10 years of bespoke glazing solutions. Bespoke doors and windows for self builders and home improvers

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions 10 years of bespoke glazing solutions in timber, aluminium and composite Bespoke doors and windows for self b...
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10 years of bespoke glazing solutions

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions

in timber, aluminium and composite

Bespoke doors and windows for self builders and home improvers Thank you to our customers, staff, suppliers and associates, here’s to the next 10 years! Visit our showrooms in London, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire, see website for details

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Firstly, thanks for taking the time to find out more about Kloeber and what we can offer. Hopefully this brochure can give you some insight in to what we do, how we work and also give you some inspiration for your project. At Kloeber we’re passionate about self building and home improvement and for a decade now we’ve been working with architects, homeowners, developers and self builders helping them to choose the right doors and windows for their projects. Our vast product range means we can focus on ensuring you get what is correct for your design, your budget and your specification. We’re dedicated to being flexible, and giving you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your project. We take a very consultative approach to sales with absolutely no pressure, I’m personally very keen to be as far away from the stereotype of a “double glazing” salesman as you could possibly get!

Bespoke glazing solutions in timber aluminium & composite

Kloeber’s advanced glazing solutions are available in bespoke or set sizes, with exceptional insulating values, multi-point locking and low maintenance finishes. View our website for further details of our extensive product range with solutions for all self builders and home improvers.

folding sliding doors sliding doors french doors single doors

windows shaped glazed screens entrance doors roof lights

Kloeber’s timber bifold doors and FunkyFront entrance doors are Secured by Design.

Visit our showrooms in London, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire, see website for details telephone [email protected]

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We’d love to have the opportunity to help you with your project by giving you guidance and advice and here’s why I think we’re best placed within the bespoke glazing industry to do this... • We have 10 very successful years of experience in bespoke glazing, growing in size every single year. 10 years may not necessarily seem like a long time, however the majority of companies similar to ours (and there’s a lot now!) have not been around as long or seen the same growth and success • We recognise the importance of your budget and our extensive product range and different material types means we can tailor the package to suit you, not us • We are an owner managed company run by passionate and knowledgeable individuals with a wealth of professional experience in construction, design, engineering, contracts management, project management and customer service • We specialise in delivering ‘the full package’ and looking after all of your needs from meeting in our showrooms or on site, to liaising with your architect and builder. We also offer technical consultations, surveying of your apertures, bespoke CAD detailing and a fully guaranteed installation service carried out by our own highly trained fitting teams • Our approach is honest, informative and no nonsense, we don’t have a ‘sales pitch’ or a hidden agenda, quite simply; our reputation and your satisfaction is the highest of our priorities

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


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Our services

About Kloeber



Kloeber Klassics



14 Single and French Doors, fixed glazing and roof lights





Kloeber on TV



The techy bit

Euro products


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Euro Funkyfront

Folders vs sliders

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Case study


10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


About us Although our name may sound German, we’re actually a British company and proud of it. The name was conceived to give the correct first impression of Kloeber; when most people think of German companies you think of efficiency and well engineered products and this is most certainly the case with us. Our supply chain is also inherently European with our glass, ironmongery, locking mechanisms, frames, cladding and pressings coming from all over Europe including the UK and of course Germany! We are an independent business which is managed by it’s owners, all of whom are passionate about our company and our industry and are at the forefront of day to day operations at our headquarters in Cambridgeshire. Kloeber UK Ltd was formed in September 2006 and launched at the Grand Designs Exhibition in Birmingham. Originally aimed at the domestic retail market, we offered a suite of high end and modern bespoke timber glazing products.

Our Services Sales Consultations Visit one of our 3 extensive showrooms in Cambs, Bucks or London, see the products in the flesh and let us guide you to the right solution

On site Technical Consultations It’s all in the detail and we want to ensure that no stone is left unturned

Liaison with your appointed professionals We quickly became a market leader for timber folding sliding doors and with the launch of the innovative and now award winning FunkyFront door range in 2007, the company’s growth showed no signs of slowing down. Hard work, putting the customer first and appearances in the media, including many prime time TV shows, cemented Kloeber’s reputation and future within the glazing industry and provided the foundation to grow. The Kloeber range has developed over the years to include doors, windows and roof lights in low maintenance thermally broken aluminium, timber and composite materials. With a move to larger premises in 2011 the expansion of the company continued. 2012 saw the launch of our extensive London showroom in Sunbury-on-Thames, a year in which we were also proud to become the first company to be awarded Secured By Design status for timber Folding Sliding Doors, we also achieved this accreditation for our FunkyFront door range. Our new flagship showroom Nr Bicester, Buckinghamshire opened in January 2015. Our customer base continues to grow and now includes some of the largest house builders, developers and builders merchants in the UK, all dealt with by our dedicated Trade Sales Team, as well as our still expanding client base of architects, contractors, homeowners and self builders that are serviced by our Retail Team at our new headquarters in Huntingdon.


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Architects, Builders, Project Managers and Interior Designers, we can speak their language and ensure everyone’s on the same page

Site Surveying of your apertures Give the responsibility to us and be assured that everything will fit like a glove

CAD Detailing We have a whole department of techy people that constantly update a full library of technical product drawings and also draw bespoke details for the more complex projects

Trade Department We have a dedicated team of Estimators and project Managers servicing our Trade customers which include national builders merchants, housebuilders, developers and other glazing companies

Delivery Everything is hand picked, packed, and loaded at our main warehouse in Cambridgeshire and delivered daily throughout the whole of the UK

Installation We provide a fully guaranteed installation service carried out by our own highly trained and experienced fitting teams

Warranty All of our products have extensive warranties that cover your parts against defects for 10 years including locks, hinges, handles and glass Some exclusions apply

Aftercare We have a dedicated aftercare team working hard to ensure you’re happy even after we’ve left site

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


Frame materials TIMBER

ALUMINIUM Warm and Secure

ALUMINIUM is another great material to use for glazing frames. Its sleek appearance, slim sightlines and consistent surface finish are all elements that lend it to be specified for the more modern, contemporary project, however it is also used very successfully on period properties to create an effective contrast. All of the aluminium frame profiles we use are thermally broken by a Polyamide plastic insert, which separates the internal and external aluminium parts to avoid condensation and increase the insulation that the system achieves. Aluminium is durable and low maintenance due to its powder-coated finish.

Why do we offer such a range of different materials? Well, the term ‘Horses for Courses’ springs to mind as each project will require different boxes to be ticked by the glazing package. Each frame material choice has its perceived strengths that will be relevant to the type of project you’re undertaking, so one of the first questions you’ll be asked during your enquiry will be: ‘Timber, Aluminium or Composite?’ Your answer will form the basis of the quotation but, if you’re unsure, we’ll be happy to talk you through the reasons why one material choice might be better for your project than the others.

COMPOSITE products are a combination of a timber frame with an aluminium exterior. This brings together the great U-Values that timber achieves with all the benefits of an external powder-coated aluminium façade. The composite systems that we have in our range give you a contemporary external aesthetic with the warmth and softness of the painted or clear lacquered timber on the internal faces. This system is a fantastic choice as it gives you the best of both worlds rolled into one.

Here’s a quick run-though of the options… The TIMBER options we offer are Pine, Meranti and Oak. Each of these has to achieve a minimum density and a specific moisture content to guarantee the correct strength and longevity of the material. We use engineered timber. This is a term used to describe the manufacturing process of the solid timber sections that feature in our products and refers directly to the process of taking smaller strips of solid timber that are laminated and glued together to form the larger sections that we then cut and machine to size. Engineered timber is stronger, more stable and better quality than normal timber but we ensure that the price stays affordable so you get the best of both worlds. With paints and stains to choose from, timber can enhance any project; traditional or modern.


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The self builders choice

GLASS makes up around 90% of the surface area of doors and windows and it’s a material that we really understand. There are many different glass types on the market from several different manufacturers. Such choice would be very confusing if we hadn’t already chosen the best combinations of glass panes for you from independent manufacturers to form our list of double and triple glazed units that we sell. Our sales staff will advise you on which glass combination suits your project, budget and scheme to enable you to make the right choice.

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


Kustomfold vs Kustomslide Our bifolding and sliding doors come in a range of materials and colours and really add that WOW FACTOR to your property. We bespoke make all of our doors to order using the best quality profiles, ironmongery and glass. Our bifolds come in a choice of thermally broken aluminium or 3 types of engineered timber and our sliding doors come in a choice of aluminium or composite (timber/aluminium). With our focus on quality, security, insulation values and aesthetics we’re sure we can guide you to the right choice for your project. Our sliding doors offer a sleek feel with minimal frame and more glass, giving an unbroken view of your garden. With a bifold door you can open up your home to the outside creating a larger living space to relax and entertain in.

Our bifold and sliding doors all come in standard sizes SEE OUR EURO RANGE ON PAGE 18

TOP TIPS Bifolds and Sliders Sliding doors really come in to their own with larger openings. Take advantage of the larger panes of glass leaving an unbroken view of your environment Always consider your floor finishes; a level threshold with a similar flooring inside and outside really creates a cohesive single space, especially when you open the whole space up with a bifold Composite will always give you a better insulating value, so if you’re looking to keep the heat in why not try our composite Kustomslide? Triple or double glazing can be used on all of our doors and windows. We surpass all of the building regs for U-Values, even with our basic glass specification Why not consider a dual colour finish, you don’t have to have the same colour inside and out, as all of our bespoke made products have a choice of any RAL colour on both sides South facing? Lots of glass? No need to worry. Our solar controlled glass will reduce the solar gain. Ask us about this option Worried about cost? Take a look at our ‘Euro’ range. The same high quality products, just with reduced options, which allow us to produce them more cost effectively for you See page 18

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10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


Windows As a major component of a new build, extension or renovation, windows are vitally important for many reasons, so choosing the right one and getting the specification right too will be crucial to the success of your project.

All our windows come with double or triple glazing

There are many things to consider; size, materials, colours, glass, U-Values, design, opening sashes, fixed panels, shapes, ironmongery and positioning within the walls of the building to name a few. We can guide you through the whole process to arrive at a suited package that compliments your building.

All our windows are fitted with safety glass as standard’

Your initial scheme will probably have been designed by your architect for planning approval. However in our sales office we like to take your scheme to the next level of detail and consider such factors as alignment of frames, number of fixed and opening panels, cill projections and glazing choices to ensure that the window package requirement is met squarely and successfully. We also look at value engineering. Every project has a budget, from the smallest replacement front door to the largest supply of glazing for multiple homes on a major development, but whatever the size of your purse, we like to think that we can design the window package to fit within it without compromising the end result. Our range of windows is expansive with timber, aluminium and composite frame materials, double and triple glazing options with different treatments such as solar-control and self-cleaning surfaces and nearly 200 colours to choose from. All of our glass is supplied as either toughened or laminated giving you peace of mind regarding security and safety.

Our range includes windows with U-Values as low as 0.79 W/m²K

Our full window range SOFTWOOD HARDWOOD OAK Flush casement Flush casement Flush casement Tilt and Turn Tilt and Turn Tilt and Turn Fixed frames Fixed frames Fixed frames Shaped/Angled Shaped/Angled Shaped/Angled Vertical sliding sash Vertical sliding sash Vertical sliding sash SOFTWOOD COMPOSITE OAK COMPOSITE Flush casement Flush casement Tilt and Turn Tilt and Turn Fixed frames Fixed frames Shaped/Angled Shaped/Angled Fully Reversible Fully Reversible

12 telephone 01487 740044

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ALUMINIUM Flush casement Tilt and Turn Fixed frames Shaped/Angled

Ask us for a technical datasheet on any of our windows 10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


Products in focus... When designing room layouts, placing furniture and observing the thoroughfares from internal doorways to the outside, the layout of your room can sometimes lend itself to using French doors. The width of French door frames are often used very successfully to line through with other glazing above, resulting in a considered elevation that really works aesthetically. Their double door opening arrangement and large panels mean that you can achieve a very real connection with your outside space or garden to leave the room feeling light, airy and spacious.


Our roof lights are available flat or pitched in thermally broken aluminium

Our single doors match our French doors perfectly for a truly suited glazing solution. Single and French doors are available in the same three material choices of timber, aluminium and composite with double and triple glazing options and are a perfect compliment to our windows.

ROOF LIGHTS Natural daylight is a great tool used by all great architects and designers to add warmth, definition and light to interior spaces.

GABLE GLAZING The most architecturally successful elevations in a new-build property or a remodelling project will always include a stand-out architectural feature that draws the eye and enhances the property. Gable glazing screens really tick this box emphatically by adding a truly dramatic dynamic resulting in architectural presence that’s impossible to ignore. Vaulted ceilings and gable glazing can add a huge wow-factor to any interior space whilst the external elevation will be stunningly enhanced by any gable glazing element. Our experience in designing and installing these fantastic features can really work to your advantage in creating the centre piece of your glazing package.

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A roof light equally sized and positioned above a dining table will allow your diners to look up at the clouds and over-hanging trees. A roof light positioned above a kitchen island will drastically increase the light levels for eating and food preparation. Roof lights in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways offer tremendous relief to otherwise dark interior spaces that previously suffered from lack of natural light and over used artificial lighting. Our roof lights are designed to be positioned on flat roofs to flood light into your interior space. Whether you prefer the framed, pitched option or the minimalistic, flat roof light with its hidden frame, each can be used to literally transform your room for a surprisingly small cost.

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions



Our innovative FunkyFront contemporary timber entrance door system allows you to custom design your own modern front door and create a stylish first impression to your home, workplace or development.

Try our interactive door design tool on the website

Our most popular product comes in a wide range of panel and frame styles. Add your ironmongery choice and then finish in any RAL paint colour or one of our timber stains. All FunkyFronts can be matched with our folding sliding doors, windows and other glazing solutions for your complete project. Our timber products are all hand finished in the factory with real attention to detail and quality, we pre-hang the doors, drill pilot holes for every screw and glaze everything before it arrives on site to fit, so there’s no carpentry work and no stress. We supply comprehensive installation instructions for the DIYer - or why not ask for a quotation for us to supply and fit? There’s no hidden extras like locks or handles to buy, as all of our doors are sold as a complete system.

Front Door Pan Fro

For developers and housebuilders we can design your door panel from scratch to comply with your scheme and add that real bespoke feel to the development. With ‘Part M’ compliant thresholds, low U-Values, great air tightness ratings, Q-Mark certification and Secured By Design accreditation we’re confident that FunkyFront will surpass all the requirements for your project. If you need more inspiration, view our FunkyFront gallery on the website, which has an extensive image library of completed Kloeber FunkyFront projects. We have just added our NEW Westfalia and Wolfsburg door panels to the range to celebrate our 10th Anniversary - checkout these new designs on the door panel guide below. We have also launched the Euro FunkyFront range, a budget conscious option with the same Kloeber quality but a limited range of panel and frame styles and sizes. Check these out on page 19. EuroFunkyFront is now also available in aluminium.

FrontFront Door Panels Front Door Panels Door Panels

For traditional styles, view our KlassicFront range of timber front doors on page 20 and the website.

Panel styles

Bonn 1

Bonn 2

Bonn Bonn 31

Bonn Bonn 42

Bonn 35 Bonn Bonn 1

Bonn 6 Bonn Bonn 42

Berlin Bonn 351 Bonn

Berlin 2 Bonn Bonn 64

Berlin 7

Berlin 8

Bremen Berlin 7 1

Bremen Berlin 8 2

Bremen Bremen 31 Berlin 7

Bremen Bremen 42 Berlin 8

Cologne Bremen 13 Bremen 1

Cologne Bremen 24 Bremen 2

Berlin 3 Berlin Bonn 51

Bonn 1

Bonn 2

Bonn 3

Berlin 47 Berlin Berlin Bonn 62

Berlin 85 Berlin Berlin 31

Berlin 61 Bremen Berlin Berlin 42

Bonn 4

Bonn 5

Bonn 61

Berlin Bonn 21

1 3 Kensington 2 4 Kensington 3 81 Bremen Bremen Cologne Bremen 2 Kensington Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin 1 6 Berlin75 Kensington Berlin 53 Berlin 64 Berlin

Berlin Bonn 32 Bonn 1

Berlin Bonn 34 Bonn 2

Berlin Bonn45 Bonn 3

Berlin Bonn56 Bonn 4


Mayfair 1 2 Cologne 2 Mayfair Cologne 3 Mayfair Cologne 4 Mayfair Hamburg 1 H Bremen Bremen Bremen Bremen Kensington 318 2 Kensington 1 2 13 Kensington 2 3 24 M Kensington Berlin27 1 Kensington Berlin Bremen Bremen

Hamburg Hamburg314 Hamburg Kiel 1 42 Hamburg Kiel 2 1 Mayfair Kiel Kiel1 4 Kiel32 6 Chiswick Kiel 3 3 2Chiswick 31 71 Chiswick Cologne 42 3 Hamburg Chiswick Kiel42 28 Cologne 31 Cologne Cologne Cologne Cologne Chiswick Mayfair Hamburg Kiel Kiel 3 Chiswick Hamburg 4 Bremen 3 Bremen 4 Cologne 1 Cologne 2 Cologne 3 Cologne 4 Hamburg Mayfair 3 Hamburg 31 Hamburg Hamburg42 Hamburg

Kiel Chiswick 39 Kiel 3 Kiel Chiswick 11

Kiel Chiswick 4 24 Kiel14 Kiel Chiswick 2




Hamburg 3 Hamburg 4

16 telephone 01487 740044

[email protected]


Hamburg Kiel 1 3 Hamburg Kiel 2 4

Kiel31 Kiel Kiel 42 Hamburg 3 Hamburg 4

Kiel 36 Kiel 1

Kiel Kiel47 Kiel 2

Kiel Kiel 68 Kiel 3

Kiel97 Kiel Kiel 4

Kiel Kiel148 Kiel 6

Kiel 9 Frankfurt Kiel 7

Bavaria Kiel 14 Kiel 8

Westfalia Altenburg 1 Chiswick Dresden Alternburg 2Chiswick Frankfurt Chiswick Chiswick 75 5 6 Kiel 9 Kiel 14 Frankfurt

Wolfsburg Chiswick 6 Chiswick 7 Bavaria Dresden Chiswick 5

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions

Bavaria 1 A Altenburg

Chiswick 6



The Euro range: set specification at affordable prices

The Euro FunkyFront is a budget conscious product based on our most popular FunkyFront door options. It comes with four frame styles and a choice of colours with the same high security multipoint locking system and high performance thermal glass.

Eurofold Kloeber’s Eurofold folding sliding doors are a cost effective way of achieving the same sleek Kloeber styling, low U-Values and high quality product for your project without compromise. Upgrade from double to triple glazing from as little as £75 per panel in timber and £100 for aluminium. Trickle vents are at an additional cost.



Width Height Engineered Engineered Engineered mm mm Softwood Hardwood Oak 1790 2090 2390 2690 2990

2090 2090 2090 2090 2090

£1799 + VAT £2049 + VAT £2249 + VAT £1899 + VAT £2199 + VAT £2399 + VAT £2049 + VAT £2349 + VAT £2499 + VAT £2149 + VAT £2449 + VAT £2649 + VAT £2299 + VAT £2599 + VAT £2799 + VAT



£2849 + VAT £3249 + VAT £3449 + VAT



£3299 + VAT £3749 + VAT £4049 + VAT



£3999 + VAT £4599 + VAT £4899 + VAT



Euro FunkyFront

£4549 + VAT £5149 + VAT £5549 + VAT

Eurofold timber available in any RAL colour

Width Height Cost mm mm 7016 Grey or White


Multi-point locking Factory finished Excellent U-Values Suitable for disabled access Pre-machined hardware for easy installation





Hamburg 1 Hardwood* painted or stained

No.1 softwood* painted

up to 997mm

up to 2200mm

Hamburg 1 Hardwood* painted or stained

No. 2 or 3 softwood* painted

up to 1500mm

up to 2200mm

Hamburg 1 Hardwood* painted or stained

No. 9 softwood* painted

up to 2200mm

up to 2200mm

Frame No. 1

Frame No. 2

Ironmongery Handle choices are KLOH8 internally and externally 900mm Bar Handle or KLOH8.

Frame No. 3

Colour options

Timber Price

Aluminium Price

9005, 9016, 7001, 7016 Light Oak and Dark Walnut

£1300 + VAT

£2250 + VAT

9005, 9016, 7001, 7016 Light Oak and Dark Walnut

£1525 + VAT

£2650 + VAT

9005, 9016, 7001, 7016 Light Oak and Dark Walnut

£1750 + VAT

£2950 + VAT

Frame No. 9

2390 2090 £2689 + VAT

RAL 9005

RAL 9016

RAL 7001

RAL 7016

3100 2090 £2779 + VAT Light Oak Wood Stain

4100 2090 £3679 + VAT


Dark Walnut Wood Stain

stains are not available in aluminium

Euroslide 5100 2090 £4589 + VAT

6100 2090 £5539 + VAT

The Euroslide is a reduced specification, set size version of the Kustomslide Mono. We have reduced down the options so we can offer this door at a budget conscious price. All Euroslide doors come with internal handles and half cylinder locks for a clean external look and are available in anthracite grey or white. Upgrade to triple glazing for £180 per panel.

Euroslide Pricing

Made to measure doors also available

Width mm

Height mm




£2355 + VAT



£2655 + VAT



£3095 + VAT



£4395 + VAT



£4995 + VAT

Opening configurations





Prices correct at time of printing, subject to change without notice.

18 telephone 01487 740044

[email protected]


10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


Kloeber Klassic We don’t just do contemporary… We know that ultra modern isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it’s important for us to understand and cater for the more traditional taste.

The Techy bit


At Kloeber we offer a slightly different route to the normal glazing purchase. This ethos is underpinned by the technical ability in our team of surveyors, draughtspersons and operations staff. As a company that offers the complete package, our expertise in all things technical is a valuable part of our service.

Period properties or new properties built in a period style don’t miss out within our range and we’re just as enthusiastic about a Georgian mansion house or a Victorian cottage as we are everything else! Our timber range of products can all be supplied with glazing bars set out to your design to give that heritage feel. We supply high quality timber sliding sash windows and why not finish off your project with a KlassicFront (right), with the same high spec as our FunkyFront range but in a classic style.

Once you’ve determined the specification of your glazing package with our sales advisors, at your instruction, one of our surveyors can visit your property to measure your apertures accurately, however the advantages don’t stop there. Our surveyors can also inject critical information into the site conversation with you, your builder, your architect and project manager to ensure that all aspects of the specification and installation detailing are covered. Backed up by our team of draughtspersons in the office, we can design and propose bespoke junctions and details to seamlessly integrate our glazing into your façade. A good selection of our drawings and data sheets are available to download directly from our website to help you specify your aperture details.

For more KlassicFront options please visit our website.

The glazing industry is governed by many legislative bodies and we will do our best to guide you through these as part of our service. As one of your main suppliers, we’ll point out things for you to consider in your Building Regulations application and highlight the relevant industry certification where applicable. Our teams of installers, installations management and after-sales staff continue that technical thread through the site stage and handover period. Our warranties cover you and your Kloeber products giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Things that we will help you consider… Configuration of the product: No. of panels Size of panels Opening sashes / fixed glazing Usability (both in terms of the product and the room it’s located in) Door threshold choices Weights and overall sizes

20 telephone 01487 740044

[email protected]


Building details: Fixing methods Position of frame Building fabric cover Threshold position relative to floor / ground

Certification: British Standards Secured by Design (SBD) Building Regulations U-Values (insulation)

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


This is how we do it... This Oak framed barn style build in Hertfordshire really showcased everything that’s good about Kloeber, not just in terms of the supply and installation but the liaison with the Architectural Designer: our old friend Pete Tonks, the Project Management: PJT Custom Build, the Oak Frame supplier: T.J Crump Oakwrights, the direct fixed glazing specialist: Black Pig and last but not least the homeowners Johnny and Jane. Long before the project began on site we worked closely with Pete Tonks on the specification of the doors and windows to ensure we were satisfying planning restrictions, the design brief and of course the customers expectations. Many meetings were had and emails exchanged to discuss specification and detailing with drawings going back and forth from Kloeber to all of the above companies to ensure the best possible outcome for Johnny and Jane. We carried out two site visits prior to the install to discuss technical details and measure the apertures ensuring everything would fit perfectly. To successfully install aluminium frames directly into Oak our fitting team used adjustable fixings and to seal up and make the installation completely weather tight we used a Passivhaus standard sealing method using expanding insulation tapes and foam which will flex and move with the Oak over time. The ‘Kustomslide mono’ sliding doors on this job had monster pieces of glass which were delivered directly to site on the day of installation and carefully lifted by hand into place after the frames had been installed. We installed our ‘KL70w’ aluminium windows into the timber frame carefully making sure the frames were plumb and level. The glass was toe and heeled and the set back allowed for the agreed cladding detail. The job was finished off with a jet black Hamburg style ‘FunkyFront’ door which looked fantastic. The job was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the customers. We hope you’ll agree the end result looks stunning! Quote from Johnny Jones: Kloeber’s client

“Matt and the Kloeber team provided a first class service with first class products. The attention to detail was matched equally by the quality of their work and speed of installation. It was a pleasure to have them on site and the end result is stunning.”

22 telephone 01487 740044

[email protected]


10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


Kloeber on TV We don’t want to brag, but we’re really proud that our doors and windows regularly appear on TV! So we thought we’d share some of the highlights from the last decade.

Grand Designs

Recognise this one...? In 2008 our timber Eurofold doors were the star of the show in The Groundhouse episode of Grand Designs. Daren Howarth built this magnificent eco home in Brittany and used 6 sets of our softwood doors stained in a light Oak finish.

In 2015 we were involved in an exciting project for upcycling TV presenter Max McMurdo featured on an Amazing Spaces House boat special. A shipping container was spectacularly transformed in to a unique, modern floating apartment. Quote from Max McMurdo Kloeber’s client ‘As soon as I started designing the shipping container houseboat the first and most important aspect was giving it a light and contemporary feel. Containers as you can see from the show are dark and dingy boxes so bifold doors were an essential item and I wanted the best. The team at kloeber went above and beyond to design, manufacture and install a door system that absolutely transforms the space. Not only do their aluminium doors look incredible from the outside finished in anthracite grey they glide open with such ease and allow me to look out at my beautiful new surroundings. Thank you kloeber you have literally changed my life!’

We’re still in contact with Daren now who has used our doors on other projects. Daren also enables Kloeber to be carbon balanced through his company C-Level who, with our help, give financial support to carbon offset projects all over the world.

Amazing Spaces Recently Kloeber’s timber bifolds, fixed panels, windows, aluminium and timber front doors have all appeared on various episodes of Building the Dream. In 2013 we appeared on DIY SOS and one of our doors was also recently spotted on The Great Interior Design Challenge and Through the Keyhole!

24 telephone 01487 740044

[email protected]


Building the Dream


The Great Interior Design Challenge

Through the Keyhole

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


Visiting us and getting a quotation We love meeting our clients to discuss their project, either at our showrooms or one of the many exhibitions we attend each year. We also know that nothing can beat seeing our products for yourself and discussing them first hand; after all, you are making a big investment in your glazing solutions and need the right advice to choose the correct products for your needs. Our newly refurbished headquarters in Huntingdon hosts the largest of our 3 showrooms, tastefully designed with a modern industrial feel and displaying our full product range. Our flagship showroom in Grendon Underwood near Bicester has a heritage feel with Oak beams and an old fashioned homely ambience; this showroom has our products installed into the building itself to help you see everything in real context.

Meet us

Our showroom near Sunbury-on-Thames in Middlesex boasts our largest display of FunkyFront doors and a glazed meeting area; perfect for a consultation with one of our sales advisors.

Build It Bluewater

You don’t have to visit us to get a quotation, just call or email for a quick no obligation quote.


Grand Designs Live London Build It Bicester




The Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show Surrey The London Homebuilding & Renovating Show Grand Designs Birmingham




Visit us M25


26 telephone 01487 740044

The National Homebuilding & Renovating Show Birmingham

[email protected]


Kloeber Head Office and Cambridgeshire Showroom

Kloeber West London Showroom appointment only

Kloeber Buckinghamshire Showroom appointment only

St Margarets Way Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 6EU

Unit 15, Littleton House Littleton Road, Ashford, Middlesex

The Old Dairy, Lawn Farm Business Centre, Grendon Underwood, Bicester Buckinghamshire HP18 0QX

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions


10 years of bespoke glazing solutions

10 years of bespoke glazing solutions

in timber, aluminium and composite

Bespoke doors and windows for self builders and home improvers Thank you to our customers, staff, suppliers and associates, here’s to the next 10 years! Visit our showrooms in London, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire, see website for details

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