2012 foundation annual RepoRt

2012 foundation Annual Report Letter From the ISSA Foundation Chairman Dear Fellow ISSA Member: The ISSA Foundation’s mission is “to raise and provi...
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2012 foundation Annual Report

Letter From the ISSA Foundation Chairman Dear Fellow ISSA Member: The ISSA Foundation’s mission is “to raise and provide funds for scholarships, research grants, and other programs that promote the welfare of the general public as it relates to the sanitation, cleaning, and maintenance industry.” Your Foundation Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the success of our industry through its support of today’s youth. The ISSA Foundation provides over 50 scholarships each year totaling over $150,000. Foundation scholarships are available to students attending public and private colleges and universities. These scholarships enable students, families, and ISSA members struggling to pay high tuition bills a chance at higher education. Your Foundation Board has a goal of increasing both the size and number of its scholarships, and funding industry research once we meet other funding objectives. With all the challenges of 2013 thus far, we need to step up to the plate. Your past contributions are greatly appreciated, but we need to dig deeper and give more. If we work together, we can continue to make a difference in people’s lives. Sincerely, Roger E. Parrott, Jr. Foundation Chair


2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Table of Contents Letter From the ISSA Foundation ........................ 2 Chairman Mission ............................................................................ 3 2013 ISSA Foundation Board of ............................ 4 Directors Past Foundation Board Members ......................... 4 2012 Financial Highlights ......................................... 5 Scholarship Awards by Year ................................... 6 Foundation Giving Opportunities ......................... 7 Charitable Partnerships ............................................ 8

The Mission of the ISSA Foundation The mission of the ISSA Foundation is “to raise and provide

Current Scholarship Awards ................................... 8

funds for scholarships, research

2012 Scholarship Recipients ................................... 9

grants, and other programs

Major Contributors .................................................... 12 2012 Supporters ......................................................... 15 Donations received January 1 through December 31, 2012

that promote the welfare of the general public as it relates to the sanitation, cleaning, and maintenance industry.”

Contribution Form .................................................... 31

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org


2013 ISSA Foundation Board of Directors Chair ROGER PARROTT Retired, RoVic, Inc. South Windsor, CT Treasurer BOBBY COHEN Daycon Products Co., Inc. Upper Marlboro, MD Directors JIM CHITTOM, SR. Athens Janitor Supply Co., Inc. Athens, GA

GARY GRADINGER Golden Star, Inc. Kansas City, MO ALLEN SODEN Retired, Deb, Inc. Atlanta, GA HAL UHRMAN State Industrial Products Cleveland, OH

Assistant Secretary JACK D. RAMALEY Skidaway Consultants Boulder, CO Ex-Officio, ISSA Vice President/President Elect FRITZ GAST P.B. Gast & Sons Co. Grand Rapids, MI

Ex-Officio, Executive Director JOHN P. GARFINKEL ISSA Lincolnwood, IL

Past Foundation Board Members John F. Bevington National Super Service Co. Toledo, OH 1996-98 Allan D. Bolotin Bolotin, Inc. Hillside, IL 1990-93 Randal A. Brame Brame Specialty Co., Inc. Durham, NC 2001-03 Walter B. Ferguson Thompsons Sanitary Supply House, Inc. Lexington, KY 1995-97 Herbert Friedman Cancot Industries, Inc. Montreal, QC, Canada 1995-97, Chairman 1997 Robert B. Garber National Sanitary Supply Co. Los Angeles, CA 1990-94 Louis G. Goorland Goorland & Mann, Inc. Wilmington, DE 1993-98, Chairman 1995 Gary Gradinger Golden Star Inc. North Kansas City, MO 2000-02 Randy Haviland Haviland Corp. Linn, MO 1998-2000 Warren Haviland Haviland Corp. Linn, MO 1990 Richards H. Jarden The Bullen Companies, Inc. Folcroft, PA 1990-93


Jack Key Retired, Unisource/Basic Products Houston, TX 2002-2006; Chairman 2006 Thomas Lane Retired, Unisource Los Angeles, CA 1999-2004, 2007-09, 2010-12; Chairman 2004 & 2012 Peter Lederer Retired, IMC Vigoro Bannockburn, IL 2000-2005; Chairman 2002 & 2003 Don Lees Big D Industries Oklahoma City, OK 2004-2009 Milton Levy NCH Corp. Irving, TX 1990-92 John Marcus Retired, Hysan Corp. Skokie, IL 2004-2009 Harry Maziar National Service Industries, Inc. Atlanta, GA 1998-2003 Daniel J. Mirto The Rhiel Supply Co. Youngstown, OH 1988-92 John Muthe American Sanitary, Inc. Cary, NC 2003 Kyle Ogden Carroll Co. Garland, TX 1998-2003; Chairman 2000

Eugene R. Pane Gene Pane & Associates Ltd. Reseda, CA 1994-96

Stephen H. Swigart Spartan Chemical Co., Inc. Maumee, OH 1993-98; Chairman 1998

John H. Plant Maintenance Equipment Co. Tucker, GA 1990-92

Samuel Tughan G.H. Wood Foundation Etobicoke, ON, Canada 1990-94; Chairman 1993-1994

Gregory Rau Minuteman International, Inc. Addison, IL 2000-01

Jay R. Vonachen Vonachen Service & Supply Peoria, IL 1994-96; Chairman 1996

Jerome E. Rau Minuteman International, Inc. Addison, IL 1999-2000

W. Grant Watkinson Coastwide Laboratories, Inc. Wilsonville, OR 2003-2006; Chairman 2005

W. James Reider The George T. Johnson Co. Burlington, MA 1991-93

Charles Wax Waxie’s Enterprises, Inc. San Diego, CA 2005-10

Frank S. Ridge Gateway Chemical Co. Kansas City, MO 1994

Morris Wax Waxie’s Enterprises, Inc. San Diego, CA 1993-95

Arnold H. Rosenberg Spectrowax Corp. Boston, MA 1997-2002; Chairman 2001

J.C. West, retired Universal Manufacturing & Supply Co. Jacksonville, FL 1995-96

Stephen A. Schroeder Diversey, Inc. Sturtevant, WI 2010-2012 Kay W. Scott, retired Wilen Manufacturing Co., Inc. Ellenwood, GA 1997-99; Chairman 1999 Larry Shideler Retired, ProTeam Boise, ID 2010-2011

John F. “Jack” Woodhouse Standard Paper Sales Co. Asheville, NC 1999-01 & 2002-04 Malcolm Zucker The State Chemical Manufacturing Co. Cleveland, OH 1995-97

Linda Silverman Maintex, Inc. City of Industry, CA 2004-2009

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

2012 Financial Highlights 2012 ISSA Foundation Financial Report

Statement of Financial Position Assets Current Assets

2011 2012 $2,658,929




1,837,343 810,986

2,053,505 791,671



Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities Net Assets: General Funds Designated Funds Total Net Assets

$2,658,929 $2,858,126

Designated funds net assets are subject to donor-imposed restrictions.


In thousands of U.S. dollars

500 500000

Contributions by Year 406,443

400 400000

365,600 365,100



351,922 343,922

351,197 324,998


300 300000




200 200000

100 100000






2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org











Scholarship Awards by Year Assets have steadily increased since the foundation’s inception in 1989. In 2000-01, the awards were $2,500. Currently, the ISSA general scholarships are $3,000, with hopes of raising the awards to $3,500 in the near future. In 2012, the ISSA Foundation awarded 58 scholarships, totaling nearly $170,000 in tuition aid.


58 awards


66 awards


60 awards


61 awards


57 awards


59 awards


54 awards


54 awards


50 awards


47 awards


47 awards


47 awards



48 awards










(includes general and designated awards)





Total Number of Scholarships























Total annual distribution in thousands of U.S. dollars District scholarship amount per award

=$2,500 =$3,000


2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Foundation Giving Opportunities Designated Scholarship Program To establish a designated fund, a donor makes contributions that must reach US$15,000 by the end of the third year following an initial minimum contribution of $3,000. While growing toward the $15,000 qualifying amount, investment income accrues to the ISSA Foundation’s general fund. Once the fund reaches $15,000, investment income of the foundation is distributed pro rata to the fund. If a pending fund does not achieve $15,000 within the required time or the balance falls below $3,000, remaining funds are folded into the foundation general fund. Designated scholarship amounts shall be specified by the Designator or Alternate and awarded at least annually in an amount that is no less than the concurrent ISSA District Scholarship Awards amount.

General Scholarship Program District scholarships in the amount of $3,000 are awarded from the foundation general fund. There are approximately 25 district awards issued each year. Recipients must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at a four-year academic institution in the fall of the award year.

Scholarship Sponsor Program The Scholarship Sponsor Program enables an ISSA member firm to sponsor a District Scholarship Award for a single donation equal to the value of that scholarship. This means that if a member firm donates $3,000, the donor company may select a District Scholarship Award to be presented in its name. A scholarship in the name of your company may go a long way toward encouraging today’s young leaders to seek and appreciate a career in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Civic Programs The ISSA Foundation works through alliances with charitable organizations such as AmeriCares to coordinate the efforts of ISSA members to help disaster relief victims. ISSA’s alliance with Good360 (formerly Gifts In Kind International), was established in 1995. The program allows members to take year-round advantage of the organization’s free donationmanagement services—and reap tax benefits of up to twice cost!

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org


Charitable Partnerships Good360 (formerly Gifts In Kind International), the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy and consistently ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the top ten most efficient charities in America, continues its partnership with ISSA to offer members the opportunity to donate products to people in need around the world. While philanthropy continues to thrive, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has become a necessity for companies wishing to get ahead. Product giving offers several benefits and solutions that can have a positive impact on key areas of your business and the communities in which you work and live. On behalf of several Fortune 100 consumer, retail and technology companies, Good360 secures products for a network of more than 26,000 pre-vetted organizations through their online donation marketplace. This innovative product donation partnership provides our Foundation members with access to Good360’s win-win proposition. Not only can you feel good about helping charities across the country with fantastic donated product, you can even boost your bottom line, build team spirit, and improve sales as a socially responsible company—all by donating merchandise you might otherwise be paying to store or destroy. Take advantage of this exciting member benefit today. Whether you want to make a single donation or create an ongoing product-giving program, it’s easy to get started. For more information, contact Good360 Vice President of Donor Relations, Doyle Delph at [email protected] or 703.299.7532; or check the organization’s website at http://about.good360.org/. The Good360 staff is ready to customize a product donation program that supports your business objectives and enables you to give back to your communities.

Current Scholarship Awards General Awards (24 total awards):

Designated Awards:

Northeast District Award Middle Atlantic District Award Southeast District Award Great Lakes District Award South Central District Award North Central District Award Pacific Southwest District Award Pacific Northwest District Award

Francis T. Callahan Award GOJO Industries’ Jerome Lippman Award Golden Star, Inc.’s Leland Gradinger and Earl C. Julo Award Edward Lane National Sanitary Supply Co Award Maintex/Silverman Award Harry Maziar Zep Scholarship Award Diversey Scholarship Award The Manufacturer Rep Scholarship Awards NCL Alfred Pollack Memorial Scholarship Award New England Sanitary Supply Association Awards New Jersey Sanitary Supply Association Award NYCO/Robert J. & MaryAnn Stahurski Award

Sponsored Award: American Paper Converting Pacific Northwest District Award The Georgia-Pacific Southeast District Award

Global Awards: ISSA Mexico Award


Roger & Victoria Parrott Award Jack D. Ramaley Award Jerome E. Rau Award The RDA Advantage Scholarship Award Southern California Sanitary Supply Association Awards Spartan Chemical Co.’s E.T. Swigart Award Spartan Chemical International Executive Housekeeping Association Educational Award TEC Products SSWA Jacob & Bob Holtzman Award Waxie’s Enterprises, Inc.’s Morris and Jeannette Wax Award YES Continuing Education Grant Malcolm Zucker Award

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

2012-13 Scholarship Recipients Nearly $170,000 was awarded to the following men and women whose academic record, leadership qualities, and community involvement were stellar among several hundred applicants. In keeping with its mission of “Investing in Tomorrow,” the ISSA Foundation is pleased to profile these winners and wish all scholarship applicants success in their future endeavors. The ISSA Foundation would like to thank those ISSA members and ISSA member companies’ generous contributions that make these scholarships possible.

Northeast District Award

Northeast District Award

Middle Atlantic District Award

Middle Atlantic District Award

Southeast District Award

Erich S. Schultze Harvard University

Shilp B. Shah Rutgers University College of Pharmacy

Kimberly A. Carmichael Salisbury University

Kathryn M. Rogers Franklin & Marshall College

Justin E. Foster University of Alabama at Birmingham

Southeast District Award

Georgia-Pacific Southeast District Award

Great Lakes District Award

Great Lakes District Award

Great Lakes District Award

J. Kevin Shutzberg Stanford University

Richard W. Green Georgia College & State University

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Mia R. Casey University of Missouri— Columbia

Mayur P. Patel Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science

Kimberly A. Powell Indiana University Bloomington


Great Lakes District Award

North Central District Award

North Central District Award

North Central District Award

North Central District Award

Rebecca A. Rady Ohio State University

Jessica E. Dercks University of Wisconsin— Madison

Ashley E. Klein Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Shelby N. Laney Waubonsee College

Sarah E. Peterson Brigham Young University

Randy Haviland North Central District Award

South Central District Award

South Central District Award

South Central District Award

Pacific Northwest District Award

Houston A. Roberts Truman State University

Jenna E. Anders Louisiana State University

Kelley N. Dickey Texas A & M University— College Station

Pablo L. Padilla University of Texas Medical Branch

Rebekah A. Garcia Stanford University

Pacific Northwest District Award

American Paper Converting Pacific Northwest District Award

Pacific Southwest District Award

Pacific Southwest District Award

Francis T. Callahan Award

Loren R. Jackson Cal Poly State University

Diversey Award

Jillian D. Silverman University of Delaware


Andrew G. Sustrina University of California— Davis

GOJO Industries’ Jerome Lippman Award Traci Spalty University of Akron

Shannon D. McNulty Loyola Marymount University

Golden Star, Inc.’s Leland Gradinger & Earl C. Julo Award Paige D. Warfield Washington State University

Daniel J. Sahhar Arizona State University

Sophia M. Ginez Stanford University

Louis G. Goorland Award

Edward Lane National Sanitary Supply Co. Award

Terra Kay Brown-McDaniel Kennesaw State University

Pablo L. Padilla University of Texas Medical Branch

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Manufacturer Representatives’ Scholarship Award

Manufacturer Representatives’ Scholarship Award Hannah L. Morton Texas Christian University

Harry Maziar/Zep Manufacturing Award

Jacob L. Compston, Navarro College

NCL Alfred Pollack Memorial Scholarship Award

New England Sanitary Supply Association Award

New England Sanitary Supply Association Award

New England Sanitary Supply Association Award

New Jersey Sanitary Supply Association Award

NYCO/Robert J. & Mary Ann Stahurski Award

NYCO/Robert J. & Mary Ann Stahurski Award

Roger & Victoria Parrott Award

RDA Advantage Scholarship Award

Jack D. Ramaley Award

Christine M. Dee Washington & Jefferson College

Allison M. Sladek Temple University

Kristina A. Sladek Temple University

Dana R. Diamond American University

Trevor B. Slack Georgia Institute of Technology

Will P. Lewis Cal Poly State University

Ashley M. Stasiak University of Michigan School of Medicine

Southern California Sanitary Supply Association Award

Spartan Chemical Co.’s E.T. Swigart Award

TEC Products SSWA Jacob & Bob Holtzman Award

Joshua M. Birnbaum Cal Poly State University

Zachary B. Fisher Elon University

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Patrick N. Wolff Ohio University

Hannah B. Foster University of Virginia

Jeffrey C. Dalzell University of New Hampshire

Erika K. Harrison University of New Hampshire

Sean J. Harrison Westfield State University

Jerome E. Rau Award

Southern California Sanitary Supply Association Award

Alexandra M. Lebens St. Olaf College

Waxie’s Enterprises Inc.’s Morris & Jeanette Wax Award Jenna L. Dougherty University of Arizona

Ariel L. Bernstein Tulane University

Malcolm Zucker Award Ashley N. Solo Penn State Erie


Major Contributors Platinum Callico Distributors, Inc., Taunton, MA GOJO Industries, Akron, OH David & Susan Holtzman, Parsippany, NJ Charles Lane, Beverly Hill, CA & Thomas Lane, Los Angeles, CA Minuteman International, Inc., Pingree Grove, IL New England San. Supply Assn., Industrial Cleaning, West Boylston, MA New Jersey Sanitary Supply Assn. (NJSSA), Butler, NJ Jack D. Ramaley, Boulder, CO Southern California San Sply Assn., Miller Marketing Assoc., Anaheim, CA Spartan Chemical Co., Inc., Maumee, OH Morris, Charles & David Wax/Waxie Sanitary Supply, San Diego, CA Malcom Zucker/The State Chemical Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, OH

Gold National Chemical Laboratories, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Silver Nyco Products Co., Countryside, IL Parrott Family Partnership, South Windsor, CT Ralph, Marilyn & Linda Silverman/Maintex, Inc., City of Industry, CA Zep Inc./Acuity Brands, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Founder American Paper Converting, Woodland, WA Betco Corp., Toledo, OH John Bevington/NSS Enterprises, Inc., Toledo, OH Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc., North Hollywood, CA Diversey, Inc., Sturtevant, WI


Georgia-Pacific Professional, Atlanta, GA Golden Star Inc., Kansas City, MO Hillyard Industries, Saint Joseph, MO Impact Products, LLC, Toledo, OH Jack & Karen Key, Houston, TX John W. Marcus, Boca Raton, FL Lagasse Inc., Deerfield, IL Peter Lederer, Bannockburn, IL NCH Corp., Irving, TX Pacific Floor Care, Muskegon, MI RDA Advantage, Littleton, CO William J. Sheppard, Oaks, PA

Patron Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc., Acworth, GA Ametek-Lamb Electric, Kent, OH AmSan, Div. of Interline Brands, Charlotte, NC Angel/Cotton Associates, Inc., Signal Hill, CA Big D Industries, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK Bonar, Inc., West Chicago, IL Chemed Foundation, Cincinnati, OH Claire Manufacturing Co., Addison, IL Cortina Tool & Molding Co., Chicago, IL Gary & Pam Gradinger, Kansas City, MO Georgia-Pacific Professional -East Region, West Chester, PA Randy & Jan Haviland/ Haviland Corp., Linn, MO Himolene, Inc., Carrollton, TX Nilfisk-Advance, Plymouth, MN R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource, Carteret, NJ Philip Rosenau Co., Inc., Warminster, PA Stu Silverman, City Of Industry, CA

Tolco Corp., Toledo, OH Western Pacific Associates, Anaheim, CA Bob Wisniewski, Milwaukee, WI

Benefactor Access Partners, Azusa, CA Accommodation Mollen, Inc., Philadelphia, PA Alpine Aromatics International, Inc., Piscataway, NJ American Association of Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers, Wheaton, IL Apex, Lemont, IL Arylessence, Inc., Marietta, GA Athens Janitor Supply Co., Inc., Athens, GA Bard Enterprises, Inc., Charlotte, NC Bard Industries, Portland, ME Berry Plastics, Evansville, IN John Calarese & Co., Inc., Medfield, MA Cancot USA, Inc., Newport, VT Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Products, East Point, GA Carroll Co., Garland, TX Arthur Charlebois, Fort Myers, FL ChemStation New England, South Windsor, CT Mattie Chinks, Laval, QC, Canada Coastwide Laboratories, Wilsonville, OR Coleman, Greear & Associates, Mansfield, TX Cole Papers, Inc., Fargo, ND Continental Commercial Products, LLC, Bridgeton, MO Crown Battery Manufacturing Co., Fremont, OH Daycon, Upper Marlboro, MD D.C. Brown, Inc., Minneapolis, MN Demlow Marketing, Inc., Houston, TX Edmer Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., East Meadow, NY

ETC of Henderson, Inc., Henderson, NC E-Z Way Products, LLP, Waterbury, CT Ferris Group, Inc., Bolton, ON, Canada Flo-Pac Corp./Pacific Division, Fontana, CA Frain-Bovasso Associates, Clifton, NJ Fuller Sales, Inc., Burnsville, MN G. Hollis Cone, Columbia, SC John P. Garfinkel, Lincolnwood, IL Lou & Suzanne Goorland/ Goorland & Mann, Inc., Wilmington, DE Gulf Coast Paper Co., Inc., Victoria, TX Haviland Corp., Linn, MO Hinton Sales, Inc., Norcross, GA Hospeco, Cleveland, OH I. Janvey & Sons, Inc., Hempstead, NY Imperial Electric, Akron, OH ITW Professional Brands, Olathe, KS James D. Jackson, Oklahoma City, OK Richards H. Jarden, Folcroft, PA J’s Maintenance Service, Inc., Glendale, CA Kirby Restaurant & Chemical Supply, Longview, TX K.J.A., Inc., Saint Louis, MO ManageMen, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT Market Advantage Plus, Inc., Foxboro, MA MarketSmart, Inc., Pleasanton, CA Harry Maziar, Atlanta, GA Daniel Merkel, Corona, CA Mid-America Distributor Sales, Olathe, KS Miller Marketing Associates, Anaheim, CA Murray Weyand Sales, Atlanta, GA Nilodor, Inc., Bolivar, OH Northwest Cleaning Solutions, Inc., Tukwila, WA

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Kyle Ogden, Garland, TX O’Regan Marketing, Pleasant Hill, CA Peerless Marketing Group, Inc., Dallas, TX Pinnacle Sales & Marketing, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL Robert T. Powell, Lima, OH Precision Enterprises, Inc., Warrenville, IL P&R Enterprises, Inc., Falls Church, VA ProTeam, Inc., Boise, ID Arnold H. Rosenberg, Boston, MA Rowe Contracting Service, Inc., Mandeville, LA Ryan, Saffel & Assoc., Inc., Renton, WA S. Freedman & Sons, Inc., Landover, MD Sanitation Systems, Manchester, CT Kay W. Scott, Lawrenceville, GA Standard Paper Sales Company, Asheville, NC Stanford University, Stanford, CA Stearns Packaging Corp., Madison, WI Stockdale Co., LLC, Toledo, OH Stoko Skin Care, Div. of Evonik Corporation, Greensboro, NC Strauss Paper Co., Inc., Port Chester, NY Sunburst Chemicals, Minneapolis, MN Swish Kenco Ltd., Barre, VT Swish Maintenance Ltd., Peterborough, ON, Canada Team One Sales & Marketing, Inc., Lombard, IL The DeBolt Co., Inc., Coral Springs, FL The Fuller Brush Co. of Puerto Rico, Inc., San Juan, PR The Henson Sales Group, Ltd., Wayne, PA The O’Dell Corp., Ware Shoals, SC

The Osborne Group, Inc., Cincinnati, OH The RTF Group, Inc., Lake Bluff, IL TRC Marketing, Inc., Denver, CO Van Dijk Carpet, Inc., Cartersville, GA Vernon Sanitation Supply Co., Inc., Vernon, CA Vitech International, Milton, WI Western Specialty Sales, Brea, CA James Wheeler Jr., Wind Associates, Tukwila, WA Jack Woodhouse, Asheville, NC Erwin Zaban, Atlanta, GA

Sponsor ABC Sales & Services, Inc., Saint Thomas, VI Acme Paper & Supply Co., Inc., Savage, MD Alfoadia Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Athea Laboratories, Inc., Milwaukee, WI Bay City Supply, Bellingham, WA Bell Janitorial Supply, LLC, Ogden, UT Blaine Industrial Supply, Inc., Hobbs, NM Bradford Soap Works, Inc., West Warwick, RI BTR Sales Associates, El Dorado Hills, CA Cancot Industries, Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada CCP Industries, Inc., Cleveland, OH Central Paper Products Co., Manchester, NH Cleaning Supply Network, LLC, Pensacola, FL Consolidated Distributors, Inc., Monroe, LA Daansen USA, Inc., Nashua, NH Datek, Inc., Little Rock, AR Defender Services, Inc., Columbia, SC

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Destiny Plastics, Inc., Corona, CA D.H. Bertenthal & Sons, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA Dispensing Dynamics International, City of Industry, CA Drake Sales Corp., Huntington Beach, CA Eurest Services, Wheeling, IL Fagan Sanitary Supply, West Elizabeth, PA Five Star Sanitary Products, Colorado Springs, CO Fresh Products, LLC, Toledo, OH G.F. Lasswell Co., Inc., Houston, TX Harold E. Galer III, Honey Brook, PA Heritage Bag Company, Danbury, CT Hillyard, Inc., Saint Joseph, MO Hospital Klean of Texas, Inc., San Antonio, TX Housechem, Inc., Waldwick, NJ Hygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc., Houston, TX IH Services, Inc., Greenville, SC Impact Sales & Service, Forest Park, GA Institutional Wholesale Co., Inc., Cookeville, TN Iowa-Des Moines Supply, Inc., Des Moines, IA JanPak, Inc., Davidson, NC J.J. Shearer Co., Minnetonka, MN Kaufman Container Company, Cleveland, OH Kent, Plymouth, MN Kew Forest Maintenance Supply Co., Woodside, NY Kleeners Warehouse, Inc., Freehold, NJ Lawson Products, Chicago, IL Lidochem, Inc., Hazlet, NJ M.D. Stetson Co., Randolph, MA Misco Products Corp., Reading, PA

Nexstep Commercial Products, Springfield, OH NISSCO, LLC, National Ind. Sanitary Supply Co., Dulles, VA Omnisystems, Inc., Laurel Hill, NC Prestige Maintenance USA Janitorial Supply, Plano, TX RD Industries, Inc., Omaha, NE RepWorx, Clinton Township, MI Riches Associates, Ottawa, ON, Canada Rochester Midland Corp., Rochester, NY Rose Industrial Products, Inc., Franklin Park, IL Sales & Marketing, Inc., Los Angeles, CA Sani-Chem Cleaning Supplies, Clearwater, FL Schilling Supply Co., La Crosse, WI Scoles Floorshine Industries, Farmingdale, NJ Sikes Paper Co., Atlanta, GA Sims Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., Enid, OK Stein’s, Inc., Moorhead, MN Straight Representation, Inc., Denver, CO Superior Supply Ltd., Baltimore, MD TEC Products Co., Inc., Carteret, NJ The Blackrock Group – North/Corporate, Federal Way, WA The DaCo Corporation, Comstock Park, MI The Fonda Group, Inc./ Hoffmaster, Oshkosh, WI The J.S. Vila Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA Trojan Battery Co., Santa Fe Springs, CA Hal Uhrman, Mayfield Heights, OH Walden-Mott Corp., Ramsey, NJ W. Grant Watkinson, Lake Oswego, OR


West Florida Supply Co., Fort Myers, FL Western States Marketing & Sales Group, Inc., Englewood, CO White Mop Wringer Co., Tampa, FL Witt Industries, Mason, OH Wood Wyant, Div. of the Sani Marc Group, Edmonton, AB, Canada ZBM, Inc., Watertown, WI

Partner ABC Sales & Services, Wilmington, NC Ted Alm, Las Vegas, NV Aluf Plastics Division, Orangeburg, NY Amex International, San Antonio, TX Atlantic Mills, Inc., Lakewood, NJ Bergo Janitorial Supply, Inc., Farmingdale, NY Binzagr Co., ICS Division, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Tom Botzau, Coppell, TX Keith W. Brown, Bath, PA Buckeye International, Inc., Maryland Heights, MO Buck Services, Inc., West Chicago, IL Capital Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., Des Moines, IA Castleguard Industries, Marion, IL Catalyst Sales & Marketing, Weston, FL CDC Paper & Janitor Supply Co., Champaign, IL Quinn Child, Colleyville, TX Citrus Oleo, Boca Raton, FL City Group, Inc., Jessup, MD CLA Today, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Cleaning Detail, Lombard, IL CM B2B Trade Group, Latham, NY Compania SAR, S.A., Panama City, Panama Crest Paper Products, Trenton, NJ C.T.H. Maintenance Supplies, Brooklyn, NY


Daley International, Chicago, IL Dorden & Co., Inc., Detroit, MI E.A. Morse & Co., Inc., Middletown, NY Charles D. Edwards, Virginia Beach, VA Edwards-Councilor Co., Inc., Virginia Beach, VA Elco Laboratories, Inc., University Park, IL Elgee Manufacturing Co., Inc., Warren, NJ Elite Janitorial Products & Supplies, Colton, CA William D. Fetzer, Summerville, SC Four Seasons Flooring, Inc., Odenton, MD Genco, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC General Floorcraft, Inc., Paterson, NJ Glen D. Reed, Scottsdale, AZ Grace-Lee Products, Inc., Minneapolis, MN Kenneth Griggs, Barre, VT Sam Halpern, Franklin Square, NY Hygienic Technologies & Training, Inc., Tampa, FL Interstate Chemical & Paper, Appalachia, VA J.J. Jans & Associates, Inc., Villa Park, IL Jones Companies Ltd., Humboldt, TN J. Tech Sales, LLC, Boca Raton, FL Kandel and Son, Inc., Hicksville, NY Donald Kaufmann, Denver, CO Kelly Associates, Inc., Owings Mills, MD Konie Cups International, Inc., Medley, FL Lakeland Chemical, Inc., Bloomingdale, NJ Lakeland Supply, Inc., Waukesha, WI Lawrence Environmental Group, Richmond, VA David Leavy, Margate City, NJ

Lonza Inc., Allendale, NJ Maintenance Depot, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL Mansfield Paper Co., West Springfield, MA Midlab, Inc., Athens, TN National Tissue Co., LLC, King, NC Donald G. Ness, Marion, IL Nuance Solutions, Chicago, IL Odorite Co. of Baltimore, Inc., Baltimore, MD Osborne Marketing, Inc., Harrison Township, MI Package Materials Corp., Haddonfield, NJ Paper Enterprises, Inc., Bronx, NY PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., Ellijay, GA Ernie Peters, Manchester, CT Pitt Plastics, Inc., Pittsburg, KS Pro-Link, Inc., Canton, MA Red Coats, Inc., Bethesda, MD Shepard Bros., Inc., Royal Solutions Division, La Habra, CA Patrick Sicilio, Wilkes Barre, PA Sinclair Cleaning Systems, Chatham, ON, Canada Sky Systems Co., Inc., Ontario, CA Smith Supply Co., Inc., Temple, TX Solaris Paper Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA Joseph G. Sommer, Greenville, NC Sorbent Products Co., Inc., Somerset, NJ SpillTech, Alpharetta, GA Stiebel Eltron, West Hatfield, MA Straubel Paper Co., Green Bay, WI Sunset Marketing & Sales, Inc., Chandler, AZ Superior Manufacturing Group, Inc., Chicago, IL Technical Concepts, Winchester, VA The Fairbank Corp., San Juan, PR

The Malish Corp., Willoughby, OH Thornton Brothers, Inc., Athens, GA TomCat Commercial Cleaning Equipment, Racine, WI Trade Press Publishing Corp., Milwaukee, WI Triple S, North Billerica, MA TxF Products, Arlington, TX Uncle Sam Chemical Co., Inc., New York, NY Unger Enterprises, Inc., Bridgeport, CT United Receptacle, Pottsville, PA Waterbury Companies, Inc., Waterbury, CT Robert Widick, Rio Verde, AZ xpedx, Loveland, OH

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

2012 Supporters 24-7 Maintenance, Inc., Cleveland, OH 2 Clean Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC, Riverdale, MD 3rd Generation Services, LLC, San Antonio, TX 4 State Maintenance Supply, Inc., Coffeyville, KS 503 Corp., Philadelphia, PA 5-S Groupe, Bezons Cedex, France A Cleaning Service, LLC, Arlington, VA A Clean Sweep Janitorial Service, LLC, Gretna, LA A-1 Vacuum & Janitorial Supply, Kalispell, MT AA Cleaning Co., Inc., Hudson, MA A & A Maintenance Enterprise, Inc., Yonkers, NY A & B Wiper Supply, Inc., Philadelphia, PA Abacus Corp., Baltimore, MD ABBCO Service Corp., Saint Louis, MO ABC Compounding Co., Inc., Atlanta, GA ABC Corp., Waipahu, HI Abco Products Corp., Miami, FL ABC Vacuum Warehouse, Austin, TX Abe Janitorial Supply, Inc., Sacramento, CA Abel Industries, Inc., Dumfries, VA Abertax Technologies Ltd., Paola, Malta Ability Janitorial Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON, Canada Ableman International Co. Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan Able Services, San Francisco, CA Absormex CMPC Tissue, S.A. de C.V., Monterrey, N.L., Mexico Academy School District 20, Colorado Springs, CO ACA Enterprises, Clyde, OH ACBMS, LLC, Dallas, TX Accruent, LLC, Austin, TX Ace Cleaning Services, Alpharetta, GA Ace Janitorial & Surgical Supply Co., Brooklyn, NY Ace Mart Restaurant Supply, San Antonio, TX Acklands Grainger, Inc., Richmond Hill, ON, Canada Acme Janitor & Chemical Supply, Inc., Fort Smith, AR ACN General Service & Distributors, Richmond Hill, NY Acorn Distributors, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Acosta Food Service, Orangeburg, SC A.C.P. Cleaning, Inc., Woburn, MA ACS Enterprises, Inc., Walnut, CA ACS Industries, Inc./Scrubble Division, Lincoln, RI Actalys SARL, Mitry Mory, France Action Chemical, Inc., Memphis, TN Action Janitorial Supplies Ltd., Halifax, NS, Canada Action Service Corp., San Juan, PR Action Unlimited Resources, Inc., New Castle, DE Adair/Midwest, Williamston, MI Adapt, Newmarket, ON, Canada Aditya Marine, Kakinada, India ADS Solutions, Novato, CA Ad-Vance Building Services, Inc., Nashville, TN Advance Commercial Equipment Ltd., San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago Advanced Maintenance, Inc., Brick, NJ Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC, Everett, WA Advance Management, Inc. (AMI), Tamuning, GU Advance Sales, Maple Grove, MN Advantage Vacuum Co., Rahway, NJ Advantage Waypoint, Wakefield, MA A.E. Carter Distributing, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT A.E. Moore Janitorial, Inc., Millsboro, DE AEP Industries, Inc., South Hackensack, NJ Aeris Facility Management S.r.l., Arad, Romania AETNA Building Maintenance, Columbus, OH Afflink, Tuscaloosa, AL A-Force Maintenance Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Singapore AFP Industries, Inc., Miami, FL Agilex Fragrances, Piscataway, NJ A & G Supply Ltd., Vernon, BC, Canada AHRC, Bronx, NY AHRMDCO International, Houston, TX Ahtna Facility Services, Inc., Anchorage, AK AIC Facilities Management Co., Inc., Great Neck, NY Aire-Master of America, Inc., Nixa, MO

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Air Products, Allentown, PA Air-Scent International, Pittsburgh, PA Airx Laboratories/The Bullen Companies, Folcroft, PA Ajax Building Cleaning Corp., Wakefield, MA Ajax Consolidated Service Corp., Deerfield Beach, FL AJM Nino Corp., Ramsey, NJ Al Ahlea Circle Cleaning Co., Safat, Kuwait Alan Chemical Corp., Woodbridge, NJ Alberta Broom & Cleaning Supplies, Lethbridge, AB, Canada Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB, Canada Alco-Chem, Inc., Akron, OH Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG, Winnenden, Germany Alianza Building Services, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD A & L Janitorial, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI Alkemy, S.A., Guatemala City, Guatemala All-Brite Sales Co., Jacksonville, FL All Care Distributors, Wayne, NJ All Clean Janitorial & Restaurant Supply, Lawrence Township, NJ Allegheny Supply & Maintenance Co., Inc., Duncansville, PA Allen Maintenance Ltd., Ottawa, ON, Canada Allen Paper & Supply Co., Morristown, NJ All Florida Paper, Medley, FL Alliance Distributors & Services, LLC, East Stroudsburg, PA Alliance Marketing, Williamsville, NY Allied Cleaning Solutions, Louisville, KY Allied Sales & Marketing, Fort Worth, TX Allied Services, Scranton, PA Allied West Paper Corp., Fontana, CA All Maintenance Supply, Inc., Tulsa, OK All Pro Building Maintenance Co., Inc., Kent, WA All Star Cleaning Supply, Inc., Danbury, CT AllStar Holdings, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada Allston Supply Co., Inc., Springfield, MA All-Type Vacuum & Janitorial Supply, Inc., Saint Louis, MO Aloula Group FZE, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Alpena Paper & Supply Co., Alpena, MI Alpha Chemical Services, Inc., Stoughton, MA Alpha Hygiene Ltd., Moka, Mauritius Alpha & Omega Building Service, Kettering, OH Alpheios International B.V., Heerlen, Netherlands Alpine Building Maintenance, Inc., Arlington, TX Altstadt Office City, Evansville, IN Aluf Plastics Division, Orangeburg, NY Alwin Manufacturing Co., Inc., Green Bay, WI Amano Pioneer Eclipse Corp., Sparta, NC Amer Electric Motion, Inc., Burnsville, MN American Cleaning Solutions, Div. of American Wax Co., Long Island City, NY American Dish Service, Edwardsville, KS American Distributing Industries, Inc.—ADI, Simpsonville, SC American Formula, Atlanta, GA American Green Building Services, Inc., Dedham, MA American Industrial Rubber, Louisville, KY American Industrial Supply, Inc., Chatsworth, CA American Industries, Inc., Lumberton, NC American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, Highlands Ranch, CO American Janitor & Paper Supply, Scranton, PA American Maintenance, Babylon, NY American Maintenance & Supplies, Inc., West New York, NJ American Marketing Group of TN, LLC, Athens, TN American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY American Paper & Chemical Co., Richmond, VA American Paper & Supply Co., Carlstadt, NJ American Paper & Twine Co., Nashville, TN American Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., Evansville, IN American Sanitary Supply Co. of Wheeling, Inc., Wheeling, WV American Services Corp.,


American Specialties, Inc., Yonkers, NY American Supply Co., Salinas, CA Americare-National Sanitation & Supply, Addison, IL America’s 1st Maintenance, Norcross, GA Americhem International, Inc., Middletown, PA Ameri-Kleen, Inc., Watsonville, CA AM Facility Services, Inc., Indianapolis, IN AML Equipment & Supply Ltd., Brantford, ON, Canada Ammex Corp., Kent, WA Ampac Flexibles, Hanover Park, IL Amplex Group Services, Inc., Orange, CA AMPM Facility Services Corp., Waltham, MA Amrep, Inc., Marietta, GA Amtec Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Anago Cleaning Systems, Pompano Beach, FL Anda Tool & Fastener Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada Anderson Paper & Packaging Co., Ferndale, WA Andrews & Co., Newton, NJ Antaim Ltd., Kiev, Ukraine Anthem! Worldwide, Cincinnati, OH APAC Paper & Packaging Corp., Allen Park, MI Apex, Lemont, IL Apex Sanitation Products Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada APOC Sales, Inc., Plymouth, MI APP, Inc., Elmwood Park, NJ Applied Plastics, Inc., Oak Creek, WI Aps Data-Know-How, Copenhagen, Denmark Aqua ChemPacs, Trevose, PA A Quality Cleaners, Canton, OH Aquatec International, Irvine, CA Aquila Triventek A/S, Norre Aaby, Denmark Arab Cleaning Co., Safat, Kuwait Aramark Uniform Services, Atlanta, GA Arch Chemicals, Atlanta, GA ARC Imperial Valley, El Centro, CA Area Distributors, Inc., Quincy, IL Arjem, Inc., Beamsville, ON, Canada Arkansas Bag & Equipment Co., Little Rock, AR Armstrong Manufacturing, Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada


Arnold’s Supply & Kleenit Co., Rochester, MN Arrow Paper Corp., Wilmington, MA Arthur J. Kaufman Sales Co., Rumford, RI Arylessence, Inc., Marietta, GA Aseoindustrial Mexicana, S.A. de C.V., San Nicolas, Tlalnepantla, Mex., Mexico Aseptix B.V., Loenen aan de Vecht, Netherlands ASI Technologies, Inc., Montgomeryville, PA Aspen Building Services, Oklahoma City, OK Associated Paper, Inc., Conyers, GA Astro Products, Inc., Fitzgerald, GA Astro Supply Inc., Lakewood, CO Athens Janitor Supply Co., Inc., Athens, GA Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corp., Atlanta, GA Atlantic Cleaning Products, Rockland, MA Atlantic Mills, Inc., Lakewood, NJ Atma Ltd., Kiev, Ukraine Atra Janitorial Supply Co., Inc., Pompton Plains, NJ Atrium Innovation Ltd., Wallingford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom At Your Service Environmental Solutions, Magnolia, AR Augusta Janitorial Supplies, Inc., Augusta, GA Auto-Chlor System, LLC, Memphis, TN Automated Building Services, Houston, TX Automated Maintenance Services, Inc., Fargo, ND Averyck Engineering & Development B.V., Heemstede, Netherlands Avmor Ltd., Laval, QC, Canada Away Chemical Corp., Houston, TX A & W Office Supply, Knoxville, TN Aztec Facility Services, Houston, TX Aztec Products, Inc., Montgomeryville, PA Badgerland Chemical & Supply Co., Inc., Middleton, WI Bagcraft Papercon, Chicago, IL B-Air Dryers/Air Movers, Azusa, CA Balcones Minerals Corp., Flatonia, TX Ball Chemical & Equipment Co., Cleveland, OH

Banner Systems, Brockton, MA Bard Industries, Portland, ME Barrett Supplies & Equipment, Indianapolis, IN Basic Marketing Services, Inc., Wayland, MA Batavia Public Library, Batavia, IL Battery De-Mister, LLC, Appleton, WI Baudoin Wash Systems B.V., Waalwijk, Netherlands Baumann Paper & Janitorial Supply, Lexington, KY Baxter Chemical & Janitorial Supply Co., Inc., Stephenville, TX Baxter/Cleancare, Longview, TX Bay City Supply, Bellingham, WA Bay Contract Maintenance, Inc., South San Francisco, CA B & B Battery Co., Commerce, CA B & B Molded Products, Napoleon, OH B & B Sales Ltd., Corner Brook, NL, Canada BCB Janitorial Supply Co., Inc., Hackensack, NJ BCG Solutions, LLC, Omaha, NE Beach Chemical & Paper Co., Inc., Virginia Beach, VA Beacon Group, Tucson, AZ Beam Strategic Solutions, Glen Ellyn, IL Beaver Research Co., Portage, MI Beck Building Services, Newnan, GA Bee Clean Building Maintenance, Edmonton, AB, Canada Belle-Aire Fragrances, Inc., Mundelein, IL Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Northbrook, IL Bell Janitorial Supply, LLC, Ogden, UT Bellon Sales Associates, Indianapolis, IN Belson Co., Green Bay, WI Benco Industrial Supply, Inc., Columbus, IN Benelux-Loralux Works, Tessenderlo, Belgium Benmore Corp., El Paso, TX Bennett Paper & Supply Co., Inc., Vancouver, WA Bentley-Northchem Ltd., Edmonton, AB, Canada BE Pressure Supply, Inc., Abbotsford, BC, Canada Berendsen, Arnhem, Netherlands Bericap Gmbh & Co., UG, Budenheim, Germany Berkley Square, Inc., Warren, OH Berk Paper & Supply, Warren, OH

Berk Wiper International, LLC, Lansdale, PA Bertelson Total Office Solutions, Minneapolis, MN Best Service Pros, Vancouver, BC, Canada Bestway Services, Inc., Nashville, TN Betco Corp., Toledo, OH Better Business Cleaning, Inc., Erie, CO Beyond Clean, LLC, Jupiter, FL B-Future, Inc., Osaka, Japan B&G Equipment Co., Jackson, GA BI Corp., Chiba, Japan Big D Industries, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK Bi-O-Kleen Industries, Vancouver, WA Bioscience Laboratories, Inc., Bozeman, MT Birchmeier Spruhtechnik AG, Stetten, Switzerland BKG Services, Inc., Columbus, OH Blueair, Chicago, IL Blue Ribbon Linen Supply, Inc., Lewiston, ID Bluffs Sanitary Supply, Scottsbluff, NE Blu Planet Supply, Waltham, MA B. Miller Products, Inc., Hibbing, MN Bobby Dodd Institute, Inc., Atlanta, GA Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc., North Hollywood, CA BOC Plastics, Winston Salem, NC Boelter Companies, Inc., Waukesha, WI Boma N.V., Antwerp, Belgium Bona US, Aurora, CO Bonus Building Care, Indianola, OK Borax Paper Products, Inc., Bronx, NY Boreal Solutions, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada Bortek Industries, Inc., Mechanicsburg, PA Bradley Corp., Menomonee Falls, WI Brady Industries, Inc., Las Vegas, NV Brandenburg, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, United Kingdom Bravo! Group Services, Green Brook, NJ Briarwood Products Co., Cleveland, OH Brilliant General Maintenance, Inc., San Jose, CA Britannia Services Group Ltd., Lichfield, United Kingdom

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Brock Services, LLC, Kingsport, TN Brookmeade Hardware & Supply Co., Nashville, TN Bro-Tex, Inc., Saint Paul, MN Brown Janitor Supply, Little Rock, AR Bryco Services, Inc., Merrillville, IN BSC Cleaning Services, South Portland, ME BTR Sales Associates, El Dorado Hills, CA Buckeye International, Inc., Maryland Heights, MO Buckley & Associates, Centreville, VA Buck Services, Inc., West Chicago, IL Budget Janitorial Supply, Tampa, FL Building Keepers, Inc., Kansas City, MO Building Maintenance Service, LLC (BMS), New York, NY Building Services Management Magazine, Birmingham, AL Bull’sEye, Hershey, PA Bunzl USA, Inc., Saint Louis, MO Busch Systems International, Barrie, ON, Canada Busse & Assoc., Cincinnati, OH Butler Chemicals, Inc., Anaheim, CA Butler-Dearden Paper Service, Inc., Boylston, MA BWB Enterprise, Matewan, WV Caddy Clean Scandinavia AB, Taby, Sweden CAF Environmental Solutions, Maple Valley, WA Cajun Chemical & Janitorial Supply, Inc., Opelousas, LA Caliber Equipment, Inc., Ashland, VA Calibre Sales, Inc., Concord, ON, Canada California Janitorial Supply Co., San Jose, CA California Supply North, Inc., Union City, CA Callahan Sales Co., Taunton, MA Callico Distributors, Inc., Taunton, MA Camacho Equipment & Janitorial Supply, Inc., Indianapolis, IN Cambria Sales Co., Inc., Yorkville, IL Camco Chemical Co., Florence, KY Camoplast Solideal, Charlotte, NC Cam Spray/Command Pressure Washers, Iowa Falls, IA Canaan Contracting Janitorial Services, Barrie, ON, Canada

Canberra Corp., Toledo, OH Cannon Hygiene Ltd., Markham, ON, Canada Capital City Cleaning & Supply, Inc., Madison, WI Capital Contractors, Inc., Melville, NY Capital Janitorial Supply & Service, LLC, Midlothian, VA Capital Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., Des Moines, IA Capital Supply Co., New York, NY Capitol Cleaning Contractors, Inc., Hartford, CT Cardella Building Services Corp., New York, NY Cardinal Building Maintenance, Alsip, IL Cargill Salt, Hopkins, MN Carleton College, Northfield, MN Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Products, Oklahoma City, OK Carlson Building Maintenance, White Bear Lake, MN Carmens Distribution Systems, Inc., Columbus, OH Carolina Mop Manufacturing Co., Anderson, SC Carolina Paper Co., Oakboro, NC Carpet Cleaner America, Spartanburg, SC Carroll Co., Garland, TX Cary Industrial, S. A., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Cascades Tissue Group, Candiac, QC, Canada Casey Engineered Maintenance, Inc., Foxboro, MA CA Specialities, Ltd., Chester, SC Castino Restaurant Equipment & Supply, Rohnert Park, CA Castle Keepers of Charleston, Inc., North Charleston, SC Catalyst Sales & Marketing, Weston, FL Catherine Cook School, Chicago, IL Cat Pumps, Minneapolis, MN Caulfield Industrial, Itasca, IL Cavalier, Inc., Norfolk, VA Cavalier Services, Inc., Fairfax, VA CBC America Corp., Commack, NY CDC Paper & Janitor Supply Co., Champaign, IL CDS Worldwide, South San Francisco, CA Cebco, Inc., Richmond, VA CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH, Hamburg, Germany Cellucap Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, PA Centaur Building Services, Inc., Saint Louis, MO

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Central Distributing Co., Grand Junction, CO Central Distribution System, South San Francisco, CA Central Dupage Hospital, Winfield, IL Central Paper Products Co., Manchester, NH Central Wholesalers, Laurel, MD Century Products, LLC, Greensboro, NC C.E.O. Performance Chemicals, Houston, TX CEP, Inc., Kansas City, MO Certified Chemical Co., Easton, PA CFR Environmental Cleaning Systems, Fort Worth, TX C.G. Bretting Mfg. Co., Inc., Ashland, WI Challenge Unlimited, Inc., Alton, IL Champions Touch, Kissimmee, FL Champion Supply, Asheville, NC Chandler-Suppliers to Business & Industry, St. John, NB, Canada Chapin Manufacturing, Inc., Batavia, NY Chappell Supply & Equipment Co., Oklahoma City, OK Charles D. Edwards, Virginia Beach, VA Charlotte Products, Peterborough, ON, Canada Chase Products Co., Broadview, IL Chateau Valley Center, Renton, WA Chatterson Janitorial Supplies Ltd., Regina, SK, Canada ChemBlend International, LLC, Countryside, IL Chemco Corp., Lawrence, MA Chemcor Chemical Corp., Chino, CA Chemcraft Industries, Inc., Chicago, IL Chemex International Ltd., Smethwick, West Midlands, United Kingdom ChemFree Solutions, Westmont, IL Chemical Convertors (Pty.) Ltd., Edenglen, Gauteng, South Africa Chemical Industries Ltd., Christ Church, Barbados Chemical Solutions Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand Chemical Technologies International, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA Chemique, Inc., Moorestown, NJ CHEMOTEC, Anjou, QC, Canada

Chemserve Cleaning Services Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya Chemstar Corp., Lithia Springs, GA ChemStation International, Inc., Moraine, OH Chemtek, Inc., Morrisville, NC Chemtron, Inc., Lorton, VA Chicago Contract Cleaning of Illinois, Chicago, IL Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA Christ Supplies, LLC, Brentwood, TN Chudy Paper Co., Inc., Cheektowaga, NY Chugach Alaska Corp., Anchorage, AK C.I. Marwind S.A., Bogota, Colombia Cimex-USA, Tallmadge, OH Cintas Corp., Mason, OH Citrus Oleo, Boca Raton, FL City Capital Advisors, Chicago, IL City Group, Inc., Jessup, MD City of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB, Canada City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA Claire Manufacturing Co., Addison, IL Classic Paper Supply, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK CLA Today, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Clausen Carpet Solutions/The Bullen Companies, Folcroft, PA Clean as a Whistle, LLC, Rochester, IL Clean Brite Canada Ltd., Regina, SK, Canada Clean Contain, Gainesville, GA Clean Control Corp., Warner Robins, GA Clean Country, Inc., Omaha, NE Cleaner Corner, Minneapolis, MN Cleaners of America Corp., Richmond, VA Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc., Seattle, WA Cleaning For A Reason, Lewisville, TX Cleaning Green Magazine, Chalfont, PA Cleaning Ideas Corp., San Antonio, TX Cleaning Solutions & Supplies, LLC, Charleston, SC Cleaning Supplies Co., Inc., Portsmouth, OH Cleaning Supply Network, LLC, Pensacola, FL Cleaning Systems Co., New Rochelle, NY Cleaning Up, LLC, Lenexa, KS


Clean Innovations, Columbus, OH Clean Masters & Sons, Inc., Price, UT Clean-O-Rama Co., Gorham, ME Clean Scene, Etobicoke, ON, Canada Clean Solutions Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Singapore Clean Source Technologies, Eindhoven, Netherlands Clean Sweep Supply Co., Montebello, CA Cleantec Innovation Ltd., Broadstairs, Kent, United Kingdom Clean-TX Janitorial Service, Austin, TX Clean Works Services, Inc., Lancaster, PA Clear Concepts AB, Norrhult, Sweden Clearview Cleaning, Boise, ID Clines S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina Clorox Professional Products Co., Oakland, CA CMA Dishmachines, Garden Grove, CA C.M.A. of Sacramento, Elk Grove, CA C. Mascari & Associates, Farmington Hills, MI CM B2B Trade Group, Latham, NY CM General Services, Waltham, MA CMS Facilities Maintenance, Inc., Las Vegas, NV CMS Sourcing Solutions, Saint Clair Shores, MI Coastal Chemical & Paper, Wilmington, NC Coastal Sanitary Supply Co., Florence, SC Coburn Chemicals, Inc., Cockeysville, MD Cochise County Association for the Handicapped - CCAH, Bisbee, AZ Codelimsa, S.A. de C.V., Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mexico Cofraneth, Champlan, France Coleman, Greear & Associates, Mansfield, TX Cole Supply Co., Inc., Benicia, CA Colgate Palmolive Co., Commercial Customer Group, Morristown, NJ College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN Colman Supply Co., Roseville, MI Colorado Springs Cleaning Supply, Colorado Springs, CO


Columbus Paper & Chemical, Inc., Columbus, MS Columbus Paper Co., Columbus, GA Comac Corp., Inc., Brossard, QC, Canada Comercial e Industrial Branfisa, S.A., Lima, Peru Commercial Cleaning Services of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK Commercial Cleaning Services, St. Catharines, ON, Canada Commercial Janitorial Services, LLC, Marion, IL Commercial Maintenance Services, Columbia, SC Commercial Supply, LLC, Trenton, NJ Community Clean, Franklin, IN Community Work Services, Boston, MA Compass Group Canada Ltd., Mississauga, ON, Canada Comsco, Inc., Redding, CA Concepts4, Albany, NY Concordia College, Moorhead, MN Consolidated Paper Group, Inc., Bowling Green, KY Contec, Inc., Spartanburg, SC Continental Western Corp., San Leandro, CA Contract Services Group, Inc., Brea, CA Convermat Corp., Great Neck, NY Conway Cleaning, Bayonne, NJ Corazzi Fibre S.r.l., Cremona (CR), Italy Core Management Services, Endicott, NY Core Products Co., Inc., Canton, TX Cornell University, Dept. of Building Care, Ithaca, NY Corporacion Cek de Costa Rica, S.A., San Jose, Costa Rica Corporate Chemicals & Equipment, St. Catharines, ON, Canada Corporate Cleaning Group Franchise System, Livonia, MI Corporate Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CCS, Inc.), Cincinnati, OH Corr Distributors, Inc., Tonawanda, NY Correlated Products, Inc., Indianapolis, IN Corvus Holdings, LLC, Chicago, IL Cosgrove Enterprises, Inc., Miami Lakes, FL Coverall - Twin Cities, Bloomington, MN

Cowboy Supply House, Cheyenne, WY Cows In Trees, Chicago, IL CP Industries Ltd., Fergus, ON, Canada CP Industries, Salt Lake City, UT CPL Aromas, Somerset, NJ CPT, Athens, Greece Creative Chemicals, Inc., Holyoke, MA Creative Flooring Concepts, Plainview, NY Creative Fragrances Ltd., Dallas, TX Creative Products International, Inc., Holland, MI Creative Sales & Marketing Group, Inc., Lincoln Park, NJ Crest Foam Industries, Inc., Moonachie, NJ Crest Paper Products, Trenton, NJ Cross City Janitorial Corp., Red Deer, AB, Canada Cross Country Installations & Service, LLC, Paterson, NJ Crothall Services Group, Wayne, PA Crown Battery Manufacturing Co., Fremont, OH Crown Janitorial Products, Yonkers, NY Crown Mats & Matting, Div. of Ludlow Composites Corp., Fremont, OH Crown Products, LLC, Pompano Beach, FL Crypton, West Bloomfield, MI Crystal Clear Building Supply, Twinsburg, OH Crystal Lake Manufacturing, Inc., Autaugaville, AL CSB Industries, LLC, Phoenix, AZ CSI International, Newtown, PA CSM Services, Hudsonville, MI C.T.C. Janitorial, Clinton, OK Cummins Facility Services, Waldo, OH Curtis Dyna-Fog Ltd., Westfield, IN Custom Essence, Inc., Somerset, NJ CWP Floorcare, Cleveland, OH CW Resources, New Britain, CT Cyan Laboratories, Inc., Houston, TX Daansen USA, Inc., Nashua, NH D & A Building Services, Longwood, FL Dacotah Paper Co., Fargo, ND DadePaper, Medley, FL Daego Corp. Ltd., Anyang City, South Korea Daka Services, Oss, Netherlands

Dale Rogers Training Center, Oklahoma City, OK Daley International, Charlotte, NC Daley International, Chicago, IL Dallmayer Gebaudereinigung & Service GmbH, Putzbrunn, Germany Damon Industries, Inc., Alliance, OH Dan Ren Service, Esbjerg, Denmark Danville Paper & Supply, Inc., Danville, IL Daryza S.A.C., Lima, Peru Datacor, Inc., Florham Park, NJ David & Susan Holtzman, Parsippany, NJ Davis Products Co., Inc., Bogalusa, LA Dawnchem, Inc., Willowick, OH Daycon, Upper Marlboro, MD DDI System, Sandy Hook, CT Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corp., Merlin, OR Deb Canada, Waterford, ON, Canada Deb Group, Charlotte, NC Decitex S.A.S., Givenchy, France Dedicated Transport, LLC, Brooklyn Heights, OH Dee-ef Three Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria Defender Services, Inc., Columbia, SC DeForest Enterprises, Inc., Boca Raton, FL Delamo Manufacturing, Montebello, CA Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd., London, ON, Canada Del Sol, Inc., Pasco, WA Delta Industries, King of Prussia, PA Delta Marketing Int’l, LLC, Plattsburgh, NY Delta-Q Technologies Corp., Burnaby, BC, Canada Deltrol Controls, Milwaukee, WI DEMA Engineering Co., Saint Louis, MO Demlow Marketing, Inc., Houston, TX Denesoline Environment L.P., Fort McMurray, AB, Canada DeRoyal Textiles, Inc., Camden, SC Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists, Dublin, Ireland DeSantis Janitor Supply Co., Div. of DeDeavors Corp., Meadville, PA DeSoto Janitorial Supply, Inc., DeSoto, TX

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

D & E Supply Co., Inc., Bismarck, ND Detroit Chemical & Paper Supply Co., Warren, MI Devon Facility Management, Detroit, MI DeWhit, Inc., Mauldin, SC D.H. Bertenthal & Sons, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA Diamond Paper Co., Ltd., Destrehan, LA Diamond Services, Inc., Dunn, NC Diamond Tool Supply, Monroe, MI Didlake, Inc., Manassas, VA Direct Mop Sales, Inc., Atchison, KS Dirksen B.V., Wierden, Netherlands Dirt Killer Pressure Washers, Inc., Baltimore, MD Dispenser Installation Specialists, LLC, Houston, TX Dispensing Dynamics International, City of Industry, CA Disposables UK Group, Meltham, Holmfirth, United Kingdom Dist. PRI Inc., Terrebonne, QC, Canada Distribuidora Florex Centroamericana, S.A., Alajuela, Costa Rica Distribuidora Lava Tap, S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, D.F., Mexico Distribuidora PAR-El Salvador/ Guatemala, La Libertad, El Salvador District Health Care & Janitorial Supply, Inc., Medley, FL District Publishing, Inc., Shelby Township, MI Diverse Facilities Solutions, LLC, Oakland Park, FL Diversified Hospitality Solutions, Las Vegas, NV Diversified Maintenance, Inc., Overland Park, KS Diversified Maintenance Systems, LLC., Tampa, FL Diversified Service Contracting, Inc., Dunn, NC D.K.B. Marketing, Inc., Lacombe, AB, Canada DKP Enterprises, LLC, Chesterfield, MO Dobmeier Janitor Supply, Inc., Buffalo, NY Do It Best Corp., Incom Supply, Fort Wayne, IN DOLLY GmbH, Dreieich, Germany Domade, Inc., Boones Mill, VA

Dominion Equipment & Chemical, Brantford, ON, Canada Don Pulcro, Leon, Gto., Mexico Dorden & Co., Inc., Detroit, MI Do Something, LLC, Vestavia, AL Dot Foods, Inc., Mount Sterling, IL Dow Chemical Co., Philadelphia, PA DPA Buying Group, Cincinnati, OH Draco Hygienic Products, Inc., Ontario, CA Drake Sales Corp., Huntington Beach, CA Dri-Eaz, A Legend Brands Co., Burlington, WA Dulevo International S.p.A., Fontanellato (PR), Italy Duncan Janitorial & Industrial Supply, Inc., Duncan, OK Durable Corp., Norwalk, OH Durable Packaging International, Wheeling, IL Dura Wax Co., Inc., McHenry, IL Durham District School Board, Whitby, ON, Canada Duropad (M) Sdn. Bhd., Puchong, Selangor D.E., Malaysia Duskin Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan Dustbane Products Ltd., Ottawa, ON, Canada D.W. Davies & Co., Inc., Racine, WI DXP Enterprises, Omaha, NE Dyal Sales Co., Jacksonville, FL Dyson Commercial, Chicago, IL Eagle Brush & Chemical, Inc., Dallas, TX Eagle Building Maintenance & Janitorial, Pennington, NJ Eagle Janitorial Supply Co., Williamsport, PA Eagle Paper, Inc., Louisville, KY EAGLE USA, Inc., Chesterton, IN E.A. Morse & Co., Inc., Middletown, NY Earp & Waldrip Sales Co., Inc., Roswell, GA East Continental Supplies, Hialeah, FL Eastern Institutional Supply Co., Toms River, NJ East Jefferson General Hospital, Metairie, LA East Kentucky Chemical, Inc., Pikeville, KY Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, TN East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc., Lyon Station, PA EBP Supply Solutions, Milford, CT

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

ECi Software Solutions, Fort Worth, TX E-Clean Products/The Bullen Companies, Folcroft, PA Eco7, Oklahoma City, OK EcoBrite Services, LLC, Orem, UT Eco Concepts Asia Ltd., Hong Kong, China Eco Concepts, Inc., Hollywood, FL Ecolab, Inc., Saint Paul, MN Eco-Logical Cleaning Ltd., Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand Eco Nederland B.V., Brunssum, Netherlands Economical Janitorial & Paper Supplies, Inc., Harahan, LA Eco Products, Inc., Boulder, CO EDIC, Los Angeles, CA Edmar Cleaning Corp., Woodside, NY Edmer Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., East Meadow, NY E.D. Oates Pty. Ltd., Campbellfield, VIC, Australia Edward Don & Co., Riverside, IL Edward M. D’Onofrio Assoc’s., Liverpool, NY Edwards-Councilor Co., Inc., Virginia Beach, VA EES, Inc., Cartersville, GA Egan Supply Co., Omaha, NE Eikosha Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan Ekcos Innovations, Livermore, CA E.K. Lay Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA Elco Laboratories, Inc., University Park, IL Electrical Marketing Est., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Electrolux Home Care Products, NA, Charlotte, NC Elite Associates Northwest, Inc., Brea, CA Elite Environmental Services, LLC, Macon, GA Elite Foodservice Specialists, Clive, IA Elite Janitorial Products & Supplies, Colton, CA Elkhorn Chemical & Packaging, Elkhorn, WI Elliott Affiliates Ltd., Baltimore, MD Ellison Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., La Follette, TN Elsea S.r.l., Fasano (BR), Italy Emerald Professional Protection Products, Somerset, NJ EMG Cleaning Systems, LLC, Miami, FL EMI Yoshi, North Brunswick, NJ

EMPACS, LLC, Aurora, CO Empire Cleaning Supply, Los Angeles, CA Empire Paper Co., Wichita Falls, TX Emrol, Malle, Belgium Energizer Battery Co., Saint Charles, IL Energy Shine & Solution Trading (ES&S Trading), Curacao, Netherlands Antilles Engineering Chemistry Co., Inc., Covington, VA Envera, LLC, West Chester, PA Envirionix Ltd., Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom EnviroChemical, Inc., Solon, OH EnviroClean, Fresno, CA Enviro-Clean Services, Inc., Holland, MI Enviroclean Systems, Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada Enviro-LCS Pty. Ltd., Beaconsfield, NSW, Australia Environmental Facilities Services, Inc., McLean, VA Environmental Service Systems, LLC, Charlotte, NC Environment Control, Hayden, ID Environment Control of Wisconsin, Inc., Madison, WI Environment & General Services, Inc., Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines Enviro USA, Cordova, TN EnvirOx, LLC, Danville, IL E-Pak Machinery, Inc., La Porte, IN EPAY Systems, Inc., Chicago, IL Epic Industries, New Brunswick, NJ Epicor Software Corp., Yardley, PA EP Minerals, LLC, Reno, NV eQuest Software, Inc., Concord, CA Equipment Canada Sanitation Solutions, Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada Equipos y Productos de Limpieza, S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, D.F., Mexico Ergonomic Tools, Inc., Glenview, IL E & R Industrial Sales, Inc., Sterling Heights, MI ERMC, Chattanooga, TN Ernest Packaging Solutions, Commerce, CA Erzen Associates, Inc., Monroeville, PA ESS Clean, Inc., Urbana, IL ESSCO, Twinsburg, OH Essential Industries, Inc., Merton, WI


Essential Ingredients, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA ETC of Henderson, Inc., Henderson, NC Ettore Products Co., Alameda, CA Eurest Services, Wheeling, IL European Cleaning Journal, Chesham, United Kingdom EUROSTEAM, Le Houlme, France Eurow & O’Reilly Corp., Camarillo, CA Evergreen Distribution, Inc., Weston, WI Evergreen Install Services, LLC, Canton, MI Evolution Sorbent Products, LLC, West Chicago, IL Evripos Janitorial Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON, Canada Excel Dryer, Inc., East Longmeadow, MA Executive Cleaning Services, LLC, Huntington, NY Executive Management Services, Indianapolis, IN Expert Chemical & Supply, Inc., Hazel Crest, IL Expert JMS, Knoxville, TN E-Z Clean Corp., Terre Haute, IN E-Z Way Products, LLP, Waterbury, CT Fabio Perini North America, Inc., Green Bay, WI Facilities Janitorial Supplies, Toronto, ON, Canada Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc., Aurora, IL Fagan Sanitary Supply, West Elizabeth, PA Falcon ProSolutions, Inc., San Antonio, TX Falcon Waterfree Technologies, LLC, Los Angeles, CA Falls Janitorial Service, Inc., Birmingham, AL FA-MA Jersey S.p.A., Pistoia (PT), Italy Fas-Trak Industries, Monee, IL FD Enterprises Ltd., Baldwin, NY Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc., New York, NY Federal Maintenance Hawaii, Inc., Wahiawa, HI Fellow Y.C. Co. Ltd., Tainan, Yong-Kang, Taiwan F & F Supply, Inc., Bronx, NY FHP Export-Vileda Professional, Weinheim, Germany Fibematics, Philadelphia, PA Fiberlock Technologies, Inc., Andover, MA Fibreclean Supplies Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada


Fikes Holdings, Inc., Grapevine, TX Fikes Products, Kent, WA Filmop S.r.l., Villa del Conte (PD), Italy Final Touch Cleaning, Tulsa, OK Fineline Settings, Inc., Middletown, NY Fishman Supply Co., Petaluma, CA Fitch Co., Baltimore, MD Fitz Chem Corp., Itasca, IL Flannigan Sales Group, Inc., Newnan, GA Flash B.V., Oss, Netherlands Flavor & Fragrance Specialties, Inc., Mahwah, NJ Flexo Products Ltd., Niagara Falls, ON, Canada Flex-Pac, Inc., Zionsville, IN Flight Systems Industrial Products, Carlisle, PA Flint Cleaning Supplies, Inc., Flint, MI Flo-Kem, Inc., East Rancho Dominguez, CA Florachem Corp., Jacksonville, FL Florida Chemical Co., Inc., Winter Haven, FL Florida Green Solutions, LLC, Miami, FL F-matic, Inc., Lehi, UT Focus Packaging & Supply Co., Fresno, CA Fogmaster Corp., Deerfield Beach, FL Foley Distributing Corp., Rutland, VT ForeFront Product Design, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA Formula Corp., Auburn, WA Four Star Chemical, Vernon, CA Four-U-Packaging Supply, Celina, OH FPC Distribution, Elkridge, MD FQN, Roswell, GA Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates Fragrance West, Van Nuys, CA Frain-Bovasso Associates, Clifton, NJ France Industrie, Bonneval, France Franklin Chemical & Equipment Co., Plymouth Meeting, PA Franklin Foodservice Solutions, Sanibel, FL Frank Miller & Sons, Inc., Mokena, IL Frank’s Maintenance Products, Inc., Kitchener, ON, Canada Franmar Chemical, Inc., Bloomington, IL Fresh N Kleen, Inc., Stanley, WI

Fresh Products, LLC, Toledo, OH FreshWay Services Corp., Hurdle Mills, NC Friend’s Business Source, Findlay, OH Frost Products Ltd., Burlington, ON, Canada Fuller Commercial Products, Great Bend, KS Fuller Interamericana, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela Fuller Sales, Inc., Burnsville, MN Fullriver Battery USA, Camarillo, CA Fulton Distributing Co., Coachella, CA Futura North America, Inc., Alpharetta, GA Future Floor Technology, Inc., Gladstone, OR Garland C. Norris Co., Apex, NC Garrett Paper, Inc., Saint Louis, MO Gasco Industrial Corp., Gurabo, PR GCA Services Group, Cleveland, OH GDI-Omni, Southfield, MI Geerpres, Inc., Muskegon, MI Gem State Paper & Supply Co., Twin Falls, ID Genco, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC Geneon Technologies, Edina, MN General Floorcraft, Doral, FL General Merchandise Supplies Unlimited, Washington, DC Genesan, LLC, Gorham, ME Genesis Biosciences, Lawrenceville, GA Genesis Building Services, San Mateo, CA Gent-l-kleen Products, Inc., a Dreumex Co., York, PA Georgia-Pacific Professional, Atlanta, GA G & F Manufacturing Co., Inc., Oak Lawn, IL GHC Sales & Consulting, Vancouver, WA Ghibli S.p.A., Dorno (PV), Italy G. Hollis Cone, Columbia, SC Gilbert Paper & Supply Sales, Charlotte, NC Gingham Girls Cleaning Service, Sheboygan, WI G&K Services, Minnetonka, MN Glana Controlled Hygiene Ltd., New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland GLH Chemical, Bethlehem, GA Global Building Services, Inc., Valencia, CA Global Digital Instruments, Fairport, NY

Global Management Solutions, Inc., Ellwood City, PA Global Sales Concepts, Jericho, NY GMI Building Services, Inc., San Diego, CA GMZ, Inc., West Chester, OH Gnepper & Associates, Inc., Elmore, OH GOJO Industries, Akron, OH Golbon, Boise, ID Golden Rule Industries of Muskogee, Inc., Muskogee, OK Golden Star Inc., Kansas City, MO Goldstar Products, Inc., Hollywood, FL Good Clean Property Services, Concord, NH Good Earth Products, LLC, Fort Lee, NJ Goodlife Fitness Clubs, London, ON, Canada Goodmaid Chemicals Corp. Sdn. Bhd., Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Goodwill Central Texas, Austin, TX Goodwill Contract Services Hawaii, Inc., Honolulu, HI Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley, Dayton, OH Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO Goodwill Industries of South Florida, Miami, FL Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Inc., Baltimore, MD Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire, Savannah, GA Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay, Inc., Oakland, CA Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, Roanoke, VA Goodwill of SE Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI Goodwill of Western MO & Eastern KS, Kansas City, MO Goodwill Services, Inc., Harrisburg, PA Goodwill Solutions/Industries, Des Moines, IA Gordon Food Service, Grand Rapids, MI Grace Management Services, Inc., Southfield, MI Graco Manufacturing Co., Blackwood, NJ Graham Chemical Corp., Barrington, IL Grand Rapids Building Services, Grand Rapids, MI

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Toronto A.M.F., ON, Canada Great Falls Paper & Supply Co., Inc., Great Falls, MT Great Western Sanitary Supplies, Huntington Beach, CA Green Bay Converting, Inc., Green Bay, WI Green Klean Vacuum Bags, Crystal Lake, IL GreenSeed Contract Packaging, Batavia, IL Greenside Supply & Service, San Jose, CA Green Sky, Fenton, MO Greenstone Professional Service, Clayton, NC GreenWave International, Inc., Brooklyn, NY Gregomatic AG, Cham, Zug, Switzerland Greyland Ltd., Dukinfield, United Kingdom Grimsley’s, Inc., Stillwater, OK Groupe Poly M2, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada GSC Manufacturing, Inc., Brentwood, TN G.T. French Paper Ltd., Hamilton, ON, Canada Guardian Service Industries, Inc., New York, NY Guillot’s Sanitary Supplies, Inc., New Orleans, LA Gulf Coast Paper Co., Inc., Victoria, TX GWCCA (Georgia World Congress Center Authority), Atlanta, GA Haaga Kehrsysteme GmbH, Kirchheim, Germany Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH, Zell am See, Austria Hahl-Pedex, Lexington, SC Hal Uhrman, Mayfield Heights, OH Hamilton Plastics, Inc., Chattanooga, TN Hampton City Schools, Hampton, VA Handi-Clean Products, Inc., Greensboro, NC Handi-Foil of America, Inc., Wheeling, IL Handle Hygiene Ltd., Dublin, Ireland Hanset Brothers, Inc., Portland, OR Hanson Chemical, Inc., Billings, MT Hanson Janitorial Supply, Inc., Pocatello, ID

Harvard Chemical Research, Inc., Atlanta, GA Harvard Maintenance, Inc., New York, NY Hathaway, Inc., Waynesboro, VA Haviland Contoured Plastics, Grand Rapids, MI Haviland Corp., Linn, MO Hawaiian Building Maintenance, Honolulu, HI Hawk Enterprises of Elkhart, Inc., Elkhart, IN H&B Cleaning Services, Inc., Parsippany, NJ HBS National Corp., Houston, TX HD Chem, Long Beach, CA H.D. Hudson Mfg. Co., Professional Division, Chicago, IL Heartland Paper Co., Sioux Falls, SD Heinrich Paper & Supply, Zanesville, OH Held’s Janitorial Services, Inc., West Seneca, NY Helgesen Industries, Hartford, WI Helping Hand Maintenance & Cleaning Service, Gonzales, LA Henan Prosper USA, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA Henderson Chemical Co., Inc., Macon, GA Henry Kraft, Inc., Nevada, MO Hercules & Hercules, Inc., Detroit, MI Heritage Bag Co., Carrollton, TX Hews Hotel & Restaurant Supplies Ltd., George Town, Cayman Islands HHA Services, Saint Clair Shores, MI Hiawatha Chef Supply, Inc., Escanaba, MI High Gloss Maintenance, Upper Sackville, NS, Canada High Point Sanitary Solutions, Houston, TX Hill Manufacturing Co., Inc., Atlanta, GA Hillyard, Inc., Saint Joseph, MO Hillyard Industries, Saint Joseph, MO Hines Industrial Services Ltd., Fort McMurray, AB, Canada Hinton Sales, Inc., Norcross, GA HLF Diversified, Inc., Unionville, ON, Canada HLH Systems, Dublin, OH HLO Enterprises, Inc., San Francisco, CA Hockenberg Newburgh Sales & Marketing, Des Moines, IA Hokuso Biso, Inc., Chiba, Japan Hokwang Industries Co. Ltd., New Taipei City, Taiwan

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Holland Home, Grand Rapids, MI Holloway House, Inc., Fortville, IN Holzmann Medien GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Worishofen, Germany Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Raymond, OH Hongda Chem USA, LLC, High Point, NC Hopkins Sales Co., Inc., Easton, MD Horizon Distributors, Belvidere, IL Hospeco, Cleveland, OH Hospital Housekeeping Systems, LLC, Austin, TX HospitalityStaff, Orlando, FL Hospital Klean of Texas, Inc., San Antonio, TX Hotel Cleaning Services, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Hounds Maintenance Products (Aust) PL, Unanderra, NSW, Australia Housechem, Inc., Waldwick, NJ House of Clean, Inc., Bozeman, MT House Sanitary Supply Co., Inc., Ventura, CA HP Products Corp., Indianapolis, IN Hruby Orbital Systems, Inc., Vista, CA H&S Resources Corp., Columbia, MD H.T. Berry Co., Inc., Canton, MA HTC Twister, Inc., Knoxville, TN Hubbell, Stratford, CT Huebsch Services, Eau Claire, WI Huertas Trading Corp., Bayamon, PR Huff United, Upper Chichester, PA Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA H. Weiss, LLC, Armonk, NY Hydro-Force Manufacturing, Salt Lake City, UT Hydro Systems Co., Cincinnati, OH Hygeia Enviro-Clean, Inc., Houston, TX Hygienex Laboratory, Inc./ Laboratoire Hygienex, Inc., Quebec, QC, Canada Hygienic Technologies & Training, Inc., Tampa, FL Hyosung Corp., Div. of Finestar Team, Seoul, South Korea Hyso, LLC, Carlstadt, NJ Ideal Linen Supply, Scottsbluff, NE IDI Independent Distributor, Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada IH Services, Inc., Greenville, SC

IHS Group Chemical Division, New Orleans, LA I. Janvey & Sons, Inc., Hempstead, NY Image by J & K, LLC, Forest, VA Image Supply, Inc., Lumberton, NC Imagine, Lafayette, CO Impact Office Products, Beltsville, MD Impact Products, LLC, Toledo, OH Impact Professional Sales & Marketing, Newport Beach, CA Impact Sales, Inc., Birmingham, AL Impact Sales & Service, Forest Park, GA Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC, Bayonne, NJ Imperial Bldg. Maintenance & Janitorial Supply, St. Catharines, ON, Canada Imperial County Work Training Center, Inc., El Centro, CA Imperial Electric, Akron, OH Imperial Service Systems, Inc., Lombard, IL Importadora Santa Isabel Ltda., Santiago, Chile Importadora Transmundi, S.A., Panama City, Panama Indoor Billboard, Portland, OR Industrial Chemical & Supply, Inc., Indiana, PA Industrial Cleaning Products, Inc., West Boylston, MA Industrial Cleaning Supplies, Inc., Ottawa, ON, Canada Industrial Cleaning Supply Co., Waterford, MI Industrial Paper Products, Inc., Burlington, NC Industrie de Nora S.p.A., Milano (MI), Italy Infiniti Brands, Inc., Corona, CA Infor Global Solutions, Inc., Alpharetta, GA Infotrac, Inc., Leesburg, FL Ing. O. Fiorentini S.p.A., Piancaldoli (FI), Italy Initial Hygiene Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria Iniziative Venete Soc. Coop., Venice (VE), Italy Inland Supply Co., Inc., Reno, NV Innocore Sales & Marketing, Pickering, ON, Canada Innovation Engineering Group (I.E.G.), Gatineau, QC, Canada Innovative Cleaning Services, Irvine, CA Innovative Formulations, Newnan, GA Innovative Solutions, Burnsville, MN


Innovative Surface Solutions, Ajax, ON, Canada Inopak Ltd., Ringwood, NJ INPACS GmbH, Dahlewitz, Germany INSCO, Wilson, NC Institutional Wholesale Co., Inc., Cookeville, TN Intarome Fragrance Corp., Norwood, NJ Intechnedvizhimost Ltd., Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation Integratas Maintenance Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY Integrity Management Services, Inc., Nipomo, CA Integrity Services, Inc., Stoneham, MA Intellibot Robotics, LLC, Portland, OR Inteplast Group, Livingston, NJ Interclean Australasia, Winston Hills, NSW, Australia Interior Technicians, Inc., Sioux Falls, SD Interline Brands, Jacksonville, FL International Custodial Advisors Network, Inc. (ICAN), Seattle, WA International Salt Co., Clarks Summit, PA International Service Systems Co., Ltd., Kusatsu City, Japan International Supply Systems, Inc., Windsor, ON, Canada Interpolymer Corp., Canton, MA Interpump Group S.p.A., San Ilario d’Enza (RE), Italy Interstate Contract Cleaning Service, Inc., Charlotte, NC Interstate Solutions, Inc., Rock Hill, SC Intersteam Technologies, Hamilton, ON, Canada Inventory Sales Co., Saint Louis, MO Iowa-Des Moines Supply, Inc., Des Moines, IA IPC Eagle Corp., Eagan, MN IP Trading, s.r.o., Brno, Czech Republic I.S.C. S.r.l., Torino (TO), Italy Island Cleaning Services Ltd., St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago ITW Professional Brands, Olathe, KS JA-AN Services, Saint John, IN J & A Cleaning Solutions Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada Jacobs Wholesale Paper Co., Chattanooga, TN Jadcore, Inc., Terre Haute, IN JAD Corp. of America, College Point, NY James Austin Co., Mars, PA


Jancoa Janitorial Service, Cincinnati, OH Janco Service Industries, Hudson, OH Janeco, Springfield, OH Jani-Care Services & Supply, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA Jani-King International, Inc., Addison, TX Jani-King Southwest, Phoenix, AZ JaniLink Corp., Atlanta, GA Janitor Equipment Co., Inc., Springfield, OH Janitorial Growth Solutions, Palm Harbor, FL Janitorial, Inc., Fresno, CA Janitorial Services, Inc., Valley View, OH Janitor’s Closet Ltd., Spencer, IA Janitors Supply Co., Inc., Erie, PA Janitor’s Warehouse of Austin, Inc., Round Rock, TX Janitronics, Inc., Albany, NY Jan-Mar Sales Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada JanPak, Inc., Davidson, NC Jan-Pro International, Alpharetta, GA JanRep Associates, Manchester, MO Jantech Building Services, Independence, OH Japan Airport Techno Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Jarchem Industries, Inc., Newark, NJ Jay Manufacturing, Phoenix, AZ J.C. Nelson Supply Co., Fairfield, CA JC Paper, Fremont, CA JDD, Inc., Cleveland, OH Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY Jelmar, LLC, Skokie, IL Jenkins & Price, Inc., Enid, OK Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, QC, Canada J.J. Shearer Co., Minnetonka, MN J & J Worldwide Services, Austin, TX JMC Building Service, Mountain View, CA J & M Depot, Inc., San Juan, PR J & M Technologies, Inc., Canfield, OH Jobone, Independence, MO Job Options, Inc., San Diego, CA Jofel USA, LLC, San Antonio, TX John A. Earl, Inc., Hackensack, NJ John Calarese & Co., Inc., Medfield, MA

Johnny Vac, Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD Johnson Sanitary Products, Mason City, IA Johnston Paper Co., Inc., Auburn, NY Johnstown Chemical Co., Johnstown, PA Jonas Service & Supply, Green Bay, WI Jon-Don, Roselle, IL Jones Companies Ltd., Humboldt, TN Jordan/Zalaznick Advisers, Inc., Chicago, IL Joshen Paper & Packaging, Cleveland, OH J. Racenstein Co., LLC/JRC Supply, Carson, CA J’s Maintenance Service, Inc., Glendale, CA J.S.P. Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan J & S Soap & Supply Co., Inc., Cincinnati, OH Julius Holluschek GmbH, Zirl, Austria Just A Touch Services, Portsmouth, VA J.W. Marketing, Inc., North Olmsted, OH Kaivac, Inc., Hamilton, OH Kamo Manufacturing Co., Inc., Augusta, GA Kandel and Son, Inc., Hicksville, NY Kane Biotech, Inc., Winnipeg, MB, Canada Karlhans Lehmann KG, Neustrelitz, Germany Kastell Systemy Szczotek Przemyslowych, Wroclaw, Poland Katcef Sales, Inc., Annapolis, MD KB Building Services, Inc., Omaha, NE K-B Chemical Co., Inc., Billings, MT KBM Facility Solutions, San Diego, CA KBM, Inc., Batavia, OH KCR Maintenance, Chicago, IL K & D Pratt Group, Inc., Mount Pearl, NL, Canada Keep It Up, Inc., New York, NY Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, Maumee, OH Kelly Associates, Inc., Owings Mills, MD Kelsan, Inc., Knoxville, TN Kemper Industries, Inc., Daphne, AL Kem Tech Industries, Ixonia, WI

Kendall & Son Ltd., Royse City, TX Kenerson Associates, Inc., Beverly, MA Kennedy Hygiene Products Ltd., Uckfield, East Sussex, United Kingdom Kenway Distributors, Inc., Louisville, KY Kevin Hennessey, LLC, Bayonne, NJ Key Impact Sales & Systems, Inc., Odenton, MD Keystone Adjustable Cap Co., Inc., Pennsauken, NJ KGS Diamond International, Elburg, Netherlands King Zak Industries, Inc., Goshen, NY Kinney Paper & Chemical Co., Inc., Columbus, IN Kirby Sanitary Supply, Gallatin, TN Kissner Salts & Chemicals Ltd., Cambridge, ON, Canada K.J.A., Inc., Saint Louis, MO K & J Supply, Macon, GA Klabin Fragrances, Cedar Grove, NJ KL Designs, West Covina, CA Kleaning Supply LLC, Blaine, MN Kleen Purgatis International AG, Feusisberg, Switzerland KleenRite Equipment, Madera, CA Kleen-Tech Services Corp., Denver, CO Kleenway Building Maintenance Service, Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada Kleenzone Ltd., Greenwood, ON, Canada Knapp Supply & Equipment Co., Casper, WY Knight, LLC, Unit of IDEX Corp., Lake Forest, CA Knight Marketing Corp. of New York, Maspeth, NY Knop Gebaeude Dienstleistungen GmbH, Verden/Aller, Germany Koala Kare Products, Div. of Bobrick, Centennial, CO Koblenz (Thorne Electric Co.), San Antonio, TX KO Manufacturing, Inc., Springfield, MO Konie Cups International, Inc., Medley, FL Koprash Facilities Services, Burlington, ON, Canada Kor-Chem, Inc., Atlanta, GA Kranz, Inc., Racine, WI Krisko Norge A/S, Oslo, Norway Kristel Group, Clawson, MI

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Kroonint B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands Krud Kutter, Inc., Cumming, GA Kruger Products, Mississauga, ON, Canada K & S Distributors, Inc., East Hartford, CT KSS Enterprises, Kalamazoo, MI Kutol Products Co., Sharonville, OH Kwantek, Louisville, KY L-3 Insight Technology, Londonderry, NH Lacera Servicios y Mantenimiento, S.A., Oviedo, Austurias, Spain Lacey Home & Office Cleaning, Waretown, NJ Lad Cleaning Solutions, Inc., Plainwell, MI Lagasse Inc., Deerfield, IL Lakeview Center, Inc., Pensacola, FL Lalema, Inc., East Montreal, QC, Canada Lambskin Specialties, Winnipeg, MB, Canada Landsberg, Houston, TX Lann Chemical & Supply Co., Aberdeen, MS Lansing Sanitary Supply, Inc., Lansing, MI Lanxess Corp., Pittsburgh, PA Larkin Ltda., Bogota, Colombia Larose & Fils Ltee., Laval, QC, Canada Laun-Dry Supply Co., Inc., El Paso, TX Lava-Tap, S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, D.F., Mexico Lawrence Environmental Group, Richmond, VA Lawrence Sales Associates, Hales Corners, WI Lawton Bros., Inc., Orlando, FL LBH Chemical & Industrial Supply, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN LCM Enviro-Solutions, LLC, Custer, SD LCS Janitorial Service & Supply, Inc., Rome, NY Leading Edge Products, Inc., San Diego, CA Learning Lessons in Business, Damascus, MD Legacy Environmental Concepts, LLC, Las Vegas, NV Legends Marketing, LLC, Fishers, IN Lehigh Valley Janitorial Supply, Inc., Bethlehem, PA Leigh Fibers, Wellford, SC Lemieux Spinning Mills, Inc., St. Ephrem, QC, Canada Leo International, LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Leonard Brush & Chemical Co., Inc., Louisville, KY Leonard Paper Co., Baltimore, MD Les Emballages Maska, Inc., St. Hyacinthe, QC, Canada Les Emballages Ralik, Inc., Blainville, QC, Canada Lester Electrical, Lincoln, NE Liberty Brush Mfg., LLC, Shakopee, MN Liberty Distributors, Inc., Triadelphia, WV Liberty Linen & Janitorial Products, Orange Beach, AL Liberty Paper & Janitorial Supply Co., Bayonne, NJ Lico, Inc., McKeesport, PA Lidochem, Inc., Hazlet, NJ LifeSign, LLC, Skillman, NJ Likarr Maintenance Systems, Foxboro, MA Lincoln Training Center, South El Monte, CA Linda Silverman, City Of Industry, CA Lionheart Maintenance, LLC, Springfield, NJ Little River Casino Resort, Manistee, MI L & M Construction Chemicals, Inc., Omaha, NE LMD Sales & Marketing, Newnan, GA L & M Foodservice, Inc., Laughlin, NV Lobe International, Inc., El Paso, TX Lollicup USA, Inc., City of Industry, CA Lonza Inc., Allendale, NJ Lorenz Supply Co., Mattoon, IL Loso’s Professional Janitorial Services, Inc., South Burlington, VT Lowell Janitorial Supply, Lowell, MA Lower Huron Chemical & Supply Co., Inc., Wayne, MI Low Rider Sweeping, Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada Loyal Restroom Service, Manassas, VA L & Q Marketing Group, Inc., Weston, FL Lundmark Wax Co., Addison, IL Macc-Her Representaciones, S.r.l., Lima, Peru Magic Touch Cleaning, Inc., Lees Summit, MO Magic White, Inc., Scarborough, ON, Canada Magnet Clean Co., Div. of Haase Ind., Inc., Lake Oswego, OR Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd., Clarksville, TX

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Magnolia Paper & Janitor Supply Co., Inc., Memphis, TN Mailender, Inc., West Chester, OH Maintenance, Inc., Dallas, TX Maintenance Mart, Phoenix, AZ Maintenance Products Corp., Canton, MA Maintenance Sales News Magazine, Arcola, IL Maintenance Unlimited Janitorial, Inc., Berkeley, MO Maintex, Inc., City of Industry, CA Major Commercial Cleaning Co., Nashville, TN Malaysian Environment Cleaning Science Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysian Harvest, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Mall of America, Bloomington, MN ManageMen, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT Management Services Northwest, Inc., Ferndale, WA Mancon, Virginia Beach, VA Manor House Cleaning Service, Tallahassee, FL Mansfield Paper Co., West Springfield, MA Marcalus Management Corp., Elmwood Park, NJ Marcas Floor Care, Inc., San Juan, PR Marcfirst Janitorial Services, Normal, IL Marcis & Associates, Inc., Spring, TX Mar-Co Equipment Co., Pomona, CA Marietta Paint & Janitorial Supply, LLC, Marietta, OH Market Advantage Plus, Inc., Foxboro, MA Marketing Solutions Group, Inc., Chicago Ridge, IL Mark Howard & Associates, Inc., Beachwood, OH Marlin Leasing Corp., Mount Laurel, NJ Marmic Pty. Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia Marquise Facilities Corp., Richmond, BC, Canada Marsden Holding, LLC, Saint Paul, MN Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Inc., Cedar Falls, IA Mary Ashman-Dumas, Grand Rapids, MI Mason Chemical Co., Arlington Heights, IL MASSCO, Inc., Wichita, KS

Master Chemical Products, Inc., Wilkes Barre, PA Master Distribution Services, Mississauga, ON, Canada Master Klean Janitorial, Inc., Denver, CO Master Systems of Canada, Dunnville, ON, Canada Matera Paper Co., San Antonio, TX Materials Resources, Saint Joseph, MI Matrix Integrated Facility Management, Johnson City, NY Mats, Inc., Stoughton, MA Matt Pak, Franklin Park, IL Maui Chemical & Paper Products, Inc., Wailuku, HI Maverick Building Services, Inc., Rutherford, NJ Maxim Maintenance, Burbank, IL Maxi Servicos Ltda., Barueri, SP, Brazil Maxwell-McKenney, Inc., Haddon Heights, NJ Mayfield Paper Co., Inc., San Angelo, TX Mayflower Maids, Inc., Plymouth, MA MBM, Inc., San Antonio, TX McCalla Co., Van Nuys, CA McConnell-Spadafora, Inc., Burlington, ON, Canada M-chem Industries Corp., Delta, BC, Canada McKee Foods Corp., Gentry, AR McKowski’s Maintenance Systems, Inc., Poway, CA McShane Enterprises, Inc., Milltown, NJ M.D. Stetson Co., Randolph, MA Medical City Dallas Hospital, Dallas, TX Mega Maintenance Ltd., Concord, ON, Canada Mel Dean & Associates, Raleigh, NC Melwood Horticultural Training Center, Upper Marlboro, MD Memphis City Schools, Memphis, TN Mendes Supply Co., Eureka, CA Menke Gebaudeservice GmbH & Co. KG, Arnsberg, Germany Mercantile Development, Inc., Shelton, CT Mercer Abrasives, Div. of Mercer Tool Corp., Deer Park, NY Merchants Sales Co., Browns Summit, NC Mercury Floor Machines, Inc., Englewood, NJ MERG, Palmer, MA


Metro Brush, Rigaud, QC, Canada Metro Cleaners & Renovators Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya Metro Jet Wash, Toronto, ON, Canada Metropolitan Building Services, Inc., Washington, DC Metropolitan Maintenance, Towson, MD Metro Professional Products, Carol Stream, IL Metro-Restaurant & Janitorial Supplies, Mechanicsville, MD Metsa Tissue Corp., Mantta, Finland Metz Support Services, Dallas, PA MG Capital Maintenance, Inc., Morrisville, NC MGS International B.V., Rijswijk, Netherlands MH Enterprises Guam, LLC, Tamuning, GU Micro Essential Laboratory, Brooklyn, NY Micronova Mfg., Inc., Torrance, CA Mida Industries, Inc., Long Beach, CA Mid-America Distributor Sales, Olathe, KS Mid-American Cleaning Contractors, Inc., Columbus, OH Mid-American Research Chemical Corp., Columbus, NE Midlab, Inc., Athens, TN Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies, Wheeling, IL Midland Products, LLC, Tinley Park, IL Midwest Janitorial Service & Supply, Hiawatha, IA Midwest Rubber Service & Supply Co., Minneapolis, MN Midwest Specialty Products, LLC, Winneconne, WI Miele, Inc., Princeton, NJ Mike Hardegree, Spartanburg, SC Milazzo Industries, Inc., Pittston, PA Milclean Comercio e Servico Ltda., Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil Milhench Supply Co., New Bedford, MA Millennium Mats Co., Suwanee, GA Millennium Sales & Marketing, LLC, Plainville, MA Miller Marketing Associates, Anaheim, CA Miller Paper & Packaging, Amarillo, TX


Miller’s Office Products, Newington, VA Millet Marius, Pratz, France Milliken & Co., Spartanburg, SC Milwaukee Dustless Brush, Gordon Brush Wisconsin, LLC, Commerce, CA Minuteman International, Inc., Pingree Grove, IL Misco Products Corp., Reading, PA Mission Janitorial & Abrasive Supplies, San Diego, CA Mississippi State Hospital, Whitfield, MS Mister Car Wash, Tucson, AZ Mister Chemical Ltd., Concord, ON, Canada Mister Steam, Inc., S.A., San Jose, Costa Rica Mitch Murch’s Maintenance Management Co., Saint Louis, MO M. Jacob & Sons, Livonia, MI MKT, Bradford, OH M & M Vacuum Cleaner Parts Distributor, Inc., South Plainfield, NJ Mobile Janitorial & Paper Co., Inc., Mobile, AL Mobilistics, Sandy Hook, CT Modern Sales, North Olmsted, OH Modern Window Cleaning, Grand Rapids, MI Moerman Americas, Milford, CT Moerman N.V., Meulebeke, Belgium Momar (Div. of Cansa Pty. Ltd.), Clareinch, South Africa Momar, Inc., Atlanta, GA Monahan Partners, Inc., Arcola, IL MON-D-AID & Cleanit Co., Butler, PA Montana Broom & Brush Supply, Helena, MT Montana Building Maintenance, Inc., Bozeman, MT Mooney-General Paper Co., Hillside, NJ Moonsoft International, Inc., Spokane Valley, WA Morantz Ultrasonics, Philadelphia, PA Morgro, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT Morrisette Paper Co., Greensboro, NC Morton & Associates, Tualatin, OR Morton Salt, Chicago, IL Mosmatic Corp., Bristol, WI Moura’s Cleaning Service, Inc., Hudson, MA MP Hygiene, Annonay Cedex, France

Mr. Clean-Up, Winnipeg, MB, Canada Mr. Janitorial Supplies, Newmarket, ON, Canada MSC Industrial Supply, Melville, NY MTS Euro Products B.V., Maassluis, Netherlands Mulberry Marketing Communications Ltd., London, United Kingdom Multi-Clean, Inc., Shoreview, MN Multi-Pack Chicago, Mount Prospect, IL Multi-Seal Pacific Corp., South El Monte, CA Murphy Sanitary Supply, LLC, Broken Arrow, OK Murray Weyand Sales, Atlanta, GA MWV Vicenza S.p.A., Romano d’Ezzelino (VI), Italy Myers Supply & Chemical, Hot Springs, AR Mytee Products, Inc., Poway, CA NaceCare Solutions, Mississauga, ON, Canada Napco Bag & Film, Carrollton, TX NASSCO, Inc., New Berlin, WI National American Sales Corp., Thibodaux, LA National Checking Co., Saint Paul, MN National Chemical Laboratories, Inc., Philadelphia, PA National Everything Wholesale, Omaha, NE National Facilities Services, Inc., Northborough, MA National Industries for the Blind, Alexandria, VA National Maintenance Supply, Inc., Westbury, NY National Tissue Co., LLC, Cudahy, WI Nationwide Janitorial Service, Mishawaka, IN Native Resource Development Co., Inc., Santa Ana Pueblo, NM Navy Brand Manufacturing Co., Saint Louis, MO N&C Service, Inc., Portland, OR Neeld Paper & Supplies, Palm Springs, FL Netpak Plastik Elektronik Ltd. Sti., Izmir, Turkey Network Pressroom Cleaners Corp., Princeton, TX Network Services Co., Schaumburg, IL Neutron Industries, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Newbold Services, LLC, Greenville, SC

Newell Paper Co., Meridian, MS New England San. Supply Assn., Industrial Cleaning, West Boylston, MA New Life Solutions, LLC, Hanover, VA Newport News/Williamsburg Int’l Airport, Newport News, VA New South Sales & Marketing, Forsyth, GA New System Carpet & Building Care Ltd., Earth City, MO New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID), Albany, NY Nexstep Commercial Products, Springfield, OH Niba International Corp., San Juan, PR Nichols, Muskegon, MI Nichols Paper Products Co., Inc., Nichols, WI Nigeria Cleaning Service Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria Nilfisk-Advance, Plymouth, MN Nilodor, Inc., Bolivar, OH Ningbo Idi Housewares Co., Ltd., Ningbo, Zhejiang, China NISH, Vienna, VA NISSCO, LLC, National Ind. Sanitary Supply Co., Dulles, VA Nittany Paper Mills, Inc., Lewistown, PA Noble Chemical, Inc., Lancaster, PA No More Dirt, San Francisco, CA Norcal Supply Co., Oakdale, CA Norco, Inc., Boise, ID Norden Olje, Hadsund, Denmark Nordic Stream AB, Klavrestrom, Sweden North American Corp., Glenview, IL North American Plastics & Chemicals Co., Inc., Euclid, OH North American Salt Co., A Compass Minerals Co., Overland Park, KS Northeast Building Services, Norwell, MA North East Texas Janitorial Supply Co., Sulphur Springs, TX NorthStar Sales, Inc., Southampton, PA Northwest Center, Seattle, WA Northwest Enterprises, Elk Grove Village, IL Norton Abrasives, Stephenville, TX Norvex Supply, Inc., Corbin, KY Novamont North America, Inc., Danbury, CT Novosan B.V., Waddinxveen, Netherlands

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Novozymes Biologicals, Inc., Salem, VA Nozomi Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd., Rawang, Selangor D.E., Malaysia NPS Corp., Green Bay, WI NRHA Catalog Publishing Group, Indianapolis, IN NSF International, Ann Arbor, MI NSS Enterprises, Inc., Toledo, OH Nutek, LLC, Solon, OH Nutri-Bon Distribution Co., Inc., Torrance, CA Nyco Products Co., Countryside, IL Oakland Packaging & Supply, Richmond, CA OBCO Chemical Corp., Charleston, SC Occidental Chemical Corp., Ludington, MI Occupational Training Center of Burlington County, Mount Holly, NJ Ocean Janitorial Supply, Islip Terrace, NY OCI Chemical Corp., Atlanta, GA Odorite Co. of Baltimore, Inc., Baltimore, MD O.E. Enterprises, Inc., Hillsborough, NC OfficeMax, Naperville, IL Ohio Custodial Management, Columbus, OH Oil-Dri Corp. of America, Alpharetta, GA Oleak Industria Comercio Ltda., Cotia, SP, Brazil Olmsted County Building Operations, Rochester, MN Olmsted-Kirk Equipment & Supply Co., Dallas, TX Olympic Products, Inc., Indianapolis, IN Omaha Airport Authority, Omaha, NE Omaha Compound Co., Omaha, NE OMI Industries, Long Grove, IL OmniSource, Inc., Auburn, WA Omnova Solutions, Inc., Chester, SC OneSource Facility Services Canada Corp., Calgary, AB, Canada Ophardt Hygiene Technologies, Inc., Beamsville, ON, Canada Opportunity Village, Las Vegas, NV Orchidia Fragrances, Downers Grove, IL Orchids Paper Products, Pryor, OK

Oreck Commercial Sales, Plymouth, MA Origin Electric America Co. Ltd., Torrance, CA Osborne Marketing, Inc., Harrison Township, MI Osceola Supply, Inc., Midway, FL Osprey Biotechnics, Sarasota, FL OspreyDeepClean International Ltd., Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Ossian, Inc., Davenport, IA O-Tech Group, Saint Charles, MO Ou Puhastusekspert, Vaike Maarja, Estonia Ovasco Industries, Louisville, KY Pabco Industries, LLC, Newark, NJ Pacific Coast Chemicals, Berkeley, CA Pacific Environmental Services, Aiea, HI Pacific Floor Care, Muskegon, MI Pacific Maintenance Co., Santa Clara, CA Pacific Paper Products, Tacoma, WA Package Materials Corp., Haddonfield, NJ Packaging Tape, Inc., Wausau, WI Packerland Rent-A-Mat, Inc., Butler, WI Packing90 S.r.l., Bel. di Tezze sul Brenta (VI), Italy Paidon Products Co., Inc., Aberdeen, MD Pall Mall Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd., Riverwood, NSW, Australia Palmer Co., Inc., Waukesha, WI Palmer Fixture Co., Green Bay, WI Palmero Health Care, Stratford, CT Palmetto Synthetics, LLC, Kingstree, SC Palm Facility Services, Kensington, MD PAMS, Inc., Pomona, CA Paper & Chemical Supply Co., Sheffield, AL Paper Enterprises, Inc., Bronx, NY Paperless Proposal, San Diego, CA Papermake Enterprises Ltd., Surrey, BC, Canada Paper Products, Inc., Jeffersonville, IN

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Paradigm Group/Emerald Brand-Eco-Friendly Disposables, Syosset, NY Parish Maintenance Supply Corp., Syracuse, NY Parker Wholesale Paper, Inc., Bastrop, LA Pathfinder, Inc., Jacksonville, AR Pathway Enterprises, Inc., Medford, OR P.B. Gast & Sons Co., Grand Rapids, MI PCA Industrial & Paper Supply, Willow Grove, PA PCI Cannon Hygiene Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India PCS Industries, Tinley Park, IL PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., Ellijay, GA Peach State Associates, Canton, GA Peerless Marketing Group, Inc., Dallas, TX Pegasus Building Services, Long Beach, CA Pelray International, LLC, San Antonio, TX Penco Products, Inc., Skippack, PA Peninsular Paper Co., Inc., Tampa, FL Penn State University, University Park, PA Penn Valley Chemical Co., Inc., Lansdale, PA Perfect Equipment & Product Supply, Inc., San Juan, PR Perfect Products, Inc., Farmingdale, NY Performance Chemical & Supply, Inc., Tinley Park, IL Perma Care J.S., Inc., Lighthouse Point, FL Peter Grant Papers Ltd., Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom Peters Supply, Elmira, NY Petrone Associates, Port Orange, FL Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH, Durach, Germany Philip Rosenau Co., Inc., Warminster, PA Phillips Supply Co., Cincinnati, OH Phoenix Fabrikations B.V., Cuijk, Netherlands Phoenix JS, Inc., Raleigh, NC Phoenix Plastics Products, Inc., Tempe, AZ Piecom Products B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands Pike Systems, Inc., Montgomery, IL Pineland Paper Co., Lyons, GA

Pines Distribution, LLC, Camp Hill, PA Pingry-Caswell, Inc., Oshkosh, WI Pinnacle Building Services, Inc., Roseville, MN Pinnacle Janitorial, Inc., Flagstaff, AZ Pinnacle Sales & Marketing, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL Pioneer Brite, Inc., Memphis, TN Pioneer Building Services, Inc., Rockville, MD Pioneer Supply House, Yellowknife, NT, Canada Planet Clean International, Inc., Delta, BC, Canada Plaspros, Inc., McHenry, IL Plastiflex Co., Inc., Ann Arbor, MI Plaze, Inc., Saint Clair, MO Plum A/S, Assens, Denmark Plus II, Inc., St.-Laurent, QC, Canada Pollet S.A., Tournai, Belgium Pollock Paper Distributors, Grand Prairie, TX Polymer Group, Inc., Charlotte, NC Polymer Products (Phil.), Inc., Pasig City, Philippines Poly Plastic Products, Delano, PA Portico Systems, LLC, Calhoun, GA PortionPac Chemical Corp., Chicago, IL Portland Habilitation Center, Portland, OR Power Cleaning Services & Building Maintenance, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Powerlink Facilities Management Services, Detroit, MI Powr-Flite Commercial Floor Care Equipment, Fort Worth, TX Prairie Janitorial Supply, Inc., Moose Jaw, SK, Canada Prairie Star Sales & Marketing, Eden Prairie, MN PR Chemical & Paper Supply, Pensacola, FL Precision, Dallas, TX Precision Janitorial Services, Scottsdale, AZ Precision Paper Converters, LLC, Kaukauna, WI Preferred Building Services, Inc., Kearny, NJ Preferred Service, LLC, High Point, NC Premier Building Services, LLC, Butler, NJ Premiere Building Maintenance, Knoxville, TN


Premier Supply, Inc., Woburn, MA Premium, Inc., Honolulu, HI P&R Enterprises, Inc., Falls Church, VA Prestige Maintenance USA Janitorial Supply, Plano, TX Prestige Maintenance USA, Plano, TX Primco Solutions, Inc., Brooklyn, NY Prime Line, Inc., Cary, IL Princess Paper, Inc., Vernon, CA Priority Building Services, Fairborn, OH Priority Building Services, LLC, Brea, CA Prism Care Corp., Oakville, ON, Canada Pritchard Industries, Inc., Florham Park, NJ Pro Building Services, Salt Lake City, UT Procare Janitorial Supply, Pismo Beach, CA Procare Ltd., Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago ProClean Supply, Modesto, CA Procyon, Spokane, WA Productos Quimicos Industriales, S.A., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Produits Capital, Inc., Quebec, QC, Canada Produits Sanitaires Lepine, Inc., Chicoutimi, QC, Canada Produits Sany, Inc., Joliette, QC, Canada Professional Building Services, Inc., Newtown Square, PA Professional Maintenance Systems, San Diego, CA Professional Medical Supply, Inc., New Lenox, IL Professional Sanitary Supply, Waterford, MI Progressive Systems, Inc., Frankford, DE Prolim Comercio de Higiene e Limpeza Ltda., Taubate, SP, Brazil Pro Line Carpet Maintenance Supply, San Carlos, CA Pro-Link, Inc., Canton, MA Pro One Janitorial, Inc., Green Bay, WI Property Service & Supplies, Inc., Doral, FL Pro-San Maintenance Supply, Inc., Durham, NC Pro Squared Facility Services, LLC, Atlanta, GA ProSTAR Industries, Bryan, TX Protective Industrial Products Food Service, Albany, NY Pro-Tex-All Co., Evansville, IN


Pro-Tone Cleaning Services Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda P&R Paper Supply Co., Redlands, CA Pueblo Diversified Industries, Pueblo, CO Pulex S.r.l. (IPC Group), Brescia (BS), Italy Pullman-Holt Corp., Tampa, FL Pumptec, Inc., Anoka, MN Purdy Products Co., Wauconda, IL Puregreen International, LLC, Petersburg, VA Puris Immobilenservice GmbH, Dresden, Germany Purleve, Glendale, WI Pur-O-Zone, Inc., Lawrence, KS Putney Paper Co., Inc., Putney, VT PV Roadrunner Supply, Phoenix, AZ Pylam Products Co., Inc., Tempe, AZ Qleeno, Kansas City, MO QTS S.r.l., Caponago (MI), Italy Quaker City Paper Co., York, PA Qualified Laboratories, Inc., Minneapolis, MN Quality Assured Cleaning, Powell, OH Quality Building Services Corp., New York, NY Quality Cleaning, Williston, ND Quantum Storage Systems, Miami, FL Queenaire Technologies, Inc., Ogdensburg, NY Questar Marketing, Inc., Park City, UT QuestVapco Corp., Brenham, TX QuickLabel Systems, West Warwick, RI Quinlan Enterprises, Riverside, CA R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource, Elk Grove Village, IL Rackow Polymers, Bensenville, IL Radal Technology Ltd., Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom Rainbow Dusters International, Buchanan, NY Raindrop Supply, Inc., Tualatin, OR Ralston Distributors, Kitchener, ON, Canada Ram Custom Services, Inc., Churchton, MD Ramrod Distributors, Inc., & D & B Products, Wood Dale, IL Randik Paper Co., Modesto, CA Rando Machine Corp., Macedon, NY

Ranger Marketing, LLC, Aurora, CO Rasco Janitorial Supply, Aurora, CO Ray & Associates, Cohutta, GA Raytech, Inc., Technologies Sanitaire, St.-Marc Richelieu, QC, Canada RBM Services, Provo, UT R.D. Filip Janitor Supply Co., Inc., Kokomo, IN RDI-USA, Inc., Spartanburg, SC R.D. Wilson Sons & Co., Clarksburg, WV Reading Consumer Products, Inc., Reading, PA Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA Rebound Cleaning, Cary, NC Reckitt Benckiser Professional, Parsippany, NJ Redbook Solutions, Englewood, CO REDLEE/SCS Inc., Dallas, TX Red River Sanitors, Inc., Shreveport, LA Regal Distributing Co., Lenexa, KS Regent Services, Fort Worth, TX Regional Distributors, Inc., Rochester, NY Reliable Corp., Toronto, ON, Canada Reliable Industries Ltd., Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Reliable Maintenance Products Ltd., Sudbury, ON, Canada Reliable Solutions and Coatings, LLC, Schaumburg, IL Remco Products, Zionsville, IN Renue Systems, Inc., Lombard, IL Rep Toolkit, Twinsburg, OH Republic Bag, Inc., Corona, CA RepWorx, Clinton Township, MI Resolve Sales & Marketing, Saint Louis, MO Resource One, Sarasota, FL Responsive Sales & Marketing, Howell, NJ Restaurant Depot/Jetro Cash & Carry, College Point, NY Revolution Bag, Inc., Little Rock, AR R.E. Whittaker Co., New Castle, PA Rex Chemical Corp., Miami, FL Reynolds School District #7, Fairview, OR RHG Group, Inc., Washington, DC Richco Products, Inc., Springfield, MA Riches Associates, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ridley’s Vacuum & Janitorial Supply, Houston, TX Right Choice Janitorial Supply, LLC, Milwaukee, WI Rimrock Technologies, Billings, MT Rinrei Wax Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Ritchie Marketing, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI Ri-Tec Industrial Products, Marietta, GA Rite Way Service, Inc., Birmingham, AL Rivers Correctional Institution, Winton, NC R. Janus Supply Co., Port Huron, MI R.J. Schinner Co., Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI RL Sistemas de Higiene Ltda., Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil R.L. Williams Co., Conover, NC Roadnet Technologies Inc., Towson, MD Robert W. Baird & Co., Chicago, IL Rochester Midland Corp., Rochester, NY Rockline Industries, Sheboygan Falls, WI Roebic Laboratories, Inc., Orange, CT Roman Chemical Corp., Rome, GA Romanow Building Services, Saginaw, MI Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co./RL Flo-Master, Lowell, MI Roots Multiclean Ltd., Coimbatore, India Roper’s Enterprises Ltd., George Town, Cayman Islands Rosemor International Ltd., Wallingford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Roses, Inc., Las Vegas, NV Rothopro Swiss GmbH, Gorwihl, Switzerland Rowin Plastics N.V., Heist op den Berg, Belgium Royal Caretaking Supplies, Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada Royal Chemical Co., Twinsburg, OH Royalpak, Inc., Etobicoke, ON, Canada Royal Paper Corp., Santa Fe Springs, CA RPMco (Rud & Pickarts Marketing Co.), Plano, TX RR Donnelley, Warrenville, IL RTI, Inc., Lake Dallas, TX Rushing Enterprises, Inc., Headland, AL Russell’s Best, Inc., Clarkston, MI

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

RWK Services, Inc., Independence, OH Ryan, Saffel & Assoc., Inc., Renton, WA RyZun, Lexington, TN RZ Marketing Group, Cincinnati, OH Saalfeld Redistribution, Loveland, OH Safari Contract Cleaners, Johnstown, PA Safeguard Services, Inc., Pembroke Pines, FL Safety Call International, Bloomington, MN Saffelle, Inc., Hillsborough, NC Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Bridgewater, NJ Sales & Marketing Co., LLC, New Providence, NJ Salki Cleaning Products VOF, Panningen, Netherlands S.A.M. Cleaning & Janitorial LLC, Belleville, MI San-A-Care, Inc., Waukesha, WI Sandia Plastics, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA Sandstrand Services, San Diego, CA San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA Sani-Chem Cleaning Supplies, Clearwater, FL Sanico, Inc., Binghamton, NY Sanico, Inc., Christiansburg, VA Sanic, S. de RL de C.V., Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mexico Sanikleen Corp., Tokyo, Japan SaniPod Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand Sanitary Maintenance Magazine, Milwaukee, WI Sanitary Supply Co., Beaumont, TX Sanitation Canada, Whitby, ON, Canada SaniWorks Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada Sani-Zorb Products, LLC, Canton, MI San Jamar, Elkhorn, WI San Luis Paper Co., Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA Santec Products, Loveland, OH Santoemma S.r.l., Pero (MI), Italy Santora Sales, San Francisco, CA Saraya Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan Savin Products Co., Randolph, MA SCA Chile S.A., Santiago, Chile SCA, Philadelphia, PA Scarlet & Gray Cleaning Service, Cincinnati, OH

Scensible Source Co., LLC, Rochester, NY Scent2Market, Inc., Yonkers, NY Schilling Supply Co., La Crosse, WI Schneider Paper Products, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA Schwarz Supply Source, Morton Grove, IL Scientific & Regulatory Consultants, Inc., Columbia City, IN S.C.I. Janitorial, Old Hickory, TN Scoles Floorshine Industries, Farmingdale, NJ Scottissue, LLC, Moraine, OH Scotwood Industries, Inc., Overland Park, KS Scrubber City, Inc., Schaumburg, IL Scrubber Doctor, Neptune, NJ SD International, Tallahassee, FL Sears, Hoffman Estates, IL Seatex Ltd., Rosenberg, TX Seaway Supply Co., Maywood, IL Secure Clean Building Services, Inc., Marengo, IL Security 4 Chemical Specialties, Raytown, MO SEITZ GmbH, Kriftel, Germany Seko Dosing Systems Corp., Tullytown, PA Select Distribution, Petersburg, MI Sellars Wipers & Sorbents, Milwaukee, WI Seminole Chemical & Supplies, Inc., Seminole, OK Sempermed USA, Clearwater, FL Sensient Industrial Colors, Saint Louis, MO Sernatec S.L., Esquiroz de Galar, Navarra, Spain Service Keepers Maintenance, Inc., Miami, FL Service Management Group, LLC, Shelton, CT ServiceMaster Clean, Memphis, TN ServiceMaster of Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada ServiceMax Corp., Chattanooga, TN Service Point, Portland, OR Service Shine, LLC, Macon, MO Servicon Supplies, Culver City, CA Servi-Quim de Monterrey, S.A. de C.V., Monterrey, N.L., Mexico Servpro, Calgary, AB, Canada Servpro Industries, Inc., Gallatin, TN

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

S. Freedman & Sons, Inc., Landover, MD SGS, Fairfield, NJ Shair Sales Ltd./Tip Top Parts, Surrey, BC, Canada Shamrock Chemical Co., Charleroi, PA Share Corp., Milwaukee, WI Sharpe & Perkins, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL Sheila Shine, Inc., Miami, FL Shepard Bros., Inc., Royal Solutions Division, La Habra, CA Shepard Industries, LLC, Cedar Knolls, NJ Sheppard Enterprises, Inc., Oaks, PA Shimomura Komuten Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan Shining Star Services, Rochester, NY Ship-Pac, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI SHM Sales Associates, Inc., Plainview, NY Shop-Vac Corp., Williamsport, PA Sicarelle Holdings, Inc., Panama City, Panama Sidhal Industries, LLC, Hempstead, NY Sierra Packaging, Inc., Chandler, TX Sigmatex-Lanier Textiles, New York, NY Sikes Paper Co., Atlanta, GA Simoniz USA, Inc., Bolton, CT Simple Green, Inc., Div. of Sunshine Makers, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA Simpson Service Co., Carmel, IN Sinar Jernih Sdn. Bhd., Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia Singer Equipment Co., Elverson, PA Site Crew, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA S.J. Services, Inc., Danvers, MA SKJ Facilities Management, Horseheads, NY S K Sanitary Specialties Mfg. Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada Sky Systems Co., Inc., Ontario, CA SLB Properties, Mishawaka, IN Smart Wave Technologies Corp., Toronto, ON, Canada SMD - Sales & Marketing Development, Roswell, GA SMD Trading Co. Ltd., La Mirada, CA SMI Facility Services, Albuquerque, NM Smith Maintenance Co., Chicago, IL Smith Paper & Janitor Supply, Eldon, MO

SMS Assist, LLC, Chicago, IL SMS Distributions, Shreveport, LA SoCal Janitorial Supply, Canoga Park, CA Sofidel S.p.A., Porcari (LU), Italy Solid Bond Paper Products, Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada Solo, Inc., Newport News, VA Soluteo, Montreal, QC, Canada Sorbo Products, Inc., Palm Desert, CA Soteco S.p.A., Castelverde (CR), Italy Soundview Paper Co., Elmwood Park, NJ Source One Sales Corp., Valencia, CA Source Supply Co., Inc., Wilmington, DE South Coast Group, Huntington Beach, CA Southeastern Chemical Sales, Wilmington, NC Southeastern Distributor Sales, Inc., Greensboro, NC Southeast Link, Atlanta, GA Southern California San Sply Assn., Miller Marketing Assoc., Anaheim, CA Southern Equipment & Sales Co., Daytona Beach, FL Southern Janitor Supply, Inc., Melbourne, FL Southern Management Supply Division, Rossville, GA Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, Inc., Horn Lake, MS South Jersey Paper Products, Inc., Vineland, NJ South Seas International, Howell, NJ Southwest Paper Co., Inc., Wichita, KS Southwest School & Office Supply, Ontario, CA Sovereign Industries, Inc., Euclid, OH Sozio, Inc., Piscataway, NJ Spark Clean Cleaning Services, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Spartan Chemical Co., Inc., Maumee, OH Spartan de Bolivia, S.r.l., Santa Cruz, Bolivia Spartan do Brasil Produtos Quimicos Ltda., Campinas, SP, Brazil Spectro B.V., Oss, Netherlands Spectrum Bags, Inc., Cerritos, CA Spectrum Paper Co., Inc., El Paso, TX S.P.E. Elettronica Industriale, Crevalcore (BO), Italy


Spirit Group, LLC, Olathe, KS Spotless Building Services, Saint Louis, MO Spotless Commercial Cleaning Products, Inc., Deerfield, IL Spotless Janitorial Services, Inc., Lanham, MD Sprakita Products, Mississauga, ON, Canada S.P. Richards Co., Smyrna, GA Springfield Paper Co., Springfield, MO Springfield Sanitary Supply Co., Springfield, OH Springtime Janitorial Supply, Carlsbad, NM Spruce Industries, Inc., Rahway, NJ S & Q Plastics, Mississauga, ON, Canada S. Rasnick Co., Inc., Worcester, MA SSAYS S.A.C., Lima, Peru SSC Service Solutions, Knoxville, TN Stalker Flooring, Inc., New London, WI Staples Facility Solutions, Portsmouth, NH Starco Chemical, East Rutherford, NJ Stark Consulting, Loveland, CO Starline Supply Co., Oakland, CA Starr Janitorial, Inc., Roswell, NM Star Services Corp., Tarentum, PA Star Vacuum & Janitorial Supply Co., Saint Louis, MO State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, IL State Industrial Products, Mayfield Heights, OH State Vacuum of Tampa, Inc., Tampa, FL Stathakis, Inc., Trenton, MI SteamMaster Restoration & Cleaning, LLC, Minturn, CO Stearns Packaging Corp., Madison, WI Steel City Vacuum Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, PA Steiner Co. International, Le Mont-Sur-Lausanne, Switzerland Stein’s, Inc., Moorhead, MN Stellar Industrial Supply, Tacoma, WA Steratore Supply, Inc., Washington, PA Sterling Professional Services, LLC, Kansas City, MO Sterling Sanitary Supply Corp., Woodside, NY


St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, Canada Stiebel Eltron, West Hatfield, MA Stigler Supply Co., Cincinnati, OH St. Lawrence Supply, Potsdam, NY St. Moritz Building Services, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA Stoko Skin Care, Div. of Evonik Corporation, Greensboro, NC Stolzenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Georgsmarienhutte, Germany Stonehill Converting, LLC, De Pere, WI Strader-Tano Associates (STA), Charlotte, NC Strategic Market Alliance, Charlotte, NC Strategic Packaging, Inc., Pearl River, NY Stratus Building Solutions, Saint Louis, MO Straubel Co., Inc., De Pere, WI Straubel Paper Co., Green Bay, WI Strauss Paper Co., Inc., Port Chester, NY Stu Silverman, City Of Industry, CA S.T.V. Sales, Saginaw, MI Substrate Technology, Inc., Morris, IL Success Property Improvement (Pty.) Ltd., Glen Iris, VIC, Australia SUCITESA, Barbera del Valles, Spain Suffolk County Cleaning, Inc., East Northport, NY Sullivan Candy & Supply, Hibbing, MN Summit Catalog Co., Centennial, CO Summit Chemical, Baltimore, MD Sunbelt Laboratories, Stafford, TX Sunburst Chemicals, Minneapolis, MN Sunrise Supply, East Peoria, IL Sunset Commercial Services, LLC, San Diego, CA Sunshine Building Maintenance, Inc., Burlington, ON, Canada Sunshine Building Maintenance, Inc., Lakewood, CO Sun State Janitorial Products, Lakeland, FL Superabrasive, Inc., Hoschton, GA Super Chem, Inc., Sarasota, FL Superclean Service Co., Dallas, TX Superior Chemical Corp., Sheboygan, WI

Superior Cleaning, Inc., Marshalltown, IA Superior Interior Maintenance, Toronto, ON, Canada Superior Manufacturing Group, Inc., Chicago, IL Superior Solutions Ltd., Cambridge, ON, Canada Superior Supply Ltd., Baltimore, MD Superlimpiezas Leyre S.L., Pamplona, Spain SupplyLink Solutions, LLC, Owensville, OH Surtec, Inc., Tracy, CA Susquehanna Paper & Sanitary Supply Corp., Williamsport, PA Sutherland Products, Inc., Mayodan, NC Swish Maintenance Ltd., Whitby, ON, Canada Sydsvenska Stad AB, Malmo, Sweden Syobi Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan Syr Clean.Com, Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom S & Y Trading Corp., Boca Raton, FL Tacony Corp., Fenton, MO Tadco Supply, Inc., San Jose, CA Tahoe Supply Co., Carson City, NV Taos Sanitary Supply, LLC, Ranchos de Taos, NM Tarheel Paper & Supply Co., Winston Salem, NC Tartan Supply Co., Inc., Brookfield, WI TCD Parts, Inc., Smithville, MO TCI, Rockwall, TX Team Clean, Inc., Honolulu, HI Team MJV, Lafayette, IN Team One Sales & Marketing, Inc., Lombard, IL Team Software, Inc., Omaha, NE Team Systems, Inc., Stafford, TX Tecnovap Srl, Pescantina (VR), Italy TecServ, Blackwood, NJ TecTo, LLC, West Ossipee, NH TeleNotes, Inc., Taylorsville, UT Temca GmbH, Polzig, Germany Temco Service Industries, Inc., New York, NY Tenaquip Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Montreal, QC, Canada Tennant Co., Minneapolis, MN Teramoto Corp., Osaka, Japan Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX T. Frank Mc Call’s, Inc., Chester, PA Thayer, Inc., Benton Harbor, MI

The Andersen Co., Inc., Dalton, GA The Armadillo Group, Northville, MI The Betty Mills Co., San Mateo, CA The Blackrock Group—North/ Corporate, Federal Way, WA The Buck Newell Co., Largo, FL The Bullen Companies, Inc., Folcroft, PA The Burks Companies, Inc., Atlanta, GA The Clay Group, Olathe, KS The Cleaning Co., Inc., Pacifica, CA The Cleaning Station, New Milford, CT The Dissan Group, Inc., Anjou, QC, Canada The Ecology Works, West Palm Beach, FL The Fairbank Corp., San Juan, PR The Fountain Head Group, New York Mills, NY The Fuller Brush Co. of Puerto Rico, Inc., San Juan, PR The Hearn Paper Co., Youngstown, OH The Henson Sales Group, Ltd., Wayne, PA The Highlands Group, Atlanta, GA The Hode Group, Inc., Crystal Lake, IL The IBS Services Group, Long Island City, NY The Janitorial Store, Rogers, MN The Janitor’s Closet, Yakima, WA The Janitors Supply Co., Inc., Fort Wayne, IN The Janton Co., Hilliard, OH The Johnson Group, Charlotte, NC The J.S. Vila Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA The Kleane Kare Team, Inc., Richmond, VA The Lebermuth Co., Inc., South Bend, IN The Libman Co., Arcola, IL The Malish Corp., Willoughby, OH The M. Conley Co., Canton, OH The Midland Group, Fort Wayne, IN Theochem Laboratories, Inc., Tampa, FL The Ohio & Michigan Paper Co., Toledo, OH The Op Shop, Fairmont, WV The Osbourne Group, Cincinnati, OH The PacNorth Group, Inc., Auburn, WA

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

The Paperhouse Corp., San Juan, PR The Paul Samios Co., Irwin, PA The Rhiel Supply Co., Austintown, OH The Russell Hall Co., Meriden, CT The Safety Zone, Centerbrook, CT The Service Fort, LLC, Atlanta, GA The Shannon S. Martin Co., Phoenix, AZ The Tuway American Group, Troy, MI The United Group, Monroe, LA The Wegbreit Group, LLC, Phoenix, AZ Thornell Corp., Smithville, MO Thornton Brothers, Inc., Athens, GA Tietex International, Spartanburg, SC TimePayment Corp., Burlington, MA TKH Design, Inc., Orange, CA TLC Janitorial, Inc., Wrentham, MA TMA Chem-Net, Crescent Springs, KY T & M Environmental Services, Inc., Pompano Beach, FL TNT Unlimited, Palatine, IL Toei Buhin Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Tolco Corp., Toledo, OH Tomar Industries, Inc., Adelphia, NJ Tool Equipment Center, Inc., San Juan, PR Toolworks, Inc., San Francisco, CA Top Dog Manufacturing, Summerside, PE, Canada Tornado Industries, Inc., West Chicago, IL Tosho & Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Total Concept Marketing, Inc., Bedford, NH Total Green Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd., Coquitlam, BC, Canada Total Paper & Packaging, Inc., Chatsworth, CA Total Services Aruba N.V., Oranjestad, Aruba Toxcel, LLC, Gainesville, VA Trace, Inc., Garden City, ID Traction Auditing, LLC, Southlake, TX Tractores y Maquinaria Real, S.A. de C.V., San Nicolas de los Garza, N.L., Mexico Traddex, S.A. de C.V., Queretaro, Qro., Mexico TradePro Products, LLC, North Miami, FL

Tradex International, Inc., Cleveland, OH Training Rehabilitation & Development Institute, Inc., San Antonio, TX Transtar Sanitation Supply Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada TRC Marketing, Inc., Denver, CO Treat’s Solutions, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK Trebor, Inc., Matawan, NJ Treleoni Group, LLC, Manning, SC Triad Service Center, Kentwood, MI Triad Service Solutions, Littleton, CO Triangle Services, Inc., Long Island City, NY Trimega Purchasing Association, Rosemont, IL Triple A Supplies, Inc., Newburgh, NY Triple S, North Billerica, MA Triton LC, Wyoming, MI Trojan Battery Co., Santa Fe Springs, CA Tropical Services Corp., Panama City, Panama Trust Building Services, Inc., Birmingham, AL Truvox International Ltd., Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom TTS Marketing & Sales, Mississauga, ON, Canada Tualatin Valley Workshop, Inc., Hillsboro, OR Tucel Industries, Inc., Forest Dale, VT Tucker Janitorial Supply, Tulsa, OK Tundra Equipment Co., Summit, NJ TVH, Olathe, KS Twin Ports Paper & Supply, Inc., Duluth, MN Two Peppers Sales & Marketing, Wylie, TX Tycho Services, Inc., Burbank, CA Tylos Building Cleaning, Dubai, United Arab Emirates UBM Facility Services, Inc., Dallas, TX UFP Technologies, Inc., Georgetown, MA ULINE, Waukegan, IL Ultimate Solutions, Inc., Englewood, NJ UltraClenz, LLC, Jupiter, FL Ultra Shine Building Maintenance, Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada UMF Corp., Skokie, IL Unger Enterprises, Inc., Bridgeport, CT

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

Unisource Canada, Inc., Richmond Hill, ON, Canada Unisource Worldwide, Inc., Norcross, GA United American Supply, LLC, Nicholasville, KY United Building Maintenance Group, Inc., Charlotte, NC United Chemical & Supply Co., Inc., Greenville, SC United Cleaning Services Ltd., Brampton, ON, Canada United Electric, Burlington, NC United Laboratories, Inc., Saint Charles, IL United Maintenance Co., Inc., Chicago, IL United Sales Concepts, Valley Stream, NY United Sanitary, Baltimore, MD United Services & Maintenance Group, Feasterville Trevose, PA United States Pumice Co., Chatsworth, CA United Stationers, Deerfield, IL Unitex International, Inc., Suwanee, GA Univar Canada Ltd., Weston, ON, Canada Universal Building Services & Supply Co., Richmond, CA Universal Business Systems, Inc., Branchburg, NJ University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada Unlimited Building Maintenance, Lenexa, KS Upright Commercial Cleaning, Phoenix, AZ Urine Off by Bio-Pro Research, LLC, Hickory, NC U.S. Battery Mfg. Co., Corona, CA US Formula Technology, LLC, Alpharetta, GA USM, an Emcor Co., Norristown, PA Utah’s Extreme Carpet Cleaning & Janitorial, West Valley City, UT Vacland Wholesale Distributing, Inc., Milford, OH Valerie Lewis Janitorial, Oakland, CA Valley Janitor Supply Co., Inc., Hamilton, OH

Van Der Reest Cleaning & Handling, Urk, AB, Netherlands Vanguard Soap, LLC, Memphis, TN Variety Disposable Products, Nassau, Bahamas Varsity Facility Services, Salt Lake City, UT Va-Vite Pty. Ltd., Heidelberg West, VIC, Australia VCC Janitorial Supply, Bossier City, LA VDTA/Floor Care Professional, Des Moines, IA Vectair Systems, Inc., Memphis, TN Venture Cornerstone Sales, Hopkinton, MA Ventures Associates, Inc., Lihue, HI Vernon Sanitation Supply Co., Inc., Vernon, CA Vforce, Inc., Victoria, BC, Canada Vida International, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan Vikan A/S, Skive, Denmark Vileda Professional - Marino, Concord, ON, Canada Viper North America, Hamilton, MI Virox Technologies, Inc., Oakville, ON, Canada Vista Building Services, Inc., Medford, OR VistaServ, Sarasota, FL Vitech International, Milton, WI VMC-Technical Assistance Corp., Dallas, TX Voith Industrial Services, Blue Ash, OH Vonachen Services, Inc., Peoria, IL von Drehle Corp., Hickory, NC VVF Amenities, Houston, TX W.A. DeHart, Inc., New Columbia, PA Wagner Supply Co., Inc., Odessa, TX Warehouse Direct Office Products, Des Plaines, IL Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc., Warsaw, IN Waterford Services, Inc., Markham, ON, Canada Waterloo Community School District, Waterloo, IA Watson Building Care, Tuscaloosa, AL WAT Supplies, Div. of 1558775 Ontario Ltd., Sudbury, ON, Canada Wausau Paper, Harrodsburg, KY WBM Supply Co., Kansas City, MO


WCP Solutions, Kent, WA Weber Burstensysteme GmbH, Bad Camberg, Germany Wechem, Inc., Harahan, LA Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester, NY W.E. Greer Ltd., Edmonton, AB, Canada Weiman Products, LLC, Gurnee, IL Weiss Bros. of Hagerstown, Inc., Hagerstown, MD Welco Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Wepak Corp., Charlotte, NC Wesclean Equipment & Cleaning Supplies Ltd., Edmonton, AB, Canada West Coast Maintenance, Inc., Gardena, CA Western Paper Distributors, Inc., Denver, CO Western Specialty Sales, Brea, CA West Florida Supply Co., Sarasota, FL West Marketing, Inc., Elburn, IL West Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Charleston, WV West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV Whisk Products, Rockford, IL Whitehall Products, Inc., Tampa, FL White & Hodge Co., Inc., Atlanta, GA Whiteley Corp. Pty. Ltd., North Sydney, NSW, Australia White River Paper Co., White River Junction, VT Whiteway Building Services, Inc., Omaha, NE Whitman Global Carpet & Floor Care, Woodinville, WA Wind Associates, Tukwila, WA Windsor, Englewood, CO WinPro Solutions, Inc., Lenexa, KS Winworld Enterprise, Inc., Bellevue, WA Wiper Supply & Chemical, Inc., Albuquerque, NM Wisconsin Plastics, Inc., Green Bay, WI Withers-KC Sanitary Supply, Kansas City, MO Witt Industries, Mason, OH Wizzards Janitorial Systems, Inc., Bellefonte, PA WMC Associates, Hopkinton, MA Woodrow Janitorial Service, Calgary, AB, Canada Wood Wyant, Div. of the Sani Marc Group, Laval, QC, Canada


Woongjin Chemical Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea Woori Enterprises, Inc., Honolulu, HI Work, Inc., Dorchester, MA World Cleaning Services, Burr Ridge, IL World Dryer Corp., Berkeley, IL World Technical Services, Inc., San Antonio, TX Worldwide Integrated Resources, Inc., Montebello, CA Wrangler Industries, LLC, Rio Medina, TX Wrightway Industries, Inc., Denver, CO Xaact Products, Coeur D Alene, ID xpedx, Loveland, OH Xpress Paper & Chemical, LLC, Calhoun, GA X-Treme Clean Team, Alton, IL Yamazaki Corp., Hyogo, Japan Yellowtop, LLC, Saint Louis, MO Yoredale Consulting, Victoria, BC, Canada Yuletide Office Solutions, Memphis, TN Zephyr Manufacturing Co., Inc., Sedalia, MO Zimmer Sales & Services Corp., Rochester, NY Zschimmer & Schwarz, Milledgeville, GA

2012 ISSA Foundation Annual Report www.issafoundation.org

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