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Spain Highlights 11 days / 10 nights “Spain is one of the most diverse and visually spectacular countries in Europe - overwhelming it´s visitors wit...
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Spain Highlights 11 days / 10 nights

“Spain is one of the most diverse and visually spectacular countries in Europe - overwhelming it´s visitors with fascinating sights, charming towns and incredible landscapes. Although it is a small country, it is rich in contrasts and widely known for its several customs including flamenco, bullfights, festivals, crowded beaches and emerald green mountains. With an innate flair for style and design, Spain´s architecture shapes the country with a unique mixture of historical and modern buildings. Whether discovering beautiful avant-garde designs from architects such as Gaudí, Rafael Moneo and Santiago Calatrava or traveling back in time with Velazquez, Goya and Picasso in one of the marvelous museums – there is something for everyone in the form of Spanish art.

Day one: Explore the highlights of Barcelona Welcome guided tour – Begin your trip exploring the highlights of Barcelona with your expert local guide. Walking the gothic quarter and some areas of the Modernist neighborhood will be the best way to enjoy your first day in the city.

Day two: Spectacular Barcelona You will explore the modernist architecture of the city with your guide and also have time to explore the city on your own, begin shopping or maybe enjoy your first siesta

Day three: Learning about the world of Dalí Explore northern Barcelona. Visit the surrealist museum by Salvador Dalí in Figueras and discover wonderful Girona visiting its Medieval Jewish quarter and Arab baths. Or… if you are more in the wine mood: Explore the Priorat wine region today. You will visit one of the top wineries and meet the owner as well as enjoy lunch in one of our favorite restaurants in Cataluña.

Day four: Discover the south Fly to Granada. Enjoy your day exploring on your own. We believe you will enjoy visiting the historical quarter and the Royal Chapel where the Catholic Kings are buried and also the place that treasures the art collection of Queen Isabel.

Day five: Experience the Alhambra and the magical Albaycin Experience the Alhambra with one of our outstanding guides in Granada. During your time on your own we suggest you to explore the magical Albaycin quarter. We can organize a guided tour if that is of your interest.

Day six: Travel to Sevilla On your way to Sevilla. We can take you there on a train. Another great way will be to have a driver taking you to Sevilla so that you can stop on your way… we suggest Ronda! Flamenco show today to enter into the Sevilla mood!

Day seven: Royal Alcazar, Jewish quarter and the Cathedral Half day with your guide to discover the spirit of Sevilla by visiting the Royal Alcazar, the historical Jewish quarter now called Santa Cruz and the Cathedral with its bell tower that was the minaret of the Mosque in the middle ages while the Moors ruled this unique happy city.

Day eight: From Sevilla to Madrid, including de Cathedral – Mosque in Cordoba Visit one of the most outstanding and unexpectedly unique buildings in Spain, the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba. Enjoy your way to Madrid, the capital city of the country in the high-speed train. Be welcomed to Madrid by a local host that will take you out for tapas in the city.

Day nine: Historical quarter of Madrid A guide will take you discover the historical quarter of the city and its artistical treasures (you choose if you want to visit the Royal Palace or the Prado Museum). Some time at leisure to enjoy the city on own and maybe do some shopping

Day ten: Madrid lifestyle Enjoy our lifestyle tour focusing on now-a-days-Madrid. Discover with a local how Madrileños live. Visit an old quarter, enter a food market and learn what we eat, visit some artisans shop or a painter’s studio. Enjoy your time with a local by learning when kids go to school, where do we live, how much an apartment costs, when/where we go on holidays… Or… if you are in the excursion mood: Explore magical Toledo with your guide and learn Spanish history and how the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians lived in the city.

Day eleven: Departure

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