2011 annual report annual report

2011 annual report 2011 annual report POWERFUL VOICES category/topic page/combo Powerful Voices fosters adolescent girls’ development by providin...
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2011 annual report

2011 annual report

POWERFUL VOICES category/topic


Powerful Voices fosters adolescent girls’ development by providing programs and promoting social justice so girls can realize their dreams, engage their communities and shape a better world.

2011 annual report

During a year of change, Powerful Voices held an unwavering focus on the sustainability of our mission. In early 2011 we utilized creativity and critical thinking to develop new solutions and approaches to achieve our mission. As a result, in May 2011, the City of Seattle awarded Powerful Voices a grant of $183, 400 to be used over a 20-month period. The purpose of the grant is to implement an innovative program entitled “Powerful Choices,” which focuses on preventing the sexual exploitation of children, or teen prostitution. In order to keep informed about the issue, provide effective outreach and engage the broader community, “Powerful Choices” leverages partnerships with the following organizations: Seattle Public Schools, NW Network, Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress, and 13 other organizations. With a focus on improving operational strength, the Board of Directors and staff kept our commitment to the community and the needs of girls at the forefront of our minds during an executive transition. In July 2011, we were pleased to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director, Jane Hinton. In October, Powerful Voices was honored to receive an award for Commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement from the Raikes Foundation. This recognition honors our achievements in program-quality assessment, data-driven improvement planning, peer learning, and intensive professional development to integrate best practices through the foundation’s Youth Program Quality Improvement Initiative. Your continued support is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals to improve operational strength, leverage partnerships and make an impact in the community. On behalf of our Board of Directors and employees, we send our deepest appreciation for all you do in helping strong girls become strong women. Sincerely,

Marti Richardson Casey Jane Hinton Board President Executive Director

who we are

all girls SHOULD live healthy, personally meaningful lives in a society that values them. OUR VALUES Diversity We believe in the power of diverse communities.

Powerful Practices

Informed by research and the voices of youth, our employees utilize five practices with girls. Personal Power Develop girls’ personal strengths so they become powerful advocates for themselves and others. Safety Prevent girls’ victimization and help girls to transcend harmful conditions so they can live the lives they desire most. Activism Encourage girls to develop critical thinking, knowledge and skills so they can act to make the world a better place. Positive Girl Culture Transform culture among girls so that everyone is valued and respected. Adult Guidance and Support Ensure that girls experience positive relationships with supportive adults so they are inspired to become strong women.

Integrity We believe in acting with honesty and accountability. Safety We believe safety is a basic human right. Justice We believe in a more just society. Innovation We believe innovation enables us to fulfill our mission.

what we do

Powerful Voices provides free, innovative programs to adolescent girls. Our programs address issues at their root by promoting the individual potential in girls while also promoting social justice. In 2011, Powerful Voices reached 506 people through our core programs.

powerful choices middle school program

youth employment program

case management

community engagement

School and community based groups for 8th grade girls build a supportive and engaging community where youth explore topics of identity development, safety, healthy relationships, power and privilege.

Each year Powerful Voices engages high-school girls in a job training program that strengthens their leadership skills and social-emotional development.

Girls at the highest risk of being victimized or perpetuating violence benefit from working one-on-one with a Case Manager. A Case Manager is like a bridge helping connect girls from where they are to where they would like to go.

We can’t do it alone. Powerful Voices engages our community in an effort to further our mission.

Curriculum is designed to help girls grow 21st century skills (collaboration, critical thinking, goal setting) that will help them be successful in school and life. In addition to group time, girls also benefit from one-on-one meetings with a Powerful Voices staff member to discuss areas of growth and personal goals and gain support. Girls get involved with Powerful Choices through self-referral or referrals from teachers, counselors, parents/guardians, and peers.

Girls gain pre-employment skills (project management, organization, teamwork, facilitation) while using their voices to educate others about social justice issues. The ActiveVistas cohort culminates in girl-led workshops at the Girlvolution Conference. DYVAS (Develop Your Voices and Speak) culminates in the production of girl-created media in the form of a zine. Girls earn a stipend for their service, receive performance evaluations and benefit from one-on-one meetings with a Powerful Voices staff member to discuss personal and professional goals. Girls are referred to this program through the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

Girls gain adult guidance and support while developing 21st century skills and accountability. Powerful Voices leverages partners to help connect girls to the services they need: job readiness programs and employment opportunities, tutoring, credit retrieval, service learning projects, recreation, Aggression Replacement Training, mentoring, and basic needs. Girls are referred to this program through the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

Each spring, the Girlvolution Conference brings together over 150 youth and adult allies to engage in advocacy and education related to girls’ safety and health. Employees share our skills and program models with partners in the region through Girl Justice trainings and conference presentations. In 2011, we leveraged partnerships to ensure outreach to girls at the juvenile detention center could continue when resources were scarce. In an effort to align with regional efforts in the youth development and violence prevention fields, we also engaged in collective impact efforts with the Youth Development Executives of King County and the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

98% of our 2011 participants were girls of color

100% of our 2011 participants were living with low income

Powerful Voices leads the call for a Girl Justice movement in Seattle. Girl Justice means making equitable gains in health, economic, education, and juvenile justice systems for all girls, but particularly for those facing economic and racial disparities. Girls of color show disparate gains—and in many ways are losing—in social justice arenas including education, health and juvenile justice.* Since 1995, Powerful Voices has created opportunities for civic engagement and built community with girls ages 12-18 years old. Our programs are focused on the geographic neighborhoods of the southeast, southwest and central Seattle, where indicators of future violent behaviors, such as discipline rates in schools, are the highest.

*Women’s Funding Alliance. 2007. A Closer Look

Who We Serve

i learned to speak what i think, not be scared to speak my thoughts and i learned self-respect. Powerful Voices Alumna, Age 14

our impact

At Powerful Voices, we think holistically about girls, their families and our community’s health and wellbeing. Within this context, we seek to make an impact in the following four areas:

relationships and identity

education and employment

97% 100% of participants increased connection to their personal values and took pride in their identity.

of participants increased their ability to develop healthy relationships with peers and adults.

health and safety

100% 100% 80%

of participants received performance evaluations indicating “good” or “excellent” job skills.


of participants increased their motivation to do well in school.

of participants increased their ability to identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

of participants increased their skills to resist sexual exploitation.

community engagement


of participants increased their civic engagement and community action.

97% of participants increased their community connections.

2011 Volunteers

2011 In-Kind Donors

Volunteers make a difference in the lives of girls and in the strength of our organization. Their contributions ensure that our innovative programs continue to serve the girls who need them most. We are grateful to our 2011 volunteers who provided over 3,000 hours of service. Dede Adhanom

Samantha Funk

Latasha Lambert

Amanda Rubeck

Axum Aragawi

Rosie Garibaldi

Itaska Lee-Russey

Kelsey Ryland

Nicole Aranda

Jen Gist

Susan Loosmore

Irene Sanchez

Lisa Ashley

Suzanne Grueb

Karshella Maeberry

Anelise Schruder

Nina Auerbach

Elise Hale-Case

Mary Beth Maines

Mar Schupp

Christine Bertany

Shavon Hayes

Miriam Mboya

Janaki Severy

Clementine Bordeaux

Wilda Heard

Nancy McCaughey

Jane Shanklin

Ryan Bretsch

Brian Hercules

Nate Moxley

Coco Sherman

Rebecca Brown

Krystal Hernandez

Keise Mumin

Anthony Short

Rommie Callaghan

Gina Hinton

Courtney Mummert

Kristiane Skolmen

Cathy Carl

Kendall Hom

Anna Nguyen

Kathy Smith-Dejulio

Marti Richardson Casey

Vanessa Hooper

Katie Pencke

Kyana Stephens

Katherine Clancy

Deezy Hudson

Brooke Pinkham

Elishia Sunga

Tasha Church

Linda Jenkins

Jordan Poepping

Moni Tep

Cedric Davis

Tabatha Ann Jensen

Lora Poepping

Celia Thomas

Judy de Leña

Michelle Joel

Criss Poteat

Nina Trapp

Kris Easterday

Jessica Jones

Asia Reed

Leslee Treleven

Julie C

Sarafina Kariuki

Ande Reisman

Steve Udd

Julie Edsforth

Jourdain Keith

Caroline Rex-Waller

Juan Vegarra

Maureen Emerson Feit

Angela King

Melanie Roberson

Jasmine Wilson

Abrehett Francis

Stacey Kryman

Edith Rothenberg

Beverly M. Wyse

5th Avenue Theater

Devon de Leña

North Hill Bakery

Tutta Bella

Bana Abera

Easterday Promotions

Piecoras Pizza

AH&T Insurance

Edsforth Consulting

Molly Pencke

Vinum Wine Importing and Distributing

Rita Alcantara

First Hill Bakery


Amber Flame

Flying Fish


Nicole Aranda

Jourdan Keith

Amanda Rubeck

Michelle Byrd, MA, LMHC

League of Excellence

Andrew Ryznar

Casey Family Programs

Managing Dynamics, LLC

Safeway - Madison Valley

Metropolitan Market

Margarita Schupp

Ann Muno

Jane Shanklin

Yates, Wood & MacDonald, Inc.

Museum Quality Framing

Anthony Short

Youth In Focus

Anna Nguyen

Toal and Associates Coaching and Consulting

Marti Richardson Casey Central Co-Op’s Madison Market CNJ | Athio Group Ariana de Leña

Noah’s Bagels

Sarah Walczyk Seattle Works United Ways of Washington Waterfront Seafood Grill Woodland Park Zoo

Many generous in-kind contributions are made each year to Powerful Voices. These donations of goods and services help keep our costs down and support our efforts to build strong relationships with individuals and businesses in the community. Thank you to our 2011 in-kind donors.

2011 donors

2011 donors

We are full of gratitude to our donors for their generosity. On behalf of the Board of Directors, employees, and, most importantly, the girls involved in our programs, thank you. 20,000 and up: Anonymous

James & Tracey Denlinger

Tanya Kim & Alan Lee

Dorsey & Whitney, LLP

Jenny & Scott Kim-Woerman

Eileen Fisher, Inc.

Deb Klein & Charlie Fleming

Tony & Margaret Laliberte

Janice Merlino

Andrea & Alan Rabinowitz

Barbara Nopen

10000 - 19999: JE Fehsenfeld Family Foundation

Jane & James Shanklin

Nyawela Consulting

Susan Raunig, The Francesca Fund

Peggy O’Reilly Brown

University Unitarian Church

Joel Shippell & Jessica Jones

Molly Pencke & Eric Meyer

Ruth & Gary Tressel

Melanie Roberson

Bryan & Christine White

Daveda Russell

Women’s Funding Alliance Workplace Giving

Seattle Home Maternity Service

Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC

Annika & Nick Sgambelluri


City of Seattle Schaar Whelpton Foundation United Way of King County $


5000 - $ 9999: Paul Casey & Marti Richardson Casey $

Chensteino’malleysven Foundation Judy Pigott Mary Pigott Northwest Children’s Fund Raikes Family Foundation

500 - 999: Dawn Aiken & Miguel Cardoso de Campos



2500 - $ 4999: Microsoft Matching Gifts


Eulalie Bloedel Schneider Foundation

Cedric Davis


Rachel Schindler 1000 - $ 2499: Anonymous (3) $

Anthony-Maymudes Family Foundation Debbi & Paul Brainerd Hon. Bobbe & Jonathan Bridge

Conner & Byrne Family Fund Sherri Erickson David & Maureen Emerson Feit Jill Geary Anja & John Helmon Sarah Insel Malcolm & Linda Takiar Jenkins Gail Johnson Barbara & John Kendziorski

Steven Seto Tellumind Foundation Trust Lara Underhill Vinum Wine Importing and Distributing Jean Wallace 250 - $ 499: Kevin Alexander & Ann Muno $

Anonymous Tyler Bosma Sean Bowles Marla J Branch Cathy Carl Celebrated Chefs Ashley Estolas

Christina Gonzales

Rachel & Michael Borella

Chris Lloyd

CNJ | Athio Group

Evelyn Brom

Regina Maloney

Jem Hilborn

Michelle Byrd

Anne Miller

Jane Hinton & Teriann Vaughan

Tara Correll

Ashley Miller

Kendall Hom

Melissa Darby

Sarah Miller

Kimberly Hornecker

Judy de Leña

Logan Monroe

Julie Johnson

Stacey De Fries

Donna Murphy

Stacey Kryman

Linda Derschang

Ana Nadal

Maisano Mediation, LLC

Sarah J. Doherty

Eleanor Nelson

Laina Mercer

Kristine Easterday

Laura Orlando

Katherine Newton

Jerry & DeeDee Evergreen

Roselle Pekelis

Julie & Mike O’Brien

Arlene Fairfield

Jana Pallis

Robyn Ferret

Brooke Pinkham & Edward Krigsman

PYE Global

Janelle Fowler

Cynthia Rose

Samantha Funk

Joshua Seidel

Michael Gedeon

JoAnne Tompkins

Mary Elizabeth Gibson

Leslee & Paul Treleven

Robin Bender Ginn

100 - 249: Tiffani Aerts



Rita Alcantara Rolando Alcantara Anonymous Lawrence Asher Lisa & Mark Ashley LaRond Baker Jennifer Beckmann

Liana Green & Katie Clayton Kristen Hamilton Maya Hasson Leslie Ann Hay Andrew Hinton & Britnie Keller Joe & Gina Hinton John & Nancy Hinton Ann Hollar Deborah Taylor-Kasindorf

Geoffrey Bergler

Gina Lagalbo

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gifts

Melissa Leone Michael H. Levalley

Anne Blackbum

Vani & Abhijit Limaye

Angela Powell Regenc Matching Gifts Ann Marie Ricard Shawn Richard-Davis Karen Jo Roetman Cynthia Rose Margaret Ruppert Peter Sanderson Denise & Nick Serfas Tara Smith Eve Stacey Ann Stevens Brian Surratt Sonya Svoboda Laura Swapp Pamela Warren Rosemary Winter Barbara Zaroff

2011 donors



Powerful Voices creates and sustains strategic partnerships that enhance our ability to serve the complex needs of girls. We do this in order to expand services, achieve greater operational efficiency and increase awareness of the Girl Justice movement. 1 - $ 99: Kimberly Ambrose

Ashley Goggins

Autumn Lerner

Dale Reisner

Asian Counseling & Referral Service

Seattle Counseling Services

Barbara Green

Nicole Li

Joseph Resing

Beyond Pink Conference

Seattle Young People’s Project

Anonymous (3)

Audrey Haberman & Marge McGinty

Devon Little

Constance Rice

Camp Ten Trees

Seattle Human Services Coalition

Tizita Assefa

Erin Hafer

Amanda Lopez

Frankie Roe

Onion Carillo

Seattle/King County Public Health

Michael Bancroft

Elise Hale-Case

Glendi Lorenzo

Naomi Salinas-Burton

Casey Family Programs

Seattle Public Schools

Teri Bauer

Robert Hallberg

Jeremy Louzao

Daisy Sanchez-Zajonc

City of Seattle, Human Services Department

Stephanie Beers

Victoria Hansen

Jane Macy

Erin Schadt

Kathryn Benefeil

Lindsey Harris

Angelica Macklin & Annie Morrison

James Schroeder

Jennifer Berry

Jennifer Harris

Christina Malecka

Betsy Borrow

Genova Hauser

Brandy Manuel

Sarah Simpson

Amy Bosch

Erin Heimstra

Ann Elizabeth Marmesh

Jennifer Broadus

Richard Hodgin

Marc McClure

Amy Buck

Rebecca Huntley

Matt Mcdonald

Sylvester Cann, IV

C Innouvong

Jennifer Moore

Alena Ciecko

Katie Ishizuka

Katie Mosehauer

Lisa Ciecko

Jack Iyibo

Courtney Mummert

Joslyn Cockburn

Rebecca Jessup

Katherine Murray

Judith Cohen

Stephanie Jones

Richard B. Nelson

Laura Cordle

Susan Jones

Cicily Nordness

Diane Coyne

Karin Kallander

Nancy Norman

Alisha Dall’Osto

Craig Kanaya

Carol Olson

Gregory Davis

Ruth Kao

Eric Olson

Julie Dearman

Jamie Katz

Kelly Ottum

Sarah Dublin

Sarah Kenna

Karen Overstreet

Judy Eakin

Julie Kerby

Jennifer & Ryan Patterson

Richard Foster

Susan Kernes

Lucrezia Paxson

Regan Frick

Brian Kim

Sariah Phillips

Betty Fujikado

Sunny Kim

Susan Pierce

Jennifer Gist

Donna Koerber

Kamie Rasmussen


Ronelle Armstrong

Laurie Seidel Carrie Sparlin Anthony Sprauve Eli Steffen Maryam Steffen Elizabeth Stellas Jennifer Sullivan Margaret Taylor Celia Thomas Shann Thomas

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth Regional Coordinated Response Planning Work Group Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention Seattle Youth Employment Program Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative City of Seattle, Seattle Parks and Recreation Born This Way Kafe Eagle Rock - Mount Vernon El Centro De La Raza: College readiness program Janelle Forde GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network

Aki Kurose Middle School Asa Mercer Middle School Denny International Middle School Franklin High School Garfield High School Hamilton International Middle School: Rainbow Justice League LGBTQ Advisory Committee Rainier Beach High School Washington Middle School Seattle University School of Social Work School’s Out Washington Solid Ground, JustServe AmeriCorps

Jane Treleven

Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress

Page Ulrey

Jourdan Imani Keith, Urban Wilderness Project

Sarah Walczyk

King County Department of Adult/Juvenile Detention

Carol Walter

Lambert House

University of California Santa Cruz Community Studies Program

Carol and Ken Weiland

LGBTQ Allyship Coalition

University of Washington School of Social Work

Lucy Weiland

LifeLong AIDS Alliance

University Unitarian Church

Malyn White

New Beginnings

We Need Queer Youth Space

Gregory Whiting

Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition

Young Women Empowered

Northwest Network

Youth Eastside Services B-GLAD program

Notre Dame AmeriCorps

Youth Development Executive Directors of King County (YDEKC)

Lisa Jo Wilson-Knight

Powerful Voices strives to accurately recognize every donor and greatly appreciates all in dividuals and organizationswho fund the work that we do. If you are not listed or there is a correction to your listing, please accept our apologies and inform us of our error by calling us at 206 860 1026.

People’s Institute Northwest Katie Pencke, Seattle Tilth, Rainier Valley Eats Planned Parenthood Raikes Foundation Youth Program Quality Initiative Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA)

Team Child the Service Board Treehouse

Youth in Focus Youth Speaks Seattle YouthCare YWCA BABES Network

founders, 2011 BOARD



Founders Laura Culberg Julie Edsforth Ann Muno


Board of Directors Cathy Carl, 2011Vice President** Razorfish Stephanie Cone** Community volunteer


Statement of Activities Year Ending December 31, 2011 (audited)

2011 Employees Rita Alcantara, Program Director

Crystal Cooper Siegel* Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Charhys Bailey, Middle School Instructional Coordinator

Cedric Davis, 2011 President** Casey Family Programs

Tyler Bosma, Operations Manager

Maureen Emerson Feit, 2012 Vice President Seattle University

Devon de Leña, Community Engagement Coordinator

Samantha Funk, 2012 Secretary Dorsey & Whitney, LLC

Barbara Green, Interim Executive Director

Felicia Guity* Microsoft

EXPENSES Programs $364,967 Administrative  $37,260 Fundraising  $42,717 TOTAL EXPENSES $444,944

Jimmy Harrop, Bookkeeper

Gaynor Hills* Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research at Swedish


Jane Hinton, Executive Director Alma Dea Michelena, Development Associate Ann Muno, Senior Program Analyst & Advocate Molly Pencke, Program Manager Frankie Roe, Case Manager/Youth Advocate Sarah Walczyk, Director of Development & Marketing

Linda Jenkins** Coldwell Banker Bain Jennifer Jenkins Gill* Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Jessica Jones, 2011 Secretary** CityClub Brooke Pinkham, 2012 Treasurer Northwest Justice Project Lora Poepping* plum job search strategies Marti Richardson Casey, 2012 President Casey Communications, Inc Melanie Roberson** Intellectual Ventures Lindsay Roitman* Friends of Maria Cantwell

Special events fees 5%