SM050 SM051 SM052 SM053 SM054 SM055 SM056 SM057 SM058 SM059 SM060 SM061 SM062 SM063 SM064 SM065 SM066 SM067 SM068 SM069 SM070 SM071 SM072 SM073 SM074 SM075 SM076 SM077 SM078 SM079 SM080 SM081 SM082 SM083 SM084 SM085 SM086 SM087 SM088 SM089 SM090 SM091 SM092 SM093 SM094 SM095 SM096 SM097 SM098 SM099 SM100 SM101 SM102 SM103 SM104 SM105 SM106 SM107 SM108 SM109 SM110 SM111 SM112 SM113 SM114 SM115 SM116 SM117 SM118 SM119 SM120 SM121 SM122 SM123

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Ainka by Uschi Laar Mittelalter by Uschi Laar Sudamerika by Uschi Laar Querbeet by Uschi Laar Harfenschule Band 1 by Uschi Laar Harfenschule Band 2 by Uschi Laar Music Theory for Young Harp Players by Jean Hudson Music of the English Renaissance for the Small Harp by Jean Hudson Play the harp with me by John Thomas Hommage a Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen I. Overture (Bizet) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen II. Hababera (Bizet) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen III. Seguedille (Bizet) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen IV. Chanson boheme (Bizet) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite I. En bateau (Debussy) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite II. Cortege (Debussy) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite III. Menuet (Debussy) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite IV. Ballet (Debussy) 4 harp by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite I. En bateau (Debussy) (trio) by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite II. Cortege (Debussy) (trio) by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite III. Menuet (Debussy) (trio) by Sandrine Luzignant Petite Suite IV. Ballet (Debussy) (trio) by Sandrine Luzignant Hommage a Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche Quartet by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen I. Overture (Bizet) Quartet by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen II. Hababera (Bizet) Quartet by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen III. Seguedille (Bizet) Quartet by Sandrine Luzignant Carmen IV. Chanson boheme (Bizet) Quartet by Sandrine Luzignant The Celtic Harpist's Survival Guide by Sara Deere-Jones Traditional Tunes from Cornwall by Sara Deere-Jones 21 Easy Pieces for Small Lap Harp by Sara Deere-Jones Loch Coruisk Rhapsody by Sara Deere-Jones On Selworthy Beacon by Sara Deere-Jones Harp from the start by Ailie Robertson Harp from the start Vol 2 by Ailie Robertson The Irish Harper Volume 1 by Maire Ni Chathasaigh Celebration of Love (h/b book) by Mary O'Hara Marche K.408 et un majeur by Mozart trans. Auffray Musique Viennoise du XIXeme Siecle arr Laurence Bancaud Recueil de 2 pieces by Naderman arr Payen-Moat Divertissement op. 38 by Parish Alvars 8 morceaux en 2 recueils (Vol 2) by Bernard Galais Cinco valses Venezolaneos de Salon by F. GuBry Comptines pour harpe by Beatrice Guillermin Airs, variations et Sonates Volume 3 compiled by Sylvie Beltrando Variations sur un air anonyme anglais arr Michel Capelier Sonata for Flute & Harp (Dussek) by JL Dussek arr Gerard Grognet Danse Sacree, Danse profane (harp & string quintet) by Debussy arr Fabrice Pierre Singing Strings by Isobel Mieras The Wind that shakes the Barley by Isobel Mieras A harper's pleasure by Isobel Mieras Tunes from Scotland for harp Book 1 by Catriona McKay & Charlotte Petersen Tunes from Scotland for harp Book 2 by Catriona McKay & Charlotte Petersen Tunes from Scotland for harp Book 3 by Catriona McKay & Charlotte Petersen Traditional Tunes for Harp Book 1 by Catriona McKay & Charlotte Petersen Traditional Tunes for Harp Book 2 by Catriona McKay & Charlotte Petersen Prelude by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Passacaglia for two harps by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Chorale Variations on "Deus Meus Adiuva Me" by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Carolan's Farewell to Music by Anne-Marie O'Farrell JS Bach Prelude No. 1 in C major by Anne-Marie O'Farrell The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Anne-Marie O'Farrell The Knappogue Medley by Anne-Marie O'Farrell The Night in Bethlehem by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Vol 1 Dance Music (first edition) by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Chorale Variations on Blessed are the Pure in heart by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Chorale Variations on Take my life and let it be by Anne-Marie O'Farrell JS Bach Preludes Nos. 1 & 3 from 18 Little Preludes by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Peppermint Boy by Claire Hamilton Students The Firebirds's Feather by David Gough So near, yet so far by David Gough Three pieces for lever harp by Nick Moor edited Danielle Perrett The Elements by Mary Doumany Lever Harp 2000 by Danielle Perrett & David Gough Lift-Off! for Harp by Danielle Perrett & David Gough Pedal Harp World by Danielle Perrett & David Gough Lever Harp World by Danielle Perrett & David Gough Nordiska Folktoner fur Harpa by Susan Enochsson Harp Songs by Margaret Knight Classical Favourites for lever harp by Margaret Knight Traditional Irish Music Vol 1 by Grainne Hambly Traditional Irish Music Vol 2 by Grainne Hambly Traditional Scottish Music arr by William Jackson Dacw 'nghariad i (pedal harp) by Benjamin J Creighton Griffiths Travels with my harp Volume 3 by Mary O'Hara Play the harp with me at Christmastide by John Thomas Play the harp with me again by John Thomas Maiden Most Gentle by Sian Morgan Thomas Dasson ur Galon by Tristan le Govic Alwa by Esteban benzecry First Easy-Medium Grade Volume by David Watkins First Medium-Difficult Grade Volume by David Watkins Dacw 'nghariad i (Lever Harp) by Benjamin J Creighton Griffiths Berceuse de Dolly by Sian Morgan Thomas Japanese Tunes for Irish Harp by Michiko Semba Celtic Inspiration by Janu Janu in Ireland by Janu

SM124 SM125 SM126 SM127 SM128 SM129 SM130 SM131 SM132 SM133 SM134 SM135 SM136 SM137 SM138 SM139 SM140 SM141 SM142 SM143 SM144 SM145 SM146 SM147 SM148 SM149 SM150 SM151 SM152 SM153 SM154 SM155 SM156 SM157 SM158 SM159 SM160 SM161 SM162 SM163 SM164 SM165 SM166 SM167 SM168 SM169 SM170 SM171 SM172 SM173 SM174 SM175 SM176 SM177 SM178 SM179 SM180 SM181 SM182 SM183 SM184 SM185 SM186 SM187 SM188 SM189 SM190 SM191 SM192 SM193 SM194 SM195 SM196 SM197 SM198 SM199 SM200 SM201 SM202 SM203 SM204 SM205 SM206 SM207 SM208 SM209 SM210 SM211 SM212 SM213 SM214 SM215 SM216 SM217 SM218 SM219 SM220

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Songs of the Apache Indians by Janu Tunes to treasure by Isobel Mieras More Tunes to Treasure by Isobel Mieras Musique traditionnelle pour harpe Celtique by Aurore Breger & Clotilde Trouillaud On the Water by Monika Stadler Coming Home by Monika Stadler First Steps by Karen Marshalsay The Clarsach Collection Vol 1 by Karen Marshalsay Travels with my harp Volume 4 + CD by Mary O'Hara Vol 1 Dance Music (second edition) by Anne-Marie O'Farrell On Christmas Night by Danielle Perrett Toccata - Paradisi arr Danielle Perrett Three Gnossiennes by Satie arr Danielle Perrett Scylla & Charybdis by David Gough Reminiscence by David Gough Ondine by David Gough Lore of the land by David Gough Ballade - La Harpe Franglaise by David Gough Baroque Flamenco by Deborah Henson-Conant Nightingale by Deborah Henson-Conant Nataliana by Deborah Henson-Conant New Blues by Deborah Henson-Conant Gurl's Guide to Amplification by Deborah Henson-Conant Introduction to Improvisation & Vamps +CD by Deborah Henson-Conant Congratulations Sheet Music by Deborah Henson-Conant Danny Boy by Deborah Henson-Conant Fur Elise by Deborah Henson-Conant Off She Goes & She's Gone by Deborah Henson-Conant Wedding Tunes by Deborah Henson-Conant Dutch Harp Music by Mirella Vita The Performer's Wardrobe by Mirella Vita Let's Sing Some Songs Volume 1 by Eleanor Harries Let's Sing Some Songs Volume 2 by Eleanor Harries Eriskay Love Lilt by Eleanor Harries About Time by Wendy Stewart About Time Too by Wendy Stewart JIG - Traditional Tunes for Flute & Harp Ensemble by Jane Groves Suo-Gan Traditional Tunes for Flute & Harp Ensemble by Jane Groves The Ashgrove - Traditional Tunes for Flute & Harp Ensemble by Jane Groves Yellow Bird - Traditional Tunes for Flute & Harp Ensemble by Jane Groves Harp Schlepper's Rag by Janet Jackson Witman Moonlight Visitations by Fran McGaughey Let There Be Peace on Earth by Janet Jackson Witman Hob y Deri Tango by Sian Morgan Thomas Progressive Lessons for Early Gaelic Harp by Simon Chadwick Travels with my harp Volume 5 + CD by Mary O'Hara Another World by Monika Stadler Anthology of English Music for the Harp Book 1 by David Watkins Anthology of English Music for the Harp Book 2 by David Watkins Anthology of English Music for the Harp Book 3 by David Watkins Anthology of English Music for the Harp Book 4 by David Watkins Folk songs for Voice/Harp by David Watkins Beginnings by Geoffrey Burgon Fantasy for Harp by Stephen Dodgson Nocturne for Harp by Lennox Berkeley Prelude for Harp by Herbert Howells Little Serenade for Skaila by Rhian Samuel Far across the Sea by Rhian Samuel Sailing Along by Sian Morgan Thomas New Shoot - Old Roots by Monika Stadler Lullaby by Sian Morgan Thomas Latin American Harp Music by Violeta Ramos Netty's Garden by Els Millenaar Six Birds by Gary Higginson Arpa Latina by Jopie Jonkers & Inge Frimout-Hei Traditonal Treasures by Janet Bennett Images of Northumbria by Janet Bennett The Scottish Harp: New Times & Tunes by Fiona Rutherford Chopin for Lever Harp by Jen Morris The Scottish Harp Anthology Vol 1 - Various The Scottish Harp Anthology Vol 2 - Various The Scottish Harp Anthology Vol 3 - Various The Clarsach Collection Volume 2 by Karen Marshalsay Awen by Tristan le Govic The Mermaid of Zennor by Sara Deere-Jones Cascaron by Sara Deere-Jones By a Woodland Stream by Sara Deere-Jones Ensemble Music for Celtic or Pedal Volume 1 by Sara Deere-Jones Ensemble Music for Celtic or Pedal Volume 2 by Sara Deere-Jones Scottish Harp by Corrina Hewat Maiden Voyage by Sarah Deere-Jones Fantasie for Celtic Harp by Sarah Deere-Jones Parry(Biography) by Miles Wynn Cato Dowland's Delight by Tom Daun Exercises and studies for the harp by Ed. Lariviere Noel! Noel! by Dewey Owens Libertango by Piazzolla arr Rayan-Forero Serie Del Angel by Piazzolla arr Rayan-Forero Cuatro Estaciones Portenas by Piazzolla arr Rayan-Forero Salvi Pop Harp Series Volume 1 1924 - 1931 - Various Baroque and Classic Pieces For Harp Collected by Rosalie & Samuel Pratt Wedding Music for the Advanced Lever Harp Player by Dewey Owens Wedding Cake, harp Music for Festive Occasions Collected by Rosalie & Samuel Pratt Chanson de mai by Hasselmans Fantaisie sur un theme de l'opera Eugene Onegin by Walter-Kune Partitas 1-3 by Bach arr Rayan-Forero Un Sospiro by List tr. Renie

SM221 SM222 SM223 SM224 SM225 SM226 SM227 SM228 SM229 SM230 SM231 SM232 SM233 SM234 SM235 SM236 SM237 SM238 SM239 SM240 SM241 SM242 SM243 SM244 SM245 SM246 SM247 SM248 SM249 SM250 SM251 SM252 SM253 SM254 SM255 SM256 SM257 SM258 SM259 SM260 SM261 SM262 SM263 SM264 SM265 SM266 SM267 SM268 SM269 SM270 SM271 SM272 SM273 SM274 SM275 SM276 SM277 SM278 SM279 SM280 SM281 SM282 SM283 SM284 SM285 SM286 SM287 SM288 SM289 SM290 SM291 SM292 SM293 SM294 SM295 SM296 SM297 SM298 SM299 SM300 SM301 SM302 SM303 SM304 SM305 SM306 SM307 SM308 SM309 SM310 SM311 SM312 SM313 SM314 SM315 SM316 SM317

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Concert Variations on Four Christmas Carols arr Mimi Allen Shades of Blue & A Snatch of jazz by Lynne Palmer Cadenzas to Mozart's Concerto for Flute & harp by John Thomas Marguerite Douleureuse au Rouet by Zabel Paraphrase on Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody by Salzedo Le Rossignol by Liszt La Source Etude Op. 44 by Hasselmans From Erin's Emerald Isle Volume 1 by Dewey Owens The Moldau by Smetana tr Trnecek Around the Clock by Pearl Chertok Danse des Lutins by H. Renie Piece for Harp Prelude OP. 12 No 7 by Prokofiev Around the Clock (parts for harp 2 & 3) by Pearl Chertok Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini - Rachmaninoff tr Clifford Wooldridge Prelude No. 2 by Gershwin tr Yolanda Kondonassis Beginner's Harp Book 1 by Phyllis Schlomovitz American Classic Pop Vol 1 by Ray Pool American Classic Pop Vol 2 by Ray Pool Tea at the Waldorf Vol 1 by Ray Pool Tea at the Waldorf Vol 2 by Ray Pool Five Pieces for Harp, Flute & Cello arr for lever harp Moreen Thomas Nocturne for Cello & Harp OP 12 by Bellini Nocturne for Cello & Harp or Piano OP 21 by Marcel Tournier Deux Preludes Romantiques pour Violon et Harpe (or piano) by Marcel Tournier Chanson de Pecheur Op 24 by Albert Zabel Andante con variazioni per flauto e arpa by Rossini Six Sonatas for Violin & Harp by Paganini Prelude for Violin & Harp by Bartholdy arr John Thomas 48 Etudes for Harp by Dizi arr Hasselmans Shepherd's Lament, Dance & Song for oboe & harp by Dewey Owens Carmen Fantasy for flute & harp by Borne arr Bejjani Lollipop by Sian Morgan Thomas Attetude by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Five Studies in Improvised Music for the pedal harp by Julian Martin Play the harp with me for fun by John Thomas Play Ave Maria with me by John Thomas Yardbird Suite by Charlie Parker arr Ben Creighton Griffiths Take Five by Paul Desmond arr Ben Creighton Griffiths Chameleon by Herbie Hancock arr Ben Creighton Griffiths Aquarela Do Brazil by Ary Barroso arr Ben Creighton Griffiths Pure Imagination by Neweley arr BJCG Song of the Crib by Sian Morgan Thomas Three Carols by Simon Wright Gurl's Guide to Amplification (second edition) by Deborah Henson-Conant Sonata Vol 1 by Hook arr Jane Groves Sonata Vol 2 by Hook arr Jane Groves Sonata Vol 3 by Hook arr Jane Groves JIG - Traditional Tunes for Three Harps by Jane Groves Suo-Gan Traditional Tunes for Three Harps by Jane Groves Celtic Harp & Song Volume 1 by Nadia Birkenstock Ratatouille - Various pieces for harp by Clemens Krijger Preseli Skies & African Reflections by Monika Stadler Autumn leaves by Ksma / Mercer Y Ferch O Blwy' Penderyn by Eluned Henry Y Deryn Pur by Eluned Henry Mostly Scottish Harp Music by Rachel Hair Coconut Fancies by Els Millenaar Cradling Iris by Els Millenaar Classical Melodies Volume 1 by Jane Groves Lollipop Vol 2 by Sian Morgan Thomas On Wings of Song by Medelssohn Traditional melodies Volume 1 by Jane Groves Spelbok for Harpa by Susan Enochsson Shady Grove by Kim Robertson Highland heart by Kim Robertson Eburne's Dream by Elizabeth Roy & Friends Ceinciau Celtaidd by Hilda Hunter Three Mozart Arias by Simon Wright To the Mackerel by Stephanie Liney Salut d'amour by Edward Elgar Hiraeth by Grace Williams The Celtic Harp by John Loesberg Ceol Nan Teud by Christine Martin & John Marshall Prelude from Lute Suite BWV 1006a by Anne-Marie O'Farrell Sounds by Alyson Roberts Fun for one by Alyson Roberts Folio 40 Lullabies, Airs and Dances Vol 1 by Clarsach Society Folio 41 Lullabies, Airs and Dances Vol 2 by Clarsach Society Folio 42 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Vol 1 by Clarsach Society Folio 43 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Vol 2 by Clarsach Society Folio 44 A Tapestry of Scottish Tunes Vol 3 by Clarsach Society Folio 45 Flying Fingers by Clarsach Society Croen y Ddafad Felan by Eluned Henry Traditional Melodies Volume 1 (Harp) by Ben Creighton Griffiths White Rose by Christina Tourin Simple Gifts Volume 1 by Hannah Haynes Neo Bal Folk by Roxane Martin Musiques et Chants traditionnels des balkans by Roxane Martin Travels with my harp Volume 1 by Mary O'Hara A' Cheud Cheum by Christine Martin & Mary Strachan Memories of Merchiston by Alyson Roberts Brahms Lullaby by Eluned Henry A Collection of the most favourite minuets, marches airs and songs by Mike Parker Sonata for the harp by Abel arr Mike Parker Fun for Two by Alyson Roberts Variations sur un theme des iles Hebrides by Dominig Bouchaud Sea Rapture by Anne Macdearmid

SM318 £3.00 Duets for Clarsach No. 1. Oran Nan Eilean by Anne Macdearmid SM319 £3.50 Duets for Clarsach No. 4. Helen of Kirconnell by Anne Macdearmid SM320 £7.00 Ceol na Clarsaich Book 4 by Anne Macdearmid SM321 £5.00 Blue Rondo a la Turk by Brubeck arr Jakez Francois SM322 £5.00 Pull Marine by Gaingourg / Adjani arr Jakez Francois SM323 £5.00 Women of Ireland by Trad arr Jakez Francois SM324 £7.00 Take Five by Brubeck arr Jakez Francois SM325 £6.00 Kindillan by Trad arr Jakez Francois SM326 £6.00 Trois Petites Pieces by Jakez Francois SM327 £8.50 Basic Harp for Beginners by Laurie Riley SM328 £7.50 The Massif Central Tune Book No. 1 by Mel Stevens SM329 £7.50 The Massif Central Tune Book No. 2 by Mel Stevens SM330 £7.50 Danson La Morvandelle by Mike Gilpin SM331 £8.00 A Small Harp Keeping Warm by Harper Tasche SM332 £10.00 Ceol nam Feis by Valerie Bryan SM333 £5.00 Rainbow of Sound Book 1 by Christina Tourin SM334 £12.00 Harp Exercises for Agility and Speed by Deborah Friou SM335 £9.00 Renaissance Music for the Harp by Deborah Friou SM336 £12.00 Music Theory and Arranging Techniques for Flok Harps by Sylvia woods SM337 £12.00 Teach yourself to play the folk harp by Sylvia woods SM338 £8.00 Jewish Melodies Volume 1 by Sunita Staneslow SM339 £8.00 Jewish Wedding Music Volume 1 by Sunita Staneslow SM340 £8.00 Jewish Wedding Music Volume 2 by Sunita Staneslow SM341 £10.00 Jewish Music for Flute & Harp Volume 1 by Sunita Staneslow SM342 £10.00 Scottish Music for Flute & Harp Volume 1 by Sunita Staneslow SM343 £12.00 Five Bridal Requests by Kay Sheehan Swift SM344 £15.00 Songs and Solos for the Harp by Kay Sheehan Swift SM345 £12.00 A Gaelic Harper's First Tunes by Ann Heymann SM346 £8.00 Legacy of the 1792 Belfast Harp Festival by Ann Heymann SM347 £24.00 Coupled Hands for Harpers by Ann Heymann SM348 £9.00 Music for the heather Folk by Sue Richards SM349 £10.00 Planxty Bach by Moira Lawry SM350 £1.50 Melody by Alan Middleton SM351 £1.50 Daydreams by Alan Middleton SM352 £1.50 Five European Folk Tunes by Alan Middleton SM353 £9.95 The Balnain Collection by Various arrangers SM354 £5.00 The Very Small Harp Book by Pamela Radford SM355 £12.00 From Harp to Harp, With Love by Alredo Rolando Ortiz SM356 £8.00 Folk Dance Tunes for Folk Harp by Janie Freeburg SM357 £6.00 Traditional Scottish Airs for two harps by Marigols Verity SM358 £4.00 Tranquil Pieces for Harp by Patricia Jaeger SM359 £5.00 Come, Ye Sons of Art Processional Suite by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher SM360 £6.00 Concerto in B flat major by Handel arr Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher SM361 £5.00 Three Spirituals by Louise Trotter SM362 £6.00 Londonderry Air (for two harps) by Louise Trotter SM363 £6.00 Popular Hymns for Two by Louise Trotter SM364 £5.50 Mordreuc by Myrdhin SM365 £5.50 Kerdylan by Myrdhin SM366 £5.50 Rencontre by Myrdhin SM367 £5.50 An Cailin Rua by Myrdhin SM368 £5.50 Koad Kerhalleg by Myrdhin & Zil SM369 £7.00 The Fellowship of the Harp by Helen Cartridge SM370 £10.00 Prelude 10 for solo harp by Edward McGuire SM371 £6.50 Tomas' Tunebook by Tomas O Canainn SM372 £3.00 With Harp Fiddle and Folktale by E. Ernest Roberts SM373 £15.00 Welsh Music History Volume 3 by John Harper SM374 £8.00 Elias Parish Alvars: Life, Music, Documents by Floraleda Sacchi SM375 £5.00 5 vrolijke etudes voor harp by Ank van Campen SM376 £7.50 Jean Campbell Memorial Folio 1999 by Clarsach Society SM377 £6.50 Folio 7: 9 Popular Scots Songs by Clarsach Society SM378 £6.50 Folio 15: A selection of Scottish Airs for Clarsach by Clarsach Society SM379 £6.50 Folio 31: 10 Tunes from "Airs & melodies from the Highlands of Scotland" SM380 £25.00 Carolan: The Life Times & Music of an Irish Harper by Donal O'Sullivan SM381 £5.00 Silverado Squatters by Savourna Stevenson SM382 £5.00 An Buachaille by Savourna Stevenson SM383 £3.50 Balaich An Iasgaich by Savourna Stevenson SM384 £3.50 Blue Orchid by Savourna Stevenson SM385 £5.00 I mo chridh by Savourna Stevenson SM386 £5.00 Mexican Monterey by Savourna Stevenson SM387 £2.50 Sarah's Little Daydream. Volume 1 by Walter Steffens SM388 £12.00 Folio 18 Beginner's Choice by Clarsach Society SM389 £12.00 Mostly Scottish Harp Volume 2 by Rachel Hair SM390 £10.00 New Tunes for harp beginners by Fraya Thomsen SM391 £10.00 New Tunes for harp intermediate by Fraya Thomsen SM392 £10.00 New Tunes for harp advanced by Fraya Thomsen SM393 £35.00 Harper's Choice by Various SM394 £5.00 Prayer by Mairi Macleod SM395 £10.00 Clarsach Lessons for Young Harpers by Simon Chadwick SM396 £18.00 Dialogue on Historic Wire of Gaelic Harps by Simon Chadwick SM397 £24.00 Gestures by Simon Chadwick SM398 £8.50 Airs with Variations by Dussek arr Mike Parker SM399 £12.00 Hands on Harp by Angharad Evans Young SM400 £6.00 Spanish Romance by Brynmor Williams SM401 £10.00 The Holly Tree by Sian Morgan Thomas SM402 £6.00 Wellenspiel by Wilhelm Posse / Silke Aichhorn SM403 £20.00 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - Full Score SM403hp £15.00 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - Harp part SM403V1 £2.20 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - Violin 1 SM403V2 £2.20 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - Violin 2 SM403Vl £2.20 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - Viola SM403Vc £2.20 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - Violoncello SM403Db £2.20 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - Double Bass SM403SS £40.00 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - STUDY SET SM403SP £10.00 Celtic Concerto by Catrin Finch - set of string parts SM404 £2.95 Toccata for solo harp by Natalie Bleicher SM405 £12.00 Folio 33 Jean Campbell Memorial Folio by Clarsach Society SM406 £8.00 Brian Boru's March by Eluned Henry

SM407 £8.00 Canon in D by Pachabel arr Eluned Henry SM408 £8.00 Harping on book one by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM409 £8.00 Harping on book two by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM410 £8.00 Sparks from the harp Volume 1 by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM411 £8.00 Sight Reading Excercises for Harp Grade 1 by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM412 £8.00 Sight Reading Excercises for Harp Grade 2 by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM413 £8.00 Sight Reading Excercises for Harp Grade 3 by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM414 £8.00 Sight Reading Excercises for Harp Grade 4 by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM415 £10.00 Harp to Harp by Fiona Clifton-Welker SM416 £7.00 People & Places by Jeffrey Mayhew SM417 £5.00 Greensleeves by arr Ben Creighton Griffiths SM418 £5.00 Summertime by George Gershwin arr Ben Creighton Griffiths (in production) SM419 £8.00 A Day Trip by Jeffrey Mayhew SM420 £7.00 Skies by Jeffrey Mayhew SM421 £7.00 Recuerdos by Jeffrey Mayhew SM422 £7.00 The Harpist by Jeffrey Mayhew SM423 £9.00 Harp & Voice by Jeffrey Mayhew SM424 £8.00 Three Pieces for Flute & Harp by Jeffrey Mayhew SM425 £7.00 Time & Motion by Jeffrey Mayhew SM426 £10.00 Seres del Fuego by Atilio Adrían Matteucci (Athy) SM427 £10.00 Dulce Bretana by Atilio Adrían Matteucci (Athy) SM428 £10.00 Cuchuflos Jig by Atilio Adrían Matteucci (Athy) SM429 £10.00 Libertango by Piazzolla arr Atilio Adrían Matteucci (Athy) (in production) SM430 £19.00 Play the harp with Charlie the kitten by Isabelle Frouvelle SM431 £7.50 Dans la brume by Isabelle Frouvelle SM432 £7.50 Au pays des anes volants by Isabelle Frouvelle SM433 £7.50 Le loup-garou by Isabelle Frouvelle SM434 £7.50 Histoire courte by Isabelle Frouvelle SM435 £8.50 Le bal des fantomes by Isabelle Frouvelle SM436 £11.00 Les amis de Gribouille by Isabelle Frouvelle SM437 £10.00 Aca no bailamos milonga (for 4 harps) by Violeta Ramos SM438 £15.00 Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy by Sharone Stevenson SM439 £10.00 Spanish Dance No 5 (for 3 harps) by Enrique Granados (1867-1916) SM440 £10.00 Spanish Dance No 6 (for 3 harps) (Int/Adv) by Enrique Granados (1867-1916) SM441 £10.00 Spanish Dance No 6 (for 3 harps) (Elem/Int) by Enrique Granados (1867-1916) SM442 £10.00 Reserved for Granada by reserved for Granada SM443 £12.00 Claasagh Volume 1 by Rachel Hair SM444 £3.50 Hên wlad fy Nhadau by James James (1833-1902) SM445 £3.50 Calon Lân by John Hughes (1872–1914). SM446 £12.00 From my heart by Dorthe Nielsen SM447 £10.00 Rainbow of Sound Book 4 by Christina Tourin SM448 £10.00 Papageno's Song for Flute & Harp Ensemble by Jane Groves SM449 £10.00 Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy and March for Flute & Harp by Jane Groves SM450 £5.00 Folio 29 Eight Songs of love and longing by Isobel Mieras SM451 £5.00 Three Christmas Pieces by Nigel Springthorpe SM452 £10.00 Che Rey - Polka from Paraguay (for 4 harps) by Violeta Ramos JR001 £5.00 Character Pieces - Jenny Rees JR002 £6.00 Flute Assortments - Jenny Rees JR003 £12.00 Concerto for b flat Clarinet - Jenny Rees JR004 £12.00 Continuity - Jenny Rees JR005 £15.00 Deep in the forest - Jenny Rees JR005e £20.00 Deep in the forest with extra parts - Jenny Rees JR006 £5.50 Theme & Variations for harp - Jenny Rees SS001 £7.00 The Source - Savourna Stevenson SS002 £9.00 Emily's Calling - Savourna Stevenson SS003 £8.00 Dug's Lugs - Savourna Stevenson SS004 £6.00 Eilean Mo Chridh - Savourna Stevenson KL001 £15.00 Affairs of the Harp - Kathleen Loughnane KL002 £15.00 Harping On - Kathleen Loughnane KL003 £15.00 Harper's Connellan - Kathleen Loughnane RO001 £10.00 Zemo - Rudiger Oppermann RO002 £10.00 Breathing with Harp - Rudiger Oppermann SW0001 £6.99 Ar y Fin - Delyth Jenkins

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Moments Musicaux 7 Vc Harp by Guenter Bialas Music in two movements by Guenter Bialas Quintett by Guenter Bialas Quintett by Guenter Bialas Trio: Phoenix by Guenter Bialas Intermezzi, Op 77a by Willy Burkhard Sonatinas by Jan Ladislav Dussek Risonanza by Petr Eben Abschied. Seven Miniatures (1978/1987) by Peter Michael Hamel Adagio, Intermezzo & Finale by Peter Michael Hamel Adagio, Intermezzo & Finale by Peter Michael Hamel Miniatures by Peter Michael Hamel Concerto for Harp in B-flat (HWV 294) (Urtext) by George Frideric Handel Concerto for Harp in B-flat (HWV 294) (Urtext) by George Frideric Handel Concerto for Harp in B-flat (HWV 294) (Urtext) by George Frideric Handel Concerto for Harp in B-flat (HWV 294) (Urtext) by George Frideric Handel Composition for Solo Harp by Joerg Herchet Alborada (Morgenstaendchen) OP 77 by Giselher Klebe Aulokithara by Ernst Krenek Sonata Op. 150 by Ernst Krenek Concerto for Flute and Harp in C (K.299) (K.297c) (Urtext) by WA Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp in C (K.299) (K.297c) (Urtext) by WA Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp in C (K.299) (K.297c) (Urtext) by WA Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp in C (K.299) (K.297c) (Urtext) by WA Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp in C (K.299) (K.297c) (Urtext) by WA Mozart Theme with Variations by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Andantino et Allegro brillante pour Harpe by Gioacchino Rossini Calligraphy (Seven Compositions for Harp) by Jiri Teml Nocturne in Three Modes for Solo Harp by Lothar Voigtlaender Kreuzspiegel (1986) by Gunter Neubert Raumspiele for solo harp by Siegfried Thiele

FM1032 FM1033 FM1034 FM1035 FM1036 FM1037 FM1038 FM1039 FM1040 FM1041 FM1042 FM1043 FM1044 FM1045 FM1046 FM1047 FM1048 FM1049 FM1050 FM1051 FM1052 FM1053 FM1054 FM1055 FM1056 FM1057 FM1058 FM1059 FM1060 FM1061 FM1062 FM1063 FM1064 FM1065 FM1066 FM1067 FM1068 FM1069 FM1070 FM1071 FM1072 FM1073 FM1074 FM1075 FM1076 FM1077 FM1078 FM1079 FM1080 FM1081 FM1082 FM1083 FM1084 FM1085 FM1086 FM1087 FM1088 FM1089 FM1090 FM1091 FM1092 FM1093 FM1094 FM1095 FM1096 FM1097 FM1098 FM1099 FM1100 FM1101 FM1102 FM1103 FM1104 PS0001 PS0002 PS0003 PS0004 PS0005 PS0006 PS0007 PS0008 PS0009 PS0010 PS0011 PS0012 PS0013 PS0014 PS0015 PS0016 PS0017 PS0018 PS0019 PS0020 PS0021 PS0022 PS0023 PS0024

£14.95 Concerto in A for Harp & Orchestra by CD Von Dittersdorf £13.50 Impromptu Op 86, Une chatelaine en sa tour OP 110 by Gabriel Faure £13.50 Fantasy by H Genzmer £8.95 Nocturne Op 20 No 1 by A Hovhaness £3.95 2 Sonatas for Koto Op 110 by A Hovhaness £13.50 Harp Sonata Op 127 by A Hovhaness £4.95 Adagietto from Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler £14.95 Rokudan by T Mayuzumi £11.95 11 Miniatures by Thomas Pitfield £34.95 Trio by H Cowell £19.50 Sonata for Viola, Flute & Harp by Claude Debussy £8.95 Sonata by G Donizetti £11.00 Sonata for Flute & Harp by H Genzmer £21.50 Trio for Viola, Flute & harp by H Genzmer £14.95 Koko No Niwa Op 181 by A Hovhaness £24.95 Suite The Garden of Adonis by A Hovhaness £7.50 Fantasy by Malcolm Arnold £8.50 Suite for Harp by Benjamin Britten £5.99 My Heart Will Go On by James Horner £5.99 Little Suite by Colin Matthews £7.50 Two themes from Harry Potter by John Williams £10.95 Chanson et danses d'Amerique latine Book A by Yvon Rivoal arr £10.95 Chanson et danses d'Amerique latine Book B by Yvon Rivoal arr £10.95 Chanson et danses d'Amerique latine Book C by Yvon Rivoal arr £10.95 Chanson et danses d'Amerique latine Book D by Yvon Rivoal arr £14.95 Chante harpe Book 1 by M Beaumont-Chollet arr £14.95 Chante harpe Book 2 by M Beaumont-Chollet arr £13.95 Holiday on Harp Book 1 by M Beaumont-Chollet arr £7.95 Holiday on Harp Book 2 by M Beaumont-Chollet arr £13.95 Les Plaisirs de la harpe Book 1 by Henriette Geliot £21.95 Les Plaisirs de la harpe Book 2 by Henriette Geliot £21.95 Les Plaisirs de la harpe Book 3 by Henriette Geliot £5.95 A Martine by Bernard Andres £11.95 Les Ilets by Bernard Andres £11.95 Petits pas by Bernard Andres £17.95 Harp concertino by JM Damase £13.95 12 Etudes by JM Damase £12.95 Theme & variations by JM Damase £15.95 Pour la harpe by Claude Debussy £13.95 Bilitis by Claude Debussy £15.95 Children's Corner by Claude Debussy £15.95 6 Preludes by Claude Debussy £21.95 Etudes (48) by FJ Dizi £10.95 Chaconne in C major by GF Handel £6.95 Feuillet's d'album by H Renie £13.95 Images Suite no 1 Op.29 by Marcel Tournier £12.95 Images Suite no 2 by Marcel Tournier £19.95 Images Suite no 3 & 4 by Marcel Tournier £13.95 Sonatine Op. 30 by Marcel Tournier £11.95 3 Themes by M Berthomieu £14.95 Suite espagnole by Albeniz £14.95 Pantomimes by JM Damase £22.95 Sonate by JM Damase £20.99 Sonate No 2 by JM Damase £16.95 Variations, Early Morning by JM Damase £13.95 4 danzas espanolas by E Granados £19.95 Histoire du tango by Astor Piazzolla £22.95 Aube enchantee by Ravi Shankar £5.50 Suzuki Harp School Volume 1 £5.50 Suzuki Harp School Volume 2 £5.50 Suzuki Harp School Volume 3 £11.02 Suzuki Harp School Volume 1 - CD £10.17 Suzuki Harp School Volume 2 - CD £10.17 Suzuki Harp School Volume 3 - CD £5.00 3 Miniatures Harp by M Schmitt £15.50 Studies for harp Op. 18 by Schuecker £6.00 Cadence for Harp Concertino - JM Damase £10.00 12 Preludes for Harp - JM Damase £8.00 Collection mes premiers Pas: Harpe Volume 1 - Masson, Thierry £10.95 Lizards - Paul Patterson £10.95 Armistice (Reflection & Hope) - Paul Patterson £24.95 Avian Arabesques - Paul Patterson £25.00 Concerto in A for Harp & Orchestra - CD Von Dittersdorf £8.75 Ostschweizer Tänze - Kora Wuthier (pan 421) £8.75 Musik aus Keltischen Ländern - Kora Wuthier (pan 426) £11.50 Variations op. 10 no 3 for violoncello & harp - Florentine Mulsant (fue 10008) £20.00 Trio for flute, harp and percussion - Florentine Mulsant (fue 2960) £12.00 Fünf Lieder für Harfe und Chor - Fanny Hensel (fue 7910) £5.50 Text VI for solo harp - Reefscape - Vivienne Olive (fue 338) £10.00 Spielmobil op.34 for organ and harp - Tsippi Fleischer (fue 4030) £11.50 Variations op. 10 no 1 for violoncello & harp - Florentine Mulsant (fue 2970) £8.75 7 Schweizer Weihnachtslieder - Kora Wuthier (pan 422) £11.50 Der blaue kimono - Kora Wuthier (pan 425) £11.50 Long ago - far away : Annas Garten - Kora Wuthier (pan 427) £6.50 Drei Miniaturen fur harfe - Meinrad Scmitt (EM 2073) £12.00 Variationen fur harfe - Wolfgang Kohler (EM 2072) £17.00 Sammlung von Etuden fur Harfe - Edmund Schuecker (EM 2063) £23.00 Trio fur Harfe, Violine & Violoncello - Louis Spohr (EM 2081) £30.00 Konzert fur Harfe und Orchester - GF Handel Ruth Konhauser (EM 2107) £17.00 Sieben Meditationen - Wolfgang Kohler (EM 2076) £7.50 Bilder einer Ausstellung (cello & harp) - Modest Mussorgski / Nicholas Bardach (EM 2064) £7.50 Bilder einer Ausstellung (viola & harp) - Modest Mussorgski / Nicholas Bardach (EM 2065) £11.00 A Bird came Flying - Anne van Schothorst (978-94-90933-02-9) £26.50 Flidias and the Magic Harp - Inge Frimout-Hei (978-90-808891-7-0) £17.50 Blue Dream World - Inge Frimout-Hei (978-94-90933-01-2) £10.00 The Harp That Once - Inge Frimout-Hei (90-808891-3-X) £8.75 Drei Serenaden - Kora Wuthier (pan 423)

PS0025 PS0026 PS0027 PS0028 PS0029 UM0001 UM0002 UM0003 UM0004 UM0005 UM0006 UM0007 UM0008 UM0009 UM0010 UM0011 UM0012 UM0013 UM0014 UM0015 UM0016 UM0017 UM0018 UM0019 UM0020 UM0021 UM0022 UM0023 UM0024 UM0025 UM0026 UM0027 UM0028 UM0029 UM0030 UM0031 UM0032 UM0033 UM0034 UM0035 UM0036 UM0037 UM0038 UM0039 UM0040 UM0041 UM0042 UM0043 UM0044 UM0045 UM0046 UM0047 UM0048 UM0049 UM0050 UM0051 UM0052 UM0053 UM0054 UM0055 UM0056 UM0057 UM0058 UM0059 UM0060 UM0061 UM0062 UM0063 UM0064 UM0065 UM0066 UM0067 UM0068 UM0069 UM0070 UM0071 UM0072 UM0073 UM0074 UM0075 UM0076 UM0077 UM0078 UM0079 UM0080 UM0081 UM0082 UM0083 UM0084 UM0085 UM0086 UM0087 UM0088 UM0089 UM0090 UM0091 UM0092

£8.75 Liebeslieder aus der Schweiz - Kora Wuthier (pan 424) £5.95 Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel / Katherine Thomas (ALAW (via Salvi)) £14.00 Flidias and the Magic Harp - Harp 1 - Inge Frimout-Hei ( ) £14.00 Flidias and the Magic Harp - Harp 2 - Inge Frimout-Hei ( ) £14.00 Flidias and the Magic Harp - Harp 3 - Inge Frimout-Hei (978-90-808891-7-0) £12.99 10 Etudes progressives et techniques by Alberti Fre. £13.99 Aquatintes by Andrès B. £12.99 Asters by Andrès B. £15.99 Automates by Andrès B. £20.99 Charades by Andrès B. £17.99 Préludes Vol.1: No.1 - No.5 by Andrès B. £10.99 Préludes Vol.2: No.6 - No.10 by Andrès B. £12.99 Sweet Blues by Andrès B. £7.99 Variations sur un Thème de Mozart by Anon. £6.99 Allemande in B flat by Bach J.S. £13.99 Etudes for Harp by Bach J.S. £8.50 Pièce in G major by Bach J.S. £19.99 40 Etudes faciles Op.318, Vol.1 by Bochsa R.N.C. £68.99 50 Etudes Op.34, Vol.1 by Bochsa R.N.C. £24.99 Harpe d'Or by Bouchaud D. £15.99 Panorama de la Harpe celtique Vol.1 by Bouchaud D. £17.99 Pièce de Concert by Büsser H. £16.99 30 Etudes progressives Op.26, Vol.1 by Concone L. £9.99 10 Etudes faciles et progressives by Damase J.M. £9.50 Arabesque No.1 by Debussy C.A. £8.99 30 Little Classics by Dilling M. £11.99 Grande Sonate by Dizi F.J. £9.50 Une Châtelaine en sa Tour Op.110 by Fauré G. £9.99 Easy Swing by François Ja. £9.99 Happy Hours by François Ja. £10.99 Images de Chine by Gabus M. £15.99 Sonatina by Giuranna E.B. £15.99 2 Ballades by Goossens E. £13.99 3 Petites Pièces très faciles Op.7 by Grandjany M. £8.50 Arabesque by Grandjany M. £8.50 Automne by Grandjany M. £9.99 Little Harp Book by Grandjany M. £8.99 Petite Suite classique by Grandjany M. £13.99 Préludes by Grandjany M. £5.99 Short Pieces from the Masters by Grandjany M. £9.99 First Grade Pieces by Grandjany M.& Weidensaul J. £24.99 Metodo e Studi by Grossi M.& Pozzoli E. £7.50 Concerto in Bb major (Billaudot) by Handel GF £7.99 Passacaille (transc. T.Béon) by Handel G.F. £13.99 3 Petites Bluettes Op.28 by Hasselmans A. £8.50 3 Petites Pièces faciles Op.9 (Durand) by Hasselmans A. £6.99 Elégie Op.54 (Billaudot) by Hasselmans A. £11.99 Feuilles d'Automne, 3 Improvisations faciles by Hasselmans A. £8.50 Petite Berceuse Op.11 by Hasselmans A. £9.50 Prière by Hasselmans A. £16.99 Valse de Concert by Hasselmans A. £9.99 Allegro by Hochbrücker C. £12.99 Scherzetto by Ibert J. £6.99 3 Petits Mouvements musicaux by Jollet J.C. £7.99 Vibrations by Keller G. £9.99 Pour Raphaele by Lancen S. £3.50 Elégie by Lemeland A. £37.99 7 Sonates progressives by Nadermann F.J. £18.99 Nadermann pour Harpe celtique by Nadermann F.J. £9.50 Sons de Carrilhoes by Pernambuco J.T.G. £12.99 Le Jardin secret d'Elodie by Phillips Ri. £17.99 Impromptu-Caprice Op.9 by Pierné G. £10.99 Sonate No.2 by Pollet B. £8.99 Matinales by Popesco M.M. £13.99 Studi di media Difficoltà by Pozzoli E. £19.99 6 Pièces brèves by Renié H. £6.99 Siciliana by Respighi O. £19.99 Pièces anciennes by Rollin M. £8.50 Sarabanda e Toccata by Rota N. £9.50 Impromptu Op.21 by Roussel Al. £10.99 Sketches for Harpist Beginners by Salzédo C.L. £20.99 6 Etudes by Schmidt E. £5.99 Sounding Strings by Stevenson R. £6.99 2 Petites Pièces brèves et faciles by Tournier M. £17.99 4 Préludes Op.16 by Tournier M. £17.99 Etude de Concert 'Au Matin' by Tournier M. £22.99 Pièces brèves contemporaines Vol.3 by Various Composers £15.99 Pièces brèves contemporaines Vol.1 by Various Composers £8.99 Pièces classiques Vol.1: Very Easy by Various Composers £10.99 Pièces classiques Vol.5: Fairly Difficult by Various Composers £13.99 Pièces classiques Vol.6: Difficult by Various Composers £8.99 Petite Suite by Watkins D. £12.99 5 Couleurs by Abbott A.A. £12.99 Vivace by Alain J.A. £23.99 Granada Op 47 No. 1 by Albeniz IMF £29.99 2 Pieces by Alberti Fre. £14.99 3 Pieces by Alberti Fre. £17.99 6 Pieces by Alberti Fre. £14.99 Etat d'Ame by Alberti Fre. £12.99 Etudes en Forme d'Exercices by Alberti Fre. £8.50 Promenade by Alberti Fre. £12.99 Romance by Alberti Fre. £11.99 Voyage autour d'une Harpe by Alberti Fre. £10.99 Mosaïque Op.228, 5 Petites Pièces by Amellér A. £21.99 Encomium by Amlin M. for Harp & other instruments £13.99 En Harmonies by Amy G. £28.99 Un-Fini I by André Mar.

UM0093 UM0094 UM0095 UM0096 UM0097 UM0098 UM0099 UM0100 UM0101 UM0102 UM0103 UM0104 UM0105 UM0106 UM0107 UM0108 UM0109 UM0110 UM0111 UM0112 UM0113 UM0114 UM0115 UM0116 UM0117 UM0118 UM0119 UM0120 UM0121 UM0122 UM0123 UM0124 UM0125 UM0126 UM0127 UM0128 UM0129 UM0130 UM0131 UM0132 UM0133 UM0134 UM0135 UM0136 UM0137 UM0138 UM0139 UM0140 UM0141 UM0142 UM0143 UM0144 UM0145 UM0146 UM0147 UM0148 UM0149 UM0150 UM0151 UM0152 UM0153 UM0154 UM0155 UM0156 UM0157 UM0158 UM0159 UM0160 UM0161 UM0162 UM0163 UM0164 UM0165 UM0166 UM0167 UM0168 UM0169 UM0170 UM0171 UM0172 UM0173 UM0174 UM0175 UM0176 UM0177 UM0178 UM0179 UM0180 UM0181 UM0182 UM0183 UM0184 UM0185 UM0186 UM0187 UM0188 UM0189

£14.99 £10.99 £10.99 £14.99 £6.50 £12.99 £12.99 £8.50 £19.99 £12.99 £9.99 £17.99 £20.99 £19.99 £28.99 £19.99 £13.99 £19.99 £20.99 £12.99 £13.99 £24.99 £20.99 £12.99 £17.99 £10.99 £42.99 £20.99 £8.99 £20.99 £15.99 £16.99 £9.99 £7.99 £16.99 £17.99 £19.99 £19.99 £14.99 £12.99 £14.99 £21.99 £18.99 £5.50 £11.99 £12.99 £17.99 £7.99 £8.50 £17.99 £14.99 £14.99 £30.99 £12.99 £5.50 £22.99 £9.50 £7.99 £41.99 £12.99 £16.99 £27.99 £26.99 £42.99 £54.99 £28.99 £9.99 £23.99 £54.99 £11.99 £12.99 £23.99 £16.99 £27.99 £6.99 £64.99 £28.99 £31.99 £6.50 £8.50 £13.99 £17.99 £8.50 £22.99 £34.99 £19.99 £8.50 £19.99 £15.99 £17.99 £13.99 £5.50 £6.50 £9.99 £12.80 £8.99 £12.80

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UM0190 UM0191 UM0192 UM0193 UM0194 UM0195 UM0196 UM0197 UM0198 UM0199 UM0200 UM0201 UM0202 UM0203 UM0204 UM0205 UM0206 UM0207 UM0208 UM0209 UM0210 UM0211 UM0212 UM0213 UM0214 UM0215 UM0216 UM0217 UM0218 UM0219 UM0220 UM0221 UM0222 UM0223 UM0224 UM0225 UM0226 UM0227 UM0228 UM0229 UM0230 UM0232 UM0232 UM0233 UM0234 UM0235 UM0236 UM0237 UM0238 UM0239 UM0240 UM0241 UM0242 UM0243 UM0244 UM0245 UM0246 UM0247 UM0248 UM0249 UM0250 UM0251 UM0252 UM0253 UM0254 UM0255 UM0256 UM0257 UM0258 UM0259 UM0260 UM0261 UM0262 UM0263 UM0264 UM0265 UM0266 UM0267 UM0268 UM0269 UM0270 UM0271 UM0272 UM0273 UM0274 UM0275 UM0276 UM0277 UM0278 UM0279 UM0280 UM0281 UM0282 UM0283 UM0284 UM0285 UM0286

£11.99 Petit Discours by Briand E.le for Harp & other instruments £10.99 Mirtenlied by Brizzi A. for Flute & Harp £19.99 Impromptu sur des Aires japonais by Büsser H. £12.99 Les Cygnes by Büsser H. for Flute & Harp £12.99 Les Ecureuils by Büsser H. for Flute & Harp £9.99 Lyric Duo by Caltabiano R. for Harp & other instruments £21.99 Lust-ich 1 by Campana J.L. £7.50 10 Pièces faciles by Capelier M. £25.99 Conte fantastique by Caplet A. for Harp & other instruments £11.99 Divertissement No.1: A la Française by Caplet A. £11.99 Divertissement No.2: A l'Espagnole by Caplet A. £22.99 Prologue et Miniatures by Carré G. £12.99 2 Pièces Op.20 by Casadésus R. £6.99 Berceuse triste Op.14 by Casella A. £11.99 Sarabande Op.10 by Casella A. £9.99 2 Pièces by Castérède J. £23.99 3 Préludes by Castérède J. £15.99 Sonatine de Mai by Castérède J. for Flute & Harp £40.99 5 Pièces by Cavanna B. £12.99 Arcouest by Challan A. £8.50 Au Clair de Lune by Challan A. for Two Harps £8.50 Ballade by Challan A. £9.99 Brocéliande by Challan A. £13.99 Cache-Cache by Challan A. for Two Harps £8.50 Danse de l'Eventail et du Parapluie by Challan A. £5.50 Express by Challan A. £8.50 Fais Dodo by Challan A. for Two Harps £8.99 Frère Jacques by Challan A. for Two Harps £13.99 Glissades, A deux Mains, Remonte-Pentes etc. by Challan A. £5.50 Glissons & Gym-Tonic by Challan A. £5.50 Grand Huit & Insomnie by Challan A. £5.50 J'ai du bon Tabac by Challan A. for Two Harps £8.99 Laura, Cascatelle & Promenade à Marly by Challan A. £8.50 Le Roy a fait battre Tambour by Challan A. for Two Harps £5.50 Petite Valse pour ma Poupée & Ping-Pong by Challan A. £8.50 Prélude, Arpège..., 6 Pièces by Challan A. £8.50 Romance pour Cendrillon by Challan A. £9.99 Sardane à Lully by Challan A. for Six Harps £12.99 Variations pour Morphée by Challan A. £8.50 Harpe éolienne by Chapuis A. £6.99 Sérénade No.1: Entrée et Cortège by Chapuis A. £6.99 Sérénade No.2: Pantomime by Chapuis A. £8.50 Sérénade No.3: Nocturne by Chapuis A. £8.50 Sérénade No.4: Danses by Chapuis A. £22.99 Pour une Apsara by Charpentier J. for Two Harps £9.99 10 Pièces variées by Charpentier L. £9.99 La Boîte à Musique by Charpentier L. £8.99 Rapsodie by Charpentier L. £24.99 Lyre by Chaynes C. £37.99 Les Franges du Reve II (full score) by Chen M. for Mixed ensemble £37.99 Les Franges du Reve II (parts) by Chen M. for Mixed ensemble £16.99 Le Souvenir by Chen Q. for Flute & Harp £10.99 5 Preludes & 4 Valses by Chopin F. £11.99 Il Pifferaro Op.122 by Ciardi C. for Flute & Harp £17.99 30 Etudes progressives Op.26, Vol.2 by Concone L. £8.99 Toccata by Connesson G. £49.99 Harpalyce (score) by Constant M. £10.99 6 Pieces by Couperin F. £9.50 Le Moucheron, Gigue by Couperin F. £20.99 Anthologie de la Musique pour Harpe Vol.2 by Cousineau £17.99 Betwixt and Between by Cowie E. for Harp & Piano £35.99 Les Fleurs du Mal (mezzo) by Cowie E. for Harp & other instruments £14.99 Magma Psalm (A4 full score) by Cowie E. for 5tet mixed £24.99 Magma Psalm (parts) by Cowie E. for 5tet mixed £5.99 Orpheus with Lyre(bird) by Cowie E. £6.50 Le Petit Rien by Cramer J.B. £10.99 2 Impromptus by Cras J. £13.99 Suite en Duo by Cras J. for Flute & Harp £7.99 Air russe varié No.3 by Dalvimare M.P. £8.50 2 Pièces by Damase J.M. £14.99 5 Petits Dialogues by Damase J.M. for Harp & Percussion £3.99 Accordeon by Damase J.M. £20.99 Concerto by Damase J.M. for Harp & Piano £24.99 Double Concerto by Damase J.M. for Flute & Harp £5.50 L'Insecte by Damase J.M. £3.99 Menuet boîteux by Damase J.M. £10.99 Poissons by Damase J.M. £5.50 Promenade by Damase J.M. £28.99 Sonate by Damase J.M. for Violin & Harp £21.99 Sonatine by Damase J.M. for Two Harps £3.99 Vitrail by Damase J.M. £10.99 Elégie by Daniel-Lesur J.Y. for Two Harps £23.99 4 Pièces by Debussy C.A. for Clarinet & Harp £9.50 Arabesque No.2 by Debussy C.A. £26.99 Danses by Debussy C.A. for Harp & Piano £9.50 Danses (Chromatic Harp) by Debussy C.A. £13.99 Danses (Pedal Harp) by Debussy C.A. £8.50 En Bateau by Debussy C.A. £13.99 Jardins sous la Pluie by Debussy C.A. £10.99 La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin by Debussy C.A. £33.99 Petite Suite (SCORE) by Debussy C.A. for Four Harps £49.99 Petite Suite (PARTS) by Debussy C.A. for Four Harps £10.99 Travelling Ariane by Decoust M. for Flute & Harp £19.99 Scherzando by Defaye J.M. £7.50 Fluide by Delerue G. £14.99 Cadences for 3 Movts of Mozart - Concerto KV299 by Denisov E. for Flute & Harp £26.99 Sonate by Denisov E. for Flute & Harp

UM0287 UM0288 UM0289 UM0290 UM0291 UM0293 UM0293 UM0295 UM0295 UM0296 UM0297 UM0298 UM0299 UM0300 UM0301 UM0302 UM0303 UM0304 UM0305 UM0306 UM0307 UM0308 UM0309 UM0310 UM0311 UM0312 UM0315 UM0316 UM0317 UM0318 UM0319 UM0320 UM0321 UM0322 UM0323 UM0324 UM0325 UM0326 UM0327 UM0328 UM0329 UM0330 UM0331 UM0332 UM0333 UM0334 UM0335 UM0336 UM0337 UM0338 UM0339 UM0340 UM0341 UM0342 UM0343 UM0344 UM0345 UM0346 UM0347 UM0348 UM0349 UM0350 UM0351 UM0352 UM0353 UM0354 UM0355 UM0356 UM0357 UM0359 UM0360 UM0361 UM0362 UM0364 UM0365 UM0366 UM0367 UM0368 UM0369 UM0370 UM0371 UM0372 UM0373 UM0374 UM0375 UM0376 UM0377 UM0378 UM0379 UM0380 UM0381 UM0382 UM0383 UM0384 UM0385 UM0386 UM0387

£13.99 Souvenir à Montcalm by Desangles A. £10.99 Fantaisie by Désenclos A. £8.50 Mélopée celtique by Desportes Y. £8.50 Poète, prends ton Luth by Desportes Y. £15.99 Suite kimriste by Dhaine J.L. £12.99 From the Beginning by Dickstein M. £12.99 From the Beginning by Dickstein M. £14.99 Occasional by Dickstein M. £14.99 Occasional by Dickstein M. £10.99 Old Tunes for new Harpists by Dilling M. £37.99 Marches by Donatoni F. £9.99 4 Préludes by Dondeyne D. £17.99 O bell'Alma by Donizetti G. for Flute & Harp £16.99 Casilda Fantaisie by Doppler F.& Zamara A. for Flute & Harp £11.99 Cordée by Dubois P.M. £7.99 Nicolios et la Flûte Op.111 by Durey L. for Flute & Harp £18.99 Anthologie de la Musique pour Harpe Vol.1 by Dussek J.L. £13.99 3 Favorite Airs by Dussek S. £11.99 Noël celtique by Ehinger C. £7.99 Celestial Vibes by Ellis D.G. for Harp & other instruments £9.50 Allegro de Concert by Enesco G. £10.99 Sonata by Erb D. £12.99 3 Pieces by Erb D. for Harp & other instruments £14.99 Exercices Vol.1: Arpèges by Etcheverry M. £15.99 Exercices Vol.2: Agilité by Etcheverry M. £14.99 Exercices Vol.3: Gammes by Etcheverry M. £12.99 Still Sounds lie (sop) by Farr G. for Voice & Harp £12.99 Berceuse Op.56, No.1 by Fauré G. for Two Harps £26.99 Berceuse Op.56, No.1 by Fauré G. for 3 or more harps £11.99 Impromptu No.6, Op.86 in D flat major by Fauré G. £13.99 Pavane Op.50 by Fauré G. £10.50 Soleis by Ferrero L. £5.99 Rythmes et Sons by Finzi Gr. £7.50 Thème et Variations by Fleurette B. £22.99 Mylou (solo part) by Gabaye P. for Harp & Orchestra £10.99 Irish Dream by Gabus M. £6.99 Narandj Op.38a by Gagneux R. £16.99 12 Etudes mélodiques by Galais B. £10.99 6 Petites Pièces by Galais B. £12.99 Au Bord du Lac by Galais B. £12.99 Quatrain by Galais B. £12.99 Rêverie by Galais B. £4.99 Scherzo-Caprice Op.159 by Galeotti C. £8.50 Intermezzo by Garlej B. £32.99 Les Cahiers de la Harpe by Garnier F. £6.50 Jeu by Gartenlaub O. £6.50 Prélude by Gartenlaub O. £21.99 Il Vuoto e la Vergine by Garuti M. £13.99 Divertissement grec by Gaubert P. for Flute & Harp £17.99 Divertissement grec by Gaubert P. for 2 Flutes & Harp £8.50 Sarabande by Gaubert P. £41.99 Malambo Op.7 by Ginastera A.E. for Four Harps £21.99 Distorsions by Giner B. for Two Harps £10.99 Alcanzar, 2 Images du Ciel de Loyola by Girard A. £16.99 Prélude à la Vie éternelle by Girard A. for Harp & Piano £10.99 Silences célestes by Girard A. for Two Harps £5.50 Gavotte No.1, Op.16 no.3 by Godard B. £6.50 La Sérénade by Godefroid F. £6.50 Le Désir by Godefroid F. £6.50 Les Ris et les Pleurs by Godefroid F. £6.50 Quand tu me vois souffrir by Godefroid F. £8.99 Sois toujours mes seules Amours by Godefroid F. £14.99 Ballade roumaine by Golestan S. £16.99 Eolienne by Gotkovsky I. for Flute & Harp £9.50 Children at Play Op.16 by Grandjany M. £11.99 Children's Hour by Grandjany M. £9.50 Dans la Forêt du Charme et de l'Enchantement Op.11 by Grandjany M. £11.99 Divertissement Op.29 by Grandjany M. £8.50 Et ron ron ron, petit Patapon by Grandjany M. £19.99 Fantaisie sur un Thème de Haydn by Grandjany M. £9.50 Frère Jacques Op.32 by Grandjany M. £5.50 Le Bon petit Roi d'Yvetôt by Grandjany M. £5.50 Pastorale by Grandjany M. £19.99 Rhapsodie by Grandjany M. £9.50 Souvenirs Op.17 by Grandjany M. £12.99 Arabesque by Guardino C. £6.99 Suite champêtre by Gut S. £8.99 Jeu by Hakim N. £11.99 Concerto in B flat major (ed. M.Grandjany) by Handel G.F. £7.50 Passacaille (transc. C.Rempp) by Handel G.F. £8.50 3 Balloons by Handel D. £9.50 Suzann's Animal Music by Handel D. £22.99 Variations sur un Thème mineur by Hansen R. £14.99 Sonate by Hansen-Jamet R. for Viola & Harp £8.99 In this very Room by Harris Ron & Harris C. £7.99 3 Petites Pièces faciles Op.9 (Billaudot) by Hasselmans A. £6.99 Au Monastère Op.29 by Hasselmans A. £5.50 Aubade Op.30 by Hasselmans A. £17.99 Ballade by Hasselmans A. £8.50 Barcarolle Op.7 by Hasselmans A. £7.99 Berceuse Op.2 (Billaudot) by Hasselmans A. £8.50 Berceuse Op.2 (Durand) by Hasselmans A. £8.50 Chanson de Mai Op.40 by Hasselmans A. £5.50 Chasse Op.36 by Hasselmans A. £8.50 Confidence Op.24 by Hasselmans A. £7.50 Contes de Noël Op.33 by Hasselmans A. £8.50 Elégie Op.54 (Durand) by Hasselmans A.

UM0388 UM0389 UM0390 UM0391 UM0392 UM0393 UM0394 UM0395 UM0396 UM0397 UM0398 UM0399 UM0400 UM0401 UM0402 UM0403 UM0404 UM0405 UM0406 UM0407 UM0408 UM0409 UM0410 UM0411 UM0412 UM0413 UM0414 UM0415 UM0416 UM0417 UM0418 UM0419 UM0420 UM0421 UM0422 UM0423 UM0424 UM0425 UM0426 UM0427 UM0428 UM0429 UM0430 UM0431 UM0432 UM0433 UM0434 UM0435 UM0436 UM0437 UM0438 UM0439 UM0440 UM0441 UM0442 UM0443 UM0444 UM0445 UM0446 UM0447 UM0448 UM0449 UM0450 UM0451 UM0452 UM0453 UM0454 UM0455 UM0456 UM0457 UM0458 UM0459 UM0460 UM0461 UM0462 UM0463 UM0464 UM0465 UM0466 UM0467 UM0468 UM0469 UM0470 UM0471 UM0472 UM0473 UM0474 UM0475 UM0476 UM0477 UM0478 UM0479 UM0480 UM0481 UM0482 UM0483 UM0484

£5.50 £9.50 £12.99 £9.50 £8.99 £9.50 £6.99 £6.99 £13.99 £9.50 £5.50 £8.50 £8.50 £9.50 £10.99 £8.50 £7.99 £5.50 £10.99 £10.99 £8.50 £10.99 £23.99 £28.99 £6.50 £19.99 £7.50 £31.99 £13.99 £17.99 £13.99 £17.99 £6.99 £10.99 £17.99 £17.99 £12.99 £15.99 £31.99 £23.99 £19.99 £14.99 £13.40 £12.80 £23.10 £25.99 £12.99 £57.99 £15.99 £12.99 £16.99 £88.99 £73.99 £17.99 £11.99 £6.99 £14.99 £14.99 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £14.99 £9.99 £34.99 £14.99 £17.99 £10.99 £8.50 £10.99 £8.99 £10.99 £9.50 £6.50 £6.50 £15.99 £5.99 £22.99 £19.99 £9.99 £12.99 £9.99 £22.99 £14.99 £9.50 £10.99 £21.99 £5.99 £11.99 £13.99 £5.50 £21.99 £56.99 £34.99 £40.99 £11.99 £10.99 £5.99

Etude mélodique Op.35 by Hasselmans A. Etude Op.37 in B flat major by Hasselmans A. La Fileuse Op.27 'Marguerite au Rouet' by Hasselmans A. Follets Op.48 by Hasselmans A. Gitana Op.21 (Billaudot) by Hasselmans A. Gitana Op.21 (Durand) by Hasselmans A. Gnomes Op.49 by Hasselmans A. Gondoliera Op.39, Barcarolle No.2 by Hasselmans A. Guitare Op.50 by Hasselmans A. La Source Op.44 by Hasselmans A. Mazurka Op.31 by Hasselmans A. Menuet Op.34 by Hasselmans A. Nocturne Op.43 by Hasselmans A. Orientale by Hasselmans A. Patrouille by Hasselmans A. Au Bord du Ruisseau by Renié H. Petite Valse Op.25 by Hasselmans A. Prélude No.1, Op.51 by Hasselmans A. Prélude No.3, Op.53 by Hasselmans A. Sérénade Op.5 by Hasselmans A. An Dorgenn by Herbert P. Bamyan by Hersant P. Choral by Hersant P. for Cello & Harp Winterwaltz by Hodkinson S.F. for Harp & other instruments Danse des Dryades by Holy A. Sonate No.7 by Houdy P. Fantaisie by Hugon G. 6 Pièces by Ibert J. En Barque le Soir by Ibert J. Entr'Acte by Ibert J. for Flute & Harp Matin sur l'Eau by Ibert J. Reflets dans l'Eau by Ibert J. Esquisses antiques No.2: Dryades by Inghelbrecht D.E. for Flute & Harp Esquisses antiques No.1: Scaphé by Inghelbrecht D.E. for Flute & Harp 2 Pièces No.1: Pour un petit Chien by Jacquet H.M. for Flute & Harp 2 Pièces No.2: Elégie by Jacquet H.M. for Flute & Harp 16 Exercices journaliers by Jamet M.C. Divertissement by Jay C. Tranche by Jolas B. Concerto by Jolivet A. for Harp & Piano Controversia by Jolivet A. for Oboe & Harp 2 Chants d'Eté by Jorrand A. for Flute & Harp Postludio by Kasparov Y. Another Landscape by Kassap S. Claire by Kassap S. On Playing the Harp by Kondonassis Y. The Yolanda Kondonassis Christmas Collection by Kondonassis Y. Encounters XII by Kraft Wi. for Harp & other instruments 3 Chairde (3 Friends) by Krouse I. for Trio mixed Air by Krouse I. for Flute & Harp 3 Pieces by Krumpholtz A.M. Oeuvres pour Harpe Vol.1 (LP63) by Krumpholtz J.B. Oeuvres pour Harpe Vol.2 (LP64) by Krumpholtz J.B. Préludes No.1, No.6 & No.10 by Krumpholtz J.B. Ode pour l'Asie mineure by Krynen J.D. for Clarinet & Harp 2 Pieces by Kufferath JA Grande Etude composée de 8 Caprices Op.30 by Labarre T. Concerto champêtre by Lancen S. for Harp & Piano Récréation by Lancen S. Rêverie by Lancen S. Si J'étais... No.37 - No.39 by Lancen S. Velléda et le Coeur de Chêne by Landowski M. for Violin & Harp Mouvement à la Corde lisse by Larhantec M.A. Exercices et Etudes Op.9 by Larivière E. Duo - 2004 by Lazarof H. for Percussion & Harp Petit Hommage à Heitor Villa-Lobos by Lécussant S. for Violin & Harp A Propos de la Harpe by LeDentu O. Métamorphoses by Lejet E. Capriccio by Lemeland A. for Clarinet & Harp Le Havre de Saint Germain by Lemeland A. for Flute & Harp Auf Naxos by Lenot J. for Flute & Harp Frammento per l'Armonia de la Notte by Lenot J. for Viola & Harp Histoire de Pas - Histoire furtive by Leroux P. Histoire filante by Leroux P. Sonata Op.56 by Liebermann L. for Flute & Harp Orphée by Looten C. In Braque by López O. Dialogues by Loucheur R. for Flute & Harp Chimère by Louvier A. L'Harpenteur étrange by Louvier A. Méandres by Luze for Flute & Harp Alatiel by Maggi D. for Flute & Harp Sonate by Maingueneau L. Serenata by Malats J. Pieris by Malec I. for Two Harps 6 Pièces brèves by Mamy J. Stretto by Marcland P. Mouvement (Henn) by Marescotti A.F. Danse ancienne et Danse moderne by Margoni A. for Two Harps Divertissement by Martelli H. Scherzando Op.102 by Martelli H. Trio pour Flûte, Violoncelle et Harpe by Martelli H. for Flute, Cello & Harp Méthode by Martenot R. Honor Gradus Dignitas by Martin Fre. for Harp & other instruments The Christmas Harpist by Marzuki M. 7 Miniatures d'Epoque Op.3 by Maurat E. Appalachian Echoes by Mayer W.

UM0485 UM0486 UM0487 UM0488 UM0489 UM0490 UM0491 UM0492 UM0493 UM0494 UM0495 UM0496 UM0497 UM0498 UM0499 UM0500 UM0501 UM0502 UM0503 UM0505 UM0506 UM0507 UM0508 UM0509 UM0510 UM0511 UM0512 UM0512 UM0514 UM0515 UM0516 UM0517 UM0518 UM0519 UM0520 UM0521 UM0522 UM0523 UM0524 UM0525 UM0526 UM0527 UM0528 UM0529 UM0530 UM0531 UM0532 UM0533 UM0534 UM0535 UM0536 UM0537 UM0538 UM0539 UM0540 UM0541 UM0542 UM0543 UM0544 UM0545 UM0546 UM0547 UM0548 UM0549 UM0550 UM0551 UM0552 UM0553 UM0554 UM0555 UM0556 UM0557 UM0558 UM0559 UM0560 UM0561 UM0562 UM0563 UM0564 UM0565 UM0566 UM0567 UM0568 UM0569 UM0570 UM0571 UM0572 UM0573 UM0574 UM0575 UM0576 UM0577 UM0578 UM0579 UM0580 UM0581 UM0582

£33.99 £18.99 £5.50 £5.50 £9.99 £15.99 £13.99 £15.99 £8.50 £31.99 £38.99 £26.99 £11.99 £9.50 £15.99 £12.99 £12.99 £8.50 £12.99 £17.99 £17.99 £15.99 £6.50 £4.50 £24.99 £11.99 £21.99 £21.99 £13.99 £17.99 £31.99 £16.99 £11.99 £10.55 £9.50 £7.99 £15.99 £8.99 £14.99 £8.50 £81.99 £49.99 £17.99 £12.99 £8.99 £28.99 £10.99 £6.99 £19.99 £18.99 £17.99 £10.50 £15.99 £14.99 £10.99 £4.99 £14.99 £9.50 £11.99 £4.99 £20.99 £11.99 £13.99 £11.99 £17.99 £19.99 £8.99 £35.99 £19.99 £54.99 £43.99 £5.99 £10.99 £5.50 £4.50 £6.99 £7.99 £14.99 £8.50 £6.99 £33.99 £21.99 £10.99 £31.99 £9.50 £12.99 £6.99 £7.50 £7.99 £7.99 £22.99 £8.50 £24.99 £12.99 £68.99 £19.99 £10.99

10 Morceaux by Mégevand D. 12 Morceaux by Mégevand D. Ballade celtique by Mégevand D. Harpeurs by Mégevand D. Perspectives I & II by Mégevand D. 2 Pièces by Mendelssohn Bartholdy F.J.L. Le Jardin où l'on s'attarde by Méreaux M. Passacaille Op.19 by Merlet M. Diplophonie by Miereanu C. for Flute & Harp Suite en Concert by Migot G. Concerto Op.323 by Milhaud D. for Harp & Piano Sonate Op.437 by Milhaud D. Moires by Miroglio F. Rumeurs by Miroglio F. Déplis by Mitrea-Celarianu M. for Flute & Harp Prélude by Montesquiou de Valse humoresque by Montesquiou de 5 Interludes d'un Romeo et Juliette by Morel J.M. Ad Libitum by Moss P. Cadenzas by P.Houdy for Concerto for Flute and Harp by Mozart W.A. Cadenzas by P.Houdy for Concerto for Flute & Harp by Mozart W.A. for Flute & Harp Sonata KV283/189h in G by Mozart W.A. for Flute & Harp Thème varié KV353 by Mozart W.A. Air with Variations & Rondo pastorale by Mozart W.A.& Eberl A. Souvenirs d'Enfance by Mussorgsky M.P. for Flute & Harp 12 Etudes et un Thème varié by Naderman J.H. Méthode Vol.1 by Naderman J.H. Méthode Vol.2 by Naderman J.H. Sonate Op.17, No.2 in F major by Naderman J.H. Etudes et Préludes Vol.1 by Naderman J.H.& Schücker Etudes et Préludes Vol.3 by Naderman J.H.& Schücker Etudes et Préludes Vol.2 by Naderman J.H.& Schücker Nocturne by Nadermann F.J.& Tulou J.L. for Flute & Harp Le Chemin by Nahon P. La Source by Nérini E. Doux Souvenir by Neukomm S.R.von On est parti au Ruisseau by Nivet O. for Flute & Harp Danses bretonnes by Noblet S. 2 Etudes by Noël-Gallon Barcarolle by Noël-Gallon Concerto in C minor by Parish-Alvars E. for Harp & Piano Concerto Op.81 in G minor by Parish-Alvars E. for Harp & Piano Introduction et Variations by Parish-Alvars E. La Mandoline by Parish-Alvars E. Sérénade Op.83 by Parish-Alvars E. Concerto (2 copies) by Pascal C. for Harp & Piano Musique by Pascal C. Omaggio a Bellini by Pasculli A. for Cor Anglais & Harp Les Maîtres de Harpe du XVIIIème Siècle by Payen-Moat N. Pièces pour Harpe by Payen-Moat N. Sonate by Pelemans W. for Flute & Harp 2 Piccole Rapsodie by Pennisi F. Madame Recamier by Pennisi F. Introduzione al Grecale by Pennisi G. for Flute & Harp Chanson de Guillot Martin by Périlhou A. Parable VII, Op.119 by Persichetti V. Serenade No.10, Op.79 by Persichetti V. for Flute & Harp Bleu Nuit by Petit Ja. Le Songe de Merrick by Petitgirard L. Offrande by Peyssies M. for Flute & Harp Concertstück Op.39 by Pierné G. 2 Works for the Harp by Pittar F.K. Méditation by Plakidis P. Air et Danses de la Renaissance by Polonska E. Air et Danses du Moyen Age by Polonska E. Impromptu by Poot M. Facettes by Popesco M.M. La Harpe de A à Z Vol.1 by Popesco M.M. Le Jardin mouillé by Presle la La Parade du Balbazard amoureux by Prin Y. Parade du Balbazard amoureux by Prin Y. Enfantines by Probst D. 2 Aquarelles by Proust P. 3 Esquisses by Proust P. Contes inachevés by Proust P. Spleen by Proust P. 6 Bagatelles by Ptaszynska M. 6 Pieces by Rameau J.P. L'Egyptienne by Rameau J.P. Les Tourbillons by Rameau J.P. Introduction et Allegro by Ravel M. for Harp & Piano Introduction et Allegro by Ravel M. for Harp & strings Introduction et Allegro (Harp Part) by Ravel M. for Harp & strings Introduction et Allegro by Ravel M. for Harp & strings Pavane pour une Infante défunte by Ravel M. Pièce en Forme de Habañera by Ravel M. for Flute & Harp Prélude by Ravel M. Adagietto by Reinhart H. Croquis I by Rempp C. Croquis II by Rempp C. Ballade fantastique by Renié H. Grand'mère raconte une Histoire by Renié H. Légende by Renié H. Les Pins de Charlannes by Renié H. for Harp & Piano Méthode complète by Renié H. Pièce symphonique en 3 Episodes by Renié H. Près d'un Berceau (sop/ten) by Renié H. for Harp & Voice

UM0583 UM0584 UM0585 UM0586 UM0587 UM0588 UM0589 UM0590 UM0591 UM0592 UM0593 UM0594 UM0595 UM0596 UM0597 UM0598 UM0599 UM0600 UM0601 UM0602 UM0603 UM0604 UM0605 UM0606 UM0607 UM0608 UM0609 UM0610 UM0611 UM0612 UM0613 UM0614 UM0615 UM0616 UM0617 UM0618 UM0619 UM0620 UM0621 UM0622 UM0623 UM0624 UM0625 UM0626 UM0627 UM0628 UM0629 UM0630 UM0630 UM0631 UM0632 UM0633 UM0635 UM0636 UM0637 UM0638 UM0639 UM0640 UM0641 UM0642 UM0643 UM0644 UM0645 UM0646 UM0647 UM0648 UM0649 UM0650 UM0651 UM0652 UM0653 UM0654 UM0655 UM0656 UM0657 UM0658 UM0659 UM0660 UM0661 UM0662 UM0663 UM0664 UM0665 UM0666 UM0667 UM0668 UM0669 UM0670 UM0671 UM0672 UM0673 UM0674 UM0675 UM0676 UM0677 UM0678 UM0679

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Antiche Danze ed Arie by Respighi O. for Two Harps Rhapsodie Ivria by Reuben N. Vibrations by Rieunier J.P. Nocturne et Impromptu by Rivier J. Boîtes à Musique by Robert-Diessel L. Slow Fires of Autumn by Rochberg Geo. for Flute & Harp Ukiyo-E I by Rochberg Geo. Concierto Serenata by Rodrigo J. for Harp & Piano Impromptu by Rodrigo J. Sones en la Giralda by Rodrigo J. for Harp & Piano Suite française by Roesgen-Champion M. for Flute & Harp Barcarolle by Roger-Ducasse J.J. Basso ostinato by Roger-Ducasse J.J. Variations plaisantes sur un Thème grave by Roger-Ducasse J.J. for Harp & Piano Intuition d'Instants by Rolland Gr. Impromptu by Ropartz J.G. Haarpi by Rossé F. Séaodie III by Rossé F. for Sax & Harp Cilaos by Rossignol B. Le Sentier des Sources by Rossignol B. Reflet orange and Reflet bleu by Rossignol B. Concerto by Rota N. for Harp & Piano Sonata by Rota N. for Flute & Harp Petite Suite armoricaine, sur des Thèmes authentiques by Sagnier P. for Flute & Harp Fantaisie Op.124 by Saint-Saëns C. for Violin & Harp Fantaisie Op.95 by Saint-Saëns C. Le Cygne by Saint-Saëns C. Morceau de Concert Op.154 by Saint-Saëns C. for Harp & Piano 3 Morceaux No.1: Ballade by Salzédo C.L. 3 Morceaux No.3: Variations sur un Thème... by Salzédo C.L. Jingle Bells by Salzédo C.L. The Carlos Salzedo Collection by Salzédo C.L. Tiny Tales for Harpist Beginners by Salzédo C.L. Sérénade by Samazeuilh G.M.V.F. Variations pastorales sur un vieux Noël by Samuel-Rousseau M.L.A. Thème et Variations by Sancan P. 3 Sonatas by Scarlatti Once upon a Time by Scherchen-Hsiao T. Ein Psalm Davids Op.49 by Schlee T.D. for Harp & Organ 2 Pièces Op.57, No.1: Landes by Schmitt F. 2 Pièces Op.57, No.2: Tournoiement by Schmitt F. Beyond the Fog by Schocker G. for Flute & Harp Fantasy by Schocker G. for Flute & Harp In Memoriam by Schocker G. for Flute & Harp Esstal by Schoeller P. 3 Mélodies by Schumann R.A. L'Addio a Trachis I by Sciarrino S. En Vacances by Severac D. de Astralité by Sciortino P. Brin by Sciortino P. 3 Préludes by Scriabin A. Notes pour un Portrait by Sendrez M. 3 Momenti by Sica Le Réveil de l'Ange by Sichler J. for Flute & Harp American Harp by Siegmeister E. Poems by Smith Lar.A. for Two Harps 15 Etudes dans le Style brillant Op.40 by Snoer J. 6 Etudes by Sor F. Pieces by Soubeyran R. Danse by Soulage M. Concerto (H123) by Sowerby L. for Harp & Organ Impromptu No 2 in A flat major by Sporck G. Sérénade italienne by Staub V. Bourrée by Stone-Torgerson H. Contentement by Stone-Torgerson H. Rêverie by Stone-Torgerson H. Valse de Concert by Stone-Torgerson H. Concerto by Suderburg R. for Harp & Piano Aïolos by Taïra Y. for Flute & Harp Stratus by Taïra Y. for Flute & Harp Sublimation by Taïra Y. Chrysalides by Tallet M. for Sax & Harp Unfurl by Taylor S.A. for Two Harps Eucalyptus by Thomas D.E. for Flute & Harp The Minstrel's Adieu by Thomas Jo. Simple Aveu Op.25 by Thomé F.J. Sous la Feuillée Op.29 by Thomé F.J. Après, sur un Poème de David Niemann by Tisné A. for Clarinet & Harp Particule by Tisné A. Highlands Ballad by Tomasi H. for Harp & Piano Invocation et Danse by Tomasi H. Tranh by Tôn-Thât T. for Two Harps 2 Préludes romantiques Op.17 by Tournier M. for Violin & Harp 4 Préludes Op.16, 1ère Suite by Tournier M. for Two Harps 4 Préludes Op.16, 2ème Suite by Tournier M. for Two Harps Air à Danser by Tournier M. Berceuse by Tournier M. Féérie (Prélude et Danse) by Tournier M. Thème et Variations by Tournier M. Vers la Source dans le Bois by Tournier M. Chansons et Danses traditionelles by Traditional Noëls d'Europe by Traditional The Wassail Song by Traditional for Flute & Harp 3 Iles by Tremblot de la Croix F. Petite Suite pour Noël by Vaccaro J.M. for Cello & Harp Marche pour 2 fois 4 petits Doigts by Vachey H. Prélude by Vachey H.

UM0680 UM0681 UM0682 UM0683 UM0684 UM0685 UM0686 UM0687 UM0688 UM0689 UM0690 UM0691 UM0692 UM0693 UM0694 UM0695 UM0696 UM0697 UM0698 UM0699 UM0700 UM0701 UM0702 UM0703 UM0704 UM0705 UM0706 UM0707 UM0708 UM0709 UM0710 UM0711 UM0712 UM0713 UM0714 UM0715 UM0716 UM0717 UM0718 UM0719 UM0720 UM0721 UM0722 UM0723 UM0724 UM0725 UM0726 UM0727 UM0728 UM0729 UM0730 UM0731 UM0732 UM0733 UM0734 UM0735 UM0736 UM0737 UM0738 UM0739 UM0740 UM0741 UM0742 UM0743 UM0744 UM0745 UM0746 UM0747 UM0748 UM0749 UM0750 UM0751 UM0752 UM0753 UM0754 UM0755 UM0756 UM0757 UM0758 UM0759 UM0760 UM0761 UM0762 UM0763 UM0764 UM0765 UM0766 UM0767 UM0768 UM0769 UM0770 UM0771 UM0772 UM0773 UM0774 UM0775 UM0776

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Airs traditionnels celtiques by Various Composers for Flute & Harp Classics Vol.1 (Intermediate) by Various Composers for Two Harps Classics Vol.2 (Advanced) by Various Composers for Two Harps Dal Liuto all'Arpa by Various Composers French Masters by Various Composers Hungarian Masters by Various Composers Les Classiques de la Harpe Vol.3 by Various Composers Les Classiques de la Harpe Vol.2 by Various Composers Les Classiques de la Harpe Vol.1 by Various Composers Les Classiques de la Harpe Vol.4 by Various Composers Panorama Collection Vol.1 by Various Composers Panorama Collection Vol.2 by Various Composers Panorama Collection Vol.3 by Various Composers Pièces brèves contemporaines Vol.2 by Various Composers Pièces classiques Vol.3: Fairly Easy by Various Composers Pièces classiques Vol.2: Easy by Various Composers Pièces classiques Vol.4: Medium Difficulty by Various Composers The Cambern Christmas Collection by Various Composers The Cambern Duets Collection by Various Composers The Cambern Repertoire Collection by Various Composers Valses by Various Composers Weihnachtslieder by Various Composers Lettre à Isabelle by Vercken F. Ballade et Ronde by Vergnault M. Concerto by Villa-Lobos H. for Harp & Piano Concerto FXII/15 (RV93) in D major by Vivaldi A.L. 4 Vignettes by Wagenaar B. 3 Impromptus by Walters G. Little Suite by Walters G. Chant de Biwa, Estampe by Weber A. Harpalpha by Weber A. Preludio by Weber A. for Horn & Harp Sonate by Weber A. for Oboe & Harp Volutes by Weber A. Tombeau sur la Mort de M.Cajetan - Capriccio by Weiss S.L. 4 Préludes by Werner J.J. 5 Pièces modales by Werner J.J. Clair-Obscur by Werner J.J. for Cello & Harp Concerto by Werner J.J. for Harp & Piano Duo concertant by Werner J.J. for Guitar & Harp Encore me souviens d'un Matin by Werner J.J. Intermezzi mattutini by Werner J.J. for Trio mixed La Croix et le Carré by Werner J.J. Nocturnal by Werner J.J. Concerto by Zafred M. for Harp & Piano 3 Esquisses japonaises Op.72 by Zbinden J.F. Ma Maniere de Chat by Bancquart A. Dialysis by Beynon Suite by Capelletti D. for Two harps Ballade by Damase JM for Harp & Piano Concertino Op. 20 (sc/parts) by Damase JM for Harp & Orchestra Concertino Op. 20 by Damase JM for Harp & Piano Courtepieces by Damase JM Rhapsodie de Noels by Damase JM for Harp & Organ Ritournelles by Damase JM Sonate by Damase JM for Cello & Harp Sonate No. 2 by Damase JM for Flute & Harp Bilitis by Debussy CA for Flute & Harp Harpe de Graziella by Gabus M Soleil et Brumes sur les Menhirs by Gabus M Paysages celtiques by Gars M. le Sonatine No. 2 Op. 45 by Tournier M Cururu & San Pedro by Traditional Holiday on the Harp Vol 2 by Various Composers 4 etudes de Virtuosite by Wery B. En Foret by Wery B. Fete intime by Wery B. Imagerie enfantine by Wery B. Kaleidoscope by Wery B. Suite imagee by Wery B. Cantique - Lux aeterna - Nadia Boulanger Les Meandres de viviane - Eric Ledeuil Ial - Leroux, P Granada (transcrption for two harps) - Albeniz (arr Etcheverry M.) Le Hanon de la Harpe - 20 excercises - Etcheverry M. First Harp Book by Betty Paret for Harp Take the 'A' Train by Billy Strayhorn (arr Carrol McLaughlin) for Pedal Harp Edinburgh Rag by Carrol McLaughlin for Harp Harlem Nocturne by Earle Hagen (arr Carrol McLaughlin) for Pedal Harp Harp Scrapbook by John Metcalf for Pedal Harp Suite For Harp by John Marson for Harp Excursions by John Marson for Flute (or Violin) and harp Arcadian Sketches by John Marson for Clarinet and Harp Rhapsody in several colors by John Marson for Solo Harp Four Miniatures by John Marson for Solo Harp Fantasia by John Marson for Solo Harp One Summer (Sonata) by Martin Yates for Flute and Harp Fantasia by Xavier Montsalvatge for Guitar and Harp Favorite Melodies by Carlos Salzedo for Solo Harp The Fairies Dream by Gertrude Ina Robinson for Solo Harp Vocalise op 34, no. 14 by S Rachmaninoff (arr & ed James Cohn) for Fl, ob or Vl with harp Soliloquy by Ralph Martino for Solo Harp Noel Nouvelet by Anon (arr Virginia Youngblood) for Solo Harp Suite in B minor by Domenico Zipoli (ed Dewey Owens) for Solo Harp Christmas pastorale by Zabel for Solo Harp Transcriptions pour harpe seule - Rameau - Gavotte by Carlos Salzedo for Solo Harp Sonate en Re by Antonio Soler (tr Susana Mildonian) for Solo Harp

UM0777 UM0778 UM0779 UM0780 UM0781 UM0782 UM0783 UM0784 UM0785 UM0786 UM0787 UM0788 UM0789 UM0790 UM0791 UM0792 UM0793 UM0794 UM0795 UM0796 UM0797 UM0798 UM0799 UM0800 UM0801 UM0802 UM0803 UM0804 UM0805 UM0806 UM0807 UM0808 UM0809 UM0810 UM0811 UM0812 UM0813 UM0814 UM0815 UM0816 UM0817 UM0818 UM0819 UM0820 UM0821 UM0822 UM0823 UM0824 UM0825 UM0826 UM0827 UM0828 UM0829 UM0830 UM0831 UM0832 UM0833 UM0834 UM0835 UM0836 UM0837 UM0838 UM0839 UM0840 UM0841 UM0842 UM0843

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Technical Studies for Harp Volume 1 by Alfred Holy for Solo Harp Technical Studies for Harp Volume 2 by Alfred Holy for Solo Harp 3 Miniatures for Violin and Harp by Astrid von Wurtzler for Violin and Harp Minuet by Astrid von Wurtzler for Solo Harp Meditation by Astrid von Wurtzler for Solo Harp Solos for Sonja Book 1 by Ruth Inglefield for Solo Harp Granle et Galliarde by Ruth Inglefield for Solo Harp Les Quatre Branles by Ruth Inglefield for Three Harps Sonata in D by B Galuppi (tr Lynne Palmer) for Solo Harp Impromptu by Raffaele Cecconi for Solo Harp Fanny Krumpholtz's Manuscript Book (ed Ursula Rempel) for Solo Harp Trois Noels by Janet Correll for Solo Harp Sutura - songs from the harp by Vicki Burke for Voice and Harp Playing the Masters by Various (ed Virginia Klein) for Solo Harp Beauty & The Beast: Mvm't 1 by Mike Steer for Two Harps and Strings Beauty & The Beast: Mvm't 2 by Mike Steer for Two Harps and Strings Beauty & The Beast: Mvm't 3 by Mike Steer for Two Harps and Strings The Best of Ennio Morricone by Ennio Morricone for Mixed Instruments At the Mayor's Table by Anne Ross for Solo Harp Leipziger Studentenmusik by Hans Joachim Zingel for Solo Harp Two Christmas Pieces by Betty Paret for Solo Harp Opera by Request Vol. 1 Giacomo Puccini by arr M & P Adams for Flute and Harp The Alabaster Box by Elis Pehkonen for Soprano & Harp Philomel by Elis Pehkonen for Flute and Harp O'Carolan's "Loose" Concerto by arr CR O'Hagan for Harp Solo & Harp Ens Acc Sir Patrick Bellew by arr Cheryl Reid O'Hagan for Harp Solo & Harp Ensemble Acc Meeting of the Waters by arr Cheryl Reid O'Hagan for Four Part Harp Ensemble Merrily Kiss the Quaker / Smash the Window Medley by CR O'Hagan for Ensemble Six pieces for harp by Dewey Owens for Solo Harp Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni (arr Daniel Burton) for Solo Harp The Solitary Reaper by Stephen Nash for SATB, Soprano, Violin and Harp Sonate for Harp by PJ Meyer (ed. Samuel Pratt) for Solo Harp Concerto in G by JN Hummel (tr Alan Middleton) for Solo Harp Kum Ba Ya by arr Deborah Friou for Solo Harp Tutor for the Celtic Harp Vol 2 by Ank Van Campen for Solo Harp First Day of Spring by Lucien Thomson and William Lovelace for Solo Harp Valses for Harp by Paul Lewis for Solo Harp Eucalypts II by Toru Takemitsu for Flute, Oboe and Harp Scenes from the Southwest (New Mexico & Arizona) by Louise Trotter for Solo Harp Sonate by Krumpholtz for Solo Harp Butterheart by Stacey Berkley for Solo Harp Niem by Ton-That Tiet for Flute and Harp Sonate a trois by Roger Albin for Flute, Viola and Harp 12 Pieces pour harpe celtique ou grande harpe by Denise Megevand for Solo Harp Folia by Alan Middleton for Two Harps The Lord's Prayer by Albert Hay Malotte (tr Carlos Salzedo) for Solo Harp Evanescenze op 441 by Franco Mannino for Harp solo & piano reduction Fantasia per Arpa by Sergio Montori for Solo Harp House at Pooh Corner / Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins for Voice & Harp Dance of the Reed-Flutes by Tschaikowsky (arr Patricia Jaeger) for Pedal Harp Dylan by Michael Stimpson for Voice (baritone) and Harp Tributaries op. 79 by Geoffrey Winters for Solo Harp Winter Bells by Sylvia Woods for Solo Harp Shoro by David Sumbler for Solo harp Ballade by David Snell for Solo Harp Day-dream by Peter Gale for Solo Harp On Primrose Hill by Peter Gale for Solo Harp Remember by Peter Gale for Solo Harp Carillon by Peter Gale for Solo Harp Songs without words by Nancy Gustavson for Solo Harp Harp Extensions by Alan Gout & Marigold verity for Solo Harp Sonata for Harp by P Glanville-Hicks for Solo Harp Fantasia on a Sonata by Cardon by Bonnie Shaljean for Solo Harp Mazurka op.12 by Edmund Schuecker for Solo Harp The Stars have withdrawn their shining by Michael Stimpson for Solo Harp What the Fairy Harper told me by Ronald Stevenson for Lever Harp Anniversary Waltz by Dubin & Franklin (arr Deborah Henson-Conant) for Solo Harp

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Sept Divertissements by Georges Aubanel for Two Flutes and Harp A Chinese Tale by Gail Barber for Harp(s) & Strings Cavitina from The barber of seville by Rossini (arr Iwan Muller) for Clarinet and Harp The Dream Studies by Sue Rothstein for Solo Harp Toccata & Passacaglia for Harp by Jindrich Feld for Solo Harp Rainforest by Chris Gosselin for Solo Harp Rigaudon from Idomenee by Andre Campra (arr Dewey Owens) for Solo Harp Methode de Harpe Celtique by Monique Rollin for Lever harp Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle by arr May Hogan Cambern for Solo Harp Concerto in B-flat major by Paul Hurst after Handel for Flute part for Flute & Harp Impromptu op. 48 by Lex Van Delden for Solo Harp Divertimento No II by Paul Arma for Flute or Violin, Cello & Harp Improvisation by Alexandre Abremski for Flute and Harp Vent de Terre, Vent de Mer by Alexandre Abremski for Two Harps Capriccio by Alexandre Abremski for Flute and Harp L'Annee suivante, a Marienbad by Sylvie Beltrando for Lever Harp Airs, variations and Sonates des XVIII et XIX Siecles Vol 2 by Sylvie Beltrando Flash - Back by Sylvie Beltrando for Solo Harp Melodies Slaves / Complainte by Sylvie Beltrando for Solo Harp Gripk'n by Gilles Cagnard for Clarinet and harp Brunehaut by Gilles Cagnard for 4 harps, 2 flutes, Alto flute, voice and percussion Quatre Etudes by Michel Capelier for Lever Harp Harpe Buissonniere No 1 by Annie Challan for Solo Harp Harpe Buissonniere No 2 by Annie Challan for Solo Harp Boite a Musique by Annie Challan for Solo Harp 4 pieces pour harpe ou harpe celtique by E Cherquefosse for Solo Harp Cinq petits preludes by M Deom for Flute and Harp Music of the Passing Summer by Jan Freidlin for Flute, Viola and Harp Vingt Petits Preludes Volume No. 1 by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Vingt Petits Preludes Volume No. 2 by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Vingt Petits Preludes Volume No. 3 by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Vingt Petits Preludes Volume No. 4 by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Ponctuation: I Point de suspension by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Ponctuation: II Point d'exclamation by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Ponctuation: III Point virgule by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Ponctuation: IV Point d'interrogation by Bernard Galais for Solo Harp Defile by Bernard Galais for Two Harps A la maniere de ... by Gerard Grognet for 4 Flutes, basson (or cello) and harp Harpospheriques - Second Book by Serge Lancen for Solo Harp Theme et Variations by Serge Lancen for Solo Harp Suite du Ponant by Mariannig Larc'hantec for Solo Harp Ilia .... by Philippe Mabboux for Solo Harp Sonate Romantique by Louis Marischal for Flute and Harp Petit Caprice by Louis Marischal for Solo Harp Fulenn he zud by Pierre Nicolas for Lever Harp La bonne aventure o Gue by Francois Petrini (arr Annie Challan) for Solo Harp Serenade by Schubert (arr Y. Tochkove-Patrouilleau for Violin, 2 Clarinet, 2 Harps & Bass La fille de Bouyerhmad by K Shahroudi for Lever Harp Serinette by Christian Siterre for Solo Harp Un Enfant a l'Opera by Christian Siterre for Solo Harp Au Palais du Temps by Dia Succari for Flute and Harp L'Arbre Aux Oranges by Dia Succari for Lever Harp Chanson de Diana by Dia Succari for Lever Harp Iode by Marie Wambergue for Lever Harp 3 etudes en forme de ... by Louis Lantoine for Solo Harp Caleidoscopes : images by Martin Zalba (rev Gioccarpa) for Two Harps Fa si la Solfier, Fa si la jouer by Sylvie Beltrando for Harp Variations on Sakura by Phylis Schlomovitz for Harp Five two-way standards by Ghris Gosselin for Lever Harp Ave Maria, prelude in C by Bach (arr Phyllis Schlomovitz) for Solo harp (or 1st part of duet) Ave Maria, prelude in C (2nd Harp Part) by Bach (arr Phyllis Schlomovitz) for 2nd harp part A Burns Collection by Anne Macdearmid for Voice and lever harp The Irish Harp Book (a tutor and companion) by Various for Lever Harp Sounding Harps Book One by Various for Lever Harp Sounding Harps Book Two by Various for Lever Harp Sounding Harps Book Three by Various for Lever Harp Sounding Harps Book Four by Various for Lever Harp

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Hand-Made Greeting Cards Designed & hand-made by Creighton’s Collection

Slim card with blank ivory or Standard card with blank ivory or white paper insert, with white paper insert, supplied with envelope. envelope.

Card appx 73 x 210 mm Envelope 80 x 215 mm

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Cat. No. GC-Slim Cat. No. GC-A6 £2.00 each £2.00 each

Hand Made Cards. These cards are created using a mixture of miniature copies of sheet music or harp images, fabrics, silks, and miniature harps, flowers or butterfly. They are available in Slim, A6 or A7 sizes. Each card has a blank insert sheet to write a message on.

4 standard cards with blank ivory or white paper insert, supplied with envelopes & tied with string & tag

Small card with blank ivory or white paper insert, supplied with envelope.

4 small cards with blank ivory or white paper insert, supplied with envelopes & tied with ribbon

Card approx 105 x 150 mm Envelope C6

Card approx 75 x 110 mm Envelope C7

Card approx 75 x 110 mm Envelope C7

Cat. No. GC-A6pack £5.00 per pack

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*** Coming Soon *** Highland Circle Publishing The music of Cynthia Cathcart Creighton’s Collection are delighted to announce that we will shortly be printing & distributing updated European Editions of Cynthia Cathcart’s much acclaimed tutor books and collections of musical arrangements for Wire-strung harp.

From my music stand Carols of Christmas Pathway Traditional Beginnings

Anne-Marie O’Farrell Music for Irish Harp Creighton’s Collection are delighted to announce that we will be working with AnnMarie to co-publish both new music - including Airs & Grace Notes for organ and Irish harp and Lauding the ear for organ, percussion and Irish harp. We will also be issuing new editions of her existing music.

John Thomas Pencerdd Gwalia (1 March 1826 - 19 March 1913) During 2013 harpists in Wales and around the world have been commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the death of John Thomas, Pencerdd Gwalia - The Chief Musician of Wales and harpist to Queen Victoria. For our part Creighton’s Collection has been working with Adlais Music Publishers to extend our already extensive list of John Thomas compositions as detailed in the catalogue and online both at and In conjunction with Adlais we have produced a commemorative web site at and have also set up a Pencerdd Gwalia Facebook page.

John Thomas - A short biography by Ann Griffiths John Thomas was born in Bridgend,

Two recent Adlais Publications of John Thomas music

Glamorganshire, on St. David's Day 1826, the eldest of seven children, four of whom became harpists. His father was a tailor by trade, but he was a good amateur musician who played clarinet in the town band. John is said to have been playing piccolo in the band at the age of six, but it was the harp he was determined to play, and an old one was obtained for him. This was a Welsh triple harp and John was playing it in traditional style (on the left shoulder, with his left hand playing the treble and his right hand playing the bass) when he won a new Bassett Jones triple harp at the Eisteddfod organised by Lady Llanover at Abergavenny in 1838. He was only twelve years old, and created a sensation. Invited to London by Sir Charles Morgan, the Eisteddfod president, he made such an impression on Byron's daughter that she offered to pay for threequarters of his education at the Royal Academy of Music if his father could find the other quarter. So John Thomas went to London. He learned to speak English and he relearned his harp technique, abandoning the triple harp for one of Erard's grand new pedal harps and changing from the traditional Welsh method he had been taught, transferring the harp to his right shoulder, so that now his right hand played the treble and his left hand played the bass. His harp teacher was John Balsir Chatterton, whom he eventually followed both as Professor at the Royal Academy of Music and as Harpist to the Queen.

For a full list of John Thomas publications by Adlais please view our stock list in this catalogue or visit our web site at

John Thomas became harpist to the Royal Italian Opera in 1850. The season ran from March to mid-July, so the appointment gave him the liberty to tour the Continent as a soloist during the winter months. This he did from 1851, and over the next few years he visited France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Austria. In Vienna he was greeted as the natural successor to Parish Alvars, who had died in 1849, and John Thomas dedicated his famous solo

Autumn to Countess Esterhazy, Parish Alvars's main benefactress. 1852 was an important year, with a commission to compose and perform a concerto at the Philharmonic Society on 3 May; the manuscript of his famous Minstrel's Adieu dates from 30 July of that year. Working at the Italian Opera also gave him a lifelong love of the human voice - in fact, in 1860, he was engaged for a year to the famous soprano Desirée Artôt, who, in 1868, received(and refused)a proposal of marriage from Tchaikovsky. John Thomas became 'Pencerdd Gwalia' (Chief Musician of Wales) at Aberdare Eisteddfod in 1861, and in the same year he published the first volume of his Welsh Melodies arranged for the Harp. A year later he began publication of what would eventually become a 4-volume edition of Welsh Melodies for the Voice, and on 4 July 1862 he began his series of Grand Concerts of Welsh Music at St James's Hall, Piccadilly, with a choir of 400 accompanied by a band of twenty harps. These annual concerts continued for 42 years. John Thomas composed, arranged and published a considerable amount of music, especially music for the harp. Harpists owe him a great debt for rescuing the works of Parish Alvars from oblivion and publishing a collected edition, and he was also the first in modern times to edit and publish both Handel's Harp Concerto and Mozart's Concerto for Flute and Harp. For Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee he composed Cambria's Homage to our Empress Queen for male voice choir and thirteen harps. After the Queen's death he was appointed Harpist to King Edward VII. During the last two years of his life, he moved to live in Station Road, New Barnet, and it was there that he died on 19 March 1913. He was buried in West Hampstead cemetery. © Ann Griffiths 2013

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